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In the middle of the night I wake up and notice that Charley is having a nightmare and kicked away his covers. He lays there stark naked and I figure I should go wake him up and release him out of his...
I guess that boys will be boys, but sometimes you can never be quite sure. Take, for instance, the #other day. I was minding my own business, really I was. If you don't believe me, just ask Charley here. Charley, wasn't I minding my own business? Well, don't you pay no never mind to old Charley. Charley don't talk too much any more. At least not since the day that some of the guys in Old Charley's class in school was funning him, you know, ribbing him?

Ya see, Old Charley is kind of shy sometimes, and other times, there ain't nothin' shy about him. Well, Old Charley went through this stage, like most of us kids, when he didn't want anyone else to see him, well, you know, without any clothes on. So, Old Charley never took showers at school. But Old Charley loves to play all of them sports.

He is real good at football, and when they all get in the line, Old Charley is the one to stand right behind the guy in the center and reach between the guys legs. Old Charley is also great at tackling whoever has the ball. He jest wraps his big ole arms around the the guys waist and he hangs a real bad bear hug on the guy. First thing the guy knows, he has to give in and drop to the ground.

Well, with all that there sports playin' Old Charley can work up quite a sweat. Now, all the guys in school like Old Charley 'cause he's a good sport. But, they get real downright bothered about having to sit in the same classroom all afternoon with Old Charley who is beginning to smell like a bull elephant in heat. So they start pesterin' Old Charley 'cause he don't take showers like the rest of them.

Then one of them gets the idea that Old Charley don't take showers 'cause he ain't got no pecker. Now, I know that's a bunch of shit! Old Charley, he got a pecker that's out of this world. His pecker is bigger soft than mine is hard.

Don't you know it ain't polite to interrupt me like that when I'm tryin' to tell you about Old Charley? How do I know how big Old Charley's pecker is? Well, I'll tell ya.

One day, a while back, my old lady and old man were havin' a real knock down, drag out fight. I got sick of lissenin' to that shit, and I went over to Old Charley's house 'bout supper time. It sure didn't look as if I was gonna get anything to eat at my place, 'less it was bullshit. Well, Old Charley's mom invited me to stay for supper, and I was real happy to.

I hadn't had any-thing to eat since breakfast. After supper we watched that ole TV for a while, and then Old Charley and I wandered over to my place to see if the dust had settled at all. Well, there was still a lot of crashing and banging and yellin' and screamin' going on in there so we went back to Old Charley's and watched some more TV.

After it got kinda late his Mom asked me if I wanted to spend the night. She said that she had asked my Mom and it was all right. Must be Old Charley had told her about my folks yellin' and screamin', and all. Well, Old Charley had a spare bed in his room, don't ask me why, ask Old Charley, here. He waited until I had got undressed and got into my bed, and then he turned off the lights and then he got undressed and got into his bed.

See, he didn't even want me to see him undressed, and Old Charley and me are closer than any brothers. I dozed off for a while, but I kept waking up, what with the strange bed, and my folks fighting, and all. I was kinda worried that they might split up, and then where would I go?

Anyways, one time when I woke up, I looked over to the window to see if it was close to daylight, yet. Old Charley, his bed was under the window and the moonlight was streamin' in and I could see him movin a lot. He had thrashed around and kicked all of the covers off of him and he was bare-ass naked.

I had never seen Old Charley without clothes on before. He was layin' belly down and moving his ass up and down. As my eyes adjusted more, I could see that he had his pillow under him. I figgered he must be havin' a hell of a nightmare, and figgered that I should save him. I couldn't figger out what sort of night-mare Old Charley was havin' to cause that kind of goin's on. I don't like nightmares when I have them and it sure feels good when somebody wakes me up from one, and I thought I outta do that for him. I knew that you shouldn't wake up sleep walkers, but I didn't know if that was so for nightmares. Old Charley must have been at it for quite a while, 'cause he was really breathin' hard.

I crawled out of my bed, 'cause I didn't want him to hear me, and moved over to his bed. Both of his hands had been holding onto the top of the mattress. His head was facin' me, but his eyes were closed tight. Old Charley had that bed jest a jumpin' up and down. I was surprised it wasn't makin' more noise.

I reached my hand up to the back of his head, and very gently laid my finger on his ear. When I did that, he let out a real loud groan. He never missed a beat. His ole ass was jest a workin' up an down. As I started to rub the back of his head and then work on down his neck, he opened his eyes and looked right at me. I figgered he must be awake, since he could see me, but he was still workin' his ass up and down like there was no end. He was still groanin', too. I was there on my knees on the floor beside his bed, rubbin' his back and he's goin' at it even more.

