Late that evening, a young woman named Rita arrived at the house. Annette and
Jaime were in the living room, both wearing robes and frightened, as they sat
beside each other on the sofa. The two men were now dressed in Ed's clothes.

Rita obviously knew both men very well. Annette listened to them talk and she
deduced that the men worked for someone named Vic, and that Rita was Vic's
girlfriend. She had been sent to bring Cal and Mickey to Vic. Cal had
evidently spoken to Vic on the telephone and told him about Annette and Jaime.

Now Annette learned that she and Jaime were to go with the two men and Rita
that very night. The orders had come directly from Vic and Rita seemed
uninterested in their plight.

Once again, Annette tried offering them money, but they just laughed at her.
Rita kept looking at Jaime in a really strange sort of way, and Annette was
soon more worried than ever. She trembled whenever she thought about what she
had been forced to do with the men, but Jaime seemed subdued. They hadn't had
any time alone together and Annette wanted to question Jaime about what the men
had forced her to do, but she hadn't had a chance.

Finally, Rita said that it was time to go. The two men quickly tied up Annette
and Jaime. They used two of Ed's ties to knot the gags around their mouths.
After that, Annette and Jaime were carried out of the house, and into the van
that Rita had brought. They were put into the back of the van, with the two
men. Rita went around to the front, climbed in and drove the van away.

They drove for a very long time. Annette and Jaime huddled together on the
floor of the van. Annette's fear was now intense and she couldn't believe what
was happening to them. This whole thing was like a crazy nightmare. Her wrists
hurt from the ropes and the gag hurt her mouth. The two men were sitting there
drinking beer while they talked. They seemed uninterested in Annette and Jaime
for the moment. They talked about how great it was going be to be free again.
"No more cops on my ass." Mickey said. "I hate them fucking cops."

Finally, the van stopped, and they found themselves in a garage of some
strange house. Cal and Mickey pulled Annette and Jaime outside. Their ankles
were untied, so that they could walk under their own power. They were then
pushed through the open door and into what looked like a large house. They
were then led down a hallway and into a room. The two men left Annette and Jaime
alone but locked the door behind them as they walked out. Annette and Jaime sat
beside each other on a sofa.

Annette wanted to ask Jaime about what had had happened between her and the men,
but the gag prevented her from talking. Then she heard people talking just
outside of the room. She listened carefully and realized that they were
talking about her and Jaime.

The door opened and a man came in. He was a thin man with a suntan and gray
hair. He was well dressed. He looked like someone in command. He smiled down
at Annette and Jaime and said "My name is Vic Benson."

Then he just looked at them. His face was expressionless. After a while, he
sort of chuckled softly to himself. He almost seemed amused by them.

He said, "I thought that you'd be a bother, but that maybe I was wrong!"

He walked casually over to a phone and picked it up. He spoke so softly as
he talked on the phone that Annette couldn't make a word out. Then Vic put the
phone down and returned to where they were again. He started talking about
Cal and Mickey saying, "I understand that my men have been rough with you."
He laughed and added, "Two gorillas, just out of prison and they see two
pretty girls that they just can't resist. Well, not exactly two girls. One
girl and her mother, right? That's real cute, isn't it? Anyway, you ladies
don't seem any worse for it. Annette and Jaime, isn't it? Welcome to my house."
he said, chuckling afterwards, as if the idea of welcoming them to his house
was quite amusing.

Then someone knocked on the door. Rita came in with a large man and smiled at
Vic. "Getting interested, huh?"

The large man had a bald head and piggish-looking eyes. Vie spoke to him,
calling him Otto. After a while, Vic told Otto to untie the two women. Otto
worked on Jaime first. He got the ropes and the gag untied. Then he bent over
Annette and untied her also. Annette shuddered as he touched her. Vic told them
to stand up.

Annette immediately started talking. She begged him to let her and Jaime go. "I
promise that we won't say anything to anyone."

Vic smiled and told her, "Shut up. I'll let you know when you can talk." He
looked at Otto and added, "Get their robes off."

