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Master takes Angel on a trip that is an ordeal for her
Their Trip To His Mountain Retreat

A Novel By: S. Stevenson

I encourage you to vote on each part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. Thank You, S.S.

The bright sun was shinning through the bedroom windows as Angel started to stir. As the light shinned into her eyes Angel moaned her objection to getting out of bed, but she had to. Something is wrong with this picture. Not yet awake, but she knew that there was something different.

Calling out, “Master” Her arm swept along the bed on his side. Eyes fully open! Master is not here. Calling again, “Master, where are you?” She realized that she was not bound to the bed as was their normal custom at night. The chain that would attach to her ankle cuff was missing. Fear struck at her heart as she remembered the last time Master took her bindings from her. At that time Master offered her freedom from her slavery. Just the thought of leaving her Master scared her to the very core of her being.

As she threw the covers off Angel caught a glimpse of a woman, a slave, standing in the doorway. As her eyes cleared Angel recognized the slave as Missy. Missy belongs to Keith, along with several others, Keith is a neighbor and friend of Master’s. Angel smiled and said, “Good morning, Missy. What are you doing here this early?”

Missy is a petite woman of about 27 years of age. She stands about 5’1” and has the proportions in figure to match her height. As Angel remembered attending Missy’s piercing ceremony. At Missy’s piercing ceremony Master Keith added several rings to Missy’s body while she was tied spread eagle to a block. Rings were added to each nipple, one in each of her inner labia, one to her belly button and then the last one was placed in the center of her nose.

“Good morning, Angel.” Missy said as she started to walk over to Angel’s bed.

Missy was wearing a breast tray. A breast tray hooks on to the breast on one side and on the far side from the body there is a chain that runs around the neck of the slave. Only in Missy’s there were two hooks that snapped into place on her nipple rings. A breast tray then pulls on the nipples as long as the slave wears it. The pulling is increased with every little thing that she is carried on her tray. In most cases the slave is not allowed to use her hands to aid in providing support for her tray.

Angel said, “I see that your nipples healed nicely.”

“Good morning, Angel.” Dawn chirped. Angel had been concentrating so hard on Missy that she did not even notice Dawn. Dawn is also a slave for Master Keith. She wears all of Keith’s standard rings plus she sports his brand on her left rear cheek. Like Missy, Dawn was nude.

“We have been asked by your Master to help you get ready for a trip that you two are taking this morning. Missy has a cup of coffee for you on her tray. When you are done with that we will put the handcuffs on you and take you into your bath. Today you are not to lift a finger as you are pampered into getting ready for your Master.” As Dawn was saying this Missy did a curtsy in front of Angel allowing her to take her coffee off the tray.

“Thank you ladies. Do you by chance know where we are going?” As she waited for an answer Angel started to sip her coffee.

“Yes we know.”

“… but, we are not allowed to tell you.” Dawn finished Missy’s statement for her.

As Angel finished that last sip of coffee, Dawn stepped up, taking the metal handcuffs off Missy’s tray and snapped one an Angel. Then moving behind her Dawn snapped the other one into place. Missy then put her tray aside as helped her slave sister to remove Angel’s leather collar and cuffs.

Missy then ran her hands over Angel’s breasts and commented to Dawn, “Look at how big her boobs are. They are sure going to look great when her Master finally puts in the nipple rings.” Missy then gave each nipple a twist and a squeeze, as Dawn started to lead the trio into the bathroom.

Just as they entered the bathroom Dawn reached behind Angel and pulled out her plug. Angel thought she heard a pop as her ass gave up its intruder. Handing the butt plug to Missy, Dawn opened the shower door and turned on the water. Angel stood by as the two girls went about getting things ready. Missy was washing the plug, Dawn was preparing an enema and a douche. When finished with the plug, Missy stepped into he shower and set up the shaving equipment around the bench in the shower stall.

Having Angel bend over, Dawn administer the enema. Angel could feel that this was more than the normal amount of liquid that she used in the mornings. Dawn re-inserted the plug and then checked for leaks. Standing Angel up the girls guided their victim into the shower. Angel could not remember ever feeling this bloated before in her life.

Both girls were very busy as they bathed their charge. They washed every inch and then to make sure they repeated the process. Angel was sure that Missy added additional pressure to the water flow from the douche bag. Angel smiled to herself as she wondered if Missy was going to get every bit of her Master’s seed that had been deposited in her the night before. Angel knew that Missy could not get it all. Because her Master had enjoyed both her pussy and her mouth the night before and Angel had swallowed every drop that Master gave to her mouth.

