An adventure at sea...
The Sails of Destiny were full and we were on our way to the south China Seas. Kesia was next to me with an arm resting on my shoulders, her full lips nuzzling my ear and rubbing her tits on my arm. It was her way of getting attention and it was working as usual, except that it was near impossible to plot our course to our little island retreat in the Tuamotu Islands east of Tahiti.

Kesia was a dark skinned beauty from Morocco whose father had betrothed to a local bigwig, a fat, sloppy rich man with three wives already. She would have none of that and fled to the coastal city of Agidar, where she found work as a waitress. It was my first mate Bahari who met her and brought her back to the ship. Seemed that fleeing Morocco was of utmost importance as Mr. Bigwig had people searching the country for her. Living a miserable existence with him was not an option.

Instead, she found a home with the happy and somewhat wayward crew of the Destiny. We were what we were, doing what we could to survive. Currently, we had a sizable stash of diamonds from South Africa, on our way to San Diego to meet a couple of old friends. Since I was currently a persona non grata in the US, the old friends would be renting a boat and meeting us offshore. It would be a profitable transaction for all, the old friends could move just about any contraband and in our travels, we could find just about any.

It was getting hard to concentrate, Kesia was kissing my neck and lightly tracing the outline of my stiffening cock with her fingers. I was on watch right now and had to keep my wits about me, in our line of work we needed a 24/7 watch. There were despicable characters out there not unlike us, who would not hesitate to attack us to take the ship, our cargo and women. Not a problem if one is vigilant, our armory was well stocked with automatic weapons, grenade launchers and other such goodies. Too bad we didn’t have torpedoes, but the grenade launchers worked well.

We had agreed long ago that the man on watch was entitled to an occasional blowjob as long as he kept watch. It could get lonely on deck while the others were below enjoying themselves. Sometimes we would send one of the ladies topside to the man on deck to spread a little cheer. Not that it was the case here, it was early morning and the sun was just beginning to rise. My favorite time of the day.

This woman was not to be denied, I turned and slid an arm around her naked waist and kissed her softly and could feel her body relax. The women onboard rarely wore clothes, only their high heeled sandals and some jewelry like some waist chains or pearls. We gave them lots of gold chains and diamonds but no rings. That soft hand stroking a hard cock felt much better without any metal on it. With a hand on her shoulder, I gently guided her to her knees between my legs. It was what she wanted all along.

She began stroking the outside of my legs and kissing the inside, working her way up. When she encountered my swim trunks, she nuzzled her full lips along the length of my hardening cock. Her fingers were working to pull them down but had to stop to untie them, I lifted my bottom off the Captains chair to allow her to slide them off. Then she had full access, I could feel her breasts on the inside of my thighs, her hands on my hips and her warm tongue licking my balls, my rock hard shaft enjoying the smoothness of her cheek.

I don’t know why it is, but I have to grab a handful of a womans hair to direct her when I am getting a blowjob. Call it a character flaw or domination thing, but I have to do it. I mean I don’t pull it like when I fuck a woman doggy style, which I do. It’s more of a guidance thing with oral sex, those warm, wet lips feel better when I am holding the head with a fistfull of hair. She didn’t mind, I must have been more desirable than her intended. Go figure…

We were keeping her just the same, and she was glad to be with us. The women onboard were part of the crew, where everyone had a duty to perform. The women cooked and cleaned and kept the men satisfied. The men sailed the ship, defended it and the women. We kept them well supplied with gold, jewels and a share of our earnings. It was as it should be, any member of the crew could leave at any time, but all enjoyed the life we had as one big happy family.

Bahari and I had first met as mercenaries in Angola when the pickings were ripe. He saved my ass when I was all shot up and waiting to die by carrying me over his broad shoulder to the nearest field hospital. Later I had repaid the favor by breaking him out of the compound jail and axing his commanding officer. It was rumored that he was caught in the arms of the officer’s wife, but those are campfire stories. Fact is, we had to leave in a hurry.

Damn, Kesia was in overdrive. She was making those slurpy, sucking noises that drove me crazy. I wanted to stick my dick in her ear…not really, I wanted to push her down on her back, spread those smooth legs apart and do some long, slow meaningful strokes in her magnificent pussy. Did I say that out loud? Probably…but the rules were only blowjobs on watch.

