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Another day; another chance to get my sister's pussy
JackassTales…Tale #63…Readers; this is a sequel, but I hope you will agree that it works well as a stand-alone story. My 19-yr-old friend, for whom this is written, informed me after my 1st story for her that she has no pubic hair (unlike the girl in the story). Herein, I correct that mistake in an erotic, unusual way.

Lisa, bluest of eyes, this is another one for you.

(Day Two) Loving Lisa’s Pretty Pink Pussy Petals

[1] A Really Close Shave

Upon awakening, I sensed that some things about this morning were different. For one thing, I wasn’t in my bedroom or even in my own danged bed! For god’s sake, I was in my parent’s bed! And, I wasn’t alone. A naked woman occupied the bed with me. In the back of my mind I was really hoping that Mom and Dad were still asleep this morning in Heaven because the sexy female sharing this bed with me was their daughter. Good god, she was also my sister!

Okay, brothers and sisters make for unconventional bedmates. And yes, it is incestuous sin. But, in my defense, both Lisa and I are consenting adults. I peg my age at twenty-one years and my sis’ at nineteen. The two of us had never even considered any kind of sexual relationship until yesterday, but events conspired that day to bring us together. Whether it was God or the old Devil at work, I couldn’t say, but I knew that my sis and I had fornicated several times. Before the day ended, the unthinkable happened; Lisa and I had fallen in love!

I looked over at my still-sleeping love. Lisa was such a sweetheart of a girl I couldn’t help but love her. And yes, I also had a deep, abiding lust for her. I was also naked so I felt the rod between my legs stiffening and becoming aroused by being so near this adorable young lady. At times this girl looks so vulnerable and innocent that I think she is still a child. Like now. Goodness, this morning my sis looks like she might only be about sixteen or younger!

I wanted to let my babe sleep just a little bit longer, but I couldn’t resist a kiss. My wet tongue traced lazy circles around her pretty pink lips and then I kissed her. Even in sleep, I felt the hungry, hot passion in the lips which kissed me back. When eyelids opened, I saw the mesmerizing beauty of the palest and bluest eyes I had ever known. “Morning, Sweetheart, this is your snooze alarm,” I teased. “If you would like to sleep a few minutes more, all you have to do is touch my buttons.”

Lisa must have misunderstood me. I got the impassioned kiss I wanted, but this girl must have thought I wanted more. I felt a hand sneaking beneath the bedcovers on our bed. Soft, girlie fingers wrapped themselves around my swelling erection and finished the job of getting my cock fully engorged with blood. Whew, this girl knew how to push my buttons all right! Yet, within seconds her fingers relaxed and she fell back asleep.

Oh sheeit, that young lady didn’t know just how close she was coming to getting herself fucked! How dare she touch my early-morning erection! And, by god, how did she expect to do it without getting a horny, hard cock implanted within her pussy! Well, if it wasn’t for the fact that I desperately had to pee, I would have awakened my girl and screwed her like crazy!

I scooted out of bed and went to the master bathroom to pee. As I peed then showered, I realized this enormous lodge-style house and the ranchland it sat upon was now mine and Lisa’s. I was its Master and my sis was its Mistress. Gazing out the window at the rangeland, I cursed under my breath. The all-night rains of last night had done nothing to ease the severe drought which threatened our livelihood. Rainwater had been soaked up by parched grass and pastures! If we didn’t have lots more rain, or some other water source, I would have to start selling off livestock at a terrible loss.

Razor-sharp blades were shaving my face when Lisa ambled into the bathroom. The sexy young lady was wearing one of my red-checkered ranch shirts with only one, maybe two, of the snaps closed. When she dropped it and stepped into the shower, I nearly joined her. I guess the girl must have dried her body inside the massive shower stall, because she came out, grabbed up my shirt, and slipped it back on. She didn’t snap to even one single button!

When my sis walked back pass me, she stopped behind me then wrapped her arms around my waist. One of her hands, the right one I think, or it might have been the left, descended into the giant bathtowel I had around me. For the second time this morning, I had the fingers of one of her hands holding my cock.

“Nice!” she complimented. “Jack, may I watch you shave?”

