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Ok So, i'm a massive Green Day fan, so i wrote a fic about their singer, Billie Joe Armstrong. The title come from a foxboro hot tubs song who are one of green day's alter ego bands
“I need to pee, I’ll be right back”. I clapped Billie on the arm as I past him, my body running along his back as I slid my way between him and a couple of guys trying to get to the bar, the feel of his shoulders against my arms, I loved it, it had turned me on for years, but he was a married man, no chance I’d ever get laid by him, but I still couldn’t help loving the feel of his body.

I walked into the pub bathroom, not really needing to pee, just desperate to get away from the crowded room for a few minutes, and cool myself down; I unbuttoned the top of my shirt letting some air get down the front. My reflection showed how flushed I was, my cheeks red, the colour spreading down my chest.

“Billie? What are you doing?” I didn’t hear him come in just saw his reflection in the mirror as he ambled round the corner. He stood there for what seemed like ages, perfectly still, unmoving, just gazing at me with no expression on his face at all, it was the first time I had seen him without a smile on his face. “So...I’ll ask again. What are you...” he grabbed hold of my shoulders, his nails scraped my skin as he spun me round to face him, he lips landing roughly on my mouth. I didn’t resist him, but neither did I relax into it either.

He pulled his head back, and looked at me, “Sorry, I have waited so long to do that”.

“What about Adie?” I hissed at him, I wanted him to kiss me, don’t get me wrong, but his wife probably wouldn’t be appreciative.

“She won’t mind, I was moaning your name in bed the other night after all...” I couldn’t help but giggle, Adie was the sexiest woman alive, yet he was moaning my name. He soon shut me up, this time when he kissed me, I kissed him back, Adie no longer on my mind, our lips parted together, letting our tongues touch, it was such a delicate kiss, I’d never thought it was possible of him. The door rattled behind us, but Billie must have jammed it shut when he came in. A few angry thumps on the door and whoever it was left, all the time we continued kissing, nothing mattered any more, this gorgeous man was physically attached to me, I didn’t give a fuck what was happening anywhere else.

His hands roamed from my arms to my chest, grabbing my breast through my top. I breathed in a deep breath, my eyes closing and head tilting back enjoying the feel of him rubbing my breast. His right hand moved down my body, his fingers lifting my top, grazing my stomach and then my hip sending a shiver through my body, the very tips of his fingers finding my spine, walking his fingers up every vertebrae, lingering at the very top. He slipped his hand around my neck, supporting my head, I tilted my head back further his moist lips touching my throat at the very point you can feel your pulse, his tongue licking the skin, I felt him bite down, I bit my lip out of pure ecstasy.

The pressure ceased as he moved from my neck, instead kissing my collarbone. Pushing down the neckline of my top, I sighed, why did he feel so good? His hand was still supporting my neck, his other hand no longer caressing my breast, was running down the side of my body, lingering a split second on my hip, until it continued down, sliding over my skirt, past the hem, until he reached my knee, locked it in his grasp behind it and lifted it up. My inner thigh rubbing against the side of his petite body as his lips continued to graze my collarbone.

I felt him shuffle his feet forcing me backwards, and then we were at the sink, my ass banging up against the rim. Billie dropped my leg, and undid the rest of the buttons on my shirt, ripping it off my shoulders and tossing it to the floor. Reaching round my back, he unclasped my bra and I shrugged it off, letting it fall onto his feet. Letting go of me, he proceeded to strip of his clothes while I pulled off my skirt and rolled my tights down. Billie bent down, totally naked, pulled off my high heeled shoes and tore the tights from round my ankles, laddering my last decent piece of hosiery.

He pushed his body up against me, his stiff cock hard against my thigh. I felt his hands grasp hold of my buttocks, fingers pressing hard into my skin, nails scratching at the soft flesh, and with a little difficulty he hitched me up so I was sat on the sink. I leant back against the mirror, my pussy beginning to drip onto the porcelain underneath me. He crouched slightly, making himself more level with my pussy, his hands rubbed up the inside of my thighs, his callused fingers creeping further and further up, the tattoo of his wife on his arm rubbing against my skin. His fingertips grazed my clit, as he parted my lips, my juices slowly running onto them only to drip onto the sink as a little more followed the trails. Pressing his thumb onto my clit, he pushing down hard to start with and then tenderly rubbed it, slipping his thumb further and further towards my opening every time he moved. Finally his thumb reached my hole, barely entering, stroking the soft skin around the entrance, releasing more juice. I was already moaning at the pleasure, I opened my legs wider, near enough doing the splits while spread eagled over the sink.

Flipping his hand round, he resuming the rubbing of my clit with his thumb but with his other hand, his hand pressed down on what little hair I had left on me. The immense pleasure grew inside my vagina, his fingers penetrating my pussy; 2 fingers pushed in up to the knuckle. This was amazing, his thumb pushing up against my clit in rhythm to his fingers sliding in and out of me. I knew I was going to come, and soon “DON’T STOP”, I yelled at him, my head hitting the mirror behind me as I thrust my head back, hands braced on the side of the sink, ready for the spasm that was going to hit. He could so obviously feel the pressure in my pussy reaching its peak; he tore his fingers out, the pure pleasure slowly ebbing from my body, not getting the chance to reach its orgasm.

“You bastard.” I knew he was teasing with me, the smirk on his face told it all. My pussy was throbbing still but it was dying away and he knew it. He lent into my open legs, his head inches from my pussy, blowing air on my clit knowing it would arouse me, but not enough to make me cum. After a few moments he probed my pussy with his tongue, the very tip brushing the opening, and then pushing further in, after a few investigator probes, in took to flicking my clit, the once lost orgasm slowly rebuilding.

