I Did My Brother
Chapter One:

My name’s Marcy. I’m twenty five years old and work in a lingerie store just around the corner from where I live. I have long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m pretty short, 5’3”. I have no problem with it and guys seem to really like it. I have a pretty tight ass and tits that fill up my hands. Although I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t seem to have any problem getting guys. I suppose being a slut might have something to do with that.
This story kind of explains what led up to me and my brother having sex. It happened about four years ago; I was twenty-one and my brother Brian, had just turned eighteen.
I have a small apartment in L.A. now and Brian had come out from Virginia to visit ―That’s where my family’s from. But I guess I should really start when we were a lot younger; Brian was around 11, ready to turn 12 and I was fourteen.
We’ve always gotten along really good. When he was younger, I always teased him about being a skinny runt and about any girlfriends he might’ve had at the time. I called him “Spaghetti boy” and then later on ―“Pencil Dick.” He always called me “Slut Girl” or “Slut Face” because I had a lot of boyfriends.
We’d go to movies together, play board games, and throw popcorn at each other while we watched TV together. Sometimes we’d even wrestle around on the floor. I kicked his ass most of the time.
Anyway―My brother was constantly spying on me when we were kids. Picking the lock on the bathroom door and bursting in when I was in the tub―Trying to get a look at my tits―Stuff like that. I even found one of those plastic milk crates on the ground outside the bathroom window once.
I never told our parents about any of this stuff because I didn’t want to get him in trouble. I guess it just didn’t bother me that much. Soon enough, I found out that his favorite thing was to hide in my closet while I was getting ready for bed.
One night he was hiding in my closet while I was getting my pajamas on. This particular night I was dancing in front of the mirror with just my bottoms on and I was playing around with my tits. You know, holding them up and then letting them drop, watching them jiggle, pushing them together, wondering if they were gunna get any bigger. Normal stuff.
A lot of times, when I fooled around like that, my nipples got really sensitive and I’d end up playing with them. I’d tickle them with my fingertips, make little circles around them. Sometimes I’d even spit on my finger and rub it all over my nipples. I loved the way that felt and I’d really get aroused watching myself in the mirror.
This night was one of those nights. When I was done playing around and feeling my tits and everything, I turned off my light―That left only a small night light that was plugged in near my bed―climbed into bed, got comfortable, and started to play with myself. I really liked doing that. I still do.―I’ve been rubbing my coochie since I was twelve.
Anyway― When I was finally done with all that, I covered up and rolled over to go to sleep. After lying there a few minutes, I heard a noise in the closet.
“Oh my god!” I thought. “That little son-of-a-bitch!” He’s was hiding in the closet again. He’d been waiting for me to fall asleep so he could sneak back to his room. I was so embarrassed; embarrassed and pissed off.
I quietly got up and snuck quietly to my closet door. I flipped the light switch and slid the closet door open at the same time, ready to kick his stupid little ass. To my shock ―And somewhat delight too as it turned out ―I caught him standing there with his pajama bottoms down around his knees and his hand on his hard little dick. He was jerking off! His face turned beat red. He pulled his pajamas up and ran out of my room like a shot.
I wasn’t so embarrassed after catching him doing the same thing he’d seen me doing. I figured he wouldn’t tell anybody what he’d seen me doing for fear that I’d open my mouth about him too.
He avoided me for like four days. That’s about the time I started to call him “Pencil Dick” and he started to call me “Slut Girl”.

