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First Story
Amanda and I have been dating for a little over two years now. She is flat out gorgeous. She has the type of body that just will not allow you to look away. She often drags me to bars with a couple of her girlfriends and they proceed to rub up against one another and give all the guys (and girls) looking fantasies for their imaginations.

Amanda is a nympho. Has been for about a year. At first, she was very, very shy. Painfully so. She had never been kissed nor been at all intimate with a guy. I had had some experiences with girlfriends in the past, so I was clearly the most experienced of the two of us. Slowly over the course of a year I lead her along the path of seduction. This first story is about our first real physical encounter.

Our first kiss was in the front seat of my car late at night under the stars. She was so shy she was almost crying. I kept asking her if this is what she wanted and she would respond with a very timid "...yes". Eventually, I cupped my hand along the back of her neck underneath her long black hair and leaned forward. I instructed her to close her eyes and breathe normal. She did as she was told and I gave her a light peck on the lips. Those luscious rosy lips of hers immediately swelled with anticipation of future kisses and she let out a gasp of pleasure.

She kept her eyes closed I took this as an opportunity to enjoy the moment fully. I leaned in once more and gave her a firmer but still gentle kiss, this one lasting a little longer then the first. She let out a still audible moan and shuffled in her seat. I could tell she was really enjoying herself, exploring her sexuality and the firm lips of a guy being pressed onto hers.

As those experiences became more and more prevalent, she became more and more engaged in the acts and willing to play along. Her bed became the main spot for our attraction to one another. She still lived in her parents house at this time, so once we heard her parents go upstairs to their bed, we would start caressing and kissing to our hearts content.

Most of our nights spent in this manner were mostly harmless. Light touching, kisses on and around the face, maybe a peek below the first layer of clothing. Then one night she did something I did not expect her to do. She flipped me on my back, straddled me and stared into my eyes with a hungry lust that both startled me and intrigued me.

She leaned down and asked me to do something, something she had been dreaming about for a couple of nights now. She asked me if we could 69.

I was floored. She was taking charge of the sexual situation we found ourselves in and pole-vaulting us into an even more erotic level. I eagerly nodded my approval and we hurriedly (and clumsily) striped one another and got into position.

I, still on my back, allowed her to shift and straddle my face. She was so nervous she was visibly shaking. I smiled and gave a light smack to her ass. She let out a quick yelp and turned her head at me. She looked angry at first, but when she saw my beaming smile, she reciprocated and giggled. I told her to hurry up and get situated, smiling meaning the comment all in good fun.

She lowered her head close to my now erect and throbbing cock. She took hold of it in one hand and looked at it for a couple of seconds. This was to be the first time she was to put a cock in her mouth, so I let her have her fun looking at it and touching it. In the meantime, I began running the tips of my fingers up and down the insides of her legs. Her ass was stuck straight up in the air and her knees began to lift up off the ground as I would move my fingers up and around her ass and pussy.

She started to kiss the area around my cock and kept adjusting her hair to get comfortable. She would look back at me every once in a while to see if I was enjoying what she was doing. The smile never left my face and I kept reassuring her she was doing fine.

Then, when I decided she had had enough time to look and touch, I lifted my head up and started breathing on her exposed pussy. She gasped and tensed up. Before I let her squirm away, I grabbed her hips and pulled them down as hard as I could. Her soaking wet pussy lips met mine and instantly she met out a moan and sat straight up. I could tell the first place she grabbed was her nipples and her neck.

My tongue lapped up all the excess juice and went in search of more. She fell forward on top of me and put her hands out to try and steady herself on me. I was not going to let her go. As I continued to lick her clit in a circular manner, she began to moan in a rhythmic pattern. As I concentrated on her moans, I could tell they were escalating in intensity.

She let out a gasp and dug her nails into my chest. She was trying to utter something, but words weren't forming for her at that moment. She leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. This new sensation quickly overpowered her and only made my tongue speed up.

She let out a series of low groans and gargled words and sucked my cock deep into her mouth. She, apparently unconsciously, was sucking my cock deep into her throat. I could feel her entire body shaking and convulsing with each stroke of my tongue across her clit. It was then that it happened. She let out a muffled scream with my cock deep inside her throat and she exploded in a violent orgasm. She choked herself on my cock and slammed her ass down on my face. At the same time as she exploded, she began to squirt all over my face and into my mouth. She was apparently surprised by this (as was I) but she was too far engulfed in her orgasm to worry about it.

I loved the sensation and gave her my own loud moan of approval as I continued to lick at a feverish pace. She dislodged my cock from her throat and mouth and collapsed on top of me. She was smiling the biggest smile I had ever seen caress her face. She reached over and proceeded to stroke my still throbbing cock. I reached down too and placed her hand on my balls to give them some attention. She fondled my balls while I masturbated in front of her.

As I was nearing my climax I looked down into her now open eyes and let out a long low moan. She knew what that meant apparently, because she sat up and took my cock back into her mouth. The warm feeling of her lips and mouth on my cock was unbelievable. She moaned and continued to cup my balls awaiting the blast. I let out a very strained moan and grabbed one of her ass cheeks very hard. She inhaled and at the same time swallowed the amazing amount of cum that erupted out of me. She continued to swallow and suck as she seemed overpowered by the sensation of my cum entering her mouth.

She laid back alongside me again and whispered into my ear a thousand 'thank you's' and 'oh my god's'. I looked over to her and whispered a question. "Was it everything you thought it would be?"

She grinned and kissed me passionately and said "So much better than I imagined".

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Great story. Reminds me of the first time my Bride and I got intimate. Keep writing.

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