His friend scores in beer pong and with his girl
Beer Pong Night

It was mid July in Long Island, New York. My girlfriend and me planned a last minute BBQ at my parent’s house. She invited her girlfriends and I invited my boys. The night was going good from the food and heavy drinking. We had two tables set up for beer pong. We were playing doubles and the games were uneven at times. My friend and neighbor Mike was doing well with his partner in beer pong. I was teamed up with my girlfriend. Throughout the matches Mike was winning and bragging about his wins. My girlfriend hated his cockiness and wanted to put an end to his wins. She was like “Come on babe we got this.” She whispered in my ear “Mike is being too cocky, we need to put an end to that!” My girl was being real competitive, she even motivated me by saying “I will suck your cock for 30 minutes straight if we beat him.” I was all for that, cause my girl looked really sexy that night. Let me describe, she is a tall Indian chick at 5’8 with long smooth legs. She has 36 C size tits and a slim tummy with a belly ring. Her hair is short black up to her neck, like David Beckham’s wife’s. This particular night she was wearing a black tank top (which showed good amounts of cleavage, especially when she bends), along with this nice denim skirt. This skirt hugged around her mid thighs. When she sat and crossed her legs, it seems the skirt goes higher. This would expose her thick smooth thighs (caramel complexion) and her legs looking long and sexy. I caught a couple of glances from the guys, but knew she is all mine.
So the beer pong match of my girlfriend and me against Mike and his partner was pretty close. The game was moving quickly in the beginning and I was doing well. But as the game was coming to a close, I couldn’t hit the last cup to win it. The end result was Mike hitting our last cup and we fell to defeat. My girl was annoyed that our friends witnessed our lost to Mike. She and Mike were trash talking throughout the game and after Mike won, he let her know it. He taunted her and posed in his victory stance.
We calmed down for a bit, we all were just talking. It was 12:30am and we all were thinking of playing flip cups next. All of a sudden, my dad’s in ground garden sprinklers goes off. The only person near the grass was Mike, his khaki shorts got wet. We all laughed at Mike. Mike was the only black kid at the BBQ, while the rest were all Indians like my girlfriend and me. It was amusing to see us all laugh at him; we all got some sort of revenge from before. He was pissed and headed to the front of my house, I thought. I didn’t care and was distracted at seeing my girl go inside my house. This was my chance to go get a quickie from her. I am sure she is horny and willing from the alcohol. Everybody usual gets freakier after drinking; I was one.
So I followed close behind to surprise her, but I stopped when I heard my girl laugh in the hallway. I crept to see why. She was laughing at Mike, she said “Oh somebody got too wet and wet his pants.” Mike was in my house looking for a towel to dry off. Mike brushed off my girl’s joke and asked for a towel. She stopped goofing around and helped in finding a towel in one of the closets. She met back with him in the bathroom. She handed the towel and watched him dry off. She smiled and shook her head in his agony. It was a small bathroom, her back was against the sink and Mike’s back was against the tub side. There were a few inches of separation for the two. She only had room to look up at him (Cause he was 6 feet tall), or look at his chest, or look down at him drying off his shorts. Well she decided to watch him dry off his shorts.
Mike grinned and said “I see you looking.” My girl said “At what?” He kept on saying the same thing. After a couple of times, my girl was fumed. He said, “I know you were scoping out my package.” My girl gasped at him implying that she was looking at his cock. Mike had a bulge forming in his wet khaki shorts, it was visible, but my girl was denying she saw it. He then said, “I totally see you looking. If you really want to see it… I will show ya.” With that comment he unzipped and whipped out his black bare cock. It was eight inches, not even hard yet. My girl’s jaw dropped from the shock he actually did that and I was too. They didn’t know I was there still. There was a brief silence, Mike broke off the silence saying “Since you seen mine, why don’t you show me something?” My girl was taken back from his confidence in his tone. He was playing with her, but her defense kicked in. She fought back saying “I wasn’t looking there at all, and I didn’t tell you to whip it out.” He countered with “Oh please, you were definitely looking at my cock. You want me to go around telling people you were staring at my shit.” She tries to speak to deny those accusations, but he would interrupt her and say the same stuff. He was being a brat and ignorant. When he noticed she stopped her attempts to speak, he also stopped. My girl simply looked him in the face and said “Your annoying! Do you know that?” She continued, “If this could make you stop being soo freakin annoying, so be it.” As she said that, she unbuttoned her button on the back of her skirt. Then she pulled the zipper in the back and began tugging down her denim skirt. Within seconds the skirt found its way down her thick thighs and long legs, she stepped out of them! She was now half naked with my half naked friend in a crowed bathroom.