Otto showed his yellow teeth, as he grinned widely. "Sure thing Mr. Benson."

He took a hold of Jaime's robe and pulled it away from her. His eyes filled
with lust as her young, naked body was revealed. Annette was horrified. They
had her daughter standing there naked, and there wasn't a thing that she could
do about it. Then Otto stripped off Annette's robe, and she was just as naked as
Jaime. Mother and daughter stood there, huddled together in fear of what was
happening to them.

Vic ordered them, "Stand over there, in the center of the room, and stand
straight, so that we can get a good look at you."

The initial shock had passed, but Annette still tried to maintain some dignity.
She held Jaime's hand, but otherwise she was complying with his orders,
standing straight, with her chin raised in defiance.

"I hope you go to prison for life for this." Annette spat out.

Vic laughed and then sent Otto away. After the door closed, Vic walked around
them, looking them over, like the connoisseur of female flesh that he was. Rita
sat in a chair, sipping her drink. When Annette tried to take Jaime into her
arms, Vic warned them to remain separated.

Finally, Vic started talking to Rita about them. "What do you think? What the
hell are we going to do with them? The circuit?"

Rita shrugged. "They're pretty enough."

"I bet we can get ten grand for the two of them."

"Maybe more, if they go as a team."

They agreed that there was a bigger market for the mother and daughter as a
combo. They seemed totally unconcerned that Annette and Jaime had heard every
word they said. Annette was now more frightened than ever. Vic Benson seemed
awful. At first she had thought that he was more human than Cal and Mickey,
but now she realized that he was really worse. Vic was the boss. If anything
terrible happened to them, it would be Vic's fault.

Annette wondered when the police would even start looking for them. Ed might
call the house, but then again, he might not. It might be days before anyone
even realized that they'd been kidnaped. She felt so awful standing there
naked in front of them, and in front of Jaime. She and Jaime had hardly ever
seen each other totally naked. Annette told herself that the poor girl would
never recover from this nightmare.

Rita kept looking at Jaime in such a strange way, and finally told Vic, "I
want some time alone with the girl. You don't mind, do you, Vic?"

Vic chuckled and replied, "You can't wait, huh? Okay, go ahead on. You can
have her, while I try out the mother."

Vic took Annette's arm and led her out of the room. They left Jaime alone with
Rita. Annette thought about resisting, but she decided it would be useless.
Instead, she just pleaded with Vic to leave Jaime alone. "She's just a baby."

Vic was amused and replied, "She's not such a baby anymore. Anyway, if you
behave yourself, I'll do what I can."

He forced her to walk down the long hall to a large room. When they were
inside the room, he told her to stand still. He picked up a phone and spoke
into it as he kept his eyes on her. Then he put the phone down and started
questioning her about Cal and Mickey. "Tell me everything." he said.

Annette looked at him, and quivered at the way his eyes raked over her naked
body. "I don't understand." she replied.

"Everything." he said with a soft laugh, "You know, I want you to tell me what
they did to you at your house."

She clammed up, she couldn't possibly talk about those horrible things with a
man, or anyone for that matter, it was just too horrible.

Vic was amused with her silence and said, "You're too old to be so bashful.
You know, you have a nice body, for a woman who has a teenaged daughter."

He came over to her. She trembled as he hefted her tits in his hands.

"I bet you know how to wrap these around a cock and make a guy feel good."

He laughed at the way that she quivered as he touched her. He stroked her ass
with one hand, while he played with her nipples. "You've got a nice ass. I
like a woman with a solid ass. Now bend over with your hands on your knees."
he ordered her.

When she hesitated, he threatened her. She pleaded with him, as she went down
to her knees. He calmly told her to shut up. There was no anger in his voice,
merely a tone of complete authority.

He said, "You'd be better off by not talking. By the way, are you healthy. I
don't like women who aren't healthy."

Finally, he allowed her to straighten up. He smiled at her, as he pulled on
one of her nipples and said, "We'll see what you can do."

