Aimee is my Cyborg.

Chapter 6. Aimee is born.

A week after having my fun night with the bitch, Dr. Julia Hernandez, and sleeping twelve hours I have gotten over it. Grudgingly, I have to admit to myself she gave me the best deep throat job I had ever experienced or seen on a porn channel. Moreover, I have never imagined cuming for one hour and staying hard another half hour. I really did fuck the bitch’s brains out. Once I thought about it rationally, I really want to know what other secret stuff she has in her lab. So I play real nice with her.

I have just received permission from the Chief of Staff, Colonel Edward Johannson to bring Dr. Hernandez on-board for two weeks to “monitor” Aimee. He also approved minor emergency renovations to the rooms for Aimee and Julia. An encrypted text goes to Julia’s comm unit and brings her up to date. I also tell her it would be a great idea to bring the CoS to the lab to see his old friend, Chief Scientist, Dr. Eric Harmond.

Another message goes to the Battle Star’s land-based support facility with my emergency renovations request. They assure me work will start in one week after the designs are reviewed and materials purchased.

At our next staff meeting I tell my staff the news; a new Lieutenant will be assigned to our team. Only my second, Major Jim Jackson knows she is a Cyborg. I tell the team the new Lieutenant and a medical officer will be working on a classified project so they will see some renovation to the sleeping quarters for their security. I tell the team to keep their mouths shut and if anyone wants to know anything to refer them to Maj. Jackson.

In return we go around the table and the team updates me on various logistic and operational matters. The big news is again - tracking terrorists. Destructors Reagan and Bush, our two escort vessels, apparently keep getting snippets of intelligence about terror plots. One of the young non-coms says, “SOS – New Day”. All the old timers laugh because it’s so true, a new day of same old shit. It has not changed in centuries.

A week later a building crew is hard at work making changes to our sleeping quarters. The hallway going to Aimee’s and Julia’s rooms gets extra doors and security so one cannot approach their rooms. To keep from being seen on exterior security cams, a new door is installed between their adjoining rooms and mine also, which is next to Aimee’s. We can walk between all three rooms without going into the hallway. What the girls don’t know is that internal security vid-cams record everything inside their rooms; but the system is in my room.

All of Aimee’s specialized equipment is installed and I’m surprised. It looks like an ordinary office desk; so even to someone in her room the equipment is hidden.

Lastly and best, all three rooms receive new queen size modern beds, couches and desks. The TVs are updated with the latest versions. It looks like the support chief went to an upscale hotel and stole all their stuff; because I’m not sure where he hides these costs.

The CoS and I arrive at the Cyborg lab early on a Tuesday morning. This time we are whisked through Security by the Chief Scientist. He and Col. Johannson grab each other and slap backs, shake hands and do some kind of weird ring knocking ritual. Yeap, AF Academy “ring knockers”.

The reception team includes Dr. Julia and Lt’s Krissy and Stacy. I’m glad to see they are wearing proper military slacks instead of mini-skirts. The girls lead the way to the conference room and I note the Colonel does follow their swaying hips, which are more pronounced in the tight slacks. I can see his eyebrow arch up as they disappear into another room while we enter the conference room.

The Chief Scientist introduces the rest of his team and asks Julia to get and introduce Aimee. When Aimee enters the room my breath stops. She is in the light blue uniform wearing slacks and a sharp jacket. Lieutenant bars gleam on her shoulders. Her long blond hair is in a neat bun. She wears light makeup which enhances her sparkling brown eyes and pixie nose. The five foot, six inches height makes her body look trim and her 40DDs are concealed by the jacket. Julia says, “Colonel may I present Lt. Victory.”

Aimee snaps to attention and salutes the Colonel and he does his best to return a crisp salute. “I am so very glad to meet you, Sir. Dr. Hammond has told me much about you”, she says and walks up to him and shakes his hand. The CoS is speechless for a second; but recovers nicely and answers, “Most of it is probably lies, Lieutenant. What did he say?”

“Colonel, he said you were Academy buddies and served together while younger. He did tell me a few stories, which I have conveniently forgotten”, Aimee tells him with a smile. The Colonel laughs and seems impressed. Aimee continues, “I also heard you may want to try the new sniper rifle and Thad has a surprise visit to the range planned for you in a few hours.” The CoS, looks at me and asks, “True?”

“If Aimee says it, it is 100 percent correct”, I answer. “Alright, I’m getting to like the Lieutenant better every minute”, the CoS grins. Aimee asks, “Have you seen the rifle, Sir?” The Chief shakes his head no and says the magic word in military circles, “Classified.”

