Mom lets it go to the next level

Chapter Two:

I turned the water on and got in the shower. As I washed, all I could think about was my son… …and how all this had started with just a glimpse of his penis so long ago. I was simply amazed at what it had turned into.
I leaned my head on my arm against the shower wall and let the warm water run over me. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Brian and I had done. What I had done. . . .To Brian.
I washed and got out of the shower and dried off. I leaned against the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. I expected to see the shame on my face, expected to see regret, guilt in my eyes. But I saw none of that. As much as I don t want to admit it, all I really saw in the mirror was a woman that had had the first real orgasm shes had in years, a woman who really wanted to have another one.

What I really wanted, deep down, was to find out what it would feel like to have that thing inside me. It was plain and simple, I wanted to “Fuck”. No… …What I really wanted was to get fucked. I realized that that was a far cry from giving my son a hand job or even blowing him but the box had been opened so-to-speak, and I was yearning for sex. I was obsessed.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. To be honest, I was having a hard time thinking. I barely had presences of mind to put on a pair of panties and slip into my robe.
I stood in front of the bathroom sink and began brushing my hair.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked my reflection, trying to determine just how far I was willing to take this. I had told Brian I would leave the door open!
“My god, you gave your son a blowjob. You sucked his dick.” I told myself. I felt my stomach drop. I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass-out or simply break down into hysterics.
“Are you actually ready to let him… …Fuck you?” I whispered aloud. The words made me tingle all over.
I stopped brushing my hair and leaned in a little closer to the mirror.
“Are you ready……Are you ready to let him fuck you?” I whispered again to the mirror. “No one will know!” I said as I stared myself down.
My words became more sexual, more slutty as I watched myself saying them. “No one will know you fucked him.” I cooed.
“Do you want to fuck me?” I watched my mouth form the words. “Do you want to fuck me Brian?” I felt the heat between my legs and I could feel my pussy reacting to each sultry word. I was slowly being taken away again. I found it unbelievably exhilarating talking like that and knowing that Brian and I now had a dark secret; a dark, dark secret. It made me just plain hot.
I felt the first sparks of lust looking for fuel. It was beginning to steer my thoughts and cloud my judgment. It was true…I was no moral compass, but I could still stop this. I could end this now. I d like to say, before it got out of hand, but that ship had sailed. But I could certainly stop it before more damage was done. But could I? Could I really?
I thought about that for a few minutes. I liked the way all this…this…forbidden pleasure made me feel. I believe that’s when the reality truly set in……

I really liked what was happening. I liked the way it made me feel. And Brian, there was no denying…He like it as well.
I finished brushing my hair and decided to make myself pretty. My dark thoughts and yearnings seemed to influence the way I put on my make-up too. I put on my mascara; something I don’t normally wear. I did my eye shadow darker than I usually did and chose a sexy, dark pink lipstick.
As I applied it to my full lips, I remembered the last time I’d put this particular color on.

It was Jim’s office Christmas party. I had applied it as we arrived in the parking garage. I looked over at Jimmy and asked him how I looked. He told me I was beautiful and that I, undoubtedly, would be the prettiest girl at the dance.
“I think I’m gunna to have to slip away and fix my lipstick at some point.” I told him with that familiar twinkle in my eye. He knew what that meant.

At some point early in the party, Jimmy and I had found an empty conference room on one of the upper floors. He played the powerful boss and I was the new secretary that wanted a raise.
“So. . .What are you willing to do Miss Mendez?”
I sat on the smooth granite table in front of him. I brought my legs up high until my high heels reached the edge of the table. I spread my legs showing him that I had no panties on. I dug into my pantyhose with my long fingernails and tore them open.

