Part 4 of the series. This story is dedicated to a beautiful girl who has recently come into my life. She knows who she is. I hope you enjoy
The accademic year was getting into full swing. The previous night in the gym had left me in a bit of a predicament the following day when i turned up to my World war I lecture having not finished the reading. I hadnt opened a book since the night I slept in at work.

This was not like me. The last three years had never seen me turning up to a lecture ill prepared. Luckily I already knew enough to blag my way throug the lecture and answered all the questions thrown at me well enough to get by. Kirsty was sat a few rows in front of me and would occasionally turn and wink, or blow a kiss, or lick her lips at me. I would smile back but I knew that I had made a major error in judgement.

The past three nights had been amazing and I didnt regret them for a single second, but at this rate I would mess up the final year and my plans, my hard work, everything I had gone through would have all been for nothing. If this social thing was going to happen, it had to be on the condition that my uni commitments had been fullfilled first. Going to the lecture empty handed would never happen again. I put myself on a mandatory fun ban, until my reading and class preparation had been finished.

By the end of the second day I was pretty much finished. But it was 3am, no pub in the country was open and I assumed that all of my new female friends were sleeping. For the first time in years I felt lonely. This may seem like a strange thing to say considering I had spent so long on my own. But there is a very big differnce between being alone and being lonely.

Being alone is literally having nobody else with you, being lonely implies you care, I never did. I prefered my own company to that of the so called friends who abandoned me, or the family that rejected me, as far as I was concerned, I was better off alone. Tonight was different, tonight I wanted to be with somebody.

I sat in my armchair and flipped through the mind numbing channels on nighttime tv. I have heard people complaining about daytime tv, but they would count their blessings if they seen the shit that came on after about 2am. But one advert caugt my attention. It was for a dating website and like something off the simpsons I was lurred in.

"are you lonely tonight" the seductive female voice asked
"yup, how did you guess? is it maybe cos im sat here at 3 in the morning listening to you?" I answered back. I had stopped talking to myself, i had upgraded to talking to the tv
"would you like to meet guys and girls in your area for some fun?" apparently she didnt hear me
"guys, not so much. Girls could work though"
"then go online to this hot new site and find your date... tonight" she was starting to sound like an 80s gameshow host. But stupid voice aside, the advert had attracted my interest. I made a note of the site and booted up my laptop. What was the worst that could happen? I get ignored by women on the site and end up in the same position I started in. This new possitive mental attitude had really taken hold.

A few minutes later and I was putting in my basic information into the site system with a beer in my hand. Name, date of brith, what your looking for, persoanl attributes, the usual stuff you'd expect. Another few minutes and i was on. To be fair to the site, there were litterally thousands of women online looking for anything from no-strings-attached-fun to fully fledged im-looking-for-my-soulmate girls. I browsed for a while, writing the odd witty message to any girls who took my fancy.

A picture caught the corner of my eye. Red hair, beautiful smile, naked body. "is that Hannah?" I asked myself, I clicked on the picture to bring up the profle of SexiLexi. The short answer was no, It wasnt Hannah, but she was beautiful. I read her info..

"Hi, my name is Lexi, an Ex-lapdancer, I have a nice big clit and pussy that loves to be licked and blown. I have a high sex drive and looking for a guy who can keep up.. could that be you?"

She certainly had the physical attributes to match her statement, A gorgeous face, stunning even, slim body topped with what I guessed were C cup breasts and perfect pink nipples, another picture showed her shaved pussy being held open, her clit standing proudly from under its hood. The slight signs of wetness glistening in the lips. I was feeling the buzz of a few beers and had developed that cocky flirty attitude that tipsy guys are famous for. I clicked the 'send message' button and wrote my reply.

"Hi.. im Paul, I think I can keep up, but there is only one way to find out for sure ;) wanna have some fun?"

I clicked off her profile and carried on browsing and messaging the odd woman. I wasnt really expecting an answer but sending messages like that to strangers was a bit of a thrill that was helping the lonliness die away. About an hour had passed when I noticed that the usually yellow 'inbox' tab had turned red. I clicked on it and found a reply. It was from SexiLexi.

"yes" was all it said.

I quickly gathered my thoughts and typed a new message back to her.

"I love the pics, care to chat?" Her reply came back within a minute. It was a messanger address. I downloaded an IM program and added her address to the contacts then sent her the customary "hi" to let her know I was online.

We chatted for a few hours and really seemed to hit it off. We had a lot of common interests, same music, similar films, same sense of humour. She was what I would have considered my 'type'. Eventually the conversation turned to sex.

"so, Ex Lapdancer eh? hahaha.." I sent, I wasnt sure what the responce would be.
"yup... dont worry babe, I'll give you a dance when we meet up" came the reply
"WHEN we meet up?"
"Yeah, its gotta be done. So have you got a pic of yourself for me?"
"only the pics on my profile" i sent back. This was true, I had uploaded the only two pics I had of myself onto the site when I inputted my details.
"Do you have a webcam?" she sent back after a bit of a pause. I did, it was built into my laptop, but I didnt really know how to use it. It couldnt be that difficult to work out. I looked through the files and eventually found the folder containing the camera applications. Loaded it and took a picture of myself smiling, then sent it to her.
"awww.. your cute." she sent back. "but thats not what I had in mind. i want something rude. like this" A few seconds later a message came up asking I was willing to accept a file from her, I agreed. The picture that appeared made my cock jump into life. It was a picture of the gorgeous red head, naked from the waist up, pressing her tits together and leaning her head down to lick one of her nipples.
"wow..." i sent back.. "you are HOT! hang on and I'll see what I can do" I loaded up the camera application again and adjusted the screen of the laptop to face my groin. With a bit of adjustment I had my jeans undone and pulled down and my cock out of the front of my boxers. It was already rock hard from the pic she had sent so I just adjusted the camera a bit and took the shot. With some hesitance I sent it.

Girls all over the site were asking for well endowed men. Unfortunately I am not one of them. As I have said before, I am only slightly bigger than average. I had sent it anyway, the worst that could happen would be that she lost interest and stopped messaging me. I didnt have to wait long for the answer.

"wow... i love it, nice and thick. Im gonna have to play with my pussy tonight thinking of that lovely cock inside me."

