Les completes his hiking trip and returns home. I have included a Brule Sioux legend in this part that I cannot take credit for. It is as told in a bar in 1969.
Part VII

When I Was a Kid #23

The next morning we were awaken by the counselors just before daylight. Paula had slipped off of me and was laying on her stomach to my left. Cheryl was to my right facing the tent wall. I reached out with both hands and grabbed a butt cheek on both girls. Cheryl slapped my hand away. Paula reached back and placed her left hand on top of mine and just held me there. I rolled to my left and kissed the back of Paula’s neck. With my right hand I squeezed Paula’s right butt cheek. She clinched her buttocks. My right hand slid down her thigh and came up the inside of her left thigh. My fingers probed her vulva and she clinched her butt again. I laid back and slapped Cheryl lightly on her butt, “Wake up!”

I flicked on my flashlight and pawed through my backpack. I found some clean underwear and socks. I was pulling my briefs up when I noticed dried blood on my lower belly. I looked at my fingers and saw fresh blood on my fingers that I had just probed Paula with.

“Paula.”, I said quietly. She looked at me and then at my fingers I was showing my light on.

“Oh crap.”, she said as she sat up. I moved my flashlight to help her find the toilet paper and then pointed it at the still sleeping Cheryl. There was a red finger print of blood on Cheryl’s left butt cheek. I pointed it out to Paula then held my finger to my lips to shush her. I rolled my eyes and acted light-headed making faces like my finger stank. Paula cuffed me on the shoulder, pulled her shorts on, and scurried out of the tent with a tampon in her hand. I got dressed quickly and went out to pee.

When I got back David had the fire going for breakfast so I started in mixing up the blueberry pancakes and heating water for some hot cocoa.

The girls and David, mostly David, got the tents and bedrolls ready and carried them to the wrangler. Before long we had eaten and moved out crossing the stream and heading back the way we came. About an hour into our trip a small Forest Service plane made several passes then dropped a streamer to us. The streamer had a note attached that told us a forest fire was in the north end of the valley we were crossing. We needed to get out of the valley as soon as possible. The counselors got us together and said we would have to forego lunch and make haste to get out of the valley. We headed out at a fast pace. We could see the smoke rising to our north and within an hour we could see planes dropping smoke jumpers near the fire. To me it was an awesome site watching this since I was planning on becoming a pilot when I grew up.

Cheryl said, “Those guys are crazy!”

“Nahh, they are trained for that.”, I said. “Most of them are Indians (native Americans). They’re not crazy. Brave but not crazy. They learned how to jump during the war (WWII).”

“How do you know so much?”, asked David.

“I read it in one of those weekly readers we got last year in school.”, I said.

By late afternoon we had cleared the valley, crossed another and headed southeast following a stream. We set up camp, single tents this time. While setting up I overheard Cheryl tell Phyllis, “Les will do it.”

“What will I do?”, I asked.

Phyllis turned red faced and Cheryl turned to me and smiled, “She wants to try something different.”

“Different?”, I inquired.

“She wants to try two at once.”, Cheryl whispered.

“Two what?”, I asked.

“Two guys, silly.”, said Cheryl.

“Uh…what do you mean, two guys at once?”, I whispered.

“You know. One in the front door and one in the back door.”, Cheryl replied.

Phyllis was really blushing now. She’s so small, smaller than Cheryl. “Can that even be done?”, I asked.

“David has used both…doors.”, said Phyllis.

“What does David say?”, I asked.

“Haven’t asked him.”, said Phyllis.

All this time I’m thinking, “This can’t be right. You can’t do that. Besides, she’s so small. Bet I would hurt her if I put it in her pussy!”

Cheryl said, “You could get on your back, let Phyllis sit on you, then lay on your chest, and then David could go in the back door.”

“Who’s idea was this?”, I asked.

“Mine.”, they said in unison. I scowled. “Hers.”, they said again in unison.

“Let me think about it a minute. Not no but hell no!”, I responded.

“But Les…”, Cheryl started.

“No!”, I said. I could tell Cheryl was pissed. Phyllis seemed relieved so I pretty well figured out who’s idea it was. Maybe I need to just fuck her in the ass. I would never do that. Every time I did Paula, it was her idea. I’d never force myself on anybody. My grandpa taught me that. I’ve always looked up to my grandpa.

We fixed a big dinner since we didn’t eat lunch and we ate early. We could still smell the smoke from the fire and the smoke made the sky a dirty brown. We could still see aircraft flying into and out of the fire area until dark. Our campfire meeting tried to put us at ease about the fire and it was upbeat. The good news was that we would reach Buffalo Bill Scout camp just after noon the next day.

Back at our campsite we sat around and ate a couple of some-mores and then we headed for bed.

Once I crawled into David’s and my tent I noticed that David’s stuff was gone. I had the whole tent to myself! I settled in and quickly fell asleep. Sometime later I was awaken by someone or something trying to get into the tent.

“David?”, I said.

“No, Paula.”, came a whispered response. She got the flap open and popped her head in saying, “Cheryl is being a bitch. Can I come in?”

“Yes! Of course.”, I said and unzipped my sleeping bag. “What’s she doing?”

“Sleeping now but she was saying we can’t screw anymore unless she says so and shit like that.”, Paula explained. “Damn that pissed me off!”

“Oh-me oh-my!”, I said. “Here, just get in and I’ll try to fix it in the morning’.” I held the sleeping bag open for her. She sat next to me on my sleeping bag and took her sweatshirt off and then laid down and wiggled out of her shorts. I got a whiff of her femininity. I reached over her chest with my left arm and pulled her cool body next to mine trying to get close enough to close the sleeping bag.

“Zip the bag up.”, I said.

She reached down with her right hand and pulled the zipper up.

“Comfy?”, I asked.

“Sorta.”, she said. “At least the company is better.”

“Thanks.”, I said. “Goodnight.” I kissed her on the left cheek. “Love you.”

“Love you too.”, she said.

We fell asleep but a couple of hours later I woke up spooned in behind her. She had my right arm under her head using it for a pillow. My left arm was between us. I could feel her panties and my fingers were touching her right butt cheek.

