the tom chronicles
Tom didn’t get to any of his meetings that day because he was tied up at the hands of the maid. She did make him cum three more times before she was done with him, and after everything she untied him and let him go. Tom used the robe from the room and scooped up his cloths and headed back to his own room to pack. Tom entered his room and threw the robe to the floor; his cock was still bond by the stocking and covered in a mixture of his and the maid’s cum. His ass was still sore as he turned on the water to the shower and jumped in to clean up.

Tom checked out and hopped in a cab and headed to the airport. Once there Tom checked his bag and walked over to the waiting area before he had to board his flight home. He was looking forward to getting some sleep on the long flight home. As he was sitting in the corner doing some work on his laptop he noticed a woman sitting across from him that would keep looking at him from time to time. She looked like another business woman in a black skirt, white top, stockings and heels. She had brown hair that was pulled back in a bun with a pen sticking out of it and she was wearing a pair of black frame glasses. Tom thought to him self of why were all these women into him; it’s was not like he was a beef up hunk that women drooled over. He was just your average guy going about his normal life.

The lady behind the desk started to call out sections to board and Tom got up and headed for the gate. He made his way to the back of the plane and took his seat in the last row. He placed his carry-on in the overhead storage and sat back down in his seat. He was hoping that he wasn’t going to be stuck with anybody because it was only a two seat row and he wanted the room. Tom was on his laptop again when out of the corner of his eye he saw a person putting their carry-on up next to his. Tom looked over and just saw a pair of perky tits with some cleavage behind a white blouse and when he looked up to the face Tom saw that it was the same lady from before.

She said hello to Tom and told him that her name was Rose and stuck out her hand to shake his. Tom replied back with a hello and his name and shook her hand. Tom noticed the black painted nails and how soft her hand was. Rose sat down and told him the she was sorry for staring at him before. Tom brushed it off and told her is was alright and started up some small talk as the rest of the plane got loaded. They talked a little and soon the plane was loaded and they were pulling back from the gate.

As the plane was taxiing out and to the runway Rose told Tom that she was never good with take off or landing. So as the plane started to pick up speed and start lifted off Rose grabbed onto Tom’s hand and squeezed it as the plane shook its way into the sky. This made Tom’s cock started to harden as the softness of Rose’s hands rubbed his. He also got a good whiff of her perfume and this made Tom’s cock go rock hard.

The plane smoothed out and with that the seatbelt lights shut off and Tom got up to use the bathroom. He stepped across Rose and he knew that she was able to see the out line of his rock cock in his pants as he passed in front of her. Tom got to the aisle and right behind their row as the toilet. He went inside and without thinking about it dropped his pants and boxers to grab hold of his cock. Tom started jerking his cock hard as he though about the two ladies from the hotel and the maid and then Rose. Tom was working real hard as jerking his cock that he didn’t notice the door opening behind him. In stepped Rose as Tom looked up in the mirror and saw her. She pushed him up against the sink and closed the door behind her. Tom didn’t know what to do and Rose was pressed up on his back. Without saying a word Rose squatted down and grabbed Tom’s cock from between his legs and pulled it back to her. This pushed his balls up into his ass as she begun to suck on his cock and jerk it.

Never has Tom been treated so roughly and liked it as he been in the last forty-eight hours. Tom didn’t last long and Rose sucked hard on his cock like she was sucking the cum right out of his balls and soon Tom exploded in her mouth with a big load of cum. Rose continued to suck his cock dry till she had the whole load in her mouth. Once she was done Rose stood back up and spun Tom around and gave him a big kiss as she pushed the whole load of his cum into his mouth. This was the second time Tom was swallowing cum and this time it was his own. Their tongues probed each other’s mouth and then Rose broke the kiss and left the restroom leaving Tom there with his pants down and a soft cock.

Tom closed the door and this time locked it then turned and stared into the mirror as he tried to wrap his mind around everything. Tom cleaned up and exited the restroom and got back in his sit. Once sitting Rose turned to him and licked his ear as she asked if she could get some rest on his shoulder. Before Tom could answer Rose was asleep and Tom was sitting there thinking about what is was going to do once he got home as sex with his wife was never going to be as good as being used by someone.


It has been a month since that trip and Tom have needed more of what happen to him. He now finds himself taking his wife’s hair ties and tying up his balls or his cock at work and walking around thinking about what if someone knew what he was doing. He started looking at some of the ladies in his building different too; like he thinks about Janet who is his boss’s secretary all the time. She is a devoice mother of four with blonde hair that always looks like she throws it in a bun right after she wakes up. She is about 5’4” and a little on the heavy side about 160 lbs and a pear shape body. Tom has noticed that her tits too as she sometimes wear low cut tops and has a good amount of cleavage showing.

