Amy gets a surprise in Vegas
Chapter 5. Amy’s second weekend in Vegas

I usher Amy into the limo and check my chronograph because we want to be on time for Amy to meet her special surprise guest.

She is in her purple cocktail dress which again shows the top half of her breasts. “Guess we are going to breach Security again”, I chuckle to myself. I notice the dress does not have the invisible modesty panel like her red one; I hope her tits don’t fall out. The dress is short and shows a lot of legs, however, the seamstress tailored it just perfectly to fit Amy’s short body. Amy has matching five inch high heels, which bring her face a bit nearer to mine, and a matching tiny purple clutch. I thought the red dress made her look super-hot; but purple works even better.

When she glides into the backseat of the limo, she does it carefully but the driver gets a nice view of her legs all the way up with a quick flash of a purple panty. I hold my breath and watch her breasts blossom over the top of her dress; but Amy puts a finger on her cleavage and nothing falls out. Wow. We settle in, holding hands, and ride quietly to the club. I wonder what she really thinks about her first anal experience. At the club Amy exits the limo even more carefully without flashing the driver again. He looks disappointed but appreciates her cleavage.

There are no Sumo wrestlers guarding the door like at the Casino. The Security guys look more like college boys in tuxedos. Just before the velvet rope Amy does something unexpected. She fixes the strap on one of her five inch high heels and it turns into a scene right out of a movie you have seen. She cocks her left leg up and leans forward to pull the strap up. The move pulls her dress up quite high as she leans forward to pull on the strap. The two college boys have their eyes locked on Amy’s 40DDs and when she stands up the velvet rope is already open. Yes, we breached Security again.

Inside the club the hostess is waiting to seat us in the VIP section; but Amy gets a surprise first. Standing by the hostess stand is Dr. Julia Hernandez, my secret guest. Amy’s eyes pop out and she squeals, “Dr. Julia!” She quickly steps forward and the girls hug. They do that air-kiss thing were they turn their heads first one way and then the other and touch their cheeks.

I watch very carefully and notice when Julia comes back for a third cheek touch her lips touch Amy’s ear for a little kiss. The tip of her tongue snakes out lightning quick and touches Amy lightly. Yes, I thought she might swing that way, and Dr. Julia does not disappoint as she rubs herself against my Amy’s tits but makes it look so girly natural.

Dr. Julia is dressed in a very stylish white mini-dress which looks stunning on her tight runner’s body. Even though she is only about five feet, six inches tall the short dress and her high heels make her legs look longer than a supermodel’s. Her short hair is fixed in a modern style and she wears light makeup to enhance her natural beauty.

Amy ends up sitting between Dr. Julia and me in the curved booth and Julia says, “Amy, you have to tell me everything.” My brain goes, “Well I hope not.” The girls chat through dinner and by the time we are on the third round of wine they both giggle like little kids. The band plays in the background and couples are dancing slowly.

Amy watches the dancing couples and says, “I need to take some dance lessons, do you dance Julia?” Julia nods and says, “Yea, I learned as a kid.” Amy claps her hands and tells us to hit the floor. On the dance floor, Julia is not shy and snuggles up tight. There is a time to just lay back and enjoy, so I let Julia poke her smaller tits into my chest; but I keep my hands on a safe spot on her back.

When the music stops, Julia gets on her tip toes and kisses me on the lips. Her tongue does another lightning quick move between my lips and back out. She looks at me meaningful with her bright blue eyes. For a second I get sidetracked wondering about her blue eyes and blond hair. If she is a natural blonde, she sure looks more like a Swedish descendant. With a name like Hernandez? Her hand squeezes mine and I understand the signal fully, so I give her a quick squeeze back.

In the booth, Julia is now sitting really close to Amy and the girls are rubbing shoulders. After two more rounds of wine, I ask Amy, “Do you want to invite Julia back to the hotel?” Amy and Julia exchange glances and Amy looks at me with wide eyes and her mouth makes an “O” as I give a little nod. Amy is no dummy and even with a buzz on she figures out she will have a new experience. The girls grin and hold hands as we leave the club.