I started checking my closet every night before I got ready for bed after that. About two months later, I check my closet and―Wouldn’t ya know it―there he was again. I noticed right away that there was already a tent in the front of his pajamas.
“Well, look at you.” I giggled.
He looked down, covered his little boner with his hands, and tried to run past me but I stuck my arm out before he could get by.
I asked him where he thought he was going.
He tried to go around me. I pushed him out of the way, shut my door, and leaned against it so he couldn’t get out.
“What’s your hurry Pencil Dick?”
He looked like he was gunna either piss himself or start crying.
“You like watching so much huh. . .What-a-ya say I watch YOU for a change?”
He stood there just staring at me.
“What’s the matter, shit head, embarrassed?”
“Let me out.” He demanded.
I guess I was being pretty mean but I was trying to teach him a lesson. I was trying to make it so he wouldn’t try hiding in my closet anymore.
“I’ll let you out when we’re even.”
“What do ya mean…Even?”
“Well, you watched me doing it. . .So now let me watch YOU.”
I was trying to show him how I’d felt when he’d spied on me.
His eyes got real big. He certainly didn’t expect THAT. And I didn’t really expect him to drop his pajamas and jerk off either. He looked at me for a long second and to my amazement ―He says, “And then you’ll let me out?”
“He’s not gunna. . .” I thought to myself. “Yeah…” I nodded my head real slow, not sure of what he was gunna do, “…Sure.” I told him, not really sure what I was expecting.