Then I was shocked! Old Charley moved his hand from hangin' onto the mattress, and I felt his fingers on my Jockey's playin' with my pecker. Well, what the Hell was goin' on here? I mean, I would pull that thing out, and water would come out of it, and then I put it back. I never played with the thing. But, Old Charley, here, he was jest sort of hangin' on to it and kind of rubbin' it a little. Must be he'd figgered out another use for that thing. Now I didn't know what to do. I thought Old Charley was awake, but his ass was still goin' up and down, like he was sleepin' and I didn't know what he was doin' with my pecker. His eyes were still starin' at me, his hand was still movin' around on my pecker, and his ass was still whippin' around. -

Then Old Charley really did sumthin' strange. He pulled down the top of my Jockey's and my pecker flops out. I was shocked! I don't let my pecker hang out. Mom always told me to keep it inside my pants, an' not to let anyone else see it. I didn't play sports at school, so I got away without havin to show my pecker in the shower room. Then I figgered, Hell, it was dark and Old Charley wasn't lookin' at it.

He was lookin' at me. I guessed that was all right, as long as he didn't look. Now he got his hand wrapped around my pecker, and I'm feelin somethin' strange goin' on. I can't explain what I'm feelin' 'cause I've never felt it before. But, Old Charley's hand is startin' to move with a back and forth motion that matches the up and down motion of his ass. Now, I'm startin' to feel a really strange thing in my pecker, and the damned thing is startin' to get big, and hard. And its feelin' more and more strange.

I've never felt anything like that before and I'm startin' to get scared. I ask Old Charley to stop, but he doesn't seem to hear me, 'cause he jest keeps on playin' around. My pecker is startin' to feel really wild, and I'm afraid of what might happen. I can feel my pecker throbbing and it feels like its gonna explode! I look down at my pecker and I never seen it so big.

Old Charley's ass keeps movin' faster and faster, and his hand keeps movin faster and faster. Then, I feel like I'm gonna die, and I'm afraid that he will stop and I don't want him to. Jest let me die and feel goooood.

Suddenly, my eyes are closed and I feel like I'm floatin' through space and then I feel somethin' commin' out of my pecker. I'm worried that I'm gonna make a mess. Piss is the only thing that's ever come outta that pecker, but piss never felt like this! I figger theres gonna be a Hell of a mess 'cause I think it's piss thats commin' out. Somethin's commin' out, that's for sure. The way it feels, I hope it never stops. This is even better that I felt that time I was fallin' asleep just before they took my tonsils out.

But, I'm embarrassed about pissin' on Old Charley's hand like that. Finally, all of those feelin's goes away and Old Charley, he stops playin' with my pecker, and his ass stops movin' and he jest sort of lays there lookin' at me, and me lookin' at him. I asked him if he was asleep, cause I can see now that he's sure enough awake. He said that he hadn't been able to get to sleep yet that night. Well, he could have fooled me. I thought he was havin' a nightmare. Then, he told me that he liked to rub his pecker against the pillow, 'cause it felt good. He did it almost every night. I told him that I had never had anything like that happen to me before.

He asked me, "Boy, you mean you ain't never come before?" I says, "I come over here, and I come to school. What you mean?" Old Charley, he says, "I mean when that stuff shoots out of your pecker." Now, I was really mixed up. I thought I had pissed all over his hand, and I was too ashamed to say anything, but he knew. I says I've been pissin' all my life. He says, "Don't be dumb. That wasn't piss that came out, that was come." Well, I didn't want to seem to be too dumb, so I just said "all right!" That was a new word to me. 'Come'. Come meant somethin' lots different to me. I wondered if that was one of Old Charley's made up words.

Then I asked him if he had come on the pillow, and he said that he had. He had come the same time I did. Old Charley rolled over then, and in the moonlight I got a good look at Old Charley. His pecker was all floppy and wiggly and I looked down at mine. Mine was still hanging out over my Jockey's and it was floppy and wiggly like Old Charley's pecker. But his pecker seemed to be a whole lot bigger than mine.

Old Charley had black hair that started as a thin line at his belly and then widened out to a large black patch around his pecker. I just had a little blonde hair that was growing around the base of mine. It was so light that you had to look close or you'd miss the stuff, but I could feel it.