"and i'll be playing with him looking at your pics and imagining me sucking on those nipples and beautiful clit... dont thnik I have forgotten about those pics" I replied, my confidence boosted infinately

"hehehehe... but im gonna have to go now, its late and Ive gotta get up in a few hours." was her reply. We said our goodbyes and she sighned off, her last message containing her mobile number. I hadnt had chance to give her mine so pulled out my phone and sent her a goodnight message with my name on the end. I assumed she would have saved the number from that.Feeling invigorated by this conversation and the turn it had taken, I went to bed, the now customary smile sat on my face.

The next day was a hive of activity, an afternoon shift in work and the sligt pang of disappointment that Cerys wasnt on shift with me. I finished around 9 and walked the distance home. I was in the house and rebooting my computer by 9.45, I was eager to see if any of those messages I had sent the previous night had earned a reply. They hadnt. My inbox was empty.

A little downhearted I decided to load up the messanger to see if Lexi was online. My eyes lit up with I seen the little yellow icon next to her name indicating that she was available.

"Hey beautiful," id be fucked if I was going to be the shy and timid guy online aswell. I was going to exude confidence, "you would not believe the dreams I had last night". Of course she wouldnt, I never remembered my dreams so Id have to make something up pretty sharpish if she asked. I had only said it to flirt a little and hadnt really thought it through. I needn't have worried.

"wanna see what Im doing?" came the reply.
"sure" i sent back, not really knowing where this was going. A few seconds later the IM screen changed and two boxes appeared on the left hand side of the text box, one above the other, a message asked if I wanted to accept a vido call from SexiLexi. Of course I accepted.

I think my cock was hard before my head could work out what I was looking at. Lexi was completely naked on her back. The camera positioned between her legs and pointing directly at her pussy, her hands were in a frenzy rubbing her clit and pushing inside her hot wet hole while the other held her lips open. I could hear her moaning through the Mic and calling out my name. My cock was back out of my boxers immediately and I started stroking it. I seen movment as her head moved up so she could see her screen, her eyes lit up when she saw what I was doing.

Her hands moved away from her soaking cunt and up next to her chest so she could lift herself up onto her elbows to watch. I kept stroking away, carefull not to go too fast incase I exploded prematurly and ruined the fun. She reached over her bed to something that was out of camera shot, bringing it back to her, It looked like a white sheet of A4 paper.

She turned it around so I could see what was on it, It was a photo, more specifically, it was the photo of my cock that I had sent her the previous night, she had blown it up and printed it out and by the looks of things, was having a lot of fun examining it when I came online. She lifted it up to her head, turning to face to the left of screen. Brought the picture up to her face and licked. Her tongue working up and down the picture of my shaft occasionally kissing the head. I was transfixed and had stopped stroking, all my concenration was on her.

"this is what Ive been imagining doing to you all night baby," she said seductively over the mic. "we need to arrange this meeting"

The camera disconnected, i thought I had touched something and broken it, but a few seconds later a message from her came up on screen.

"so where do you live baby?" she asked
"In a small town just North of Cardiff" I replied, "what about you?"
"Guildford" Guildford was a very large town known for its army bases about 115 miles to the east of where I lived, this meeting wasnt going to be easy. We tried working out the details for about half an hour but to no avail.

"I can put you up for a few days if you want, I live alone" she stated, she seemed to be getting a little frustrated at the idea of this not happening. My answer wasnt about to make her feel any better.
"I wont be able to come for a while sexy, Ive got uni in the week and I know Im working for the next three weekends. It might be a month before we can meet up"
"Uni? i didnt realise you were in university?" she said. This was one of those times in life when you really kick yourself for leaving something so important out. I had come to define myself as a student, it was usually the first thing I told people. Nevertheless, I proceeded to tell her which uni and all about what I did there. The conversation lasted well into the night.

Eventually we had to say our goodbyes and I was once again left to my lonely existance. It was about 2,30am. I started making my way around the house turning off the lights and locking up when I heard a faint knocking at the door. I cautiously walked to it wondering who would be calling at this time of night. The area I lived in was by no means dangerous, but you still had to be carefull of people at your door at this hour.

I looked through the peep hole, It was Beth. I opened the door and smiled at her

"hey honey," I said, not trying to hide my surprise at her being here, "bit late to be out isnt it?"
"yeah sorry, I was only passing, Hannah told me where you lived, I cant stop long I just wanted to give you this." she handed me a flyer, and continued to talk, "there is nothing I would like more than to come in and fuck your brains out but Ive gotta go." She lifted herself up onto her tip toes and kissed me gently on the cheek, turned and ran back to a car that was double parked in the street. The whole meeting had lasted about 15 seconds.

I waved her off and closed the door, locking it behind me. I looked down to the flyer in my hand, it was advertising a singles night in the Union this Friday, three days time. I assumed from the fact that Beth had gven me the flyer that the girls would be there. It would appear that I had somthing to look forward to.

On the first day of the battle of the Somme in 1915, the allied and German forces suffered a combined casualty rate of 100,000 men. Think about that for a second. One hundred thousand men dead in a single day. In contrast, the US lost a little over 68,000 men in the 7 years of the Vietnam war. When the germans tried to take the fortified town of Verdun from the French a few weeks before the Somme, the ground ran with the blood of over 1.5 milliom men over the course of 2 weeks, that is almost half the population of Wales and easily outstripped to population of a small city, and Thats not including the countless wounded. Yet the Americans lost a little over 500 men in the week long Tet Offensive and there were riots in the streets. What changed? In less than 60 years the public mindset had changed from a view that massive casualties were inveitable, acceptable and should be expected, to a point where a few dozen being killed on a single day cause a public outcry. The answer was simple, the media had changed it.

This was the basis of my thesis and I had been working on it for a little under two years. As soon as the lecturers had told us at the end of the first year that the earlier we started working on it the better, i started. But as I sat in the spare room I had turned into an office the next morning, I realised I had a problem, a big problem. The thesis was to be no more than 15,000 words, the research and work I had amassed over the countless hours of labour came to a grand total of 297 A4 pages, about 300,000 words over the limit.

I had everything; official policies from news agencies all over the English speaking world. Intervies with journalists from the BBC, CNN and all the other major bodies, even Fox. I had interviews and documents from politicians, original and unedited copied of newspaper articles spread over the last century, photographs, eyewitness testimony, and enough facts, figure, statistics and evidence to tie it all together making totally compelling and airtight argument that the media had changed the way we conflicts are conducted. in short, I had far more than I would ever be able to use. The problem with editing that amount of work is that it is difficult to know where to begin.

