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I Did My Brother II
From Chapter One―
Brian and I did that― Played with ourselves in front of each other, I mean―whenever we could after that. We were always really, really careful when we did it. We only did it when we were sure we were alone in the house.
As much as I wanted to do other stuff―I thought a lot about giving him a blow job while he ate me out. You know, 69―I was kinda afraid to suggest anything like that. I mean, it was bad enough we were doing what we were doing, ya know? I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if we got caught doing that. I always assumed Brian pretty much felt the same way because he never said anything about going any further.
He’s grown up a lot since then.
Chapter 2:
One drunken night I actually told one of my girlfriends what Brian and I used to do. She proceeded to confess to me what her and her TWO brothers used to do…and STILL DO! I was floored.
Knowing that other sisters did stuff like that with their brothers, made me feel kinda good. It also made me a little sorry; sorry I’d never taken it any further with Brian. It certainly got me thinking a lot about it, thats for sure, especially before I went to ‘’bed’’ at night.

When Brian was fresh out of high school, he came to L.A. to visit me. I hadn’t seen him for over two years. I thought about him a lot though.
I picked him up from the airport…He’d gotten a lot taller…got him situated in his room and took him out to dinner at this nice little casual place around the corner to celebrate. We talked and laughed all through dinner. I told him he was still a Spaghetti Boy and he told me that I was ‘’No doubt’’ still a Slut Face.
‘’I certainly am.’’ I agreed.

It wasn’t long before I had my mind in the gutter. I just couldn’t seem to help it.
‘’Are you still a Pencil Dick?’’ I asked as I peered at him over the rim of my Margareta, watching and waiting for his reaction.
‘’Why don’t you look in your closet tonight before you go to bed and find out for yourself?’’ He grinned.
I nearly choked on my drink. I wiped Margarita off my chin with my napkin and cleared my throat.
‘’I fully expected to have to do that anyway Pencil Dick.’’

After a good laugh and a few more sips of my Margarita, I asked him if he ever thought about what we used to do. How could he NOT, he told me. He went on to tell me that when he was little, he,d thought I was the hottest girl he knew.
I thought that was so sweet.
I sat across the table with a stupid grin on my face. ‘’And what about now?’’ I asked him half joking.

‘’Now?’’ He smiled so sweetly. ‘’. . . Now I’m pretty sure of it.’’
He made me blush. I decided I was gunna find out about his ‘’Pencil Dick’’ that night one way or the other.

We walked back to my apartment laughing and leaning against one another. Anybody seeing us probably thought we were a couple the way we held on to each other and goofed off the whole way back to my apartment.

We sat and talked and talked and talked. I told him everything I’d been doing since I came out to L.A. and he told me everything that had been going on with him since I left. I asked if he had a girlfriend. He,d had a few but nothing serious. When he asked me, I told him it was about the same. He seemed surprised that I didn’t have a steady boyfriend at the time.

‘’How does something that looks like YOU not have a boyfriend.’’ ‘’I guess I’m just picky.’’ I told him it wasn’t from lack of trying. ‘’Oh, I’m sure of that!’’ He tells me sarcastically. I slapped him on the arm, ‘’Wha-da-ya mean by that?’’ ‘’As I remember, before you left home, it seemed like you had a lot of Boyfriends.’’
{I told you I was a slut.}

‘’Thats how you weed out the assholes and the pencil dicks.’’ I told him with a big smile on my face.
‘’Oh, I see how it is…’’
‘’Well, Im just assuming you,re not a ‘Pencil Dick’ anymore.’’ ‘’Well, I have to admit, no ones called me that in a pretty long time.’’

I studied his face, wondering if he was thinking the same thing I was.
‘’We-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-l-…’’ I stretched and moaned then told him that I was pretty tired, ‘’…and a little drunk too.’’
I told him I was thinking that maybe it’s time to go to bed.
‘’Really… …So soon?’’ ‘’Yeah, well, its getting pretty late.’’ ‘’Are you…going right to sleep, ya think?’’ He asked with a sly smile.

I was pretty sure we were thinking along the same lines.
‘’We-e-e-l-l-l-l, I have a few things to do that should take me a minute or two. You know, put these glasses in the sink, brush my teeth and all.’’
‘’A minute or two, huh? That’s not much time, huh?’’
‘’Well, probably more like three or four minutes really.’’
‘’Well, in that case…’’ He stood up. ‘’I’m pretty tired too. I guess I’ll hurry up and get my pajamas on and hit the sack too.’’
‘’Well…OK then…’’ I got up off the sofa, ‘’I…I guess I’ll see ya in the morning, huh?’’

