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A beautiful woman needs TLC.
They Call Me the Fireman- Pt 1 of 5

I have been a firefighter for years but nothing in all my training ever prepared me for what happened last night. We had a call to a house for an electrical short in a breaker panel. Only minor damage was done but still the lady of the house was worried.

We did a secondary search of the house, surrounding walls and found nothing. I explained to this very lovely, yet scantily clad young woman she had nothing to fear. She asked if I could come back and check it the morning. I told her there was really no need for concern.

She grabbed my arm, looked at me with her warm eyes and said, " I would feel so much better if you came by in the morning and check it again for me. I swallowed hard and said, "If you insist".

How could I refuse? We are supposed to protect and serve aren't right? She was standing there in a powder blue baby doll nightie with a sheer robe left slightly open. It left little to the imagination.

She walked me to the door and kissed me on the cheek. "I think firefighters are the most special people in the world".

Oh My! My heart began to pound, my hands were shaking and I nearly dropped my radio. She waived sweetly to me as we left. Her pouting lips expressed disappointment that I couldn't stay longer and her perky breasts bounced delightfully as we walked down the steps.

Have you ever tried to be graceful when you are clumsy? When I turned to wave back at her I fell over a lawn sprinkler by the sidewalk. My crew roared in laughter but this beautiful vision hurried to "my rescue" to see if I was alright. As she helped me to my feet the guys stopped laughing. They saw what I saw close up.

This vision of maybe late 30's or early 40's had leaned over to help me and her luscious softball sized breasts had fallen out of her gown and were dangling, tantalizingly close to my lips. One actually grazed my lips as she helped up. Whew! That was not the only thing she helped "up".

The laughter and cat calls from my crew soon died into the background as this lovely young woman, helped me up, smiled so sweetly and said, "Don't forget, you promised to come back in the morning". I was speechless. I mumbled something unintelligible and walked back to the engine. Well a promise is a promise, I had to go back in the morning.

As we drove away I am humming to myself, the words of the popular George Strait song,"Yeah the call me the Fireman". The only other line I could remember at the time had to with, "Goin' 'round town puttin' out old flames". It's a tough job but someone has got to do it. Right?

(c) July 2001 Eagr2pleezu

They Call Me The Fireman- Part 2 of 5

It was 0655, just 5 minutes before I got off shift. I was getting nervous about going back the that house from last night. I didn't know what to expect when I got there. My hands were already beginning to shake and I hadn't even left the station yet. "What am I doing". My mind was telling me to go home but this feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I haven’t been this nervous since I asked Becky Wilson to the Senior Prom. As I drove up to her house I began to breathe hard, my mouth was dry as a popcorn fart. With shaking hands I knocked on her door and waited. I had to knock three times before she answered. I was about ready to leave when the door opened and my eyes beheld this near heart-stopping vision.

“Hi, it’s Mike right?” Once again my tongue failed me as I mumbled something alien but at least nodded in English. Her name was Loni. She said she just awakened about a half hour before, yet her hair was neatly combed back over her shoulder. Soft curls of brown spun silk. She was still wearing a different nightie. This time it was sheer black with a long flowing sheer robe that hid absolutely nothing. The fabric hugged her curves like a NASCAR racer on the oval track. I just stood there with my mouth agape and starred in disbelief at how lovely she was. I never saw anyone look that good after “just waking up”.

“Come on in, Mike”, she purred as I walked along beside her. My heart was about to pound right through my chest. I caught a whiff of her perfume. “Is that Eternity you’re wearing”, I asked? “Why yes it is, how did you know”? I told her it was my favorite and she smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it. I don’t get many compliments on my perfume often.” I’m thinking to myself that any man who didn’t notice was an idiot.

We walked and talked to the breaker box where she help the light for my while I checked it. “Looks fine ma’am”. As I closed the box my right hand grazed her full breast and I couldn’t help notice her nipple was very hard. “Oh, excuse me ma’am, I didn’t mean to bump you”. She looked at me and tenderly smiled, reached out and took my hand and softly said, “If you don’t start calling me “Ma'am”, we’re are never going to get past talking about the weather. In fact just call me Loni.”

(c) July 2001 Eagr2pleezu

They Call Me The Fireman- Part 3 of 5

OMG, what have I stumbled into now. She held my arm close to her chest as we walked back and sat on the sofa. As we sat down she inched toward me and put her arm around me and in a low voice said, “I really appreciate you coming over here and checking my box for me. I’d like to show you my appreciation.”

I swallowed hard and she leaned forward and kissed me tenderly on the lips. My head began to spin and suddenly it was like the heater had been turned on. I was very warm and it had been cool a minute ago. She placed her hand on my thigh and began to inch slowly toward my crotch. As she did she began to slide her tongue into my mouth and I just about melted like putty right there. Her hand stopped at the bottom of my zipper and slowly stroked me there. I wrapped my arms around her gently and pulled her to me. Her hand now rested directly on my zipper and I could feel the heat from her hand. I was in heaven! This sweet young woman was giving me a tonsil swab like I have never had before.

We just held and kissed and gently fondled each other for what seemed like a minute or two then the phone rang. “Reality check”. She excused herself and when she left I looked at my watch. We had been on the sofa for over 30 minutes! She returned and offered an apology for the phone and for her behavior. She explained that her husband left her for another woman 3 years ago and she hadn’t been with a man since then. She began to tell me other things and I could not believe. First I could not believe any sane man would have left this lovely creature for another. “Was he stoned or just stupid”? I said without thinking. “I never would have left you Loni. The man was nuts.”