Leading Angel over to the bench in the shower her cuffs were released and then re-secured in front of her. Once she was laid down on the bench Dawn and Missy went about their assigned chore of removing all of Angel’s body hair. The shaving out of the way, Missy once again wanted to play. Running her finger up and down Angel’s slit. Bringing the flat of her finger to rest on Angel’s clit, lightly. Then moving again to run the length of the slit between Angel’s legs. Just as Missy brought her mouth to bear on Angel’s little button of joy, Dawn tapped her on the shoulder and said, “”Come on we do not have time for this.”

Out of the shower, and dried, Angel’s plug was removed and she was finally allowed to relieve herself. As her insides returned to normal, Angel thought to herself that she now truly understood the meaning of the word “relief”. Just the fact that all the pressure was released seemed to cause a bit of pain as her bowels expelled their dirt and shrunk back to normal size. Once this task was completed Missy and Dawn moved her over to the bidet and finished by cleaning her up again.

Angel was then led out of the bathroom and into her Master’s bedroom. Although Angel wondered why her plug had not been replaced she was sure that her Master was going to come to his room and use her this morning. Just the idea caused her to get wet in anticipation.

Standing Angel in the middle of the room the girls first placed a blindfold on her. Dawn then said, “Angel, be sure to tell us of any discomfort. You will be like this most of the day.”

“What does my Master have planned?”

In between her giggles Missy said, “Just wait and you will see … so to speak.”

The handcuffs were removed and Angel stood there nude, blindfolded with her hands at her sides when she heard Master Keith’s voice asking his slaves, :”Is she ready?”

“She is, Master.” Dawn responded.

Angel could not believer her ears. Was her Master going to allow Master Keith to use her as his own slave, she thought. Angel always had known that someday it would most likely happen. That her Master would ask her to show her submission by allowing a stranger to use her as his own slave, but she was not sure that she was ready to submit to any other than her own Master.

Master Keith lifted Angel’s breast as he was checking the weight of each one. Pinching her nipples as he stretched them out and her body started to respond. Her nipples were getting harder and her moisture began to flow. Master Keith broke the silence, “We will need to build a support bra for these huge boobs.”

Angel could hear one of the girls trot off while Master Keith continued to play with her breast. Every so often he would slide a finger between her legs telling her to open up. When she had coated his finger with her own juices he brought up and under her nose and ask her if the smell of her own arousal turned her on. Angel would nod her head, but only slightly. She did not wish to admit to Master Keith just how much his nipple play did excite her. Or, maybe it was that she did not wants to acknowledge it. Not even to herself.

That did surprise Angel. The fact that she was responding to Master Keith’s masterful hands as he played her body. She could feel her breathing get deeper and more rapid, her breast were swelling, the nipples getting as hard as little pebbles and the moister produced between her legs was seeping out and she could feel it on the inside of her thighs. As all of this came to Angel’s mind she stared to cry behind her blindfold. She found it very painful that her body would respond to another man that was not her Master. Angel wondered just how she could remain a loyal slave if an other man could excite her in this manor.

Keith continued to play with Angel as she could hear Missy’s giggling return. Dawn reached from behind her and told her to raise her arms above her head. It was just about all that Angel could do to control herself enough to avoid an orgasm when she realized just what is was that Master Keith and his slaves were doing. Angel just loved it when her Master would make her wear a rope bra, and that is just what they were doing to her now.

Angel tried to protect herself from the almost overwhelming sensations as Keith, and his slaves, wrapped Angel in his rope. First over the top of her breast as if they were trying to force boobs down. Then they would bring the rope under the breast as if they were trying to force those big boobs up. Finally they brought into play a smaller rope they used to wrap each individual tit in. This forced the blood and tissue out into the breast and away from the body.

With each wrapping that Keith, and company, applied Angel’s breast became more and more sensitive. She could feel the wetness of her pussy start to run down her inner thighs. She moaned, “Ohhhh, Master Keith, may I cum?”

“No Angel. You may not cum.” Master Keith stopped playing with Angel’s tits and allowed his two slave to continue their preparation of Angel.

Angel was told to drop her hands. Her wrist and ankle cuffs were reapplied. As her collar was put on her, Angel thought that there must be something wrong. Master seldom used the leather collar and cuffs when they were going out. It was Master’s preference when they were out of the house to use the metal collar and cuffs. The ones that looked like bracelets and a necklace.

Angel’s thoughts were interrupted as the girls placed a rather wide leather belt around Angel’s waist. Once secured in place she was ordered to bend at the waist and spread her legs wide. Dawn took a place behind and between Angel’s legs. Angel then felt her pussy lips being opened and a metal object passing through the portal of her womanhood. The object did not remain long as Dawn pulled it right out. Just as quickly as she felt the object vacate its spot in her vagina she could feel this thing pushing at her rectum. She started to relax and in this thing went. Next she felt an other object enter her pussy. As she was ordered to stand up straight she was also told not to let either item drop from its place.