Tom showed up to work late having over slept because of being up all night with one of his kids who was sick. He was tired and just wanted to spend some time at his desk to rest a little but he was out of luck. Tom’s boss sent him done to the basement to look for some files he needed that were in storage. Tom disappointed that he would have to do bull shit work but knew it was for coming in late headed to the basement to look for the crap.

Tom was done there for about fifteen minutes finding nothing when he came across a dusty desk that had what looked like an ass print on it. Tom looked at it and saw that someone in the office bought someone down here to fuck during the day. He saw the imprint of an ass and a hand to the side. Upon further looking Tom saw that there was some dried cum in front of the desk. Seeing all this and not having jerked off in a couple of days. Tom got real horny as his dick started to get hard in his pants. He was rubbing his dick through them as he made is way to the single restroom in the corner of the basement. Tom stepped inside and dropped his pants and started to jerk off his cock; he was going at it when the door spun open and there stood Janet. Tom let out a “oh, fuck not again” as he turned to Janet still with his cock in his hand.

Tom’s face was bright red as this time it was all him that did this and Janet had just walked in on it. Janet started asking Tom what he was doing and did he do this a lot. Tom just stayed quite as he had no words for what he was doing and thought if he didn’t talk she would just leave. That was not the case as Janet stepped in a little more and closed the door. She walked over to the toilet and pulled down her panties and up her skirt. Janet told Tom that she needed to pee and since he likes to be a dirty pervert and wack off at work and not talk when questioned he can stand there and wait. Tom regained the ability to move and started to pulled up his pants when Janet stopped him and told him to leave them down.

Tom could hear the pee hitting the water in the bowl and this started to bring back his erection to which Janet noticed and told him that he was a pervert. Janet told Tom to knee in front of the toilet and do what she says if he doesn’t want her going to HR and their boss about what he was doing down here. With no choice in the matter and turned on by what she was doing so far Tom kneed in front of Janet. At this angle Tom could see that Janet had a full bush of hair covering her pussy and saw the yellow stream of piss coming from it. Janet told her foot and with her heel pushed it into Tom’s hard dick and balls. This was very painful for Tom but he had no choice but to take it. Janet was moaning little as she twisted the heel and when she was done peeing. She told Tom to clean up the piss with his mouth.

It only took Tom pausing for a moment for Janet to slap him hard across the face and yell at him to clean her fucking pussy. Tom moved in and started to lick up the piss from Janet’s pussy and bush. Tom never tasted pee before but it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. Tom got into it and was licking Janet so much that she was starting to moan for the pleasure of it. Before Janet came she pushed Tom off her and stood up to turn around and put her ass in the air. She told Tom to fuck her pussy and make her cum hard or he would not like what would happen.

Tom didn’t need to be told twice for that and lined his cock up with her pussy. It was all wet from the licking so it slid in very easily on the first push. Once inside Tom got up to a quick paste and fucked Janet’s pussy as hard as he could. Janet had a hand on each side of the toilet seat and was pushing back onto Tom’s cock as he fucked away. Tom could feel that Janet was close to cumming as her pussy was squeezing onto his cock. She was yelling out to fuck her harder and smack her ass as to Tom did. Lightly at first but the more Janet yelled and moaned and told him to slap her more the harder he smack her ass till the one side was bright red. Soon Janet was cumming all over Tom’s dick as he fucked her with everything he had. With Janet squeezing his cock with her pussy he couldn’t hold off any longer and with a loud grunt Tom blew his load into Janet’s pussy.

He pumped it full and he could feel it leaking out around his cock he came so much. Once done Janet pushed Tom off her and told him to clean up his mess so she could go back up stairs. Tom turned to grab a paper towel when Janet slapped him and told him to clean her with his tongue. Tom did as he was told and got down on his knees and started to lick out all his cum from her pussy. By now Tom liked the taste of cum so licking it all up wasn’t a problem for him. Tom cleaned her pussy and bush of all his cum and then kneed back to wait for Janet to tell him what else to do.

Janet stood up and fixed her cloths and then told Tom to go back to looking for the things their boss needed as she was going back up stairs. As Janet left the restroom she turned to Tom and told him if he told anybody about what happen she would cut off his balls. She smiled to him and left.

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