Releasing my erection, she sprang up on the vanity cabinet near me with the ease of a world-class gymnast. How I was able to continue shaving, I don’t know, but I do know that my horny eyes were glued to the tantalizing titties barely concealed within that girl’s shirt! I was also distracted by the neatly-trimmed triangle of pubic curls surrounding this babe’s pussy mound.

“Jack, you seem to be a really good shaver,” the girl observed. “I wonder, uh, well, have you ever shaved a girl? I don’t mean her face. I mean…well, I mean her vaginal mound. I’ve seen some of the porn you have and you seem to prefer smooth pussies. If you do…if you would prefer…if you want to shave my pussy, you may. In fact, I insist you do it!”

I nearly cut my goddamn throat! Wow, what a request! Or, was it an order? In either event, it was something I wanted to do. “Take your shirt off, Lisa,” I commanded. “Spread you legs and hang onto your ass!”

Breasts distracted me. For several minutes I did some tit kissing, nipple sucking, and boob juggling. I reckoned myself to be a lucky brother to have a sis and lover with perfectly-shaped, nicely-proportioned breasts. Nosiree, I wouldn’t trade places with any sister-loving brother in this world!

Now, to the main business at hand this morning! Pussy shaving is a delicate art and it’s such a dangerous craft that I wouldn’t recommend any man to try this at home unless he has a steady hand and nerves of steel. I suppose I had both, so I wasn’t afraid.

Luckily, in a vanity drawer, I found a pair of medium-sized scissors which used to be our mother’s. I had serious doubts as to whether she had ever used them for the same purpose I was going to use them for; yet, I guess I’ll never completely know what goes on in a female mind. If Mom is looking down at us from Heaven, I hope she is not too displeased with what her son and daughter have been doing together.

My scissors began to snip, snip, snip at brunette pubic hairs. For some odd reason, I had a strong urge to save as many of the pretty, short curls as I could. Maybe I needed a souvenir or maybe I was just a perverted freak. In either case, I soon has Lisa’s pussy mound trimmed down to manageable stubble.

Shaving cream spurted from my warm can and this girl’s pubic stubble was made ready for the blade. My multi-bladed razor was as sharp as it could be. I shaved from left thigh, through the pussy valley, then up the left vaginal lip. This procedure was repeated on the right. I shaved the curls between a slight belly bump and the beginnings of Lisa’s cracked cunt. Getting the curls cut from certain places proved to require either determination or skills beyond a beginner’s level. I had both.

I wondered if my girl wanted me to shave her legs, but soon discovered that she must have done so herself in the shower. Not counting the hair on the top of her head, Lisa now sat before me with not a hair on her body. The erotic exquisiteness of the girl’s bald pussy mound stood out like a beacon of beauty! I knew I had to kiss it without delay.

Down on my sis, I went. I had washed all soapy scents off this lovely mound, so my lips kissed fresh, young pussyflesh. Pussylips were caressed then the outer valleys were kissy-licky explored. Spreading her vaginal folds, I found the exotic splendor of a woman’s inner vagina. My pussy-hungry lips closed over my girl’s stiffened, sweet, soft clit and began eating, licking, and suckling.

I was incorrect in stating that I had washed off all scents. Vagina aromas assaulted my senses. There is nothing in this world that can beat the sweet, musky smells of a young pussy! Well, there are always the tastes of her vaginal fluids! My tongue found the delicate butterfly wings of this pussy’s pretty pink inner pussypetals, then spread them and descended inside. Liquefied sex overwhelmed my tongue and drowned it with moisturized seduction. Oh god, I had to get my cock inside this cunt pretty damn soon or I was going to go crazy!

“Hey Jack?” Lisa demurely asked. “Are you familiar with the saying about what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?”

WHAT? Shit, what the hell does goosing have to do with getting laid!

“Brother, you know you shaved me,” my sweetheart stated. “So, I was thinking that I would like to shave your smelly, skanky old cock. How about it?”

As it so happened, I had no choice in the matter. My head was unceremoniously pushed away from the delicious pussy I was eating. My hands were grasped tightly and I was led to the commode. My ass was plopped onto the opened-hole seat.