That was the first time I’d ever seen my brother’s dick. I mean, “Really see it”. He shamelessly pulled his pajamas down until his little boner was sticking straight out. It was pretty thin and about four inches long I guessed. I just stood there like an idiot and watched him grab hold of it. I couldn’t believe it. I remember thinking― “Holy shit! He’s doing it!”
I thought that maybe he was gunna―You know―Jerk it a few times and put it away so I’d let him go. I was more than a little surprised when he stood there and started to actually play with himself, right in front of me! And it’s not like I couldn’t see very good. He was right in front of me; three feet away. I wasn’t sure what to do; I just stood there. I’d never seen a guy jerk off before. Hell, I was only fourteen. I was fascinated. I let him go on for a few minutes and then I finally asked him if he wanted to sit down and do it. At this point I really wanted to watch.
I don’t think either one of us was thinking about him “Escaping”. I never even considered that our Mom or Dad could just walk right in.
He walked right over to my bed, jumped up on it, and started to jerk off again like it was no big deal. Well I thought it WAS a pretty big deal. I was really surprised he was so willing to do something like that.
“You don’t mind doing that in front of me?”
“No…not really, should I stop?” He stopped moving his hand but he didn’t let go of his little pencil dick.
“Well the last time I caught you in my closet, you ran out of here like my room was on fire.”
“I wasn’t sure what you were gunna do. But I figured that since you TOLD me to do it. . . . . .I figured. . . . . .What the heck, ya know?”
So that’s what I figured too―What the heck? So I told him to go-a-head if he wanted to. I sat down on my bed a few feet away and watched my little brother jerking off. I was fascinated. I stretched my neck a little so I could get a better look and I sat there and watched him do it. I felt all jittery and stuff. The whole thing only took about ten or fifteen minutes.
“Tissues!” He called out. I reached over to my night table, snatched a few tissues, and handed them to him. He started to put them over the tip of his dick―You know, to catch his cum. Well, I’d never seen anyone cum before. I guess back then, it never even accrued to me that he might be too young to actually CUM. What did I know? I just assumed that guys came right out of the mothers all ready to go. Go figure.
“Don’t cover it.” I told him that I wanted to see when it comes out.
We both watched. A few seconds later, one thin, clear squirt of cum shot out onto my floor; then a little more came out and dripped onto his pajamas. I was pretty amazed. When I saw it shoot out, I felt a little…pucker…between my legs.
I watched him wipe the head of his little pecker off with the tissues I’d given him and dab up the little bit on his pajamas, then I shifted my eyes to the little wet spot on my floor.
Well―Brian just stands up and pulls his pajama pants up like it’s no big deal, “Can I go now?” He says as if it was the most natural thing in the world―Like sitting down and jerking off in front of your sister was perfectly acceptable. I thought that was kinda cool.
I was…Moved…to say the least. “Um, yeah, yeah…ah…ga head.” I told him still looking at the wet spot on the carpet.
I couldn’t wait for him to leave now. I was pretty excited and I wanted to play with myself. The door was no sooner shut before I turned the light off and jumped into bed. I was already wet when I started to rub my pussy.
I found the whole experience pretty darn stimulating to say the least. I thought about it a lot; especially the nights I would rub my coochie. The more I thought about it, the more I thought I wanted to watch him do it again.
Well―It took a while but I finally got what I wanted.
Some months later―I’m not sure how many but I remember I had just turned fifteen. Our parents had gone to a party and we were alone in the house. I was ready to go up in my room and get ready for bed. I don’t know why…I guess I was just feeling kinda crazy and I was tired of just thinking about my little brother jerking off… I wanted to see him do it again. …I announced to Brian I was getting ready to go upstairs and asked him―As if I was joking but I really wasn’t…if he wanted me to wait long enough for him to go hide in my closet.
He smiled, “You want me too, don’t you?” He asks me. I was a little surprised at the question. How had he known? Was I that transparent? I wasn’t immediately sure how to answer that. I felt myself blush. I mean, I really DID want him to go upstairs and………You know…Jerk off again. I didn’t really see the need for him to hide in my closet. I mean what was the point in hiding now? I still wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about him watched me go through my almost nightly ritual of dancing and playing with my titties and everything but I was positive that I wanted to see HIM do it again but didn’t know how to just come right out and say that.
“I don’t care if you do or not.” I said as nonchalantly as I could.
“Well then…Yeah.” He tells me with this huge smile. “Give me a few minutes.”
I’m just stunned at this point. In hind-sight, it was easy to see that this was the pivotal point. The seed had been planted and I was the hoe that was tilling the ground. But back then, I didn’t realize where this all was heading. I watched him leap up off the couch, ran past me and shoot up the steps. I remember just standing there staring at the steps, wondering what was happening. It was a lot to take in all at once.
I was all “Butter flies in the stomach” and pretty shocked he’d taken me up on my “Offer”, but all and all, I found the whole thing pretty exciting. Was I expected to go up to my room and put on some kinda show? And then what; get undressed, lay on my bed and play with myself? Then what? Would he just DO IT? Would I have to ask him to?