It was right about that time that Kidlat, our Filipino thief and all around nogoodnik showed up to relieve me of my watch. “Hey Boss, she looks hot! Want me to take care of her for you?” I shot him a wicked sneer while I picked her up in my arms to carry her to my cabin. “You’re on watch, Dickhead.”


We acquired the Destiny by way of unusual circumstances. After Bahari and I left Angola under less than fortunate terms, we made our way north to the Med. There we found work on the trading ships, earning little income and spending it each time we reached shore. It was in Athens, Greece that Bahari had the brainstorm of abducting one named Chara, the wife of a rich shipping magnate to hold for ransom. Let me tell you now that my large black friend has many ideas, most of them bad, but this one worked out to our advantage. Her husband refused to pay, in essence saying take her off his hands. That pissed her off, so with her knowledge of his finances we made a haul, not to mention the 63 foot Catamaran and the olive skinned beauty we sailed away with.

At that time our crew was three, we acquired Kesia off Morocco to make it four. At first Chara thought the ship was hers, it wasn’t until later that she realized she was only part of the crew. The first time she showed bad attitude, I led her by the hand below decks and nodded Bahari to follow. There, we fucked her in every conceivable way until she passed out. She had her hair pulled, ass spanked, legs spread, every opening she had including her precious butt filled with either my hot rod or Bahari’s big black dick. It wasn’t about pleasure for her, although I think she enjoyed it, but more about discipline and oneness of the crew.

Later, as we sat above deck sipping some rum and pineapple juice, Chara appeared with that thoroughly fucked look. Her always immaculate, flowing hair now messed up, dried cum on various parts of her naked body and walking a bit gingerly, she looked gorgeous. I, for one wanted to fuck her some more. My cock started hardening once again when she put an arm around me and her hip against my shoulder. It was my brother Bahari who put on the exclamation point. He said “We need fresh dreenks” holding out his glass. It cracked me up. She had them both in an instant and gone to refill them. My big black friend grinned at me, Chara’s attitude totally adjusted.

Bahari and I had our hands full sailing this ship and the women were kept busy tending to us while we did it. It was only a matter of time before we found more crew.

Back to the present though, in my cabin I was pressing Kesia’s thighs apart and stroking nicely listening to her words of encouragement. This woman was a marathon fuck, could stay wet and humping through a half dozen orgasms and want some more. I was there, can do, only I had her suck my cock every so often to keep everything interesting. A woman that is willing and able is to be treasured.

Her legs were spread wide and her feet pointed, a perfect picture of a woman enjoying a fuck. I had one hand lightly gripping her neck for possession, the other using my thumb to trace gentle circles around her clit. At first, it turned her soft into putty, then into steel as she came and thrashed. My hand at her throat kept her pinned to the bunk but her hips went spastic. I pushed her pussy down and fucked her through her orgasm.

When she calmed a little, I eased out of her and laid on my back. She was up in an instant, kneeling beside me, one hand caressing my balls and the other stroking my shaft. She gave me a warm smile before I laced my fingers in her hair and guided her lips to my waiting cock. She felt so good, so soothing to my rock hard dick, that I felt abandoned when she stopped and swung one leg over me, facing away. She had a couple of soft fingers underneath my rod as she slid her hot cunt along the top.

Her ass was magnificent, watching from behind. When it was closest to me, I could see her full pussy lips with only her clit in contact, then I would push up, making her tremble. My hands found her hips and directed her motions. Lifting her just a little, she pointed me up and impaled herself with a long moan. We adjusted ourselves and she began some long strokes, her arms behind her on my chest for support. We were just getting into it when Lamai, our gracious Thai entered with my breakfast.

It was her custom to bring me breakfast after my watch, fuck me thoroughly and then take the plates back to the galley for cleaning. We found Lamai in Phuket, Thailand while she was working in the massage trade. She had fled the rice fields of her family looking for something more than a life of working the fields with a drunk husband like most of her sisters. Her English was very good except for the r’s, but that is the norm for most Asians. She explained her story to me while giving me what I thought was the most brutal massage I ever had. When I told her about the Destiny and our travels, she wanted to come with us. When she was onboard, I gave her one of the most brutal fucks she ever had and she has been a good friend and loyal crewmember ever since.