I leaned in, got up on my tiptoes, and gave him a kiss on the cheek that lasted a little longer than it should have as I breathed in taking in his scent. We shared a look for a long second. If he was unsure of what was on my mind before then… …I was pretty sure he knew now.

‘’Not if I see you first.’’ He says with a big old smile.
I couldn’t believe the sexual tension in the room. It was thick as morning fog. Id never reacted to any man like THIS. Sure, a lot of men had turned me on, and I certainly never had any reservations about doing something about it either. After all, I was a ‘’Slut Face’’. But after all that time Id spent thinking about the stuff my brother and I used to do…Not to mention the things Id fantasized about doing but never did over the years…I was ready to do them. I could hardly wait to go to my room and ‘’Go to bed’’.

I couldn’t help but wonder what Brian was expecting. Did he think we were gunna watch each other play with ourselves like we used to? Or was he hoping for more. I wasn’t 100% sure about HIM, but I could feel my pussy already getting wet while I brushed my teeth. I tried to calm down, brush my teeth, and give my brother time to get in my closet so he could ‘’Spy on me’’ … Assuming that was his plan.

For a split second, I wondered ‘’What if he s not in there?’’ What if he s not in my closet waiting for me to come in and ‘’Get ready for bed’’?
I remember thinking I was gunna feel like such an idiot if he wasnt ‘‘hiding’’ in my closet when I got to my room. I shook the thought right out of my head. After all, I thought I knew my brother pretty well and I doubted I was reading the signs wrong.

I switched the light off and turned to leave. I remember turning back to the mirror and stared at myself in the dim light of the nightlight for a few seconds.
‘’Its incest’’ I whispered to my reflection. The thought made me shiver and then a rush of heat just washed right through me. I was instantly aware of how hot I was between my legs. I reached up under my thin T-Shirt, slipped my panties off, and left them on the bathroom floor.

‘’No one will know’’ I told myself and headed anxiously to my room to see what was gunna happen.

I glanced at the closet door. It wasn’t like my room at home. This was just one door but it was open an inch or so and the open crack looked out at my bed. I left the light on. I went right to my bed. I didn’t even undress. I pushed my pillows up against my headboard, laid against them, and got comfortable. I eased my skirt up slowly until my shaved pussy was exposed to the room…The closet in particular.
My excitement was building and building up. I knew I was moving a lot faster than I really wanted to. I had intended to undress slowly in front of my mirror…Like I used to do when we were kids…play with my tits and rub my ass cheeks a little. You know…Tease my brother, put on a show for him but I was just so excited…I just couldn’t seem to slow it down.

I slid both hands down between my legs. I sucked in sharply through clenched teeth when my fingers found my coochie.
I slipped a hand inside my shirt and began massaging my tits. My nipples were like little rocks and my heart was pounding in my chest. I was breathing kinda heavy now and I felt the throbbing in my clit with each beat of my heart.

I closed my eyes and fingered myself while I thought about my little brother in the closet and what I was gunna do to him when he finally came out.

I didn’t have to wait too long.
I opened my eyes when I heard the closet door open. Brian slipped out of the closet in only a pair of gym socks that were neatly pulled up to just below his knees.
I remember smiling at him and telling him ‘’Nice pajamas’’.
He stood there in front of me smiling back…watching me. ‘’This is what I sleep in.’’ He says to me.

One thing was for sure …He wasn,t a pencil dick. His dick hung between his legs, semi-hard. It was all I could do not to fall on my knees in front of him and suck his dick into my mouth. The feeling was intense as I kept fingering myself and watching him watching me.

After a few seconds, Brian walked over to the bed. I just kept pleasuring myself as I watched him coming closer and closer. The feeling was unbelievable. He got on the bed next to me and grabbed his dick.
It made me wonder again what he was expecting to happen here. If he thought we were gunna just play with ourselves…he was in for quite a surprise.
‘’My god! Id almost forgotten how hot it makes me watching you doing that Marcy.’’
I stared between his legs, ‘’Yeah well, I don’t remember your dick being quite that big either.’’ I told him
He told me there was something he,d been thinking about, ‘’…For about five or six years now.’’ He confessed.
‘’And what might that be?’’ I asked, tingling with anticipation.
‘’Well, it’s kinda wrong Marc.’’
‘’Really? How wrong?’’
‘’Pretty wrong.’’ He said with a shaky smile.

