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A family holiday weekend at the lake
I was in the back seat of my parents car and we were heading to our lake house for the Memorial Day weekend. I was 16 and I was glad to be finally out of school for the year. This past year had been interesting for me. This past Fall right after I turned 16 my brother and I started having sex. It seems like it has taken these past 8 months to finally get used to his big cock in me. So far we had been able to keep it a secret between ourselves. We did it a lot and I loved the feeling now of him inside me. He loved fucking me and playing with my big boobs. They were 34C's now and since I was slender that made them look even bigger.

Unfortunately my brother wasn't going with us this weekend. He had job interview in another state and since he had some friends there he was just going to spend the weekend with them. I missed him. My parents really enjoyed our lake house and used it as a getaway all the time. This weekend was the kickoff for the summer and they had invited some friends and family to join us. There would be lots of stuff to do, but I wished my brother was going to be there.

We were the first ones to arrive and I helped my mom take in the weekends supply of food and drinks. Plenty of beer of course. I was wearing some tight nylon running shorts and a tank top. I had run track this past spring in school and I was in really good shape. The tank was a little low cut and showed off my boobs. Lately it seemed I had a tendency to make men a little nervous when I dressed like this. Even my dad was uncomfortable. The space between my breasts was like a magnet for their eyes. When I would sit next to my dad every now and then I would catch him looking at my boobs. He would snap out of it and usually clear his throat and frown then look somewhere else.

My mom and I had almost but all the stuff away when into the kitchen walked some of the weekend guests. It was my uncle and his family. He was my father's younger brother. His name was Dwayne and he was 38. He had been married for awhile to a nice lady and they had 3 kids. The youngest was a 4 yr old girl who looked just like her momma. The other two were 11 yr old twin boys and I couldn't stand them. They were holy terrors and were always into mischief and pulling pranks.

My mom was cordial and hugged everyone. I hugged my aunt then I saw my uncle with his arms open for me to hug him. Uncle Dwayne always creeped me out some. It was the way he looked at me, especially lately. He hugged me to him crushing my boobs against him. I knew he just wanted to feel their size. I guess the others were looking away because I felt one of his hands drift down to my tight firm ass which he squeezed through my shorts. I pushed away from him and glared at him. He just smiled and winked at me. I hope I wouldn't have to put up with stuff like this all weekend.

I just turned and walked out of the kitchen and down a hall to my room. I closed the door behind me. I had a room to myself at this house unless we really had a lot of people then I would share it. I lay on my bed just looking up at the ceiling. If my brother was here we could go off alone together and have fun. It had been over a week since we had sex last and I was kinda horny. I was going to change into my swimsuit anyway so I took off my top and shorts. I laid back on my bed naked now. I started to caress my tits and pull on my big nipples. I love my brother to do this and to suck on them too. My tits were big and firm but also soft. I kept playing with them with my right hand and let my left hand drift down lower.

I ran it down over my flat muscular stomach. Lower to my mound. I had a little patch of dark curly hair there. Not very much, but my brother had been trying to talk me into shaving it off so I would be bare. I went past that and found my labia lips. They were smooth and bare and very wet. I closed my eyes and pretended my brother was doing this to me. I slipped a finger inside me and felt my tightness. Even though his cock was huge my pussy always went back to it's original snugness. I pushed my finger in and out of myself. Now wet I moved it up higher to my clit. It was very hard and big. My brother said it looked like a little cock head. He loved to nibble on it driving me wild. I was working my fingers a little faster now. I was still pulling on a nipple and I drew my knees up as my orgasm approached. I was breathing hard and was a little lost in the feeling so that's why I didn't hear the door to my room open at first.

Something was different so I opened my eyes and looked at the doorway only to see my father standing there. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open as he took in the scene before him. His 16 yr old daughter was naked on her bed obviously playing with herself. Time froze for a moment until I yelled “DAD”. He snapped out of it and stepped back in the hall closing the door.

I yelled, “Daddy, can't you knock please.”

He kept saying sorry over and over then said, “I just wanted to let you know I turned the pool heaters on and the water should warm up soon.”