I pulled my right forearm to her chest and cupped her right orange sized breast. The nipple hardened at my touch. I cupped her left butt cheek with my left hand and then ran my little finger and ring finger up and down her butt crack through her panties.

I slipped my left hand into her panties and pulled them down just below her butt. My right hand was busy mauling her breasts. Rolling the nipples gently between my thumb and forefinger.

“Les…..what are you doing?”, Paula said.

“Just playin’.”, I said. “Go back to sleep.”

“How can I sleep when you’re getting me all hot and horny?”, she asked.

“I dunno!”, I chuckled.

“Damn I wish I could fuck you!”, she exclaimed. “Put it in my ass.”

“Can’t, we don’t have any of that….stuff.”, I explained.

“Oh yeah.”, she sighed. “Well why did you start this then?”

“I dunno.”, I said.

“This is another fine mess you’ve gotten me into Ollie.”, she said in her best Laurel imitation. Paula reached back and grasped my cock through my briefs. “Oh man! You’re really hard.”

“Yeah.”, I said nuzzling and kissing her neck.

“Shit!”, she said opening the sleeping bag.

“What ya gonna do?”, I asked.

“Give you a blow job!”, she said.

“You don’t have’ta you know.”, I said.

“I know but it’s the only way I’m gonna get any sleep.”, she giggled.

“Just don’t spit it in my sleeping bag.”, I implored.

“Guess I’ll just swallow it.”, she sighed. “Crud! Umph….ummm.” As she engulfed my phallus.

Her hips were right next to my right shoulder. I reached up and cupped her Mons in the palm of my right hand. Her scent was strong, musky and acrid. My left hand sought her left breast and cupped it. I rubbed her Mons and boob with the palms of my hands.

Meanwhile she had her fist wrapped around my cock and was tonguing my shaft and moving her mouth up and down the length of me.

She began to push her Mons into my palm harder as I let my middle finger stroke her slit and caress her clit. Her hard nipple became a target of my thumb and forefinger gently rolling it in time with her bobbing and my clit rubbing.

We were both beginning to gasp for air. I was not far away from cumming and began to push up into her mouth. I was tired and she was too. We groaned almost in unison. We became almost frantic pushing, pulling, sucking, and gasping. I exploded into her mouth catching her by surprise. She choked, gasping for air through her nose. She wriggled her butt in a convulsive manner as she too came. Her left hand came back and clasped mine to her pussy pushing my finger firmly into her clit. Her mouth never left my dick. I felt her swallow, once, twice, and then a third time. She pulled her mouth off of my dick.

“Whew, you wore me out!”, she gasped.

“Oh gees!”, I replied. “You wore me out too. You swallowed?”

“Yeah, well, it wasn’t too bad. It’s mind over matter.”, she said. “If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Oh yeah, and thanks for the warning there stud. You just about drowned me.”

“Oh sorry!”, I apologized. “’Mere!”, I said and pulled her to me. I kissed her passionately tasting myself as I probed her lips with my tongue. She lay across my chest with hers. Her ripe nipples tickled my chest as I ran my fingers through her long brown hair. “That was awfully sweet of you, you know.”, I said as I broke the kiss.

“You’re welcome.”, she yawned and I rolled her off to the side pulling the sleeping bag back over us. We fell asleep cuddling each other face-to-face.


When I Was a Kid #24

We awoke to a commotion in the camp. Paula and I dressed quickly and crawled out of the tent. Everybody was looking to the west and talking. A red glow could be seen on the hills to our west. It was quite an eerie sight.

“All right folks, get ready to move out. No time for breakfast.”, one of the counselors said.

I looked at my watch. Four-thirty…..damn. Paula had a death grip on my arm. “Everything is gonna be alright.”, I said calmly. “Go to your tent, get dressed, and I’ll help get things loaded.” I turned and saw David and Phyllis just standing there. “Where’s Cheryl?” They just stood there looking at me blankly.

I followed Paula to her tent. Cheryl was still sleeping. Paula woke her up and she started bitching. Wanted to know where she was, was she with me, and why are we getting up so early.

Paula calmly said, “Cheryl, the forest fire is approaching from the west. If you want to stay here, fine! As for me, I’m packing my shit and leaving with the others.”

When we gathered for roll-call at first light it was like it was snowing. Ash was falling but the smoke was not bad but you could smell it. There was concern on everybody’s face. Again we set off at a fast pace and made it to Buffalo Bill Scout Camp just before lunch. We were given priority in the mess line. I never did get a chance to speak to Cheryl.

David and I set up our tent in the “boys” area. We spent the afternoon resting and catching up on the rest of our troops activities. We had dinner at the communal mess hall where we met up with the girls but again I was unable to talk to Cheryl alone.

Saturday morning we were preparing to head back home. David’s dad had us busy packing everything into his camper and of course the girls were inaccessible.

At breakfast I asked Paula to sit with us. Cheryl didn’t show up since she was sick. I asked Paula what was wrong and she said with a grin, “Morning sickness.”

“Huh?”, I gasped almost choking on my milk.

“The pill.”, she said. “You’re a ding-dong! Remember?”

“Oh, oh yeah!”, I said. “Whew! Had me going there a second!”

Paula said, “Watch!” She held up a little white pill, puts it in her mouth, and takes a drink of milk and swallows.

“Was that the Pill?”, I asked.

“Yep!”, she said.

“First one?”, I asked.

“Yep!”, she responded.

“Soooo…..when will if be safe toooo… know?”, I enquired.

“Doctor said a week. So next Saturday.”, she said.

“Cool, I can’t wait!”, I grinned.

“Yeah, well are you sleeping out tonight?”, she asked.

“Maybe! What you got in mind?”, I asked.

“My period is almost over.”, she whispered.

“Yea!”, I responded. “Oh but crap….I don’t have any…uh…”

“Rain coats?”, she finished.

“He-he, yeah, rain coats!”, I giggled. “Cheryl had some. Ask her.”

“Oh gees! I’d rather have a root-canal!”, she giggled. “I’ll see what I can do.”

If she asks, tell her I said it was okay for you to use her prick.”, I smirked. “See what she says.”

“You want to start a fight?”, she retorted. “I ain’t saying that!”

“Yeah, that might just set off a….I don’t know…a Her-a-cane.”, I giggled. “Look, we’ve got to get goin’. Call me when you get back to town.”

