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Wife give hubby a special treat for his big day.

By: Vapidvector

I recieved a phone call at work the day before my birthday a couple of years ago and it was my wife, Joy, informing me that she had a surprise in store for my birthday and to be sure to hurry home after work so we could get started. When I got home she had several suitcases packed and sitting by the door, ready to go.

"Hurry and take your shower and get dressed. Mike and Laura will be here any minute," she informed me.

"What's going on? Where are we going?" I asked.

"It's a surprise.You'll see. Hurry!"

So I did. Laura and Mike, our closest friends, were there waiting when I was ready and we loaded all the luggage Joy had packed and took off, us in our car and Mike and Laura following in theirs.

"Which way?" I querried.

"I-575 north until I say turn," Joy replied.

To my surprise she reached into her purse and pulled out a battery powered vibrator and pressed it against her pussy through the skin tight jeans she wore. I had noticed earlier that her jeans were so tight the lips of her always shaved cunt were pooching out and wrapping around the crotch seam so it was like using the vibe with nothing on. She moaned and asked, "You don't mind, do you?"

I had one eye on the road and one eye on her. "Of course not. Be my guest."

"Uuuuuuummmmm!" was her reply as she leaned back, eyes closed, and continued to work her clit. A few minutes later, after we were on the interstate, I noticed Mike pulling alongside us on my side of the car. I looked over and it was obvious by the way Laura had her head back and eyes closed in the passenger seat that she was masturbating also. Mike just looked over and grinned. Then he pulled in front of us to take the lead.

"What in the hell have these women got planned anyway?" I asked myself. It sure was looking promising so far!

Over the next fifty or so miles the women worked themselves steadily and Joy climaxed three or four times, sometimes with people riding right next to us watching. By the time we reached our destination I was rock hard and ready for whatever came up!

We ended up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in north Georgia. There was a private resort there that had cabins for rent and the women had secured two of them. Damn nice two story chalet style buildings with huge jacuzzi garden tubs, balconies, fireplaces, etc.. We were going to be there for three days and had enough booze and "party favors" to see the four of us through in fine fashion. We unloaded Mike and Laura's gear at one cabin and ours at the other, about one eigth of a mile down the gravel road. It was getting on about six p.m.. I thought the weekend get away was my surprise and thanked them for being so thoughtful. Joy and Laura snickered and said the surprise was yet to come. I was told to go back to the other cabin with Mike and relax over a couple of drinks. They would call us when it was time to come back. When we left I asked Mike if he knew what was up and he shook his head.

"They have kept me in the dark all day myself. I don't know any more than you do. But I have a feeling it is going to be damned good!"

He was right. It was.

About an hour later the call came and we walked back down. When we walked in we saw a homemade sign taped to the wall in the den. It read:
There was an arrow pointing back to the one huge bedroom. As we turned to walk down the hallway we saw a small end table positioned there. On top of it sat my video camera, one half dozen blank tapes, two 35mm cameras, and about thirty rolls of film. Naturally we hurried into the bedroom. My eyes must have looked like one of those cartoon characters when his eyes pop out of his head about a foot!

Joy and Laura lay on the expansive king size bed side by side dressed in some of the sexiest lingerie I had ever laid eyes on. The snow white bed spread beneath them gave stark contrast to Joy's outfit, which consisted of a red corset with black lace trim that squeezed and clung to her like a second skin as its' cups strained beneath the heavy load of her gigantic titties that threatened to spill out, dark tan stockings with reinforced tops were pulled up high on her thighs almost to her crotch and held in place by six garter straps ringing the bottom of the corset, red elbow length opera gloves, a sheer, red wrap around her shoulders, and matching red panties with a special super sheer crotch that was practically invisible. Six inch, open toe, platform stilettos with high ankle straps topped the sexy outfit off perfectly. She had fixed her long, brunette hair in a wild "lion's mane" look and applied her make up heavily, a little on the trashy side just the way I like it. Finger and toe nails painted a flaming red and select pieces of jewelry-ear rings, bracelets, necklace, rings, and toe rings glistened and sparkled in the bright overhead lighting. She sat leaning against Laura slightly, her right leg pulled up at the knee with her forearm resting on her knee and her hand dangling. She had her legs parted just a tiny bit and we could see the top of her shaved pussy lips and slit through the super sheer fabric of the crotch.