I told him thanks and to please knock from now on. He said he would and I heard him walk down the hall. The spell was broken so I decided to just get up and get my suit on. I found it in my bag. It was a new suit I had bought recently. It was a bright yellow and I thought it would look good with a tan. A bikini of course. I slipped the bottoms on and pulled them up. I thought they made my ass look really good. Not to much showing but they showed off my curves. My legs were long and lean from running track. I took the top and put it on too. It was a front clasp top with a light underwire in the cups for support. It had straps like a bra. I got into position and brought the claps together. There was a little bit of strain on them as they got closer together. It took me a couple of tries to get it closed. I leaned forward letting my boobs hang so I could settle them in the cups.

Standing up I looked at myself in the mirror. The top pushed my tits together forming a prounounced cleavage. I was spilling out over the top of the little cups and I would have to be careful bending over. I had trouble finding a suit where the bottoms fit and the top was big enough. I had worn this suit only once to a pool. It was at a girlfriends house. I had gotten out of the pool all wet and she looked at me and laughed. She pointed to my boobs. I looked down and realized the fabric of the suit got very transparent when wet. You could plainly see the outline of my big areolas. They were about 2 inches across and you could almost count the bumps on them. I wasn't going to return the suit so people would just have to deal with it.

I turned in the mirror checking myself out. I thought I looked really hot and too bad my brother wasn't there to see me. I put my long dark hair in a ponytail and got my sunglasses. I decided to avoid the kitchen, not wanting to further embarrass my dad. I went out a side door to the upper deck. That's were all the tables were and the grills and smokers. The pool was on a lower deck looking out over the lake. There were lounge chairs all around it. I walked down the steps hoping to be alone but no such luck. My uncle and his family were already there. My aunt was in the pool with their girl teaching her to swim. The twins were taking turns jumping in trying to one up each other with their splashes. My uncle was in a lounge chair with his sunglasses on reading a car magazine. I hesitated but then decided to just find a chair on the opposite side of the pool from him. I smiled at my aunt as I walked by and I felt my uncles eyes following me.

I picked out a lounger and laid my towel on it. I sat down and stretched out. I wanted to work on my tan. I had my Walkman with me and turned the tape on and put my headphones on. I wanted to tune out my company. I knew my uncle was looking at me through his sunglasses. He didn't want his wife to catch him staring at me. I am sure the sight of my tits spilling out over my top interested him. I was just starting to relax when I felt water splashed on me. The twins had squirt guns and were running around the pool squirting each other and anyone else. After a couple of more times I just decided to get in the pool and get wet all over. I got up and walked over to the steps. The water was still cool but the heater would warm it up soon. I walked in the water over to where my aunt was. She was really very nice and I liked her. She had flaming red hair and all her kids did too. She had one of those pear shaped body’s. You know small on top and big on bottom. I think she was an A cup at best. Her butt was big and her thighs were too. I helped her with her daughter she would dog paddle from her to me. I did this for awhile and then decided to get out. The twins had put the squirt guns down and were playing with some toys on the pool deck.

I walked to the steps and got out of the pool. Walking back to my lounger I passed by the twins. They both looked at me and started giggling. I stopped and looked down at them.

I said, “What's so funny?”

One of them pointed at me and they both said, “We can see your boobies.”

I looked down at my suit and because it was wet the outline of my big brown areolas was very visible. The water had made my nipples very hard and they were poking out as well.

I looked down at them and said, “Mind your own business you little perverts.”

They just laughed and started saying the word boobies over and over. It even sounded like they were making up a song and that was the only word in it. I laid back on my chair to let the sun dry my suit. I looked over at my uncle and say a smile on his face. I am sure he was getting a show too. I decided to remove the distraction and I laid the lounger flat and I turned over on my stomach. The sun felt good on my back. After a little while I realized I might get some tan lined from this new suit. I didn't like those but this suit's straps didn't untie in back. It was built like a front hook bra. If I was going to get ride of the tan lines I would have to take the top off. I thought I could do it without showing anything. I reached under and unclasped the hook that closed the cups in front. I was able to pull each cup out one at a time then I slipped the straps off my arms. I lay the top down next to my lounger. I am pretty sure no boobage was shown.