“Okay.”, she said and kissed me quickly on the cheek. “Love ya!”


When I Was a Kid #25

The ride back home was uneventful. David and I rode in the camper again. We were very excited about the events of the past week but we had to keep quiet about it in the camper since David’s dad had control of the intercom. We didn’t want him to overhear anything about the girls.

Upon arrival into town I had to call my mother to come pick me up. The girls arrived about twenty minutes later in a van. Cheryl’s mom was there waiting but Paula had to call her folks. After Cheryl left I suggested that my mom could give Paula a ride since she lives just a block or so from us. Paula accepted the invite and we sat on the steps of the church talking. I could smell Paula’s sweaty musk as we sat close. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her tanned legs and reminisced about being between those smooth firm thighs. I noticed that she hadn’t shaved her legs the whole week since there was stubble.

The subject of “raincoats” came up and Paula said, “I didn’t ask Cheryl.” She saw the disappointment in my face. She giggled, “I just swiped them when she left her backpack open after breakfast.”

My mom drove up just then and I asked my mom if she could give Paula a lift home. As we loaded the our packs into the trunk I said, “How many?” Paula looked at me with a moment of question then held up two fingers. “Oh?”, I said.

Paula lipped the words, “All she had.”

My mind is always doing the math. Two…only two! Where’s the third? What happens when Cheryl unpacks and the condoms are missing? Oh gees!

We pulled up in front of Paula’s house and my mom opened the trunk so I could get her bag out. I carried it to the door for her. Paula gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and I panicked. I looked at my mom who was back in the drivers seat with a grin on her face.

I walked back to the car as Paula went inside. My mom said, “Don’t worry son, you’ll come to like kisses from girls. I think she likes you.”

“Em…yeah….I guess!”, I stammered and my face turning red.

When we got to my house my mom said, “Get changed into some clean clothes, we’re meeting your dad and Ann at the Manhattan Café for lunch.”

We got to the café where Debbie’s mom works. Of all things, Debbie was there.

Debbie came over to the table and said, “Hi Les! Where ya been? Haven’t seen you ‘round.”

She’s wearing that same yellow, wrinkled sundress she wore before. One thing different, her nipples are poking through the thin fabric like she had tits.

Damn I was embarrassed! I said, “I went to Boy Scout camp for a week. How you been?”

“I got up sick this morning’ but I’m okay now. My mom wanted to keep an eye on me, so here I am.”, she explained.

“Hope it isn’t something serious.”, I said.

“Must have been something I ate ‘cause I’m fine now.”, she went on.

About that time our burgers arrived. “Well, see you around.”, I said.

“Who was that?”, my mom asked.

“That’s Debbie, Johnny’s friend, she helped me when I wrecked my bike. You remember?”, I explained. I looked at my sister who was sitting there with a Cheshire Cat grin on her face. I wonder if she knows about Debbie? Oh, this can’t be good!

After lunch we went home and my dad and I watched the rest of a stockcar race on T.V. My mom fixed us popcorn later and said that was our dinner. Red Skelton came on and then the phone rang. My mom called me to the phone and said, “I think it’s Paula.”, in a whisper.

I said, “Hello?”

“Are we still on for the tonight?”, Paula asked.

“Uh…yeah…sure.”, I said. I was thinking of a way to tell her that I was going to take a shower before going out to sleep outside. My mom was right there.

“Can’t you talk?”, said Paula. She must have known I had a problem on my end.

“Not really.”, I said hoping that she would pick-up on that fact.

“Okay, well you know Aunt Flow hasn’t left yet so you won’t be able to do the tongue thing but everything else is…available.”, she said.

“Oh, well that’s fine with me.”, I said.

“So about nine then? I have to take a bath before bed.”, she continued.

“Yeah, me too! See ya later!”, I said.

“What was that all about?”, my mom asked.

“Oh, we were talking about going to the plunge tomorrow. It’s hard to get our schedules together.”, I lied.

“That’s a good idea. Why don’t we go after you get off from work from the stables?”, mom said.

“Yeah, I’ll check with Paula in the morning. She was going to take a bath then early to bed.”, I explained.

“You know, I don’t think a girl should be calling a boy. It’s just not right.”, my mom said.

“It’s not like we’re girlfriend and boyfriend or nuttin’.”, I said.

“No, well, just remember that!”, she went on.

“Yeah yeah yeah.”, I muttered.

“I went back to watching The Red Skelton show with my dad and then went to take my shower. I put on a pair of shorts without briefs and went to my room where I lay on my bed listening to my crystal radio set I had built from a kit.

About eight o’clock I gathered my stuff and went outside to sleep. The sun had not set yet. Fact is, it would be light for another hour. At least there was a cool breeze blowing. It was quiet outside. I sat there watching the clouds move by slowly, changing shapes and color. It was peaceful.

About a quarter ‘til nine Paula walked up. She was wearing a pair of yellow terry-cloth shorts, a sloppy yellow short-sleeved sweatshirt that had been cut off leaving her mid-riff showing and white sandals. Oh my! She looked sexy. Of course my eyes went straight to her crotch. The fabric of her shorts seemed to be flattened across her crotch and didn’t reveal any of the curves I expected.

As she sat “Indian style” next to me our knees touched. I could smell her perfume. A nice clean smell, light, not all sticky sweet. Her brown hair was clean and shiny. Her face was beautiful and clean. No make-up. Just a warm smile.

She put her left hand on my bare knee. I covered her hand with mine. “So, here we are.”, she said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah!”, I said. “What ya wanna do?”

“Oh, I dunno. ‘Bout you?”, she said.

“He-he, well, I think it’s too light still for me to rip your clothes off and ravage your body..??”, I said with a chuckle.

“Emmm…yeah…I guess that leaves out me doin’ the same to you.”, she laughed. “Want to just sit and talk?”

“Sure!”, I responded. “What about?”

“I dunno.”, she replied. She moved her hand slightly up my thigh.

I looked over at her. “Did I mention you look very nice tonight?”, I said.

“No.”, she gushed.

“Hum.”, I said with a smile.

Her fingers gripped and dug her fingernails into the inside of my right thigh. “What does that mean?”, she asked.