I was breathing hard, I needed to cum, my pussy was pulsing so hard. Releasing my clit from his tongue torturing, he thrust his fingers back in my tender hole, pushed up hard, inserting a 3 finger in and then a 4th, reaching up a far as he could in search of my most sensitive spot. I wanted him to go in further. “More. More.” I moaned at him, I felt him push his thumb in to join his fingers, his fist clenching in my vagina as he edged in further. The juices lining my pussy lubricant enough as his hand forced itself further and further in, I groaned as he stretched me wide, pain and pleasure overtaking me, not knowing whether to scream out in agony or ecstasy. I knew it was in deep, his whole hand totally eaten by my pussy. His hand unclenched inside of me, damn that felt good, he wrenched his hand backwards, tearing in from me, my pussy went into spasm and tightened as he tried to re-enter his fingers , my come shot over him before he could get them in. A torrent of liquid drenching him, I knew I had a strong orgasm on me, pity I forgot to warn him.

I slumped down over the sink, my legs falling off the edges, the force of my orgasm leaving me gasping and exhausted. I’d never had an orgasm that forceful before. Gathering me up in his arms, he lifted me off the sink and laid me on the floor, I was half unconscious but I didn’t care, he could do what he liked to my body, I was a slave to him.

Crouching over my face, he didn’t care that I was barely alive. He knelt over my head, his crotch up to mouth, his hand clasping his erect cock, it wasn’t the biggest cock but it was good enough for me. He was hard as rock, his hand massaged the shaft. He brought his hips in closer to my mouth, the end of his dick touching my lips; I idly opened my mouth and let him slide his length in. Stretching out his arms to support his weight he thrust his body up and down, his cock fucking my mouth with every move, anyone would think he was doing press-ups if his crotch wasn’t level with my mouth. I wanted to gag every time his dick scrapped the back of my oversensitive throat, the feel making me want to vomit but gagging and puking both meant using energy which I had none of. I lay there, eyes closing, his cock rubbing at my dry lips, but I kept them clenched round his shaft, I could hear him moaning, his mouth fucking satisfying him more than it did me.

It must have been more than 5 minutes before my dry mouth became too dry to comfortably fuck. Removing himself from my lips I was free to breathe again. He sat back on his heels at my side, “You ok, babydoll?” he whispered. I nodded, I was still exhausted but I still wanted him. “Fuck me”, I choked out in response.

My pussy was still dripping from my last orgasm, I sat up now I had a little energy back, the titled floor was slick with my cum. Slowly climbing to my feet, Billie put an arm round my waist to support me, I began to stumble over to the sink but he stopped me mid stride, his grip tightening on my waist to prevent me going any further. He pulled me back to where I was, and forced me to move in the other direction, towards the toilet cubicles. “In there” he commanded, an authoritative tone in his voice.

Deciding to do as he said, I moved into the nearest cubicle. I tried turning to face him but he put his hand on the back of my neck, gripping it hard. “Put your hands on the back of the cubicle and spread your legs bitch.” He hand gripping me hard, I did as he asked, my hands on the back of the cubicle, sliding my legs apart slightly. Forcing my head down, his grip so tight it was definitely going to leave bruises, I had no choice but to look down the pan. My pussy was tingling in anticipation as his hand rubbed against it, intent on rubbing my clit once again. I groaned out load as his fingers sought out my hole, my fluids seeping onto his hand once again.

The throb returning to my aching vagina, my heart began racing as once again an orgasm built up. Fingering ceased, I could hear Billie fumbling behind me, his cock pushed up against my ass, and then the end brushed over my clit as he attempted to insert it into my tunnel. Finally making its destination his hips pressed into my ass checks as he forced it in as far as it would go. I squeaked as he ground his cock inside of me, tiny movements causing just enough pleasure to make me gasp.

Not content with having one hand on my neck, he shifted position so he could grab my neck with both hands, his fingers pushing into my throat, strangling me, my oxygen supply steadily being cut off as he suffocated me. God I wanted him, I could feel my face growing red, my lungs screaming for my air, but as his cock thrust into me, his hip bones digging into my ass at the peak of each thrust, I didn’t care. I didn’t care if he killed me, as long as he was fucking and suffocating me into oblivion, I couldn’t care less.

With each thrust my orgasm grew, the friction in my pussy reached intense proportions, I wanted to cum everywhere. He was gaining momentum, building speed with each thrust, I screamed out as I felt him cum inside me, the overflowing liquid running down my legs as he pulled out, the movement causing me to unleash my own load, his white cum washed off my legs by the torrential load of clear liquid I produced.

Letting go of my neck, I turned and collapsed down on to the toilet, gasping for air, my lungs on fire with every gulp. I could see Billie panting but regardless, he knelt in front of me. His long tongue licking off every drop of liquid from my legs and pussy. After a few minutes he was done with his cleaning, sitting back on his hunches, I saw he too was gasping for air. “God, you were good to fuck” he panted out; I smiled briefly and lent forward, placing a kiss on his lips. “Maybe we could do it again sometime?” I wanted that a lot, so smiling again I leant into his ear and whispered “only if Adie can be involved too”. I would seriously look forward to that.

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2013-06-17 19:42:40
this was hot as fuck! you shoul write one thats a foursome with you, billie, mike and trè. that would be so sexy

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2012-03-16 02:25:04
omg it was like i was getting fucked by billie ....i love him

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2012-02-12 00:12:38
uOiEBa Excellent! Got a real pleasure..!

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2011-08-29 05:41:22
Great Story My pussy stayed wet while I read this and I fingered myself to three orgasms keep them comming.

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2011-08-22 23:13:39
wow im still panting from the orgasm! i had wonderful story i think billie joe is so hot its just like somthing he would do

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