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Chapter 11 from my on going life story. John and I have fun at the mall but there is trouble brewing.
Hi, everyone hope you have been enjoying my story so far. September soon turned to October. A lot happened during this month. John and his college team were sitting in second place in their division; they were at eight and one. He only had three more games to play, one in October and two in November. They were going to have to win all of their remaining games to have a chance at the championship. The only lose for them came from the team in first place.

I was still spending all my weekends at John’s apartment but now I was driving as I just had gotten my driver licenses. My dad took me down to John’s dad’s car lot not only did he get me a car but also I got myself a job while I was down there. My dad had told me while we were there that he would make my payments until I found myself a job. John’s dad (Albert) over heard that.

“Janet why don’t you just come to work here,” “After all you are part of the family,” John’s dad said.

“I will have to check with John to see if it is OK I work here with him first Mr.______,” I replied.

“AH Bullshit, I owe the business not my son and I say it is OK,” Albert replied. “Here get behind my desk and I will show you how you do the loan application and stuff for on your own car,” he added.

I was happy to be working at the car lot with John’s dad showing me the business. I would go there after school and work 4 to 5 hours a day. I enjoyed learning the business from him. His dad was always so nice to me but I never ever felt any sexual attraction to him.

October was turning out to be a very good month for me other than a couple little issues. One being Kim, she had only stayed with John and me for one weekend during the month. The rest of the time, I only ran into her at school.

“Why haven’t you been hanging at the apartment Kim?” I asked her one day at school.

“Just been busy with other things on the weekend that’s all,” Kim replied with a big smile. “I will be back around when I tire of it,” Kim added.

I knew that meant she had been out fucking other guys. That was fine with me as it gave John all to myself but I missed obeying her. I loved it when she ordered both John and I around. John did try to be my Master and it was OK but I missed Mistress Kim. However, there was one game I loved playing with my Master John.

That being the slut game as we called it. It started out with him having me dress up like a slut or a hooker. We would go to the mall in a different town, where he would show me off. He would make me tease other guys and girls by showing them my tits, ass or my pussy. My favorite was making older men drool over me.

It was a Saturday night and we were off to a different mall a couple towns over for some fun. I had on a red mini skirt, heels, thigh highs and no panties. John walked me around the mall for a while showing me off. The mall was not very big nor were there many people there.

I thought the night was not going to be a bust as there were not a whole lot of people around. However soon we had a small group of 3 to 5 guys following us. They were mostly teenagers some not even in high school yet; but horny little teenagers they were.

“Well slut I see you got a group of boys following us,” John said.

“Yeah I see that,” “I wonder if they will be pulling on their cocks to me tonight,” I replied giving him a little smile.

“I have an idea let’s give the boys a night to remember,” John said with an evil little smile.

John walked me down to the restrooms where he popped in to see if anyone was in there. John came back out and he told me the coast was clear. John took me into the men restroom. John told me to get into one of the stalls and close the door. I had no idea what he was up to; I just did as he told me as I heard him walk back out. A few minutes later, I heard someone come in.

The stall door pushed open and there was a young man standing there. I was sitting on the toilet with my tits flowing out the top of my skirt. The young man stood there for a second filling his eyes full of my big tits. I told him to come in and close the stalls door.

The young man came into the stall and then nervously he said, “The guy outside told us you would suck our cock.”

That was John’s plan, for me to service this group of young men. My pussy started to tingle as I sat there. I just smiled at him as I unsnapped his pants dropping them around his ankles. I pulled his underwear down exposing a nice average size hard cock.

I took a hold of his cock and I started to pump on it. His cock got harder right away in my hand. I licked at his dick head before I took his cock into my mouth. I started to bob my head while I sucked at it. I licked at his cock head with my tongue and I sucked it back into my mouth. I felt his cock start to throb in my mouth as I sucked on it.

“AHhh,” the young man moaned out.

I bobbed my head a few times, as he moaned. The young man tensed up as I felt his cock give a quick jerk. His cum filled my mouth with a small load from his cock. I sucked it all down not wasting a drop. I popped his cock out of my mouth.

