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My wife let them find her wet panties
My wife is 20, 36C(silver dollar sized aureoles), 26, 37. Long blondish hair. Prominent pubic mound. Trimmed cunt hair. 5'6". 110 lbs. Firm skijump tits. Tight round ass. Pretty face with a sexy "I want to suck your cock" mouth.

I get off on my buddies looking at my wife in revealing clothes, especially bikinis. I knew she enjoyed being looked at, but had no idea how much.

One Saturday afternoon when Steve came over I noticed he went to the bathroom and stayed there longer than to just piss. Debbie, my wife was gone. Steve and I were drinking beer and I finally had to piss. Debbie's sheer green wedding night nightie and sheer black lace bra and matching crotchless panties were hanging on the shower rod.

I didn't think a lot of it because she often washed her intimates in the bathroom sink by hand and hung them there to dry. I pictured Steve checkiing them out and my dick got hard. A bunch of us went out drinking and dancing that night. We all decided to take my boat and go skiing the next morning at 10:00. My buddies said they'd come over in the morning to help load the boat.

We'd all gotten pretty fucked up that night. Debbie and I were hung over and horny the next morning. We had "more of the hair of the dog that bit us". Debbie made me eat her through the hot pink lycra panties she'd worn the night before, claiming she didn't want me cumming in her cunt and having my cum oozing out of her into her bikini bottom all morning. I can't remember her ever cumming that much or hard before. The entire crotch and ass of her panties were soaking wet when I got done with her. She was sucking me off when the door bell rang. I wouldn't let her stop. I came in her mouth.

She was supposed to have coffee ready for us and put on my white, long tailed dress shirt, sleeves cut off, she used for a bikini cover-up and went to the kitchen while I showered and dressed. She was braless.

I'd left the garage door open and Steve, Larry, Mike and Eddie had come into the kitchen through the side door. Debbie had been alone with them for at least five minutes while she made coffee.

I could smell her cunt as soon as I walked into the kitchen. The guys were sitting at the table, waiting for coffee. As Debbie moved around I saw that they got glimpses of her panties from the sides and front. Her tits jiggled obviously inside my shirt. My didk snapped hard, and I could just imagine what she was doing to my buddies. I finally took my eyes off her body and noticed a glob of my cum just below the left corner of her mouth. I almost came. Fuck, she looked sexy!

Debbie served us coffee and said she was going to rinse off. She came out to the garage in her bikini with my shirt on, unbuttoned. She said the bathroom was free. Steve went to piss. They all had to piss, one after the other. Right before we left i had to go piss.

Debbies panties were on top of the clothes hamper. They'd been sucked almost dry.

I'd smelled and tasted my friend's older sister's panties when I was twelve and could relate and didn't get too pissed. I knew they had smeled and tastedl her cunt juices.

The next Saturday morning Steve came over to help me change the spark plugs on the boat. Debbie served us coffee in my shirt and white silk panties. I was facing away from the door, but saw Steve's eyes get wide. When I looked around at her, her hand was comming away from the button just below her tits.

Fifteen minutes later Debbie came out dressed. She had on her red short shorts and pink tube top. I went in to get us beer and ran to the bathroom. Her panties were on top of the clothes inside the hamper. Wet! drenched!

I drank my beer fast, wanting to appear and be drunk when I found out for sure what was going on, and waited for Steve to go to the bathroom. Five minutes later Steve had to piss. When he got back I said I had to call about a part for the boat and went in. Debbie's panties were filled with Steve's cum. It looked like he'd jerked off into them three times. At least a half a cup of cum. I told Debbie and Steve the boat shop was really busy and I had to call back in five minutes. Debbie went in the house and was back in the garage in a few minutes. I watched them out of the corner of my eye. Debbie smiled at Steve and licked her lips.

I went in to call the shop and left the door cracked open. I ran to the bathroom. Steve's cum was gone from Debbie's panties. I listened at the door and heard Debbie telling Steve she couldn't believe how much he came and that she loved the taste.

He said he wanted to fuck her. She said "No!" His hand went to her crotch and she ground into it. Steve's fingers disappeared inside her shorts. She came immediately and pulled away.

Debbie said they could all smell and taste her panties and she'd eat their cum but they couldn't fuck her.

Steve left and Debbie wanted fucked. She was wetter than ever before. She kissed me and I could taste Steve's cum in her mouth. I pictured Steve's cum in her panties and Debbie's tongue dipping into it. I pictured Steve's fingers in Debbie's cunt. Debbie spread herself wide open and told me to watch her fuck.

More to cum.

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2014-02-12 00:53:29
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2014-02-12 00:52:32
i need a woman in michigan who want me to smell her wet panties,text me them,248-921-3528,im hard thinking abt sum wet sexy panties


2013-12-27 15:49:19
it felt a little rushed. Take your time to develop the story and the sex.

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2012-06-23 00:37:28
fucking women are nothing but pigs and will cheat on their husbands any time they can.............. I hope this husband has a set of balls and catches them fucking then beats the shit out of both of them, cuts his cock off and makes her eat it and throws her ass out on the street

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2012-04-16 10:25:00
i love it im cumming now oh oh oh god oh YES YES oh jesus im im cumming into Julies panties oh god JUULLLIIIIEEEE im cummming ohhhhh god Juuullliiiiereee

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