Editors in book companies and newspapers are never actually involved in the writing process. It is their job to read the final draft and cut out the bits that arenet needed, they trim the fat if you will. The writer cant do it, because in his eyes, every word from start to finish was as important and relevant as every other word and doesnt want to cut out any of his hard work, he almost gets emotionally attached to the work he has done and wants to sacrifice none of it. The editor is the independant eye who had no such sentimental tendancies. That is what I needed.

I grabbed my old laptop case from a cupboard under the desk. I had replaced it when I had bought one of those rucksacks with a laptop compartment and it had been relagated to this closet ever since. I downloaded all my writing and other digital documents onto a flash drive and carefully put all the paper documents into the case, sealed it and left the house making my way back to campus.

The university is spread across the side of a mountain, obviously not the whole mountain but it took up a fair chunk of it. For reasons I had never quite understood, the people who built it had put all the student accomodation, the union, the rec and all the other 'lesuire' facilities at the bottom of the hill, and all the accadmic buildings, the classes, lecture halls and seminar rooms further up. Right at the very top, and at the end of a greulling 15 minute uphill walk, was a four story building that housed the lecturers offices.

I sat down on a small step outside the main entrance of this building, sweating profusley and almost entirely out of breath, there was no way I could handle three flights of stairs yet. To be fair, I usually had to stop on the way up but the few visits I had made to the gym over the week had started to pay off, but I still had a long way to go. When I could run to the top and hop around like Rocky, i would be happy. (i never did get what that guy was so happy about. Philidelphia is Flat!!! get his ass to run to here from my house, if he can still hop about like that at the top, i'll be impressed.) Ten minutes and a cigerette later, I was ready to tackle the stairs. I made my way to the office of my thesis supervisor. His name was Brian, a jolly old Irish man who speciallized in American History.

No country teaches their own history properly. Its always airbushed, there are no exceptions. As a history student I have learned a lot of the things that Britain has done over the years that most Brits will never know about. It goes right down to the schools. For example, the War of Independene, America's defining moment as a nation... is NOT taught in British schools. To embarassing for the government. They probably have lecturers in American universitues that know more about my country that I ever will simply because they are not blinded by the bullshit fed to our children by frightened politicians. On the same scale though, our American History Lecturers are saved the patriotic crap and actually look at the events rather than the political spin... for example - "all men are created equal" is written in the US constitution, but what they actually meant at the time was that all RICH WHITE men were created equal. If you didnt own land, you didnt have rights.. black people had no chance and america was still one of the last deeply racist western country to adopt real equal rights, second only to South Africa. George Washington owned slaves, bet they dont teach that in school.

Brian loved America, loved everything about it, from its patriotism to its hypocracy, he was facinated by the country, and the people. There were better lecturers to work with on the subject of media, the University had a whole department of them in the Film and media faculty. But Brian was a nice guy, he thought outside the box and loved his films especially American films. Originally I was going to write my thesis on how realistic Vietnam war films were, he was the obvious choice of supervisor as he specialised in both film and American History. Gradually the topic changed to how Vietnam war films changed from anti-war, to pro-war. But in both circumstances I had not being able to make my point without discussing the media in general. It was Brian's idea to change my subject to the one i was working on now and almost 2 years later I was knocking breathlessly on his office door.

It took almost an hour for me to describe my situation to Brian, I left nothing out, I told him of all the people I had contacted, the documents I had, all the information that I could ever need. His eyes would pop out when I said something that he hadnt expected or showed him a file that he never knew existed. He'd ask the odd question about certain things in the case but was otherwise silent.

"... so you see Brian" I finished after covering all the bases, "I have a bit of a problem."

"no" he responded with a sly grin on his face "you don have a problem... You have a book" I must have looked as confused as I felt because he started to laugh. "You can publish that book and that will count as your theses. As long as its published the word count doesnt apply."

This had never occured to me, I didnt think students published work until PhD level and i was a long way off that. Brian explained the marking process to me and the exceptional circumstances when a student has literally gone so far above the level required, they are allowed to submit what they have regardless of the rules. Apparently one student made an 8 part documentary about Witch persecutions in Germany and it was marked even though not a single written word was submitted.

"What about editing?" I asked, now not concerend about word counts, I was becoming worried about quality. I had written the majority of the word assuming that most of it would be cut out, the quality aspect of what was left could be cleared up later. Now I had a book that would need to be almost entirely rewritten. This was to much work, even for me.

"Leave all this with me" Brian said after a long enough silence and me staring off into space, "I will contact the publisher the University uses, ask them to look over it, they will let you know if its suitable to publish and how much work it will need to be done on your part. Usually they sort out the proof reading and corrections on their end." I nodded numbly. I came to my senses, thanked him and handed over all my work to him. I left after making sure I had a receipt for all my work and taken the original documents with me, you always hear stories about lecturers stealing their student's work, I didnt think for a second that Brian was one of them but you could never be to careful.

I left the lecturers room with a new sense of time and the fact that I now had a lot of it on my hands. I had effectively finished university. Providing I had a decent mark from my thesis, which if they were considering publishing it was all but guaranteed, I only had to ace one of the remaining 4 modules to ensure a good mark. I had started the year a few weeks ago expecting 10 months of hard work, instead, I was now facing the prospect of almost nothing to do, with the exception of the odd paper, until exam time.

I wandered home, trying to figure out what to do with my new found free time. I made the journey down the hill to my house infinately faster that I walked up, I went into the office to clear up from the work I had been doing earlier, still wondering what I could do to pass the time. As I looked up the answer was staring me right in the face, Pinned to the corkboard next the desk, the flyer that Beth had given me the night before. I would begin my social life with vigour.

The next two days passed in the steady and relentless way they do, the much anticipated singles night was fast apporoaching, now only about an hour off starting. I hadnt seen any of my new lovers this week with the exception of Beth when she gave me the flyer and Kirtsy in class on Monday. I had spent quite a lot of time talking to Lexi but had spent most of it hanging around the house, hitting the gym and working the odd shift.

