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fantasy of mine :))
I heard her car pull up and the door slam before i actually caught sight of her. Sloane, my roommate walked in, her stilettos clicking across the floor noisily as usual. She set her purse heavily on the table and plopped onto the couch with a sigh, closing her eyes momentarily.

It was this moment that i took to take her in as i did almost every night. Her long dark hair in slight curls cascaded over beautifully slanted shoulders. Her breasts perfect C cups, perky and pushing her tight sailors shirt out just right with her cleavage peaking out the top in a manner that was almost slutty but for some reason she pulled it off as teasing. Her chest rose and fell slightly as she began to relax in her home atmosphere. I let my eyes fall a little lower and wander to those beautiful hips that held up a short and sexy little plaid skirt. I then allowed myself a glimpse at the long slender tan legs that protruded from said skirt...legs that were clad in sheer white knee high stockings..all leading down to those stilettos.

"Taylor?" she said suddenly.

My eyes jerked quickly away from her luscious legs as her voice brought me back to reality.

"Uh..yeah?" i said rather stupidly.

She glanced at me for a moment more before shaking her head a slight smile spreading across those pouty lips of hers. "nevermind." she said. She then stood up and meandered into the kitchen. I assumed she was getting a drink or maybe a bit of food. She appeared in the living room once more and she held two glasses of wine in her hands. This was unusual. Sloane was an exotic dancer and she loved to party but the truth was she never drank. She always knew how to have fun without it. But i wasnt one to ask questions so i obliged her by taking the glass gingerly from her hand trembling only slightly as our fingers brushed. She flipped on the tv and then came and sat next to me. Was it just me or was she closer than she had been before? I shook the thought out of my head and sipped my wine slowly.

Thirty minutes and three glasses of wine later (five for her) she turned to me and said "so..."
I looked at her and i noticed a slight flush in her cheeks. Her bright blue eyes looked at me and i couldnt help but melt a little. Those eyes always made my heart skip a beat but id never said a word to her because...well she had a boyfriend. I suppose i just didnt see the point.
She looked at me expectantly.
"What?" i ventured carefully.
"Well..." she slid a well french manicured nail along the rim of her glass. "i guess i just want to talk. if thats ok?"
"of course" i turned toward her to offer my full attention.
"Ok." she began. "its about Chris."
Chris was her boyfriend.
"What about him?" i asked with slight exasperation. I was so tired of hearing their relationship problems that it wasnt even funny. He didnt treat her right..not the way i could.
She continued on as if she hadnt noticed the exasperation in my voice. "we broke up today."
"what??" i asked...trying to hide my surprise...and happiness at this news."
"Well...ive been doing a lot of thinking lately...and he doesnt respect me. I mean...i know im a dancer and all but i deserve respect. Its a profession not a way of life. I mean dont get me wrong...i like getting rough in bed...but i want it to end with a little respect."
I was silent for a moment..taking in what she had just said to me. I weighed my words carefully before i spoke.
"Sloane...first of sorry to hear that you two broke up..i know that you liked him. But you are right. He didnt treat you well. And to be quite honest it drove me nuts watching you two and the way he talked to you.." i trailed off.
Her blue eyes seemed to light up when she heard this..or maybe it was just wishful thinking.
"It did? Why?"
"W..well..i mean.." i could feel my cheeks flushing as i searched for some way to avoid what my heart was practically beating out of my chest to say. I attempted to stutter out an answer. "Sloane I..i just..." and suddenly her finger came up to my lips silencing them.

My eyes widened nervously..but she just continued to look at me as she let her finger trail down to the underside of my chin. She lifted my head up ever so slightly and then those amazing lips of hers were pressed against mine for a moment. She pulled away her face flushed with what i assume was a mixture of excitement and embarrassment.
"Was..was that ok?" she asked quickly.
I took her in for a moment more completely unable to speak.