He gasped and broke character, “Jesus Christ Cathy… …That’s hot.”
I was pretty damned excited at that point. I had been drinking and thinking about doing this for more than an hour.
“You can have this Mr. Washburn.” I cooed.
I spread my pussy lips with two fingers showing him that my clit was visibly swollen. I strummed and teased it with my other hand until I was about ready to cum.
Then Jimmy leaned in and put his mouth on it, sucking my clit into his mouth hard, sucking it like a baby sucks a nipple. I nearly screamed; he was driving me crazy. It took no time at all before I had Jimmy’s head in my hands and I was bucking up into his mouth.

After I came, I pulled Jimmy’s face to mine and licked his lips clean. Then I spun around on my stomach, facing Jimmy. I reached out and undid Jimmy’s pants. I closed my pink lips around his dick nice and slowly as I looked up at him. I sucked and pulled at his small cock with my full lips until he came in my mouth. It took less than a few minutes. I swallowed every drop. Normally we would have been done. We would have straightened up; I would have fixed my make-up and we would have gone back to the party. But this night Jimmy had other plans. He spun me around, “Give me that ass Miss Mendez.” He ordered me. He lifted my dress up over my ass and tore my pantyhose even more. I shuttered when I felt him spit on my asshole and smear it with his fingers.
“Are you gunna fuck me in the ass Mr. Washburn?”
I was thrilled. This wasn’t something we normally did, especially outside the bedroom.
“Do you want that raise or not Miss Mendez?”
“Yes, yes I do Mr. Washburn. I want it bad.”

We had never taken it this far before in one of these situations. I mean someplace we could get caught. Normally it was a quickie. Most times it was just a blowjob for Jimmy. That night, I felt dirty, hot. As Jimmy worked his small cock in my ass, I laid my face on the cool granite table. It was times like this that it was a good thing that Jimmy’s dick wasn’t very big.
“Suppose someone comes in Mr. Washburn?”
“Well―I guess, Miss Mendez, you’ll have to suck their dicks too.” He told me. When Jimmy started to fuck my ass, right there in the conference room, on the long granite table, I imagined what it would be like to do just that. To suck off any guy who walked through the door while Jimmy was fucking me in the ass. I can’t describe the feeling it gave me.
Well. . . . . .I felt like that now, in my room, with the door open.

I was very sexual . . .at one time in my life. I loved it. I loved acting that way. I loved feeling that way. It made me feel alive. But that stopped when Jimmy died. I missed and wanted sex but I didn’t want to get involved with anyone and I didn’t feel comfortable picking up strangers at a bar. It didn’t seem right. How’s that for irony. The thought that my son could possibly help me with this problem had never accrued to me . . . . . . But now it intrigued me greatly. It did more than intrigue me…It set me on fire.

I was feeling slutty, nasty, and desirable all at once. Like I felt when Jimmy and I did our little role playing. Something I hadn’t felt in some time. I was getting ready… …for sex. I was fixing myself up just as I had for Jimmy. I was getting Slutty.… …for my son.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. I had no doubt that Brian would show up at my door. I think I was safe in saying that he’d loved what I’d done to him. I didn’t know what I was going to say to him when I saw him. Maybe I wouldn’t have to SAY anything. I wasn’t sure if I would be his immoral but willing Mom. . . . . . His wicked mother . . . . . . . . .or his depraved whore. But I would be here willing and waiting to do almost anything he wanted me too.

A normal mother would have freaked out at that point. A normal mother would have been consumed with the guilt and the shame. But I was past all that. The idea that my 17-year-old son was going to be walking into my bedroom at any minute and expecting to engage me, his mother, in a sexual way… …aroused me to a point I can’t explain.

I loved the fact that we shouldn’t be doing it. I loved the idea of it being Our dirty little secret. And realizing that Brian had thought about it a lot, and liked it so much, made it that much more exciting for me. Even if it was unnatural, and even depraved, it made me feel desirable and sexual again and it gave me someone to please.
I didn’t have to pretend to be the naughty secretary or the strict librarian, or the little Catholic schoolgirl that needed to be disciplined. I was the lonely Mom that wanted her son’s big dick. There was no need for make-believe. This was a dark, forbidding act of incest, and it was real.
I stood there trying to figure out the moment in which I stopped being “A normal mother”.