“Send in the next cock,” I said to him as I licked my lips.

The young man pulled his pants back up and left. Soon the stall opened with another young man standing there. I was standing up stretching my legs when he came into the stall. He told me the same thing; the guy out there said you would suck my cock. However, he said it so shyly.

I smiled at him as I took a hold of his hand. I pushed his hand under my skirt letting him feel my hairless pussy. I told him to stick two fingers up into my pussy. The young man jabbed two fingers roughly up into me, luckily my pussy was wet or it may have hurt as hard as he jabbed them up me. I told him to move them in and out.

The young man started to finger my pussy. I started to rub his cock through the front of his jeans. I had figured on finding a hard cock but all I felt was a small lump or something. I pulled his fingers from my pussy and I gave his fingers a quick licking with my tongue before letting them go.

I sat back down on the toilet as I took his pants down. I could see that he did have a boner pushing his under wear out but not much of a one. I pulled his underwear down and this cute tiny hard cock sprang out from under them. It wasn't even four inches if that. To be truthful with you it was the smallest cock I had seen for a while.

I did not want to traumatize the kid by laughing or saying anything to him about having a small cock. I just smiled at him as I wrapped my hand around his little cock. My hand pretty much covered his whole cock as I started to pump my hand on his cock. He moaned softly as I did. The young man suddenly bucked his hips toward me. He moaned loudly as his little cock started to blast globs of cum from the tiny head of his cock. I had not even taken him into my mouth before his cum started to shoot out.

He may have had a small cock but that little cock was filled full of white thick hot man seed. His cock twitched and his body jerked violently as his cum just kept shooting from his cock. His cum landed in big white thick globs all over my face. His little cock finally dripped out the last drop. I gave the head of his small dick a quick little kiss.

“Send in the next guy,” I said as I used toilet paper to wipe his cum from my face.

I sat back down waiting for the next young man. However, when the stall door swung open it was an older man in his 50's or so. The older man was good looking, his hair was black but with silver sides giving him that distinguished look. I saw that there was a very nice looking bulge forming in his pants.

“The guy outside told me a slut needed taken care of in here,” the older man said.

My pussy was tingling like crazy, as I reached out and rubbed the front of his pants. My hand felt a big thick hard cock through his pants. I tugged at his belt and slipped his pants down. The old guy had boxers on underneath. The fat thick head of his cock was sticking out the front hole of them. I pulled his boxers down exposing a lovely looking cock.

I took his cock into my hand trying to wrap my fingers around it. I could barely get my fingers wrapped around it. It was only maybe six inches long; however, it was as thick as a soda can. I leaned forward to suck him into my mouth. I did not think I could get his fat cock into my mouth.

Therefore, I just licked at the head of his cock with my tongue. I poked my tongue at his pee hole getting a slight taste of pre cum I swear his cock got even fatter as my tongue licked at his pee hole. I could feel my pussy start to drip as I played with his fat fucking cock. I had never seen a cock like his before. I decided I had to fuck his big fat cock.

I looked up at him and almost begging him I said, “Sir I am so horny will you please fuck me.”

“Be my pleasure Miss,” The older guy replied with a big smile.

I got off the pot and turned with my ass toward him while I placed my hands against the wall. I felt his hands go to the cheeks of my butt. He pulled my cheeks apart as he ran his tongue running up between them. The older man licked at my pussy with his tongue. I moaned softly as his tongue was giving me great pleasure as he licked at my pussy.

I felt him pulling my butt cheeks further apart as he jabbed his tongue at my asshole. The old guy was licking wildly at my asshole when I felt him slip a couple of fingers into my pussy. The old guy curled his finger against my special spot in my pussy.

“AHhhh, you’re going to make me cum,” I yelled out trying to warn him.

The old guy stopped tonguing my asshole as he worked those fingers over my spot. I felt the pressure building in my pussy. My eyes went shut as my thighs started to shake. My pussy could take no more as my love juices started to squirt from it. I could hear it tinkling into the toilet below me.

