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My first gay experience.
Hi. My name is Jake and I'm 19-years-old and I'm bisexual.

I had my first gay experience when I was 14 with my cousin, Kyle. Here's my story.

This is true and my first story on here, so be nice. My memory's a little foggy, so I only put what I remember.

My cousin Kyle and I are fairly close. He is my age and I always looked forward to going down to my grandma's to see him whenever he and his family would visit. We did everything together during our visits and we still do to this day; video games, reading, etc. Kyle was a fairly handsome kid with black hair and wears glasses.

When we were young, we would play a "game" in private since we were curious about each other's bodies. What happened would that one of us would undress the other down to his underwear, then the undressed one would lay flat on his back while the other one would massage, touch, and caress his body. Then he would do it to the other one. We always kept our underwear on, but would touch each other's penises and asses through the underwear. We started when we were, oh, about 6 years old and continued for a while.

Then, one night when we were both 14, something unexpected happened.

It was a stormy summer night and Kyle and I were sleeping in the basement. Since he was the only one, apart from his parents, to come with to Grandma's house, we had the basement all to ourselves. There was a big thunderstorm outbreak across the state and we were sitting on the floor and watching the Weather Channel. Eventually, we got bored.

"Hey, Jake?" He asked.


"Wanna play our game?"

"Sure! Which one of us will go first?"

"I'll go first."

So we got up on the bed and I took off his T-shirt and socks, then laid him down. As I began running my hands all over his body, from his toes to his mouth, and feeling his smooth flesh, he said something that would change the face of our game.

"Take off my boxers."

"You sure?"

"Yeah! We've never seen each other naked before, so I think it's time that we did."

He was right. We had never seen each other naked before in our lives; we never even saw each other's penises or bare asses. My heart pounded and I noticed that I had an erection. As I gripped the waistband of his boxers and he lifted his waist to help me get them off, I noticed that he had a boner as well.

"Be careful taking them off. I've got a stiffy." He said.

I closed my eyes and continued sliding them down his legs to his bare feet. Finally. I had them in my hands and dropped them beside the bed. I opened my eyes and saw his beautiful, naked, hairless, body. My attention was especially on his dick, since it was the fist time that I had ever seen it. His penis was slightly smaller than mine, erect, and just waiting to be touched. Ignoring the temptation, I continued rubbing his body.

"Touch it." Kyle whispered.


"Go ahead. Touch it."

Gingerly, I took his rock-hard cock in my hand. I held it for a while, then slowly pumped it up and down. Kyle let out a little moan.

"Ohh, yeah. That feels good. Do that again."

So I pumped again and again, speeding up a little. I couldn't believe what I was doing; I was jacking off my own cousin! It felt... good in a way. He was gasping and letting out small moans in the process. Finally, I stopped.

"Let's get back to our game." I said.


I turned him over to massage his backside and saw his perfect ass. After running my hands down from his neck to his crack, I gently began rubbing his ass, then I pried apart his cheeks. His small, puckered hole was SO clean and so beautiful; I slowly put my finger on it and began rubbing it.

"You sure know how to make things feel good." He said.

After rubbing his anus for a while, I finished by running my hands back down his legs to his feet. Then, he turned over.

"Jake, that felt so good. I'm impressed." He grinned.

"My turn." I said, preparing myself for his massage.

"No, no. I want you to do something to me." He said, laying down again.


"Well, uh, I saw a video online of a girl sucking on a guy's penis and it looked like he liked it."

"You want me to do that to you?"


"You sure?" I, myself, had seen some softcore porn when I was young and saw girls sucking guy's dicks, but I wasn't sure if doing it to my own cousin was such a good idea.

"I don't know, Kyle. It doesn't seem right."

"Come on. No one'll know."

"Well, uh, how do I do it?"

"The girl put it in her mouth and sucked on it and was, like, bobbing her head back and forth and she would occasionally lick it and suck the guy's sack. Make sure your teeth don't touch it, though."