Laura sat in practically the same position except with her left knee up with her left forearm on her knee. Laura was having her first experience wearing any sort of "FUCK ME!" outfits. She was wearing some of Joy's lingerie since she had brought three suitcases full. Wearing a white corset with white stockings and white open toe high heels, Laura looked hot rubbing up against my wife as she posed. Laura wore white matching panties but the crotch was not see through so I-we-were not treated to a look at her pussy. Not just yet. Her boobs were no where near as big as Joy's but were nice none the less.

Scattered around the women all over the bed were the contents of another suitcase Joy had packed and brought with us. Our entire collection of sex toys that included, but was not limited to, electric and battery powered vibrators, dildos of every size and shape, butt plugs, hand cuffs, nipple clamps, clit caps and pumps, you name it and we had it. Mike and I were stunned and stood there with our jaws on the floor. Joy spoke and broke our trance.

"Well, don't either of you know how to work a camera? What's a fashion show without photo-

We realized we had an opportunity here that most men would kill for. I looked at him, he looked at me, and we both dove for the cameras.

The routine went like this for the next couple of hours: I sat the video camera up to encompass most of the room and especially the bed where they would be doing most of their posing. I just left it running full time. Joy and Laura assumed poses doing such things as laughingly tease or taunt each other with a big dildo or other sex toy, help each other adjust a stocking or refit the corsets they wore, or brush each other's hair. Stuff like that. Often they would pose individually for seperate photos. And of course Mike and I were shooting away with the 35mm cameras. Frequently we would all take a quick little break (two or three minutes max) to indulge ourselves with drinks and the various "party favors" we brought. About every fifteen minutes the women would run us out of the bedroom as they changed outfits, then call us back in to start taking pictures again. If you have ever looked at a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog you know the type of "FUCK ME!" outfits they were modeling for us. Corsets, garter belts, nylon stockings, camisoles, etc.. And an endless variety of stiletto high heels. Joy had brought three big suitcases full so there was a wonderful supply for them to choose from. With the booze and other stuff you can imagine how we all would be getting pretty wild and wired by the end of the first couple of hours. Everyone's imagination started getting fired up and inhibitions were coming down. Things started to heat up.

I noticed that Joy always made sure she had on a pair of sheer see through panties or ones with super sheer crotches when she changed outfits but for awhile she played coy and just let us have glimpses of her shaved slit. After we all got loosened up she began to not only let her legs stay open for a good look but actually started posing and touching it for us to photograph. Soon she had encouraged Laura to do the same. Within a few minutes of their posing their barely covered cunts for us we could see they were getting wet, the damp spots seeping through their panties.

Being right there watching my wife rubbing her moist pussy in front of another man and teasing him with its' shaved wetness made my cock hard as steel! Mike was hard also and it was obvious by the bulge in his pants. Our tented trousers didn't go unnoticed by the women either. They kept an eye on them and knew exactly what effect they were having on us. I decided to give some suggestions as to how they should pose for us.

"You girls are looking mighty hot! Smokin'! Why don't you two use those vibrators for a little while?" I asked hopefully. "No need for them to just lay there in the way."

Neither one hesitated. Both retrieved an electric vibrator, nestled down with their backs against the headboard and their asses scrunched into the bedding, spread their legs far apart and began masturbating intently. I was surprised by their eagerness ( I shouldn't have been, considering the circumstances ) but took full advantage with my 35mm and a new tape in the video camera. My balls ached and my stiff cock throbbed in excitement and I knew I couldn't go much farther keeping myself at arms length from my red hot, ultra sexy wife and her wet pussy. Speaking of that sweet, tight, hairless pussy, it was easily visible now through the wet crotch. As she massaged herself with her buzzing buddy the fabric sunk between those lips and she just as well had not been wearing panties at all. Laura was the same way. Turned on to the max by their brazen display of borderline whorishness, Laura's fur trimmed slit oozed its' special mixture. The room had already smelled of pussy but now the air was thick with their wonderfully heady aroma of musky pussy smell. I wanted to get my mouth on both of them so fucking badly I was actually trembling. I wanted to suck their pussy milk until I could hold no more! After only four or five minutes, Joy started that low pitched, throaty whine and pumped her ass back and forth like she was riding a thick cock, signaling a big climax was approaching rapidly. I had to concentrate hard so I wouldn't unload in my pants.