And then as an answer to her question i leaned in and kissed her deeply..burying my fingers in her soft curly hair and pulling her in closer...she leaned back until she was reclined against the arm of the couch with me on top of her...lips still locked.
I had wanted this for months.
I felt her lips part under mine and in response i bit her bottom lip playfully before playing my tongue gently over hers. She moaned a little into my mouth and slid her hands down my sides and up the back of my shirt...letting her nails skim my skin ever so slightly. I pressed my hips into hers and she responded in kind. i savored the feel of her hands on mine..her bare legs pressed against mine. And her kiss tasted like oreos. Which i assume was because she had eaten a couple after work. They were her favorite snack after all. Her kissing became more frantic and she began kissing my neck...working her tongue along my jawline and as she did i could smell the bit of vanilla that she dabbed behind her ears. I had always loved that..when she hugged me or got close while we watched was just amazing being next to her...but now the sensation of her body on mine was too much to handle.
"Yes?" she murmered from somewhere near my neck.
"Lets go to my room." i said without hesitation.
Her head appeared from near my neck and she looked up at me with those clear blue eyes and then she smiled. "As you wish." she whispered directly in my ear sending a slight tremor down my spine.
I stood up off of her helping her up and we found our way to my room with the speed that only frantic lovers can muster.
As i reached for the light switch she stopped my hand.
"I want to see you first." she said.
And as my hand fell away from the switch i felt her eyes take me in. All of me. I could have been a dancer myself with my slender frame and shoulder length chestnut hair. but tonight i was just me. dressed in an old college tshirt that fit me just right and a pair of short night shorts. However when she looked at me that way i felt like i was wearing the sexiest lingerie that i owned.
Then she was on me again...all thoughts of turning the light off vanished as quickly as the space between us had. She kissed me hard and pressed me against the wall...then her eyes locked with mine.
"ive never done anything with a girl..and i want my first time to be with you. hell..i want to be with you. but i want my first time to be something i can remember...i want you to dominate me taylor..take me and take me hard. ive wanted you....for so cant even imagine. Tonight i want you to make me yours."
I couldnt believe the words that were coming out of her mouth....but i had sat up nights imagining exactly what i would do to her given the chance..and i had so much built up sexual frustration towards her that i didnt hesitate.
I grabbed the back of her hair gently and pulled her towards me kissing her more deeply than i had before...i then turned her around and bent her over the bed. I stood back for a moment taking in all of her...from her sexy school girl outfit to those languid legs that had teased me for so long. She peaked back at me from her stance looking so innocently sexy that i couldnt help but run my own nails down her sides and toward her hips. I then kissed down her back only to warm her up before i stood up..and then brought my hand down on that beautiful ass of hers.