My erection was getting too hard to ignore, so I unsnapped my boxers and let it out. Kyle didn't see it, though. I slowly lowered my head to his penis. Licking my lips, I gently stuck out my tongue and slowly ran it from the base to the tip, tasting my cousin's sweet flesh. Kyle let out a small moan. Then, I slowly took the whole thing in my mouth and began sucking on it, bobbing my head back and forth like he said. Kyle was moaning, panting and writhing beneath me. He gently ran his hands through my hair.

"Ohh, yeah, Jake, keep sucking. That feels so good."

I continued sucking him off, running my tongue across the tip, tasting his pre-cum, and occasionally taking it out and licking it and licking and sucking his ballsack. As I continued sucking him, he suddenly held my head still and began fucking my mouth.

"The guy was doing this to the girl." He said.

As I continued sucking, I could feel Kyle's cock getting harder and harder. I was moaning myself at the feeling of it. I ran my hands all over his body as I continued sucking, kissing, and licking him.

"Stop, stop, stop." He said at one point.

I took his cock out of my mouth, sat up, and said, "What is it?"

"Have you ever ejaculated before?"

"No, why?"

"I thought I was about to cum, so that's why I stopped."

"Well, thanks." I was truly thankful that we stopped. I didn't like the idea of him orgasming in my mouth and filling it with cum.

"I wanna do it to you, this time." He said. "Let's not do the massage; let's just jump right to the sucking."

My heart pounded harder and harder as he stripped me naked and laid me down.

"You've got a pretty nice cock." He said.

I was a bit endowed for my age. Kyle's cock was a bit of a small one, but my cock was pretty good one for my age. Kyle then began doing what I pretty much was doing to him. He was right; it DID feel great. I could feel all the blood rushing to my cock. My breath came in gasps and pants and I started fucking his head like he did mine.

I don't really need to go into detail about him blowing and sucking me since I pretty much already described that, do I? :)

Soon, I felt my cock tightening and pleasurable sensations all over my body. Realizing that I was about to cum, I told him to stop and he did. My cock tightened and tightened, but the orgasm didn’t come. Thankfully, I had stopped him before I had my orgasm. We both laid down next to each other, our still-erect cocks touching each other.

"That was great." He said.

"It was, but I don't want to stop." I said.

"Let's do this." He climbed on top of me.

"What are you doing?"

"Jake, there's something I have to tell you: I'm gay."

"So what? Who cares if you're gay?"

"Jake, I... want you."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I've been in love with you for the past couple of years. I fantasize about us making love. Every time we play our game, I always get the urge to have us both play it naked, but I always chicken out."

"Kyle, you sure? I mean, we're cousins. Family. This is incest. If anyone found out, we'd be in BIG trouble."

"No one'll know as long as we keep it secret."

I looked into his eyes and realized that I felt the same amount of love as he did for me. I realized that I wanted it as much as he did.

"Alright. But no kissing on the lips or penetration."

"I can agree to that. In fact, it'll be *fake sex*. We're not technically having sex since we're not penetrating each other, so we're still technically virgins."

I looked into his brown eyes, removed his glasses, spread my legs and put them into the air and he slowly began humping, his penis grinding against mine. I felt like a girl being made love to. As he humped, I ran my hands all over his back and ass, then I pried apart his cheeks and started rubbing his anus again. We both moaned quietly. After grinding for a while, I rolled on top of him and started doing it to him.

"God, you're so handsome." He whispered.

"So are you."

After "frotting" for a while, I got off and stared at his feet. I have a bit of a foot fetish and I like bare male feet. Young boys, teens, adult men are the ones that look best. Kyle and I has seen each other's bare feet and bare soles, but never in this sense. I climbed down towards his feet and stared into his soles. They were so beautiful and clean and looked so tempting.

"Uh, what are you doing?" He asked as I began stroking and massaging his feet.

"I don't know why, but I like bare guy feet. I mean I REALLY like them."

"Well, do what you want to them."

