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A spinoff from My Uncle's New Wife series with a reader interactive feature at the end! Try it out!
Cousin Ashley Gets Her Own Story by rutger5

“The nerve of him rubbing our faces in it” I fumed to my mother “and after all we did for him.”

“Don’t look at it that way Ashley. That’s the way things go. Besides he had no future with either one of us” she calmly replied to me, which only pissed me off more.

The truth is she was right. Both she and I had slept with my cousin Jim, her on one occasion and I had a few times but it’s not like either of us had a future with him. Due to the family ties it would have been impossible to work I knew. I’d denied it at first but I wasn’t thinking with my brain but my loins. Jim was well endowed and a natural at fucking and cunnilingus so it was natural I didn’t want to give that up.

When I returned from visiting my Grandma I had expected to resume with Jim. It’s true he had talked with me while I was away and told me we might not be right for each other but I figured it was just his conscience bothering him and once I wrapped my lips around his cock he would change his mind. But as soon as I saw him I realized that wouldn’t be the case. His face had an expression on it I had never seen there before, a look of steely determination. We hugged but when I tried to really press against his body he held me back from him.

“Ash we have to talk” he said all serious.

“What?” I answered, my voice sounding strange to me as it came out in a higher pitch than normal.

“I’m just going to say it. This could never work and you know it. We’re cousins and even if what you told me is true and somehow we’re not blood related we still can’t tell anyone that. Besides there isn’t much in common between us except, well you know, but more importantly I really like Stacy and she is now my girlfriend.”

That last line hit me like a punch in the stomach. The other things he said were true I realized but I hadn’t wanted to admit. But Stacy now being his girlfriend? When I left a few days ago I thought he had ended his budding relationship with the girl. Yet when I returned it was me kicked to the curb and she was golden. My eyes stung from the bitter tears that I felt running down my face. Jim tried to hug me but this time I pushed him away.

“Leave me alone” I hissed at him “if I’m not good enough for you then go away to your precious Stacy.”

“Ashley” he said with a pained look on his face.

“Just get away from me and leave me alone” I told him before turning and storming off to home. As soon as I arrived I spilled my guts to my mom, telling her what he had said to me. Mom hugged me and actually wiped away some tears from my face.

“The worst part of it is that I pushed him to call her. If I hadn’t done that they might not be together now.”

“Just move on sweetie. It’s really a blessing in disguise. This way you won’t be wasting your time when there’s no chance of it working” she answered.

“Yeah but there’s also no chance of us hooking up again and I’ll miss that.”

Even my Mom’s face looked wistful as she thought about that as Jim had made an impression on us both. He would still be at my Dad’s house for a week so I figured I’d keep my distance. However he also worked so the next day when I knew he wouldn’t be there I decided to go sit in the sun by the pool.

When I went up to my room to change I could hear my stepmom Laura humming in her room. Knocking first I then opened the door and saw Laura drying her hair while wrapped in a robe. She flashed her perfect smile when she saw me.

“Hi Ashley, I guess you heard the news by now about Jim?” she asked. Glumly I nodded at her.

“I’m sorry for you but its better this way for me. If he is with her that will eliminate any temptation I have to try something foolish. Did you come to go swimming?”

An idea came to me when I heard her question that might make us both feel better I realized. I took a few steps into the room.

“Yeah I came to get some sun but I just thought of something more enjoyable we can do together.”

My hand reached out and pulled open her robe revealing her small, perfect breasts to me. Laura gasped at first and when my hand grazed across her sensitive nipple she practically jumped. Moving closer I fastened my mouth on one of her nipples as my fingers tweaked the other.

“Ashley do…um ah… you think we should be doing this? I mean is it a good idea for us to be…”

Her voice trailed off as my teeth gently closed on her now erect nipple and my tongue brushed against it. Her fingers ran through my hair as I continued to work on her, now taking as much of her small breast into my mouth as I could fit. Laura let out a little moan as I sucked hard on her soft flesh. My leg worked its way between hers and pushed against her mound where I then discovered that moisture had already appeared.

Reluctantly I removed my mouth from her and looked at her eyes. They were half closed but I could see the lust and desire in her brown eyes. She took the opportunity to slip her robe down past her shoulders and let it fall to the floor where it joined the already discarded towel. Feeling overdressed I began to pull my shirt over my head. Laura took two steps back then sat on the bed as I dropped my shirt to the floor.