Lisa wasted no time. She had me trimmed and lathered up in quick-time. When that multi-bladed razor first touched my cockflesh, I flinched with apprehension. The name ‘Bobbitt’ crossed my mind. Impatiently, my sis grabbed my shaft and told me to settle down. Settle down, how on god’s green earth is a man supposed to settle down when a nude, hot, sexy young woman has a hold on his erect manhood?

By the time this girl got to shaving around my testicle sack, I was just about delirious with lust. I had faith that her manipulation of my masculine body parts was harmless and well intention, but hell, I was about to blow my wad! I tried telling her so, yet words just wouldn’t come out.

“All done!” Lisa proudly announced. “Jack, I was just kidding about your cock being smelly and skanky. It’s beautiful! Oh, it looks good enough to eat. Mind if I try?”

As if she had taken permission for granted, this girl’s mouth closed over my cockhead. My cockshaft followed and before I knew it, my peehole was touching the depths of a constricting throat. Holy Mama, if Lisa only knew how close I was to cumming!

Heck, maybe she did know! Her head jerked off my cock so quickly I think I heard an audible ‘pop’. “Jack, honey, maybe you’d like something completely different to stick your manly penis in,” Lisa teased. “Try this!”

Before I knew what the blue-eyed wench was up to, she stood and straddled my legs as if she were mounting a horse. The vivacious vixen positioned her hot, drippy pussy over my cockhead then she sat down on it. With her vagina impaled on my stiffened cockshaft, my sis began riding me as if she were the ‘never-been-tamed’ cowgirl released from chute number 2! All I could do now was to grab myself two handfuls of soft, young ass and hang on for the ride of my life!

Surprisingly, 8 seconds came and went before I did, but understandably, I didn’t last 8 minutes. After shaving and being shaved, I was ready to shoot my load inside the tight vaginal hole grabbing and strangling my cock. Yet, Lisa must have been just as turned-on horny as I was because this cock-riding woman began spraying my loins with vaginal cum. She squealed and she squirmed as if there was no tomorrow!

My sis had said it herself, ‘what was good for the goose was good for the gander’, so now, my own pressurized streams of cum began flowing out of my urethral hole. Orgasmic euphoria overtook my mind and I began cumming with all I had. My nails dug into assflesh and my teeth bit hickey marks on the flawless skin of Lisa’s neck.

Multiple orgasms ruled Lisa’s world. She was pulling the hair atop my head and she was bending to kiss my lips. This contortionist girl was even biting my neck and leaving marks. But my girl didn’t give up on her fight for orgasmic delight easily. And neither did I. We fucked and screwed until neither of us had one single orgasm in us.

God, what a beautiful way to start a day!

Exhausted, Lisa and I sat there on the commode struggling for breath. Slowly, our lungs began filling with air. I realized I was rubbing my hands up and down this naked young woman’s back. I found out it was not possible for me to grab even one tit because both boobs were crushed against my chest. Well, I was pretty danged disappointed!

I then heard a feminine voice whisper in my ear, “Jack, I gotta pee.”

No answer came from my mouth. I believe I felt a bit of mischief tickling at my devil-may-care bone. So, I remained silent.

“Jack, did you hear me?” the nude girl asked. “I said that I gotta pee.”

I answered with just a few words, “Okay, go ahead and pee.”

My sexy commode companion stated the obvious, “You mean pee on you! God, Jack, your cock is still inside me!”

I teased, “Oh is it? Well, I guess it’s still okay. We both need another shower or bath anyway!”

Sometimes I didn’t know how my sis would take my mischievous teasing. Often, she became angry, but for the most part her playful nature asserted itself. Calling my bluff, if it was a bluff, I felt a warm, stinging liquid coating my freshly-shaved loins. The overflow from feminine and masculine cum had been dripping into the toilet bowl for several minutes already, but now, a louder, more constant stream of liquid was raining down into the water.

When the pee stream stopped, Lisa made an incredulous observation, “Oh my god, Jack you have another erection growing inside my pussy! Brother, you are soooo perverted!” Before the girl jumped off my stiffening penile pole, she kissed me then added, “Oh, but Mister, I love your perversions and the extremely naughty things you challenge me to do!”

[2] A Big Hole Opens Up

Lisa came downstairs to fix breakfast still wearing my red-checkered ranch shirt, a bra, and a pair of denim shorts which came halfway to her knees. Now if this had been two days ago, before we had become intimate, then she would have been dressed appropriately. But, with the circumstances of our relationship changed, that sexy young lady needed some adjustments to her outfit!

