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my wedding day
MY WEDDING DAY i woke up at 5 in the morning so happy and looking forward to being a married man i went into my bedroom bathroom and had a nice long shower i got out the shower at about 6 or just before when i got out the shower i got dried and brushed my teeth with the excitment building inside of me after i finshed brushing i went out of my bedroom and shouted "im getting married today!!!" my mom and dad came out there room like strangly fresh for just woke up my mom ran over to me and gave me a big hug and said "yes you are my darling boy" we all went down stairs and had sme breakfast that i could barly eat and i was looking at the clock every 5 seconds fanally it got to 7 in the morning

the knock on the door finally came and it was my hair stylist the woman came in and set up in the living room i walked in and said "your not mitch!" the woman replied "no sir im jess and i will be styling your hair for you today" she offered her hand to shake but i said again "your not mitch. where is mitch. i booked mitch" my mom came into the living room and said to me "you okay?" i said "no im not " my mom said "whats wrong?" i said "this lady has come to do my hair but she isnt mitch" jess spoke and said "listen for a moment" i interupted and said "no you listen lady i am not paying $300 for my hair styling by a stylist i did not hire" but in the end jess did style my hair and added the crown and my hair looked nice it was 8.30 when she finished my hair and it was time to go get into my wedding suit on i put my suit on and was waiting for my car to arrive as i was waiting my cell started ringing i answered it and it was the driver "im sorry sir but im stuck in traffic i will be about 2o minutes" i though my phone down and said started panicing "im gonna have a heart attack. mom mom mom" my mom came running into my room and said "what wrong" i started crying "my car late my fucking car is late!!!" my mom grabbed me and said "whooo calm down we have loads of time" i picked up my cell and rang harvey "baby is your car there?" harvey said "yes its just arrived why" i said "mines is late(still crying)" harvey said "calm down babe there is time deep breaths" i put my cell down and waited finally my car arrived and we was on are way

when i got there havrey looked amazing when everyone took there seats me and harvey walked down the ile when i looked into harveys eyes and i took his hand and when it came to are vows harvey read his out (sorry guy harvey wants his remaing private) then i read mine i said "harvey from the first time i met you and until this moment my feeling have changed so much for you thought all the tears and troubles we have faced together i feel so bless and so lucky to be taking you for my hustband harvey i was born to love you and i always will" harvey gave me the biggest smile ive ever seen when i read out my vows we was told to hold each others right hand and a cord was bound round are hands the register said "with this cord i bind you to your vows" me and harvey both said "heart to thee body to thee always and forever so make it be" everyone started clapping and we went out of the office married and made are way to the after party where me and harvey had are first married dance i love harvey so much and i hope we have many years of happyness when it was time to go get a plain to london england my mom and dad and harvey parents waved us off at the airport me and harvey made are self feel at home in first class when the plain took off i said to harvey i love you mr spencer harvey said to me i love you too mr spencer when we finally made it to england my mom and dad had a surpise for us they had hired a lino to take us to the hotel when we got to the hotel i asked the receptionest to bring up a bottle of exspensive champaigne and some strawberrys he said "yes sir right away" in the merry old london accent when we got up to the room (1306) the bus boy had taken are bags up and i tipped him £20 and he left me and harvey got out are wedding clothes and straight into the shower together we was washing each other kissing touching then the door went and put a killer on the mood harvey got a towel and and wrapped it round him and answered the door he tipped the oldish man and closed the door he called me out the shower so i walked out with out no clothes on and got a strawberry half bit it and said "wanna bite" harvey laughted and bit the other end of the strawberry and poured us a glass of champaigne we sat on the sofa and watched english tv it was kinda weird being in england again remind me of what happened the last timeni was here also i was really tired but it was only like two in the afternoon in england and it was night in the usa but me and harvey ate the swarberrys and had sex on the sofa and in bed and the shower before we went to sleep

to be continued and yes i am still writting so can that please be an end to private messages saying you still writting because yes i am

im a married man yay me xxxxxx


2011-08-29 19:01:50
ive just posted part 35 guy please read it if you havent lost intrest xx


2011-08-29 06:20:12
i will be writing at some point today finally have some free time and i dont mean just five minutes hehe


2011-08-27 03:38:24
alright so another night out with my friend that makes sexual advances towards me then backs off, When i started to flirt with two other guys at the bar and they seemed to be interested My friend steps in and kinda cock blocks me from these 2 other guys. To be honest im kionda just about to stop goin out with this guy its been like 2 months and everytime i try to make a move he denies me but brings up the topic of sex and likes talking about it then denies me but then when im at the bar and i try to pick up other guys he intentionally gets in the way and stops me. Im a lot drunk right now and dont mean to sound like an ass but WTF i want to get some i mean im not goin out to bars to go home alone ya know im just gettin aggravated with this dude he is still makin homophobic comments in public then when were alone he asks sexual questions and stuff then now hes gettin in the way and blockin me from hookin up with other guys. WTF


2011-08-19 17:22:13
not bad looking foward to getting back to school next month its been a good long summer but getting kinda boring staying home all day. I also start my position volunteering at the New England Aquarium again next month, unfortunately its not a job because they dont pay me but its still fun work working with the penguins and stuff and its a good resume bulider for when in finish college.


2011-08-19 14:53:58
amazing thanks hows ur life closetcase?

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