Here is part 3, Had a lot of ideas after writing the 2 one so I wrote this one the next day, If there are a few mistakes I am sorry. English isn't my first language, I read through it a lot of times to try and get most of the mistakes out but some might still be there sorry if there are, hope you enjoy

“Oh my God baby, that was amazing”
Rachel had a broad smile over her face the orgasm she had just received had nearly brought the house down and all the bad blood seemed to have oozed out of her in an instant. I sat back up straight and she followed, her hand clasped around the back of my head and her full lips pushed there way onto mine her velvet tongue whirled its was around mine as if dancing with it, she broke it off
“Thank you baby do the next thing with me?”
I grabbed her hips again and turned her over forcefully placing my hand on the bottom of her back; I got my index finger and placed it at her tight little asshole.
“What the Fuck, what are you doing you bastard we’re back to normal now” she screamed through a mouth that was trying not to quiver with tears
“ If you want the orgasms like that again or even stronger ones then we have to finish the games, and me being like this, forcing my will and you obeying is what makes the orgasms so intense, we stop this then you lose the danger and the orgasms lose depth.”
It took her some time to think about what I said but her breathing slowly turned back to normal.
“Ok I understand lets start the rest of the games” she said calmly
“You need to be punished for the way that you acted earlier, firstly you gave me an order which constitutes as an ass fucking with 1 finger and”
Before I could finish she started to thrash violently in order to escape the finger fucking, I quickly and firmly smacked her tight ass, hard and she yelled out in pain but continued to thrash around. I smacked the other cheek even harder.
“Stop it now bitch” I ordered at her.
She stopped instantly
“Please baby no, not im my ass no, please, just don’t you fucking dare”
I reached under her body in-between the mattress and grabbed her right nipple. And squeezed impossibly hard, Rachel screamed again.
“If you want the fucking orgasms then you have to take the punishments for wrong doing”
The tears quickly became softer.
“Now as I was saying you gave me an order which constitutes as an ass fucking with 1 finger, then you called me a bastard which means that it becomes 2 fingers, then you decided to give me another order, which adds to three, and before you thrash around again or call me anything I warn you that the fisting is the next level which will hurt so badly especially now because I’ve had to go through all this stupid act there will be no lube so for you little ass’s sake shut the fuck up and take your fucking, ok!”
There was a long silence
“Yes baby ok, im so sorry”
I got off the bed and grabbed a belt off the floor and tied her hands to the top of the bed frame, I could here her tears as I walked back behind her. Her legs were closed which would still be okay but what it did do was make that pert, round ass bubble up which made the finger fucking all the better. A straddled the top of her legs and gave the left ass cheek a strong slap, then the other, both to screams. After a few minutes of this her ass was bright red and her crying had become strong but still she kept silent.
“If you want it to remain as only 3 fingers then I want a running commentary of what your felling and don’t be afraid to scream it just makes it better, do you understand?”
“Yyyyes” she said ashamed
I placed my finger at the anal opening, and she winced her body, Without warning I rammed my finger into her ass and her head popped up in surprise,
Before I let her ass adjust I removed it out to the tip and then rammed it in harder moving her whole naked body up the bed.
“It hurts its hurts sooo much please, please” Rachel screamed.
Because she was finally able to speak I took it as the time to add my other 2 fingers without warning she screamed again as I knew the dryness was making the fingers hurt so much more it just spurred me on.
“OMG it hurts it feels like there burning me, PLEASE stop baby it hurts too much.”
I rammed harder after her words of encouragement I could hear the slap of hands on those golden ass cheeks. She was crying so hard now and then I stopped and left the fingers in there. She stopped crying after a few seconds as her hole adjusted to them and after a few more minutes the room was silent.
“See baby the line between punishment and pain is so close that now if I move one of my digits, it will feel good because the inner muscle has adjusted and the pussy wall is just so close that many nerve endings are on the anal wall too, see”
I moved my middle finger and she moaned
“It didn’t hurt it was ok” she said in utter shock
I removed my fingers and undid the belt on her hands, she rolled over instantly to feel the cool cotton sooth her glowing orbs that I had attacked.
I saw her red eyes and the look of fear in them, I bowed down so that I could embrace her full lips, I kissed her hard but with passion not force. She started to kiss me back so I pulled away slowly.
“Now baby its time for game number 2, this one is called ‘make me cum’ it’s very simple, I choose the variables and you have to make me cum using only them, it’s a nice game because I know those ass cheeks must be hurting, so it will give it a chance to heal. ”
“Ok baby that’s fine” she stood up to look me in the eye.