Without her permission, I grabbed the girl then unsnapped and removed the shirt. After removing a frilly bra and throwing it aside, I replaced the shirt back on her, but I didn’t snap it closed. Instead, I rolled up the bottom hem and tied it in a tight knot. Braless tits tried their best to escape, droop, or hang down, yet my knotted tie kept them confined, although barely concealed.

I knew exactly where the kitchen scissors were, so I led Lisa over to the drawer. “Get those long shorts off,” I commanded. “Panties too if you got ’em on. I’m gonna give you a Daisy Duke look.”

Lisa obediently followed my commands. With her naked from her breastbone down, I gave some serious thought to getting another piece of pussy, but decided I wasn’t yet up to it. My scissors sliced through denim cloth with a single-minded purpose. I was creating a work of art for my sis to wear.

Without her panties, Lisa stepped into my altered jean shorts and zipped the tight garment up. Holy shit, she was gorgeous! Yes, quite a bit of ass cheek showed from each side. And, it was certainly evident from the front that she was shorn of pubic hair.

“Jack, oh god, they are too revealing!” this half-naked woman protested. “I can’t wear these in public!”

I smiled. “We are not in public,” I teased. “And, if we were, I would be proud as a peacock with a full plume of feathers to show off my love and desire for the sexiest female on this earth!”

I was unexpectedly rewarded for my explanation with several, hot, wet, slobbery kisses filled with the passion of reciprocal love. After her love kisses, Lisa settled down to fix breakfast. I went out to water and feed the horses.

Breakfast was an uneventful meal. Lisa was uncomfortable in her skimpy, revealing attire, yet she giggled every time I glanced at her. I wanted a piece of breakfast-pussy and my girl knew it. About the time I got my hands inside this girl’s clothing, the ground began rumbling, dishes rattled, and our huge log house shuddered. Earthquake? We don’t get earthquakes in this part of the country! Yet, the radio confirmed that this very thing had happened.

Okay, now I needed to check the whole range. My sis insisted on coming so we each grabbed up a hat and headed out. Not long ago, I had bought a utility vehicle for the ranch. It was part 4-wheeler, part rail buggy, and a four-seat sport side-by-side. The machine boasted an 800cc high output engine mounted behind the back seat for a lower center of gravity. This all-wheel-drive system could speed Lisa and me over hazardous terrain and bring us home safely.

After two hours of finding no serious damage, I nearly overlooked the big hole in the ground. The earthquake had caused a sinkhole to appear in the sedimentary limestone near one of our best creeks. Nearly dry now, the creek desperately needed water. Miracle of miracles, the sinkhole had exposed an underground spring gushing with thousands of gallons of watery liquid!

Our 4-wheeler couldn’t make it down into the sinkhole, but Lisa and I were able to scramble down inside. Parched by thirst, we each cupped water from an Olympic-sized pool of knee-deep water. “Let’s swim,” I announced. “Let’s go skinny dipping!”

Hot from the dry summer heat, Lisa was eager to acquiesce. I watched as she lost her (my) shirt and then her designer shorts. Nude, we two splashed into the watery depths. We frolicked and played, we groped and fondled, and we hugged and kissed. There was some kind of thick clay mud which stuck between our toes and covered our hands if we touched the banks.

After a bit, I sat on the bank alone just so I could watch my sis’ exuberance. Why I did it, I don’t know, but I began coating my hardened cock with some of the slippery mud. Lisa noticed and came over to inquire, “What are you doing, Jack, making a mold of your penis?”

I chuckled, but my mischievousness was awakened. “Nope, Sis,” I answered. “I’m gonna make an impression of the insides of your asshole!”

Oh shit, I regretted my words as soon as I let them slip out. Lisa and I talked dirty, yet we were never overtly vulgar. I noticed the tears in my girl’s eyes, so I grabbed her hand and sat her in my lap. “I’m sorry, honey,” I sincerely apologized. “It just slipped out.”

Lisa’s arms went around my body and she fought against openly weeping. I held her tightly trying to reassure her that my intentions were honorable. Time passed slowly. I watched the lazy waters of our hidden oasis disappearing back into a limestone hole at the far end of the pool. If only that hole could be closed…if…dynamite!