{It was right then that I realized how my father must have felt and any, if there were any, bad feelings or misgivings about him slowly melted away. Oddly enough, I wondered what it would feel like if my father fucked me again now, after all these years. With little doubt, in this frame of mind, I would let him. I made a mental note to call him.}

When I opened my bathroom door, Brian was standing right there at the door in only a pair of his gym shorts. I instinctively pulled my robe closed. We’d startle one another.
“Wow!” He whispered. “You look really nice.” He told me as he stared at my lips.
I thanked him as my eyes drifted down his cut frame to the huge bulge in his shorts.
“Wow! Yourself.”

We stood there for a long awkward moment. I guess I was waiting for him to say something, to DO something, INITIATE something.
I was trembling all over. Finally, I took a long quiet breath, and let my robe fall open, exposing my tits to him; showing him that all I had on was a pair of cotton panties.
He had that Deer-in-the-headlights look.

“You can touch them if you want.” I told him as I let my robe fall to the floor.
He didn’t say a word. He reached out…I could see that his hand was shaking slightly. We were in the same place as far as that was concerned.
I got such a thrill when Brian closed his hand over my left tittie and began to massage it and softly squeeze it. I reached down and took hold of his other hand. I brought it up, placed it on my other tittie, and held it there. He glanced up at me with a smile as he played with my breasts. It felt so good to finally have someone touching me like this.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. When he pinched my nipples… “Johnny says girls really like that.”… A quiet moan escaped me. “Johnny’s right.” I mewed.
After a few minutes, Brian took it upon himself to lean in and take one of my hard nipples in his mouth.
“Oooo. . .” A hot wave rolled through me like a forest fire on a windy day. I couldn’t believe how sensitive my nipples were. He moved from one to the other as we stood there in the bathroom doorway.

I put one hand behind Brian’s head and pulled him into my chest to encourage him to go on while my other hand moved down to the front of his shorts. He was very hard, pushing against the flimsy material of those gym shorts. I ran my fingers over it, feeling its shape and its size. I wanted it inside me. . . .Badly.

I gently ran my fingers through my son’s hair, eventually pulling him away from my wet nipple, leaning his head back slightly so I could talk to him.
“I want this inside me.” I whispered as I squeezed the huge piece of meat in his shorts. I didn’t wait for a response. I couldn’t wait. The decision was made.
“Take off your shorts.” I instructed.
I turned and snatched the baby oil off the bathroom vanity. When I turned around, Brian stood in front of me with his big cock sticking almost straight out from between his legs. The tip already had a tiny drop of pre-cum oozing out of its piss-hole. I couldn’t resist. . . .I knelt down and kissing it. I heard Brian suck in a quick breath when I kissed it and rubbed the fat pink head over my lips.

I was hot, almost dizzy with lust and couldn’t wait any longer. The fire between my legs was in charge now.
“Come on.” I told. “Come over to the bed.”
I hurried to the bed with the baby oil and sat down on the very edge.
“Come here.” I reached out and took his dick in my hand and gave it a little squeeze. It wasn’t quite as hard as it had been in his room but it was certainly getting there and was every bit hard enough to fuck me with.
I slid my fingertips along its shaft, teasing it, hoping to bring it to its full potential. I leaned down towards him and put my lips on it again. I gave the head of my son’s cock soft wet kisses and let the tip of my tongue slip around in circles and tease his pee-hole. I opened my mouth wide and sucked the head into my mouth

“You look awesome doing that.” Brian whispered.
“I feel awesome doing it.” I told him shamelessly. “I could do this all day.” I mumbled around his thick cock. I kissed it and looked up at him.

“I’ve needed something like this for a long time Brian.” I told him honestly. “I want this bad.” I shivered at my own words as I slowly stroked him.
I watched his dick swell to its full hardness. I opened the baby oil and began to cover his giant dick with it. I could see and feel it throbbing. It seemed that he wanted this as bad as I did. I threw the bottle on the bed, swung my feet up and laid back. I pulled my panties off and tossed them to the floor. I didn’t need any baby oil. My pussy was already as wet as it could get. I laid my head on my pillow and reached an oily hand out over the edge of the bed.