Then suddenly the door opened and Otto came in. His eyes were mocking as he
gazed at Annette. Vic spoke to him, said something about a swing. Otto grinned
and walked over to the wall. He started pushing some buttons in a panel. Annette
heard something moving above her head and looked up to see something coming
down from the ceiling, an apparatus of some sort. Frightened, she stepped out
of the way. The contraption came all the way down and hung there, in the
center of the room.

Then Otto grabbed Annette and pushed her into the device. In a moment, she had
restraints all over her body, leaving her arms and legs fixed in place. Otto
returned to the panel of buttons and soon the device started moving. Annette
found herself suspended off of the floor, her limbs forced into such a
position that her knees were pulled up to her chin and left her hanging there
with her cunt and ass exposed.

Otto returned to her and made some further adjustments to the restraints.
Then he went back to the buttons again, to get things just perfect. All this
time Vic had been watching Annette without showing any emotion. He had his hands
in his pockets. He seemed to be looking at Annette, as she were a new possession,
rather than a human being. When he was finished, he sent Otto away. The big
man left the room, closing door behind him as he left.

Vic said nothing as he gazed at Annette. He studied her exposed cunt and ass.
Then he came over to her and touched her thighs. She swung slowly around on
the suspension. She moaned softly, she was frightened out of her wits. She
felt so helpless. Vic touched her cunt, then his fingers probed between her
cunt lips. He smiled at her as he spread her cunt lips and peered into her
cunt hole.

Annette groaned "Please let me go."

Vic snickered. "You just got here. By the way, do you need to piss? Maybe
you'd like to see your little girl in this thing."


"Do you need to piss?"

"Yes you bastard, I do!" She thought he would free her from the device so that
she could go to the bathroom. Instead, he told her, "Don't worry about the
rug. Go ahead and do it."

He stroked her cunt and ass, as he coaxed her body to piss. She was going
crazy with fear and embarrassment, but she started pissing, unable to prevent
it. His hand was right there, and her piss gushed out over his fingers. He
seemed pleased and he rubbed his hand over her cunt as she continued pissing.

"That's good. That was very nice." he commented.

She was horrified. Then she felt one of his fingers touching her ass hole.
She kept her eyes closed, as she sobbed in fear, embarrassment and humiliation.
Finally, she finished pissing, and the rug underneath her suspended body was
soaked with her urine. Vic however, didn't seem to care about that. He
continued playing with her cunt.

He said, "You know, you're quite an attractive woman. I'm all that's saving
you. Otherwise I'd have one of the boys finish you off."

His fingers probed her pussy, as he looked down at it. He spread her cunt lips
apart with his left hand and touched her cunt with his right hand. He stroked
the slippery slit of her cunt, making Annette groan. Vic chuckled, he was
pleased. He tickled her cunt hole, pushed a finger inside her cunt and finger
fucked her cunt channel. Then he removed his hand, unzipped his fly and
brought his cock out, as he moved forward towards her.

In a moment, he had his cock fully impaled in her cunt. The way she was
suspended, her cunt was at just the right height for him to slide his cock
into it. He pushed in hard, ramming his cock deep inside her cunt channel. He
started fucking her, as he pushed and pulled her body, making her swing
forwards and backwards, as her cunt slid up and down the length of his cock
shaft, as she was moved by the harness. It was effortless for him. Now she
fully understood what the apparatus was all about, the swing, he had called
it. All he did was stand there, while he moved her cunt on and off his prick.
He held onto her ass, as she was moved back and forth.

He smiled at her and asked, "Do you like cock?"

Annette moaned, "You're a beast!"

Vic laughed. He suddenly pulled his cock out of her cunt. He walked over to
the wall and pushed some of the buttons. Annette felt her body shift slightly
as the device moved her to a new position. Vic returned to her and stroked
her thighs, as he looked down at her crotch. This time he pushed his cock
inside of her ass hole. She cried out as he thrust his cock into her nether
hole. He muttered something, and then pushed forward, filling her shitter
with his prick. She hadn't seen his equipment, but his cock felt enormous
inside of her rectum, maybe because of the way she was doubled up.

