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Kat and Pete have dreamed of a day they can be together. Just one day. This is there day.
Kat stood in her kitchen doorway. Her silk gown blowing in the breeze. Her eyes scanning the back gate watching for her lover to walk up. It was nearing the time for him to be there. Her children were away with family and her husband was at work. She was so excited for this day. It was a long day coming.

Then she heard a car pull up, and the door close. There standing at the gate was Peter. Their eyes met as he opened the gate and stepped through. Her heart was beating hard as she set her cup down on the counter and stepped out the door. She was in his arms and held tight.

"You are beautiful my Kat." He whispered. "Dreaming of this is nothing like being here." He said as his lips brushed her cheek. His fingers ran through her hair as he watched the sun light sparkle through it.

Finally he pulled away and looked into her eyes. "Lets get inside before the neighbors see us. I cannot get you in trouble my darling."

Stepping back inside he took her in his arms once more. "How long do we have?" He asked.

"He is away on a business trip and the kids are away with my mother. We have the night love, and half of tomorrow. The kids will be home by 4." Laying her hand on his cheek she smiled softly as she brushed her thumb over his lips.

Kissing her thumb he smiled. "That will not be enough time...but we take what we can get love." Taking her hand in his he kissed her palm. Watching her eyes as they filled with lust.

Turning she pulled him into the living room. Setting on the couch she patted the cushion beside her. "Setting on the table before them was a pot of coffee and 2 cups. I am sure you would love a cup before..." She said as she leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

Seeing the look in his eye she lost thoughts of the coffee as he took her in his arms and held her tight. Smelling her perfume envelope them he licked her neck as he began to nibble her ear.

Eyes fluttering closed Kat moaned deep in her throat. Her hands tugged his shirt out of his pants. Feeling his skin on hers made her tingle inside. The dream of touching him was not as good as actually brushing her fingers across his warm back. The smell of his skin and the taste as she licked the hollow at the base of his neck. She could feel the beat of his heart there. His gasp was enough to let her know he loved what she was doing. Her fingers slipped beneath the edge of his pants and dipped into brush he buttocks. Moaning deep in his throat told Kat he loved her hands there.

Leaning back she looked into his eyes and smiled as she kissed him. Her mouth opening to allow his tongue entrance as hers danced with his once more.

"What I have dreamed we would do Kat." He whispered as pulled free. Her eyes on his lips as she touched his lips. "Yes what we have both dreamed of. We can now do." She whispered as she lowered her hands to his belt and unbuckling it, she tugged it free, then unbuttoned his pants. Leaning back he watched as she unzipped his pants. Lifting his hips she tugged them down his legs freeing him for her eyes to feast on. " I have seen on my cam." She whispered as she took him in her hands. Brushing her fingers over his cock. It was already hard and begging for her touch.

Moaning he watched in awe as she did everything she had written about. Taking him in her mouth and sliding it in as deep as it would go...growling deep in his throat he watched her deep throat him time and again till the last inch went into her mouth. Tasting his pre-cum she moaned in delight as he pulled her back up his body. "You keep that up and it will be a while before you get what you truely want." He said as he kissed her, tasting himself on her lips.

Smiling into the kiss she knew he had been pleased to find she had not lied to him. Moaning as he held her tight. Her gown sof to the touch as he tugged it up to feel her bare skin. "You are as I knew you would be Kat. The cam did not do you justice." He whispered.

"Cybering is fun, my darling, but this is better!" She said as she licked his neck then began nibbling his ear and neck on down to his chest. Circling his nipple with her tongue as she blew on it to make it harder. He gasped as he flipped her over and lay her on her back. "Now my lady it is your turn." He said as he kissed her lips. His hands working there way to her big breasts as he kneeded them. The nipples growing hard at his touch. Her breathing grew faster as he took her right nipple licking it softly then blowing on it as she had done his. Arching and offering her nipple to his lips he dove in and took it in his mouth and sucked it in. Moaning she watched him as he licked and sucked one nipple after the other. Finally he licked between her breasts and began working his way lower.

