Story about a brother and sister who took their relationship to the next level,following the results of an unexpected wager
Hey guys this story is a little bit longer than the usual ones , but It has to be told this way so that you can get a real feeling of what was going on between Zack and Lilli, I’m not a writer, I try to do my best, any comments, correction and suggestions are welcome, if you feel offended and insulted by an incest relationship between a brother and sister, don’t read, otherwise enjoy; pardon my grammar.


The bet

Me and my sister Lillian were always close, she was one year older than me our birthdays were one year and 10 days apart, we fought like cats and dogs, but we still cared for each other a lot, we looked similar as well, we both had brown hair, brown eyes ,sometimes people thought we were twins, when we were kids she used to kick my ass all the time, when I got older and knew I could kick her ass I stopped fighting back and just limited myself to receiving punches, scratches and bites.
We had an older sister Kimberly who was about 4 years my senior and two kid brothers who were 3 and 4 years younger, they all got along great, and we all got along with each other ,but between Lilli and me it was always trouble, mom and dad said that it was because we were so alike, of course we always denied it and said there was no way we were alike.
In school we got in trouble together, we would get on each other’s nerves all the time, I was an asshole and she was a slut, that’s the way we addressed each other,that is until someone messed with one of us then she was my sister and I was her brother we defended each other with sticks and stones, it was weird.
When we reached high school it got a little better between us, we realized maybe our parents weren’t crazy after all, turns out we were alike , we liked the same music, same movies, same sports hang out at the same places and even had the same group of friends. Don’t get me wrong we still fought and screamed at each other but the worse thing was a slammed door and bad word in the form of an insult.

When she was around 16 and I was around 15 , we discovered the joy of sex , drugs and not rock n roll maybe grunge, we did it all together, all with the exception of sex, we did pot together, drank beer, went to parties, smoked , got in to fights with other people, I was her wing man and she was mine, I fucked almost all her girlfriends and she fucked mine, we raised hell together, and we loved it!! mom and dad never gave us much lip about it because we did good in school and when we went out we always did so together so I guess it gave them peace of mind knowing we were together and kept each other company, we were both smart and we helped each other in any way we could.

One weekend we were at a friend’s house whose parents were away, the party started as usual where underage drinking and drugs are involved, first it’s just a couple of friends , and then before you realize it , there’s a lot guys and girls you’ve never seen offering you a beer and a joint, at 10 o´clock it was a full blown party, the house was packed, I went in to the kitchen to get something and Lilli was there making out with a guy, one girl I knew was leaning against a table talking to a nice kid looking blond, I had made out with the brunette and i swear I couldn’t remember her name. The one I made out with called me over and we started to talk, the blond was super quiet and shy she looked very young , after a while the brunette asked me if I had some blow, I said I didn’t, (Lilli and I drank a lot , smoked a lot and did pot, but we never did coke or crack and of course nothing like H), she told me if I found some for them they would make it worth the while, I jumped at the opportunity, blow was expensive, specially for high school kids, I moved to were Lilli was and interrupted her make out session, I whispered to her ear to find me some blow, she looked at me and lifted an eyebrow, she knew it wasn’t for me, I frowned and looked to the brunette, she smiled and told me she would be back. I returned to talk to the girls while my sister went looking for some blow so I could score. After a couple of minute’s Lilli returned and pulled me apart she put her hand in my front pocket and told me that I owed her big time.
I returned to the girls and told them I had scored!, they were all jumpy and exited, I told them we should go upstairs, all the bed rooms were locked with people inside, the only one that wasn’t was the parents room and there was about 8 guys and girls taking and hanging around. We managed to get in to the parents bathroom, they had a big tub ,I pulled the bag out of my pocket, it was a lot more then I had expected, I waved the baggy in front of them, the one I had made out begged me to let her do a line, I just gave the whole bag to her, she fixed 3 lines on the sink in front of the mirror and told me to go first, I told her I didn’t want any, the little blond did one the other took 2, we drank all the beer we had with us and were talking, I started to kiss the girls, first I kissed the one I had already made out with, she was a nice kisser, had medium size tits and a nice ass, her friend was a cute petit blond and had no tits she had a heart shaped face and looked very shy, her jaw was clenched I imagine it was from the coke, I kept on making out with the brunette and grabbed the little blond by her jeans and pulled her close, I started to kiss her, she was a bad kisser it was strange making out with her, I kept on kissing them both , I couldn’t believe it I was going to have sex with two girls at the same time , every guys dream was about to come true, I was hard like rock, I was kissing the little blonds face and before I knew it I had taken her shirt off, she had no tits only two little pointy nipples that’s all, but I kept on kissing and biting them anyway, I was touching her flat chest and kissing her, the other girl whispered to my ear , if you give me more coke I’ll suck it, I just looked at her nodded and gave her what was left of the bag before I knew it she had dropped my pants and was on her knees sucking my cock, all this time I kept on kissing and touching the little blond there was something about her, she was exited but at the same time she was scarred , she kept on looking at my cock and at the other chick that was sucking it I tried to get her to suck me too but she just said no, I got my hands under her skirt and down her panties her pussy was completely bald and super wet, suddenly the other girl stopped sucking me stood up and said she need a drink and left the room, , that was ok by me as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom I lifted the petit blond and took off her panties, in those days I didn’t know anything about eating pussy so I just went in for the kill, I lifted her and sat her on top of the counter I opened her legs and she asked me in a quiet voice what was I going to do? I told her I was going to put it in her so we could have sex, I thought that she was going to ask me to put a condom on and I knew that I should but that meant going down stairs finding my sister and getting them from her purse/back pack, she surprised me and said “ahh, ok” and that was it I didn’t wait one more second, a first I thought I was drunk or something because I was having a hard time getting it in, I was super hard but I just couldn’t , I put the head in parted her small lips and pushed and pushed but nothing happened, after a couple of tries I was in, she was complaining and moaning, I was pumping slowly and kissing her chest and mouth at the same time, she was shaking all over I looked at her and asked if something was wrong, she didn’t say anything she just stared at me, so I kept on kissing her, she kissed me back, she was super tight, I had had sex several times before but no girl was as tight as this one , after some time, I heard some noise outside, suddenly the door of the bathroom swung open it was my sister Lilli, she was screaming