“Don’t rush Ashley, take your time. There’s no need to rush” Laura told me with a wicked grin on her face.

“Oh so you want a show, do you?” I said in reply.

Slowly I reached back and unhooked my bra. Instead of letting it drop all the way I just slipped the straps past my shoulders but held the fabric so it still partially covered my full, round bosom. My hands squeezed my breasts and I let out a little moan. Next I turned my back to Laura though I turned my head so that I could see her. Tossing my bra towards her first, I then undid my cutoffs and let them slide to the floor. Laura gasped as she beheld my luscious booty with my thong the only clothing left on me.

“You are such a little tease Ashley” she said as she rose from the bed and pressed her lithe body firmly against my back. Her pointy nipples rubbed against my skin as her hands worked their way to the front of my body and traveled down to my covered mound. One worked its way under the material and caused me to gasp as her thumb found my clit and her index finger teased my lips.

My fingers pushed my thong down past my bubble butt at which point I wiggled my thighs to shake it down my legs to my feet. Turning I took Laura’s face in my hand and kissed her, softly to start with, but as she eagerly responded it became fiercer. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled us closer together so that her smaller breasts and my fuller ones collided happily.

My tongue slipped between her lips and explored her warm mouth as my hand rubbed her back. When we broke the kiss to catch our breath Laura winked at me and took me by the hand and led me to the bed. I pushed her down onto her back and climbed on top of her and resumed kissing her. It was such a turn on to me. Though I prefer guys there is something so hot about kissing a girl, the way their lips are so soft and sweet. Our legs both found their way between the others so that we both had a leg pushing against our pussies.

When Laura managed to fasten her mouth on my nipple I squealed with pleasure and pushed my mound hard against her thigh. She couldn’t get enough of my nipple, sucking on it, flicking it with her tongue, even biting it gently. When I thought I couldn’t take anymore Laura released it and her mouth then found my other breast.

“Laura you are so driving me crazy with your mouth, I want you to lick my wet, little pussy” I told her.

She ignored what I said and instead continued suckling on me while also now playing with my other breast with her slim fingers. It felt great but I wanted, no I needed more. I crawled up her body until my legs straddled her head and lowered my excited pussy to right over her mouth. Laura knew what to do and immediately seized my thighs in her hands and started to lick my wet lips. Her pink tongue probed deeper, splitting my lips and burrowing toward the center of my sex.

She had mad pussy eating skills and soon I was flowing like a river, my juices leaking onto her face as she continued her oral assault. Laura pulled me closer which allowed her tongue to reach deeper in me while also bringing her cute nose into contact with my aroused clit. She moved her head back and forth rapidly which stimulated me greatly, especially my clit from her nose rubbing against it. My fingers worked through her short brown hair as I approached a climax and when my free hand pinched one of my nipples it was enough.

My body shook from the force of my orgasm and I released even more fluid on my eager stepmom’s pretty face and mouth. Laura continued lapping away at my pink hole until I managed to move my spent body from on top of her. I crawled down the bed determined to return the favor to her. When we had pleasured each other that day with Jim I had marveled how pretty her pussy was and also how it had tasted and I wanted some more.

Once my body was positioned between her slim, tanned legs I lifted and placed them against my shoulders. Before tasting her I first brought my mouth to her small breast and sucked it into my mouth where I gently bit it causing Laura to shudder. After repeating that with her other breast my mouth kissed its way down her firm, flat stomach. When I reached her navel my tongue flicked out and jiggled her navel ring before working down to my ultimate destination.

First I bit the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh making Laura insane with anticipation. Her hand tried to push me to her wetness but I resisted and instead worked down her leg delivering a series of bites and kisses until I reached her knee. I shifted my mouth to her other leg and know started working my way up to her paradise. Once I reached the top of her leg instead of torturing her further I delivered a kiss to her lower lips. Laura gasped as I tasted her delicious treat and her pelvis tilted up more towards my mouth.

Pushing her legs forward until they touched her chest I was able to totally open her flower with my tongue. Laura took her legs and held them in place freeing my hands to deliver pleasure. One hand crept between my own legs and started to rub myself in a circular motion while the other went to Laura’s wet treasure. Two fingers worked inside her as my lips sucked her clit into my mouth. My fingers began thrusting as deep in her as they could reach while I continued sucking on her clit until she let out a low moan and my fingers felt a gush of fluid seep past them.