I was listening to my tape and must have drifted off a little. I was thinking about my brother and daydreaming about sex with him. If I had been alone I might have started playing with myself again. Suddenly I felt something really cold hit my bare back between my shoulders and slide down to my lower back. The shock woke me up and I reacted like anyone would when ice is poured on you, I arched my back and sat up some. I rolled over on one side and heard laughter. I saw the twins running away from me. I suddenly realized one of my boobs was out in the open and I quickly put my hand over it. I looked around to find my top to put it back on, but it wasn't there. I looked back at the twins and I saw one of them waving it. I sat up fully now with each of my hands trying to cover a boob.

I said, “Give that back you little brats.”

They started laughing and singing their boobie song. I stood up and started to chase them but I realized that was fruitless. I might have been able to catch one but not two of them. They jumped in the pool now and were tossing my bikini top back and forth daring me to come get it. Their mom was telling them to stop in her meek voice and they just ignored her. I looked at their father, my uncle and he was smiling and laughing some. I put my left arm across my bare breasts and pointed at the twins with my right hand. I told them they would be in a lot of trouble if they didn't give my top back right now. They ignored me and their father did nothing. I had enough and decided to shock them. I dropped my arm from my chest and let everyone have a full view of my 34C tits. I put my hands on my hips and just stood at the edge of the pool.

I said, “Is this what you wanted to see? Well go ahead and have a good look, I don't care. I will go topless all day and tell everyone whose fault it is. I wonder how mad my mom will get when she sees that?”

Now my mom ruled this lake house. Her word was the law. Everyone did as she said because she could punish them including banning them from future visits. I saw a little bit of fear in the twins eyes but they were still holding on to my top. My uncle was getting a extended view of my tits. Of course I could have walked over and got a towel to cover up with but I didn't. I heard someone start to come down the steps from the upper deck. I turned and saw it was my mom. I quickly put an arm across my chest covering up my nipples. She had a frown on her face as she walked over to me.

She said, “Where is your top young lady?”

I just pointed to the little brats in the pool. They were both quiet and looking up at my mom. She glared at them fully knowing the mischief they could cause. I think the only reason they were here was because my dad had talked her into letting his brother come. My mom walked to the edge of the pool.

Very slowly and deliberately she said, “Give me that swimsuit top right now.”

Everyone knew she wasn't joking and there would be hell to pay if she wasn't obeyed. The twins looked at each other then one of them went to the side of the pool and reached up handing my top to my mom. She scowled at them and walked back to me and handed me my top and said for me to get dressed. I turned my back to everyone and put my top back on and arraigned things as best I could. I had enough of the pool for now and I picked up my stuff and went back up to the house. As I did I heard my mom scolding my uncle for not taking charge and controlling his children.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful. My older cousins showed up and we went out on one of the boats. Dad grilled stuff for dinner. I helped my mom in the kitchen and cleaned up after. It was dark by now and some of the little kids had been put to bed. A lot of beer had been consumed especially by my uncle. He was telling some nasty jokes and laughing at them way more then other people were. I think his wife was embarrassed because she went off to bed. I wasn't tired and I was a little bored so I decided to walk down to the long floating dock that led out to the boat house. It was a full moon and the stars were out so it was easy to see. I was still in just my bikini even though the evening was a cool one. I think most everyone was inside the house now and off to bed so I figured I could be by myself out here.

One of the guests brought a pontoon boat and it was tied up to the dock. It was a large platform and had well padded bench seats on it. I opened the little gate on it and stepped off the dock onto the boat. I went over to one of the big bench seats and sat down and leaned back looking at the stars. It was very peaceful and quiet. The boat was rocking just a little from the waves on the lake. I wished my brother could be out there with me. I would have let him do whatever he wanted to me. I was about to reach my hand down inside my bottoms to play with myself when I heard a noise. I looked up and saw a figure standing on the dock next to the boat. In the moonlight I saw it was my uncle and he was holding a six pack of beer and was grinning at me.

