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Mike meets Mistress Jacqueline for the first time, will he ever getto cum again?
Mike and Mistress Jacqueline had never met in person, they had only talked over the Internet. They had met through a dating site which catered for people into BDSM and various fetishes and, though they had got on very well during all their email conversations and time spent chatting, Mike was still very apprehensive.

Mistress Jacqueline was due to arrive any minute, Mike had laid out all his toys in the living room, making sure they were all easily visible, and accessible as instructed. He was also naked, except for a black leather collar and a cb6000 complete with the numbered, tamper evident lock that Mistress had instructed him to use over a week before.

Mikes instructions regarding Mistress Jacqueline's arrival were a little open to interpretation. He was to be kneeling at the door when she arrived, wearing the collar and his CB, he was to open the door from his knees and greet his Mistress appropriately. They had discussed before how a submissive should greet his Mistress but a few things were mentioned during those conversations.

As Mike kneeled on the floor, waiting, he heard a car pull up outside and after the slam of a car door, he could hear the faint foot steps of stiletto heels on the concrete path, growing louder and louder, as they approached the door.

There was silence for what seemed like an age, but must have only been a few seconds, before the door bell rang. He reached forward and opened the door, his eyes lowered, hoping that it was actually Mistress Jacqueline. As the door opened, even with his eyes lowered, he could see a pair of black leather high heeled boots. He felt a twinge in his CB as he said quietly "please come in Mistress". The boots moved in from the door way, the door closing behind them.

"Hello bitch" said Mistress Jacqueline as she stood before him. Mike leaned forward, placing his lips against the cold leather of her boots, their scent filling his nostrils as he kissed each boot in turn, making sure not to miss a single spot around the feet.

Mike couldn't remember if he was meant to ask first or automatically kiss his Mistresses boots when he entered her presence. He had guessed at the doing it automatically and hoped for the best.

"Enough, sit up" came the voice from above. mike did as he was told and got his first true glimpse of the goddess before him as he sat back on his heels.

Mistress Jacqueline stood above him, her hands on her hips. She was wearing black leather trousers that hugged every inch of her legs and hips. He could see her black basque, highlighted with red buckles and edging, cinching her waist and covering a leather top which was open at the next, hinting at the delights that lay beneath. The light from the hall highlighted every little bump and curve of her hourglass figure.

Mistress Jacqueline hooked a leash onto his collar and walked towards the living room."come bitch" she said as she walked purposefully in front of him. She new the layout of the house perfectly due to their time online and the virtual tours he had given her over the previous months.

She stopped at the doorway for a brief second and then walked to the centre of the room, dropping the leash. Mike stopped instantly and waited as Mistress Jacqueline inspected and scrutinised the toys he had amassed.
She picked up a set of clover clamps, joined by a chain, and a set of handcuffs before picking up the leash and moving to a large leather chair and sitting down, Mike stopped and kneeled before her.

"Stand up and turn around" she ordered. Mike did as he was told and no sooner had he turned around, his wrists were pulled behind his back and the handcuffs applied. There was no instruction this time, Mistress Jacqueline forcibly turned him back around to face her. She pulled at a nipple, squeezing it hard and causing mike to inhale sharply, before squeezing open one of the clamps and placing it directly on the nipple. She then did exactly the same with the other one.

Her attention then moved to his locked cock. She moved it from one side to the other, examining the lock, and squeezing his heavy and aching balls. Mike had not had any release at all for 2 weeks now and his ball were full and aching.

"I'm glad to see you haven't cheated bitch" said Mistress Jacqueline, "would you like to cum today?"

Without think Mike answered, "yes please Mistress, I would".

No sooner had the words left his lips that he felt her squeeze his balls hard and pull on the chain joining the 2 clamps that were tightly squeezing his nipples. He winced as he felt the pain in the pit of his stomach.

"Do you think I am here for your fucking pleasure?" said Mistress Jacqueline angrily, "I am going to make you think again bitch" she said purposefully as she squeezed harder before releasing his balls and the chain.

She Rose and took one of Mikes leather hoods, and placed it over his head, cutting out all light. She fastened it tightly at the back. Mike was now in darkness, and feeling more nervous and vulnerable than ever. He could hear his Mistress looking for something in her bag, but had no idea what that something was.

Mistress Jacqueline searched for a minute or two in her bag before pulling out a KTB and placing it down beside her. She broke the plastic lock securing the cage on Mikes cock and removed just the cage, letting it breath for the first time in over a week. Mike could feel the the air around his cock, even that felt soo good that he felt the blood starting to flow and and his cock twitch.

Mistress Jacqueline acted quickly and placed the KTB around his stiffening shaft, locking it shut with a padlock and securing it to the ring from his cage, just to make sure it didn't come off.

Almost instantly Mike could feel the internal spikes starting to dig into his skin and felt his pain grow with each passing second as he became more turned on and erect.

