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As soon as I saw Billy, I knew i had to take him...
It was one in the morning, time to go. I grabbed my backpack with my toys and rape kit in it and stepped out of the car into the night, heading for Billy’s house a couple blocks away. Earlier in the day I had stopped at a Dairy Queen for a late lunch and had seen a young, slim boy working behind the counter as I gave my order and waited. I was immediately attracted to him and as luck would have it he and a coworker sat at the table behind mine on their break. I ease dropped on the conversation and learned ‘Billy’, according to his name tag, was alone this weekend while the rest of the family was at the cabin. And he got off work at 7pm and was getting a ride from his friend. This was too good an opportunity for me to pass up, so I was there at seven too and followed him home, then did a little surveillance of his home and neighborhood. This one would be a piece of cake. I returned about midnight to make sure all was still good to go, and was just in time to see him going through the house shutting off lights as he went to bed. The bedroom was the last light and was a basement room. I gave him some time to fall asleep, stroking my cock to its full 8 inches, thinking about what I would do to him and make him do to me. Man he was cute! Not more than 5’5” and 120 pounds, tanned and not just good looking but pretty. And he would be totally mine for the whole night. I know it’s wrong to rape, that I am an animal, blah, blah, blah. I don’t care. The rush you get from total domination and submission, humiliation and helplessness of a victim makes me cum twice as hard and three times as often! Regular orgasms aren’t even close. I have taken both men and women, young and old, even a midget once, who had the tightest ass I have ever squeezed into! Something about them would attract me, excite me and I would begin the stalk. Usually a couple times a year were enough, but Billy would be my third this year. Lucky boy.
As I walked to his driveway I discreetly scanned each house and any cars on the street. So far so good, no one around, so I turned up his driveway like it was a natural thing to do, like I belonged there and turned into the shadows at the side of the garage. There was a door there, and I put a corner of the backpack against the glass and slowly increased the pressure until the glass cracked, removed the pieces of the pane and tossed them into the shrubs along the fence. I opened the door, entered and closed it behind me, listening. No answering noise, no barking. Good. I crossed to the entryway door and tried it. It was unlocked, as ninety percent of them are, so I entered and stopped to listen again. Enough light came in from the streets to allow me to make my way across the room to a stairway headed down to the basement and I started down the stairs, taking my time and listening. Now I could hear a radio on low, coming from his room along with a sliver of weak light. I reached the door, stopped and listened. The radio was tuned to a classical music station, which surprised me, and the light was from an aquarium. Billy was asleep on his side, facing away from me and I could hear his slow and regular breathing. I got my handcuffs out, and moved to the bed, watching him for any signs he was awakening. I eased one cuff onto his left wrist, clicked it and began to roll him onto his stomach, slowly until I could reach his other arm. I had it and was bringing it behind him to the cuffs when he first began to wake. I snapped the cuffs and climbed on top of him, my crotch against his small ass and lay across him, pinning him down and grabbing a handful of his curly hair. “Don’t make a sound or I’ll hold your head down till you pass out. Understand?” He tried to scream and fight his way out, but I stand six foot and weigh almost two hundred pounds. All he did was rub my cock and excite me even more. I jerked his head up again and asked if he was ready to do as he was told, or did he want more face time with the pillow? Sobbing, he nodded yes and was quiet. I told him if he looked up or made noise, I would beat the shit out of him, but if he did as he was told he wouldn’t get hurt. I ordered him to lay face down, then climbed off him and got a mask made of two eye patches and an elastic band and a ball gag for his mouth and put them on him. I undressed, drinking in his smooth, slender body as he lay trembling before me. My cock was at its full 8 inches and seemed eager on its own for what was to come! “Get up.” I said and pulled him to his feet, sitting on his bed and standing him before me. I ran my hands over his almost hairless chest, pulling his hard little nipples, then down the smoothness of his inner thighs. He