He was actually having a hard time spitting it out.
‘’Its…Its kinda hard to say it…out loud I mean. Its embarrassing.’’ He told me shyly.
My fingers were practically digging into my soaked pussy, making that wet squishy sound as I fingered myself and rubbed my clit. I thought I was gunna cum any second. My whole body was burning and I was shaking, I was so excited.

‘’We,re playing with ourselves in front of each other Brian…’’ I smiled. ‘’…I mean, how embarrassing could it be?’’
He watched my hand between my legs and nibbled on his bottom lip. ‘’Just is.’’ He says.
I swallowed hard. ‘’Well then…Why…Why don,t you just show me?’’ I managed to say.

He scooted up as close to me as he could, slipped his arm under and behind my shoulders, lifted me, and rolled me towards him. He placed his hand behind my head and directed me down to the long dick in his hand.
‘’Oh my God! This is finally happening…’’ I thought.

My hands slid off my own body and down to his beautiful cock. I got such a rush when I closed my fingers around it and my other hand cupped his smooth balls. His dick was so hot and the skin was so soft. His balls were large and soft. I shifted on the bed and willingly let him draw my head to his privates.

I eagerly opened my mouth and closed my lips around it.

My pussy was literally burning; screaming to me. I supposed it would have to wait. Feeling his beautiful cock slide into my mouth made my head spin. I remember moaning…One long, continuous, soft moan…as more and more of his dick move past my lips…
…until I had all of it in my mouth and down my throat.

I’d imagined…Fantasized about…this for such a long time, so many times. And now here I was, with my little brothers ‘’Pencil Dick’’ in my hungry, slutty mouth.
I closed my eyes and started to give him a nice slow blowjob.

He could barely contain himself. He was moaning and moving his skinny little butt around on my bed like he was sitting on an ant hill while I happily sucked his dick.
{Just saying the words now… “…While I sucked his dick’’ …makes my pussy twitch.}
It was nice to know that I wasnt the only one that was having a hard time controlling themselves.
Brians dick got noticeably thicker and harder as I rubbed my lips all over it, licked it, and sucked in and out of my mouth.

After a few minutes Brian suddenly pulled back, pulling his dick from my mouth and quickly stood up next to the bed. For a split second I feared that Mom or Dad had walked in to my room.
I assumed he was afraid I was gunna make him cum too soon. I didn’t care; I wasn’t ready to stop sucking him.
‘’I wanna suck it…’’ I whispered, like we had to be quiet, like maybe our mother or father might really walk in any second and catch us.
‘’You’re gunna make me cum’’ He whispered back.
‘’I know…’’ I smiled up at him. ‘’…That’s why Im doing it…I WANNA make you cum.’’
‘’I,ve thought about this a thousand times Marcy…’’ He tells me. ‘’…I just want this to last.’’
‘’Well then, I guess If you cum…Then I’ll just have to suck it til it gets hard again…so you can fuck me.’’ I emphasized the word ‘’Fuck’’.
He looked at me like Id just dropped my pants and I had two dicks. Then he leaned closer to the bed offering me his hard wet dick again.
I leaned forward and took him back in my mouth as he stood there in front of me.

This was the most pleasure Id ever had sucking a cock. It was everything Id fantasized about and more. Again and again I took him in my mouth, down my throat…kissed and licked his balls. I absolutely loved it. He wasnt the only one in danger of cumming here.
It didnt take long before Brian told me he couldn’t hold it anymore. I slipped my lips off him and looked up, ‘’Ga-head.’’ I cooed. I no sooner said it, when his cum splashed across my lips and into my mouth. I closed my mouth over the head of his dick as fast as I could and started to jerk him off into my mouth.

All I could think about was the way his cock felt in my hand and in my mouth as my mouth filled. It grew even thicker and pulsed as each shot of thick cum made its way from his balls to my mouth.
My pussy was literally thumping, the wetness running down my thigh. I sucked and swallowed and stroked him until he was done cumming and I felt his dick lose some of its firmness.

