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Ever since I was 15 I was obsessed with panties, and this obsession soon led me to one of the greatest events of my highschool years. I was already sniffing panties as often as I could because I had alot of friends that were girls. I would find a way to sneak into their rooms, and sniff their panties, occasionally I would get horny enough to masturbate with them and cum into them. But one day, this all changed.

When I was in highschool, my girl "best freind" was the single hottest girl I've ever met. She had a sexy body, a nice ass and perfect tits. I tried to get her to be my girlfreind countless times but she insisted we stayed friends. One night while at her house, I left my phone in her room on purpouse when I went downstairs to leave. As we got outside, I told her I left my phone in her room, so I went to go get it. As I climbed her stairs all I could think about was to get a pair of panties in my face, get her sweet pussy sent in my nose, and her soft underwear on my cock. I was rock hard.

As soon as I got into her room I lifted her hamper open, and found exactly what I was looking for.. A blue pair of satin panties that were freshly worn. I immediately put them to my face and got that unforgettably amazing smell in my nose, licked them and finally put them on my penis and came into them almost instantly. Suddenly, the door flew open and there she was standing in the doorway wondering if I found my phone, and Im here with my cock out pouring my cum into her panties. At first she seemed pissed, and I was so embarrassed, but as soon as I said sorry, she told me not to be and at this time I noticed that she was starting to pull off her sweatpants and I could see her lacy black thong coming into view.

I asked her what she was doing but she didn't reply and walked towards me and my still hard cock and started pushing her tounge deep into my mouth and I did the same to her. I couldnt beleive this was happening. she soon was down to her thong and a matching bra showing off her amazing tits and pushed me onto her bed strattling me. My cock was rubbing against her amazing ass as she grinded me and began to take off her panties and bra. Precum began to drip from my cock and I noticed she was wet too. She asked if I was ready and I told her Ive been ready.

She lifted herself up and slid my cock slowly into her moist pussy, inching down until I was completely inside of her. I asked if she was on the pill and she was. she started riding me and bouncing up and down, her tits bouncing in my face. Her asscheeks meeting my thighs, and I told her I was going to cum. She stopped and turned reverse-cowgirl and caught some of her pussy juice and trarted to rum her little asshole with it. My heart started racing when she told me to put it in her ass. I asked if she was sure and she said of course, I wanted to cum too you know.. I guided my cock to her asshole and rubbed it around antil she begged me to put it in. I barely fit halfway into her but it felt great and she was moaning like crazy. After a while I was close to cumming, and it sounded like she was too. I could tell because her asshole was starting to grab my cock and convulse on it and this feeling was unreal. At the same time we both came and it was the greatest orgasm Ive ever had to this day. Afterwards we kissed for a long time, and she sucked me off, which made for my third orgasm of the night. She told me not to tell anyone ever, or shed tell everyone that she caught me jizzing in her panties. I agreed. This was the greatest day of my life so far. And Ill never forget it!

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2017-01-17 14:39:36
I always wank in my sister inlaws panties

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2015-05-04 17:15:58
I used to go sniff a girl best friends panties and cum in them too. I wished she caught me and played out this fantasy but doubt it would have happened this way.

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2011-11-09 20:02:19
i did the same except i never got caught and ive stolen several of her panties

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2011-09-15 16:45:10
like it, short and sweet. not an anal fan, but it works. and yes, why all the blank space at the end?

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2011-08-06 13:20:21
Why so much blank space after you finished the story?

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