She put her hands on her hips and asked “Happy now? Aren’t we even now?” Mike’s response was “Oh yeah, but turn around for me.” She did as asked and turned around. She placed her hands on the sink now. Her ass was looking nice and curvy in her purple thong for Mike. He said, “Damn, is that what my friend is tapping every night?” She joked and teased “Not every night.” I guess she said that to tease him or maybe give him an idea. He then boldly requested for her to take off her thong. She looked at him through the bathroom mirror and asked “what, why should I?” He just said that would be fair since he already showed his naked cock. My girl’s only logic for dropping her panties, was that she was already half naked with the thong and makes no difference. Before you know it, her purple thong was on the ground, which she pulled down. Mike just looked at her through the mirror with a big grin, and he started to approach her. As he came closer, he asked her “When I asked you to show me something, is there a reason why you took off your skirt?” When my girl realized his question and felt his cock rubbing against her ass cheeks, she responded, “Hey hey, it’s not what think.” She tried to move out of the way, but there was nowhere to move. I thought she felt it went too far and wanted to stop his advancements. I was about to step in, when Mike dropped the rest of his shorts and underwear. He then placed his left hand around my girl to hold the sink. His right hand was busy jerking and aligning his cock towards my girlfriend’s pussy. My girl couldn’t see the imminent attack. She was caught off guard with Mike now whispering in her ear, “Don’t you want to be cool with me and make peace instead of fighting all the time. At least for the sake of your boyfriend?” My girl just nodded, she was breathing hard. She was pinned against the sink and could feel the heat of his body. She was curious and then asked weakly “How could we make peace?” Mike only said “Like this!” That’s when I saw his 11-inch pecker slip inside my girl’s vagina lips! I wanted to shout out “No, watch out” to her. But I think my girl knew it was coming. My girl opened her eyes wide and said “Oh my God it’s big.” Mike’s reply was “Why thank you.” He laughed as he inserted more of his meat slowly into her. I think she knew he was going to penetrate her, but wanted to know if he would actually do it. He did and was almost balls deep inside of her. My girl didn’t move and embraced his girth inside of her pussy. She closed her eyes as Mike gripped her hips, she bend a little and the rest of his member went in. Balls deep and my girl let a moan escape her lips. Mike said “Damn girl your wet, I bet you needed some cock right about now, huh?” Her reply was shake of the head yes. Mike asked as he slowly stroked her insides “Ever been with a nigga before? Every wanted to try a black cock?” My girl’s eyes open and looking at Mike in a trance through the mirror. Mike looked down at his cock sliding in and out of her. He said “Damn shorty, I already see that white foam around my black cock.” My girl’s response was “Yes give it to me….Give me that big black cock of yours. I never had one inside of me.” Mike got her verbal approval and started to beating away at her pussy. Ball slapping against her ass filled the area. My Indian girlfriend was bent over doggie style and receiving a pounding from my black friend. It was so unreal to witness that in my own house. My parents were asleep upstairs with the a/c on and my girl was fucking someone else other than me. Her friends and my friends were outside and she was too busy boning my black friend. She was biting her lower lip and sticking out her ass to be taken by him. Mike was busy thrusting and talking dirty to her. He was saying all races are curious about doing black guys and she was one of them. He asked how his cock felt. Her replies were “Yes its good, it feels right. I love your size. If you keep fucking me like this we could be cool.” She would occasionally mention to hurry up cause people might show up. Mike tried to pull her tank top up and expose her tits. My girl didn’t want that cause it was too much work to cover up if someone did show up. She loved the action but was paranoid of someone being around. She chanted for Mike to cum for her “ Come on, give me that cum. I want your babies. Show me something other than your thrashing talking mouth.” Mike still attempted to expose her tits while he fucked her. She finally gave in, and raised her tank top above her breast along with her black bra. Her tits were out and were replaced by Mike’s big black hands. Her tits contained by his hands and it was still jiggling in them. Her ass cheeks had ripples from the hard fucking. My girl was panting in heat and Mike groaning from a close orgasm. In a way I am glad I had witnessed this, I had a feeling she wouldn’t be the one. We only been going out for six months, but were friends for six months before. It was some work to get her in relationship with me; she told she is not ready. She wanted to be single for a while cause she just got out of a relationship. She would mention before she is into bad boys that were cocky. I wasn’t one of them, but she gave me a chance. This action in front of me proved it all.