“Now your gonna use just your mouth and your tits to make me cum, I will be standing while you will be squatting rubbing your clit, but you are not allowed to cum until I have cum and I give you permission to do so, you must stay right on the very edge of an orgasm the whole time before I decide to let you orgasm, right on the edge, I want you to be begging to for an orgasm for quite a while and only once I have said ok my you rub your clit to cum, there is a special reason for this, that will become clear later ok?”
“Yes baby, what ever you want if I get another of your own brand orgasms then I’ll do what ever you want”
My cock was rock hard partly because of the anal finger fucking I had just given her and partly because the sight of her naked body was just so fucking erotic, her lips were full and soft, she had dark deep brown eyes that were big much like many other things on her body. Brown hair that shined brightly seemed to just glide and frame her beautiful face. Her body was amazing long beautiful legs, a completely shaven pussy that was perfect because the outer lips just kissed each other in the middle with the beautiful clit just peaking out at the top. Her stomach was flat and toned like that of an athlete which was amazing as she seemed never to do that much exercise. Her ass was round and shapely red hot after the thrashing I had given it but it still was so fuckable a perfect bubble butt. But still the best thing on her body were those massive breasts, size E on a body that looked like it should support B cups and yet it didn’t look out of the ordinary, those breasts were made for her body to make her the perfect fuck.
“But first I want you to put on these”
I picked up big black high hells that were just poking out of her bed. She smiled and put them on in an instant before I could gather my thoughts her full lips engulfed my 7 inches of meat, she danced her mouth around my dick getting it all wet, it felt incredible her velvet tongue was bobbing on the shaft, I looked down to see her hand quickly making circular motions on her perfect pussy, she was about to use her other hand to grab the hold of my cock when I grabbed it and pushed it onto those full tits.
“No, no, no only your mouth and tits may be used to make me cum, now use that other hand to fondle that amazing breast of yours Rachel”
She complied instantly has her hands moved around squeezing and playing with that massive boob. Her mouth was still bobbing on my shaft as she looked deep into my eyes to see the pleasure she was inflicting. She was squatting in big black high heels whilst rubbing her clit, fondling her perfect breasts and also giving me the best blowjob imaginable it was pure perfection. Her breathing became quicker as she took my rod out of her mouth and franticly asked.
“My I please cum first, uhhh, uhhhhhhh”
“No but remember the quicker you make me cum the sooner you will.”
She quickly began sucking my cock quicker than before it was amazing. My foreskin being moved over my head by those full soft lips.
“You know baby deepthroating would make me cum quicker”
She slowed her pace, and looked at me hesitantly then after and agonisingly long wait she began to allow the head of my dick to pass her throat, she devoured a good 6 inches of my cock and after a few seconds she began to gag but that was all it took for me to be incredibly close to shooting my load over her pretty face.
“Now quick baby put them between your big titties”
She did as she was told as she pushed my rod between her massive globes and as I grabbed the sides of them to push her warm flesh against my member. I kept thrusting my cock between them; the feeling was incredible, intense and so pleasurable.
“Keep rubbing that sweet pussy baby”
She again complied with my order. Not 10 seconds later I could feel the cum bubbling in my balls.
“OH shit baby im gonna cum”
I moved back in order to spray that fuck goddess in front of me.
“Yeah baby give me that cum please” she begged, still moving her hand over her clit, on the edge of her own orgasm
I exploded my first glob of cm right into her beautiful face and then the next stream hit her right on the chin, I then rubbed my cock furiously and aimed for those big tities.
“Yeah baby right on my boobs please, fuck yeah spray them”
I unloaded a lot more cum onto those amazing breasts as I tried to regain my head. After a few moments I realised she was still rubbing her pussy needing relief.
“Stay there for one second baby, but keep squatting.”
I quickly moved behind her and then placed my head under that glowing ass. I started to lick her tight little asshole she jumped up a little at first feeling my tongue against her puckered anus but she quickly moved back down and started to moan even loader at the feel of her clit being rubbed and her asshole being assaulted by my tongue.
“Can I please cum baby, please?”
“Ok cum for me beautiful”
The moans got louder and turned into shrieks
Her legs began to quiver as the orgasm ran through her body. She stayed squatted as she rode her orgasm out and then she collapsed on her side in pure exhaustion. I crawled over to her pretty tired my self.
“Thank you baby” she said to me out of breath.
I kissed her nipple and then I moved to her full lips and gave them a long, deep kiss. “Your welcome baby, I love you, but our games aren’t done yet.”
I grabbed her supple and firm buttocks, pulled her closer to me and embraced her.

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YE1elG Very amusing thoughts, well told, everything is in its place:D

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Learn to spell the word want. It's not wont. Wont makes it look like you meant won't and failed apostrophe class.

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