He asked if he could join me and it was obvious he was pretty drunk. I didn't say anything, but he climbed onto the boat anyway. He came over and sat next to me on the big bench seat. He pulled a beer off the six pack and handed it to me. I took it and opened it. I had beer a few times before and I took a sip. He pulled one off for himself. No telling how many he had today. We sat there drinking our beers not saying much. He was stealing glances at my cleavage and I just shook my head at his boldness.

He said, “You have really great tits. I couldn't believe I got to see them earlier.”

I said, “That was thanks to your little brat sons.”

He laughed and said my mom was pissed at him and them. He finished his beer while he continued to look at my 16 yr old tits. I guess he had worked up enough courage. He wanted to ask me a favor.

He said, “I only got to see them from across the pool. I really didn't get a close look. Could you please show them to me? Just for a minute I promise.”

I couldn't believe his boldness. Here was a 38yr old man asking his 16 yr old niece to show him her tits. I really don't know why I did it. Maybe I was just naive and maybe I was feeling horny from thinking about sex with my brother. I reached up and unclasped the hook between the cups of my top. I held them together for a moment then let go letting them spill out into the open. My uncle just stared at them wide eyed and with an open mouth.

He said, “Oh God those are such great tits. They are so much bigger then my wife's. I bet all the boys in school want to feel those.”

He was right, they all did but I had only let a couple actually do it. He continued to stare at them licking his lips. I just slipped my top all the way off and put it on the bench seat. I was letting him get an eyeful but I also loved the feeling of being naked outdoors. This was pretty harmless until he asked me something.

He said, “Can I just touch them once. I haven't touched any that size in a long time. Please?”

So he wanted to feel my boobs. Of course he did, I was stupid to think otherwise. I told him to go ahead but just for a minute. He reached out with his right hand and squeezed my left tit.

He said, “They look so big and firm yet they feel so soft.”

He now had a hand on each of my tits. He was squeezing them and rubbed his thumbs across my hard nipples. He pinched them some as he explored my boobs. This actually felt pretty good. A lot better then if I was doing it to myself. I closed my eyes and leaned back on the bench. I probably had let this go on too long. I didn't see what happened next coming but I should have. I felt his mouth close over one of my nipples and begin to suck on it.

I should have slapped him and got up and walked away but I didn't. He moved to the other nipple and sucked on that one. I might have even moaned a little. He was flicking it with his tongue and I felt his teeth nibble it some. I heard a little voice in my head say stop this, but I didn't listen. I felt his teeth on my other nipple and then he bit it kinda hard. I punched him in the arm and he let go of my nipple.

I said, “Hey that hurt, no biting.”

He said, “Oh sorry, my wife likes me to do that to her.”

I said, “Well you can bite her nipples hard just go easy on mine.”

He went back to sucking on them and I was getting worked up. I didn't know how far I wanted this to go but I needed something else. I reached out for his crotch and found his cock. I rubbed it some and I guess he thought I wanted to see it. He let go of my tits and stood up on shaky legs in front of me. He dropped his shorts exposing himself to me. My uncles cock was right in front of my face. It was a good size one. Smaller then my brother's but his was huge. I looked at it and noticed something. He wasn't very hard yet and he was uncut. He had his foreskin covering the head of it. I had never see one like this of course. My brother was circumsied and I wonder now if my dad was like his brother. He probably had his foreskin still as well.

I took it in my hand. It was soft and floppy but still big. I licked the covered tip. He moaned when I did that. It tasted OK and I sucked on the head of it seeing if it would get hard. I played with it for a few minutes and it filled up some but was still pretty flaccid. I guess all the beer he had that day was affecting it. I was about to just give up and leave. The beer had convinced him he would be able to perform I guess.

He said, “I am going for the home run right now. You better get ready you hot little slut.”

I didn't know what he meant by home run He took his cock in his hand and started stroking it as he pushed me back on the bench. Almost before I knew what happened he had reached out and pulled my bikini bottoms off. I was now totally nude on the boat seat.