She had a tray of fresh mango and pineapple, toast and tea. We had to take a break to enjoy this together. There was no jealousy among the women, everyone contributed to the cause, as did the men. Lamai was behind me, gently rubbing my neck and shoulders, her firm breasts pressed to my back, a sure hint that she wanted her time. Normally I would have been happy to, but Kesia had kept me hard for the last hour or so and was even now sliding a piece of pineapple along the length of my once again hardening cock only to lick it off. There was no way she was not going to finish what she started. I told Lamai to return the plates to the galley and when she gave a little pout about it, I sent her to wake Bahari.

He had a way of raising the morale of the crew, at least the female side of it. We had acquired a China Doll named Li Juan, running away from her husband in Hong Kong. She was beautiful all right, but had a bit of an attitude. Meaning she thought she was above all the women of the crew and most of the men. She was a good fuck but didn’t like to give head, let's just call that a shortcoming. The problem peaked when she spurned the advances of my first mate and brother Bahari.

With a growl, he picked her up by the neck and one leg over his head and looked at me for approval. I looked him in the eye and shrugged my shoulders. He promptly tossed her overboard. We were within sight of the port so I nodded at Kidlat and he threw a life preserver at her. Whether she made it back to shore, we’ll never know, but the rest of the ladies were very happy with the attention shown them afterward. We were back to being a happy crew.

There was a large, comfortable chair we had procured in Madagascar in the corner of my cabin. I led Kesia to it by the hand and had her kneel in front of it on a pillow as I sat down. My cock had been hard for most of the last hour and needed some relief. Kesia’s hands slid up the outside of my thighs and her lips and tongue eased up the inside. My cock sensed her approach and stiffened more as she got close. She had my full attention when she began licking and sucking on my balls. One hand closed on my shaft and began stroking. I didn’t need to pull her hair, every movement was perfect.

She slid her tongue the entire length of my rock hard cock, from that spot between the balls to the underside of the head. I put my hand over hers as she gently stroked me and traced the tip around her lips as if putting on lipstick. She picked up on it and added her soft tongue to the mix. “Finish me” was all I said.

One hand cupped and caressed my balls, the other began long strokes. Her lips wrapped around the crown with her tongue doing circles. She felt so wonderful it was only a matter of time. I leaned back and admired her, my cock in the mouth of a beautiful woman whose only desire was to bring me to the most explosive orgasm of recent history. I was getting close, I whispered “Baby” and she slid her lips as far down as she could and nodded her head. “Buuuh hummmp, buuuh hummmp” I guessed that is ‘Uh Huh’ with a mouthful of cock, so I unloaded on her. Maybe not, her cheeks were hollowed so maybe she sucked it out of me. Either way, she didn’t spill a drop.

Kesia continued her mission until she had sucked every bit of cum out of me and had licked me clean. She beamed a winning smile and wiped the back of her hand across her lips. I held her head in both hands and said “You are magnificent” before kissing her burning lips. I picked her up and carried her to my bed.


I awoke later that morning with a naked woman draped over me. There was a head with a mass of curly brown hair resting on my shoulder, an arm across my chest with a couple of the worlds finest tits pressed against me underneath and the tender inside of a soft thigh on top of my leg. Kesia stirred and slowly slid a hand down my chest to run her fingers through the hairs surrounding my cock, gently caressing my balls as I started to harden for her. She started to purr as she moved her hand up to gently stroke me, getting all those wonderful ideas in her head.

It wasn’t to be, at least right now. I was still the captain of this outfit, and if I didn’t keep a close eye on things, my crew would probably sail us to Alaska. Kidlat and Bahari had many qualities, but plotting a ships course was not one of them. It was a good thing we had an auto-pilot system on board, still I had to keep a watch on it. I got up, pulled on some swim trunks and left Kesia to rest.