I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I was certainly ready and willing to find out I guess. I went upstairs knowing SOMETHING was gunna happen and I liked the way it made me feel; all pins and needles and jittery.
I was so nervous walking up the steps. I couldn’t believe it…I actually started giggling. I walked into my room, turned the light on, and looked towards the closet. I could see that one door was slid open about three inches. I didn’t open it or look inside; I just stared to get undressed.
My whole body was trembling. I’d never done anything like this. I’d never even thought about doing something this; I mean, touching myself, knowing that someone was watching me, putting on a SHOW. As it turned out, I really liked the way it made me feel. As I was taking off my pants, I wondered if I should turn the light off like I normally did before hoping in bed or if maybe I should just leave it on. To my surprise, the thought of playing with myself in front of my brother was really getting me excited. I decided, when the time came, I would just leave the light on.
I made sure I was facing the closet when I pulled my shirt and bra off. I stood there for a few seconds looking at the gap in the door. I couldn’t see my brother at all. I wondered if he was even in there. I just assumed he was and went on with what I was doing.
I turned to the mirror and started to massage my tits; watching the closet door in the reflection as I did it. There was a lot less dancing around now and more touching and caressing. It was a lot less playing and more, much more…Sexual. It had never felt quite like that before. I’d noticed my nipples were hard as marbles the instant I got my shirt off and I could feel that my little pussy was already hot and getting moist. This whole ‘Act’ was really doing a number on me. My stomach was quivering and I could feel my hands were actually trembling a little bit as I touched myself.
Instead of wetting my fingertips in my mouth as I’d always done before, I pushed my little tittie up towards my mouth, craned my neck down and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. My hot breath on my tittie seemed to send shocks directly to my coochie. And when my tongue finally slid over my nipple, I gasped. I quickly flicked my tongue back and forth over the hardness of each little bud in turn, simply amazed at the feeling. I wanted terribly to suck the whole thing into my hot mouth but just couldn’t manage it. For the time being, I’d forgotten all about my brother. I moved closer to the mirror and watched myself licking and fondling my own breast.
To this day I still love it. Sometime I lick and massage my own tits for as much as an hour before I get my vibrator and make myself cum. No one seems to do it quite as good as me.
Anyway…It wasn’t long before I’d gotten myself so hot that I needed to hurry to bed. I snuck a quick look towards the closet before I climbed onto my bed. I had nothing on except my white cotton panties. I settled in and took a deep breath to steady myself. I was so nervous and anxious at the same time. I just couldn’t believe what I was doing and how it all was making me feel.
I wondered if Brian was liking it as much as I was, ya know? My whole body was one big series of warm, rolling waves. It felt so amazing. I was breathing pretty heavy when I finally slid my hand down into my panties. I was unbelievably wet. That was pretty new to me. I’d been wet plenty of times before, but never like this. “Holy shit!” I thought to myself. “This is really getting me hot.”
My finger slipped right in. I remember vividly how good it felt. The feeling made me suck in a hard, quick breath. I held it until my fingers were soaked with my juices. I slid my other hand down to rub my little clit. It was so sensitive; I unconscious jerked my hips and sucked in air each time I diddled it with my fingertips. At some point shortly after, I noticed I’d started to breathe through my mouth.
I was getting into it so much that I did something I didn’t normally do. After all, I wasn’t used to having anybody watch me doing this. I took my panties off, threw them on the floor, and spread my legs open really wide. I was determined to give my little brother a show he’d never forget.
{As it turned out―He never did forget it.}
I heard something in the closet when I did that. I glanced at the closet door; it was open a few more inches. I figured Brian wanted a better look. He’d never really SEEN my pussy before. {At least not that I knew of} I doubted he’d ever seen any girl’s pussy at that point. I mean, he’d watched me play with myself, but it was pretty dark and I’d always had my panties on.
I dropped one leg over the side of my bed to give him the best view I could. I found that knowing he was watching me really inspired me. Finally―After doing it for a while―I just told Brian to come out. I wanted very badly to watch HIM do it too.
“You might as well just sit on the bed and watch if ya want.” I’d said.
He popped right out of the closet. I instinctively closed my legs without thinking. When I saw him trying to look between them, I slowly opened them again. I can’t even describe THAT feeling; spreading my legs so my brother could see my coochie. I got such a rush actually watching him watch me; seeing him there in my room…while I was masturbating.
He had his pajama bottoms on again and he didn’t even try to hide the boner he had. He climbed up on the foot of the bed; his eyes never strayed from between my legs.
“You really like watching me, don’t ya?”
He shook his head ‘Yes’ and pushed down on the front of his PJ’s with his hands.
I fingered myself for another minute or so before I finally asked my little brother if he wanted to do it.”
His mouth dropped open. You’d of thought I asked him to fuck me in the ass……With a CHAIR.
“To you!!!” He screeched.
My stomach flip/flopped and a shiver shot up my spine when he asked that. That had never entered my mind.