“You look lovely tonight!”, I said. Her grip loosened. “Sorta! Ouch! Oh crap!”, as her grip retightened. She had a devilish look on her face. “What I meant to say, you are beautiful.” Her grip loosened. “Tonight!” Her hand moved under my shorts leg and tightened. “And every night!”

“That’s better! See, with the right training you can become a real gentleman.”, she said.

“Either that or a cripple!”, I laughed. I moved my right hand off of her hand and onto her left thigh. My fingers moved under the leg hole of her shorts. My pinky finger came into contact with her panties. There was something in her panties. It felt firm yet pliable. “What’s that?”, I asked.

She just smiled. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out. Think about it a minute and you’ll…finger it out.”

We just sat there watching the last color changes in the now clear sky. I ran my fingers over the object. Oh, I know what this is. “It’s a Kotex, right?”

“Bingo!”, she laughed. “I didn’t want to mess with a plug later. Once you take one out you can’t put it back in.”

“You were empty-handed when you came. Did you bring the…raincoats?”, I asked.

She pulled her shorts and panties open in the front feigning hiding her treasure from my view. She pulled the two condoms out.

We just sat there silent for awhile. I felt like I needed to say something but didn’t know what to say. I finally spoke, “Paula, are we in Love-love?”

“Heh-heh. What? What do you mean…love-love?”, she said looking at me.

“Umm…I mean…are we in love where we get married and have kids and live happily ever after?”, I explained.

“Umm…I don’t think so.”, she said. “I think what we have is…a really good friendship.”

“Oh.”, I said. I was saddened by that. I felt a piece of me die at that point.

Paula pushed me over onto my sleeping bag and started kissing me all over my face. Her hands went under my sweatshirt and she was tickling me. She was lying on top of me. I ran my hands under her sweatshirt and tickled her. A lot of energy seemed to be released all at once and just as suddenly as it started we stopped and looked into each other’s eyes. I hugged her tightly and then we kissed passionately. We continued kissing tenderly. She began to grind her pubis on my semi-hard cock.

My hands migrated down her bare back and under her shorts and panties. I caressed her butt cheeks, squeezing and patting them lightly. I pushed her shorts and panties over her rump and then squeezed her butt cheeks real hard.

Paula sat up on her haunches and removed her sweatshirt. She tugged my sweatshirt up and I wriggled out of it as she pulled it over my head. She laid back down on me and our bare chests touched. Her warm soft skin soothed me. I could feel her hard nipples touching my chest and her bulbous breasts spread slightly under her weight. There was a cacophony of smells reaching my nose. The fruity smell of her hair, the light scent of her cologne and the faint scent of her sweat. It was still quite warm after all.

We cuddled for a long while and she was kissing my neck and chest. She placed “butterfly kisses” on my cheeks with her eyelashes. We giggled and cooed with each other.

She stood up and said, “Let’s spread the sleeping bag out.”

I got up and unzipped the bag and she helped to lay it out flat. She kicked off her sandals and then removed her shorts leaving her panties on.

“Aren’t you afraid someone will see you?”, I laughed. After all there was still a little light.

“Nah, they’d have to be really looking for us and still wouldn’t be able to see any detail.”, she said.

I kicked off my sneakers and undid my shorts. I wasn’t so bold, I laid on the sleeping bag to remove them. “Now, where were we?”, I asked.

She crawled back on top of me and we resumed our cuddling and kissing. I started playing with the sides of her breasts and she wanted more. She got up on all fours hovering over me.

I cupped her breasts, gently massaging as we kissed. I pulled the nipples lightly and rolled them between my fingers so lightly it was almost a tickle. I scrunched down a little and took a nipple into my mouth. She gasped at the sensation and started rubbing her crotch on my thighs. I could feel her breathing quicken and soft cooing was coming from her mouth. I quickly switched to her other breast but this time I went after her nipple with my tongue and pulling it lightly with my lips. “Oh…oh…I’m…I’m…I’m gonna…cum…gah…oh.” She was becoming frantic. Her panties were wearing a hole in my thigh. I slipped a hand between us and grabbed her crotch. She quickly put her hand on top of mine guiding it to just the right spot. I switched breasts again and quickly started in on that nipple with my tongue and lips.

She was panting hard and I pushed hard with my middle finger into where I thought her hole was. She bucked hard into my hand and pressed my hand with hers against her crotch. She convulsed forward then back hard pulling my mouth free of her breast. Gasping for air she held my hand to her crotch and collapsed onto my chest.

“Damn that was good!”, she finally said. “You wore me out!”

Now I could smell her sweat and musk. Her back was cool and wet with sweat. We cuddled and kissed.

“You wanna screw?”, I asked.

“Hell yeah, I wanna screw!”, she responded.

“Where’s the condoms?”, I said.

“I dunno!”, she said. “Shit!”

I fumbled around and found them under her sweatshirt. “Here!”, I handed one to her. She opened the packet and rolled the condom down my phallus. She rolled to her back and then pulled her panties off. The Kotex was held in place by an elastic belt rig. She removed it like a pair of panties.

Now the smell of her sex hit me. It was strong but not repugnant. She climbed back over me and aligned my cock to her opening. Carefully she lowered herself onto me. She had to work it into herself a little at a time since the condom wasn’t lubricated.

“You are extra-large tonight.”, she said when she finally got me all the way in. She stopped and I could feel her pussy muscles gripping my member like fingers feeling it’s size.

I moaned and she looked down at me. “You like that?”, she asked.

“Emmm…yeah! I’ll give you an hour to quit that.”, I groaned.

She raised up a little and then settled again. The muscles in her vagina began squeezing again. It was slow torture with her controlling the pace. Very slow movement, up and down and then rocking fore and aft. She was biting her lower lip and seemed to be in a world of her own. If I tried to thrust up into her she would stop and squeeze my dick with her vaginal muscles. She would look down at me with a smile and then resume the slow movement up and down, fore and aft.

She suddenly clamped her knees tightly to my ribs and whispered, “No…no…no, too soon!” I felt a rush of moisture on my groin and she convulsed as her pussy spasmodically grasped my cock. I then felt my climax hitting hard. I pushed up into her as my cock swelled to new limits.