I pushed a thick glob of cum off my chin and into my mouth with the tip of his dick. {He really seemed to like that.} I kissed the head of his dick a few times and then rolled back onto my pillows.
I sucked my bottom lip into my mouth tasting more of my brothers salty cum. ‘’Watch this…’’ I told him.

I laid back and started to rub my pussy. My intention was to slowly pleasure myself while my brother watched; give him the show that I wanted to give him earlier, ya know?
{I figured that would help put the lead back in his pencil}

Well…In a matter of about two minutes, I was franticly strumming my clit on the verge of cumming myself. It would seem the show was gunna be shorted than Id hoped. My clit was so swollen it was damn near the size of a marble. I was pulling on my nipples, sucking the pussy juice off my slippery fingers. Control had taken the line and was running with it. I was having a pretty hard time reeling it in.
Brian stood there…He looked like a little kid who had finally caught the Easter Bunny in a cardboard box with a stick and a string…in awe, ooo’ing, and ahhh’ing while he watched me making myself cum. The show was gunna be a short one…but it was a good one.

‘’My god you look so hot doing that.’’ I heard him whisper.
I was cumming.

I was squirming and fidgeting around on the bed like I was gunna pee myself.
‘’Kneel on the bed Brian…Hurry up!’’ I gasped. ‘’Give me your cock.’’ I begged. ‘’Put it in my mouth, quick, let me suck it!’’
I rolled over on my side and craned my neck towards him; towards his dick. He fed me his beautiful cock as I buried my fingers as deep inside my pussy as I could.

I came so hard when I got my brother in my mouth again. I sucked and moaned around his dick while my pussy exploded. I felt a surge of hot liquid rush past my fingers, and run down my thighs to my bedspread. That had never happened before. As many times as I had played with myself… as many guys as I had been with…Nothing has ever POURED out of my coochie when I came.

{Once again; it had taken my little brother to give me the best orgasm I’d ever had to date.}

I bobbed my head back and forth, sucking Brian’s cock like a piece of candy while my pussy quivered and quaked around my fingers. It seemed to go on and on.
When I finally finished cumming, I pulled Brians dick out of my mouth like a cork out of a bottle. I looked up at him and scrambled to get my T-Shirt off. I felt like I was in a dream.

He stepped back to give me room, unsure of exactly what was gunna happen next.
I pointed to the mess on my thigh, ‘’Look at this.’’
‘’Pretty wet.’’
‘’That’s never happened to me before.’’
‘’You’ve never cum before?’’ He asked with this stupid smile on his face, clearly amused with his wit.
‘’Not like THAT!’’

I took my shirt and wiped my thighs off then threw it towards my hamper rolled off the bed and immediately dropped to my knees on the floor in front of Brian.

‘’Let’s see what I can do about getting you nice and hard again.’’ I whispered.

{I don’t know why we were both whispering like we were. I guess it was because we both knew that what we were doing was wrong. I guess we were just treating the whole thing like it was a big secret, like there was some kinda chance someone might overhear us.

I got back to getting my little brother rock hard. He didn’t have very far to go. It wasn’t very long before he was ready to go. I squeezed it in my hand, ‘’Nice and hard.’’ I stated the obvious and stroked it a few times, real fast. ‘’Hard enough to fuck me with.’’ I whispered and then went right back to sucking it.

After about ten minutes of watching his big sister suck his dick, he was as thick and hard as he,d been before I made him cum. I know I didn’t need to ask him, but I did it anyway:
‘’Are you ready to fuck me?’’
He was speechless as he started down at me blowing him.

I slipped him out of my mouth again and twirled my tongue slowly around the head of his dick. I rubbed the tip over my lips and I kissed it; really softly.
‘’You DO want to fuck me, don’t you?’’
‘’For almost seven years now.’’ He finally said; his voice barely above a whisper. I wasn’t really sure if he was saying it to me or to himself. I thought it sounded so sexy.
I climbed on my bed…On my hands and knees…stuck my ass up in the air and wiggled it playfully at him.
‘’Well then, come fuck me then.’’ I told him with no shame.

{Looking back on it, I didn’t just tell him to, it was probably more like begging him.}

He climbed on the bed between my feet and guided his long dick to my pussy. I thought my heart was gunna pop when I felt it slide inside me.

‘’Holy shit!!!’’ I mewed. ‘’That feels so-o-o-o-o go-o-o-o-o-od Brian.’’
‘’Jesus Marcy, you’re so tight.’’
‘’You sound surprised.’’
‘’Not really, it’s because my dick’s so big.’’ He says with this big shit eating grin of his.
‘’Well then…Shove it all the way in… …And fuck me with it!’’