He shoved his thumb into her cunt, as he fucked her ass. Her ass hole slid
easily back and forth on his cock, as he pushed and pulled the swing. He
thumbed her cunt hole and clit. He said "You know, you really have a nice,
tight ass hole. Did your husband ever fuck you in the ass?"

When she refused to answer, he threatened, "I'll get your daughter in here and
you can watch her in the swing, if you don't want to answer my questions."

"Please! I beg you..."

"Did your husband ever fuck your ass?"

"No, never!"

"Tighten your ass on my cock."

"I can't! I don't know how!"

"Sure you can. Just go ahead and do it!"

He pinched her thighs, until she did what he wanted. She tightened her shitter
on his prick. He laughed and said, "You'll need to be trained."

He teased her because she had no idea of how to use her ass. He continued to
push and pull her ass on and off of his cock. After a while, the pain was
gone. All she felt now was the steady pounding of her ass by his stiff cock.
Her ass felt wide open. This was the third man to fuck her formerly virgin
ass in one day.

His fingers continued rubbing her cunt. He was an expert and knew how to
stroke her clit just right, to really bring her to the brink of an orgasm.
She hated the idea of cuming while he fucked her in the ass and stroked her
clit, but she couldn't help it. She couldn't help feeling his fingers driving
her crazy with lust as they worked on her clit, and the feeling of his cock
fucking away in her ass. He soon had her close to an orgasm. He was aware of
it, and he made his fingers speed up.

Then it happened, a great shudder went through her. She moaned, as she came,
and closed her eyes, as she cried out in passion from the pleasurable feeling.
Vic chuckled and finished her off with his fingers, then wiped his hand
across her face, as he started fucking her ass more forcefully. In a few
moments, he shot his load of cum into her ass, screwing his cock around as he
emptied his balls into her sucking, milking rectum.

He said, "I might keep you around for awhile, before I put you on the market."
He then pinched her ass and laughed softly at the way that she trembled.


Rita had Jaime on a bed in a room not far from where Annette was. Rita was
still dressed as she hovered over the naked girl. She kissed Jaime gently
and stroked the teenager's tits.

"You really turn me on, honey. Haven't you ever made it with another girl?"

Jaime shook her head and trembled with fear. She quivered each time Rita's
fingers touched her nipples. Rita was amused at the girl's innocence.

She started talking about lesbian sex and said "Sex between girls could be
great fun."

She moved her hand down to Jaime's pussy. Jaime resisted at first, then she
opened her legs to Rita's hand. Rita tickled the girl's cunt lips, pushing
them apart with her fingers. She watched Jaime's face, as she carefully
stroked the girl's cunt gash. She smiled when she saw signs of excitement in
Jaime's face.

"You like that, don't you? Sure, you do! Relax, honey. We're going to have a
lovely time together."

She bent over to have a look at the teenager's open cunt. She pulled at
Jaime's cunt flesh to get her clit to come out of its sheath.

"You're a real treat." Rita said. "What a gorgeous pussy you have!"

She licked her fingers and touched them to the shaft of Jaime's clit. Jaime
gasped and groaned, as Rita chuckled. She loved turning a young girl on. She'd
had a hunger for this one from the first moment that she'd seen her. A blonde
little pussycat with a juicy pink cunt. They never knew what they had. All
that gorgeous cream that came out when they got turned on.

Rita liked cock, all right, but nothing could beat making it with a young
pussy when it was available, or an older pussy, for that matter. She'd get to
the mother soon enough. She liked them all. Now Rita ran her finger around
the rim of Jaime's cunt hole and then pushed her finger inside, slowly at
first, until it was all of the way in. She churned her finger around, stirring
up the young girl's arousal. She added another finger as she watched the
teenager's face. She saw that the girl was obviously enjoying her actions.
The cute little blonde was feeling it, and Rita was pleased.

She pulled her fingers out of Jaime's cunt and licked them clean. She laughed
at the way the girl blushed, as she watched her licking her fingers
off with gusto.