Above decks, Kidlat and I furled the sails and cast some lines to catch some food. It was also bathing time, so I dove over the side, climbed back up the ladder, soaped up with some strawberry body wash and dove back in. There is nothing in the world more refreshing than a bubble bath at sea. Kidlat joined in quickly, and Bahari soon after he heard the commotion. My large black friend was not the best swimmer, but he made up for it with enthusiasm. After a bit of coaxing, the girls jumped in as well. There are few sights in the world as beautiful as seeing naked women jumping over the side of a boat. I was a happy captain at that point in history…One big happy family sharing a bath in the middle of the South China Sea.

We caught a few nice sized fish, enough for all of us and the girls took off to prepare them. Bahari, Kidlat and I got us back underway and plotted our next moves. The next stop was the port of Manado in the East Indies, where we would take on supplies. Once there, we sent the women out to buy food and other things they needed while we tended to the Destiny. At the marina though, we attracted some unwelcome attention. A couple of lowlifes were watching us and our big catamaran a bit too close, probably mistaking us for tourists. I picked up on it right away, but played coy as we gathered the women and supplies.

Once underway, I told Bahari and Kidlat to arm up. It wasn’t a suggestion and they were gone in an instant and back with their weapons of choice, Bahari with an AK-47 and Kidlat with a machete, I looked at him and rolled my eyes. It was just a joke between us, I knew he could do more damage with it than most men could do with a gun. He just grinned. Damn, I loved this crew. The guys were just a wrecking crew and the women were the finest in the world as far as I was concerned. Kidlat handed me my weapon of choice, a match grade military 45.

It wasn’t long before we sighted them off our stern, in a powerboat and closing fast. With a nod, the women disappeared below decks and the guys flat on the sides, leaving me standing at the wheel. When they got in range, one of them placed a shot across our bow as an invitation to stop. As we slowed and they got closer, Bahari popped up and dropped the shooter with a three shot burst from the AK, swung slightly and nailed the driver before he could duck. Two down, both of us now scanning the entire boat over our sights, looking for targets. One other showed up with a tiny dark skinned girl in front of him as a human shield, pointing a pistol at me.

I couldn’t make out what he was yelling and really didn’t care, my concerns were for the terrified girl he held in front of him. I lined up on him and just as he started to open his mouth to yell again, sunk one deep in his forehead. The impact knocked him back and away from the girl. She screamed and ran to the other side of the boat.

While still scanning the boat over my sights, I whispered to the ever present Kidlat, “Move us over there…slowww” the emphasis was on slow. He started our twin diesels and idled us in the direction of their floundering powerboat. It seemed like hours before our hulls touched.

Bahari was the first one over the side looking for the next fight and finding none, only a scared girl whom he comforted and gently escorted to the waiting arms of our female crew. They were above decks now in their light cotton dresses, something they only wore at port or when others were present. The dresses didn’t conceal much, their nipples and bush were still visible, but they weren’t naked like they were when we were at sea with only the crew present.

We searched the boat and took anything of value, mostly some electronics, gps and satellite phones, a couple kilos of hash and about 10k US. When we were ready to leave, Bahari put a couple of rounds through the fuel tanks, allowing them to empty in the hull. Kidlat, always the arsonist, lighted one of his concoctions and tossed it inside when we were thirty meters away. The powerboat lit up nicely and burned brightly as we sailed away, eliminating any evidence of our encounter. We tried to avoid any contact with the law people.


The girl was my main concern, although I knew the ladies of our crew would take very good care of her. Later, after the women had showered her with attention, some of her life story became known. Her name was Zuri, which means beautiful in her native language, and she was. I thought her younger at first when the dirt bag had his arm around her neck in front of him, so sad he left such a big target as his head above her shoulder.

Surprisingly, it was Chara that took her under her wing and acted like a mother to her. Turns out she was almost 20 years old, been abducted a few months earlier and subject to some cruel treatment by the guy I waxed with the 45. That made me her liberator, and for lack of a better term, owner. That didn’t settle well with me and I made sure the womenfolk relayed the information. They were taking good care of her though, trying to make her feel safe and comfortable.

Kesia was able to communicate with Zuri the best, so I had her make it clear that we would let her off at the next port or she could sail with us to our destination and we could drop her off at her home on our return voyage. Translation… She could join our crew or we would take her home. An honest thing to do, considering the background of the men aboard this ship. Bahari and Kidlat left the call to me, mostly because Zuri was following me wherever I went.