“Jack?” my sis unpredictably queried. “We have had oral sex. We have had vaginal, penile sex. But, we have not had…anal sex. Do you want to? Was that remark about the insides of my…asshole, a Freudian Slip? I would do it for you. Okay? After all, I am curious, too…I think. It ‘is’ very perverted!”

Whether or not it was ‘okay’, I couldn’t say at that moment in time. I led my girl into the water and we washed off all the mud. A huge, flat stone lay at the side of the pool. I led my fresh-washed sis over to the rock and had her lie on it face down. By kneeling behind her in the water, I had the tip of my cock positioned in a perfect ass-fucking position.

Assholes are dry. They need lubrication. Aroused pussies are wet. They have lubrication in abundance. So, over the ass and between Lisa’s legs my horny, hard cock did go. I found the entrance to her abundantly wet pussy and plunged the entire length of my erection into it. Oh goodness, did my erectile rod ever get sopping wet! After several more fucking plunges, I withdrew my cock and put the head against Lisa’s puckered asshole.

Pushing gently, my cockhead popped in. My erection was gripped by a vise that was ever tightening and pulling. My super-wet cockshaft slipped halfway in without me telling it to. Lisa groaned. Was it pain or pleasure? “Are you sure, Sis?” I whispered.

No answer. Finally, I saw a nod indicating submissive consent. I wasn’t this young lady’s master and I didn’t want blind submission from her, yet when my sis pushed her butt back towards me, I plunged my cockshaft all the way in to its hilt inside her ass. With pussy-juice lubrication, I ass- fucked my sister with about half a dozen quick thrusts.

By god this wasn’t what I wanted and if I really knew my sis, then she didn’t want this either! So, I remove my cock from her ass and inserted it deep within her pussy where it belonged. Now ‘home’, my cock displayed its joy by penetrating the pussyhole it loved with more than a dozen jackrabbit-quick, jackhammer-hard thrusts. Invigorated by vaginal delights, I began cumming and Lisa did, too.

Oh god, pussy-fucking my sister is my favorite thing in this world to do! My shaved cock slapped into this girl’s deep, hot, wet vaginal hole and my testicle sack smacked into her pubic flesh as well as grating on the stone she was lying upon. Instead of discomfort, I felt the immense pleasure of orgasmic euphoria.

Lisa was squealing with the same delight. This young lady’s feminine body radiated the heated arousal of wanton pleasure. She knew that seminal seeds were shooting into her fertile womb, yet she gave it no worry. When the twin sins of lust and love conjoin then watch out reason and move out of the way common sense!

Okay, time for bathing again. This pool’s cool water did little to dispel the ardor my sis and I felt for each other. Even under the spring’s coldwater shower, our passion burned hot as fire. By god, even if the Almighty himself were to tell this girl and me that our incestuous relationship was ‘wrong’, I would answer, “Then why did you allow us to love each other so much?”

[3] Dynamite and Temptation

After redressing, Lisa and I scrambled out of the sinkhole and took our places in our vehicle. I turned the key, the engine fired, and my powerful cross-country chariot carried us away. Avoiding the straight line home, I headed for the towering mounds in the distance. I knew there was a gap in those hills that the 4X4 tires of this sturdy buggy could traverse. As the crow flies, Morgan City was only a few miles farther on.

We topped out on a peak with an undisturbed view for more than a dozen miles. “Stop, Jack!” Lisa protested. “Oh my god, you’re not going into town, are you?”

Lisa’s objection wasn’t entirely unexpected. After all, I did tell her that nobody would see her today but me. “I need a few of sticks of dynamite,” I explained.

“But…but, Jack,” my sis continued. “People can’t see me with my tits halfway exposed! And, oh god, my ass is nearly visible and I have a cum stain in front!”

I let my buggy’s engine idle while I struggled with whether or not to turn back or go on into town. “Sis, we have to dynamite the spring,” I said. “We desperately need the water. You can stay in this vehicle and nobody will notice anything.”