“You say the sweetest things and you are such a gentleman”. Even when I tried to come onto you still behaved like a gentleman. That is a rare quality in a man today, she said.

“Would you stay for breakfast?” I asked, “What’s for breakfast anyway?” With that she grabbed my hand, smiled so sweetly and starting leading me upstairs. “Follow me, you’ll see”!

(c) July 2001 Eagr2pleezu
They Call Me The Fireman- Part 4 of 5

Once we arrived at the top of the stairs, Loni led me into the bedroom. There was a magnificent 4-poster bed with scented candles all around. The lights were dimmed to create a world of flickering shadows. She closed the door behind me, dropped her robe and whispered in my ear, "Breakfast is served, You're the entree!"

My heart was now racing and palms began to sweat in earnest. She turned to me and kissed me tenderly on the mouth. As her tongue slid past my lips I could hear her sigh softly. Walking me to the bed she laid me back on the soft down quilt and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. As she gazed at me as her hands combed through the hairs on my chest. Her touch sent goosebumps racing across my skin. It felt so good.

Loni began to unbuckle my pants and slowly pulled them down leaving only my boxers intact. My manhood was now rising up to greet her and I felt flushed in my face. She winked at me and said, “I see we have a problem that needs correcting here.” With that she smiled and grasped my boxers and pulled them down to reveal my strength slowly. As she did so she apparently savored each inch. My head was spinning in disbelief. This was incredible! I had never been so mesmerized by a woman and taking such effort to detail. She was the most wonderful woman I had ever met. How could this idiot of a husband let her escape? How could he not realize how wonderful she is?

Within moments, I was completely naked in front of her. She grinned at me with a look of an animal that has just cornered its prey. “It is kind of warm in here don’t you think?” she said. With that she stood up and removed the flimsy black gown and let it fall to the floor. OMG, I could not believe my eyes. Here in front of me was a woman with passion to die for and she is about to give me the loving of my life. I was in heaven. I did not want this moment to end.

She walked over to me and knelt between my legs. “I see you need some attention my love”, as she reached out with her hands and gently cupped my manhood. Without saying a word she leaned forward and enveloped me in the most exquisitely warm and moist mouth.

(c) July 2001 Eagr2pleezu
They Call Me The Fireman- Part 5 of 5 (Final)

Her hands held me ever so gently as her talented tongue began to play with my shaft. I leaned back and moaned in the simple pleasure of a woman who loves her work. Loni now concentrated her efforts on the small spot beneath my balls. The place some refer to as a man’s G-Spot. Her tongue was bathing me in the warmth of her wet lips and tongue. I didn’t know how much more of this I could stand.

My fever was rising faster than I could control it. I looked down her and she gave me a wicked smile, like a cat that just captured a canary and was about to devour it. Her hungry eyes gazed up at me and she went back to work on me in earnest. I called to her, “Baby do you know what you’re doing to me”? What I am about to do in your mouth if you don't stop?” She merely quickened the pace and continued flicking her tongue along the underside of my manhood.

There was no stopping her now. There was no stopping me! As she continued to make long strokes up and down the length of my erection, she began to climb on top of me with her ass hovering over my lips. The sweet aroma of her freshly washed thatch drew me in like a magnet. Tenderly at first, I licked around the outer lips of her womanhood. Small droplets of moisture were clinging to the lips and then started falling onto my face. I lapped them up like sweet nectar.

She began to shiver as my probing tongue darted in and out of her love canal. Soft groans of passion seeped from her throat telling me my tongue had found its mark. As her passion increased my depth followed. Loni continued to plunge my sword deep into her throat.

I called to her quietly, “Oh please baby, don’t...please don't...stop...don’t ...stop...don’t stop, don’t stop, please don’t stop! My rigid cock now feeding her desire, I gently grabbed her ass and pulled her down onto me. In doing so my tongue reached the fullest extent of her wetness. Her paced was quickening as she continued her tongue bath. Suddenly she drove her mouth down onto my length, stuffing all of me into her mouth. I shuddered as I closed my eyes and sent several pulses of hot fluid deep into her throat. At nearly the same moment, Loni ground against my face with her hips and unleashed a wave of juices all over me from her own passion pit. I felt as if I was about to pass out from the sensation. Two sweaty bodies, in the throws of passion, collapsing in a heap. Oh my! But we weren’t done yet. Not by a long shot.

I rolled her over and kissed deeply. The smell of my own musk drove me on like a savage beast. I was hard again in no time and positioned myself over her. She had the same savage look in her eyes as well. I plunged my spear deep into her wetness and she howled as I drove home. Instantly we picked up the pace and began mating like pack animals. There was pure lust and raw power in our thrusts. She arched her hips, her strong legs locked behind my back and driving hard to meet each thrust, driving me even deeper inside the moist walls of her secret place. The surge was rising again as began to slide on me even faster. She was now impaling herself on my hard-on with each thrust.

With a final lunge, I burst inside her and we both gasped and held each other tightly as the next wave of passion washed over us. Completely spent, we both lay there in each others arms for several minutes, simply basking in the afterglow of what had just happened. Oh my, I had never felt such heat and passion from a woman before.

After a long pause she looked up at me, smiled and said, “Would you like to come over and check my breaker box again tomorrow, hmm”?

“I think I can find time to help a lady out”, I said with a grin.

After all, as a firefighter I am here to protect and serve, right?


(c) July 2001 Eagr2pleezu

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