“Zack,Zack it’s the cops, it’s the cops”-she was shaking her hands in front of her face, she always did that when she was nervous

“fuck” I screamed, I pulled out of the girls pussy and pulled my jeans on, the little blond jumped from the counter and started getting dressed, I couldn’t find my shirt, Lilli was jumping up and down , she picked my shirt from the floor and threw it at me , the blond was dressed in a flash and the three of us ran out the bathroom door the petit leading the was, she kept on running and before we could exit the room I grabbed Lilli´s hand, and we both stopped, we peeked out towards the hallway and there were two cops coming up the stairs and stopping everyone who was running down, we took a couple of breaths and stared at each other, we knew there was no way out, we looked at the windows opened them and got out to the roof, it was a chaos outside there must have been 5 police cars and everyone was running, there was no way to get down and it was to high to jump ,we just sat down and watched, Lilli gave me a cigarette, we started to smoke and look down, kids were crying, others were screaming a lot of them were scared, our uncle was a cop, moms brother and he always told us, police are your friends if you run they will chase you, if talk to them they will listen and if you ask for help they will help you, be smart he always said, we were. After a Marlboro or two,( we both smoked the same brand), Lilli looked at me and said

“tell me you weren’t fucking that 11 year old girl…” and she looked directly in to my eyes

“what? 11! , no way” I was in shock

“yes way, she´s Sara Sullivan´s kid sister, she was supposed to be babysitting her but she brought her to the party”

“fuck me, no way…” I was in shock

“haa you pervert she’s only 11 and your 16” she was laughing

“fuck” I said again, it made sense , it all made sense as I looked back at the scene in the bathroom.
“do you think I’ll get in trouble?” I was starting to get worried

“naa, what’s she gonna do, tell her parents she was doing blow with a 16 year old and letting herself be abused in a bathroom, at a party she wasn’t even supposed to be” she was trying to calm me down

“I hope she doesn’t spill out her guts to the cops” I told my sister

She looked at me lifted and eyebrow stayed quiet for a couple of seconds and said “at least you got laid, I on the other hand have to stay horny “

We both laughed loud!

A female cops head pop out of the window and told us to come in, we followed her inside and she asked us how old we were, I told her I was 16 and my sister was 17, she asked us if we were drinking and we both said we only had a beer each ( a lie of course) , she also asked us if we were driving , and since we didn’t have a car we said we weren’t, she told us she would have to take us in and that we would have to call our parents to come and pick us up at the station , my sister and I knew how to act and handle our self’s so we played it cool, tried not to appear scarred shitless, a lot of kids were sitting on the sidewalk, a couple of the older guys had handcuffs on and some were just standing there in front of the cops, a lot of scared faces and a lot of boys and girls crying , there was a big cop asking who the owner of the house was, apparently our friend was missing in action, all the neighbors where outside in their bathrobes and p.j´s just looking around and gossiping, boy there was trouble coming, good thing it wasn’t our house, the police women, guided us to her patrol car, opened the door and told us to sit, we did, she closed the door behind us as she walked away I stared and noticed she had a great ass, Lilli caught me and just rolled her eyes, she knew me, she knew what was going through my mind, we both laughed , after a while the police women came back she told us they were waiting for a bus to carry all the kids to jail, Lilli looked at me , we both knew she was probably bluffing trying to scare us, she spoke very seriously and told us they had found lots of drugs inside the house, she asked us if we were doing drugs and if we had any on us, of course the answer was no( we had already used all the drugs we had), she said we would be frisked before we were booked and that if we were lying we would be in lots of trouble, we stuck to our story, no trouble, no lying. She said she would be back, again Lilli and I stared at each other and just smiled , we knew to keep our mouths shuts specially while sitting in a patrol car, a while latter she returned again, with her partner, she told him she was going to take us to jail, she got in and started driving, a soon as we started to roll she looked at me and asked for our address and asked if our parents would be home, we gave it to her and assured her that they were probably there , she told us she was going to drive us home instead of making our parents go to the station to pick us up.
Once we got home we stayed in the car while she got down and knocked the door and waited for mom and dad to come, she was talking to them for some time, she came and got us out of the patrol car, before we walked in we could see dad and mom where pissed but, they weren’t atomic, they were angry but not that much, the lady cop who happened to also have a great rack told us no more underage drinking, to stay out of drugs and to behave. We thanked her and she left, mom and dad looked at us, and told us not to say a word and to go to our rooms.
Next morning dad and mom looked pissed, we had the normal talk about drugs and alcohol we were grounded for two weeks and that was the end of it. Lilli asked about the event we had, we had plans to go to penn state the next weekend and take one of the tours to check out the college, to see if we liked it to go there, dad said no way, it was Lilli´s last year of high school and she really wanted to check it out, she wanted to go to college there, bad!. I was just tagging along since I had another year to go but now it wasn’t happening
On our walk to school on Monday we started talking, Lilli was very sad because she really did want to take that tour around penn state, then she started saying it was entirely my fault.

