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A nodded and a moan was the answer I gave.
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This is a fictional story involving youth/youth and adult/youth sexual relationships. If this type of material offends you, please do not read any further. This material is intended for mature adult audiences. Names, characters, locations and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Tommy Series
Part 1
Chapter 3
by Tom Cup

I woke to find Mr. Steel standing naked at the little stove making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. My whole body felt like it was wrapped in a warm glow. I slipped quietly out of bed and came up behind him and press my warm naked body close to his.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned, "You hungry?"

"Yup!" I replied, "I could eat a horse."

We went out to the deck to eat. Mr. Steel explained that no one would see us out there naked because we were in the center of 40 acres. The cabin, the lake and the surrounding land belonged to him.

After lunch we went skinny dipping in the lake. Feeling the cool water on my skin and then the heat of Mr. Steel's body, as he skimmed against me while we swam, kept my cock hard and pulsating. After splashing and playing around for a while, we hugged and kissed at the side of the lake, as the sun warmed our naked bodies.

Around 3:30, Mr. Steel suggested that we get dressed and grab the fishing gear from the side of the cabin. He said that it would start getting cooler and the fish would start to bite in an hour or so. We went back to the cabin and chatted and laughed a lot.

As I was looking for my shoes, I called out, "Mr. Steel, I can't find my shoes."

Mr. Steel called me over and sat me on his lap as he sat in his armchair.
"Look," he said, "Since we're lovers and all... do you think you could call me Ron? I mean when we are alone at least?"

Hearing him call us lovers made my cock get hard and my ass quiver a bit. It made me feel so good. "Sure... Ron," I said, staring into his eyes. Our eyes locked, our lips drew toward each other, parted, and a deep and passionate kiss began.

We arrived at the dock near the southeast side of the cabin just before sunset. The sky was a beautiful shade of purple and red mixed with orange and blue. Ron told me that in the city the lights block out most of the colors of sunset, as well as most of the light from the stars. He then taught me how to bait the hook and cast the line. It didn't take long before I felt a slight tug on the line. It startled me; and Ron and I laughed out loud.

“What did you expect,” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I laughed sheepishly, my head tilted, and my hair half covering my eyes. He brushed my hair away, slid behind me, his leg straddling my ass, and wrapped me in his arms, aiding me in catching my first fish. What I remember most about that scene was my butt pressed against his groin, the warm heat that his body gave, as his hands lay upon mine, rocking back and forth, releasing and pulling at the pole in my hand. More than once I wanted to drop the pole and rock and sway with him on top of me – visions of him fucking me by the water on the dock flooding my mind.

We caught five trout that night and Ron taught me how to clean and dress them. We took them back to the cabin where Ron wrapped three for me to take home. The other two he fried up with garlic and butter. Boy was it ever good! We cleaned up our dishes and laid on the bed together in each other's arms

We fell asleep like that and woke just before sunrise. We looked into each other's eye and began to kiss. The t-shirt and tight white briefs I wore to bed did little to hide my body, to cover the stiffness of my morning erection, or the wet spot that stained the white cotton. I was so horny. Ron slowly began tongue bathing me . He nibbled on my ears, which sent tingling down my cheeks into my neck and nipples. His tongue then found my inner ear. I moaned, unable to stop my hips from rising and falling as I pumped at the air. He lifted my shirt over my head and fell immediately onto my hardened nipples. I gasped, and my cotton briefs pooled with wetness.

“Oh god, oh god,” I groaned as his tongue reached my stomach and searched my belly button, swirling around the dime size dimple in increasing and decreasing circles.

“You’re hot for it, aren’t you?” he asked, kissing me just above the line of my briefs where the elastic had become wet with my anticipation.

A nodded and a moan was the answer I gave. I was focused on the feelings I was having. I didn't want to forget any touch, any twitch, any breathless moment. He grab the elastic band of my briefs, and with one pull, removed them from my body. Finally I was lying naked on the bed. He kissed me and stood up and undressed himself. When he removed his pants, I stared at his wonderful cock with its bright red knob. It curved slightly up with a mound of rich curly brown pubic hair. I looked down at my crouch and played with the barely introduced growth of hair there. Ron smiled, bent down, and at last began to lick my cock and balls.

I closed my eyes and took in all the wonderful feelings of his tongue on my body. He moved from sucking my balls and cock to my belly button and nipples, and back again. When he kissed me, I could taste myself on his lips. The warmth and wetness of his mouth again enveloped my cock. A slow dance ensued between his mouth and my cock, as I wiggled and pumped my hips. When again he released my cock and kissed me, I reached down and took his cock in my hand. He moaned and I rolled him over on his back. I immediately went down and put his cock in my mouth. I rolled my tongue around his beautiful red knob and kissed and sucked it gently. Then I worked it up and down in my mouth and felt him shutter a bit. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and tongued his balls before moving back up the shaft and taking his head into my mouth once again.

As I continued to work the thick, vein throbbing, cock in my mouth, Mr. Steel repositioned himself and began to suck my cock and finger my ass. For the first time I realized that my hole was a bit sore from the fucking the day before. But he worked it slowly and soon the soreness was replace by an anxiousness to have more of him inside of me -- the attention of his finger and tongue was pushing me closer to cumming.

He slid his finger in my ass and out again. He moved it around in circles while his tongue swirled around my cock. I pumped my hips, being rewarded by the heat of his mouth and probing of his finger. The more I pumped the more my cock swelled and throbbed, and the more my ass loosened and grabbed at his finger. My body trembled with lust and excitement. I was nearing the point of no return. I let his cock slide out of my mouth and exclaimed, “Oh God!”

He stopped and let his finger slide out of my ass.