tried to pull away from me, tried to say Nooo! Through his gag but I was waiting for it and slapped him across the cheek and grabbed his hair jerking hard. “Knock it off bitch!” I snarled at him and he stood still again, trembling but obeying. I slid my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and began to tease them down, squeezing his butt then lowered them to his ankles. His little weiner wasn’t more than five inches and not too big around, but it was rock hard and pointing up, a large mushroom cap on the end. It glistened with precum in the light from the aquarium, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I turned him around and pushed him onto his back on the bed then pulled him to the edge. I pulled the ball gag out and put my mouth next to his ear, sucking on the lobe, tonguing his ear, kissing his neck and playing with his nipples while I whispered in his ear. “ I am going to suck you off now, better than you’ve ever done jacking off. You tell me when you’re ready to come, understood?” I could feel his heart beating like a jackhammer in his chest. He stammered, then said “Y-yes sir. Please don’t hurt me anymore!” Before he could say any more I clamped my hand over his mouth and shushed him, then took his cock in my hand and began to lick and kiss it, getting it wet so when I blew warm air on him he moaned softly, licking his pee hole with the tip of my tongue till he squirmed and more pre cum began to ooze out to be licked up. He was already so close to coming I didn’t want to wait any longer. I put my lips to his head and kept them as tight as I could as I eased it in, popping close around the shaft and sliding all the way down to the peach fuzz above his cock. The reaction was immediate. He began to make small, pleasurable noises, not words, and I began to move up and down the length of his cock, faster with each time. His hips thrust up to meet my mouth and his cock began to convulse as his orgasm took him and he shot load after load of sweet, salty cum into my mouth. As I continued to milk every drop from his spurting penis he was crying out “Yes! Oh! Oh yes! Please, yesss…” and fell back on the bed, spent. I held him in my mouth as he softened, then let him plop out onto his leg. I moved up his body, rubbing here, kissing there until I was at his lips. He turned away, but I held his jaw tight and brought him back to my lips and forced my tongue into his mouth, around his tongue, in and out as I smashed my lips against his. He finally broke and began to kiss back, slow at first then more urgently. I pulled away from him and said “ Now it’s my turn. Stand up” and I helped him to his feet. I stood against him, my hands on his ass, his back. Bobby’s head only came up to my shoulder, so my stiff cock was rubbing against his belly as I held him and caressed him. I moved behind him and took one of his hands and laid my cock in it, closing his fingers on it as far around as they could go. “Stroke me honey. Make me ready for your mouth. Do it!” His fingers began to move on my cock, slowly at first, then more firmly. “Please, let me do you this way” he whispered, “not in my mouth! I’m not big enough for yours!” he pleaded. I turned him around, put my hand on his head and began to press, bringing him to his knees. “You will be tonight,” I said, and brought my cock to his lips. He whimpered, then opened his mouth. I slid into him an inch at a time until he started to gag. I pulled back then rammed all 8 inches home, grinding his nose into my pubic hair, backing out as he choked, then fucked him some more. After the first minute or so we developed a rhythm and I felt myself coming closer to the edge, almost ready to cum in this lovely little cocksucker! His saliva, mixed with my pre cum was dribbling out the corners of his mouth as my pace picked up. This was no virgin! He was slurping away as fast as I could feed it to him, only gagging when I took the extra deep thrusts. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Grabbing him by his ears I pounded away, building to my release. I pulled back so the first couple of geysers filled his mouth, and he began to swallow as much as he could as the rest spilled out onto his cheeks. I pulled all the way out and grabbed myself, pumping shots onto his face and chest until I was spent and we were both panting as we caught our breath. I rubbed my cock back and forth on his face then put it back up to his lips and pushed. Billy took it without hesitation, sucking in my now softening meat. The lying little slut was right at home hanging on another mans cock. “Who taught you to suck cock?” I gasped. “That was wonderful!” I lifted him to his feet and held him close. “My uncle” he said quietly. “Tell me about it. When did he make you his girl? Does