“fuck you, it’s not my fault” I told her

“of course it is, if you wouldn’t of been fucking that 11 year old girl! We would of made it out in time” she was pissed, of course she could ‘of ran out on her own but it wasn’t the way we did things

“I didn’t know she was 11” I told her

“like you cared!”-she said, “ always thinking with your dick, now I can´t go this weekend and you knew how much I wanted it, dickhead!”-she was very pissed

But so was I, -“screw you”

We got to school and at the end of the day we were still pissed at each other

“so dickhead, thinking about your 11 year old girlfriend?, maybe you can get one of Robbies friends to fuck you”, Robbie was our youngest brother, and she was just saying it to piss me off we started screaming at each other, It had been a long time since we had done that.

By the next day she was still pissed and I was pissed that she was pissed , walking back from school we weren’t even speaking to each other

-“you know what “ I told her, “ I bet I can make dad and mom change their mind about the punishment and get them to let us go to that stupid tour”

-“no way” Lilli said, ”not in a million years” she knew it was almost impossible for them to change their mind, especially since we deserved to be grounded.

“bet you I can” I told her I can

"cant" she said

"can" I replied, it always went this way

“all right dickhead” she stopped walking and stared at me ”if you Can’t make dad and mom change their mind I’ll take all your cd´s and records, plus your disc man and all your movies”

“woo no way that’s not a bet, if I win you get to go to your stupid tour I just don’t care if I go or not” I told her

-“it’s not about the tour it’s about you not being able to convince mom and dad, that’s the bet” she said stating a fact

“naa I don’t think so, besides you don’t have anything I want” I said as I continued to walk home

“ha I knew it! your full of shit”, and she walked next to me again

I was pissed, that’s the way it always was between us , it was like everything was a competition, she knew how to get to me, and I knew how to get to her.

“all right” –I told her as I stopped walking “it’s a bet, if I Can’t get mom and dad to change their minds about letting you go to the stupid tour, you can have all my cds , records , movies plus my disc man”

“and if you CAN?”she asked

“if I win you suck my dick!” I sneered at her

She froze
“ha, no way” she said

I just smiled and continue to walk home, I really didn’t want a blow job from my sister, I had never thought about her in that way, I just wanted her to shut up and to get her to stop calling me dick head, plus if i made her madder than she already was it would be a bonus..
When we were almost home she said

-“you know what, I know your full of shit, so you’re on

I turned around and extended my hand “if I can convince mom and dad to let you go to that penn thing you´ll give me a blow job”

-“and if you don’t I get all your shit” she said taking my hand

We were shaking on it and I told her “ say it”

“if you can get mom and dad to let me go, I´ll give you a blow job ” she said

“and if I can´t you get all my shit” I said again


-“slut” I told her,

-“bullshiter” she told me

That’s the way it was anytime we made a bet we would shake on it and say deal , we laughed and went home, The next few days were hell, I had to beg mom and dad to lift the punishment on Lillian and let her go to her thing, it was important to her not to me, I didn’t want to go any way but I made it so that they thought that I wanted to go but was taking a bullet for my sister. I’m not going to get in to the details of how I was able to get mom and dad to let her go, but at the end I made it happen.
Lilli was thrilled that she was able to go, but I knew that deep inside she was being torn apart because of the bet we had made, come to think of it, I wasn’t doing it for the blow job mostly I was doing it to beat her and to prove I could do it
The night before her trip Lilli came to my room, she was wearing a long shirt

“soo.. you managed to pull if of..” she told me softly

I was lying on my bed, without moving I told her “of course , I knew I could

“About that” she interrupted me, “you know about the bet that we made..”

“ha, I knew it, I knew you were the one who was full of shit” I said as I jumped out of bed and started walking around the room.. “ I just knew it” I repeated

“it’s not that, … it’s just that you’re my brother…. and” she was saying softly as she put her head down and stared at the floor

“I just knew it, and don’t tell my you’ve never sucked a cock because I know you have, you lost and now you don’t want to pay” I started to pace around the room

“if you would’ve won you would taken all my stuff” I pointed at her “and not only that now you get to go to your penn stat thing” I was a little mad but I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere I kept on pushing it for a while just to piss her of and to gloat.

“please….” She started to say, I cut her of.

“I knew it… I don’t know why.. I just knew it, you owe me!” I was rubbing it to her face that she had lost and that she wasn’t going to pay up

“ok..” she said softly

“..what..” I turned around to face her

“ok, ill do it “ she said as she walked to the closed door and locked it. She was just as stubborn as me.

She walked back to me and stood in front of me “zack are you sure, this is just too weird, you’re my brother”

I don’t know why but I still thought she was bluffing and just wanted to get me to back down and forget about it, I was about to do so but something else told me to go on if she was stubborn I was more stubborn.
“a bet is a bet” I told her

She took a deep breath stood in front of me looked me right in the eye and got down on her knees, all this time I swear I didn’t think she would go through with it, she put her hands on the waistband of my shorts and pulled down all the way, at once my cock sprang In to action, I wasn’t completely hard, but I was getting there, my heart was rushing I couldn’t believe it my sister was about to give me a blow job I didn’t know how to feel, I was exited but at the same time I was freaking out, of course I wasn’t showing it, Lilli looked at my dick for a couple of seconds and grabbed my cock with her left hand , she moved the foreskin all the way back, and looked up to me with my cock on her hand,

“oh god” she said “are you sure about this”