With her braless, tied up ranch shirt and her super-short cutoff Daisy Dukes, Lisa had a damn good reason for not being seen, yet she gave in and nodded her head. I sped on into our small, isolated hometown and pulled in behind the hardware store. I was in and out with my explosive load in quick-time. But, apparently not quick enough. Standing there beside our cross-country buggy was our nearest neighbor girl, Rachel Ramon.

Speaking of dynamite; why, Rachel was hotter than a red chili pepper on the 4th of July and more explosive than a pin-pulled grenade! I believed this young woman to be of bi-sexual orientation with a leaning towards the fairer sex. I had heard from a first-hand telling that my sis had lost her virginity to a double-ended dildo while playing with this same-age girl. And then there was the time a couple of weeks ago when I had an unplanned quickie with this neighborly hot tamale.

This wasn’t the time or place for remembrance, yet memories came anyway…

*** Rachel was a little bit skinny, yet I didn't mind. Hell, too many young women were letting themselves go nowadays and getting big asses! Rachel's long, sexy legs made her stride like a model across the patio out back. When she reached my chair, she stopped.

"Jack, there is something I want from you," she emphatically announced. This girl stepped out of her summer shorts pulling her panties off, too. When she removed her sleeveless tank top, there was no bra in sight.

Moving over to the metal garden table, Rachel hopped up on it and spread her legs. I watched in enthralled fascination. Instinct and horniness guided me to move my patio chair under the table into a perfect tit-sucking position. Luscious, spicy, nubile nipples swelled in my mouth as I vigorously sucked these mammary delicacies. Tittieflesh was victimized by my rapacious ravaging lust.

Moving back a bit, I threw Rachel onto her back on the table. My pussy-hungry lips kissed her swollen mound dozens of times. I parted her outer folds and then began sucking her tangy, tasty clit. Mmm, this girl’s cunt was hot, wet, and ready for action! My clothing slipped off with effortless ease. Without conscious knowledge, I was forming a pussyfucking plan in my mind.

My long, serpentine tongue descended into this young lady’s vaginal opening. Rachel moaned with pleasure as I played licky-kissy-sucky games with her pussy meat. Just before this delectable girl began to cum, I pulled her body from the table and sat her ass in my lap. Rising up, Rachel impaled her naked pussy onto my nude body’s stiffened erection.

Riding my cock like a demon from Hell, Rachel took complete control of the situation and in the ensuing minutes, she fucked my brains out! I clung to this hot-to-trot girl’s ass and rode a euphoric, orgasmic wave into pleasure-filled oblivion.

And, that was that! Short and sweet. Okay, so yes it was one of the best quickies I had ever had or hoped to get, yet any thought of a repeat performance was now ruled out because of my love for Lisa! Hopefully, my sister’s love for me would help her avoid the temptation of our alluring female neighbor’s seductive attention.

“Lisa Rivers, is that you sitting there like that?” Rachel incredulously asked. “Oh god, you look soooo delicious in your tramp outfit!”

Lisa’s face blushed and she glared at me with an embarrassed, I-told-you-so look. Yes, she had told me someone would see her if I brought her into town. And, it seems like she was correct in her assumption.

“God, your tits are beautiful,” Rachel declared. “May I touch one?”

Without permission, the hottie girl reached into Lisa’s shirt and cupped one of her breasts. My sis slapped the hand away so forcefully Rachel seemed stunned.

“Jack, make her stop,” Lisa cried.

Oh what a delicate situation this was. If not for the fact that we were exposed to the public eye here, we could perhaps handle this better. Yet, as it was, I was sort of caught between a rock and a hard place.

“Lisa, why are you asking Jack to help you?” Rachel inquired. “Jack is only your brother and we are… Oh god, Jack is MORE than your brother!”

Before another word was said, Rachel unceremoniously rammed her hand into Lisa’s skimpy denim shorts. Several of her long, slim fingers found the vaginal opening they sought and entered. Finding slippery moisture, the fingers came out coated with…a familiar substance.

Withdrawing her hand from my sister’s pants, Rachel stuck her fingers into her mouth and tasted them. “Oh shit, that’s cum!” the girl confirmed. “It’s yours, isn’t it Jack? I recognize a certain essence I tasted a couple of weeks ago. You have been sticking your cock into your sister’s pussy, haven’t you?”