Smiling from the satisfaction of pleasuring my stepmom I wriggled my way up her body and kissed her again. We kissed for a few minutes at a slow pace as we had both already cum and we weren’t desperate. Suddenly Laura surprised me by rolling us over leaving her on top but she then moved her body off me. Then she worked her way down until she was sitting below my waist facing me.

Laura leaned back and lifted one of my legs and positioned her body so that our legs wrapped around each other while our muffs bumped together. She then began to grind her pelvis into mine, stimulating us both. I took to this right away and grabbed her hip and gyrated against her. This was so awesome the way our wet little pussies rubbed and slid together and soon we were both moaning like crazy.

Our vaginal fluids mingled as we pressed together and soon coated our pelvic area and upper thighs as well as soaking the sheets on the bed. We continued until we had both cum more than once and by now Laura was totally reclined with her eyes almost shut as she continued bumping against me. It was me who was really taking the lead now in scissoring her but I always liked being in control. I was really giving it my all, pushing hard against her when she bit her lip and shuddered. Realizing she was cumming I increased the speed of my movement until I joined her in Sapphic bliss.

We lay there awhile, our tan limbs entwined as we recovered from the intensity of our lovemaking. Finally with a groan I disentangled my legs and rolled off the bed. I leaned in and kissed Laura before pinching her nipple as I broke the kiss.

“Come on, stop being lazy” I told her “if it’s possible I need a favor from you.”

With a sigh she sat up and looked into my eyes.

“What is it sweetie, you know I’d do just about anything for you.”

“Well I’ve always wanted to do it and seeing you with one has made me decide to go for it. I always wanted to pierce my navel and it looks so hot on you. Is there anyway you can drive me to the mall so I can get mine pierced? Plus since I’m under eighteen I might need an adult and you are my Stepmom.”

“Sure Ashley I don’t mind driving you but do you think your parents will mind?”

“Well I see Dad doesn’t mind yours and I doubt he’d care. I know my Mom won’t care but if you want I could call her or you could call Dad to check.”

“I’ll tell you what Ashley. There is no point in bothering your Dad at work but while I change the sheets, we got them pretty wet” she said with a sexy smile “you can call your Mom and ask.”

“Okay” I said as I started to get dressed. After trying both the home number and her cell with no answer I just left a message on my Mom’s cell telling her my plans. In a little while we were pulling into the mall parking lot and soon we were in the piercing/jewelry store. First I selected the piece of jewelry I wanted to get and I decided to go for a simple barbell, one with a fake ruby, as I thought the red went well with my black hair and blue eyes.

When it was my turn I went to the booth in back but the piercer left the curtain open. Laura was wandering the store checking out the jewelry as I made myself comfortable on the table. The piercer told me his name was Paul and he looked to be in his early twenties. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, around 5’9” I’d guess with brown hair and eyes and he had some ink and multiple piercing in his ears and his tongue was also pierced. I have to admit that I wondered how that would feel rubbing against my pussy or nipples.

“So your name is Paul the piercer” I said to him to break the ice.

“Sure I guess you could say that” he said grinning as he pulled on a pair of latex rubber glove.

When it was time to actually get the piercing I rolled my shirt up to right beneath my ample chest and undid the top button of my cutoffs and pushed them down a little. It was obvious that Paul was checking out my smoking teenaged body. When it was time to actually pierce me I looked away to prevent from getting nervous and flinching. He used a clamp to hold the skin in place and it pinched a little but I kept my head turned away and all of a sudden I felt the point slide through my skin and then he slipped the piercing into the newly created hole. Next he attached the top piece to hold it in place and we were done.

“That wasn’t too bad, was it?” Paul asked with a gleam in his eye that I knew was from him ogling me.

“Oh no” I replied “it’s hurt more when I was pierced by much bigger things.”

When I said that my hand moved from near my new piercing to down by my kitty. His eyes followed my hand and I saw him lick his lips before looking me right in my eyes.

“Is that right little girl, you like to be pierced with big things? What does your mom think about that I wonder?” he said and he gave a quick glance in Laura’s direction.

“Oh Laura’s not my Mom, she’s my Stepmom. Do you want to ask her?” I said with my most innocent expression.

“Your step mom, huh. She’s pretty hot” Paul said with a smirk.

“Why are you interested in her?” I told him with an edge to my voice.

“Sure I’m interested in all hot women. There’s no need to be jealous.”

“Don’t flatter yourself” I said as I sat up and prepared to get down from the table.