Her eyes opened suddenly and she looked at me. There was some angst in her eyes. She grinned and said, “OH wow! You just got bigger!”

My cock continued to pulse as my sperm was squeezed into the confines of the condom.

She laid back down on my chest and we held each other in bliss for a long time. My prick pulsed a few more times and she giggled at the sensation.

Eventually she rolled off of me. “Got any tissue?”, she said.

“Yeah, here.”, I reached into my backpack and pulled out a small packet of tissue that came with the meals we ate while hiking.

She wiped herself and pulled that funny contraption back on that held the Kotex in place. I took some tissue and removed the condom holding it up to the light. I swear it looked half full.

“Oh wow!”, she said. “Now that would have been a baby maker.”

“I know. Poor little guys! Never got a chance at life.”, I said with a chuckle.

“Well maybe we should pour them in me so they can have a chance.”, she laughed.

“Okay!”, I said and grabbed the front of her Kotex belt.

“Les! Get away from me with that shit!”, she almost shouted.

“But you said….”, I chuckled. I tossed the condom into the grass. I crawled on top of her and we kissed. My now flaccid dick dangled between her legs.

She pushed me off and grasped the edge of the sleeping bag, pulled it over herself as she rolled up next to me.

“We still have another condom.”, I said with a smirk.

“Yeah? Well what you going to use it on?”, she responded. “This?” As she held my very loose and limber penis.

“You might have to breath some life into it.”, I said.

“Ohhh nooo! Last time I did that I got a surprise mouthful and almost drowned.”, she said.

“Hee-hee, yeah I remember.”, I said.

We lay there quietly and she just fondled me slowly. Pretty soon her breathing slowed and she had fallen asleep. I was also tired and sleep claimed me.


When I Was a Kid #26

I woke up about five. First light was showing. Paula still had a hold on my dick but it was hard now. I shook her and said, “Paula, get dressed quick.”

“Why? What happened?”, she said.

“The sun’s coming up. My mom will come out in a few minutes to get me up. With this much light she will see you.”, I said with urgency.

“You make me feel…so wanted.”, she said with a laugh as she finished dressing.

“No sweetheart, we can’t get caught.”, I said as I heard the back door close at my house. “Just sit there and act like you’re trying to wake me up.”

“Les, time to get up.”, my mom said. “Oh, hi Paula. What you doing here?”

“Trying to wake up sleepy head. He was going to show me how to deliver papers.”, Paula said.

“Better get a move on.”, my mother said with a strange look on her face. She returned the way she came.

I threw the sleeping bag open. “Oh damn!”, I exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?”, Paula asked.

Paula was barefoot, her sandals piled next to the house with my sneakers. “Where’s the condom?”, I asked frantically. Lying right there in the grass in plain sight. “You’re sure not dressed to deliver papers. Your bike, I presume, is locked up in the garage at your house. Your short sweatshirt would show your boobs if you were riding a bike.”

“Okay, so let’s do this. I’ll run to my tent, change shoes, and cover my boooobs. I can walk with you.”, she said.

“Today is Sunday, the papers are huge. We’ll have to take my bike.”, I said calming down a little.

We worked together to clean up our mess. I put the condom and wrapper in the neighbors trash can. Paula ran into her tent and changed her shirt and shoes real fast. “How do I look?”, she asked as she came out.

“Like the Wreck of the Hesperus.”, I chuckled.

WHAP! She hit me in the chest. “I think you need more training!”, she said.

“Yes ma’am!”, I said with a gasp.

We walked fast trying to make up time. The paper delivery went fast. I would hand her a few papers and point out the houses they went to while I would walk or ride my bike and deliver papers on my side.

When we were finished I asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Yeah! Why?”, she said.

“Hop on!”, I said. “We’ll meet my mom for breakfast.” She sat on the bar of my bike side-saddle. I could smell her feminine sweat. As we rode down the hill by the rodeo grounds I had a fleeting thought of Debbie and then again as we passed Debbie’s apartments. We rode on down the deserted streets of business’ and shops. My left hand roamed over her legs and under her short’s leg hole. I moved my hand under her sweatshirt and fondled her sweaty breasts. She just smiled and grinned when I would tweak a nipple.

We pulled up in front of the café and I placed my bike in the bike rack out front. I took a look at my companion. She had news print ink on her face, a smudge on her thigh where I had touched her. I looked at my own hands and they were black with ink. I chuckled at the thought of my finger prints on her breasts and nipples. I envisioned a hand print on her smooth belly. “I was wrong before, now you look like the Wreck of the Hesperus!”, I said.

“What?”, she said looking herself over.

“We need to warsh up. You have ink on your face and hands.”, I said and then pointed discreetly at her thigh.

“Naughty boy!”, she said cuffing me on the shoulder.

We went inside, greeted my mom and went to the restrooms to get washed. We had a short stack of pancakes, bacon and chocolate milk. About half-way through Paula pulled a small packet out of her rear pocket, popped a pill through the foil, and then, showing me the pill, put it in her mouth and swallowed it with a sip of milk. My mom didn’t even notice as she was talking to Debbie’s mom.

I asked Debbie’s mom how Debbie was doing. She said, “Not too well, she threw up her breakfast again this morning’.”

“Gosh!”, I said. “Hope she’s better soon. Summertime is no time to be sick.”

Outside, Paula and I mounted my bike for the ride home. “Who’s Debbie?”, she asked.

I detected a note of jealousy but only said, “Johnny’s girlfriend. She’ll be in the sixth grade this year.”

“Oh!”, she said with a wary eye.

“Oh hey! You want to go swimming this afternoon after I get done at the ranch?”, I asked.

“Which plunge? We have a season ticket at the Washakie.”, she said.

“Us too!”, I said.

“What time? We might already be there.”, she said.

“Okay! I get off at four-thirty. I can be there about five.”, I said.

“Great!”, she said.

We arrived at her house all sweaty again from the ride. As she entered her house I heard her mother asking where she had been and start with the fifth degree.


When I Was a Kid #27

For some reason the day dragged on. We were busy for a Sunday. Several small groups took one-hour tours. My sister and I would come in, water our horse, and head right back out. Yet for me it was boring and I thought it would never end. After we put the horses to rest with some hay and oats I lit out for my house.