“Dam you are a little slut,” the old man said.

“Yes I am,” I replied. “Now fuck me hard from behind,” “Fill my pussy with your load,” I added.

I felt him rubbing that fat cock against my pussy. The older man found my opened pussy. He started to push it into my wet pussy. Even with as wet as my pussy was it still hurt as that fat thick cock entered my pussy. That fat cock was stretching my pussy open as he forced up into me.

I was biting my lip so not to scream as he finally eased it all up into my pussy. He just held it still in my pussy until I got used to it. The pain I was feeling as he was putting it into my pussy soon turned to pleasure. I started to rock back against his fat cock.

His hands shot to my hips as he started to drive that cock in and out. He fucked me deep and hard as I stood there. His cock felt good as he rammed it in and out of my pussy. I could feel another orgasm building as he fucked me.

He started to pull my hips back toward himself as he fucked me. His fat cock started to force no it was knocking the air from my pussy as he fucked me hard and deep. My pussy started to let off long loud pussy farts each time he drove that fat cock up me.

“Yeah you fucking slut fart on my cock just like my wife use to,” The old guy yelled out.

I felt my pussy sucking at his fat cock. He just fucked me harder so hard one of my tits popped from the top of my mini skirt. I took my hand and I used my fingers to pinch at my nipples as he fucked me. I pinched my nipple very hard and I pulled it from my tit. My body shook as my orgasm took over.

“AHhhhhh FUCK,” I screamed loudly.

“AHH Yeah slut going to fill you full,” the older guy yelled as he pulled my hips back to him as he buried that fat fucking cock deep and hard into my wet pussy.

I felt his cock swelling up in my pussy. His cock started to throb as cum blasted into my pussy. I felt his cum splash into my pussy with some force as he filled me full. He fell forward a little against me breathing fast. The old man kissed my neck between his gulps for air. I felt his cock slip from my pussy, it left off a loud wet pussy fart as his cock slipped from my pussy. His load of cum ran and dripped from my pussy next.

I turned and flopped down onto the toilet. I watched the old guy tuck that fat cock away and pull his pants back up as I caught my breath. The old guy leaned down and he kissed me on my forehead.

“Thank you Miss for making my night,” the older man said as he left the stall.

I sat there wishing I had his name or phone number, as I wanted the fat fucking cock of his again some time. I started to pee into the toilet as I sat there. While I was peeing, another young man walked. I looked up at him as I told him yeah I know the guy outside said I would suck your cock.

The young man just stood there watching me pee with a smile on his face. I stood up a bit and lifted my skirt so he could see my piss streaming from my pussy. He just stood there staring at my pussy. I saw I had a big glop of the old guys cum on my inner thigh. I scooped it up and licked it from my fingers.

I finished peeing and I sat back down on the toilet. The young man was staring at my tit that was still hanging from my skirt. I popped the other one out letting him see both of my breasts. His smile got bigger as his hand rubbed at the front of his pants. I could see he had a nice bulge in his pants as well.

I reached out pushing his hand away. I took a hold of that cock right through his pants. It felt like he had a good size cock in there. I unsnapped his pants then I pulled his zipper down, his pants fell to the floor. His bright white jockeys were sticking out like a tent.

I put my hands into his waistband and I yanked them down. A nice long cock sprang out; it stood straight up with a big curve in it almost touching the kid’s belly button. This kids cock had a very long as I checked him out.

The kid had very little hair around his cock. I was not for sure just how old he was nor did I care. I could not believe his cock could be that long. I would say it was at least nine inches maybe even more but only an inch around. I reach out and I wrapped both my hand around it.

The young man’s cock had both my hands wrapped around it. However, there was still part of his cock and his dick head that was sticking up pass my hands. This kid had a very long cock I thought as I started to pump it with both my hands.

“Have you ever fucked a girl?” I asked the young man as I pulled on his cock.

“Yes my mom,” he replied with a smile.

His reply threw me for a second. However, I just smiled at him as I said, “Wow lucky mom to have a son with such a long cock.” I pumped both my hands up and down on his cock as I asked, “Have you ever butt fucked your mom with this cock?”