Aimee looks around the room and asks two people to step out for a minute. When the door closes she says, “May I show you the latest version sniper rifle designed only for your Battle Star team.” She blinks her eyes and a 4-D hologram appears in front of the Colonel. It looks somewhat un-impressive if you were expecting a sci-fi cannon which shoots a mile. A small view screen is on top, the trigger is on the side and it sits on three legs. The barrel is bulky and short. An electrical hose runs to a small black box.

“Without going into the classified stuff, Colonel, it will hit a target at one mile; but half-mile is more realistic. Besides, at one mile the target often moves before it gets hit. Your best shooter will assist you when you try it out. May I make a recommendation?” The Colonel keeps his eye on the weapon and says, “Go.”

“Shoot three round exactly as the Captain shows you. After you review your shots, place your left thumb exactly here and shoot three more.” Amy points to a spot on the handle and repeats, “Exactly here, I will be watching from in back.” Colonel Johannson is smart enough not to ask why; you don’t argue with a superior intelligence.

When we get to the range the Colonel is like a little kid looking for his toys. I am impressed; the shooting stands are hidden in a giant building like an airplane hangar to hide shooters from satellites. One wall is missing and about one hundred yards out are a series of targets. Our real targets are a half mile away. Large overhead vid screens show our down range targets close up.

Our Combat team’s leader, a young AF special ops captain, shows the Colonel a new rifle and runs through the operational details. The small view screen shows the target like its ten feet away. A red dot shows where the bullet will hit. The Colonel takes his first shot and the overhead’s show he hits three inches to the right. The Captain makes an adjustment and the next two shots are just one inch from dead center. The Colonel grins like he just won the Olympics.

Aimee smiles back and wiggles her thumb. The Colonel gets comfortable, relaxes and puts his thumb on the exact spot Aimee suggested. As he pulls the trigger all we hear is a low “pop” and seconds later the overheads show his dead center hit. The next two shots enlarge the hole from the first shot. Everybody claps and even the young Captain is impressed. Aimee comes forward and places the Colonel’s weapon in a carry-case and hands it back to him. “Please take good care of your weapon, Sir”, she tells him. Oh yes, now my boss is really in a good mood.

After a nice lunch the people who will go back to the Battle Star meet back in the conference room. We are all in our civilian coveralls. The Chief Scientist wishes us well as we board our shuttle.

After Aimee and Julia settle into their rooms we meet in the conference room and I introduce them to the team. Aimee, of course already knows everyone from their files. She knows everything about the Battle Star and can pull up any floor schematic on the station. Even my Major is speechless when he sees the ladies. They are the best looking girls on the station. To make his day, I tell him to take them to the observation deck and let them see Mother Earth. He grins and says, “Thanks boss.” I remind the staff to keep their mouths shut; news of the girls arrival will spread fast enough.

That evening, I have Major Jim Jackson and Aimee in my room to discuss her first mission which is to review the weapons and ammunition status. We have to visit the Destructors Reagan and Bush. Jim suggests we take a non-com with us because they are smarter than officers when it comes to dealing with ‘paperwork’ tricks. Yes, we still call it paperwork even though paper has not been used in ages. Aimee will review all the data and information available in our systems. It should keep her busy most of the night.

Dr. Julia comes to see me after the meeting and she snakes her arms around me pushing her tits into my chest. “Finally, we’re alone”, she whispers as she pulls my head down and locks her lips to mine. Her tongue is working my mouth aggressively and I can’t help but respond. I grab her tit and squeeze and she moans in pleasure. “Just a quick fuck, Thad. I’ve saved myself just for you”, she says as she steps back and pulls her pants off. We are naked in bed a minute later.

Julia grabs my cock and strokes it for several minutes. Her expert manipulations have me hard quickly and she mounts me. When she slides her pussy down on my cock she sighs and her face reflects her pleasure. I think the bitch is going to ride me for a minute and get herself off and say “Thanks, sailor.”

Instead I’m surprised when she cuddles me while I’m inside her root deep and she whispers in my ear, “Just hold me Thad. I’ve missed you so much.” Ok, now what, does she want to be a sweet girl friend? It surely would be a change from being a crazed sex machine. We kiss more gently and she makes tiny pelvic thrust working my cock with her cunt muscles. It feels like a hand inside her pussy is massaging my cock; a totally new experience. Not only new; but confusing. Again, Julia has me off balance, the bitch. I may be starting to like her again; the bitch.