Getting my folks moving was like pulling hens teeth. We finally arrived at the plunge about five-thirty.

The plunge was what I envisioned a Roman bath to be. It was oval shaped, at the front was the office and snack bar area and the dressing rooms were down each side. Boys on the left and girls on the right. The indoor pool was in the center and an outdoor pool was to the right out front.

A unique thing about the dressing rooms was that at the far end of the oval there was a common exit from the dressing rooms. Behind a wall the dressing rooms were interconnected by a narrow, dimly lit hall with cubicles for changing that most people ignored. Very often a couple would sneak back there to have sex.

I changed in a hurry and was anxious to find Paula. I gave my basket of clothes to my dad to secure and headed for the rear exit to avoid the mash of people turning in baskets. As I got to the area where you turn to exit or go down that long dimly lit hall I heard a girl giggle in that back area.

Ever the pervert, I covertly entered the dark dank area. Keeping to the shadows I crept closer to the sounds of sex. The girls voice sounded familiar but with the echoes I wasn’t sure. Slowly I neared the scene. I could see a friend of mine named Glen fucking a girl bent over at the waist from the rear. Her face was hidden by the wall of the cubicle. I heard him say, “I’m gonna cum!”

“That’s okay, I’m on the pill.”, I heard Cheryl say while panting.

I was instantly pissed and started to say, “Can I have sloppy seconds?” Then I had second thoughts. Why was I pissed? She sure ain’t worth fighting over. I saw my chance of resolving my problem with her trying to own me or at least “own” my prick. I had this uncontrollable urge to go fuck her, fuck her in the ass to teach her a lesson. I guess that it just wasn’t in my nature to do that. I thought about how much trouble I would be in if I did it against her will. I guess that is what separates a rapist from the rest of society.

Then I said, “Hi Glen, hi Cheryl.”

“Oh shit!”, came Cheryl’s reply.

I retreated back the way I came. “Wait, Les! Les, come back here!”, Cheryl was pleading.

I quickened my pace and dove into the inside pool swimming the length under water. I exited the pool and headed outside to look for Paula. I found her playing with and splashing her little brother. I took his side and dunked her. Her little brother was holding onto her neck for dear life and laughing. I crabbed him around the waist and kicked her feet out from under her again.

She came up sputtering and feigned getting mad. I said, “Hold on now. You shouldn’t have attacked your little brother. I’m a little brother too. We’ve got to stick together.”

He and I tormented Paula that whole evening. It was a fun time until around seven or seven-thirty when we had to leave. Before we separated into different dressing rooms Paula said, “I’m going all the way back to change.” I took that to mean that she wanted to meet me in the common area in the very back of that dressing rooms.

I got my basket and headed back there and we met up. The first words out of her mouth were, “What were you pissed about earlier?”

“How did you know?”, I said.

“You had this really mean look about you and you were mean to me when you first got there.”, she said.

I didn’t want to tell her but I felt like I owed her some explanation. I said, “Well, promise not to tell?”

“Cross my heart and hope to die!”, she said as she crossed her heart.

“When I got here, I found Cheryl and Glen fucking right here.”, I said sadly.

“That bitch!”, she exclaimed.

“I know, but……….”, I stammered.

“What did you do? Start a fight?”, she asked. By now she had taken off her swimming suit and I was getting distracted and hard.

“I started to ask for sloppy seconds but….”, I started.

“Ewww gross!”, she said as she rung that water out of her swimming suit bottoms and began toweling off.

“Yeah well, then I got mad and thought about going in there and fucking her in the ass.”, I continued. “I thought better of it and decided to just say, “Hi!””

“What she say?”, said Paula as she pulled her panties on.

“I didn’t wait to find out. I think I embarrassed her.”, I said with a smile pulling my own trunks off and ringing them out.

She put her bra on backwards clasping it in front and spinning it around and then putting her arms in the straps. “You want me to do anything to her? What a bitch!”, she said with a smile.

“Nah, let’s just let her stew in her own juices.”, I said solemnly. “I don’t think we were cut out to be boyfriend, girlfriend anyhow. We are just too different.”

“I think she just got too serious anyhow, if you ask me.”, she said. “The way she talked, you two were as good as married.” She was pulling up her shorts and putting on her tennis shoes. “We’ll talk more tonight.” She gave me a quick kiss after rolling up her swimming suit into her towel.

“Okay, bring your sleeping bag.”, I said with a big grin. I finished dressing and started out and caught a glimpse of a young boy that looked like Paula’s brother heading out ahead of me. Had he followed me? Did he hear what we were talking about? What would he do if he had heard? Damn!


When I Was a Kid #27

That evening Paula came over about nine-thirty. I told her about my suspicions that her brother had overheard us.

She said, “Oh yeah? That would explain his actions this evening.”

“Oh? What did he do? Think he will tell?”, I asked.

“He won’t tell, but he has been following me around like a lost puppy.”, she said. She plunked down her sleeping bag and kicked off her sandals. She reached to unzip her shorts.

“Paula stop!”, I said. “Hey Mark. What you doing here?” Paula cringed.

“Dad said I could sleep out with Paula.”, he said. “I looked in the tent and you weren’t there but then I saw you walking over here.”

“Yeah…well…it was too light to go to sleep.”, Paula stammered. “I just wanted to come talk to Les.”

“Why’d you bring your sleeping bag?”, Mark asked.

Paula looked to me for help. “It might get cool later on.”, I volunteered.

“Are you two gonna fuck?”, he asked.

“No! And where’d you hear that word? You want me to tell mom what you said?”, Paula flared. She was pissed!

“No.”, he said impishly.

“Nice girls don’t do that.”, I said. “And they don’t like boys that talk like that.” I was trying to defuse the situation.

“Oh.”, he said again impishly.

“Look squirt, just sit down and be good.”, said Paula. “We’ll go back to the tent in a little while.”

“Okay.”, he said sadly. “I’m sorry.”

I said, “It’s okay bub, you didn’t know.” I was laying on my side in my sleeping bag, Paula sat Indian style right in front of my face. I had an unfettered view of her crotch that was less than a foot away. I could smell her light musk and the scent of the lotion on her freshly shaved legs. Mark sat next to her on her left.

“Do you two kiss?”, Mark asked.