"I'm gonna cum, Greg! I'm gonna cum for you...for Mike! Oh, God! Here it is! I'm cumming! I'm cuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg!" Joy bellowed as she pumped and thrashed wildly in the intense throes of her orgasm. Her reaction was all it took to make Laura's fine pussy erupt to.

"Me to, Joy! I'm gonna cum with you! Fuckin' shit! Oooohhhhaaaaaaawwwwww! Look at me, Mike! I'm cummingggg!"

Both of them pumped and wailed, hunched and quivered for way over a minute as their climax paralized them. Mike and I groaned ourselves because they were so damn hot looking! Plenty of pictures and tape to record the performance to boot! It was time for us ( Mike and me ) to get relief of our own.

I laid the camera down but Mike kept shooting as I walked over and got on the bed with my face between Joy's quivering thighs. She accepted my probing tongue by opening even wider, giving me total access to her still shivering cunt meat. Mike whispered to his wife, " Look, baby. Look at what they're doing." Laura looked over, vibrator still lightly rubbing her slit, saw my tongue slurping Joy's pussy through the wet fabric, let out a long, "oooooohhhhhh! oooooooohhhh, God!" and dug the head of the vibe back into her slit. Mike coached us along.

" Eat that pussy, Greg! Suck it! Suck that juice out of her!"

"Lift your legs, Joy! Let us see his mouth on you!"

"Yes, yes, that's it! Show us your pussy! Show it to Laura!"

Laura yelled out moments later that she was cumming again and really screamed when she did. My cock was constantly jerking and running a flow of cock juice out into my pants. I felt the soggy area at my crotch grow by the minute. Joy was rapidly getting ready to blow herself and softly pumped her pussy in my face. She loudly commanded me to tear the crotch out of the panties and get my tongue in deeper. I did one better by lifting her ass off the bed, pulling her panties completely off, and proping her up on my palms so I could tongue both her asshole and cunt. Mike groaned when he caught sight of her puckering ass flower all wet from spit and blossoming outward. Laura and Mike watched closely while I tongue bathed both holes and clit over and over. Joy was whining and whimpering now, very close, very close. She had both hands behind her nylon sheathed legs and held them open herself so my hands and fingers could join the assault on her spasming vulva. When Joy got off she did so so violently that I got a quick squirt of hot pee in my mouth before she could squeeze it off. I loved it and greedily swallowed all I could catch and then sucked for more! Joy was unable to move at all when the climax passed. I had to do something so I crawled up beside her head and hauled my cum coated cock from my jeans and laid it right on her lips. Laura was watching, of course, and sounded like she was crying there beside us but she was really so hot she could not do anything but squeal. But I had more important things to tend to and looked down on my wife as she ran her tongue out to at first lick my shaft then raise her head up to engulf me completely. She was sucking really good with the loud slurping noises and I knew I was not going to be able to hold back. I reached to cup her head in my hand and announced to all three that I was there.

"Ooohhh, shit! Baby get ready! I'm gonna cum to! You're making me shoot! Aaaaahhhhhh, yeah!"

Joy gulped and swallowed, sucked and gagged as I sprayed a fucking huge cum load in her mouth and down her gullet. I was trembling, shaking, almost ready to keel over while my cock spewed its' appreciation. I felt my shaved balls throbbing rhythmically as they pumped the built up ball juice into Joy's milking mouth. When I was finally able to move and motivate I noticed Mike had followed my lead. Laura sat on the edge of the king sized bed, her head firmly in Mike's double handed grasp, her jaws flexing in and out as she struggled to accomodate the throat fucking her fired up husband was pumping into her face. Mike looked over at me and Joy. He grinned devilishly and nodded. Then right back to working his load out into Laura's throat. They were only five or six feet away from us and we could hear her efforts clearly and smell the churned up fluids. Joy was mesmerized and stared unashamedly. Then there it was.

"Suck me, Laura! Suck my cock! I'm getting ready! Swallow it and don't loose a drop!"

Poor Laura was so distraught from her lustful condition and her ministrations to Mike's big tool as she strived to give him the deep throat he demanded that tears were really running down her cheeks then! Joy eased close up behind her and put one arm around her waist to comfort her. "Don't stop now, Laura, God damn it! Suck it! Everybody has got off but me! Help me! Suck deeper!" Mike practically yelled at Laura. I was taken back momentarily by his behavior but figured he was just a little out of control from everything we had done that evening. I zipped up and resumed shooting photos and when I got Laura's face in a close up-Mike's hard meat filling her mouth and slipping down her throat-I could tell she was really upset by the rough way Mike was holding her head and basically raping her throat. She obviously wanted to do what he asked but she was very uncomfortable being treated this way at that point in time. I didn't know what to do or say and dumbly stood there taking pictures of Laura's distress while Mike got wilder and wilder.