"I love the taste of pussy, honey." she advised Jaime.

She rose up off of the bed and stood up. Walking to a bureau, she opened the
drawer and brought out a pair of handcuffs. She carried the handcuffs back to
the bed and smiled down at the girl.

"Just something to turn me on, sweet." she commented.

Jaime trembled as Rita smiled, and told her to roll over on her belly. When
Jaime had complied, Rita slipped the handcuffs around the girl's wrists and
locked them in place Now Jaime was really trembling. Now Jaime had her wrists
manacled behind her back and was helpless. Rita slapped the girl's ass and
told her to roll over on her back.

Jaime did it while Rita stood there looking down at her and smiling. The
brunette teased Jaime and then started stripping her clothes off. She was
soon naked. Rita had a slender body, small tits and a hard little ass. A full
bush of dark cunt hair covered her cunt mound. She ran her fingers through
her bush and chuckled.

She said, "I want you to suck my pussy. If you don't do a good job, you'll be
sorry." as she laughed and twisted one of Jaime's nipples.

Then Rita climbed onto the bed and straddled Jaime. She shifted forward to
get her crotch over Jaime's head. Chuckling with satisfaction, she sat down
on the teenager's face.

"Here it is, honey." the woman said.

Rita wriggled to get her cunt in place, and ordered Jaime to start sucking.
She kept her cunt lips spread open with her fingers. In a moment, her juices
began pouring out of her cunt, drenching Jaime's face. Rita coaxed the girl
on as she reached back to play with Jaime's pussy. Jaime licked and sucked.
She was afraid not to, even though at first, she felt nothing but disgust.
After a while she was just numb from the shock of it all. The smell and taste
and wetness of Rita's cunt were overpowering.

Before long, Rita shifted her body around, all the way around, so that now
she faced Jaime's feet. She settled her pussy down on the girl's face and
then leaned over to get her own face close to Jaime's crotch. She ordered
Jaime to resume sucking her cunt again. She then pulled the girl's thighs
apart and opened her blonde-haired pussy to look at it.

Rita's mouth watered at the sight of Jaime's juicy little pussy. She started
licking the girl's cunt. She sucked the blonde's cunt juice right out of her
pussy. She mewled with excitement she was getting from the flavor and smell
of the young pussy that she was eating.

In the meantime, Jaime was sucking on Rita's hairy cunt lips. In this
position, Jaime's nose was almost right up against Rita's ass hole. When Rita
told her to get her tongue inside of her cunt, Jaime did it. A gob of thick
cunt juice flowed into her open mouth.

"Do my clit!" Rita said.

Jaime started sucking on the brunette's big clit. Rita wriggled around and
groaned with pleasure from the young girl's tongue and mouth action on her
sensitive love button. Then a moment later Rita climaxed, pumping her cunt on
Jaime's face, as her orgasm went off. After that, Rita sucked on Jaime's clit
until Jaime went wild. Rita was an expert. She knew exactly what to do with
her lips and tongue, to bring a girl off.

Jaime came quickly, groaning and heaving as the orgasm ripped through her
young pussy. Rita climbed off, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and
chuckling. She walked over to a mirror and looked at herself.

"You're good, honey. If that's your first taste of cunt, you're a natural.
You don't have to be shy about it. If a man can like pussy, why can't a woman?
You did like it, at least a little, didn't you? And the nicest thing about
making it with another girl, is that there's no end to it. You can get as
much of it as you want. You can cum and cum and cum. Did you like the way I
sucked you?"

Jaime blushed and said, "Yes."

Rita laughed. "See, I told you."

Rita was amused by the girl's modesty. She returned to the bed and sat down
on the edge beside Jaime. She squeezed the teenager's pretty face. She ran
her fingers over Jaime's mouth.

She said, "I find your mouth exciting. I want you to do something special now,
something I really like. I want you to become good at it. It would be
something just between us, our little secret." as chuckled and patted the
girl's face.