I could see the fear in her eyes , holly shit she was going to do it, was it possible?, no way she was doing this, my heart was racing , I just nodded , she took a deep breath , stroke my cock twice , closed her eyes and opened her mouth , at first she hesitated for a couple of seconds and then she moved her head forward and wrapped her lips around my cock, she put it in and pulled it completely out, she looked up, opened her mouth again and guided my cock in
I couldn’t believe it, it was happening, my sister was sucking my cock, at first I felt bad, making Lilli do this, then I felt ashamed , after some time the shame turned to pleasure, she was doing a good job, I could feel her tongue on my shaft, she was also using her hand to help she was jerking me as well, I had my eyes closed and was enjoying it the best I could under the circumstances , my hands were holding my head, at one time I looked down and could see Lilli sucking me, she looked up and our eyes met, she kept on sucking, opening her mouth more and taking me all in, I put one hand on her head, I could feel her long brown hair I started to stroke it, again she would look up and I would meet her gaze, I could see how her mouth wrapped around my super hard dick, she would take it out, lick it all the way up and down, she would suck the head and then put it back in her mouth, she would masturbate me and let the head of dick rest on her tongue while she did it, she would pass her tongue around the head and lick every part of it, and then once again in her mouth it went, I started to tense, I knew I was close to finishing and I told her.

“Lilli I’m almost there”,

she looked up again and took her mouth away from my dick, she continued to stroke me furiously, our eyes meeting as she did this. I grunted and as I was about to shoot my first load, my sister opened her mouth and pointed my cock towards it , I put my hand over hers on my shaft and slowed down her stroking , i pointed towards her opened mouth and shot in her, all of it, she swallowed, and then swallowed again, taking all of my cum with her, she sucked me some more and licked my head clean, she sucked on my tip, swallowed one last time, kissed the head of my dick and stood up.
She looked me in the eyes, I noticed she had a little bit of cum on her cheek, she grabbed my cock, stroked it , squeezed the head and said “are we even now?”
I nodded and said nothing, she turned around and left my room.

That night was a weird one, I couldn’t sleep, I twisted and turned around my bed all night, it was so weird. The next day Lilli went to her thing and on Monday when she came back it was as if nothing had happened.
on our way to school we had some time to talk she told me she was going to try to get in to penn state and go to college there, she would move and live probably on campus , I said maybe I would join her next year, she said it would be great. I didn’t ask her about the blow job, It felt a little weird asking her, first I felt kind of awkward around her but then It went away.

Later that year on Christmas vacation, Lilli came back from college, I was doing my last year of high school and I wanted to go to penn state as well, the night she got back after your typical family dinner Lilli and I went out, it was like the good old days, she and me raising hell, we visited friends, went to local hangout spots, and at the end of the night finished hanging out in the living room of our house, we started the fireplace because it was way too cold, we were talking shop trying to keep it down and drinking vodka from a bottle we managed to get our hands on , she was telling me about college life, about the party’s , the study groups, her new friends and how it was so different from school , I was looking forward to collage, after talking and talking and drinking and drinking we were both a little drunk, I asked her about the bet
“what about it?” she looked at me, we were across each other on the floor

“well wasn’t it weird” I asked her

“it was” she nodded and took a sip from the bottle

“I thought you weren’t going to do it” I smiled when I said it “I wouldn’t have given you much grief about it” and smiled a little bit more

“next time I´ll be careful what kind of bets I make” she passed me the bottle smiled and started laughing

“as a matter of fact you made good on that bet” I said making a little noise on the word bet
She started laughing some more, we both did after a while we calmed down

“you know what’s weird?” she got serious and looked at me

I shrugged

“I’ve sucked many cocks” she said,

“I can imagine” I interrupted

“dick” she said and continued “but yours was so different..”

“different how?” I asked her

“I don’t know, just different, it felt.. so naughty and at the same time so…”

“good” I interrupted

“enticing” she said

“hmm” I said and we stayed quiet for some time

“did you like it?”she asked after some time of silence

“loved it” I told her

“lets not talk about this again, it just to weird” she said

“Ok” I agreed

“shake on it” she extended her hand
I took it


A couple of months later, I graduated from high school and left home for college, you guessed it I went to penn state, after a while it was like it always had been between my sis and me , I liked college , it was fun and it was a whole new experience for me, Lilli and I saw each other a lot , we hanged out all the time her friends soon became mine , we both lived on campus but weren’t part of any frat we were there to study and of course we both did a lot of it. Lilli was dating this guy who was kind of cool, I had been on and off with a couple a girls but nothing serious . One night we were at a friend’s house and we were all watching a game, I don’t recall what were arguing about but suddenly Lilli looked at me and told me “wanna bet?” , I opened my eyes and she winked at me, we both started to laughed and none was the wiser. We moved to a coed housing so we could be close to each other and see each other more often, campus wash huge ! , our room mates were pretty cool so we all knew each other, one night I was very wasted so I stayed with Lilli, we slept on the same bed, we always did that , when I woke up Lilli was still lying next to me she was asleep and on her back I was against the wall and on my side, I looked around and noticed that her roommate was just about leave, she waved goodbye to me and I just kind of moved my head and acknowledged her , I removed the covers to get out of bed and the first image I saw was her pussy, she had a nice Mohawk , just a stripe of brown hair , I had seen her naked lots of times and in underwear but I had never gotten such a close look her mound, I started to giggle, she was wearing a large shirt, one of her usual sleeping garments but it was pulled up almost to her breast, she was still asleep and had one arm across her face covering her eyes, I don’t know why but I just stared, and giggled some more, staring didn’t help my morning wood but I kept on looking anyway my giggles turned to laughter, Lilli said something but I didn’t understand her , she still had her arm across her face covering her eyes