I took hold of his slippery dick and caressed it for a few long seconds. “Get up on the bed . . . . . .Lay between my legs Sweetie.” I purred.

His eyes were huge as he climbed up onto the bed. My legs were wide open and my pussy was dripping wet and damn near breathing on its own.
Brian did as I asked. He laid on me and looked into my eyes.
“Get up on your hands…Yeah, like that. Move up a little.” I encouraged him as I gently tugged on his fat cock, guiding him to where I wanted him, where I NEEDED him to be. Brian braced himself up on his arms and watched my hand moving on his dick. The tip of his beautiful cock was right up against the opening of my wet coochie.
I pressed the tip of his dick to my pussy lips and began to slowly move it up and down alone my swollen lips. It felt like I was rubbing my pussy with a hot slippery baseball bat. He was even bigger than he was earlier. For a split second, I wondered if I was going to be able to do this. It wasn’t and matter of conscience or morality. It was more a question of logistics.

“Don’t push yet Sweetie, not ‘till I tell you to. Just let me do it.”
“O-OK. . .” He whispered as he held himself over me. He was so sweet, so nervous.
“I cant imagine how you managed to get so hard again so soon after you just came. And after you came so much too.”
“I cant believe this is really happening.” He confessed.
“I know.” I whispered as I slowly made small circles around my clit with the tip of his plump cockhead.
“I just never thought you’d want to do something like this…” He told me under his breath.
“I know Baby. I’m just as surprised as you.”

When I thought I was ready, I started to work his plump cockhead into my pussy little by little. He was oozing pre-cum and I was incredibly wet but his cockhead was still very big. I wiggled my ass a little, up and down, side to side, as I pushed and pulled my son’s long fat dick until it started to go in. I held my breath as I felt it start to enter me. After I’d worked a few inches in I told him to pull back a little.
“. . .Its too big.” I sighed. He looked disappointed. “Dont worry sweetheart, I really want this. . .” I assured him as I gave him a little squeeze. “. . .We just have to take it easy at first, thats all.”

Brian pulled out a little. With my fingers around the base of his cock, I pulled him back in.
“Again.” I instructed.
He pulled out and I pulled more of him back in.
He pulled out and I did it again. Slowly. Gently. We did this for some. When I felt my pubic hair tickle my two fingers at the base of his cock, I closed my eyes, my mouth dropped open, and I cooed, “That’s it Baby. That’s it.”
I let go of his swollen dick, slid my hands onto his hips, looked him in the eye, and told him to fuck me.
“But easy Honey. Go slow.”

I closed my eyes again and took in a long slow deep breath as I felt him starting to slowly fuck me.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh- YES― Slow sweetie, push it in slow.” I whispered,
“Like that?”
“Yes Baby, like that. Just like that.” I moaned as I looked down and watched it disappearing inside me.

“OK, now pull it out some…Slowly Baby. That’s good. Um-huh. . . Now push it in me again…slow…real slow…”
Brian did exactly as I told him.
“Oh my God Brian!!!
He stopped abruptly.
“You OK Mom?”
“Yeah Baby, Ga-head…ga-head… keep going Sweetie, I’m fine!”

When I felt his balls lightly rub up against my asshole, I knew he was all the way in. I wrapped my legs around his short stout frame and held him still between my legs as I got used to his fat cock. “Just hold it right there for a second.”
My pussy was so tight. It was like the first time I ever fucked. Then little by little I began to rotete my hips.
“OK Baby, now fuck me. Nice and slow Sweetie. Fuck me.” I whispered. I jerked my hips a tiny bit to encourage him along. I felt so full. Nothing had ever felt like this.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, um hummmm. That’s it Sweetie. Ga-head Brian… Do it Honey…Fuck Mommy!” I moaned into his neck as I held on to him.