Paula took a deep breath in exasperation. I piped up, “Yeah some. I think she likes me.”

“Ewww gross.”, he said.

I laughed, “You’ll like it some day.” Paula leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. She raised my head up and moved her legs under my head. Now I had my nose just inches from her crotch. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. I wormed my right arm under her leg and between them without her brother noticing. We continued chatting with her brother who was full of questions.

Paula flinched when my fingers made contact with her crotch. She smiled down at me and raised her knees just slightly so my hand could slide under her bottom and my thumb moved slowly over her labia. Her musk was like a steam bath with my nose almost buried in her crotch. She was having trouble paying attention and would stop mid-sentence sometimes while talking.

The fabric of her shorts was getting damp when she suddenly pressed her legs down. “I think we’d better go now.”, said Paula. “Les needs his rest so he can deliver papers in the morning.”

“Okay.”, Mark said and jumped to his feet.

Paula moved my head, got on all-fours, and straddled my hips while I was still on my side. She brought her crotch down firmly to my hip and grabbed my head with both hands, kissing me on the cheek while she ground her pussy into me. “See you later!”, she said as she got up.

“Ewww! You smooched him!”, Mark chided.

“Bye you two, see you later.”, I said laughing.

“Here, carry this.”, said Paula as she handed him her sleeping bag and they walked off.

Damn I was horny! I rolled over and tried to sleep. It was now about ten-thirty or quarter ‘til eleven. I just laid there looking up at the stars. My mind ran over the events of the day. Finding Cheryl getting fucked by Glen kept playing in my head over and over. Why was I so angry? I wanted revenge, why?

As I laid there it was like I was in a trance. It felt as if my body was spinning and the stars became a whirl of lights. I remembered hearing my grandfather telling of a Brule Sioux legend. I began to dream-

A Brule Sioux Legend

Once in the middle of the night, Iktome woke up in a cold sweat after a bad dream. His friend Coyote, who was visiting, noticed something was wrong. "Friend, what's the matter," he asked.

"I had a very bad dream," said Iktome.

"What did you dream of ?"

"I dreamed I saw a very pretty winchinchala - a young maiden - about to take a bath in the stream."

"It doesn't sound like a very bad dream," said Coyote.

"This girl was taking her clothes off. I saw her naked. She had a very fine body."

"My friend, decidedly, this is not a bad dream."

"I dreamed I was hiding behind some bush at quite a distance from her. As I watched her, my penis began to grow. It grew exceedingly long. It was winding toward her like a long snake."

"There's nothing wrong with this dream, my friend, I'm telling you."

"My penis was like a long, long rope. It went all the way over to that girl. It went into the water. It touched her."

"Kanji, cousin, let me tell you, I wish I had such a dream."

"Now, my friend, the tip of my penis entered that girl. She didn't even notice it at first."

"Kola, I'm telling you, this is a fine dream."

"Then my penis entered the girl all the way. She seemed to like it."

"This is as good a dream as I ever heard of, my friend."

"Just at that moment I heard a great noise. I had been so excited in my dream that I hadn't noticed a team of horses pulling a big wagon. It was right on top of me, a wasichu's - a white man's - wagon. It was coming at a dead run, and the white was whipping his horses. This wagon was very heavy, my friend, it had heavy wheels of iron. It was going between me and that girl ..."

"Friend, you were right. This is indeed a very bad dream," said Coyote.

I awoke with a gasp, “Oh gah!”, I cried. I was cumming. Paula was staring down at me.

“Oh, you are alive!”, she said. “I was beginning to worry about you. You okay?”

“Huh…yeah…what…when did you get here?”, I said confused.

“Oh come now, we’ve been screwing for several minutes now.”, she said. She continued to say that when she got here I was laying on my back, I had a raging hard-on and that I had made her so horny earlier that she jumped my boner almost immediately. Only after she had come twice did she realize I might be asleep. I had been holding my breath and my cock had really filled her cavity. It seemed to her that I had grown longer and thicker and really hard.

I could feel something liquid flowing over my groin and the cool night air felt so good. We were both sweating and I could smell the essence of her sex. I was becoming intoxicated from it.

“You must have been having a dream.”, she went on.

I pulled her to me and hugged her tightly. “Oh you are my dream!”, I laughed and kissed her passionately. “Where’s little brother?”

“He finally went to sleep. Thank you very much. He kept jabbering and going on.”, she confided. “I’d better get back in case he wakes up.”

She raised up on one knee extricating my semi hard penis from her vagina with an audible slurp. She giggled, “Oh wow!”

In the dim light I could see a puddle of liquid on my lower belly. I could see that she must have put a condom on me and the juices must have been from her. She sat off to the side and I semi sat up and pulled the condom off trying to keep my spunk from spilling out. I held it up and we were both amazed at how much was contained in the condom. “Oh gees! That’s a lot.”, I said.

“You made a mess out of me.”, Paula said. “Gi’me something to wipe this off with.”

“Use your panties.”, I said.

“Didn’t wear any.”, she said.

“Here use these but give them back.”, I said handing her my briefs.

She took my briefs and wiped herself and my belly and then out of meanness she rubbed them on my face. I grabbed her arm and pulled her down. I rolled on top of her into the grass. She was giggling and I rubbed my face on hers smearing the cum on both of us.

I still had the condom in my left hand so I slowly drizzled the cum from it in a concentric circle over her face.

“Les! No…stop!”, she said trying to move her face out of the way. I finished at her nose and discarded the condom. I held her wrists to the ground and kissed her squarely on the lips. My now fully hard cock was pressed against her still wet pussy. She had her knees bent to try to roll me off of her. Her wriggling around allowed my cock to penetrate her and I pushed my hips forward and slid in about half-way. She stopped her movements and put her heels on my butt.

Suddenly the light came on in the back yard. I grabbed a corner of the sleeping bag and hurriedly pulled it over us. “Shush!”, I whispered.

“Les? You alright?”, my dad asked.

“Yeah dad. I must have had a bad dream.”, I said hoping he wouldn’t come any closer. I could see he didn’t have his glasses on. Paula was torturing me by squeezing my cock with her pussy.

“You sure you’re okay? I thought I heard voices.”, he continued.

