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Kelly loses her virginity--to another girl!!!
Kelly's Sleepover
By: Captain Wowza

Hey all! This is my very first story! It's kinda short, but what the hell. Leave comments, good and bad. I'll continue this series and I'm sure my writing will get better. I appreciate all feedback. Thanks guys!

Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm 17 and currently a senior at the St. Matthews School for Girls in Lakeland, Florida. I'm 5'3, 119 pounds, I have long strawberry blond hair down to my waist and blue eyes. Guys have told me that I could be a model. I don't really know about all that, but I guess I'm pretty cute. I have 32c breasts, just enough to make the guys drool, yet I am a virgin. I've had a couple boyfriends here and there, but they never got to second base. I guess I'm pretty shy. I'm what guys call a "geek," I study hard, get perfect grades, and in my spare time, I like to work out and run to keep my shape. I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are really close.

One time in early September, my friend Ashley called and asked if I wanted to hang out at her house overnight. I said I have to ask my parents, but it shouldn't be a problem. I yelled down to my mom, "MOM! Can I stay the night at Ashley's?" mom told me, "that's fine, as long as there are no boys or booze." I answered, "ok, thanks mom." Then I told Ashley that it was ok. Ashley joked that the whole neighborhood could hear since we just scream to communicate in our family. I told her that I would be over in an hour.

I laid out this cute purple thong and a really cute Winnie the Pooh pajama set and stripped off my clothes to hop in the shower. I hopped in the shower and let the hot water fall down my nude body. It felt majestic. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, soaped up my body and face, and started to roll my hard nipples between my left thumb and forefinger. God, it felt good, but, I did have to hurry if I was ever going to make it to Ashley's house. So, I kind of frowned to myself and stopped twisting my nipple, quickly shaved my legs and underarms, and rinsed off. I almost slipped getting out of the shower, but I caught myself. I'm such a klutz. I wrapped up my hair and grabbed another towel for my body. I looked at myself in the mirror. It thought to myself, "ya know, I don't really need make-up, but I really should shave my bush of a pussy. Nah, nobody's gonna see it anyways." Then I went to my room and got into my thong and pajamas. I than dumped out my school books out of my backpack and packed it with the essentials; make-up, nail polishes, brush, and some clothes. I was ready to go! I went and kissed my mom goodbye and headed out the door.

I drove the ten blocks to Ashley's house jamming to Katy Perry. When I got there she was running out to my car, excited. "Hey Kelly, what's up, baby girl?" I smiled at her and replied, "Not much, you sexy thang. Are we going to have fun tonight, or what?" She just nodded and said "c'mon, let's go to my room." It was like 8:00, so we just said hi to her mom in passing to her room.

Ashley is about the same size as me, so we wear each other's clothes sometimes. She's got long jet black hair that she keeps in a ponytail and green eyes. She's more outgoing than I am, but we can get loud together. We sit on her bed and we talk about everything; school, boys, our parents, and the big subject: SEX.
Ashley tells me, "Guess what?" I say, "what?" She puts her hand over her mouth and kicks her legs excitedly. "I finally lost my virginity!"
"Yes! I lost it to this really cute guy, Brad, who works at the supermarket. He's, like, 18 and really really reall---"
"Did it hurt?" I had to interrupt her or she would go on forever.
"Ya, kinda at first, but than it felt so good!" She looked like she had a good time, with all the faces she made.
"What did you guys do?"
"Well, I sucked his thing, he licked me, and we- had sex!" she said matter of factly.
"Did you cum?" I asked her. I have a good time with my hairbrush handle behind closed doors.
"Ummmm... I don't know...I don't think so."
"You've never had an orgasm, have you?"
"No, I don't think so." She said sadly. "Have you?"
"Sure, I had my first one about a month ago."
"Did it feel good?"
"Can you show me?"
"I don't know, I'm really not into girls."
"Pleeease???" She begged, "I'll do anything."
"Anything?" I teased.