She climbed onto the bed on her knees. She lowered her face to rest on her
folded arms and raised her ass. She told Jaime to get behind her and she did.
She still had the handcuffs on, and it was awkward to move, but she did what
Rita wanted. She positioned herself behind the brunette's upraised ass.

Rita wiggled her hips as said, "Kiss it, honey. Make me feel good."

When Jaime hesitated, Rita threatened her. She said she'd call Otto in to
take care of her. Jaime shuddered at the thought of Otto. She lowered her face
to Rita's ass and began kissing the brunette's ass cheeks. Rita purred with
satisfaction, as the girl's mouth moved over her ass. Then she ordered Jaime
to lick her ass crack and in a daze, Jaime did it. She began lapping between
Rita's ass cheeks. As much as she tried, she couldn't avoid Rita's ass hole.
The brunette purred the first time Jaime's tongue touched it.

"That's it, honey, right there. Keep your tongue busy right there."

Helpless, Jaime lapped her tongue back and forth over Rita's ass hole. Her
shoulders hurt because of the way she was bent over with her wrists manacled
behind her back. She understood now that all Rita cared about was making her
a slave. She told herself she had no choice, she had to do what Rita wanted
or Rita would call Otto in, and maybe they would even kill her if she
disobeyed. The teenager continued licking Rita's ass hole. She'd already done
it to Mickey, so she told herself this wasn't as bad as that, but it was still

Rita's crotch had a feminine smell and her skin was so smooth. When Rita
groaned, Jaime discovered there was some satisfaction in turning the brunette
on. She suddenly wanted Rita to cum. Maybe if Rita got off, she'd go to sleep
or something. Jaime lapped at Rita's ass hole with more abandon. She let some
spit flow out of her mouth to cover the brunette's ass hole. She pressed her
lips against the dark little hole and nibbled at the ass ring with her teeth,
Rita moaned in response. Jaime slipped her tongue inside the brunette's ass
and began fucking her with it.

"Oh, yes!" Rita said with a groan. "That's the way, baby, that's the way."

She slid her hand down to her cunt and started frigging her pussy while the
girl sucked on her ass. The teenager was better than Rita had expected. Rita
loved having her ass hole sucked. The nice thing about having slaves was that
she could always get it from them. Vic would sell this girl soon, but in the
meantime Rita would have her ass hole worked over anytime she felt like it.
Rita finally came.

She was pleased with Jaime. She said that she would tell Vic that she was a
good girl. She smiled at the little blonde, as she left the bed. Jaime watched
Rita, hoping that it was finished, but she went to the dresser again. She
took out something and chuckled, as she showed it to Jaime.

"This is for you, kid. I'm going to make you feel good."

Jaime trembled. Rita was holding in her hands a long thick cock, except that
it wasn't a real cock, but rather one made of rubber. There were straps
attached to it and Jaime watched as Rita strapped the thing on. Before long,
Rita had an artificial cock sticking out of her pussy and looked like she had
a real prick. She smiled at Jaime and wagged the cock back and forth. The
brunette came back to the bed and told her to get on her knees. Jaime turned
around and did what Rita wanted. Rita moved behind the girl and fondled her
ass and cunt.

She said, "You have a gorgeous ass, kid." as she fingered the inside of her
cunt, giggling when she found it wet, "Well, you're certainly ready for it,
aren't you, honey?"

Then Rita rammed the rubber cock up Jaime's cunt and began fucking her.


Later that night, as Annette and Jaime huddled together in a bed, in a locked
room, they hugged each other.

Annette asked, "What did Rita do to you?"

She gradually dragged everything out of Jaime. She learned about her having to
suck the brunette's cunt, and then being fucked with the dildo. Annette groaned.
Everything seemed so hopeless. She recalled her time with Vic. She'd had to do
everything with him, and she'd had an awful time. Annette held Jaime in the
darkness. They were both exhausted and finally fell asleep in each other's


The next day, in a room somewhere in the house, Vic and Rita sat relaxed on a
sofa. Sunlight flooded the room through the large windows. They'd had lunch
on the patio, and now they sat there drinking and chatting. Rita wore a white
tennis outfit. Vic wore jeans and a white sweater. Vic told her an amusing
story about a friend of his, and Rita giggled in response.