"Roll over baby," he said and I did. I felt him position himself over me as I lay on my belly.

"I'm a little sore," I said.

"I know,' he replied, "I'll go slow."

Pillows positioned under my hips, so my ass pyramided in the air, his hand spread my ass-cheeks. The warm rubber heat of his fleshy tongue caressed my hole. I took long slow gasps to quell my trembling excitement. Slowly his tongue soothed and separated my rosy ring, and then pocked inside. I shook as the soreness left my body, replaced with shivering expectancy. Deeper and deeper his tongue pushed into me until I uncontrollably humped the pillows beneath me. My dick slick, my balls drawn close to my body – massaging fingers of fire flowed over my skin, expanding from my cock and ass.

With a moan he removed his tongue, leaving me on the edge of orgasm and with emptiness where his tongue had once been. I whined, pushing my ass higher into the air in desperate need of it to be filled once more. Cool lubrication melted and mingled with my already saliva slick and open hole. Two fingers easily slid into my willing orifice, signaling to Mr. Steel and me that I was more than ready.

The soreness had disappeared and I accepted his cock as it slowly moved up into my ass. When he finally was all the way in, he reached around and began to stroke my cock. He made a rhythm of it. As he would push into my ass, he would stroke down my cock; and as he would pull out of my ass, he would stroke up. He was pumping in and out of me, and stroking up and down on my cock. I ground my ass back on his cock and eagerly fucked his hand.

“Oh yes baby,” he whispered into my ear, “You make me feel so good.”

His cock massaged and stretched my insides as it thickened and lengthen within me. He reached beneath me with his free hand and began rolling my drawn ball-sac. My whole body began to quake. I pumped forcefully on his hand, and pushed my ass at his cock, accepting his pounding cock deeper into my ass. We were both grunting, lost to the outside world, caring only about the animal satisfaction of the full speed ahead, piston action, fucking we were experiencing.

The pumping of my ass and cock finally took control of me and I screamed, "Oooh god, I can't take it anymore! I'm gonna cum right now!"

"Go ahead, baby," he said, "I’m right behind you!”

He kept pumping even as I screamed, “Oh! Oh! Oh! and my back arched upward, while violently my ass clamped down on his cock. My cock stiffened, then twitched and jerked as wet release leapt from my body into Mr. Steel's pumping fist.

“Uh ah, uh ah, uh… ah!” I whimpered as cum was pushed from me by Mr. Steel’s pounding meat.

"Yes! Oh fuck, yes!" he exclaimed, and thrust his cock deeper into my ass than I had ever experienced, as he pumped my still twitching ass full with jet after jet of his own love juice.


After breakfast Ron took me out on the lake in the small boat he had tied on the right end of the dock. He rowed the boat lazily as I lay on his lap. He asked me about Keith and I told him about how I sent time with him and that we had become sort of best friends.

"Oh," he said.

"Not like you and me," I responded, "I mean we do fool around sometimes but his mother is always there. Besides, you know I love you."

Mr. Steel smiled and let the boat drift on its own.

"Hey, you should have friends your own age too. No one wants a kid your age spending TOO much time with a guy my age." I thought about it and agreed. "You know," Mr. Steel said, "You can invite him to come along next time. It's not like I haven't seen you two together."

We both laugh and then I said, "No, I like it when it’s just you and me."

"You mean you like having both of us just to yourself!" He said smirking. I blushed but then turned, hugged, and kissed him until we both fell into the lake.

We swam to the edge of the lake with Ron tugging the boat along. We secured it and walk back to the cabin for a change of clothes.

Ron said, "Really, you can invite him. I'll stay out of the way and you can have some private time together."

I thought about it and wondered if he was trying to get rid of me or was tired of me, or what? I was quiet for a long time before Mr. Steel stopped at the deck of the cabin and said, "I'm not trying to pawn you off or anything. I really do love you and hope we will be together forever but..."

"Do you want me to break it off with Keith?" I asked.

"No, no," he replied, "I just want you to be happy. I can share you and still love you. You know what I mean?" I nodded slowly. "OK," he said, "You think about it and remember that I will support whatever you decide to do." I ran into his arms and hugged him.

We then talked about how things would have to go when we got back. I hated thinking about going home. It was as if the weekend had changed me and made me want to live with him. But he was right. We really had to talk about it. We decided to try and get my mom to let me mow his lawn on Wednesday afternoons. That way, we would always have at least some time together.

After that, we decide to spend the rest of our time together in the cabin. We lay on the bed and held each other and I sobbed a little with my head buried deep in Mr. Steel's chest.

It was 3:45 when we stopped a few blocks from my house and parked off a side street out of view.

"What can I do to make it up to you,” Mr. Steel asked.

"I'm OK," I said, "I'm just gonna miss you. This was the best weekend of my life."

He smiled and said, "I really want to take you home with me, you know? Or run away with you to some deserted island."

"Let's go!" I responded, then we both laughed and I quickly kiss him and he held me tight.

When I got home, Mom hugged me and thanked Mr. Steel (for what seemed like a thousand times) for putting up with me. He said a thousand times how it really was no trouble at all. When he told her what a fine boy I was, I had a hard time not just breaking out in laughter at the fun of it all. Mom was really surprise by the trout we brought home and said we would have them for dinner – Trout Almondine I think is what she said. It was good but I liked eating Mr. Steel's trout better.

Mr. Steel told her about his lawn and how he didn't have time to take care of it himself. He told her that he would pay me to do it but she said she wouldn't here of it. She said that if he wouldn't mind spending some time with me then it would be my paying my own way. They laugh and I thought that I would burst for joy! After Mr. Steel left, Mom told me that Keith had called twice, and that he wanted me to call him.


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