“mmm what’s so funny” grumbling she repeated , this time I did understand her

“nothing…, I can see your pussy” I told her

“mmm leave my pussy alone” she said barley understandable

I laughed some more

“go back to sleep or got to your room” this time in harsh tone

I jumped out of bed, covered her , got dressed and left towards my room. Lilli would also crash in my room, mine was different from hers, me and my roommate had bunk beds, his was tops, I was bottoms, another day I stayed there I decided to take a shower because I was going to be late for class and didn’t have time to go to my room, as I was showering Lilli was pressing me to hurry up because she was going to be late as well, before I could finish, she yanked the shower curtain and stepped in completely naked, she started pushing me out, I did , got dressed and left. Another time I was taking a shower and she came to my room, my roommate told her where I was , she came inside the bathroom and started asking me something or telling me something, I can’t remember, she was just babbling I walked out of the shower naked and asked her to fetch me a towel, she did and I dried myself in front of her while we talked, and my bathroom was a small one so we were very close. It was always like that, we weren’t shy around each other, it was natural, we never tried anything.
One night Lilli was going to be staying with me because her roommate was having her boyfriend over, it wasn’t that hard to sneak someone into campus. We went out to a frat that was having a party and around midnight headed towards my room, we were wasted, very wasted more than usual, when we got there my roommate was already asleep, what I usually did was I turned on the bathroom light and half closed the door as to not get so much light in and wake him, Lilli went into the bath room, before she went in she grabbed a t-shirt from my closet, I just stripped to my boxers and jumped in to bed, I was under the covers when Lilli turned off the light and got under with me, it was a cold night and we were very cold.

“quit hogging the covers, I’m freezing” she whispered

We slept on the same bed tons of times we had a sort of unspoken arrangement, I took the wall , she the edge, we usually slept fine but this night it was very cold.

“screw you I’m not putting my ass against the wall it’s too cold” I whispered,

“dam, its cold” she turned around facing my direction and stuck like glue to me she put her head and hands against my chest .

“your hands are freezing” I told her keeping my voice down, they where ice cold, I hadn’t finished saying that when her feet touch mine, they where freezing as well

“your like a corps, always the ice queen” I whispered, “get away”

“o yeah” she mumbled , and she put her hands down my boxers and grabbed my cock and balls,

“arggg” I laughed making a little bit more sound then I had intended

Lilli laughed as well and took them out, she stayed cuddling and we went to sleep, I don’t know how long I slept but I woke up and I felt kind of weird, Lilli was still cuddled against me, but one of her legs was on top of me, I was on my side with my ass almost against the wall her leg was over my hip and between the wall and my ass a my dick was very hard ,i stayed still for a couple of minutes, it was a very strange position i could feel Lilli very close to me, i felt something again, this time i was sure of it, i could´ve sworn Lilli was grinding against me, there it was again, i was sure i felt it and i felt it directly on my cock, but it couldn't be could it? I moved my free hand down towards my boxers, my other hand was trapped under my own head pressing against my ear, Lilli was using my elbow as pillow, like I said she was very close, as I reached my boxers my hand felt my sisters snatch, I froze, and didn’t move, her pussy was so close to my crotch the only thing between them was my hand and the thin layer of the boxers, no wonder I had a hardon it felt her heat, she wasn’t wearing any panties, I stayed for ever like that, then I touched her .. I touched her pussy that is, it was wet, at first I just moved it around in circular motion, then I slid my fingers up and down her slit,i played with it gently almost nonchalant , I was about to stick one finger in when she took a deep breath and made a hmm sound, I froze again, she still slept, I continued my circular motion and my middle finger prodded her slit a couple times then went in, I started to finger her, and play with her clit, at first she was a little dry inside but almost immediately she started to get more moist and after a couple of movements she was very wet, I haven’t the faintest as how long I was fingering her but before I knew it she was grinding back, slowly at first, almost undetectable, but more obvious later, my whole hand was wet, I couldn’t take it anymore, I knew it was wrong but I had to put it in her, I slipped my dick from its prisons inside my boxers , guided it and was about to put it in her, my body was moving to get a good position , the tip of my penis was touching the lips of her pussy when I heard my sister whisper

“zack , zack, what are you doingi” saying it close to my ear

I froze, I pushed a inch forward almost undetectable , the head was about to go in, Lilli didn’t move one bit
She repeated in a whisper barley audible “zack, its Lilli your sister”
I moved an inch more, just a tiny bit the head of my cock was in, i could feel her pussy lips around it Lilli didn’t move she was frozen

“oh god” she whispered and moved her head from my chest looking up towards my face, “zack what are you doing it’s me Lilli , your sister”

I opened my eyes and looked at her, “I know “ I said, I hadn’t finished saying those two words when Lilli moved forward in a quick motion and I was in her.