They said in school that as I grew up I would get a lot of hair on my body. And in the locker room I had seen the other guys runnin' around without any clothes on, and I jest hadta look at them. I was careful when I looked, but I really wanted to see if their pecker was bigger, or smaller than mine. I watched a lot and saw a lot of them that was bigger than mine, but there was a lot that was smaller than mine. So I didn't feel too bad.

Everybody else seemed to have lots more hair 'round their pecker than I did, and that bothered me. Some of them had some hair on their chest, specially 'round their tits. I lay in bed nights and would feel the fuzz that was growin' 'round my pecker and hopin' it would get thicker. I wondered if'n there was any kind of fertilizer, or somethin' that would make it grow faster. But Old Charley here already had lots of it. He hadn't started growin' any on his chest, but that black hair 'round his pecker was neat.

I really wondered how our pecker's stacked up. I put my thumb and forefinger around mine and my finger came to the joint in my thumb. I tried holding my hand up to his pecker to guess the size. Then Old Charley took my hand and slid it down over his pecker. It felt funny. I had never touched anybody elses pecker before. I'd never even given it a thought. It still had all of that white stuff around it, and on the pillow, but Old Charley had my stuff on him.

I could only get my finger to touch my thumb when I tried to measure his pecker. Then as I held it, I could feel it GROW! It was getting bigger, and it was forcing my finger away from my thumb. Then Old Charley reached down and did the same thing to my pecker. I could feel my pecker grow inside Old Charley's hand, just like his pecker had grown inside my hand. Then I realized that his pecker was rigid, and I reached down to feel of mine, and mine was rigid, too.

I felt a pull on my pecker and then I realized that Old Charley was trying to pull me up into bed with him. I slid in beside him. Neither of us lost our grip on the other. Then I could put my hard pecker side of his. His was just about twice as long as mine, and just about twice as big around. It felt good to lay there with Old Charley, but I was afraid that we would get caught. When I told him that, he told me not to worry. His mother never came in the room. I could get easier after that. Old Charley and I slept that way the rest of the night with our peckers rubbing each other.

That's how I know that Old Charley's pecker is a lot bigger than mine.

But your interruption has gotten me away from what I was telling ya. So, the guys, they's givin' Old Charley a hard time 'cause he don't take showers and saying it's 'cause he ain't got no pecker. (He told me once that he don't take showers 'cause his pecker is so big. He's embarrassed 'bout it.)

Anyways, after that night that I played with his pecker, he wasn't so shy about it any more. He told me that he had never touched another guys pecker before he had touched mine. He said he had never let anyone else see him rubbing his pecker against the pillow before, but he couldn't stop by the time he knew I was seein' him. After that, it seemed to be all right, 'cause I wasn't makin' fun of him.

So, the guys is funnin' Old Charley about havin' no pecker. Well, Old Charley decided not to be shy no more. He unzipped his pants, and he grabbed old Henry (that's what he calls his pecker - can you believe that?) and he pulled Henry out of his sleeping spot, and he got his balls out there too. Old Charley went running round and round that locker room with old Henry hanging out there. When he started for the door, I tried to grab him but he just kept on goin'. Three of the other football players tackled him in the main hallway there at school.

He lay there on the floor with them on top and a bunch of girls watchin'. They got off him just as I was catchin' up. Old Charley was still layin' there on that floor, with his face down and his ole body was shakin'. I thought he was cryin', and it scared me. Then he looked around and he saw me and he gave me that same look I seen that night at his house after he had come. He whispered to me, "Come here." I bent down, and he whispered to me, "I just came. Please help me up."

I grabbed his shoulders and lifted him up, and the other football players had made a huddle around him. When he stood up, there was Old Henry, still standing tall, and hard as a rock. The other players must have known what the mess was, but they didn't say nothin'. We all walked back to the locker room with Old Charley in the middle. He had gotten old Henry put back in his locker, and back to sleep. A whole bunch of the guys told Old Charley that they were sorry that they had made fun of him for not having a pecker. Now they knew that he did have a pecker.

I asked him later what he meant when he said that he had come. I hadn't seen him wigglin' his ass like had had that other night. He said that havin' all of those guys on top of him had made him come. I asked him why. He said he didn't know but he always came while he was playin' football. In a good game with lots of tacklin' he could come 5 or 6 times.

Old Charley's been awful quiet since that day.

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2014-09-15 04:11:57
I read it in an ole country accent

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2011-08-13 01:39:02
Calling him old charley is what really irritated me.
Stopped reading after the 3rd paragraph...

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Mark Twain inspired this, sans doute.

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I liked it continue those people are just mean

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I'm not sure why I read that whole thing. WTF was the point?

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