At the hotel I show Julia our two rooms and she disappears into my bathroom carrying an overnight bag she brought from her car. Amy goes to her own room. Ten minutes later Julia re-appears minus her mini-dress and bra. Her perky tits stand up proudly and are larger than I had thought. Her stomach looks hard, like she does tons of sit-ups every day. Her pussy is covered by a small white thong which shows her tan lines. She still wears her high heels as she comes to me. My face must show my pleasant surprise and Julia grins, “Well Thad?”

“Wow Julia, you surely do a good job hiding your sexy body under a lab coat”, I say as she moves into my arms and we kiss. Julia is hungry and she kisses hard. When we break she pulls my hands to her breasts and I pinch and tweak her nipples. While not huge like Amy, Julia’s tits are nice and a mouthful. I’m sure any guy would love to play with them. After a minute, Julia attacks my tie and strips my shirt off.

I think back to what Julia told me last month and say to her, “Remember you are the one who said to treat Amy nicely. So don’t be rough. I think you will like to give her a ‘special treat’.” Explaining that Amy is a squirter, I tell Julia about her special requests. Julia looks up at me with a big smile and asks, “And what’s Thad’s special request?” I almost blush but answer, “Thad will deep throat you.”

Julia grins, “It’s my specialty.” She holds my hand as we walk into Amy’s bedroom. I see Amy’s purple dress lying on the bed. When Amy comes out of the bathroom, like Julia she is in her panties and high heels. The girls look at each other and then laugh and giggle. They both got naked without thinking about it. Julia walks to Amy and says, “Oh Amy, I wanted to do this the minute I saw you.”

Julia kisses Amy ever so gently and slides her arms around her. Amy relaxes in her arms and seems to go with the flow. I’m sure the tons of wine help subdue her inhibitions. Four naked boobs smash together as they hold each other and Julia works on Amy’s ears and neck. Either Amy or I are always in a rush and we never get to the slow cuddling lots of girls love. Julia seems an expert at it.

I go to the bed, get naked and just decide to enjoy the show for now. Julia’s soft lips run up and down Amy’s neck slowly and when Julia switches to the other side she lingers and kisses Amy’s lips. When they kiss Amy tightens her grip around Julia’s middle. Amy turns her head and lets Julia love on the other side of her neck. She had been watching me; but now her eyes close and I think she enjoys the sensation of girl lips.

Julia works on Amy for about five minutes and they both sway to a music no one can hear. Amy inhales deeply and says softly, “Oh Julia, please.” Julia pulls Amy next to the bed and kneels down in front of her. She pulls Amy’s panties down to the high heels and leans forward and kisses her belly. Julia’s hands glide around to cup Amy’s butt cheeks and she rubs her ass gently while kissing her way down to Amy’s mons. Amy steps out of her panties and falls on the bed.

Julia joins us on the bed and I reach over and pull Amy’s high heels off. I come around and do it for Julia too. In porn movies the actresses all wear high heels; what you may not know is the “shoe girl” stands there ready to keep the girls from kicking someone with a stiletto. Think about it.

Julia is back to kissing Amy’s belly, but instead of moving south, she moves up to Amy’s breasts and gently kisses the underside of her large tits. Her puckered lips nibble and kiss each breast for a long time before she moves up and sucks a nipple. Amy has been laying there totally relaxed but when Julia sucks her nipple she arches up and yelps, “OMG Julia, OMG.” Amy grabs her head and holds Julia to her nipple while breathing hard.

Julia is on her knees leaning over Amy, so I get behind her and strip her thong off one leg at a time. Julia’s ass and pussy are exposed to me and I make her spread her knees wide apart. There are one or two stray short hairs on her clean shaved pussy and yes, she is a natural blonde. I don’t want to interrupt Julia because I’m sure in a few minutes she will be munching on Amy’s pussy and making her cum. On the other hand, here is a beautiful ass and pussy just waiting.