It was time to get ready for the night. I hit the shower, the action of the previous week had taught me that I needed to take more care with my apprarence, I'd had three intimate encounters in as many days with a bush of pubes and more hair than was necessary in my now tightening midrift. The gym had served its purpose well - My stomach was harder, my pecks had started to reform and my chin had become more defined as opposed to an extention of my neck. Out came the razor and within ten minutes i had trimmed the body hair down to a much more satisfactory level. I had never been one of those guys who goes out expecting to get lucky, but if the girls were going to be there then I had to at least be prepared.

I selected jeans and a white patterned shirt and black leather shoes, shaved my stubble into a neat line running from one ear, along my jawline around my chin, and up to the other ear, gelled my hair into spikes, added the body spray and aftershave and left the house with 15 minutes to spare.

Watching the crowds as I walked to the union brought back some very vivid images of Kirsty the week before, her jumping the queue, the kiss, the wild face fucking, the epic sex. I stood in the queue of the union almsot waiting for her to jump on me, waiting to see one of the girls from the gym, waiting to see anyone i knew. But as I entered, got my drink, and sat at the same table as last week, i realised that I couldnt see a single person I recognised. Maybe this night wasnt going to live up the image I had built up in my mind.

I sat back and watched the crowds, I was at least going to have a few drinks before I left, I was always hearing how girls were fashionably late, maybe they would turn up later. The atmosphere was different tonight, much more lively that last week, a lot more sexual tension. It was barely ten o'clock and already there were couples bumping and grinding on the dance floor or hidden away in one of those hidden booths, I would occasioanlly catch a glipse of a hand up a skirt, legs being opened to allow fingers to get to work, or a head bobbing up and down behind a table. It wouldnt surprise me if there were people fucking secretly within a few meters of me. The atmosphere could be cut with a knife. It was great to watch.

It was nights like this one that the designer had in mind when he installed those two poles. There was no end of drunk slutty girls getting up and ginding against the pole in an attempt to attract attention from the scores of guys watching them, I would be lying if i said I wasnt getting turned on by their blatant attempts to get laid. This was a singles night at its very best.

After a score of drunken girls fumbling their bodies against the poles I had started to lose interest and made the decision to finish my drink and leave, I would watch a few more girls while I emptied my beer. A dark haired girl pulled herself onto the platform, it was immediatly clear that this one was different, her red hair framed the beauty of her face, her brilliant blue eyes shone in stark contrast to her full and pouting lips, the sort of lips that every guy fantasises about. Her dress was almost skin tight and showed just enough clevage to spark interest, tight over her ass and stopped far too high up her leg to be considered decent.

She knew what she was doing. With the pole in one.hand, she walked slowly and seductively in a circle around it. By the time she had got back to the start she had the attention of every guy in the room. She leant her back against the pole, both hands grasping it above her head and sliding slowly to the ground, she let go of the pole and bent forward, the pole visably spreading her ass cheeks underneath her black lace and flower patterned, practically transparent dress. She slide he way back up to standing. Now every eye in the room, both male and female was firmly on her.

Once fully standing she moved her hands up her body, swaying her hips in time with the music, Michael Jackson's 'come together'blasting out of the speakers. There was no dancing, no grinding on the dance floor, even the fingering and cock sucking had stopped, she was under the gaze of everyone. Her hands moved higher, over her hips and and taut stomach, over her supple breasts, up her neck, through her hair and onto the pole above her head. With a small jump she folded her body almost in half, her legs coming up to her head, swinging over the top and around the pole, so that the bare metal was pressing against her pussy.

The crowd gasped at the sheer flexibility of what she had done, the cheers and whoops audible even over the music, I was as mesmorised as everybody else in the room, my cock now as hard as steel. Her legs folded in and wrapped around the pole, her hands let go, her body supported only by the muscles in her impressive legs. She bend her abdoman again, putting her hands back on the pole, one below and one above her body and swung around the pole. This girl was a proffesional. With her legs almost in the splits she lowered herself back to the ground, standing herself back up with her ass facing the her black thong shown to anyone lucky enough to have a view. holding onto the pole she once more walked provocativly in a cirle around it then continued with her impressive routine.

My table had a perfect view, its position against the railing seperating the rise from the dance floor ensured that the crowds that had gathered to watch the spectacle could not get infront of me, there were a few occasions during the performance that a scuffle broke out when somebody pushed somebody else out of the way. The girl had sat on the floor with her legs dangling off the platorm and her arms outstreched to allow two guys to lift her to the floor. There was cheering and applause as she found her feet and smiled to her spectators

She started to walk through he crowds in the direction i was sitting, her feet placed one in front of the other in an effort to make her ass swing as much as possible. A few guys would stop her and say something to her, obviously from my position I could't make out what it was but im assuming it was a chat up line or an offer to buy her a drink. The girl wouldnt even acknowledge them, not even a smile, She didnt look around them, she didnt look past them, she looked though them, as if they weren't even there. She just kept walking.

Our eyes met. She was looking right at me, walking slowly she still held the gaze of evey person in the room, men wanted to fuck her, most of the women did too, she just kept walking. She climbed the steps onto the raise a few meters to the left of where I was sitting, her eyes never leaving mine. She turned to walk towards me, still brushing off the advances of the other guys as if they were annoying insects. She got to my table, grabbed my chair and swung it round so i was facing her. I didnt move,

She lifted her skirt slighly, allowing her legs to part and walked over me, her legs either side of my chair straddling me. in one swift movement, she flicked her hair and sat on my lap, the bulge in my jeans obvious to all. Her arms wrapped sexily around my neck, her firm breasts pressing into my chest, per pussy pressing down on my cock and she looked deep into my eyes,

"Hi Paul"
"Hey Lexi"

We smiled at each other and she leaned in, our lips meeting in a kiss with a tenderness and afection that I had never felt before. Suddenly I was very gald that the girls hadnt turned up.

The kiss started to heat up, she started grinding into my cock instead of just sitting on it, my hands snaked around her legs and onto her hips, guiding her as she did, the whole room was holding its breath, watching us, i would have guessed that a few of those fingers from earlier has restarted, i didnt care, I only had eyes for the tempress in my lap. In a blur of motion she stood up, taking me with her and led me through the crowds. I had never been one for public love and my heart jumped into my throat.