“I tried once but she told me it hurt too much,” the young man replied.

“Well tonight is your lucky night,” I said.

I got off the toilet and I told him to sit down on it. I straddled him as he sat on the toilet. I placed his cock at my pussy and I sat down on him. I worked about half of it in before I started to ride his cock. I only took just half of his cock into my pussy. I got it coated with cum and juices from in my pussy. I pulled myself off his cock and I reached down lining it up with my asshole.

“Suck on my tits as I take your cock in my ass,” I said as I lowered my asshole down onto his cock.

The young man’s mouth shot out to my tit. He started to suckle at it just like a baby nursing on his mother’s tit. I slowly worked my butt down onto his cock. His cock slipped easily up into my asshole. I had half of it in then soon three quarters of it in. Kim had once stuck our double dildo pretty much all the way up my ass before so I knew I could take his cock as well.

I started to bounce up and down on his cock as he sucked at my tit. His cock felt well up my ass I only wished it had been a little fatter. I started to squeeze my butt muscles around his cock as I worked up and down on it. The young man just sucked harder at my tit.

“Show me some teeth, bite my nipple,” I moaned out into his ear as I bounced my butt on his cock.

The young man chomped down on my nipple causing me to leave out a big yelp. “Bite it lightly, not bite it off,” I said to him.

The young man flicked his tongue at my nipple first for a while. Then he gently this time bit at my nipple. He worked his mouth from one tit to the other lightly biting and chewing on my nipples. He had them both hard and wet from his actions.

The young man removed his mouth from my tits as he said, “I am going to cum mommy.”

I just kept riding his cock with my butt figuring he has been fucking mommy for so long it was a slip of his tongue. The young man moaned into my tit as I felt his cock jerk in my ass. I pushed my butt down hard onto his cock taking it all up it. His cock jerked a few times as I felt his cock filling my butt with his cum from his long cock.

I got off him feeling his cum back flushing from my butt. We swapped spots as he pulled his pants back up. I felt his cum running from my asshole. I reached for some toilet paper to wipe my ass. I wiped my butt and as I went to throw it into the toilet.

The young man looked down at me as he said, “I love you.”

I smiled at him as I told him to send in the next guy. I heard him leave then I heard the bathroom door open again. I heard the next person walking over to the stall door. However, they did not push the stall door open.

I said, “I know the guy outside said you would suck my cock.”

The stall door slowly pushed opened. I looked up and I saw John was standing there with a smile on his face. I smiled back at him as I stood up. John’s hand went to my wet pussy feeling just how wet it was. John told me that he figured that was enough for tonight. John helped me get my tits back into my skirt.

“Dam girl was someone chewing on your tits?” John asked as he pointed to all the red marks on my boobs.

“Oh yeah, I loved that and more,” “But lets get out of here, I will tell you everything in the car,” I replied.

John walked me from the restroom with my arm laced through his. I saw a couple of the guys I had sucked off telling their friends something while pointing at me. I figured they were saying something like that’s the slut who was doing us all in the bathroom. I just gave them a smile and waved good-bye.

John and I walked around and did a little shopping. I had stopped in one little store as a pair of earrings had caught my attention. I took them up to the register to pay for them. The woman cashier kept staring at me.

At first, I thought she might have liked my boobs but this bitch was looking at my face the whole time. I gave her the money for them and we left the mall returning to John’s car. In the car, I decided to try my new earrings on.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw why that woman had been staring at me. There was a big glop of cum stuck in the top of my hair. I smacked John’s arm for not telling me about it. I wiped it from my hair as I told him thanks for telling me.

“What?” “It looked so becoming of you Janet,” John said as he drove us home.

I told John about what I did to those young men as they came in to see me. I told him about the kid with the tiny cock, the one who shot off in my hands. I told him about the kid with the long cock who had been fucking his mom. I told John about how I sat on his cock taking it fully up into my butt. I told John about the older guy who had the fattest cock I had ever seen. I told him about how he got me off with his tongue and fingers first. I told him about that same guy taking me from behind. How his fat cock had caused my pussy to leave off wet farts each time he drove it into me.