For about ten minutes we cuddle, kiss and snuggle. Mostly I’m just enjoying having Julia on top of me while her small pelvic thrust work my cock. Julia whisper, “OMG, I’m cuming”, and her pussy grips me like a vise. She pants hard as an orgasm sweeps over her. Her arms go around my head and about strangle me while she rides her own roller coaster.

When she finally relaxes, she sits up and warns me, “Get ready to give all you got”. Her ass wiggles around and ensures my maximum penetration. She has me super hard and deep in her belly. Julia reaches back and grabs my balls and her thumb pushes on a spot between them. Jizz gushes into her pussy like a fire hose; not my usual couple of shots. I can feel hot sperm shoot out of my cock head deep into Julia’s pussy. Julia smiles while I grimace in pain until I finally stop shooting.

She cuddles back on top of my chest and whispers, “God you are the best, Thad. We can do it whenever you want.” She looks deep into my eyes wanting confirmation. So I smile and just say, “Yes, babe. Remember your promise – no secrets.”

I think the bitch has me liking her.

Later, I think it also when I climb into my bed to go to sleep, alone.

A quiet knock on my door startles me and as I sit up in bed I see the time is 3 a.m. Now what? I say, “Yes” and its then when I realize the knock came from Aimee’s door. Aimee comes into my room which is lit only by a night light. Aimee stands in the doorway and the light from her room silhouettes her body. Her blond hair is loose and the light glimmers through it. When I blink I realize she is nude.

Aimee comes to my bed and sits on the edge. Even with her taller and more slender body she is the image of my Amy. Her 40DDs stand up firm and I can’t help but look at her pussy. Visions of shaving Amy are in my head.

“Thad, I think I may have found an irregularity”, she says oblivious to her nakedness. My brain changes gears and I answer, “Is it critical or can it wait until morning?” Aimee replies, “It can wait, there are some irregularities during the quarterly weapons training cycles.” Then she sits quietly and waits. It hits me she may have been naked in the lab all the time and has no idea on her effect on men.

I keep staring at her and turn on my bedside lamp to see her better. “Aimee, you are so beautiful”, I tell her as I look at her flawless skin and face. She smiles shyly and quietly says, “I’m your Amy.”

Her words shock me; but I tell her, “I’m so glad you are older, prettier and much smarter, Aimee.” I open my arms and she leans into me. Our first kiss is tentative and gentle. Her lips are sweet and taste of her light lip gloss. We break apart, take a breath and do it again. When I pull her to me she moves up on the bed and we hug and keep kissing.

Little butterfly kisses all over her face and eyes make Aimee smile. She probably has the “knowledge” of what will happen; but like a teen virgin is shy when it happens. I stretch her out on the bed and kiss her neck and slowly move down to her breasts. Aimee has been quiet; but when I suck a nipple into my mouth she coos, “Oh Thad, oh wow.” Her fingers run through my hair and I feel her gently encouraging me to suck her other tit, too.

I work on her nipples until they are both rock hard and stand up about an inch. When I stop on her breasts Aimee is already breathing heavier and I swear I hear a sigh of disappointment. I had not thought about having sex with Aimee the first night; but would any real man send her back to her room naked?

My lips travel down to Aimee’s mons and I spread her legs wide apart. My finger gently explores her while my lips caress her lower stomach, upper legs and mons. I can hear her breathing heavier. I shove a pillow under her before moving between her legs. Before I dive into her pussy, I look at her carefully and ask, “How are you doing, Aimee?”

She smiles even brighter and says, “I’m your Aimee, don’t stop Thad.” I love her new answer. For a second I think there must be guys who would pay a million to hear those words. Even two if they came from Krissy and Stacy.

My lips move to Aimee’s pussy and I detect the sweet odor of teenage pussy. Oh, she is ever so wonderful. When I spread her pussy open her pink inside is glistening with a light coating of pussy juice. I touch it with my tongue and it’s my Amy’s pussy juice. I’m stunned.

Aimee pulls her knees up to her head and her pussy spreads wide open. Her hands come down into my hair and she guides me to the middle of her honey pot. When I start licking she moans, “Yes Thad, start there.” I tell her, “Mmmm” as I push my tongue deep into her. Aimee giggles and almost makes me laugh too. I decide to go even slower and make us both enjoy it more.