That was the first time that I’d made reference to being his mother during these last two encounters. The words filled me with such a deep, dirty desire to fuck that I whined into Brians ear, “Give it to me Baby. Give mommy that fat dick.”

My son was working his cock in and out, in and out, with a little more gusto. I could feel every single inch as it slid in and out. As it slipped in and out with greater ease, I squeezed him with my legs and told him to go a little faster. In a very short time he was pushing into me with a bit more enthusiasm. He was really fucking me and I loved it.
Suddenly he called out, “Mom?”
There was urgency in his voice; a warning but it felt so wonderful that I couldn’t answer him. I just thrust up to meet him each time he slid into me.
“Oh God Mom!” He cried out as he watched his cock slide in and out of his mother’s tight pussy.

{I was aware he was trying to tell me that he was gunna cum in me, but I was too consumed to stop.}

I held him by his muscular little ass as he fucked me good. The squishing sound of him fucking my drenched pussy filled the room. I threw my arms around his neck and drew him to me. I pressed my lips to his ear. “Fuck me Brian! Don’t stop! Fuck me!” I purred like a shameless whore. “Don’t stop… Please don’t stop…You’re gunna make me cum…Fuck me sweetie………Come on baby, fuck Mommy!”
My pleading excited us both even more. He began fucking me harder. My pussy; my whole body it seemed like, started to shudder. All I could do was grunt and moan as my orgasm started to roll through me.
“I’m cummin’ Mom…I’m cummin’!” Brian groaned.
We had both lost control.
“Cum in me!” I practically begged my son. “Cum in Mommy, Baby!!!” I pleaded.
I couldn’t wait to feel him shoot inside me. I knew that it would make me cum that much harder.

I no sooner got the words out when Brian started slamming into my pussy and I felt him explode inside me. I buried my face in his neck and held on tight. I was so completely filled that I could feel every jet of hot cum as he spewed inside me. I was cumming now too. And I was cumming hard. I groaned in his ear, “Yes— Yes— Yes— Yes— Yes…” each time he drove into me, each time I felt a shot of his thick cum shoot inside me.
“That’s it!!!” I cried. “Cum in me Brian. Cum in Mommy.” I shrieked through clenched teeth as I held onto him for dear life.
He grunted heavily with each stroke, his large balls slapped my ass, as I locked my feet behind his back and pulled him down to me with my legs. It seemed like it lasted for such a long time.

When it was finally done, my legs fell to the bed and my hands slid down his muscular arms and closed around his wrists. Brian was flushed and a little out of breath but he remained between my legs, propped up on his hands looking down at me. Although he was a little softer now, my pussy was still full and tight around him. I could feel the throbbing of his heartbeat between my legs.
I on the other hand, was breathing very hard, unable to say anything, unable to even move. Had I had to wiggle a toe to show that I was still alive, they would have buried me for sure.
Brian was the first to speak. His voice was faint and distant.
“You… …You OK Mom?” I heard him ask.
I finally opened my eyes. He looked worried and concerned. There we were; he had given me the best orgasm that I could ever remember having and he was worried id I was alright.

I slowly raised my hand to his face and gently brushed the hair out of his eyes.
“Yes…” I whispered the best I could as I tried to get my breathing under control.
“That… …That was… …was really something…” I finally managed to say. I felt hot, flushed, and sweaty; my head was spinning but I cant remember ever feeling better; more satisfied.
“How… …how bout you sweetie………You OK?” I asked with a faint smile as I brushed my fingers across his cheek.