Then the door opened and Annette and Jaime were led in by a maid. The servant
was soon gone, leaving Annette and Jaime standing there alone. Mother and
daughter were each heavily made up and their wrists were manacled behind their
backs. They each wore a black lace garter belt, dark nylons and high heels.
Their tits were bare and both had black ball-gags in their mouths.

Vic was amused and commented, "I like it, I like it!"

The bondage gear had been Rita's idea. The brunette called the mother and
daughter forward and ordered them to spread their legs. When they did, Rita
showed Vic that both of them now had rings piercing their cunt lips.

"I had it done this morning," Rita said.

She pulled at the rings until Annette and Jaime moaned through their ball-gags.

Vic chuckled, "I don't think they like it."

"They haven't healed yet. Let's call Otto in to fuck the mother." Vic teased
her, "You'll just love Otto's big prick. Besides, I like seeing him in action."

Otto was called in. As soon as the door was closed, Vic ordered, "Take your
cock out and show Annette what you've got."

Otto grinned. He unzipped his fly and brought out his huge prick. Rita took
the gag out of Annette's mouth and told her to get down on her knees to suck
Otto off, unless she wanted Jaime to do it. Annette went down on Otto in order
to save Jaime from having to do so. She took Otto's big cock into her mouth
while they all watched. Otto's cock slowly became hard. He began fucking his
prick in and out of Annette's mouth. He held her head with his huge hands.

Meanwhile, Rita had Jaime on the sofa with her. She fondled the teenager's
tits while they watched Otto and Annette. Rita teased Jaime about the way her
mother sucked Otto's prick. She fondled the girl's luscious ass. She pushed a
finger inside of the girl's ass hole and fucked it in and out. Finally Otto
had a full hard-on. Vic casually said to fuck Annette. Otto nodded. He made
Annette bend over a chair. He pressed his hands against her ass and then shoved
his cock inside her cunt. Rita made Jaime get off the sofa with her. She
brought the girl over to them, to get a closer look at the fucking. Jaime
watched Otto's big cock fucking in and out of her mother's cunt.

Annette groaned constantly as Otto fucked her. His cock was so huge. She was
afraid that he'd split her open before he was finished. Rita had her finger
in Jaime's ass again. Vic had his cock out of his pants, and he was stroking
his prick with his fist, as he watched Otto and Annette. Rita made Jaime turn
her ass toward Vic so that Vic could see the way Rita was fingering the girl's
ass hole.

Vic teased Rita. "Too bad you don't have a prick to go in there."

Rita laughed and said, "She doesn't want a prick. She likes what she has."

Then Rita pulled the gag out of Jaime's mouth and pushed on the girl's
shoulders to make her kneel in front of her. She slipped her shorts and
panties off and tossed them away. She made Jaime suck her cunt, as Otto
continued fucking her mother.

Annette was in despair. She could see Jaime's mouth pressed against Rita's
hairy cunt, but at least Otto wasn't fucking the girl. She couldn't bear the
thought of Otto fucking Jaime. She hoped that he would finish soon. She told
herself that she and Jaime had to find a way to escape from these fiends.

Then Vic started teasing Otto. "You're a fucking ape. Go on, fuck her ass.
Rita always likes to see that. Fuck the shit out of her ass hole!"

Otto grinned as he pulled his cock out of Annette's cunt. In a moment, he had
his cock head pushing at her ass hole. Now Annette was sure she was going to
die and she screamed from the excruciating pain as he pushed his long, thick
cock into her ass.

Vic laughed, and told Otto to hold it a moment. "You'll kill her if you don't
use something."