At first, I made no confirmation or denial. I wanted my loving relationship with Lisa to be our business only and that of nobody else. Yet, Rachel was too close to our situation for comfort. “So what if I have?” I finally admitted.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Rachel beamed. “Hey, I’m the last one to be judgmental. I’ve had a little bit of both of you and I know you both are ‘good’! Oh my, I have an idea. Let’s have a threesome! Are you up for it?”

If this had been three or four days ago then the idea of having a threesome would have had a great deal of appeal. But the problem then was that I hadn’t yet realized the fact that fucking your sister was not only acceptable, but also very good. I had no idea then that I could love Lisa or that she could love me.

Now here comes a serious test of brother and sister love. I think I’d rather put it as a test of a man and a woman’s love and commitment. Could we pass the seduction test of a sexy young woman we had both known intimately?

“I’m out,” I heard my voice answer. “Thanks for the offer, Rachel, but I have all the woman I want already!”

“Me, too,” Lisa eagerly added. “I mean, I have all the man I want and all the sex I can handle!”

Rachel’s countenance indicated disappointment. Yet, she seemed buoyed by another thought. “Okay, maybe some other time?” she suggested. “You two have given me an idea. I have brothers at home and I betcha I can get me all the threesome cock I want from them!”

[4] Water, Water, Piss & Vinegar

I took a seat back in our off-road buggy and started the engine. Before I could engage the transmission, I found myself the victim of a hugging and kissing attack from the young lady sitting in the seat next to me. Completely ignoring the fact that we were still publicly exposed, my sis displayed her feelings for me.

“Oh Jack, I love you so much for saying ‘no’ to Rachel’s advances,” Lisa whispered. “I’ll make it up to you. I’m gonna fuck you like a crazy woman when we get home! Mister, you’re not gonna be able to walk when I get through with your beautiful cock!”

I smiled and then winked. “Babe, you also said ‘no’, so that walking situation is gonna work both ways,” I teased.

We left the wake of a dust trail behind us as we sped for the hills and home. Driving over the rough terrain was made quite a bit more difficult because Lisa kept on trying to get her hands in my pants. At one time, she had my penis pulled out for a few minutes. Acting as if she were a circus contortionist, she somehow managed to lean over and suck my erection. This gorgeous cockteaser had already learned just how far she could manhandle my meat without making me cum.

At the summit of the hills, I heard a lilting feminine voice say, “Stop!”. When my vehicle stopped, Lisa added to my sexual lust by untying her shirt and letting her breasts spill out. The untied ranch shirt slithered off her back. “Go on now,” she said knowing full well that she was going to get raped pretty damn quick if she insisted on mercilessly tempting me. Even so, she added, “I just want to get a little sun on my tits.”

An old saying came to my mind. It was actually a phrase used to express an attitude of someone that is full of youthful energy, vigor, rowdiness, or boisterous excitement. “Sis, I’m not sure what’s done it, but you sure are full of Piss & Vinegar today!” I joked.

My quick-witted sis responded, “Well, I certainly did piss on you!”

Joking aside, I ran a hand into my sister’s shorts and grabbed a handful of hot, wet vagina. Awkwardly, I managed to pull her special-cut pants off. “Hey Sis, you might as well get a little sun on that pussy I shaved this morning while you’re at it!” I mocked.

Taking all in jest, Lisa rode all the way back to the big hole in the ground naked as a jaybird. Together, we set the dynamite charges and then ran for our lives. The exit hole for the water flowing into the sinkhole collapsed and a deep gully ran straight to our main creek. By my best estimate, about one thousand gallons of much-needed springwater ran each minute into our creek. Our summer livestock was now saved!

Lisa’s piss & vinegar attitude lasted through our evening meal. Again and again, she mercilessly teased me with sexual innuendo and unspoken promises. I could be patient, but I was beginning to wonder just when that crazy cockfucking woman was gonna come out. Speaking of that, here she came!
“Jack, so far today, we have screwed on the bathroom pot and we have screwed on a sinkhole rock,” my lover announced. “I hope we can now get into our own unlawfully wed bed and make love like a married man and wife do. Don’t worry, you will still get your brains fucked out and you will awaken tomorrow with a sore cock!”