Through the cheering crowds she led me, i lost count of how many times my back was slapped by guys wishing they were me, or how many times my ass was slapped by girls, who probably also wished they were me. "you're my fucking hero man!" "dude, if i see you here again Ima buy you a drink" "give her one for me man" These were but some of the encouragements ringing through my head as she dragged my across the dance floor.

my heart was pounding, there was noway I could do this in a club full of people, my head span, i started to panic, I started to resist. She knew exactly what I was thinking, spun round and kissed me hard, the whole room cheered, her lips moved to my ear. "dont worry baby, the quickest way to the door is over the dance floor".

I looked around, she was right. The show she had put on had thinned out the crowd towards the middle of the room, most people had moved to the sides, especially around the bar, in an effort to get a better view of what we had been doing on the rise. Mere moments passed and we were outside, she told me to wait where i was as she ran off to the car park only to return a few seconds later with a hold all bag. I just looked at it confused. She took my wrist and carried on walking.

She dragged me down the path leading away from the union, only stopping when we got to the street and she no longer knew which way to go, my senses were only just returning to me and i took the lead. With a slight twist of my wrist that i probably would never be able to repeat, i broke free of her grip and simultaneously took hold of hers. I led her towards my house. The unlocking of the door once again made difficult by her rubbing my bulge through my jeans. This was becoming a bit of a tradition.

Things calmed down once we got through the door. "How..." was all i could pull out of my extensive vocabulary.

"we'll talk about that tomorrow, we both know what I came here for tonight" she purred at me.

she grabbed a chair from the dining table, moving it slowly to the centre of the room. It was a light cheap peice of shit that i had picked up from Ikea a few years previously. made of wood, the backrest comprised of a single curved wooden beam bent into the shape of an upside down 'U', thinner round rods running from the base to the top of the backrest. She grabbed my hand and in no uncertain terms, suggested i sit down.

I sat in the chair facing the window at the front of the house, she was moving about behind me, I couldnt see what she was doing due to her position and lack of lighting but I could hear rustling, then a zip being undone. I remembered she had put her bag on the table before moving the chair and I was about to turn to see what she was doing when i felt pressure on my wrists and them being pulled to the back of the chair.

It took me a few seconds to realise what was happening, she wasnt holding me, the pressure was cold, metalic, i couldnt move my hand and due to its position behind me, couldnt really move my arms either. Before I had chance to react the same had happened to my other hand, this time i heard the distinctive and unmistakable sounds of handcuffs being tightened.

She walked around me, her hand on the top of my head, in a similar fashion to the way she had walked around the pole earlier, this time was close enough to see the minute movements in her hips, her legs, her ass, the movements of a woman who exudes confidence and pure sexuality. She straddled me again, sitting upright this time, she raised her hand and dangled a tiny set of keys from between her fingers. "if you want these, you're gonna have to earn them" she said with a wicked grin.

I shrugged, my flirtiness and confidence fully returned, "im alright where i am thanks"
"oh really?" she was smiling now, enjoying the banter "well in that case I better make sure that you beg to be let out of them so you can ravage me." She leant in and kissed me hard. My cock had recovered from the panic on the dancefloor and was now back up to full size, from the position she was sat there was no way she could have missed it. These instincts proved right a few seconds later as she began grinding and gyrating against it.

She raised herself up pressing her tits into my face, her hand moving down to massage the cock her groin could no longer reach. I rubbed my face against her glorious mounds, the lace of her dress rubbing against the stubble on my face. I groaned into her breast from the feelings her hand was giving me

We stayed like that for a minute or two, me rubbing against her, licking her nipples throught the fabric, i had noiced immediately that she wasnt wearing a bra, her nipples clearly visable through her dress. She pulled back standing totally up right, she crossed her arms and grabbed hold of the hem of her dress, whipping it over her head in one fluid motion. I nearly cum there and then.

She was perfect, there was no other way to describe her, her nipples were a beautiful shade of pink ontop of what she would later tell me were 36c tits. her stomach was flat and curved out to natural hips that looked perfect for slamming into from behind. Her tiny black lace thong was all that covered her pussy, the clear signs of moisture visable on the fabric. She put some music on and strutted back over to me, S&M by rihanna now pumping out of the speakers. She was once again standing in front of me, her hips swaying with the beat.

Her heals were still on, black sandles with a 3 inch spike at the bottom, thin black leather straps wrapped around her foot, ankle and up a few inches up her leg, this became very clear to me when she lifted her leg up, keeping it perfectly straight, placing her foot on my shoulder I turned my head, licking and kissing any flesh I could reach. Her hands ran up and down her body, groaning quietnly as she did.

Her leg dropped down and she bent over, her head rubbing its way down my fully clothed chest and reaching my groin, nuzzling against my cck for a few minutes. She would rub her face against it, occasionally licking it through the denim and flicking her hair at it. Eventually she leaned back and turned around bending over at the waist showing me that beautiful ass, leaning backwards she sat on my lap again, the tent in my jeans sliding perfectly into her ass crack. She gryrated against my groin, leaning back and laying her back against me, her head to the right of mine, she turned her head and kissed me hard, her hips still grinding into my cock.

I needed to touch her, i needed my hands to be free. I twisted and turned, pulling my arms to the point where i thought they were going to break, all this while her lips were still locked onto mine. With a strength i didint know I had i pulled my arms down, the rods of the back cracked then gave way, then the flimsy chain bent and snapped. My hands shot around her body. one moving straight to her tit, grabbing the fleshy orb and rolling her erect nipple between my finger and thumb. The other hand moved down between her legs feeling the damp material covering her sex. Her hand moved down and placed itself over mine, moving it up and then into her panties. her soaking hairless pussy now under my fingers.

While still caressing her breast, my fingers slid along her slit elliciting a moan fom her, her lips finally parting from mine "finger fuck my pussy baby, make me scream!" I obliged immediatley and slid two finger into her drenched cunt, the juices allowing me to enter with only the slightest resistance, my thumb moved to her clit and pressed down on it, her hips were still grnding into me with the rhythym of the music so I just held them against her pressure points, my fingers on her g-spot, my thumb on her clit and let her fuck herself against my hand. "Oh yeah baby, just like that"

Her movements became faster, her pussy pressing down harder against my hand, the fluids were really flowing now, my whole existance now came down to getting this girl off, making her cum harder than she ever had before and she was getting close to the first of what i would make dammed sure was going to be many orgasm that night.