“I should have asking him for his name or his phone number as I enjoyed him the best,” I said as I felt John’s hard cock through his pants.

“Oh so you liked Ray did you,” John asked with that evil grin on his face.

“Ray did you know that guy John?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face.

“Well let’s just say I am sure you will run into him again some day,” John replied as he gave my fore head a quick kiss.

I cuddled up to him lacing my arm through his. I laid my head onto his forearm as I thought I sure do hope so. I loved that fat fucking cock of that Ray has. I dozed off as we drove home until John woke me when we got home.

The month was ending quickly and on Friday; the last weekend of the month John’s phone rang. I over heard him talking to someone on the other end. I heard John tell who ever it was that he was sure we would be able to make it. In fact, he told them he was looking forward to it.

When John hung up the phone, I asked him, “Who that was and what was it all about?”

John smiled as he replied, “We have been invited to a Halloween party Saturday night.”

“Oh is that all,” I replied looking at him rolling my eyes, as we have been invited to about ten of them already.

“Yes but this one is kind of special as it is at DeRonda’s house,” John replied with a bigger smile.

My pussy tingled hearing that and I gave him my evil little grin as I asked, “What ever should we go as?”

“Well let me see I have always wanted to be a football player,” John replied with a little laugh as he picked me up from the couch taking me into his arms.

“I guess that means I will have to go as your cheerleader then,” I replied as our lips locked in a deep passionate kiss.

“Almost time for bed,” “I do have a game tomorrow,” John said breaking our kiss.

I felt John’s cock throbbing through his jogging pants as he pulled me into himself. I broke our kiss as I slipped down to the floor onto my knees. I pulled his jogging pants down with me. I grabbed his hard cock taking it into my mouth. I licked and sucked on it while I pumped my hand back and forth on it.

I looked up at him as I said, “I can not wait to taste DeRonda from your cock,” as I took his cock deeply into my mouth.

John did not say anything back instead he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. I went back to sucking on his cock once we both were naked and in bed. I told John he was only getting some head and that was it because of having a game tomorrow.

I was sucking at his cock and pumping it with my hand when John said, “I want to fuck you.”

“No you have a game tomorrow, “I replied before going back to sucking his cock.

“Janet I said I wanted to fuck,” John yelled at me as he grabbed my long blonde hair pulling my mouth off his cock.

“I said NO JOHN,” I yelled back.

“I am going to fuck you and I meant it,” John screamed back pulling my hair harder.

“Owww John you’re pulling my hair too hard,” I yelled at him.

“Then maybe you have better fuck me BITCH,” John yelled back as he got on top of me.

I tried to push him off my body but I could not. We wrestled around for a while until he got a hold of both my hands. John pushed my arms over my head pinning my hands and me to the bed. I could feel his hard throbbing cock pressing against my pussy. I squeezed my legs tightly close.

“GET OFF me John,” I screamed as I looked into his eyes.

The eyes that I saw were not those lovely sparkling blue eyes of his. They were eyes of a mad man peering down at me. In a way they reminded me of Kim’s eyes when she was mad at me. I squirmed under him trying to free myself. However, John just held me down pinned to the bed.

“STOP fighting me Janet you know you want my cock,” "You know my cock has your pussy all wet," John said as he rocked it on my pussy.

"No it isn't John, now get off of me," "Please let go of me you are hurting me," I sobbed out.

However, he was right I was getting so hot and turned on from his rough play but at the same time, I was scared. I had never seen him like this; it was as if he had changed into another person. John started to lick at my nipples on my tits as he tried to get one of his legs between mine to force my legs apart.

“JOHN PLEASE stop it please,” "John please don't rape me," I cried out as real tears started to run down my cheeks.

However, John did not notice them as he was to busy sucking at one of my tits. I could feel his pre-cum flowing from his cock against my pussy. John finally got his leg worked between mine. He pushed my legs slightly apart. John rose up and I felt him slam his cock fully up into my pussy.