He laughed unable to hold back his elation. I felt him move inside me a little bit each time he laughed.
“Um yeah…me? Yeah…No I’m great Mom. I’m just great!” He gives me a huge smile, “I don’t think I’ve ever been better. . .Mommy. . .” He says, mocking me with a smirk on his lips.
“I wasn’t sure you picked up on that.” I told him a bit embarrassed. “I’m sorry if. . .”
“I liked you saying that stuff.” He cut me off.
“Oh yeah?”
I was a little surprised.
“I don’t know why but it sounded pretty cool hearing you say that. It made me feel kinda. . .I don’t know. . .”
“Naughty?” I asked.
He shook his head slowly, “Yeah. . . .Naughty; like we’re doing something we’re not supposed to be doing, but it feels so good . . .ya do it anyway. Ya know? Like fooling around with a teacher or on a bus or something.”
“You mean something…Crazy?”
“Yeah. Something crazy.”

I thought it was sort of funny that he was telling me this while he was between my legs with his dick still inside me.

“We ARE doing something we’re not supposed to be doing Sweetie.”
“Oh yeah. I guess we are.” He says, still propped up on his hands, as he lifted himself higher, pulled out slightly, and gazed between my legs before slowly pushing back into me.
“It does feel pretty good.” I assured him. “Ya know, we could just pretend that I’m someone else if that would make it more comfortable for you. I could be the school teacher. A lady cop maybe, or maybe a nurse getting you ready for your check-up. I like pretending.” I confessed. I saw no reason for coyness now.

“So do I, but I think for right now, if it’s OK with you, I kinda like you being my Mom.”
He pushed into me with a wicked little smile on his face. He is just like his father, I thought.
I pushed back and started to move my ass in tiny circles, unwilling to simply stop. I reached down between our bodies and squeezed his dick lightly with my fingers. It was still firm enough to fuck. I was still amazed at what my son had between his legs……Between MY legs.
“Well if thats the case. . .” I smiled back. “. . . You can fuck
Mommy some more……if you want.”

He began slowly pumping into me as I swiveled my ass around. We continued like that for some time as we both became more comfortable with each other and our new circumstances.
“Wow!” He muttered as he looked down my body to where we were still attached. He shook his head like he couldn’t believe what was happening.
“Wow is right.” I agreed.

He gently, slowly pulled his slippery cock all the way out. It made a soft ‘Popping’ sound and then I felt his thick cum pour out and run down the crack of my ass. I pulled him back to me until he found my opening again with the tip of his dick and slid himself all the way back in.

“Oh God!” I gasped. It took my breath away as my coochie stretched to let him fill me up again.
He did this a few more times―… the way out and then all the way in back in, very slowly. Each time he pulled out, I slid my fingers over the length of his dick before he slid back into me.
“I like this.” He says barely above a whisper as he looks down between my legs.
I closed my eyes and rested my head on the pillow.
“Ummmmmmmmm. . .” I cooed as Brian teased me with his big cock.

“That feels so good Brian. Have you, you know, thought about doing this before?” I opened my eyes and lifted my head off the pillow. “ I mean…Have you thought about fucking mommy before?” I asked with a smile.
“Well, yeah” He says shyly. “I never thought I d get to do it but I ve thought about it a lot.” He confessed. “Bunches of times…How bout you? You ever. You know, think about it before?”
“Not til today Sweetie.”
I gave him a little kiss on the lips and ground into him.

It was the oddest thing, having this kind of conversation so nonchalantly with my own son as if we were talking about what we were having for dinner…and he,s lying on top of me with his hard dick still inside me ta boot.

I don’t know how much time passed but Brian was picking up a little speed. The wet squishy sound and the occasional moan or whimper was all that was heard for quite some time. His dick was pumped up again and he was beginning to trust into me rather than just teasing. I held him by the hips as he began to fuck me with more passion. We’d fucked for a long time before he started to moan and grunt. He had cum two times this morning so I was surprised when he began to act as though he was ready to do it again.