“Hey I didn’t mean anything by it Ashley, isn’t it? I think you’re hotter than she is. You have nicer tits.”

“Wow you sure know how to make a girl feel special” I told him sarcastically.

“Actually I do know how to make a girl feel special” he replied raising one eyebrow and then sticking out his pierced tongue and wiggling it. “Besides my tongue isn’t my only body part pierced.”

That admission took me by surprise and I wondered if he meant what I was now imagining. He smiled when he saw me pause and start thinking about what he’d said.

“You know Ashley, I get my lunch break in an hour if you’re interested in seeing my piercing and maybe getting pierced yourself.”

The idea was definitely intriguing to me. I could only imagine what his piercing was like and even though I had a great time with Laura earlier and I liked having sex with her it wasn’t the same as being filled by a guy. Paul had shown he could be a bit of a jerk but it wasn’t like I wanted to date him, I just wanted to have a quickie.

“I’m not sure if I can get away from her” I said hedging my bet. “Where would I meet you if I can?”

He had a smug look as he answered, figuring it was in the bag.

“You know the entrance by Applebee’s?” he asked. When I nodded yes he just said “Be there in an hour if you want me to pierce you, but no games okay. If you’re serious I’d love to see you there.”

With that I walked away without looking back but I could feel his eyes on my ass as I headed out. Laura oohed and aahed when she saw my piercing and together we left the store. I kept my shirt rolled up a little so that I could see the piecing as well as to prevent it from touching it while it was so sensitive.

“So what are your plans Ashley? Do you want to go back to the house and tan?” Laura asked me.

“If it’s all right with you I thought I might do some window shopping while I’m here. Maybe I might run into some friends and hang. It’s within walking distance to my house. But if you want I’ll go back with you” I told her.

Though I wanted to meet up with Paul I didn’t wish to offend Laura. She had been so cool to me plus we enjoyed scratching each others itch so there was no way that I would want to hurt her feelings. She laughed before replying.

“No honey if you want to stay awhile is fine with me. I need to get some quality tanning in but enjoy yourself. You are on summer vacation after all.”

“Thanks Laura, you are the best you know. As long as you’re okay with it. I might even look for a part time job while I’m here.”

“Your Father would be so proud of you Ash. I won’t tell him yet. Might as well wait to see if you find something. See you soon.”

We kissed goodbye right on the lips but since the mall was full it was just a quick one. I actually did look to see if any stores were hiring but I was disappointed to find none of my favorite clothing stores were. There were some stores that advertised they were looking for help but unfortunately at that moment I didn’t have the time as my meeting with Paul was fast approaching.

A quick trip to the ladies room to freshen myself (as well as removing my thong) and I was on my way to the rendezvous point. A few minutes later as I stood out front I saw a beat up car pull up with Paul behind the wheel. Once I jumped in he took off driving with one hand while his other found its way to my leg where he squeezed the soft flesh.

“I only have forty minutes left so we’ll have to make it fast” he said as he drove to the most distant part of the parking lot. As it was early afternoon of a weekday this section was virtually empty of cars and he pulled to the last row of spaces. Beyond the lot was a line of trees which gave some shade to the nearby area. Once he parked he got out and climbed into the back seat. By the time I joined him Paul had already undone and pushed his pants down past his knees.

To be honest when I saw the piercing it did freak me out that someone would get it. It was called a frenum piercing and it was a curved barbell that was located on the underside of his cock just below the head. If I was a guy there was no way I would get it but there were plenty of piercing girls got that I wouldn’t get either but I guess that’s just me.

Paul’s cock on the other hand was nice as it seemed fully erect before I even touched it. It wasn’t super long or anything around six inches I guess but it was nice and thick and it was leaking pre-cum already. Sitting next to him I leaned down and took the base in my hand before I ran my tongue the length of it. Paul shuddered when I first made contact with his piece and when I opened my mouth and took the head in he thrust up with his hips.

His head hit the entrance to my throat and I had to fight to keep from gagging. The metal of his piercing felt much cooler in comparison to the hot flesh of his prick but otherwise didn’t bother me. Pulling my head back I swirled my tongue around his head and just below it where the metal balls protruded from his skin. It seemed to stimulate him as my tongue prodded the piercing and his cock continued to ooze a copious amount of pre-cum fluid.