"Can I,uh, lick and kiss them and suck on your toes?"

"Go right ahead."

I slowly began licking his right foot from the heel to the tip of his big toe, my hands rubbing the top of his foot and his other foot. I kissed it and drew my tongue between his toes, tasting his sweet foot. I then put his big toe in my mouth and began sucking; bobbing back and forth, like it was his dick.

"You like my feet?" He asked.

"Oh, yeah."

After sucking all his toes, I went and did the same thing to his other foot, then I climbed back up, trailing my tongue from his big toe up his leg to his sack.

"Here, why don't we do something different? I'll lay upside down on you so we can 69."

"Huh? What's 69?"

"You suck mine while I suck yours."

I immediately laid down and he lay upside down, his penis directly at my mouth. Without wasting time, I immediately began sucking and he did the same. I don't remember much, but I remember how good it felt and how good his cock tasted. While sucking, I played with his butthole yet again. Like earlier, we both stopped when we felt an orgasm coming on.

"Since you like my butthole so much, why don't you lick it?" He asked.


"I saw the guy doing it to the girl and she enjoyed it."

"You sure?"

"You saw how clean it is. I took a shower before we came down here and I washed my butt pretty thoroughly."

"Alright. If you fart or shit while I'm licking, you're dead."

"You think I'm gonna do that to you?"

He got on all fours, exposing his ass to me. After hesitating a bit, I dove in and began eating his supple ass. I was surprised that his anus tasted just like skin and not shit. I licked it, kissed it, swirled my tongue around it, sucked it, and occasionally licked, kissed, and sucked on his ass cheeks. He was obviously moaning all the while as I ate his ass. Was this a dream or was I really giving my own cousin a rimjob?

"Mmm, yes. Yeah, eat that shithole." He moaned.

I tongued his ass for a about a minute or so, then stopped. I laid him back down on his back and climbed on top of him in the Cowgirl Position.

"I'm gonna make you cum." I said.

"We have been holding it back haven't we?" He asked.

"Yeah, we have."

Putting his penis "behind" my butt to make sure it didn't hurt him, I began humping away. I was running my hands all over his chest and stomach while he was doing the same to mine. I humped and humped while he moaned and groaned and I did too. As I continued humping him, a fine layer of sweat growing over our bodies, I didn't care if it was incest or not. He didn't care, so why should I care? Soon, I felt my cock tightening and tightening and waves of pleasure. I knew immediately that I was about to cum, but I would let it release this time and I assumed that Kyle would too.

"Kyle, I'm gonna- I'm gonna..." I moaned.

"So am I!" He practically yelled.

After a few more humps, I could practically feel the semen flowing to my cock.

"Here I CUM!" I yelled as I sprayed a massive load all over his torso. At the same time, he came all over my ass. Exhausted, I collapsed next to him and he, not caring that he was covered with my cum, rolled to face me.

"Jake, that was fucking wonderful... just fucking wonderful." He whispered.

"We should do it again tomorrow night." I smiled.

"I'm game. You?"

"Can't wait!"

"Don't you dare tell anyone."

"This'll be our little secret."

We wiped the cum off of ourselves, put our clothes back on, pulled a blanket over us, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

We continued doing this for the next couple of years. It would always be the same thing, oral but no penetration. Kyle and I absolutely loved doing it and nobody ever found out about it. When we were 17, we decided to stop doing it since we were turning 18 soon and didn't want to continue this during adulthood, but we decided to do it one last time before we made our vow stick. We are still very close this day and sometimes even talk about it, but we never do it.

This is my first story and I'm just going off on what I remember. Please be nice.

Coming up: A true story about how I had "real" gay sex with my gay college roommate, Derek, several months back. Yes, I did play "The Game" with him in case you're wondering.

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My cousin and I do blowjobs but I don't know if I'm homosexual

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And we now are a couple and fuck every lunch time in the toilets but I won't say what we do apart from I love chocolate and apple juice and hot milk

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