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my wife made me do it
my wife and i have a different relationship compared to most. too me its perfect.

it all started one day while i thought my wife was at work .i found myself at my wifes underwear drawer looking for a few good pairs . I settled on the bed naked and i started to wrap the panties around my cock. you see i don't know why but i get off on wonens underwear. so i have about
four pairs wrapped around my pulsing member when i hear my wife whisper in my ear " cum
panty boy cum in my lacy panties , shoot that cum sweetie all over my panties."
i was shocked as you can imagine and i franticly opened my eyes searching for my wife and
i saw 3 other women standing there with her cheering me on to "spunk on her thong" and
"spurt all over her red bikinis" . all the sights and sounds and the touch of the lace threw me over
board and i groaned out a great cum . i soaked those panties good , and the chicks loved it.
my wife said to me after a minute or two to get cleaned up and get down stairs. i got cleaned
up quick and dressed and got downstairs and as i came down i noticed that all the girls were dressed like doms. my wife came up to me and slapped me right in the face. "what the fuck are
you doing in mens clothes panty boy. you will never present your self to us like this,you will
be dressed as a women,everything you need is in your 2nd drawer of the dresser now move
it . oh i've been taping your jerk off sessions for months we got some cool tapes for you to see
later "
i scurried up the stairs and did as she told me to and as i was about to go down stairs i
looked in the mirror and what a sight. lace panties, a padded bra , garter, stockings , heals,
and a teddy. not bad if i do say so myself.
so i hurried down stairs and my wife smiled with approval. " sexy thing " she hissed. girls lets
get started. they all surrounded me and i was shaking and my cock was straining against the lace
and finally popped out when one of them touched my ass. she said "we'll take care of that problem right away pointing at my boner bobing in the wind.
they felt my fake boobs and rubbed my stocking covered leggs. they grabbed my balls right threw the fabric and gave them a squeeze , i almost blew right then.
my wife finally said get over to that table over there . thatswheni noticed a padded table in the living room with 4 eye hooks in the ceiling at the corners. i went over and sat down on the cool fabric of the table and she said lay down panty boy so we can have our way with that cockhead of yours . you see we are gong to tease that cum out of that prick of yours slowly. gobs of it
you will make in those balls of yours for us or you will be punished. your asshole will be punished
cause every time that cockhead doesnt do what i say your asshole will pay the price got it.
i mumbled something i don't know my head was spinning by now . so i iayed down and one of the girls came up to me with some rope with nipple clamps conected to it. she quikly pinched them
on my hard nipples taking my breath away. she strung them up to the hooks in the ceiling and attached a half pound weight to the end of the rope that was dangling in the air . the pain to my nipples was something to remember. at that point i felt other hands on my balls. wrapping a cord around each one and then hanging it in the same fasion as my nipples ouch !!
my balls are streched my nipples are streched . they are all i can think of at the moment. again
i hear my wife voice. honey this is april. i open my eyes to a foxy dom with blonde hair and big nipples . she says high and grabbs my pulsing member. she starts raking the head of my cock with her nails . then my wife says this is grechin. i see a red head thin and cute. she has a feather
and lightly touches my nipples .
i'm going crazy now . my wife says don't cum or you'll be punished. i groan . then she says
this is sandy. oh know another feather. right on my balls . my head is thrashing. my wife says now
i'm going to fuck that ass of yours with this dildo and don't cum till i say. i feel it sliding in the cum
is just bubbleing now any second there will be no stopping me. she wispers "go head panty boy
shoot it for us " . and they all started saying " cum for us , shoot it for us . it was the most sexual moment of my life .
i blew hard . harder than ever before. it shot up to my own mouth, my eyes everywhere , gobs of cum . it went on forever and ever . the noises the feelings the thoughts it was mind blowing for me . it was as though my balls turned inside out . completely drained.
my wife wispered good boy and unhooked me and left me there in my own juices. i heard
goodbyes and stuff and then felt my wifes hand on my ass softly . next week much more

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2012-10-12 16:15:03
fuckin hell thats shit!

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2012-02-01 03:05:45
no more of this shit please............... no real man would ever allow his wife to treat him this way.......... if my wife ever tried it I would kick the shit out of her

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2010-04-16 21:55:22
SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2009-01-27 07:38:51
good story... people who read stories at this site calling someone else a perv is pretty funny,,,, like missing capitals on sentences...oooo dont break such taboo;s, or we;ll put you balls in a sling from the ceiling !!!


2008-06-14 15:39:21
The author was so excellent in deions that my nipples and balls ache.

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