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This is NOT my story. This was written by Werner7890 and originally posted on another site. I hope you enjoy the story.
Panties for Sale? Chapter 7

“We.” she announced, plopping down at the kitchen table and grabbing her boots. “Are going out for lunch. And then we're going shopping.”
I had just finished getting dressed and had come walking back into the kitchen.
After we had both gotten cleaned up I had mentioned making some late lunch but she had other plans.
“Are you serious?”

“Uh huh.” She flashed her smile at me and with her tongue poking out her lips she gave her boot a final yank. I slid into the other chair and reached for my own boots.
“But...where? After what we discussed?”
“Don't worry about that. We just gotta sneak outta here.” She stood up and stamped her feet before sorting through the empty boxes and cracker packages on the table.
“Have you seen my keys?”

“No.” I said, tugging up my boots and admiring her. She had chosen again to wear big comfy black boots and tight black stretch pants with a form hugging long sleeved black sweater. Fall weather was happily muscling in and it was chilly out. I don't know how someone could dress for the cold and still look so sexy.

“You look amazing.” I sighed and she smiled, snatching up her keys and jangling them at me. I pulled my last boot on and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her over to me. She giggled, looking down at me with her fine blond hair falling around her face as I sat in the chair.
“So you're telling me I have to be snuck out of here...and then probably go for hours without getting a good look at your sweet body....just so we can go shopping?”
“What, I don't look sexy in this outfit?”
“Oh very much so.” I stood up and holding her hips I ground my bulge into her crotch and she gasped and backed away, laughing.
“You're terrible!”
“Yes but you like it.” I smiled.
“Yes I do.” she laughed and gave me a quick kiss.
She gathered up her things as I grabbed my jacket and together we headed for the back door.
I grabbed her ass with both hands, propelling her towards the garage and she squealed as I tickled her.
“It better be a good lunch!” I growled in her ear.

She shut the van door and buckled up, checking her mirrors before she looked down at me.
“I feel kinda stupid.”
“Oh you'll be fine.” She laughed. I lay prone on the floor of her van with my legs stretched into the back. I had one arm behind my head and yes, I was rather comfy.
She keyed the garage door and backed us out, for all the world just another housewife going shopping. You could smell the cold rain and hear puddles splashing as she backed into the street.
I dared not look around. It wouldn't do for the neighbors to see her cock-toy riding shotgun down on the floor.

As we drove along she told me that was she headed for the next town over. It was bigger than ours and she didn't get over there that often to the huge shopping mall that was there. She reasoned no one would recognize us and we could spend the better part of the day there and go un-noticed.

Now as she told me this I was having problems. While we cruised down the road I found my eyes drawn back to her more and more. I think after all I had been through with her, it was intoxicating to remember what had happened and how now I could freely reach out and touch her all I wanted.
So I did. I ran my hand over her leg, smoothing it back around to her calf, reveling in the smooth black material and her firm muscle tone.
“What are you doooing?” she asked, stressing the last word and keeping her eyes on the road.
“I like this outfit. You look so sexy. And these stretch pants are doing something to me.”

She smiled as she drove, letting me feel her up from the floor. We stopped several times and each time I grew a little more bold until I finally I sat up enough to slide my hand up between her legs and under her ass. She nestled into my palm neatly and I ran my thumb over the slight hump of her raised camel toe.

She bit her lip and looked out her window. I knew other cars were around us and she kept her expression neutral even though she moaned a little.
“That feels good.” she said, looking over at a McDonalds alongside the road.
“Keep doing that.” she said quietly.
Down the road we drove. I was rubbing my own bulge through my jeans and my thumb was working steadily against her pussy.
“I don't want to get out in this cold weather with a wet crotch.” she said, sing-songing it like a warning as she checked left and right at an intersection.
“Pull them down then.” I teased.

I was rather surprised when she did that very thing at the next stop sign, lifting up and scooting down her stretch pants in one fluid motion. It was driving her wild to be masturbated in this traffic with no one the wiser and now all that was between us were her panties. Again.
She glanced back just once when I unzipped my jeans and slipped my cock out.
She squirmed a little to get more comfortable as I slide my hand back under her and it took just a second to realize she had on a thong. The light little material barely covered her and I looked up at her.
She smiled, without looking down at me.
“Keep going.” She said before I could say anything.

My thumb worked against her, circling her little clit and raising it up into a hard little pink button. I could feel the heat of her lips and what was even more delicious, I could smell her. The rich smooth clean musky scent that was hers alone and I had come to know so well in so short a time. It made my mouth water.