I asked him, “What are you doing Uncle Dwayne?”

He said, “I'm going to show you what a real man's cock feels like.”

He was standing over me stroking his cock trying to get it erect. I figured I probably didn't have anything to worry about because I doubted he would be able to. He leaned forward and started rubbing the foreskin covered head on my pussy lips. The damn things were wet and swollen. He was impatient and started to try to push his limp cock inside me. I just laid there not helping him and figured he would either give up or cum. I guess the wetness and heat from my pussy started to help his cock. He held it against my opening and slowly pushed. I actually felt it start to go in. It was a different feeling because he was uncut. He pushed some more and I felt my tight entrance grab his foreskin and peel it back exposing the head of his cock to the inside of me.

He had actually got the head in me. Slowly he pushed forward and his cock got little harder the deeper he went. My uncle now had half his cock in me and he started to stroke it. It still was only half hard and he had to be careful it didn't slip out. I let him do this when I could have stopped him. Finally he got all of it in me. My uncle was actually fucking me. His cock was hard enough now so he could go in and out. He was lasting a lot longer then I thought he would.

He said, “Your pussy is so hot and tight. It feels so good on my cock. My wife's pussy is so loose and sloppy.”

I just laid back and let him fuck me. It felt good now but I didn't think I was going to cum anytime soon. He was stroking with a purpose now. I smiled and wondered what would happen if my dad walked down here and saw this. I would plead innocence of course and my uncle would either be dead or in jail. I knew he would probably cum at some point. I knew I was not likely to get pregnant because of the day of the month but I really didn't want him to cum in me. That was reserved for my brother.

I said, “Don't you cum in me Uncle Dwayne. Make sure you pull out.”

He said, “Why not? Don't you want to feel my load in your hot pussy?”

I said, “I don't want to get pregnant and you don't want to get me pregnant.”

This sobered him up some and he agreed to pull out. He was fully hard now and pumping me. I don't know if he cheated on my aunt and from what he said her pussy was not anything like mine. I should have known that he would want to stay in mine as long as he could. He was breathing hard gritting his teeth from the effort. I wasn't paying attention so I didn't realize what he started to do. He had me by my hips as he thrusted. I felt a warm feeling inside and I knew what that was. He was cumming in me. I couldn't feel him shooting like I could with my brother but from the jerking of his cock and his body I knew that was what was happening. He had not pulled out like I asked.

He finished cumming then pulled his now once again limp cock out of me. He sat back on the boat seat with his shorts around his ankles and his cock dripping from his cum and my juice. I got up of the bench and stood there looking at him.

I said, “I told you to pull out of me when you came and you didn't. I hope you can explain things to your wife and my parent if I turn up pregnant.”

He said, “I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. Your pussy felt so good.”

I said, “Well if you had done as I asked you might get to experience it again, but seeing as you didn't then I hope you enjoyed the one time you got to be in it.”

I picked up my bikini and turned to leave. I walked up the dock naked leaving him there on the boat. I really didn't have any intention of doing it with him again. I just wanted him to think there might have been a chance. I stopped by the pool and found a towel. I wrapped it around my naked body and continued up to the house. Everyone was asleep and I tried to be quiet. I wondered if my uncle would crawl in bed with his wife after fucking me. Maybe she would touch his cock and find it sticky or even suck it and taste me.

It was late but I jumped in the shower to rinse off. I was finally able to rub my clit and get myself off. As my pussy spasmed and clenched the remaining load my uncle had put in me was squeezed out and ran down my leg to the drain. I slept really good that night. The next morning I was refreshed but my uncle looked like hell. He was hungover and would not look me in the eye. When I saw my aunt she too would not look at me and she had a frown on her face. I never found out why. I let him worry about me getting pregnant and after a few weeks since I wasn't I guess he was relieved. For the rest of the summer my uncle and his family didn't come back to the lake house. I never asked my mom if she had banished them or if it was their choice. Well my aunt's choice. I knew my uncle probably wanted to try it again with me but that turned out to be a one time experience.

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