She was the one who started to move, she started grinding in a circular motion with my cock in her, it was tight and it was so wet , my hand was still holding the bottom of my shaft, I relapsed it and got a hold of her ass, my hand spread across both her butt cheeks and started to move with her movement, she was moaning quietly and muffled cause she was pressing hard against my chest , I was in heaven ,it was so intense and so indescribable she wrapped her leg around me locking us tighter together , she moved one of her arms over me and hugged me hard, I looked down and couldn’t see her face it was buried deep in my chest, I could see her hips moving real fast under the covers, it was starting to get hot and I was begin to sweat, all this time she kept on moving, she was the one doing all the effort, I slipped my other hand from under my ear, it was trapped , I hugged her and brought her closer, I kept on squeezing and caressing her ass it was very firm, more then I had expected and her pussy felt so good, I think I finally understood what she was talking about that long time ago when she had told me it felt weird and enticing , it was just so.. so. I lack the words to describe it, we kept on going ,she was whimpering and moaning at the same time , moving faster and faster her breathing was heretic, I looked down and I couldn’t see her face, it was buried in my chest, all I saw was her hair, I kept on squeezing her ass and moved myself to get in a better position, this way I could also pump, I wasn’t all the way in but we were getting the job done, with one hand she was hugging me and her other hand was in between us I popped out of her a couple of times and she found me and guided me back in, we continued in our rump, after who knows how long she dug her nails in my back and all her body started to shake , before I knew it I was coming too, I finished inside her, I finished a lot, it was so amazing, we stayed like that for what seemed forever, not moving , not saying anything only breathing, maybe we were thinking the same things. what the fuck had just happened
I don’t know when we freed ourselves but the next morning it was my roommate who woke us , we were both under the covers , Lilli was facing the opposite direction and was still asleep, he told me that we must’ve been very drunk last night, because he heard us fighting , I laughed and he said goodbye and left, I just stayed in bed staring up and thinking about nothing.
Lilli got up, without saying a word and stepped into the bath room , I got up and followed her, she was sitting on the toilet, as I stepped in, she looked at me , closed her eyes and covered her face with both hands, I just kind of stood there,

“so..” I said, not knowing what to say

“so..” she repeated sitting on the toilet with her face buried in her hands

“do you want to talk about it?” I asked

“not really” she said as she raised her head and looked at me

“fuck.. “I said “….that was “

“yeah” she said and paused “listen don’t think about it ok”

“it’s hard not to” I lowered my head as I said it “I don’t know what I was thinking”

“we both knew what we were doing “ Lilli said, stating a fact she wasn’t crying .

“yeah it was..” I was about to say something when Lilli interrupted me

“lets just not talk about it, and block it, if we start thinking about it we´ll go insane, not that were not already near the nut house” she smiled while she said it

“alright” I told her, “ no weirdness no awkwardness or anything”

“shake on it” she extended her hand

I took it


The first couple of days we avoided each other and when we did meet, it was super awkward, it was slow going but after a couple of weeks we were starting to feel better around each other, one night we were at a friend’s house and everyone was kind ‘of aware that there was something not just right about us ,they knew we were very close and they probably thought that we were fighting or getting on each other’s nerves, no one would ever think that incest had his hands in it. Finally Lillis quasi boy friend intervened

“what the hells going on with you two” he asked

“nothing “ I said

“yeah right,” he barked “you guys are inseparable , we all know it, when you fight its usually five minutes of insults lots of name calling and that’s the end of it”

“yeah” one of our others common friends screamed from the kitchen “what gives”

I didn’t say anything and looked at Lilli

Lilli stared back and said “its just that my brother is a dick”

I smiled and responded “naaa its not that its just that my sister is a slut”

“asshole” she barked smiling

“pycho-bitch” I barked back

“now that more like it” someone else yelled” hug and makeup”

We did, and we felt great, after that night it was back to normal!

Christmas was coming and that meant going home for the holidays , we decided to drive, it seem better in every way, it was about a twelve hour drive, we packed all our needful things said our goodbyes and got on our way, about 3 hours in to our road trip it was almost impossible to drive, winter was on a full blown mission to stop us, we found a motel on the side of the road and decided to call it quits, we weren’t going anywhere, we got a decent enough room with two beds , and made our self’s comfortable I told Lilli to phone home and update them on our situation, dad agreed with our decision and told us to stay put until the snow storm passed. I went to get some supplies, since I was still under drinking age I couldn’t buy any booze, it was easier in college and back home, but in small town in the middle of nowhere was a no go, all I could find was a couple of soft drinks some beef jerky and a magazine I bought for Lilli.

“did you find any booze” was the first thing Lilli asked me as soon as stepped in the room

“naaa,” it was freezing out

We left our luggage in the car, all I brought was Lillis small back pack where she kept all her essentials or whatever it is girls keep in their packs , it was still around 4 o´clock I started to undress and after peeling the layers of clothing I took my t-shirt of and threw it to Lillian I told her I was taking a hot shower.
Your turn I told my sis as I walked out of the bathroom, she jumped right in. I turned the TV on and all I got was static, TV was out of the question, I looked around ,nothing to do , it was cold even though the heat was on, I jumped in to bed and kind of dozed off just staring at the ceiling , finally Lilli came out of the bath room wearing my t-shirt witch barely covered her.

“why did you take so long” – I asked her

“taking advantage of the spare time … I was shaving” saying this in a cute way

“mustache and beard? “ I asked

“no you dick, everything else” and as she said that she lifted her t- shirt and showed me her bald pussy for a fraction of a second.

“nice” I said and laughed

“you wish” and jumped in to her bed

I turned around and dozed off again until I heard Lilli calling my name

“hmm” I responded

“I’m bored what are you doing?” she asked

“.. sleeping” I said sounding very grumpy

“how can you be sleeping , its only 7 o´clock”

I didn’t answer

“do you wanna talk?, tell me something new” she continued

“mm “ I responded again

“come on zack, let’s talk about something” she repeated

I didn’t respond

“Don’t be that way, tell me something anything” she kept on going

“mmm, what do you want to know” I mumbled without moving

“anything, whatever, lest talk” she kept pressing me

“mmm” I responded again

“come on, what are you thinking about” she demanded after a couple of minutes of silence

“your pussy” –I said, I really wasn’t thinking about her pussy, I just said it to mess with her and get her to leave me alone

“haa haa” she started to laugh “how can you be thinking about my pussy”

She continued to laugh, I just ignored her

“Well it’s a good thing you’re not staring in my direction because then you could see it!” she said still laughing

I didn’t even move

“woops there goes my shirt , good thing my idiot brother isn’t looking this way” she said like if she was talking to the air.