he fuck your ass?” I asked. “No!” he started to pull away, but I held him to me, stroking his back, kissing him lightly. I brought him to the bed and laid him down, then moved next to him. He spoke softly, his head against my shoulder. “He started to use me about a year ago, when we spent a weekend fishing at his cabin. Sometimes I wear panties and stockings for him, but I won’t let him put it in my butt. He fingers me some, but I won’t go any further. Sometimes, if he’s been drinking he will suck me, but it isn’t very good. Not like when you did.” He moved a little, coming closer. I was already starting to recover, stiffening against the heat from his body. We lay there with my arms around him, caressing him and recovering. His cock was firm again, and mine was already at half staff. “Where are your stockings? I want you to wear them while I breed that cute little butt of yours.” He tried desperately to talk me out of it, offering his mouth up again if I didn’t fuck him, but I wanted to completely dominate him. I found his stockings where he said they would be and put them on him, fishnet thigh highs that came up to the cheeks of his ass, and had to admire his uncle’s tastes. It was a nice effect. He was quietly weeping now, trembling as he stood helpless before me waiting to be raped in his virgin ass, and I just sat watching him, stroking my cock and letting his imagination and fears do more to him than my touches or words ever could. I stood up and led him by his cock to the corner of his bed, spreading his legs apart and pushing him face down. I got my lube out of the backpack and started to grease him up, along the crack of his ass, then eased my finger in, watching him squirm and try to twist away. “If you lay still and relax, it won’t hurt as much” I said. It was a lie, but it worked and he didn’t move as I brought my cock head up to his hole. With one hand on my shaft and the other on his shoulder to pin him down, I leaned into him, entering a half inch, an inch until my head was in. “Argghh! Oh god! It hurts, please stop!” he cried, trying desperately to break free, but I was pinning him to the bed like a bug in a display, and I kept leaning forward, slowly sliding all 8 inches home before I stopped. “Relax yourself. Quit fighting me.” I said, and pulled almost all the way out, then eased forward again. He was so tight and warm, like a hand in a slick glove gripping me. After a minute or so I was picking up my pace, and Billy had given up and was taking it, making small moaning sounds timed to my thrusts. I rode him for another minute before I pulled out and grabbed his legs and twisted, flipping him on his back. I pulled him to the edge of the bed and put his legs on my shoulders, lined up my cock at his open hole and said “Are you ready Honey? ‘Cause I’m going to fuck you brains loose!” He didn’t say anything, just nodded and braced his legs against me. This time the entry was easy and I began to pound him with a vengeance, and there was nothing he could do or say to stop his torment. I pulled out then impaled him again and again, almost dizzy with the pleasure radiating out from my cock and balls, building up to my release. I could hold it no longer and jerked his legs towards me, lifting his ass off the bed and against my crotch and holding him tight as I convulsed two, three, four times, filling him with my seed. I held him like that until my softened penis finally slid from inside him, still dripping. I lowered him onto the bed and lay next to him, totally spent. I ran my hand over him and rolled over to kiss his lips. Billy kissed back but otherwise just lay there waiting to see what I would do next, but I was through with him. His uncle should thank me for breaking him in and bitch training him. “You did really well for your first time, hon. Next time your uncle comes by you’ll have to show him all you learned. OK?” He just nodded and didn’t move, completely submissive and beaten. I turned him over and undid his cuffs and told him not to move, and he didn’t while I dressed and gathered my tools back into the backpack. On a whim, I told him to sit up and I pulled my cock back out and stood in front of him. “Give me a good bye suck. Clean your shit off my pecker.” I put my meat to his lips and he didn’t hesitate, just opened his mouth and did as he was told. After a minute or so I told him to lay face down and not look up for at least ten minutes. I had no doubt that was exactly what he would do. I walked out of the garage and down the block to my car. I was tired and wanted to sleep, but I knew I would be thinking about little Billy and his perfect little ass. Maybe I would stop back in a month or so to make sure he remembered his training.
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