Going back to my room I get a few items including the vibrator, baby lotion and towels. When I come back Julia is between Amy’s legs and she has her pink pussy spread wide open with her fingers. As I watch, her tongue snakes out and runs through Amy’s pussy making her shiver. My cock twitches as every guy’s dream comes true right in front of my eyes. Not only are two girls having sex; but they are beautiful and one is a teen.

Amy has her knees pulled up to her head and Julia is on her own knees with her face buried in Amy’s pussy. I get close and watch the action for a few minutes and I know Amy will scream and squirt in no time at all. Julia’s tongue is on Amy’s clit and then slides down and rims her ass. She does it over and over.

Taking the baby lotion I put a gob on my hands and massage it onto Julia’s ass. She jerks and then settles back down until I let my finger run along her pussy. A little more lotion gets squirted right on her butt hole and I massage her pussy and push my middle finger down on her clit, I keep doing this while watching Amy and trying to time her climax. Amy has her eyes shut tight but her boobs are heaving and when she opens her mouth to scream, my finger goes into Julia’s tight ass hole.

Julia’s ass is rocking in rhythm with my fingers in her ass and I ready the big vibrator. I see Amy coming off the bed with a scream as her climax hits. Her body shakes and she digs her nails into her own legs holding them up by her head. Julia has her face buried in Amy and I hear loud slurping noises as she drinks Amy’s pussy juices. It’s the “now” moment and I drive the vibrator up Julia’s ass. She hangs on to Amy and keeps her face locked to Amy’s pussy until Amy collapses. Amy reaches down and pulls Julia by her hair. “Stop Julia, it hurts”, Amy cries and rolls away.

Julia slides up next to Amy on one side and I’m on the other and we cuddle her as she comes off her orgasm. A minute later Amy smiles, hugs Julia and tells her, “OMG Julia it was wonderful; but enough. You guys leave me alone. I need some sleep.” She rolls toward me and says, “You aren’t mad, are you Thad?” I kiss Amy gently and whisper in her ear, “Daddy can never be mad at his good little girl.”

After I cover Amy with a blanket, I hang up her dress and pick up the few things lying around. Hitting the remote darkens her room. Julia walks in front of me back to my room and I can see her ass twitch and I hear the vibrator humming full blast. Julia heads for the bathroom and I mix two drinks. Hers is really strong.

When Julia comes back out I hand her the drink and watch her gulp it like a sailor. Wow, this doctor has a set of pipes. She smiles and twirls around so I can see the vibrator is still going strong. I tell her to give me a second for my own bathroom stop while she stirs up two more drinks. After my break, Julia hands me my drink and we gulp again. This time I almost choke on the strong liquor. Julia’s revenge; then I finally get it. We have been drinking all evening and she seems stone cold sober.

“Dr. Julia, you fox”, I say, “You are stone cold sober. You are on some kind of meds.” Julia laughs and says, “Of course Thad. Doctors don’t get drunk anymore. Especially women doctors who hang around bars.” She bats her eyes at me and continues, “You still get your wish; but I have one too.” Now what kind of sex act does she want?

I raise my eyebrows and Julia says, “Now that Amy is asleep we can talk. I just got my full Battle Star security clearance this month. You heard Dr. Hammond say the X-1100’s are fully functional females. We can’t really test them with humans in the lab, so you are going to invite me up to check on Aimee. You and I are going to ‘fully test’ every system on her, OK?” I say, “OK Julia, works for me.”

Then I ask, “Is no one fucking Krissy and Stacy as a test?” Julia tells me they are shut down at night and have sensors which would alert Dr. Hammond if anyone messes with them. “He is real paranoid about those two. Of course the lab has mock ups which the techs fuck and measure. We even do tests at some Universities with male and female models.” She laughs, “It’s interesting when girls get to choose cock sizes, they always end up with the 12” cocks and drive themselves crazy. Most of the ugly girls have never experienced a cock that size and are willing to be permanent testers.”