"thats it baby, your fingers feel so fucking good, right there.. PRESS THERE... UURRRRRGHHH" her pussy muscles clamped down on my fingers a small trickle of fluid running over my knuckles and onto my lap. she had stopped grinding her hips and was concentrating on the pleasure eminating from her cunt, i was going to keep her riding the high so i started to flex my fingers inside her, pressing against the ridges of her pussy wall, my thumb pressed harder now moving in small circles to maximise the pleasure. my other hand squeeze her tit hard, pinching her nipples at the same time. Her whole body stiffened and she cried out in extasy, the fluids running past my knuckles increasing if volume and force.

"cum for me baby" i whispered into her ear, "there is plenty more where that came from."
"oh fucking hell!!! Im gonna fuck you silly! im gonna have you in all of my holes and screw you like a slut!" she growled at me as her orgasm grew to a creshendo, as soon as it had dies down she slid down my body turning as she did to land betwen my legs. "but first i want to eat your spunk... fuck my mouth baby".

She started to practically eat my cock through my jeans, her mouth, tongue and teth working over the shaft and the head with a skill that I had never imagined, after the show in the union, she show and the grinding here, and now this, i knew i wasnt going to last long

My jeans and boxers were down in a flash i dont think I'll ever know quite how she managed to get them down so fast, her mouth was on my cock as soon as it hit the open air. she engulfed the whole length in one motion her hand squeezing my balls. she didnt bob her head, she just held it in her throat, swallowing to massage the head and licking the bottom half of the shaft with her tongue and shaking her head wildly back and forth. I wasnt gonna last long at this rate. She was sucking my cock in a way that i had never experienced.

"oh shit, im gonna cum!!" i cried out as i felt the my load shootin up my shaft. Lexi didnt miss a beat, allowing the explosion in her mouth to drain down her throat in a series of swallows. She squeezed an massaged my balls trying to milk every last drop of fluid from them.

I felt an energy I had never experience so soon after cumming. I had to fuck this girl, I had to fuck her hard and I had to fuck her now! I reached down grabbing her under the arms and lifted her up, her legs wrapping around my waist, her soaking pussy pressing against my softening cock, my jeans and boxers in a pile on the floor where i had stepped up of them.

After countless nights of walking aroud the house in the dark, i could make my way from any point in the house to any other point with my eyes shut, it was a skill that would come in handy now as i carried her from the living room, up the stairs and into my bedroom, my mouth never leaving her nipples and my view blocked by her writhing chest. I laid her on the bed, her arms resting above her head. I took a step back from the oot of the bed, I had to take a second to admire the beauty of the godess laying in front of me, the pure animal lust in her face. I knew what needed to be done.

Without say I saying a word I reached over the the wardrobe, and pulled out two of my neckties. both black silk. I crawled onto the foot of the bed, my hands and knees either side of her body. I had decided not to be timid and shy on the net and there was no way I was going to break that facade now. Further up her body i crawled, kissing her skin as i went, she was writhing around underneath me, first thinking i was going to plunge straight into her, then thinking i was going to kiss her, but she was wrong. Further up her body i crept.

Finally i got to a point where i could reach her hands, i grabbed the first one and pulled it up the metal poled headboard of the bed and tied her hands securely to the rails. I had escaped her attempt and binding me, I was going to make sure she didnt do the same. I hadnt realised that my dick was hovering inches away from her face, she had understood imediatley what was going on and was getting wetter by the minute thinking of the fun we were going to have. She raised her head slightly and sucked my limp cock into her mouth, it didnt stay limp for long, her lips and tongue drawing the blood into my member with incredible speed, i couldnt help but groan at the sensation.

Within a few seconds I had her other hand bound with the same inescapable knot, i pulled my cock out of her mouth inciting a moan of disappointmen from Lexi and crawled back down her body. This time i was slower, i kissed every inch of skin i could find, starting from her hairline, over her eyes, down her cheeks, her lips, over to nibble on her ears. Down her jaw and onto her neck, then i kissed and licked her collar bone, down her chest and over each breast, i intentionally ignored her niples, instead giving my attention to the mounds instead, she was squiming underneath me, the anticipation building. After about five minutes of this i took one of her nipples in my outh, i licked it, scuked it, rolled it around with my tongue and bit on it. Each movement spending electirisity through her body. I then moved my head across and did the same to the other nipple.

Eventually I started moving down again, over her ribs I kissed, down onto her belly, i licked her belly button gaining a little giggle, i would remember that. Further down again i kissed until I reached the waist band of her now soaked thong. I hooked my fingers into her waistband and pulled gently, she lift her ass slightly to allow them to be pulled over her hips and down her legs, the aroma of her arousal hot in the air. I was loving every second of this and I was going to be sure that she did to.

AS her panties came off her feet I stood back up, I was still wearing my shirt and slowly started to unbotton the fasteners, her legs were pressed together in an attempt to provide stimulation for her engorged clit, but to no avail. Once i was naked i crawled back onto the bed, I pulled her legs apart with a little more force than I had intended but she seemed even more turned on my this. I brought her foot up to my face and continued my kisses and licks over it and up her leg. I concentrated on the parts that i knew were extra sensetive, the backs of the knees, the insides of the thighs, by the time my face was closing in on her pussy she was gyrating her hips in an effort to get me closer to giving her what she so desperately wanted. But she was going to have to wait.

I kissed around her pubic mound, around the insides of her thighs, down over the folds where her ass cheeks met her legs and then in a full cirlce up the other side. She was going wild, bucking and twistin her hips at me. I moved my head back a bit to get one last look at her dripping pussy before I ravaged it but she had other ideas. Her legs shot up and wrapped around my head, pulling it in to her sex they then folded around me to stop me from pulling back "Eat me! for fuck sake LICK MY PUSSY!!!" she screamed.

I was happy to oblige. my hand slid under her asscheeks as my tongue made first contact with the clit I had been thinking about since I saw her pictures on the net. I just pressed against it at first, I was intending on making this last as long as possible. I brought my tongue back, then flicked it across the bud, she moaned loudly, a small trickle of cum escaped her hole with her second orgasm of the night. It was definately not going to be the last before I changed poition.

