In my old house there were only three bedrooms and five people living there. Me being the only boy i decided it would be much cooler to have my room in the basement and allow my sister and step sister the bedrooms. Me and my step sister used to be very close. She would follow me around and we would do everything together. Some nights she would even sleep in my bed after watching a movie down in the basement. As i got older i began to have dirty thoughts about my step sister because of her sleeping in my bed.

After awhile i began to wait up and after she fell asleep i would make my move. She was a cute girl blonde hair small perky tits with nice puffy nipples. Not more than 13 at the time me being 15 with hormones raging i would always explore her young sleeping body. Id squeeze her small tits and sometimes suck them. I loved the taste of her perky nipples as i licked them and they became erect. Her tiny tits were perfect and had the smoothest skin i had ever felt. Ever so soft and succulent. If i was lucky she would wear loose fitting shorts and i could slide my hand down her pants and feel her warm furry little pussy. Her pussy had soft trimmed pubes and her pussy skin was so soft and was always wet. I loved it when she wore loose clothing so i could play with her nice little pussy.

My play usually ended in me jerking off and cumming on her belly then wiping it away and falling asleep with my arm around her. Some nights id even slide my dick between her legs as i spooned with her and humped her until i came all over her thighs. But then i started to get more devious with my thoughts and ideas about my cute little step sister. One night while having my usual play i decided i was going to go for it. I started by slowly removing her shorts. After seeing she wouldnt wake up i slowly lowered her panties as well exposing her soft pussy with cute patch of soft pubes.

I started by rubbing around her pussy and slowly slid my finger into her slit watching to make sure not to wake her. My young dick became so throbbing hard i couldn't take it anymore. I decided i was going to slide my dick in her pussy.

After a few moments of rubbing the tip of my hard cock around her pussy and getting my head nice and wet i found her entrance. I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her extremely tight cunt. Watching her so she didnt wake. I inched my way in carefully not to cause her any pain (i wasnt sure if she was a virgin). Finally my whole cock was inside of her tight little cunt. I slowly eased in and out of her pussy all while watching her to make sure she wouldnt wake. Occasionally id pull my cock out and rub her pussy with my head. I fucked her tight pussy for almost an hour and i felt myself beginning to have to cum. I wasnt sure what to do when i felt myself having to cum ive never had sex before so i figured id pull out and jerk off the rest of the way.

I pulled my hard cock out of her pussy and noticed she was sleeping with her mouth open slightly. i took advantage of this and slid my dick into her mouth and felt her nice warm wet tongue slide against my dick as i slid in and out. Her mouth felt so amazing as i was carefully thrusting into her mouth. finally i couldnt take it anymore and i was going to cum. I still wasnt sure what to do but then i pulled out of her mouth just in time to blow the biggest load of cum i have ever shot all over her cute little face. Wads of cum gushed from my dick all over her and covered her entire face. i Thought for sure she would have awaken but to my surprise she didnt. After admiring her nakedness with my cum dripping down her face and her tits i cleaned her up and cleaned my dick and slowly dressed her up again careful not to wake her. I layed there holding her and i smiled. As i layed down to sleep i could swear i saw my step sister grin as i dozed off. The next day i woke up and my step sister was gone.

Something felt strange too as i begin to lose grogginess. Sometime after i had fell asleep my cute little sister removed my boxers from me. i was laying under my blanket completely naked. Only years later did i find out that my step sister wasnt asleep as she pretended to be. After i had layed down and fell asleep she decided to explore my body herself as i had done to her. She told me how she enjoyed me fucking her so much that she sucked my dick while i slept until she decided to slide her tiny pussy down on me and ride my cock.

She told me in my sleep she orgasmed multiple times even screamed and yet i still didnt awake. I was kinda upset to learn this that i had not been awake for it. She rode me until i filled her pussy full of another massive cum shot. Afterwards she licked my dick clean and went to her room to get some sleep. I wish she never had to go back to her mothers house the following week, My summer could have been a hell of alot more interesting had she been around. And we could have explored each others bodies alot more. I would end up waiting almost four years until the next time she slept in my bed again...

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2014-08-05 09:25:40
HNnazQ I think this is a real great blog.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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2013-12-18 10:26:55
omg this is a sexy story wish it had been me instead of you

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Omg that was hot, I have a step sister 2 years younger than me I too have had these thoughts but the most I can do is jack off in front of her because she is such a light sleeper. I managed to squeeze her tits once but she started to wake so I had to stop

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this happrned to me and she got regnant twice

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dammit cant believe one can sleep while having sexx..... sorry

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