“Yeah…well I woke up almost screaming “no”.”, I said.

“Okay, well come inside if you can’t sleep.”, he said.

“Oh…ah…sure dad.”, I said as Paula pushed her pelvis into mine. “I’ll be fine.” Oh god my cock was feeling good. With no condom, it was in a soft velvet heaven inside Paula’s loving pussy.

My dad turned and went back toward the back yard. The back yard light went off about a minute later.

“That was close!”, I whispered.

“Fuck me!”, said Paula.

“No condom.”, I said while pushing deep into her.

“Oh god…just fuck me!”, she said desperately. She tightened her pussy muscles around my cock. We both started a slow rhythm. “You can pull out when you have to cum.”, she whispered.

I relaxed and tried to concentrate on pleasing her. She seemed to also relax and continued to thrust back. We were in sync. Her thighs gripping mine in a gentle rhythm. I wasn’t moving in and out as much as I was pushing firmly against her clit and my penis was rubbing her G-spot. I knew nothing about G-spots back then but became aware of what pleased a girl quickly.

Paula began to pant and pull me into her with her hands and heels on my butt. She sucked in a deep breath and then began to clinch her stomach and pussy muscles. At the same time she began to whisper, “Deeper…deeper…deeper! Oh…oh…ohh…ahhh.” Her vagina squeezed my cock hard and then she totally relaxed letting her legs and arms fall to her side.

“Did you cum?”, I asked.

“Boy did I ever!”, she exclaimed in a whisper. “How ‘bout you?”

“Unh…uh.”, I said

“You gonna?”, she asked sounding tired.

“Nah.”, I responded. I shucked the sleeping bag off of us. We were a sweaty mess. I slipped my cock out of her with an audible slurp. She had my briefs in her hand wiping herself in a semi-seated position. “I don’t think it’s going to close up.”, she mused.

“Here let me kiss it better.”, I said and leaned in planting a kiss on her labia.

She pushed my head away, “You’re such a pervert.” She pulled her shorts over her legs and then laid back arching her back slipped them over her hips, zipped and snapped them. “Call me tomorrow…errr…in the morning.”, she said kissing me before standing to put on her sandals.

“’Kay.”, I replied. “Hey take your condom and put it in the trash.”

“My condom? You wore it.”, she responded.

“You used it.”, I said.

“Boys!”, she said. “Gi’me it!” She took the condom and wrapper. One last kiss and she was gone.


When I Was a Kid #28

I was up at dawn, about five A.M. The paper route was finished quickly. As I passed the rodeo grounds I again had thoughts of Debbie. I glanced up at her apartments again as I rode by.

At the café I met mom for breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Debbie’s mom waited on us. Debbie was there again. She came up and sat next to me at the counter. I looked at her. You could tell she didn’t feel good. “How you feeling?”, I asked.

“Like do-do.”, she said.

I patted her on the knee, “You’ll feel better soon.”

She looked at my hand as I pulled it back. “Lord I hope so.”, she said.

“Seen Johnny lately?”, I asked.

“Once last week, when I was feeling good.”, she said with a wink.

“Well I’d better get going.”, I said as I finished my breakfast.

“It’s going to be hot today. Don’t be ridin’ the hills without your shirt and drink plenty of water.”, my mom cautioned. “And put some Levis on. You’re getting as brown as an Indian.”

“Yes mom.”, I said.

Debbie followed me outside. “My birthday is next week.”, she said sadly.

“You going to have a party?”, I asked.

“No, my mom says we can’t afford it.”, she said.

“Bummer.”, I replied. “What would you like for your birthday.”

“I’d like a new dress.”, she said. “One I can wear to school.”

“More than that?”, I asked.

“Oh…I don’t know!”, she fretted. “I want to know what’s making me sick!”, and she dashed back into the café towards the restrooms.

I hopped on my bike and rode toward home. The rest of Monday was mundane. My mom was right, it was hot. Business was slow at the ranch and Smoky sent us home about noon. I choked down a sandwich and a pop. I called Paula.

“Well good morning.”, she said sarcastically. “You loose track of time?”

“Yeah well…I…had to work.”, I stammered.

“Cheryl wants to talk to you.”, she said.

“I don’t want to talk to her.”, I said. “You didn’t say anything about what I told you did ya?”

“No dumbass!”, she said. “I kept my word. She told me her side.”

“What did you tell her?”, I asked.

“I told her she was a dumbass.”, Paula giggled.

“I guess I’m in good company then.”, I chuckled. “I’ll think about it. What do you think I should do?”

“I think you two are dumbass’. You’re trying to act like boyfriend and girlfriend but don’t have a clue what you’re doin’.”, she said. “I don’t want to have anything to do with your problems.”

“I guess you’re right.”, I confessed. “What did you do today?”

“Well I slept ‘til ten, thanks to you.”, she started. “It was a good thing my dad was gone to work too, thanks to you.”

“What do you mean?”, I asked.

She continued to relate to me how when she got up, Mark wasn’t in the tent and she went into the kitchen to get some cereal. Her mom came in and saw my handiwork in her hair. I guess she had dried cum in her hair along with grass and cum on her shirt and shorts. Her mom said, “What did you do last night?”

“Why mom?”, Paula asked.

“Look at yourself. Did you have Les in the tent with you and Mark? How could you do that with your little brother in the tent?”, her mom interrogated.

“No mom, I waited ’til Mark was asleep and went to Les’.”, Paula said.

“Did you use a condom? Take your pill right now! Get in there and take a bath when you’re finished with breakfast.”, her mom was pissed. “When you’re done we’re going to have a talk.” When a mom says that, Mom talks and you listen!

“What did she do? Did she ground ya?”, I asked.

“Well we can’t do it anymore this week but I told her Saturday was a special day and she said we could get together then.”, Paula said. “She doesn’t want me to act like a “slut” as she put it.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you in trouble.”, I said. “I guess we got carried away a little last night.”

“Yeah a little.”, Paula answered. “It was a lot of fun though. Man, I thought we had been caught when your dad came out!”

“Oh, me too!”, I said.

“I gotta go. Call me Friday?”, Paula said.

“Okay, by Friday. Love you.”, I said.

Paula giggled. “Love you too!”, she said and hung up.


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