Angel could feel Missy squatting in front of her. Missy was spreading Angel’s pussy lips. She was pulling them open enough that Angel was concerned about whatever the gadget was that they had inserted into her vagina would escape. Angel did not have to worry long, though. Dawn was pulling a leather strap between her legs. The thin piece of leather was connected to the belt they had placed around her waist. Dawn was pulling the strap between her lips and up the crack of her ass. As she was attaching the strap to the back of Angel’s belt she pulled it extra tight as if she was trying to split Angel in half.

Dawn and Missy put the finishing touches on their work by attaching Angel’s wrist cuffs to her belt. Then straps were attached to Angel’s legs just above her knees. Angel knew just what the leg straps were for. Her legs were going to be held open for a period of time. Master likes to use these straps when he was gong to pin her into the “totally open” look, as he would call it.

The two girls stepped back to admire the look that they had created on Master’s slave. A touch up of hair here and an adjustment to the harness there, but in general they were happy with their efforts. Taking hold of Angel’s left nipple Dawn pulled as she told Angel, “It is time to go Angel.” Snapping a leash on Angel’s collar she led was the out into the hall and then down the stairs were her Master waited.

“Angel, you look wonderful this morning. I trust you have a relaxing time with Keith and his girls.” Scott gave Angel a kiss and brushed the back of his hands across each nipple.

“Master, were are we going?” Angel queried with some excitement in her voice. Then as an after thought Angel added, “Good morning, Master.”

Lifting his fingers to her lips Scott said, “Hush Angel. Today will be an exercise in trust. You will need to trust me if we are to be successful.” Angel started to speak, but Master just lightly touched his fingers to her lips. Scott took her leash, gave her a light pull and said, “We are off.”

As they stepped out into the morning air, Angel could feel the change in temperature on her bare skin. There was a light breeze that played with her already over sensitive nipples. Angel realized that her nipples were getting more and more sensitive with each passing minute that they were incased in her rope bra. She was sure that if she could get anyone to play with the nipple of even one breast she would cum in less than 30 seconds.

Master continued to lead her across the porch , down the steps and to the waiting car. The girls helped Angel keep her balance as she walked down the steps. Angel could feel the coolness of the metal of their vehicle as she got near. There was something different though. This was not Master’s normal limousine with Mike driving. This was larger. As the girls helped to guide Angel’s feet on the running board it became clear to her that this was a van. Angel’s thoughts took control of her mind and she started to speak, “Master ….”

Master cut her off, “Hush my dear, and trust.”

Keith’s slaves continued to get Angel ready for her trip, or would be better stated as her ordeal. The back of the seat was lower until Angel was almost laying down. Her cuffs were released from her belt and reattached to something behind her and on the floor of the van. Her legs were then pulled wide and the knee straps were connected to the base of the seat.

As Angel listened to her Master thanking Keith for all his assistants this morning, she was picturing just how she looked. Her breast was swollen in their rope bra. Master Keith was an expert at tying up a slave’s breast. He tied them just tight enough to reduce the blood circulation so that they would swell and get more sensitive, but then he did not tie them tight enough to do any real damage. Yes she must have made a pretty sight, Angel thought. Laying back in her seat, breast popping out and her legs wide enough for King Kong to fuck her. She shivered at that thought.

Master took his seat behind the wheel and started the engine. Angel turned her face towards him and started to ask a question, but thought better of it. She could feel her Master turn in his seat as he spoke in a soft voice, “We are going to my mountain retreat. It will take a some time to get there. All you need to do is lay there, remain quiet, enjoy what is in store for you and trust me. If you insist in asking all your questions I will be forced to gag you. Do you understand?” She nodded her acceptance.

Master put the truck in gear and they started to move down the drive. As they turned on to the main road leading to the expressway Master started to explain, “On this trip Angel you will remain bound just as you are. I am sure you have felt those wires between your legs … well they are connected to sensors mounted on the outside of the van. Every time we pass a truck on our right, or if a truck passes us on our right, one or both of these sensors with go off. Something like this ….”

Angel jerked in her seat as she felt the extremely strong vibrations in her rear passage. The intensity of the vibrations made it impossible for her to just sit in her position, and as they settled down Angel felt like her whole lower region was quivering like Jell-O.

She was still breathing hard, but beginning to get control of her breath when the second jolt hit her. Only this time it came from her pussy, and the vibrations were even stronger than the first ones. Although, Angel knew that unit was imbedded inside her vagina it felt like it was making direct contact with her clit. This time as the vibrations faded away it was not only her lower region of her torso, but her legs were trembling as well.

“You will have these feelings while we are near a truck, and the driver of that truck will be able to watch you put on a show for them through the windows.”