Vic went to a desk on the far side of the room and brought back a bottle of
baby oil. He handed the bottle to Otto, and Otto squeezed some of the oil out,
around his cock. Then Otto pushed forward again to fuck his big cock up
Annette's ass. Oil or no oil, Annette was sure he'd kill her anyway. His cock
felt so huge, like a big club, as it stretched her ass open to impossible
dimensions. Her mind was in a whirl, as she hung over the chair. She groaned

Before long Otto was fucking her ass smoothly and rapidly. Annette's shit tube
had opened up to take his cock, so he now had no trouble fucking the shit out
of her. Rita made Jaime watch it closely. She wanted the girl to see how a
big cock easily fucked in and out of her mother's ass.

Jaime was horrified as she watched the big man ass fuck her mother. She could
see the way that Otto's huge cock stretched her mother's ass hole all out of
shape, and size. Rita fondled Jaime's tits while they watched. Then Rita
unlocked the girl's handcuffs and whispered in her ear.

She said, "Get down on your knees and fondle your mother's tits. Make her
feel real good, honey. It'll be better for her, if she gets a little turned

She pushed Jaime forward, when the girl hesitated. Jaime was too afraid to not
do as she was told. She bent down and touched her mom. She grabbed one of
Annette's tits and held onto it, as Otto continued fucking her.

Annette was shocked when she realized what Jaime was doing, but she was
powerless to stop it, she was totally helpless. She shuddered, as she felt
her daughter's hand on her tit. Soon Jaime was busy fondling both of her
mother's tits.

Rita laughed as she stood behind Jaime, encouraging her on, as she stroked
Jaime's ass. Then she pushed her fingers inside of Jaime's cunt and ass hole.
After a while Rita pulled her fingers out and told Jaime to get behind Otto.
Jaime was relieved to not have to fondle her mother anymore. She moved behind
Otto the way Rita wanted. The girl quivered, as she looked at the big man's
ass pumping away in front of her.

"Hold his balls until he finishes," Rita said.

Jaime trembled, as she took a hold of Otto's huge balls. She shuddered as she
imagined all the jism that would come out of them. Rita went back to the sofa
to join Vic. She sat beside him and kissed his cheek. He was frigging his
prick in frenzy now, and Rita took over. She bent over his lap and sucked his
cock head into her mouth, between her lips. Then she sat up again and
continued jacking him off, as they watched Otto and Annette and Jaime.

Before long Otto went over the top. He grunted as he came, pounding Annette's
ass with his huge cock. Jaime's girlish hand was gripping his massive balls
as he shot off and she could feel his balls jumping against her fingers. She
watched her mother. Annette's eyes were closed, her face was covered with sweat.
Jaime quivered as she realized her mother had just had an orgasm.

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2013-02-28 07:33:51
Why does anyone care about ANYONE dying. Because its a lost life. Someones son, best freind, lover, cousin, nephew we not only grieve for Ryan, we grieve for those who knew and loved him. 9/11 is a little different because its hard to feel sad for every last person involved. There were thousands of them. Of course we are devastated that took place and we still are. But I mean, think about it we still talk about 9/11 once a year AT LEAST and have for almost ten years. Ryan's death isn't the same cause it wasn't a massacre, but Christ, man, show some respect.

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2013-01-30 07:04:48
Because people loekod up to him. Sure people make jokes about the Holocaust and 9/11, but no one but family members knew who died. Of course it was heartbreaking, but honestly it was a bunch of people that people didn't know. Not to mention those were both a long time ago. Ryan Dunn was famous and his death was two days ago.

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2012-05-30 17:59:25
Why does anyone care about ANYONE dying. Because its a lost life. Someones son, best freind, lover, cousin, nephew we not only grieve for Ryan, we grieve for those who knew and loved him. 9/11 is a little different because its hard to feel sad for every last person involved. There were thousands of them. Of course we are devastated that took place and we still are. But I mean, think about it we still talk about 9/11 once a year AT LEAST and have for almost ten years. Ryan's death isn't the same cause it wasn't a massacre, but Christ, man, show some respect.

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2011-06-27 21:54:31
Articles like this are an example of quick, heulfpl answers.


2010-10-26 16:33:29
Great story, look forward to the next one.

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