When my tongue slides down her pussy I keep on going and stop right on her butt hole. A quick flick and a circle around her rim makes her ass move up and then fall back down on the pillow. My little finger takes the place of my tongue and I make little circles around her ass hole.

When I move my tongue back into her pussy, Aimee has her fingers there and she pulls the skin back on her clit. “Please, Thad!” she whines and the message is clear. Her first climax is coming faster than she or I had expected. My lips are on her clit and sucking harder. Aimee pushes her body upwards and her hands push down on my head harder. She rocks and a low moan comes deep from her throat. It gets louder as she rocks against me harder and quicker until she suddenly shivers hard.

Aimee gasps hard and pussy juice squirts into my mouth. I hold her tight and lap up every drop. “Oh Thad, oh my, I never imagined it would be like that. Oh my, I love it”, she moans quietly. I move up next to her and Aimee pulls me to her. Her 40DDs press into me as we lie together and recover. She puts her mouth next to my ear and I flash back to Amy always whispering when it concerned sex.

“How often can we do it, Thad?” she whispers. My brains says ‘All day long and I’ll never leave the bed again.” Of course I know she may take it literally, so I better be careful with an answer. “Aimee, you are so wonderful and I will make love to you often; but it can’t interfere with my work. We can’t set a schedule; but let’s say more than twice a week.” “Goody”, she giggles like a teen.

Her mouth is back next to my ear and she whispers, “Do you want to pop my cherry or do you want me to suck you?” Her hand is on my cock stroking slowly. Holy shit, I never thought about her considering herself a virgin. She is totally human.

I whisper back to her, “Popping a girl’s cherry is a major step. It transforms her from being a girl into a woman. Are you sure you want to do it; because it would be a great honor for me to be your first.” Aimee whispers back, “You are the only one who can do it, Thad. I can only fuck you.” Aimee kisses me and pulls my cock toward her.

Rolling her on her back I help Aimee position herself for her first fuck. The pillow is back under her ass and her knees are bent and legs spread wide open. Her pussy still glistens wet and Aimee reaches down and spreads herself open. She smiles as I line up in front of her. “I’m ready, Thad.”

Gently I push my hard cock into her virgin pussy. When I hit her hymen I stop and rest. Aimee’s eyes are wide in amazement. She lifts her upper body up and wraps her arms around me. I pull my cock back and push back forward, fucking her slowly without popping her cherry. Aimee breathes deeply and her mouth searches for mine. We kiss hard and her tongue is in my mouth.

Aimee rocks back against me at each down stroke and it’s hard not to go root deep. I want to make it last for her first time. She deserves the best memory. About ten minutes later Aimee’s up strokes are getting more urgent and she pulls me tight and whispers, “Thad, make me a woman.”

The next down stroke pops her cherry and I’m root deep in my Aimee. “Oh wow Thad, I love this even more”, she whispers and rocks her hips. Her pussy massages my cock as I pull back and drive back in. My rhythm gets faster and Aimee responds. She holds on to me tight and rocks her hips faster. Rippling muscles in her pussy work my cock as I get near to my climax. “Cum inside me, Thad”, she whispers, “I want to feel it all.”

It sets me off and I shoot several ropes of Jizz deep into her new pussy. Aimee shudders and shakes as her own climax ripples over her and we fall back on the bed. “Stay inside me”, Aimee says and I pull her on top of me and we cuddle again. My cock stays in her and she grips me.

The clock next to my bed clicks over to 5 a.m. We have been at it for two hours and I feel it’s going to be a long day. Aimee sees me glancing at the clock and says, “When you get up drink one of Julia’s energy drinks. We have a little more time.” As I cuddle her to me, Aimee does it again. Her lips are next to my ear. “Thank you Thad. I will remember my first time. I think I can understand what love means.”

I hug her to me and kiss her gently. Aimee looks up at me and asks sheepishly, “Can you eat me one more time?” This time I laugh and say, “If I have to; I’ll force myself.” Aimee looks surprised and then giggles, “I get it Thad. It’s humor.” We break apart and she leans back and spreads her legs. When I look at her pussy, she pulls her lips open showing pink and asks, “Do you like me?”

“Yes baby, I like everything about you; not just your pretty pussy and big tits.” Aimee giggles appreciatively as my tongue sinks into her again. This time I tongue her clit hard. Ten minutes later when she cums for the third time she yelps loudly. Another surprise for her.