She was a beautiful black girl, her long fluffy hair cut square in front. Her skin was light for an African, suggesting that there was maybe a white scoundrel among her ancesters. As a result of sailing the Destiny and the time we spent at sea, my skin was almost as dark as hers. She needed no makeup and her lips were full and quick to smile. A natural beauty with an attitude impossible to dislike. She silently watched everything that happened onboard, including some of the revelry after we sailed. Our ladies of the crew soon appeared in their natural attire, that is to say, none. Zuri seemed comfortable in the simple dress provided her, but continued to watch and help with the ladies chores.

It was about a week later when things opened up…

The girls brought forth some fried rice with vegetables, fruits and some smoked fish obtained at the last port, along with some hearty glasses of Sangria. It was a feast fit for a king as far as we were concerned. I sent Lamai up with a platter for Kidlat, presently on watch, not including the Sangria. Our watchmen were not forgotten, only watched over. There was probably a wonderful blowjob going to happen to our Filipino guard.
There were watch rules….

Bahari and I relished the meal and wine, only too happy to see Chara produce some Brandy afterwards. She looked so good bending over in front of me filling those glasses. Legs straight, ass high, it wasn’t until she looked at me that I knew she did it on purpose. I gazed at her in admiration, she slowly wiggled her hips to say ‘Come here, want some?’ Kesia was on her knees, arms draped over Bahari’s thigh, stroking the inside. Still Zuri watched…

Chara and Kesia treated us to some of the best sex known to man, perhaps due to the fact that they realized they could have wound up as captives much like Zuri. There was big, hard cocks for the women and wet, willing pussy’s for the men. It was as it should be, something for everyone…except for Zuri, who still watched in her little blue dress…intently. This was our way of life, we would never force it upon anyone, but if one wanted to join….

Moments later, her back to his chest, Kesia’s legs were spread shamelessly across Bakari’s thighs. One arm around the back of his neck, her other hand pressing his hardened cock between her folds as she slid up and down along his length, polishing his rod. I, for one, love to watch a woman fuck. Especially when they're into it, as Kesia was now. I am pretty sure she was in heat most every day.

Chara was trying to suck an extra inch out of my already rock hard cock as I gazed at Zuri standing at the entrance to the main salon, our gathering place. There was something there, but I didn’t know for sure until her hands slid up her body and began caressing her breasts. I watched her as Chara ceased her oral efforts and while still stroking me with her hand, straddled me with her legs, rubbed the head of my cock along the lips of her cunt and eased herself down.

She was a Grecian beauty, olive skin and long flowing black hair. It was always a treat when she sucked me to absolute hardness, slid to a spot on top and fucked me for her pleasure. Her hands were on my shoulders for support while she slowly moved up and down, her wonderful pussy coating my cock with it’s juices. My hands rested easily on her narrow waist, not guiding, just enjoying her ride as much as the rest of her body. She gave a little ‘Ohhh’ each time she bottomed out and our hairs mingled.

I glanced over at Kesia, who was laying flat on Bakari’s chest, her hips grinding on his big black tool. He was working a tit in each hand, kissing and whispering praise in her ear. It wasn’t until I glanced back at Zuri in the doorway that I knew she had made her decision. While looking straight into my eyes, her hands slowly moved up to the straps of her dress and eased them over her shoulders and wiggled just enough to drop it to her ankles. I had been right about that body, she was just plain gorgeous. Slender, slightly muscular with an incredibly narrow waist and full breasts. Her tiny nipples pointed up at the slightest angle. The only things she wore was a pearl necklace and a gold waist chain, no doubt donated by some member of the female crew.

She looked a bit hesitant as she stood there so I gave her a little smile in approval. Chara noticed me looking behind her and turned to follow my gaze. When she saw a naked Zuri standing there, she motioned her over to our side, still moving easily with my cock deep inside her. Apparently the girls had talked this over before, waiting on Zuri to reach a decision on joining or not. She had been the only woman onboard with any clothes on for the past few days, so when that dress hit the floor she joined our happy crew.