Paul’s hand wrapped itself in my long hair and he roughly pushed my head down as he also pumped his hips upward. Again I fought to not gag as he continued to manhandle my head. Finally I managed to pull my mouth off him and catch my breath.

“Take it easy” I angrily told him “I’m a girl not a sack of potatoes.”

“The problem is you’re not all that, like you think you are, trying to act like a woman when you’re not ready to be with a man.”

“Yeah right” I retorted but Paul’s hand had traveled to between my legs and he was rubbing me through the material of my shorts. It felt good and since I was already horny I decided to continue although this would be the only time I’d let this jerk touch me. I unbuttoned my cutoffs and slipped them down at which time Paul helped me work them off as I lifted my legs up.

He whistled in admiration as he saw my little, wet pussy and then he pushed me onto my back on the car seat. His face headed right up to me and then I felt his tongue lick my swollen lips.

“Damn girl, you taste like sex” he said and then he went back to work licking me. Honestly he was pretty good with his tongue and when he started to flick my clit with the ball in his tongue I lost it. My hand grabbed his head and I pushed my pelvis at him until I felt my tummy tighten as I reached a state of bliss.

Paul didn’t wait for my orgasm to subside before he pulled his face away and lined the head of his cock to my opening. As soon as he was in position he drove practically the full length of his thick shaft in my sopping pussy. My body shuddered as he impaled me and he looked down at me with a crooked grin. Paul began to rapidly thrust in and out, slamming all the way in. My legs wrapped around his back as he thrust deep in my little kitty.

“Oh fuck you little slut, take my thick cock” he grunted with his face contorted with lust.

What an asshole I thought to myself, this was so the last time he would ever get a sniff of my bodacious body. But for now I just lay back and enjoyed the feeling of his piece working in me. Suddenly he stopped and slid his prick out of me and straightened his body up as much as he could in the cramped confines of the backseat.

“Ashley why don’t you get on your knees so I can tag you doggy style” he suggested.

I scrambled my body to twist and get onto my knees. It was actually better in this position I reasoned because this way I wouldn’t have to look at his face while he pumped me. Once I was ready Paul again drove to the depths of me. One of his hands snaked to the front of my body where it mauled my large breast through my shirt and bra. He managed to find my nipple and he twisted it hard but I didn’t care at the moment because at the same time his piercing was rubbing against my g-spot as it worked in and out of me.

There was no way I could help really being turned on from this and I began to push my ass back at him as well as tightening my little pussy muscles.

“Don’t stop, keep going. It feels so good right now” I gasped.

Paul actually increased his speed and our bodies mad a slapping sound as they crashed together. The harder he thrust the closer I got until I let go and felt my juices explode in me and gush over his shaft and beyond. Paul momentarily stopped and I felt one of his fingers start to play with my virgin back hole.

“What are you doing?” I said with obvious concern in my voice.

“I was thinking of tapping that phat ass of yours Ashley. What do you say?”

“No fucking way. I’ve never let anyone do that and I’m not going to start with some jerk with a piece of metal on his dick be the first to try.”

“Just like I thought. A fucking little bitch girl who isn’t ready to be with a man” he said as he began to thrust real hard into me again. His hands grabbed my ample hips so hard that his fingers dug into the tender flesh making me wince. It was obvious that he was just trying to cum now as he wildly pumped in me now. After another couple of minutes he started to groan and I felt his shaft start to swell inside me.

“Wait don’t cum in me” I cried out but instead of pulling out he drove all the way in me and I felt his cum begin shooting deep inside me. It wasn’t because I thought I would get pregnant as I was on birth control but I didn’t want him to make a mess inside me. Paul only thought of himself though as his cock continued to spurt until there was none left. Only then did he pull out of me and as soon as he did he pulled his pants up and got out the back door. His cum was already starting to seep out of me as he started the engine.

“Paul at least do you have something to clean this mess?”

“I figured a slut like you would just eat it up” he said confirming what an ass he was but he rummaged through the glove compartment and tossed me a couple of napkins. Under the circumstances I felt it made the most sense to just put the napkins at my entrance to stem the flow of the fluids until I could use the rest room in the mall. As soon as he pulled near the entrance I got out of the car and without a look back entered the mall again.

The first place I headed was to the chain pharmacy on the lower level. There was a sign in the window that said they were hiring so I thought about applying while I was there. But first I decided to locate where they stocked their douches. It didn’t take long to find the aisle although it was partially blocked as stock was being put on the shelves by a worker.