“oh my will you look at that! a hot chick lying completely naked while a guy just sleeps…” again talking to the sky

I didn’t twitch I swear I just wanted to sleep. Suddenly I felt some movement, Lilli jumped on my bed and started to shove and shake me, “come on talk to me, don’t be that way”

“all right all right” I turned around and she was sitting on top of the covers on my bed

“good” she said

“what do you want to talk about?” I asked her

“ I don’t know anything, there’s nothing to do in this little shit house, we can’t even go outside” the wind was howling and it hadn’t stopped snowing

I looked up and said “well.. I got nothing”

“aw come on don’t be that way” she said as she got under the covers with me “be a pal”

“hmm , why don’t you talk and I listen” I said as she arranged herself so we could see each other at face to face level

“were you really thinking about my pussy” she whispered making a voice like a little girl

I giggled “no I wasn’t…”

She giggled as well “because if you’re some kind of pervert I´ll scream”

We both smiled

We just stared at each other for about 10 min

“remember the other night” I whispered

“what other night?” she asked me whispering as well

“you know THAT NIGHT” I said making emphasis on the words that night

“oh, that night” she whispered again very quietly like if there was someone else in the room with us “what about that night” she asked

“nothing, just thinking about it”

“you wanna talk about it” she asked “why are you bringing it up now”

“ I don’t know, I was just thinking about it” I whispered

“I hadn’t thought about that night for sometime” she continued to whisper

“did you feel bad about it” I asked again

“at first I did” she told me “ specially the next morning, I was so ashamed, and felt so weird, it was all so difficult to process I never thought about it, you know, about us being together that way, it never crossed my mind, but it’s just that… that night it happened , when you started to touch me down there ..” when she said that she pointed down towards her pussy “at first I was like what the fuck, then I thought maybe it was me or that maybe I was dreaming , I wanted it but I thought maybe you thought I was someone else, after I knew that you knew it was me, there was no turning back because at that moment it was so intense and so real …”

I nodded I understood her completely, there were no words to describe it,

“what about you” she asked

“I felt the same way, at that moment I just wanted to be inside you so bad, it was more than lust I don’t know what it was” I continued “but after I felt like crap, I don’t know why, maybe I thought that the booze had played a special part and that maybe it wouldn’t of happened if we were sober, but at the same time I was glad it happened”

“..but did you want it, before that night?” she asked quietly

“I don’t think so, I never lusted for you, but maybe I was a little curious about it after the bet thing”

We just laid there quietly staring at each other

“any regrets? “ she asked me

“hmm I don’t think so” I closed my eyes dozing off

“weird huh” she said

“super weird, do you think a lot of brothers and sister have sex?” I asked

“I honestly don’t know” she paused “but not every brother and sister are like us”

I smiled

“are you going to sleep, again” she asked me

“mm” I responded

“I’m no tired, lets keep chatting”

“mmm” I responded again

She kept on talking for a while, I wasn’t paying attention

“come on wake up” she shoved me

After some time she stopped talking, she put her feet against mine, they where freezing

“how come your always ice cold?” I whispered

“it’s just my feet and my hands, everything else is pretty warm “was her answer like if she was stating a fact

“nah you’re the ice queen”

“am not” she answered again

“are too” I quietly whispered

“wanna bet” was her answer again

I opened one eye and stared at her

I moved my hand under the blanket and touched her leg following it to her bald pussy

“ahh” she said, “see.. I’m not the ice queen”

I touched some more gently, caressing it, and pressing her clit

“you wanna do this?” she asked barley audible

“we could…” I repeated in her same low voice as I put one finger in her, just probing, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“yes we could…” She got closer, her hands found my boxer and started to dig in grabbing my cock, my finger went in again, she stroked me a little, I was staring straight at her, her eyes were open and meeting my gaze, I got closer, so did she, I went towards her mouth and she met me halfway , it felt super weird, we both broke or kiss and stared at each other, I tried again this time we used some tongue, we broke it off again, stared at each other and kissed one more time , it felt better, but still awkward and weird, my hand was still on her pussy and hers on my cock she was stroking and I was fingering, i played with her clit softly , we kept on kissing despite how it felt, we both wanted it, we embraced ourselves and kept on kissing and kissing this time our hands were all over each other. I stopped kissing her and moved a little bit away, Lilli opened her eyes and stared at me, I sat down and removed the covers/blankets , she sat next to me, I kissed her again and proceeded to remove the t-shirt that was covering her body, I took a second to take all in, her pussy was completely bald, she had very nice breast, they weren’t big , but I noticed they didn’t drop one bit, her nipples were perky and she had light brown areolas , she had freckles all over her chest and shoulders, I knew she had them on her back as well, she was thin, and didn’t have a belly, I got rid of my boxers and embraced my sister again, we started to kiss passionately , this time it wasn’t so weird, I moved down her neck, and was licking my way down to her chest, she was stroking my head and playing with my hair, I found her breasts and dedicated enough attention to both of them, I sucked them, licked them, bit them, Lilli was loving it, I was having a ball playing with her tits, I could of stayed there forever, she grabbed my face pulled me up and kissed me, i broke our kiss and kept on going down, she laid down and opened her legs to me, I found her navel and kept on going down , her pussy smelled delicious , I went down and started to lick my way to heaven, my sister had her hands on my head her legs were wrapped around my shoulders, I kept on going and going ,I played with her clit using my tongue like forever, she tasted great ,after some long minutes of eating my sister up and enjoying every second of it, she pulled me up and kissed my face again, it was all wet and had her scent all over, she opened her legs ready to receive me, I guided my cock towards her, we were kissing , she stopped and whispered “I want to see “ as she leaned forward I knew what she meant I straitened my arms against the bed supporting my body, she wanted to see how I went in her, the last time it was at night and we only did it in one position and It was almost by instinct, this time it was in a lighted room , we were both completely naked in front of each other, I supported myself over her with one arm while I guided my cock to her entrance ,rubbed the head up and down her pussy , I rested the head of my penis between her pussy lips, she moaned and received me gladly, I slid right in, this time going all the way in, I started pumping in and out slowly, Lilli and I were watching the action, it looked and felt so surreal, she looked up and our gazes met again, she smiled and kissed me, I did the same, we both looked down , “it’s so good, I can’t believe were doing this”
“it feels so…” I whispered as I kissed her mi heart was pounding fast