After a totally of 10 minutes of good fucking, Mike groaned “Here is my babies you little slut.” He was pumping his load inside of her. She was like “Yeah give it to me, oh I feel it. I feel you’re hot cum.” She was on the pill and didn’t mind dropping loads inside of her. He slowly pulled out with cum oozing out of her pussy and his cock. They both were breathing hard from the intercourse. My girl pulled her top down and went to squat on the toilet. She was peeing and letting his cum out of her pussy. She said while she wiped with a tissue “Damn you had a huge load.” Mike said “Sorry I didn’t jerk off in a while.” He then went up to her face while she sat on the toilet. He offered his cock to be sucked clean. She said “Oh hell no! I don’t suck cock after you fuck me.” He then wagered that she should suck his cock if he wins another beer pong match. She thought for a minute and asked with a smile “What’s in it for me?” Mike replied, “If you win, I will go down on you.” My girl agreed and said “Yeah I wouldn’t mind your trash talking mouth on my pussy. But I have to admit you are pretty good, better than my boyfriend. I am afraid I will end up sucking your cock tonight.” Then I saw them both get dressed, it was my cue to leave before they saw me.
I was back with the group of friends, shortly after I saw my new ex-girlfriend come out of the house. My friends gave me a look, like I did something with my girl inside of my house. Little did they know I was busy watching her fuck someone else. Mike joined the group five minutes later. My girl had guilty look when he came outside. Mike challenged me to a short six-cup game of beer pong. My girl urged me to play, and the crowd wanted the same. I went along and we started the match. I knew the outcomes of the match. I also envisioned my girl and him fucking throughout the game. I saw Mike’s devilish smile each time I missed the cup. My girl was descent and tried her best, but I was out of it. At the end was my turn, I had one cup to hit to force overtime. I knew if I missed, my supposed friend and neighbor would get a glorious blowjob from my girlfriend. The pressure was too strong and I felt light headed. I missed and the game was over. Mike was undefeated for the night. He got his balls inside my holes of my cups, and got his dick in balls deep into my girl’s vagina that night. He was the winner for the night, and winners walk away with the girl. I wanted to end the night, but our friends didn’t show any signs of leaving. Mike excused himself and said he was done for the night. Ten minutes after my girl made an excuse to leave. She said she had to drop off some house keys to her older sister. I doubted that excuse, while the others didn’t mind it.
My girl proceeded to the front of the house, while I went through my house and opened the front door. I saw my girl walk in the direction towards Mike’s house (he lives about four houses away from me). I went rushing for binoculars that I had. My vision through the binoculars was the following: My girl met up with Mike in his car, she opened the door and sat in the passenger seat. Mike was in the driver seat they had a brief conversation. Within a blink of an eye, my girl’s head and upper body descended toward the driver’s seat. Mike had a happy expression and laid his head back on the seat. I was fully aware that my girl was giving Mike a blowjob in his car. His car was parked in front of his house and he was receiving head from my girl in the middle of the night. I had to show my face back to my friends. They asked me what’s wrong, I just brushed them off I am tired. A good half an hour later, my friends and her friends asked about her. I said I would call her; instead I went back to my vantage point. Through the binoculars this time I saw: No one in the front seats. I continued to look up and down the block. Then I noticed his car was shaking, it was being rocked up and down. Mike’s side windows were tinted, but I could tell they were both into round two of fucking. They were fucking in the backseat of his car. I had to call her and get her ass back to the group. I called like three times, no response. I just texted her “where are you?” I came back to our friends saying she would be back soon. In ten minutes my girl reappeared. She looked flushed and sweaty. Her girlfriends told her they were worried about her and asked me about her whereabouts. They continued saying that I reassured them by letting them know she is fine and would be back soon. She then looked at me with a confused look, followed by with a somewhat guilty face. I was honestly happy I saw her unfold in front of my eyes; I knew not to take her seriously. I ended it days later.

p.s. it was erotic though to see a girl doing something taboo and saw potential in her slutty side.

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2015-03-21 21:39:57
I would have kicked them out my house the first time i saw them fucking. Then told everyone there y i kicked them out.

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2012-05-31 04:39:33
shit I would habve rold here tro fuck off in front of all their friends and tell her I saw her fucking the nigger and giving him a blow job just to embarass her completly and then I would have told Mike to fuck off too and told him the same thing that I saw them

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2011-08-05 21:05:22
Iwould of shown everyone the slut she is

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2011-08-05 09:45:03
I would have told them all what she was doing and told her to leave & not come back ever. The guys should have been told what he was doing so they would know what kind of friend he is. then gone down to his car with a bat and used it on him & her

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