Lisa and I took a long bubble bath together. We delighted in our shared nudity and we played splishy-splashy bathtub games. Nudity is a great stimulus for lust, yet love is the best motivation ever. After our stimulating bath was done and we had dried each others body, I scooped up my young lover and carried her to the bed where our day had begun.

Without ceremony, I pitched my lover, my I-wish-it-were-so wife, onto our bed. I held out my hand in a gesture of introduction and said, “Hi Lisa, I’m Jack, but I have no relation to Jack B. Quick, so I’ll be taking my time with you.”

Lisa giggled merrily and held out her hand to take mine. A mischievous twinkle gleamed in her eyes. She pulled me into the bed beside her, smiled, winked, and playfully whispered, “Hi Jack, I’m soooo glad you’re not going to ‘b’ too ‘quick’!”

So, I wasn’t quick. I wasn’t quick at all. For the next two hours, Lisa and I frolicked and played in our big four-poster bed. We kissed insistently. We tickled and teased. Yesterday, I had discovered a spot just under each breast that was especially ticklish. Lisa giggled with glee as I mercilessly tickled those spots.

I knew my newfound love thoroughly enjoyed having her breasts kissed and her nipples sucked. I nibbled and bit on the luscious pink nubs until they glowed with the blushing passion of ripening strawberries. My woman wiggled and squirmed with delight.

When my mouth trailed down my sis’ belly, I found a womanly pussy pulsating with eager expectation. With my fingers spreading the puffy vaginal folds, my lips and mouth attacked her clit. As I well knew, the color of her clit was a variant of the pink of her nipples. I kissed and suckled this wondrous female jewel. My tongue flicked and licked this pretty pink feminine treasure in a frenzy of lustful amusement. Lisa began to continuously mutter, “Oh Jack that feels so good!”

After a little more pussysucking, Lisa squirmed out from under me, forced me to my back, and took hold of my cock. She squeezed, tugged, and played with my stiffened male member. At first, she played gently, but getting into a rough rhythm, she played more aggressively. I suppose I had good reason for thinking that she was making up for years of lost cock-play time.

Lisa’s manipulating hands stopped playing with my erection and she looked at it with greedy eyes. Her voice quivered shyly as she said, “Jack, you kissed, and sucked, and ate my pussy, so Mister, I’m going to kiss, and suck, and eat your cock!”

So, that’s just what my lover sis did. She kissed and sucked my rigid rod with a ravenous hunger I couldn’t believe. Ecstatic joy flowed from my loins and into my fast-beating heart. After a while, I had to stop my woman’s energetic oral manipulations. Hell, I was about to cum! Good god, I didn’t want to spill my seeds into her mouth; I wanted to plant them inside her cunt!

With this thought in mind, I flipped Lisa to her back in the bed and mounted her with the same undeniable lust as a wild stag in the woods would have when mounting a doe in heat. This was the first time today my love and I had actually had sex in the good old-fashioned missionary style, but heck, who says missionaries can’t have a hell of a good time in bed, too!

I planted my seeds inside the place they belonged. Lisa and I grunted and groaned joyfully. We whimpered and cried as orgasms locked our loins in blissful contentment. Deep, wicked, wanton pleasure was ours to share for as long as we could. It seemed like we were cumming for a long, long time, when in fact we were living in a netherworld of euphoric sexual excitement which had no possible end.

Yet, an end eventually came. I held a soft, effervescent, eager-to-love young woman in my arms as the sun set in the western sky. Whispered endearments were all we each heard until our ears became attune to an unusual murmuring sound coming from outside. Uncertain as to what lurked in the moonlight’s glow, we dared not disturb it. The mystery was solved as soon as we realized that the gurgling sound was actually the babbling waters of the spring-fed creek running past our home. We had done a good day’s work finding the spring and saving our ranch.

So now, we slumbered. Just a little while later, I was roused by the click of a switch and the glare of a light. Nude girl Lisa stood in all her birthday-suited beauty at the entrance to the bathroom. “I’ve gotta pee,” was what she said.

Remembrances of our hair-shaving morning and pissy-pot adventures rushed to my mind. “Need any help?” I teased.

“Jack, I thought you’d NEVER ask!” was the cockteasing woman’s reply.

Yesiree, my blue-eyed lady is full of Piss & Vinegar, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

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