I sped up, we had a great rhythm moving in sync , she was kissing my chest and raking her hands on my back, Lilli held me tight and wrapped herself around me, she crossed her legs around my waist and started moving fast, she was grinding me and I her, her body was hovering over the bed we were both moaning, moving faster and faster and harder my shaft was all in, I could feel her pelvis against mine, I knew she was about to finish , feeling her so close was amazing. It was not unexpected what happened next, she held me harder for a few seconds, then let go and dropped on the bed I fell on top of her, still inside, she held me, we were both sweating and panting, I fell to mi side , Lilli looked at me and smiled , we were laying side by side, she grabbed my hard dick and stroked it a couple of times , got on top of me and began to lower herself towards my cock, I could see how it slowly, very slowly went inside her, my sister straddled me and began riding, slow at first , increasing her speed until a nice rhythm was achieved again, Lilli was beautiful I could see her completely as she rode me, my hands held hers , I moved to her breasts playing with them , I pressed hard , I moved my hands to her ass cheeks and guided her motion, faster, she put her hands on my chest, “I’m close” I told her, she just smiled and continued breathing heavily , I held her down and trusted my hips up, In a matter of seconds I began to shoot inside her, she fell on top of me , we were both wet, sweating ,panting and breathing hard, we stayed in the same position for some time just laying there, embracing each other, I was caressing her hair, she was caressing my chest.
We slept. For a while that is, before I knew it we were at it again, and it was great ,we enjoyed ourselves , it was like two lovers finally discovering each other, we were both crazy with lust, next morning we took a shower together and explored each other the way a brother and sister shouldn’t, we explored , touched , bit, licked and kissed every part of our bodies, Lilli was almost mi height, so It was difficult in that tinny space, but we managed to do it in the shower , we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other, we did it after the shower as well ,on the floor, on the bed, on the other bed, standing up lying down on all fours , every position we could think of, at the end we were so sweaty and exhausted we had to take another shower .
On the drive home, we were very tired, there was this strange feeling surrounding us, we didn’t say anything for miles

“we can’t do that again” Lilli said

“yeah…” I nodded “hey I came inside you a couple of … you know…”

“na…. don’t worry, no problem…” she told me “but you realize how weird it sounds.. YOU CAME INSIDE ME.. god..”

I smiled and nodded at the same time keeping my eyes on the road “… you know what was the weirdest part?, at first when we kissed, that felt fucked up…”

“yeah..” she agreed “it felt… so strange and bizarre .., but then it was ok”

“definitely, I loved being inside you.. it was tight and good…” I looked at her quickly but continued to keep my eyes on the road

“it was good, and it was tight because you have a thick cock, I loved it when we hugged and when we were so close together, that was the best” her voice sounded high

“it was.. “ I agreed “ and also the one in the shower was good, sis you have a great ass”

“why thank you, you don’t have a bad one yourself” she said blinking her eyes fast like a little princess “when u ate me up, I thought I was going to die…”

“I loved it, you tasted great, I wanted to keep going for ever” taking a breath as I told her

“when you were in me I just wanted that to last forever” she shivered as she spoke

“it felt so different then with anyone else, I Don’t know if you get me, it just indescribable “ I told her meaning every last word

“I know, I feel the same. …. It was amazing and intoxicating just knowing its wrong" she stopped speaking and looked up correcting herself “ I don’t think it was wrong”

I agreed

“but you know what?” she looked at me “ I don’t think we should do it again, we got it out of our system, and had a great time, but this could mean trouble, big trouble, no one would understand it and if mom and dad ever found out it would kill them”

I nodded “we have to take this to our graves”

“we do” she was nodding” so we forget about it, don’t mention it, (even if were drunk), don’t talk about it with anyone else” she said this and pointed her finger at me

“Agreed, I won’t say a word… about how I had sex with my older sister ”

I smiled

“zackkkkkk…come on” she hit me in the arm

“ok ,ok how I fucked my sister…” I corrected

She punched me again

“if anyone fucked anyone it was me” she laughed

“whattttt no way I was the top dog..” laughing as well

“just promise it won’t get weird like last time” she said looking at me, now with a serious face

“I promise” offering her my hand

She took it, and we shake


We finally made it home without any problem, and it wasn’t as awkward as we thought it would be, we both played it cool, no strange looks, no moments of silence, no treating each other different, we behaved like always, we even had a kind of fight one night about who would use the car, on Christmas diner we had a lot a relatives over and mom told everyone how proud she was that we were going to college and that we were together an able to keep each other company and to count on each other , our older sister Kimberly said it was so cool we finally got along, she remembered that when we were kids we used to fight all the time.

“I guess we got it all out of our system” Lilli said.
Everybody laughed, I winked at Lilli and she winked back.

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