“Take that you little fucking slut,” John cried out as he started to drive his cock deep and hard into my pussy.

“OWWWW,” I screamed out as he continued to drive his cock very deep and hard into my pussy.

"John it hurts STOP," "GOD PLEASE stop John," I cried out.

His cock was actually hurting me as he jammed it in and out of my pussy. His cock was bottoming out into the back of my pussy each time he bottomed out it hurt more. I was being raped by John. I was crying and scared but god I was getting so turned on from all this at the same time. I was horny as hell as John started to ram his cock even harder in and out of me. Soon I was thrusting my hips up into him as he fucked me.

John never took his mouth off my tit. He just kept sucking at it. I parted my legs a bit to give him some more room between my legs. John removed his mouth from my tit as he released my hands that he had pinned to the bed. In one quick fluid motion, he scooped my legs up to his shoulders.

“That’s better bitch,” John yelled as he drove his cock up my pussy.

“OWWwww, AHHHHh,” I screamed out both in pain and pleasure as John really started to fuck me hard and deep.

The pain went away as pleasure took over. I just lie there letting him fuck the hell out of me. Sweat was pouring from John as he pumped that cock in and out. My own orgasm came and went but he was still pounding that cock into my pussy. John just kept pounding my pussy, the wet had dried up a while back and his cock felt like it was tearing the skin off the walls of my pussy. I felt John tense up and he buried his cock once more deeply into me.

“OWWww,” I screamed loudly as his cock bottomed out against the back of my pussy.

“AHHhhh Shit,” John screamed out as his cock throbbed wildly in my pussy.

His cock spit out load after load as his cum filled my pussy full. John left my legs fall from his shoulders as he collapsed down on top of me. He was covered and dripping in sweat as he laid there catching his breathe. He finally rolled off me onto his back. I just lied there for a while feeling his cum pouring from my fucked raw pussy.

I looked over and I saw that he was fast asleep. I got up and I ran to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet thinking about what just had happened. I had very mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I had enjoyed it. However, on the other I hated it, as that was not John fucking me. John would never rape me, I cried wondering why he had not stopped when I asked him too.

I wiped my pussy after I peed only to find out that John had fucked me so hard my pussy was bleeding. It was not a lot of blood but my pussy was very sore from the fucking it had just taken. I sat there crying trying to figure out what just had happened. Why had John done that to me? I thought about just leaving and never seeing him again, But I had to know why he did what he did.

I returned to the bedroom to find John curled up on his side fast asleep. I slowly climbed into bed not wanting to wake him. I lie there next to him but not touching him. I was wondering if I had done something wrong or had his playing just got out of hand. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought I did not truly enjoy that game if he was just playing.

I awoke to an empty bed on Saturday morning. It was only 8 o’clock in the morning. I got up to see if maybe John was some where in the apartment. I went to the kitchen and I saw a note and flowers on the table from John. I picked it up and I read it.

Janet I am so sorry about last night, please forgive me. I took the game to far in the heat of the game. If I hurt you in anyway I am sorry. Please forgive me I promise it will never happen again. I love you to much too ever hurt you signed John.

I felt a little bit better about the whole incident after reading his note. However, it was still in my mind as I dressed for his game. I called and asked my dad if he was still going to today’s home game. He told me that he was and I asked him to pick me up, as I would ride with him to the game.

I did not say much to my dad when he picked me up and he drove us to the stadium. My dad asked me if there was something wrong as we got out of his truck at the stadium. I told him no I was just a little tired that was all. However, I still had what happened last night on my mind and I was not going to tell my dad about it.

We took our seats at John’s game. We both watched in horror as his team lost again. John played a truly outstanding game, one of the best either of us had ever seen him play. John looked like he was faster and stronger than ever before. John was making plays all over the field. He had run a punt back for 75 yards giving his team a chance to win in the closing minutes. However, his team could not get the ball into the end zone for a touchdown.