When she stood next to us, Chara slid an arm around her waist in reassurance, I held her hand and kissed it. She slowly sank to her knees, her pointed tits against the outside of my thighs, her hand lightly exploring my chest. Chara ran a hand through her soft, thick hair while she continued to stroke me with her wonderful cunt. I had never thought of her as the motherly type, but being in her mid-thirties, she was the closest we had aboard. While Kesia and Lamai were somewhere in their mid-twenties, it seemed to me that Chara was a fully developed, hot blooded woman in her prime…which she was. We were fortunate to have her, and since she couldn’t lord it over the men, she was definitely the leader of the women.

She stopped her motions and slowly raised herself off me, my honey coated cock made a meaty slap on my belly as she left. Only to sink to her knees between my legs and stroke me with her hand while she looked at Zuri. It was time for ‘Sex Education 101’ or ‘How to fuck the Captain’, whichever you prefer. She slid her tongue up the underside starting at that special place between my balls and ending at the tip, dancing over it again and again.

It was impossible for me to get any harder, but every bit of her tongue sent lightning bolts to my brain. After tracing the slick head around her mouth, she slowly eased those burning lips down the shaft, making my head spin. There was no hand stroking here, only head bobbing, maybe a little balls caressing. Then she stopped and pointed the business end of my cock towards Zuri as an invitation. There was no hesitation as her bright eyes first looked at me and then turned to Chara and the fistful she offered.

Tentatively at first, she lightly licked under the head before rolling her tongue around it. Such an incredibly soft touch made me flex, so I rested a reassuring hand on her shoulder. Chara took possession again and demonstrated some of the finer parts of cock sucking before allowing Zuri to begin on her own. I was amazed at the tenderness she showed, the message was ‘Come to me’ and my cock always with a mind of it’s own, was eagerly following.

Chara was a world's class cock sucker, she enjoyed giving as much as I enjoyed receiving. It was like a roller coaster ride with her, she would bring you close to the edge, only to slow enough to let you recover and then begin again. Tease and tantalize….There were times when I didn’t even want to fuck her, I just wanted to sit back and experience the blowjob adventure she took me on. Zuri had the best teacher in the world and I was glad about that.

There are times when I think my cock cannot get bigger or harder, but it happened when Zuri was giving head and Chara started sucking on my balls. That was intense. I wanted to be deep inside Zuri’s cunt, but right now it was a wonderful journey getting there. Chara showed her how to slide her lips along the side with her tongue underneath as she did the same on the other side. Now, I don’t mind being a teacher’s aid when it came to sex, but I needed some good hard fucking soon or I was going to explode during class.

Chara was kneeling between my legs, so I gently pulled Zuri’s arm to get her to stand up. I had to stop to admire her beautiful body and caress her firm ass before turning her and guiding a leg across me. She strattled me, facing away so that Chara, the teacher, had full access.

Our Greecian beauty was stroking my cock and sliding a thumb along the lips of Zuri's waiting pussy, preparing both of us at the same time. As Zuri eased down, Chara slid the head of my dick along her folds coating it with her juices. My hands were on that narrow waist directing her, but she took her own sweet time settling down on my waiting shaft. It was like she was adjusting herself to it.

I don't mind that, I've never had what you would call a 'quickie' in my life. Stop and smell the roses has always been the Golden Rule with me, and we were slowly smelling them now. To add to things, Chara was gently licking and sucking on my balls as Zuri's wonderful cunt made it's way down my rock hard rod. When I get this hard, my orgasm is far away, it feels like there is a blockage at the end of my dick. Then it feels indestructible, like a club.

My hands were still at her waist, but only to feel the gently motions of her hips as she worked them up and down and around. I could feel Chara's tongue on my cock when Zuri raised herself and I knew for a fact the slut was licking some clit when she lowered herself. I say 'slut' in the tone of admiration. We knew the ladies of the crew pleasured each other sometimes, they were much better at eating pussy than the roguish members of the male crew.

When we did it, it was mostly because some needy female of the crew sat on our face and made us do it. They usually had an accomplice to give some head at the same time, keeping both ends occupied so we didn't complain much. The reward was fucking both of them later.

Zuri had settled into her rhythm, slowly rotating on her down strokes to meet Chara's tongue, tilting her hips and sliding the underside of my cock along her g-spot on the up stroke. When she started trembling, I held her tight and buried myself in her. I couldn't feel Chara, so I knew where she was. I realized it was way good to have an assistant when you were fucking someone. A giving assistant....