My little brother went at it. He fucked me like I was his last request before they put the blindfold on him and flipped the switch. He threw all that pent up tension he,d had for seven years into each and every stroke. I loved the way his balls slapped my coochie each time he thrust into me. It was amazing…I would have thought it might hurt to slap his balls so hard, but it didn’t seem to hinder him in the least. On the contrary. . .

We fucked like that…Like a couple of teenagers in the back seat of Daddys car..for a long time.
I remember thinking that I was glad that I d sucked him off before we started fucking. He fucked me from behind; laying on our sides; me on top; him on top. Front ways, backwards…up side down……

He made me cum three more times before he finally told me he was gunna cum again.
I begged him to pull out. Not that I cared about getting pregnant…I was on the pill. I wanted him to jerk off on me. Id pictured it in my head so many times while Id masturbated recalling the things we had done when we were younger. I wanted him to do it now… …I wanted to feel him shoot all over me. I needed it.

I spread my legs and position him between them, on his knees. ‘’Ga-head!’’ I purred looking down past my pussy at his wet dick in his hand, pointing at my titties as he began to stroke it.
My fingers slid in and out of my soaked pussy as I waited to see it, to feel it, to taste it. I wanted him to cum all over me so badly.

‘’I’m cumming!!!’’.
Our eyes met…Locked.
The first rope hit the bedspread, just past my shoulder. The second one hit my face and casscaded into my hair. I burried my fingers deep inside me and just held them there, not moving, as Brians cum splashed over my body. There was a lot…A lot considering it was his second load of the evening. It was…..impresive to say the least.
The whole time he gunted and stroked, his eyes never left mine. My orgasm lasted long after he,d stopped splashing me with his thick, globs of cum. Couldn’t tell you how long.

Before he had a chance to get a way or even get soft again, I spun around, my hand still glued to my over heated twat, and took him in my free hand. I wanted to suck him clean and with any luck maybe he would stay hard enough to make me cum one more time. I just couldn’t get enough of his cock. I gently squeezed it and a little bit of his thick salty cum dribbled out over the head of his dick on off the rim. I tried as best I could to catch it with my tongue.
I got a little taste then sucked the last few drops from his tired cock.

It was losing some of its thickness…And rightly so, he had fucked the shit out of me with it for I don’t know how long. Well …not wanting it to end, I worked my lips over it until it filled my mouth to capacity. I let Brian work his hips, slowly pushing and pulling it out of my mouth as I swallowed it and sucked it clean.

His cock got softer in my mouth as I sucked on it. It looked like my little brothers tired cock wasn t gunna make me cum just one more time after all. I figured Id just do it myself after Brian went to bed. {Like the old days} Then, to my great delight, Brian pulled away and made his way between my legs. He opened my legs and pushed my pussy-soaked hand away from my coochie. I was ready to cum thirty seconds after I felt his mouth on me. And when his lips closed over my clit and be started to kneed it with his lips. I screamed. I mean I SCREAMED. The sound was a bit starling but Brian never stopped. It was like someone pulled the cork out of the barrel when I came. My thin hot cum surged over my little brothers lips and spilled down the crack of my ass to soak the bedcovers. I held Brian’s head in place, afraid he might move away before I was done. As it turned out…Brian licked and kissed my pussy long after my orgasm had gone.

When my pussy was too tender to take any more attention, I coaxed Brian up next to me on the pillows.
‘’That was amazing.’’ I sighed.
‘’Tell me about it.’’ Brian all but laughed. ‘’Worth the wait, thats for sure.’’ He says.
I saw the little boy in his eyes when he said it.
‘’I know, right? That was the best sex I ve ever had Brain’’ I gushed. A burst of honesty. ‘’I just hope I can walk tomorrow.’’ I added as I softly touched my tender coochie.
‘’Well, if you can t…Id be willing to rub a little Neosporin on ya if you think it,ll help.’’
‘’Im pretty sure it will.’’

We snuggled together.
‘’You still respect me pencil dick?’’
‘’Never did, Slut-face...’’
And fell asleep just like that;, arms around each other, naked on top of my bedspread.
The first thing I wanted to do when I woke up the next morning was blow my little brother again.

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