Instead of sending her back to her room, we get into my shower and wash each other. There is lots of mutual rubbing and I play with Aimee’s big tits until we finally break it up and dry off. I swat her shapely ass as she disappears back into her room. A minute later she is back and hands me one of Julia’s energy drinks.

One final crushing French kiss and we do break it up just as the clock clicks over to 6 a.m. Shit, it’s business time.

One minute later the Battle Star’s combat alarms shrill everywhere. Before I scramble into my combat uniform I run into Aimee’s room and yell for Julia. I show them which locker contains their combat gear. I tell Julia to go to the conference room and wait on the Major. “Don’t wander around; I don’t want you to get shot accidently.”

Loud clanging noises indicate the internal security doors are being shut to section off vital areas. Yelling at the girls to get a move on, I rush back into my room to gear up. Two minutes later we are ready and dash down the hall. “Aimee, you’re with me”, I shout and notice the girls have their gear on fairly straight and they carry their emergency backpacks. Security badges are around all of our necks. When we get near our elevators one of our non-coms, with a “Neutralizer” shotgun, is already on duty. “Quick reaction time, Sergeant”, I commend him. “Three minutes flat, Colonel. Nobody beats me”, he says proudly and grins as Aimee and I jump in and head for the Cockpit.

The senior staff assembles in a heavily fortified conference center near the Battle Stars cockpit. I expect the CoS to tell us it’s another drill. He stands by the podium and says, “People this is not a drill.” The expressions on the senior staff’s faces are grim. Unlike the sergeants who are always waiting on a shoot-out, the staff thinks about the many troops who often end up dead in any military action.

“The good news is we are gearing up for a minor surgical strike on a nest of terrorists. The bad news is the Pentagon wants to see our full capabilities utilized. We are going on a total war footing for the four day action. Battle Star Falin is the only player because the key ingredient is total secrecy and invisibility to demoralize the enemy. No other military command even knows about it, understood?”

The CoS looks around and everyone nods their heads. He finally spots Aimee in the back of the room and waives her forward. She stands at attention next to the Colonel and he says, “Let me introduce Lt. Victory. She is assigned to the Logistics team and just arrived yesterday. Before any of you wonder why a lowly Lieutenant is even in this room, let me be super clear. Lt. Victory has certain specialized, classified capabilities which make her unique to serve on-board Falin. She will play a major part in this combat action; she gets to see everything and all plans get reviewed by her. Understood.”

A couple of the senior officer’s jaws drop open; but the grim look on the CoS’s face makes it clear. Unless someone is stupid enough to try to talk to the Battle Star’s General, the orders stand. Every head nods a ‘Yes”. About that time the door opens and a non-com with a “Neutralizer” leads the way in for the General. Fifteen chairs squeal as the staff jumps to attention. Walking to the podium the General shakes hands with the CoS and Lt. Victory saying, “Welcome to the Falin, Lt. Victory.” The gesture is not lost on the staff and jaws drop even more.

The General says, “Gentlemen we are at war. The Pentagon says so and we are going to act accordingly. All data is classified and all com security will be strictly followed. This action may be a minor act; but the Pentagon expects major results and we are going to give it to them.”

The General continues as his face sweeps the room, “Ops you have twenty-four hours to create a plan. Logs you have another 24 hours to get everything we need. Make sure the Bush and Reagan are good to go. We attack on day three or four at the latest. Lastly, absolutely no one on Earth or any labs you work with will know we are on a war footing. Our face to everyone is business as usual; therefore I permit you to get out of the battle gear as needed. Make sure there are no vid-coms showing people with weapons, got it.”

Everyone nods their heads and the General continues his briefing, “Double check everything. I don’t want to see a report that some junior trooper accidently showed up on a vid in combat gear or ran his mouth to mom. Lastly, you have met Lt. Victory. If the CoS has not mentioned it, she sees everything. Anyone wants to end their career quickly just tell her ‘No’ once.”

Holy shit, even I swallow hard along with the staff.

The General steps out. His non-com guard gives us all a hard look. War-footing.

All the chairs squeak again as we jump to attention; but the General is long gone.

I guess that was the stick. Here comes the carrot. The door opens and stewards bring in breakfast trays along with coffee, juice and a variety of other stuff.

The CoS is at the podium and tells us, “OK, all earth side coms were shut down by me when the alarms went off. We have a fifteen minutes window to make it look like sunspots interfered. Everyone send a short message to your seconds that it was a drill and to continue normal operations. Then have your seconds report up here to the Cockpit for the full briefing.

War-footing, shit.

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