All the talk has my cock starting to rise again and Julia kneels down in front of me and takes my cock in her hands. She slowly pulls my foreskin back and gives me a close look before running her tongue down the underside. My God, only doctors and hookers can hit your sensitive spots without having it in her mouth. Her hand forms a circle and she jerks me off real slow and puts pressure on several different spots. I swear in all my years I have never had such an experience. I can believe deep throating is her specialty.

Julia sucks my cock head into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it and does a few variations which go directly to my head. The pain is exquisite. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and whispers, “Does the bad Thad want more?” I pull her head back to my cock and try to ram it down her throat when she reaches between my legs and presses a point with her thumb. My whole body freezes right there.

“No, no bad Thad, the Doctor will show you how to do it right”, she grins as she releases me. I’m about to call her a bitch when she takes my cock and slowly slides the whole thing into her mouth. Nothing stops me as I see her stretch her neck and drive me down her throat. Holy shit. She pushes against me gently to have me pull out and she pulls me back in. I fuck her really slow for about five minutes, when she says, “Let me lay down on the bed.”

Julia lies on her back and hangs her head over the edge. Her mouth is open and her throat is a straight line. I can see veins and muscles in her neck pumping. “Come on fuck me, Thad”, she instructs. I face fuck her hard until I blow my load. I push down her throat extra hard and send ropes of Jizz into her belly. Julia wraps her arms around my legs and sinks her nails into me until I’m spent and can’t do any more. Her mouth milks my cock to make sure I’m totally empty before she finally releases me.

Julia slides up on the bed and motions me down next to her. “So how did I do?” she asks with a grin. I grin back like a fool, “Well Julia it was a first and it was the best ever.” She says, “We’re going to sleep now and I want you to dream about me up there with you.” Her fingers point skyward. As she says it she pulls me to her and sinks her cum covered tongue into my mouth. Her arms are around my head and there is no escape as we swap the remainder of my cum back and forth until we both swallow hard.

She finally releases me and I pull the blanket over us. I hit the remote to kill the lights as Julia wraps herself around me again. In the quiet dark I hear the humming of the vibrator in her ass. “Vibrator?” I ask her and she snickers and says, “The batteries will last all night.” She kisses me again and her tongue is back in my mouth. Is she planning to stay like this all night?

When I wake the room is still dark but my bleary eyes recognize the clock shows 11 a.m. Moving slowly I realize I’m alone in the bed. Shit, Dr. Julia has left and is already back at the lab. The door to Amy’s room is still closed and I worry about her having a giant hangover. So I go into my bathroom and shower, shave and clean up. In fresh clean clothes I feel new again and the buzz in my head is not bad.

I open Amy’s door quietly and get a surprise. Julia and Amy are sprawled on the couch and they are wearing bikinis. Amy jumps up, runs to me and does her flying leap again, “Good morning, Daddy”, she shouts as her 40DDs crash into me. Obviously she does not have a hangover. Julia says, “About time you woke up, you sorry excuse of a battle hardened soldier.”

“Well I guess I didn’t get the memo, Doc“, I say because I’m speechless.

“We are having lunch at the pool, so get a move on, sailor”, Julia says and I answer, “You girls sure are wide awake and happy. No hangover?” Julia reaches into her purse and rattles a pill bottle, “Hangovers are so college age. Where have you been?”

I grin and say, “Far away where guys don’t get to drink.”

At the pool we have a nice table under a big umbrella and Julia orders for the three of us. “Have you noticed how Amy is sticking to her diet?” she asks. I smile at Amy and say, “She is already perfect; but yes I noticed the changes when the dresses were too big. Good job Amy, keep it up.” Amy leans over and kisses my cheek, “Thanks Daddy and thank you Dr. Julia for everything.” The word ‘everything’ gets lots of emphasis.