I said, "ok, now first let's take our bottoms off and sit facing each other." She agreed. We both spread our legs for the other to see. This was really turning me on and we haven't even started yet! I explained to her that we have to both be turned on and a good way to do that is to play with our nipples. She reached under her top and started to tweak her nipples. "Take the top off for better...access." I told her. We both took our tops off. Soon we were both sitting in the middle of her bed, completely nude, playing with our nipples. I could smell the gentle odor of pussy in her room and it was really making me hot. Not hot to masturbate, I wanted Ashley! I'm not into girls, but for some reason, Ashley's pure raw sexuality mad me want her. It took all the power I had to not just pounce on her. I decided to try to put the moves on her. I look over at her and she's fingerfucking herself fast and hard. "No, no, no." I tell her. "What?" she responds. "you're trying too hard. Take it slow. Here, let me try." I suggest. Without skipping a beat, she responds, "thank GOD! I never thought you'd ask!" She moved over to me and sits right between my legs, back to me. I slowly reach to her breasts and cup them from behind. She takes a deep breath and throws her head back, facing away from my face. I start lightly kissing her neck. She starts breathing real hard. I stop and ask her, "How does that feel?" she glares at me like a puppy that wants another treat and replies, "why did you stop? It feels so goddamn good when another girls hands are all over me. You're so gentle and loving and--" I cut her off when lust overtook me and I lightly kissed her mouth. I never kissed a girl before, but, as my favorite singer Katy Perry says, I liked it. I was just doing to her what I like done to me. I kissed her long and deep until I trailed my lips to the nape of her neck and ears. She started moaning and humping the air. I guess she really liked it. I kissed my way down to her gorgeous breasts and licked them both until they were the size of erasers on a pencil. I kissed my way down her flat stomach to her sparsely haired pussy. I never had any kind of sex before, so I just did what the porn stars did. I gave one long lick from the bottom of her pussy all the way to the top. Ashley moaned quite loudly. I said "Shhhhh! Your mom!" She just nodded and pushed me back down to her leaking hole. I ate until I found the spots that really set her off and hit those areas until she started shaking and she grabbed her pillow to scream into. She let out a mad howl until she let out a nice stream of girlcum all over my face, soaking the bed and myself.

Once she finished shaking, she calmed down and started crying. She hid under the blankets. I said "Ash? What's wrong?" while rubbing her back. "I peed on you. I'm so embarrassed!" she sobbed. I kind of half chuckled and said "No, honey, you came. That was your cum." She said, "NO! Girls don't cum like that!" I assured her that they do and I could do that to, although not every time. She then came and hugged me and said that she was sorry for losing her emotions. I told her that there was nothing to worry about and kissed her. We just laid there in the dark holding each other until we both fell asleep. I figured that if I had to, I could Jill off later. I wouldn't have to. It was about two a.m. when I felt kisses on my neck. I just smiled and thought I was dreaming, that is until the kisses turned into little bites! I woke up and she was just squirming kissing me and she had her hand jammed between her legs. By golly, I think she's horny! Oh god, I was too! We just attacked each other and we kissed like we were lovers who haven't seen each other in ages. Somehow, we ended up in a 69 position and she tasted pussy for the first time. She was very good, I had to ask if she was sure she hasn't eaten pussy before. She assured me between mind-blowing licks that she hasn't. I decided to try something and stick a forefinger into her and eat her. She loved it and eventually did the same. We ate each other out for a good long time, just enjoying the taste. We both came together, however there was no squirting this time. We cuddled in the sweet afterglow of our love making. She asked me, "my GOD, what just happened? Obviously we just had sex, right?" I said, "no, Ashley, we just made love." Ashley asked me, "Kelly, do you love me?" I said, "you know what? I think I do. I think I really do." and we cuddled all night.

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2013-09-13 17:30:25
good story i liked iht bt i hate katy perry

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2013-06-04 09:07:58

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2012-02-24 00:20:43
it was hot n sweet remined me of mi 1st time with mi baby-lesbo e&b

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2011-11-30 16:29:39
Frickin' hate Katy Perry. Jill Sobule had that song title first, listen to that one.

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2011-11-18 04:44:17
It was very good but watch out on the comma usage. There are times when the comma wasn't needed. Also it would be good to add a little bit more imagery. You had some good images and it was a great start for beginner writing.

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