With a quick “Excuse me” I slipped past to where the product was situated. My hand had just picked up the package when I heard a voice behind me call out my name.

“Ashley is that you?” she said and I turned. The person stocking the shelf was a girl and she was looking at me with a quizzical expression.

“It’s me, Sam from school. I don’t know if you remember me but last year you cheered at some of my games.”

Now it came to me, I was a cheerleader but because I was young and didn’t have blond hair or friends in high places as far as the “in cheerleading crowd” was concerned I was one of the squad who was relegated to JV games as well as girls teams games.

“Yeah I remember” I told her “you played for the field hockey team, right?”

“That as well as the basketball and softball team” she replied grinning “and because of that I got a full scholarship for college.”

“Congratulations! That is so cool” I said to her. I did remember her truthfully, mostly because some of the other cheerleaders had snidely referred to her as a dyke or a guy wannabe. Since I was bi I never joined in making such comments not that any of the girls knew about my secret desires. Honestly I was attracted to girly girls like myself as I figured if I wanted to be with a guy I would be with a guy. Sam was actually good looking but she was pretty butch. Her hair was cut pretty short without much of a style and she was definitely muscular for a girl, no doubt from all the training she did for sports.

In fact her arms would put many guys to shame they were so cut and I noticed she had tattoos on both of them which I didn’t remember seeing. She had one that encircled her left arm that was barbed wire and roses with thorns twisted together but it was the one on her right arm that caught my eye. It was a picture of a dark haired pin-up girl with a short skirt and no top and it said “Lady Love”. Sam noticed me checking it out so she pulled the sleeve up higher so I could see the ink better.

“You like it?” she asked with a smile “I just got it last week.”

“Yeah it’s cool. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to get one” I replied to her. Then feeling like a little kid for a moment I blurted out “I did just get my navel pierced” as I pulled my shirt up to show her.

“That’s nice Ashley, you really have the stomach for it, nice and flat” Sam said but she was looking higher than my stomach.

“So what are you doing here?”

“Just here to get a few things” I said holding up the douche package “you know sometimes you don’t feel summery fresh.”

I managed to get that out with a straight face but we looked at each other and burst out laughing from my joke.

“Plus I noticed the store is hiring and I thought I might apply.”

“Yeah we’re always looking for people. Listen my boss is here now. Come with me and I’ll put in a good word” Sam said with a wink.

With me trailing her she walked over a few aisles where a middle aged man with glasses and a mustache was standing inspecting something on a shelf.

“Hey Dennis I might have someone for the cashier position. She goes to my old school and she’s looking for a part time job. Well let me get back to work.”

With that Sam turned and left as the man eyed me.

“Well if you work half as hard as Sam does then you’d do fine. Follow me and you can fill out an application.”

After I did that I bought the douche as well as some sunscreen and left the store. Next I went to the mall ladies room and did my best to clean the mess that pig Paul had left before walking home. Mom’s car was in the driveway when I arrived. Heading upstairs I thought I heard some noise so instead of calling out I kind of tiptoed my way to the hall. The door to my Mom’s room was ajar and that was where the noise was coming from.

Silently I crept up and peeked in where I was confronted with the sight of a naked male back on top of my Mother, as he was obviously banging my slut Mom. He had dark hair and a muscular back and shoulders from what I could see of him but I sure could hear her.

“Give it to me good college boy, that’s it. I doubt those little co-eds can equal me in bed. Come on Ryan- show me what you got. Yes baby, don’t stop.”

As they continued their activity and he shifted his head a little and I realized it was Ryan Washburn who was three years older than me and had lived down the street like my whole life. Quickly I pulled my head away from the door and retraced my steps. No doubt with my Mother figuring I was spending the day at my Dad’s she had decided it was a good opportunity to get laid. Not only didn’t I wish to see her in action, and again with a much younger guy, but it grossed me out a little because when I was around 12 or 13 I had a major crush on Ryan.

It’s not like I condemned her for what she was doing. After my escapades today I certainly had no right to throw stones at her. But I didn’t wish to witness it was all. It seemed after getting a taste of Cousin Jim she had set her sights on younger guys and who could blame her.

That left me with some time to kill though so I went outside and slowly walked around the block a few times hoping for them to finish up. I called a few friends and we decided we would hang out together that night although we had no plans on exactly what we would be doing. Hoping that things had quieted down at home I again headed there and I was startled as I turned the corner to almost collide with Ryan. He sidestepped me and his face got red, no doubt embarrassed by the fact he had just finished screwing my Mom.