So instead of going sightseeing we spend the afternoon at the pool, relaxing and splashing. Amy of course draws a crowd of guys who ignore Julia and me. Julia pulls her chair next to mine and holds my hand as we relax. “I have to be back at the lab by 8 p.m. for my shift”, she tells me as she looks at her chronograph. She imitates Amy and bats her eyelashes several times and says in an Amy imitation, “Daddy that does not give you a whole lot of time to fuck my brains out.”

I really can move fast when properly motivated.

Back in our suites, I pull Amy aside and ask her quietly, “What do you think, honestly?” She looks at me seriously and says, “It’s Ok Thad. Dr. Julia has been really nice and I did love her getting me off. It’s Ok if you fuck her, I may even watch.” I hug and kiss her and tell Amy, “Just remember I’m yours alone.”

Julia sits on my bed with a big smile on her face and says, “Come to Julia.” Two drinks are on the table and she hands me one. Then she hands me a pill and says, “Dr. Julia prescribes this for you. Highly classified and from our lab.” I look at the little blue pill and say, “Looks like Viagra from grand-pa’s old days.” Julia snickers, “Close guess, but just wait.” I swallow it; doctor’s orders; yea’ know.

Julia pulls my jockeys down and puts my cockhead into her mouth. When she sucks me into her throat my cock gets hard and ropes of Jizz shoot down her throat. Good grief, I’m cuming in just seconds. When Julia pulls my cock out of her throat I’m rock hard and my cock seems at least an inch longer and much thicker. Julia grins and says, “You are going to cum for an hour every thirty seconds and stay rock hard. It’s a side effect of some of my research and I’m the only one who knows. I think I may be a billionaire when I get it to market”.

I look at her wide eyed and grin, “I hope it won’t kill me.” She chuckles and says, “Don’t worry; I’ve reviewed your med records.” She strips her bikini off and gets on her hands and knees. Perky tits hang down; but my cock is so hard I just look at Julia’s cunt. Her head goes down on the bed and Julia looks back over her shoulder. “Do not stop for the next hour”, she reminds me and pulls my cock to her ass hole. By the time my cock pushes past her anal ring I’m already cuming again.

I fuck Julia like my life depends on it. About two minutes later she starts howling like a wolf bitch in heat.

An hour later I finally stop cuming. Julia must have a liter of cum in her ass. My cock is still hard and I can’t stop fucking her. A half hour later I pass out. I think I was still hard as a rock.

Amy lies next to me when I wake up. She looks worried, kisses my cheek and says, “How do you feel, baby?” As I sit up I take a quick inventory. My body seems Ok but I’m totally tired and worn out. Amy hands me a small bottle and says, “You need fluids, drink this.” When the drink runs down my throat I immediately feel better, in two minutes I’m totally refreshed.

Amy says, “Julia apologized. She says she should have stopped after an hour; but you seemed to be having fun. She didn’t tell you that you would sleep for twelve hours. She says to eat a good meal and you’ll be good to go.”

“Have you been here all this time?” I ask Amy. “Of course, baby. I had a room service meal; but watched you sleep to make sure there were no problems”, she answers.

“Well never again. Thanks for watching me, Amy. I do really love only you”, I tell her and kiss her.

Amy says, “Relax a little bit; but we have to get ready soon to take me to the airport.” Shit, I lost twelve hours of our short weekend together. I say to Amy, “I’ll make it up to you somehow.” She grins and says, “Oh, Julia left you a note.”

I open it and read, “Dear Thad. Please don’t be mad about sleeping so long. You were wonderful and I love what you did for me personally and sharing Amy. No more secrets, I promise. Best of all, I will concentrate on helping Dr. Hammond get Aimee fully ready for you by next month. She will be even better than me. PS – burn this note. PPS – make sure you drink the energy drink I left with Amy.”

The bitch.

There, I called her the name. Sneaky little note makes me feel bad and worse gets me thinking about Aimee being “even better”. My cock twitches.

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