“Oh my god Brian!” I moaned. “Are you gunna cum again?”
Brian didn’t say anything; he just kept moving his ass faster and harder.
I couldn’t believe he’d be able to cum again so soon. And if he did, could there be any more cum in those young balls of his?
“Cum in mommys mouth.” I cooed.
Brian looked up at me, a bit shocked. It would take some time, I guess, before he would get used to me talking to him like that.
“OK!” He agreed happily.
“Just before you cum, pull it out and bring it up to my mouth Sweetie…and I ll blow you.” I told him with a devilish smile.
I no sooner said it when Brian pulled his cock out of my tired coochie and declared,
“I’m gunna Mom. I’m gunna!” as he scrambled to bring his cock to where I could get my lips around it.
I scooted up a little and rested my head on the headboard. Brian straddled my chest and I took hold of his slippery dick.
“Oh God Mom!!!”
“Tell me to eat your cum Brian!!!”
“Yeah, ga-head. Eat my cum Mom, eat it!!!” he insisted.

It was so nasty hearing him say that. I pumped it just a few times before he started to splash me with more thick, white cum. I leaned forward more as I jerked him off, trying to get my mouth around it. Cum splattered my face and flew into my hair. When I finally managed to seal my lips around him, I swallowed all that was left that he offered me. I squeezed his dick like a tube of toothpaste, base to tip, and sucked the last remaining drops of his sweet cum from the tip of his dick and swallowed them as well.

He came almost as much as he did the first time. I was impressed to say the least. I kissed and licked his cock as it got softer in my hands. I kissed my way down its pudgy shaft as I stared him in the eye and began to tickle and tease his balls with my tongue.
He watched my every move I made. I let the very tip of my tongue trace a path back to the tip of his worn out dick. I opened my mouth wide and slowly swallowed as much of his slimy dick as I could. I sucked and licked it clean before letting it drop from my lips. I grabbed his ass, looked up at him and gently rubbed my lips over the sensitive head of his cock.

“Having a good Birthday so far?” I asked him as I sucked his limp cock back into my mouth one more time; slowly, seductively as I smiled at him with my eyes.
“God yeah. This is the best birthday ever!” He smiled down at me.

I licked my lips. His cum was all over my face, it was everywhere.
“You ve never done that with anyone, have you?” I asked as I wiped my cheeks with my fingers. “Fuck, I mean.”
“No, not really…”
I stared at the limp dick hanging in front of me. I couldn’t resist touching it. I gave it another quick little nonchalant kiss.
“What do you mean…Not really?”
“I ve never had it actually IN someone before...”

I gently rolled Brian off me and told him to lie down next to me. I cocked my head and looked at him curiously as I massaged his empty balls.
“…I almost did… …but we stopped.” He told me hesitantly.
I thought of Jenny. “Too big?”
“I don’t think so…”
He really had me curious now.
“Then how come?” I asked casually as I slid my fingers around his soft fat dick. I didn’t want to leave it alone. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world now.
“…Cuz someone came home.” He says.
“Her mom?”
“Her dad?”
“Who then?” I asked as I looked him in the eye.

He looked at me for a few long seconds. I thought he was just enjoying what I was doing to him. Then he dropped the bomb.
“…Her son…”

I jerked my head back. “HER SON!?!”
He shook his head.
“Who,s son?” I asked, my hand still filled with his soft dick.
“She told me not to tell…”
“Who,s son?” I asked again, releasing his dick.
“Its… …Mrs. Landers.” He whispered quietly.
“Johnnys Mom? Kathy?”

I was really taken back. Brian’s head slowly moved up and down. I sat up quickly, throwing my feet over the edge of my bed. Brian watched and waited.
“Kathy Landers?” I repeated. I heard him give me a sorry confirmation.

A shit load of things raced through my head at the same time.
-She,s his best friends MOM…
-She,s a married woman…
-He,s just a boy…
-She,s old enough to be his…
But considering that I had just finished fucking my own son… …Everything seemed to settle in to just one reaction… “Wow!!!”
“Are you mad?”
“No….not really I guess, but we,ll need to talk about that later” I told him.
“Yeah, later. Right now Mommy wants to see how much of her sons she can fit in her mouth.”
“God! Its so hot when you say stuff like that.”
I laid across the bed, took his limp dick in my hand and opened my mouth.

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