Someone who I wanted to fuck again... I raised Zuri off me and knelt down in front of Chara to kiss those burning lips. Her arms circled my neck and she pressed her tits to my chest, grinding her silky bush into me. Damn, she felt good. We were lucky to have her with us.

I eased her down to the floor and got behind her in a spoon fashion, lifting her top leg just a little, and stroked the top side of my cock between her pussy lips. Zuri was there in an instant, caressing balls and her tongue on anything available. She had learned well, there was a couple of bobs on the cock, then a couple of licks to the cunt, then she guided me into Chara. I was really hoping she stayed with us, although I wasn't sure if she would warm up to the rest of the male crew. Time would tell...

After a few strokes in Chara's paradise, Zuri, with a little guidance wound up in a 69 with Chara. Now I had pussy on both ends and my balls licked as I fucked, one of my all time favorites. My right hand guided Zuri's bottom end to Chara's waiting tongue while my left held the inside of Chara's thigh, spreading her wide open for the attentions of a willing Zuri. Anytime I would get close to cumming, I would pull out, only to be cooled down by some waiting lips.

But right now, I wanted to fuck Zuri...hard. Inside, I wanted to leave my mark on her. Call it a male possession thing if you will, if she came back, she wanted more and that was good. I rolled her on her back and spread her legs wide, she had one hand guiding my cock, the other opening her pussy lips between two fingers. She was a natural and I hoped she stayed with us.

I eased into her and made it last as long as I could stand, savoring each and every inch. Chara got into it, her firm tits pressed into my arm, one hand pushing on my ass, another stroking Zuri's clit. There was no hurry as I spread her legs and began some purposeful strokes. Each one earning a 'Ah' and something else in her native tongue that I did not understand. All I knew right now was that this beautiful African woman was on the business end of my cock and enjoying the ride. Maybe as much as me, but I doubt that.

I had a hand on Chara's ass, lightly fingering her slippery cunt while I kissed her. There was no other place in the world I wanted to be right now than here. Sometimes she would push me away from Zuri so she could suck my cock, and that was always good, but I would push her away so I could fuck some more. Call it chain of command, someone had to do it and it was me as usual.

I was giving her some long, hard strokes when she stiffened and began thrashing. I pulled her hips tight and buried myself in her, savoring all those wonderful contractions inside. Just to help, I slid my thumb around her clit to keep her bouncing, being the boy scout that I am. When she calmed down, I pulled out of her and rolled over on my back. Chara was there in an instant, stroking me with one hand and caressing my balls with the other. When Zuri recovered, she slowly made her way between my legs to assist Chara.

There was hot lips around my cock and soft tongues on my balls, I had a fist full of hair in each hand and directed both. When they slid their lips and tongues up each side at the same time and tenderly cupped my balls, my switch was flipped. Chara took control and eyed Zuri to be sure she was paying attention. One hand full of balls, the other stroking feverishly, mouth full and urging 'Muh hump, muh hump' as I unloaded in her. Her cheeks hollowed, she didn't miss a drop, even staying still during that moment of severe sensitivity afterward.

She swallowed, licked her lips and pointed my dick to Zuri as an invitation. The newest member of our crew accepted with gusto. As I was starting to harden from her efforts, Chara got bold and tossed a leg over my head to sit on my face. Now, I don't mind that, the only thing better than her sweet pussy is her hot lips wrapped around my cock. It was a question of who was in charge. That would be me...

I wrapped an arm around her waist and stood up with her upside down. Zuri's eyes were huge when I pulled her to my side and picked her up from her feet to carry both of them topside.

Kidlat was on watch then with an arm around Lamai, and only raised an eyebrow when I told him to furl the sails and jumped overboard with a woman on each side. One upside down, the other, right side up.

Next: On to Tahiti…

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2011-08-07 09:12:51
wow what a great story..I have always dreamed of a life like that..sign me up..I wanna be one of the female's on board!! more more..please

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2011-08-06 22:59:56
that was awesome.. As a filipino the name Kidlat is cool means 'lightning'

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