“Uh hi Ashley how are you doing?” he mumbled.

Feeling just as funny I just managed an “Okay, how is college?”

“Good, but its nice to be home. Well see you around” and like that he was gone.

Obviously I didn’t mention to my Mother that I had observed her activity but I did show her my piercing and told her I had even applied for a job. She loved the piercing and mused aloud about getting one herself as she still had it as she said. After I showered she and I had a light dinner and when it started to get dark I headed out to meet Kayla and Carly.

We met up at the 7-11 parking lot and hung there awhile, like a lot of teens and younger people did. Kayla wanted to find a party with hawt guys to go to, while Carly really didn’t care when a car with some guys in it pulled into the lot. Kayla checked her face with a mirror from her purse when I felt a hand touch my shoulder. When I turned I was surprised to see Ryan standing there as his friends headed into the store.

“Hey again Ash. Are you chilling?”

“Yeah just finalizing our plans for tonight” I told him all casual like.

“I hear you, me and some of my bro’s are heading to a party. Hey if you’re interested I’ll tell you where. It’s a good friend of mine’s party so you’d be welcome, your friends too, but it is a little older crowd.”

“Not sure, my friends have a say but thanks for offering.”

“I understand but think about it.” Ryan told me where it was and then he went to join his friends. Kayla was down but she loved parties and she also loved being with older crowds as she thought people our age were such kids. Carly didn’t care either way so it was up to me. As I thought about it a motorcycle pulled into the lot making a commotion as everyone turned and looked as it popped a wheelie before pulling up and parking.

“That’s a 2011 Ninja street bike, it so hawt” Kayla gushed showing her knowledge of everything hip.

The rider got off the bike and headed our way with the helmet still on but I noticed a familiar fresh pin-up girl tattoo on the right bicep. Suddenly Sam removed the helmet and I noticed she now had her dirty blond hair all spiked up with gel.

“Hi again Ashley, fancy seeing you here” she said with a wink “ I heard Dennis say that you’ll get the job but it isn’t official ‘til you hear it from him.”

“That’s great” I replied to her.

“See you in a minute, just running into the store.”

After she left my friends peppered me with questions.

“Are you friends with her?” “What job is she talking about?” and of course from Kayla “Do you think she would give me a ride on that bike?”

“I know her” I diplomatically answered “and I applied for a job where she happens to work in the mall today. I don’t wish to be a broke lay about like my friends. As far as a ride, you’ll have to ask her that.”

“You want a ride from that…. lezzy?” Carly asked Kayla.

“I don’t want to date her, just get a ride” she answered.

Just then Sam came out and headed our way.

“Well we have to decide what we’re doing” Carly said.

Sam walked right up to us and I realized that she was so tall that she towered over me. I hadn’t really noticed so much earlier in the mall.

“Hey Ashley I was wondering if you wanted to go for a ride on my bike?”


I’m trying something a little different with this story. As always comments are welcome and appreciated but I need YOU the readers to help decide which direction the story takes.

It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure for those of you who remember those books.

In the comment section below the story write whether Ashley should go to the party where Ryan will be or
whether Ashley should take a ride from Sam on her motorcycle.

You have one week from the day the story is posted to give your vote. After that will be too late as I will start writing the next part then. So say either party with Ryan or ride with Sam as part of comments.
If this idea is a success I may do again.

By rutger5

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2013-10-24 23:50:02
zxu4VJ Thanks again for the blog.Much thanks again. Cool.

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2013-01-21 21:43:30
Martin, i would just like to say a massive thank you from Adam and mselyf for the fantastic photography on our wedding day. Despite of the rain the photographs are amazing and we could not have asked for a better photographer for our special day. You have truely made our wedding day special and the results speak for themselves when you look at the photos. My family and friends are also very impressed with the photographs and have commented on how original they are and love the attention to detail to each of them, they all tell a fabulous story which mselyf and Adam will never forget. Thank you so very much.

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2012-12-12 12:12:28
I will vote anyway. I think she should take the bike ride and not be with Ryan due to the fact that he did her mother (but that's just me). LOL. I am enjoying these stories. Bfreetorun

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go to the party she already has her step mother to fuck around with so she doesn't need the dyke

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Sigh... I'm a guy but I still hate guys that think they're all that and don't respect women... Sigh again

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