She was breathing faster now and her driving was a little erratic. I knew we were being dangerous but I didn't care. There's not much to thongs and my thumb was working her so firmly I began to feel the small cotton crotch literally work itself into her lips. In a moment I knew my thumb was going to touch her bare skin. I knew the size of her labia and there was no way it could stay covered as she began to squirm against my hand.

If we were going to stick to the rules, masturbating her in a thong was not the thing to do. She didn't seem to care though. We took two, then three hard turns and she stopped the van with a small lurch and put it in park.
“Where are we?” I asked, trying to look around a little.
“Behind a grocery store.” She gasped and that's when for the first time my hand touched her bare pussy. Her lips pushed past the bunched up crotch of her thong and I felt my thumb caress right across one soft textured pussy petal. She had her hands down on the sides of the seat and was watching me masturbate her with her legs spread wide. She groaned when I touched bare skin.

My fist was a blur and she looked down at me, her face drunk with pleasure and rolling her hips in her seat.
“Don't. Cum in the van.” She gasped and she grabbed at some napkins on the console and held them down to me. I took them gladly and wrapped them around my cock when to my shock something happened I didn't expect. Her thong panties had been worked right off her pussy by my efforts and when she bent over to grab the napkins somehow she shifted enough that my thumb slipped down lower and touched her right at her little pink opening. We both knew instantly I was just a fraction away from slipping in to her.

She gasped and held her breath and I froze and we both looked at each other in a mixture of wonder and worry.
And then she straightened up, put both hands on the steering wheel and gave one little shove against my hand.
With little fanfare my thumb went right up into her pussy. She shoved harder then and harder yet, driving herself onto my hand, pushing my strong thumb up into her with cute little moans like a kitten. She slapped one hand on the steering wheel and rode away, gasping and moaning and throwing her head back.

I held my hand still as she bucked against it, thumb fucking her own pussy in the driver’s seat as she rode my arm. I was fascinated and terrified at the same time because in truth I worried she would put a stop to everything rather than risk more. Still, I wasn't about to not enjoy the moment and I groaned in my own time, spurting deep into the napkins while she had my hand wrapped up tight between her legs.

The wet warmth of her was fantastic. I could feel her little pink muscles gripping and tugging at my thumb and just to be naughty, I raised another finger just high enough that it rubbed her asshole. That's when she came, the moment she felt that and again she screamed, actually pounding her little fist on the steering wheel once or twice.

I had time to realize her orgasms were getting stronger...and easier. She hadn't cum this fast before ever.

She squeezed her eyes shut hard and clenched my hand, her knees gripping my arm. If anyone pulled up to the van now we were lost but she was determined to finish and I felt the last spasms against my fingers. I felt her shudder a little and then all her wet release as she let herself relax.
“Oh, wow.” Was all I managed to say and sitting up I slipped my hand from under her. I turned my head to see there were still some napkins on the console and quickly I took them and tucked them back against her pussy. She wiggled all her fingers where she held onto the steering wheel and laid her head back with a happy smile as I dabbed between her legs.

“Scoot down a little.” I said and she did so, bringing her pussy closer to the edge of her seat. I wiped her off a little more, gently, and she moaned.
“I am soooo hungry.” she sighed and I had to smile, which got us both laughing. She didn't say one word about what had just happened.
“I think you can sit up now.” she purred. I got myself turned around and pulled myself up into the passenger seat as she fixed her thong and snugged her stretch pants back up. With a smile she stretched and giggled as I did the only thing I could think of.
I sucked my thumb.

“Bad boy.” She laughed and then it dawned on us we were not alone. She had paid little attention to anything else as she pulled in back here. And as if almost sensing it together, we looked out the windshield to see a grocery boy standing at the back door with an empty garbage can about thirty yards away. He was wearing a dirty winter coat with the stores logo on the front.

“Omigaaawd!” She gasped, slapping her hands over her face and looking at me. I busted out laughing at his flushed face and open mouth, his garbage can long forgotten. He had stood there and watched her have an orgasm and then I popped up as if by magic to take the other seat. I knew from experience this memory would never fade from his mind and he would spend ten years wondering what I had been doing to her to make her act like she had.

She was laughing now in embarrassment, one hand over her mouth as she fumbled with the keys, not daring to look in his direction. The van roared to life in the cold air and she got us under way, her own cheeks pink.
As we had to drive right past him, a slow grin of bemusement was starting to spread across his face. She held up one hand to hide him from sight, giggling in embarrassment.

As for me I did the only thing a guy could in this instance.
I leaned over her seat and gave him a 'thumbs up'.

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