"Son of a bitch!" I thought as my anger rousted itself. "We are in the middle of every man's fantasy and this motherfucker is going to blow it because he was the last to cum and feels slighted or some shit! I'll beat him like I own him! He's ruining it!" I was just about to step in and either calm Mike down or kick his fucking ass when Joy took care of the whole mess with a touch and a few quiet words.

"Here, Laura, let me help you," Joy said. Laura just gurgled pitifully. Joy slid up tight beside Laura, holding her waist still, and reached out to softly grasp Mike's hanging, cum laden balls in her hand. She massaged and squeezed them gently for awhile and Mike was almost going ape shit! Talking filth and trash to the girls, he pumped his ass hard as he worked to shoot off. "I think your cock is beautiful, Mike. So big and thick. Let me feel of that cock," Joy cooed as she reached from his balls up to the meat he was forcing down Laura's throat. Wrapping her fingers around the few remaining inches outside Laura's mouth, Joy softly jacked it back and forth. He eased up on his wife because I'm sure he was shocked at having Joy holding his cock (Mike had drunkenly confessed to me three times that he was hot for Joy and those huge boobs of hers). Laura kept the head and Joy milked the shaft while talking shit to Mike. Within less than a minute he was ready. He started his rough shit again and Joy stopped him cold. "Don't shoot in her mouth, shoot your load on my titties!" Joy said. She guided his cock so as to spray on her boobs and milked it hard and fast while Mike erupted fuck spray in long, thick ropes of milky cum juice all over her gigantic tits and nipples! He grunted and bucked until every last drop was coating her heaving tits.

Mike realized he had pissed us all off and after he caught his breath he and Laura got dressed and made a quiet exit to their cabin. Now, I hate to throw such a fucking downer into the middle of this tale but, after all, it is a true story and that is how it went down. He almost ruined my birthday surprise but Joy and I salvaged it. Big time!

"Look at me!" Joy said in a hushed tone. "I have his fucking cum all over me!" She rubbed some of it into her deep cleavage and looked up to me, asking, "What do you think about that?"

"I think you're the hottest bitch I have ever known and I love it!"

"Well, fuck me then, God damn it!"

Joy was so fucking hot from all the dirty shit we had done that her pussy was in an absolute greasy mess! So much juice was flowing that it felt like she was pissing all over my cock as I fucked her hard enough to drive her through the mattress! She climaxed over and over again as I told her what a hot slut she was, what a completely wild whore she was, how wonderful it felt to be riding the hottest pump bitch in the state felt! And before I shot her heaving belly full of my cum she actually did piss a little from the ultra intense orgasms she was experiencing! That was fine by me and I greedily lapped her clean when she was exhausted!

After a rest and more nose candy and a drink of two Joy informed me she needed to cum more. I was give out and said so. "Well, then, you watch me Birthday Boy!" All the toys were gathered around her after she put on another sizzling outfit and nestled in for the long haul. I grabbed the video camera and started filming. I made three and one half hours worth of video of my sexy, kinky, and supebly perverse wife working herself off over and over and over and over and over!
The following evening, after rest and nourishment, the four of us got together again. Hard feelings fell by the wayside as the party favors flowed and soon we were watching Joy's videotaped performance of the previous night. But, that's another story. And if I haven't bored everyone to tears with this tale of one happy birthday boy's dream come true and you would like to hear it, I will be glad to tell it

May you all have at least one birtfday where your presents are wrapped and unwrapped by someone such as my wife, Joy.


2006-01-13 15:11:56
lol i hate those spelling bastards... i thought it was a good story


2005-10-26 13:27:03
Scarlet Pimp, SP, you're absolutely right. I am a fucking moron. And I promise to never write another story because it may offend your immense intelect. And naturally brainiacs such as you two pantywaists NEVER make a typo. Please forgive me for even being on the same site with such Masters as you two.


2005-09-21 22:05:52
I still can not believe the idiot was grading your spelling............nice on


2005-01-29 16:59:57
"I recieved...?" Two works, one misspelled. surprised you got the first on correct.. If you don't care to do it well, why even do it?


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This story belongs in Georgia.

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