Dipping his tongue into her belly button he watched her face as she whimpered. "Are you ready darling? Ready for me to taste of you?" He said as he watched her face. "Gasping she nodded. "Yes..oh yes! Please love." She said as she watched his head drop between her legs. Licking first one thigh then the other she shivered at his tongues touch. Then he dove in and licked from her anus to her clit. Crying out in pleasure she lay her palm on his cheek. "Hmmm you know me well love." She whispered as he lowered his tongue to her clit. Circling it and ficking it. Gasping Kat's eyes filled with her lust as he drove his tongue with in the folds of her pussy. Her head went back as her body shivered for him. His tongue was filling her with fire and tingling as she felt her juices flow. Covering his tongue.

"Hmm my darling Kat you taste sweet." He said as he went back to her pussy licking all she offered him. Soon she was gasping and holding her breath. "Breath my Kat. Do not black out. This is what you have dreamed of. Growling deep in her throat she rode the waves of her orgasm as he drank her sweet cum swallowing till there was no more. She lay there breathing heavy as he moved up beside her. His fingers sliding up and down her lips. Pushing one finger within her as she moaned. "Ready for more my Kat?" He said as he smiled down at her, as she opened her eyes.

Smiling back she stretched a bit. Laying her hand on his cheek she giggled. "Always!" Her lips met his and they kissed softly then more deeply as he moved over top of her. Laying cradled by her legs he lay there the tip of his cock nestled between her vaginal lips. His mouth on hers their kiss deeper still. His eyes on hers till she opened them. Watching them he drove his cock deep with in her.

"Yesssssssss!" She gasped as he filled her. Laying still deep with in her he watched her face as he slowly moved his hips. Easing in and out of her wet pussy. "Thats it my Kat. I am finally in there. Deep inside your sweet pussy. My unprotected cock filling you. Driving deep with in you." He said as she moved against him. Her juices covering him as she felt another orgasm rip though her. He moved slowly letting her ride it out. "That's it my Kat! Cum for me!" With that she lay still beneath him.

He began to move with in her once more. Her body moving with his. Her lips on his neck as she licked the hollow at the base of his neck. Feeling him shiver within her arms she licked his neck again and again. She could feel his heart beat quicken. Drawing her legs about him she felt him dive in deeper on his next thrust. "Are you sure my Kat? Can I cum deep within your womb?" He asks as he watches her eyes.

Looking up at him she lowered her hands to his ass and grasped on tight. "Yes, Pete! Cum inside me! Deep inside my womb. I want to feel you cuming inside me! Filling me!" She said as she thrust her hips against him. "We have time for all the rest. Cum inside my womb!" She gasped as she felt him moving faster. Felt his body shivering and heard his moaning deep in his throat. Then as he ground his hips into hers she felt him spasm and begin to cum with in her. His hands threaded through her hair as he orgasmed filling her full of his thick hot cum. Laying winded there apon her...she drew her fingers up and down his back as his breathing finally slowed. Lifting his head he smiled and whispered..."Wow."

"Yeah I know. More than we dreamed." She whispered as he began to lift off her. Tightening her hold she held him there. "Not yet Pete, please." She whispered as she continued to run her fingers up and down his back. "I am enjoying this." Laying like that the two fell asleep.

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2012-10-03 00:14:45
That's a sharp way of tihnknig about it.

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2012-06-03 02:53:24
negative vote from me............ fucking women are all alike nothing but pigs who will cheat on their husbands every chance they get
makes me fucking wonder why they even get married in the first place......... cheating wives should be shot and their bodies thrown into a pile of shit

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2012-02-11 23:00:41
v4HJ3Q Cool:) I would say say it exploded my brain..!


2011-10-02 04:50:32
This is not bad, but it feels too brief and the style is somewhat jittery and fragmented.


2011-09-26 16:40:28
It's short but well written. It could have used a little more of Pete's point of view though.

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