With my hands kneading her ass I went to work on her clit. Sucking it hard into my mouth and flicking my tongue across it as hard and fast as i could manage, lexi was bucking and thrusting her hips into my face, I released her clit and moved down, scooping some of her sweet nectre onto my tongue and swallowing it "oh God, yeah baby, lick that pussy!" she screamed. The thrusting of her hips was making it difficult to hold on to her ass, my hands slipped off, a finger brushing against her brown hole, she went wild. "oh YES, FINGER MY ASSHOLE!!"

I hadnt expected this, but quickly gathered my thoughts as I held it there, applying slight pressure to her rosebud, the bucking and thrusting of her hips stopped, a bit more pressure and the resistance gave way and my finger slid up to the knuckle into her ass, The throaty groan that eminated from her mouth assured me she was enjoying it. I didnt move my finger, allowing her asshole to grow accustomed to the intrusion but my tongue went back to work lapping up the juices flowing freely from her pussy. Slowly she loosened up, allowing my finger to slide further up inside of her. Her feet were flat on the bed in line with my shoulders, her back was arched and she was lifting her ass off the bed and into my face to allow better access for my finger. Slowly i started pumping in and out.

It didnt take long for her to cum again, the combined sensation of my finger fucking her ass at a now steady tempo and my tongue giving her clit a thorough massage, occasionally dipping into her honey pot for more of that sweet nectre, a particularly hard suck on her button sent her over the edge. She started screaming and wailing, her hips thrashing about, the head board rattling from the stress of her trying to move her arms. The juices were flowing like I river and i laped them up hungrily, I didnt want to miss a drop.

I held her at that point of orgasm for as long as i could, but after a few minutes and depite my best efforts she started to come down. I pulled my finger out of her ass and sat back on my knees to admire my work. She was breathing heavily, her chest and face flushed with the blood rushing around her body, a small patch of moisture developing between her legs. Something occured to me, without saying a word I got up and headed back downstairs, the look of confusion clear on her face.

I walked to the dining table and opened her back. She had seemed pretty eagre to get it and the first thing that had come out of it was the handcuffs, the remnants of which still attached to my wrists, what other pleasures were in there? I unzipped the lid and opened it up. There were some clothes, toiletries and the other usual stuff that girls take with them for nights away from home. But there was also a treasure trove of toys and gadgets designed specifically for what I had in mind. I grabbed a few of them and headed back upstairs.

Her eyes glistned when she seen me, going straight to what I was carrying a smile spread accross her face, she pressed her head back into the pillow and growled with anticipation, she now realised how good a night this was going to be. I dropped my cargo onto the foot of the bed and inspected what I had brought up. A clitoral butterfly, wasnt going to need that. A rampant rabbit, that could come in usefull. A nine inch vibrating dick, I could definatley use that, and small silver bullet dildo in the shape of an old lava lamp.

The toys were going to be fun, but I wasnt going to sit there and fuck her with a few plastic and rubber gizmos while I grew soft, the tongue bath I had just given her had brough my cock back up to its full glory and the longer it remained unused, the less time it would take for me to cum again. If I fucked her nowI could go for about an hour, If I played with the toys for half of that then I would only get 30 minutes of fun before I would need to recoup again.

I crawled back up her body, stopping only when me face was next to hers, our lips met in a frenzied kiss, our tongues attacking each other like two snakes in a bag, my cock head was pressing against her pussy and she wanted it badly. But no matter how she bucked and thrusted her hips to force it inside of her I kept it just out of reach. The frustration and anticipation was clear from the hunger in which she kissed me. She couldnt take anymore, "Stick that dick into my cunt now!, stick in there now and fuck me like a slut!" there was a pause as I didnt move, "pleeeaassee" her head pressed back into the pillow. I plunged into her... hard

Her eyes shot open, "OH FUCK YEAH... BANG IT INTO ME, FUCK ME WITH THAT BEAUTIFUL COCK... FUCK ME HARD!!!" she screamed as i rammed my dick home over and over again. Even I was surprised by the force and speed of my thusts, my ass going up and down like a jack hammer, my cock slamming into her harder and faster with every thrust. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, her moans and screams the only things coming from her mouth, as morbid as it sounds, i wanted her to be sore in the morning, I wanted her to know that she'd had the fucking of a lifetime. My balls slapped against her ass with each thrust, my cock bottoming out as it slammed against he nerve endings in her pussy. I grabbed her leg behind the knee and lifted it up onto my shoulders, then done the same with the other legs, moving my arms around them and back onto the bed with support and carried in ploughing into her mainting the tempo and strength behind each thrust.

She was thrusting her hips to meet mine, the change in angle meant i was plunging up and down rather that in and out, the natural forces of gravity helping in my effort to make her cum, i didnt have to wait long. I had barely been fucking her for ten minutes when I felt the tell tale muscle spasms of her pussy as her orgasm neared... "holy shit, keep going, keep screwing me, fuck me hard while I cum all over your dick!" I had every intention of doing that anyway and continued pounding away as her pussy clamped around me, "UUUUUURRRRGGGHHHH FFFUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK YYYYEEEESSSSSSSS! OH SHIT, OH MY FUCKING GOD, IM CUMMING, IM FUCKING CUMMING! AAAAARRRGGGHHHH"

She came hard, her whole body goin stiff as my frenzied fucking continued. Her pussy became so tight that it would have been almost painfiul to keep thusting if it hadnt been for the sheer quantity of juices now flowing out onto my balls. I rammed by cock all the way in, as far as I could push it and held it there, she had started gyrating her hips by now and I let her finish herself off while I held myself inside her.

"Oh my god, that was amazing!" she growled at me, "now get up here, stick that dick in my mouth and untie me. I wanna flip over so you can fuck me in the ass!" I had never done anal, in fact the only time I had ever been anywhere near a girls ass was when I had finger fucked Lexi earlier. This wasnt an opportunity I was going to pass up. I crawled back up the bed, in the same fashion as before just quicker unitl i reached her hands. I looked down in time to see Lexi swallow my cock into her thoat, the shiney white residue from her pussy juice clearly visable as it disappeared into her mouth. She was sucking on me as if there was no tomorrow. I returned to the task in hand and untied her wrists.

As soon as she was free her hands flew to my ass, pulling me deeper into her mouth, eagerly sucking her own juices off my swollen cock. As much as I was loving the attention she was giving me, she had made a request and the gentleman inside me wanted to oblige. I pulled out of her mouth and resumed my position between her legs, she instantly knew what to do. In a flash she had rolled over and jumped onto her knees, her beautiful ass proudly on display. She wasnt holding herself up with her hands, instead resting her head and shoulders on the bed, her hands on her ass pulling her cheeks open and inviting me in.