I was really down in the dumps now. With this lose there was no way they could make it into the playoffs for the championship. I hung my head down low as I walked with my dad back to his truck. I knew it was my fault they had lost. I had just ruined this football season.

“Janet is there something wrong?” My dad asked pulling my head up from my chest as I sat with him in his truck.

“Daddy John lost because he fucked me last night,” I said as tears ran down my cheeks.

“Janet I have told you about that before,” “Besides hell your boy looked great out there today it was not yours or his fault,” my dad replied.

“I know daddy but every time that he has won a game I had only gave him oral sex where as if I fuck him the night before a game his team has lost,” I said while thinking well it was more like he raped me than I fucked him last night.

“Daddy I am just bad luck to John,” “And this time I really screwed up because now there is no way they will be able to play for a championship,” I added as tears flowed down my cheeks even harder.

I looked up to see that John was coming toward my dad’s truck I opened the door and I ran to his car where I got in. I did not want John to see that I was crying. I saw my dad get out of his truck, I watched him and John talk for a while and then they shook hands before dad got into his truck and drove away.

John opened his door and as he slid in, he looked right at as he said, “Well Bitch it’s your fault I won’t be playing for the championship this year.”

I just stared at him as I felt more tears getting ready to gush from my eyes. I could not believe that John had just said that to me. I started to sob as I just stared at him trying to figure if this was my John.

“Do you know just how stupid that sounds Janet?” John said looking at me with those sparkling blue eyes of his. “Your dad told me what you were thinking and it is not true.” “We lost because we did not play as a team that was our problem today.” “You understand Janet,” John added sternly.

“Yes,” I replied wiping my tears.

“Janet I am sorry about last night I got totally carried away in the game we were playing,” “I had been worried Kim would take it too far and all the while we should have been worried about me,” John said as he looked at me with sadness in those lovely blue eyes.

I saw my John shed a tear for the first time in my life that day, I put my arms around him giving him a hug as I replied, “Lets just forget that it even happened last night,” our lips met as we locked in a deep and passionate kiss.

I cuddled up next to him lacing my arm through his as I replied, “John if you do not want to go to DeRonda’s party tonight I understand.”

“No, we are going and it will be a blast you will see,” John said as he drove us home.

We spent the rest of the day finding me a cheerleader’s outfit. We found one that was very sexy at a local costume shop. John had plenty of football outfits to choose from at home. I showered and then John showered. I watched him get out of the shower and dry himself off. John stood in front of the mirror as he flexed those big arm muscles of his.

I thought to myself how hot he looked. I also wondered when he found the time to work out; what with school, practice and working at his dad’s shop. I was dressed in my cheerleaders outfit when he entered the bedroom.

“Dam Janet you look hot you should go out for cheerleader next year when you attend my college,” John said.

“Oh and what makes you think I am going to the same college you are?” I replied.

John turned to me and chills ran up my spine. He gave me that same look I had seen last night when he forced himself on me. I thought maybe he was about to go off on me again. However, I saw a smile come to his face as he replied, “You will be there you know you will.”

He was right I had already planned to join him at his college and with working myself; I knew my dad would not have to pay for it all. I watched John getting dressed. I loved watching him put his cock into his jock strap.

“Do you mind Janet this thing will not fit if I pop a boner,” John said.

“But you look just so cute trying to force it in there,” I replied with a little laugh and my evil grin.

Ok good spot to end this chapter. The next one will be out soon; it will be about the Halloween Party. You can see that I ran into a little problem with John in this story and I will address that issue in the next chapter as well.

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2014-08-19 04:51:17
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2012-03-30 19:09:51
amazing story, janet

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2012-01-04 18:37:58
Wow that actually scared me! I was so into the story that i got freaked out from the rape scene and was feeling scared till i realised its not real. That is a sign of really good writing, keep it up. And make the old John come back, i like him

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I thought it was fine Janet, though you may have more to add I thought it was a good as the rest. Hey every chapter of your life doesn't have to score a touch down........

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Its ok janet i liked it even tho i dont like rape stories but she liked it at the same time so its ok with me reading the rest tonight my love

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