{Looking back, I’m not really sure why I didn’t think of that at the time. In hindsight, it would seem to be the natural progression of things, ya know? I mean, we had watched each other do it. It doesn’t seem like such a big step to doing it to each other. And I was certainly excited enough. Go figure.}

“No silly, We can do it to ourselves and watch each other.”
I didn’t have to say it twice. He pulled his PJ’s down in a flash and started jerking himself off right there at the foot of my bed. I have to admit, watching him do that while I was doing it too, was mind-blowing. I was really, really hot between my legs and for the first time, I was so wet that I could actually hear the squishy sounds my fingers made going in and out of my pussy. And for reasons I couldn’t fathom back then, I couldn’t seem to get my fingers in deep enough.
“Turn around a little.” I told him. “Face me so that I can see too.”
He spun around on my bed facing me, spread his legs further apart, and started to jerk off again. It only took a few minutes before Brian came. There was a lot more than last time. He started shooting cum all over my bedspread like a little monkey.
I remember gasping when I felt some of his cum hit my thigh ― It was really hot. That was also the very first time I thought about him cumming on me…On purpose, I mean; first time I thought about having him jerk off on me. Something about that seemed to really excite me. I think it was just “Cum” in general. I liked it. I like it now. The feel of it, the smell… …the taste.
Anyway―My legs started to quiver when I saw that he was cumming. That had never happened before either but at that point I was in no shape to gather any Pre’s and Post.s data on orgasms. If my mom and dad had walked in on us at the very moment, {With Grandma and grandpa} I’m not sure I could have stopped the lift off. We were GO!
I pushed my fingers…Three of them…deeper into my aching pussy then I think I’d ever done before-and I held them there, pushing, biting my lip and jerking my butt with these tiny, little jerks. I could feel my heart beating, pounding, somewhere deep down in my coochie; it was making my head spin and I was actually, border-lined scared of a split second. I simply wasn’t exactly sure what was happening to me. I’d played with my coochie plenty of times and it felt great……But this was nothing like that. This was intense to say the least.
I didn’t realize right then, that that was the first orgasm I’d ever had.
Brian watched me until I finally relaxed and my hands fell to my sides.
“You OK?” “I think so.” “That was so cool!” “I know, right!” I whispered. I could barely talk at first. I was still a little out of breath. “We should do this more.” He shook his head like I’d just suggested we go to Disney Land…in a Snickers truck with an ice-cream truck in tow. I leaned up and surveyed the area, “That’s a lot!” I said to him when I noticed how much he’d cum on my bed. “A lot more than last time.”
“I know. It felt a lot better too…” He says with a smile the seemed to hit opposite walls of my small room.

There was quite a bit on my legs too. I couldn’t help reaching down with my “Dry” hand and touching a little glob of it. I remember marveling at the way it felt; slippery and warm. I rubbed it all over my thigh without even thinking about it, just wondering what it would feel like. Even back then I was in love with cum; I just didn’t know it yet.
“Hit the road Spaghetti Boy.” I told him. “I gotta clean this mess up.” I says while I’m still smearing his cum on my thigh.
He jumped off my bed, “Look, none on me.” He tells me. “I know. You shot it all over ME!” “I know…” He looked at my legs and giggled. “…I’m sorry about that.” I told him it was OK. “I think…I kinda liked it.” I confessed.

His whole stupid little face was lit up like it was X-mass. You would have thought the boy had figured out a way to shit money or something. “That was really cool Marcy.” He tells me. Then he thanks me and runs out of my room. When he was gone, I brought the hand I was spreading my little brother’s cum around with up to my nose and smelled it. “Hum.” I brought it to my mouth. I was curious what it would tasted like. I put my fingers in my mouth. There was so little on my fingers that I couldn’t really taste it. I scooted up to the mess Brian left on my bedspread and managed to scoop up a little glob on my fingers. I brought them to my mouth again and licked them clean. I smacked my lips and swallowed, getting my first taste of cum.
Needless to say, I really liked it. I’d heard girls talking about doing stuff like that plenty of times and I decided then and there that I wanted to find out what it would be like to blow somebody and let them cum in my mouth. I didn’t have anyone in particular in mind at the time, but I knew I wanted to try it; to see what it would be like.

That was one of the things I used to think about when I played with myself after that night. I thought that if I wanted to bad enough, that Brian would probably be more than happy to volunteer.

{I finally got to do that to someone―Well, I didn’t actually blow the guy, but I jerked him off into my mouth―But that’s a whole different story.}

Brian and I did that… Played with ourselves in front of each other, I mean…whenever we could manage to do it after that. We were always really, really careful when we did it. We only did it when we were sure we were alone in the house. There was one time we did it in the woods on our way home from school…Boy was that a rush…but that wasn’t something we did a lot of.
As much as I wanted to do other stuff…I thought a lot about giving him a blow job while he ate me out. You know, 69…I was kinda afraid to suggest anything like that. I mean, it was bad enough we were doing what we were doing, ya know? I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if we got caught going down on each other. I always assumed Brian pretty much felt the same way because he never said anything about going any further.
He’s grown up a lot since then.

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