I lifted myself up and lined up with her ass, I had heard that anal could be very painful at first and it was better to go slowly that to just ram it in, I decided to take that one step further. I plunged my cock into her pussy and held it there, moving my hips in small circles to get it as slick as possible, then pulled it out and lined it up with her ass. She moaned as i applied pressure, waiting for the point her sphincter gave way, she was in no mood for me being gentle. "shove it in there!!! fuck my ass hard baby, put that beautiful dick inside me!" who was I to argue.

She obviously liked it dirty, so i decided to take a risk, I raised my hand and slapped her ass, it wasnt hard, but was far from a soft, a slight red palm print fading quickly on her flesh. She jumped at first, not expecting the blow but immediately let me know she wanted more "OH YES, SPANK THAT ASS! MAKE MY CHEEKS BURN BABY!" I slapped her again, much harder this time, the angry mark lasting a lot longer than the first, She screamed in a mixture of pleasure and plain. She was sick of waiting, she pushed her hips back hard, my cock still pressed against her ass hole, the force and speed of her thrust swallowing half of my cock in one go. She pressed her face into the pillow and screamed out.

I held there for a few seconds, the tightness of it was overwhelming, allowing her to impale herself on my dick. Within less than a minute I was all the in, the screams stopped. In a moment of unbelievable calm and clarity, she turned her head and spoke to me as casually as if she was asking me to pass her the salt. "Fuck my ass baby. Pound it hard." I pulled my cock back until only the head was left in her ass, then pushed back in agonsisingly slowly, she pressed her head back into the pillow moaning, her hands moving away from her ass, one sliding under her chest to caress her tit, the other moving down to rub her clit. As i sped up my thrust I would intermittantly feel her fingers dip into her pussy, her knuckles pressing against the base of my manhood through the thin membrane of skin between her two orophises.

Faster and faster, harder and harder, her moans getting louder and louder, I was now banging into her ass with the same power and verosity as I had fucked her pussy. She was screaming and wailing underneath me, her ass rising up to meet each thrust. Her screams evolved into an "urgh, urgh, urgh" sound each time i bottomed out in her asshole. "im going to cum again baby" she said breathlessly, the force of my pounding taking the energy out of her.

A soon as she had said it I started to feel the muscles in her ass tense up. What was tight before now became like a vice, Her gutteral moans turned into high pitch squeals as I continued to fuck her through he orgasm, but the more i tried to fuck her, the tighter it became. Eventually i couldnt move inside her, her ass holding me exactly where i was. Eventually she loosened up and she collapsed onto the bed, her breathing back to the laboured struggle she had displayed earlier. I sat back onto my haunches again and allowed her to recover, my naked body drenched in sweat, her body shining from her own perspiration.

It took her the better part of ten minutes to get back to herself, the glint in her eyes and the wicked smile on her face showing me the measure of lust in her loins. "I am going to make you cum inside me if it kills me!" She grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me onto my back, her mouth going straight back to engulf my cock, the enthusiasm of her blowjob not effected by the knowledge that it had just been up her own ass. She pulled her own head off after about a minute of sucking and jumped up to straddle me, her dripping pussy hovering mere milimeters above my cum, ass and saliva covered cock. In one motion she dropped herself down, her cunt swallowing my dick with only the slightest of friction.

She was grinding as soon as our pubic bones met, forward and backward first, then in circles, then she would bounce furiously trying her hardest to get me to cum and she was doing a good job. We had been fucking like pornstarts for almost two hours by now and my loins were starting to stir letting me know that my grace period between orgasms was coming to an end. I had to get her off at least once more before I pumped her full of my seed. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the toys I had brought up earlier, I reached over grabbing the first one to hand, it was the 9" vibrator. She seen what I was doing and her eyes sparkled, her bounces getting more enthusiastic, we both knew she was going to enjoy this immensly.

I pulled my torso up to rest on one of my elbows, my other hand holding the dildo slid around her ass and teased her gaping asshole. "MMMMM, yeah baby, DP me!" that was all the encouragement I needed, I plunged the cock shaped gadget into her back door in one thrust, she gasped, her mouth hung open, the "urgh, urgh, urgh" noises resuming everytime she dropped down onto my cock, my hips and hand both pushing back to meet her. I flipped the switch on the base of the dildo activating the vibrations, she went wild. If she was bouncing on me before, she was now riding me. Her hair flying around with the motion of her head, her hands were on my chest, her nails digging into my skin. "IM FULL" she screamed, "YOUR BIG COCK IN MY CUNT AND THAT DILDO IN MY ASS, IVE NEVER BEEN THIS FULL!... SWAP"

For a second I didnt quite know what she meant, but when she jumped up and turned around to face my feet I quickly caught on. She she reached roumd and pulled the vibrator out of her ass and sank onto me, my cock sliding effortlessly into her ass, she then rammed the dildo into her pussy and started fucking herself vigoursly. Neither one of us was going to last long. Even though her bounces had become less rhythmic and more erratic, the feeling of the vibrating cock sliding in and out of her cunt at incredible speeds was sending us both over the endge... "Im going to cum!" I growled.

She was up in a flash, pulling me with her. Before i knew what was happening I was kneeling on the edge of the bed and she was on her knees on the floor jacking and sucking on my cock to finish me off. her other hand still fucking herself with the dildo. I was there, there was no stopping the explosion tha was comimg. Cum erupted from the eye of my dick, the first blast landing accross her cheek, by the time the second rope had left my bellend she had composed herself and had her mouth open to catch it, the third and fourth spurts landling on her tongue with the second. The rest of the cum dribbling out of me and onto her tits wich she rubbed in. She sight and feeling of me spraying all over her sent her into her final orgasm of the night, her screams and moans echoing off the walls.

My vision went blurred, the lights dimmed and I passed out, collapsing onto the bed. The last thing I remember was her licking her fingers clean after she had rubbed all my spunk into her beautiful tits, licking her lips and swallowing. She climbed onto the bed next to me, As the lights went out I could have sworn I heard her whispering.

"I think Im falling for you"

End of Part 4

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