Mistress Jacqueline Rose and moved behind mike, leaning forward she whispered through the hood into his ear. "This is how it's going to work today bitch, you can cum any time you want, but you will be wearing this KTB while I am here, understood?"

"yes Mistress" said Mike, the pain around his shaft now becoming excruciating. He shifted his thoughts away from his own pleasure just enough to let his cock soften a little, then more, then more, until it was bearable.

Mike breathed heavily as he stood. He could hear his Mistress going through the rest of his toys, but not sure what exactly she was looking at. It wasn't long before he felt cold leather wrapping around his ankles as his Mistress placed a leather cuff on each, and locked it in place before manoeuvring his legs apart and securing the cuffs to a spreader bar. He felt something being tied around his balls, being wrapped around and around and around, pulling his balls away from his body. Each wrap increasing the pressure on his balls, squeezing them tighter into the sack.

Mike and Jacqueline had discussed all this before, but now this was reality. mike was no pain slut, but he would endure pain for the pleasure of his Mistress and for the first time, was starting to realise what this actually meant.

Mistress Jacqueline picked up one of the crops, laying on the couch. As she came back to Mike her free hand gently caressed his exposed flesh, as it ran over first one nipple, then the next, then across his chest, down his stomach, and finally gripping his shaft.

"do you want to cum bitch?" she said quietly, and knowingly.

"That is your decision Mistress" he replied, "not mine"

"good boy" said Mistress Jacqueline as she removed Mikes hood.

Mike gasped as he saw his Mistress had, at some point, removed her trousers. She moved slowly to the couch and stepped up onto it, leaning against the wall, pushing he's ass out towards Mike.

"Lick my ass you bitch" she said sternly, pulling her cheeks apart to give Mike a nice full view, knowing that it will cause him some degree of pain, and that it did. mike instantly felt his cock start to grow again as he shuffled nearer, until his face was at her ass. He leaned forward, at first, gently and softly kissing the bud, taking in it's scent as he breathed deeply. The ache in his balls grew but it was nothing compared to the sharp pain of the spikes that were once again going to work on his shaft.

Mike explored his Mistress' ass with passion, kissing, licking, and probing her hole with his tongue. It wasn't too long before Mistress Jacqueline was about to reach her first orgasm. She reached behind, pulling his face hard into her ass, writhing and thrusting against his face as her orgasm exploded. At this point Mike was in agony, the spikes were digging deeply into the shaft of his cock but he didn't care. He continued working on his Mistress' ass until she came again, screaming with pleasure, writhing, and fucking Mikes tongue with her ass.

After the orgasm had subsided, she turned around and sat down on the couch in front of mike. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started to wank him very slowly. Mike screamed as a spike pierced his flesh as his cock stiffened.

Mistress Jacqueline continued to slowly wank Mikes shaft as she said, "I will be back in a month, and so you now have a choice to make. I am going to wank you for another 30 seconds, you can cum if you wish. But be aware, this will be your last chance to cum until you see me again. Your time started 10 seconds ago." With that she stayed silent and continues stroking Mikes shaft.

Mike desperately tried to get to the stage he could cum but every time the KTB foiled his attempt. Mike was in agony, the clamps squeezing his nipples, his balls aching and being squeezed by the binding, and the spikes of the KTB digging into his flesh.

"10 seconds" Said Mistress Jacqueline as she continued her assault.
There was nothing Mike could do, he had resigned himself to the fact he was not going to cum just now.

"Times up" said Mistress Jacqueline as she released his shaft and reached for her bag. She brought a small toilet bag from her case and removed a set of keys, some cotton wool, and a small bottle of iodine.

She used the keys to unlock the KTB from mikes Shaft, Mikes sighed with relief even though he could see drops of blood and imprints from all the teeth all around his shaft. Mistress Jacqueline took the cotton wool and poured some of the iodine on it before then cleaning off the blood, sterilising the wounds.

When she was satisfied all was clean she reached for the cage Mike was originally wearing and manoeuvred mikes shaft into it's tight confines. She finally reached into her own bag and brought out a small padlock, placing it through the pin, and snapping it shut, securing Mikes cock in it's prison.

"how are your hands bitch?" she asked

Mike wriggled his fingers, "they are fine thank you Mistress" he replied

With that, she placed keys to the handcuffs in his hands. "I know you have done a lot of self bondage before so getting the cuffs off will be easy for you now right?" and with that, she put on her trousers, lifted her bag, and left Mike, still handcuffed, clamped, spread, and balls bound.

As mike heard the front door close behind him, and the car start and move off, he fumbled with the keys. Tired, sore, and drained as he was, he easily managed to remove the cuffs, and slowly removed the rest of his restraints. He sat on the couch, his cock still throbbing, his balls aching, examining his cocks prison, now sealed with a new lock.

He leaned back closing his eyes, he wanted an orgasm so much and now, he didn't know when, or if, he would ever get one again.

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