She jumped in surprise but i could tell she liked it by the way she grabbed my sheets. I did it again surprising myself with how much i liked it. I smacked her ass a little harder until it was red and i began to see wetness soak the little bit of panties i had view of between her legs. I couldnt help but slide one finger up that sexy little crotch of hers. I heard her sigh gently and press into my touch. I proceeded to pull her panties to the side exposing her wet little slit. It took all of my will power not to slide my fingers into her right then and there but somehow i resisted. i slid a finger up and down between her moist lips and felt her begin to grind on my fingers. Her hands gripped the sheets a little harder. I let my hand trail up to her clit and i began to massage it gently through her panties and i felt her shudder and she leaned into the bed for support.
"Oh god Taylor...i...i had no idea..." she panted before trailing off.
I stopped rubbing her beautiful pussy for only a moment.
" said you wanted this to be memorable right?"
"yes baby...i want you to do whatever you want with me..." she said her voice heavy with lust.
"ok close your eyes for a moment." I said as she did. and i found my way over to my dresser where i pulled out the silk scarf that Sloane had given me as a welcoming gift when we had moved in. I immediately walked over and deftly tied her hands together. I saw her eyes pop open as a look of shock crossed her face...but she didnt say a word.
I trailed my hand back over her body and to her thighs as i walked back around the bed.
"Ok" i began. "So the rules of this are as follows. You stay silent as i do certain things to you. If you can last for two minutes each than i will move onto the next thing...if not you will be punished."
She nodded excitedly.
I kneeled down sliding my hands over that firm ass of hers as i lifted her skirt. I kissed her through her panties, running my tongue up the wet cloth. She wiggled a little and i could tell she was stifling a moan. At this i pulled her panties completely off and lowered my face to her sexy little slit again. I slid my tongue up her pussy lips almost to her ass but stopped. I then slid my tongue back down and flicked it over clit. She pressed her pussy into my face but stayed as silent as she could. I slid my tongue into her savoring her taste...a taste that was entirely her. I carried on like this for a full two minutes as i felt her writhe against my face and grip the sheets even harder. I then stood up.
"Wow you did quite well...onto the next test."
I slid my fingers down absolutely loving how wet she was coating her thighs now. I rubbed her clit in gentle circles for a short while before spreading her pussy lips with my fingers. i slid two fingers into her tight little hole. She pressed her face into the bed biting my pillow to stifle what im sure was another moan. I began slipping my fingers in and out of her. Her hips began to move into my hand. She wanted more of me inside of her and the thought of that excited me. I became very aware of the fact that my shorts were soaked through at the crotch. She lasted two minutes almost giving into her moans and she sighed with a sort of relief as i stopped. But then she turned to look at me and there was fire in her eyes.
I knew what she wanted. I stood her up and laid her on the bed...pulling her skirt and her shirt off as i did so leaving her in only her stilettos. That was a sight to behold.
I then pulled her to the very edge of the bed so that her legs were hanging over the sides. Her hands still bound above her head. She licked her lips and watched me intently as i dug around by the bed. I pulled out a box and opened it. From it i withdrew my strap on. I had never had the chance to use it but now was as good as ever. I removed my shirt and shorts and my thong. I strapped on the dildo and i watched her eyes grow hungry and her legs part slightly as i stepped toward her. The seven inch dildo erect and ready to please her. i slipped between her legs and as i teased her with the tip of it i reached up and played with her breasts. Squeezing them and playing with her nipples that had become hard with lust. I leaned down and took one in my mouth and i nibbled it gently...she sighed and as she did so i allowed the tip of the dildo to slip inside of her. She couldnt help but moan and at this point i didnt care. I reached up and untied her hands as i sucked and played with her nipple. her hands found their way to my bare back and as i thrusted into her she pulled my hips even harder into hers. her legs found their way around my waist and she used her legs to pull me farther into her. I kissed her lips with a new found passion as i fucked her deeply and slowly. i felt her begin to tense up and i knew she was close to cumming. I began to fuck her even more deeply..shoving the dildo in all the way and grinding my hips against hers with each thrust so that every inch of us was touching. Her wetness mingled with mine and i felt her hand come down between us as she rubbed her clit. The thought of her touching herself sent me over the edge and i rammed that cock hard into her shaking her little frame. A loud moan escaped her lips and she cried out.
"Oh...god...yes...fuck me...fuck me...FUCK ME!" her words broken up by my thrusts. Her nails found their way to my back and gripped me for dear life, digging her nails in so hard i was sure there would be scratches in the morning.
Suddenly her pouty lips opened and she screamed..she screamed my name and she screamed out as i pounded her.
I slipped out of her as she was cumming and shoved my fingers into her wanting to feel her tighten around them. She ground her pussy down on them and i felt her tighten as spasm after spasm hit her body. Her orgasm was intense and she pulled my body on top of hers as her mouth met mine. And as she finished i slowed. Loving how close we were to each other.
I kissed her once more and took in her beauty as her hair splayed across my bed like a halo. She was beautiful. And after tonight...she was mine.

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Im so wet i want to get my pussy licked.

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2011-08-09 01:27:17
very nice story, a second part would be great. maybe a little more detail into their lives though

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very nice story, a second part would be great. maybe a little more detail into their lives though

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