“Master, Please don’t do this to me. Don’t shame me this way.” Angel pleaded. Her begging was to no avail. The only response her pleading brought from her Master was for the van to be pulled over and a gag placed in her mouth.

While they were stopped Scott ran his hands up and down her torso. Feeling how the leather strap opened her labia and how the ropes held her breasts firmly in their bra. As Master felt the smoothness of her skin, the trembling that came from within and the pure anxiety generated by her desire to please her Master. Scott asked, “Do you trust me Angel?”

She nodded that she did.

“Are you ashamed of what you are?”

She answered by shaking her head, “No.”

“Then it must be that you are ashamed of your Master.”

Again she answered by shaking her head, “No.” Only this time her movement was more violent to amplify her response.

“Well then, if you trust me, and you are not ashamed that you are a slave or that I am your Master then we should have no more problems.”

Angel nodded her agreement.

“Angel, I always want you to be proud of who and what you are, and now you have the chance to show every truck driver that we pass just what you are and to whom you belong.”

Scott then turned back into his seat, put the truck in gear and they were off.

Angel was left to her feelings and to her thoughts. It only took a few minutes and she could feel the truck increasing its speed and she knew they were entering the expressway. Angel listens with everything that was in her for those tell tails sounds of the large trucks. The ones big enough for the drivers to look down into the windows of the van and see her in all her glory. She wondered just what those drivers would think of her and her Master.

It did not take long and she could hear one of those big rigs coming along side. Angel began to brace herself for the vibrations to hit, but there was nothing. She started to question what was going on when she realized this truck was on the left side. Every sound seemed to be amplified. Every movement of the van seems to be exaggerated. Angel thought it was a lot like when you are just about to dose off in a car and the movements keep shaking you back awake.

Angel could feel Master making lane adjustments and finally he seemed to be able to smooth out the speed that he wanted. As acute as her hearing was Angel almost did not notice the sound of the first truck that they passed. The vibrations hit. The first ones were just in her pussy and moved to her rear as they passed the truck. All in all it only took a few seconds and Angel could relax again.

The next truck was a little different. It seemed to Angel that this driver wanted to linger on their right side. Almost as if he was enjoying the show. Again the vibrations started in her pussy, but as the truck lingered to their right the sensations from the rear passage joined those from the front passage. Angel’s body jerked as much as her restraints would allow her to move. As Master pulled away from this second truck the stimulations moved to just her rear entry, and then faded into nothing. However, the feeling that her insides were turning into molten lava did not fad away.

Every movement of the van, every bump in the road, every little sway of the van from the slightest of steering adjustments made Angel’s insides to move right to left or forward and back. Just as if she was riding on the waves of the sea. As Angel tried to settle herself she paid very close attention to what it was that she could hear. Concluding that there were no trucks to be heard she thought all that was needed was to settle her insides and she could get a bit of a rest.

That is when it hit. The explosion! The fuse that had been lit within could not have been put out. It had to have its release. Her body convulsed as her muscles would tighten and then release. The walls of her vagina and rectum tried in a vain attempt to expel the intruders only to be forestalled by the leather strap between her legs.

Scott reached over from his seat and took hold of Angel’s left nipple. Slightly squeezing, twisting the rock hard little nub. Although, Angel tried to get control of her reactions it was no use, and now as her Master played with her nipple she knew that he knew just what she was going through. The thought ran through Angel’s mind, ‘I cannot hide it from Master … I cannot hide it from any truck driver that may pass us by. I may as well admit it to myself … I am his slut and I am enjoying every bit of his ownership.’

Angel was trying to communicate with her Master. She wanted to tell him what was on her mind. She wanted him to know that she was not going to fight any more. She wanted him to mold her in his way. To use her for his joy. Angel tried with all her power to get these messages to her Master, but her gag got in her way. Then the vibrators hit her again.

The first session was not that bad. The time lapse between sessions made it easier to handle because there was some calm down time in between the sessions of very intense stimulation. That was the way that she was thinking about her little ordeal. There were no trucks and their drivers, just sessions of vibrations that would rock her whole being and then, nothing. At times the lack of stimulation was worse on the nerves than the heavy vibes.

Master broke into her thoughts, “Did you hear that Angel? They are talking about you on the CB. The drivers are so impressed with your little show that they are getting their trucks in a line just to watch you.” Angel jerked when she felt her Master’s hand pat her on the inside of her left thigh.

Just as Master had told her the trucks were in a line that they started to pass. One right after another. The vibrators within her started their little dance. Pussy to ass, and then back again. At times both vibes would be doing their work at the same time. With no down time in between extreme stimulations it was not long and Angel was cumming. At first she was having one orgasm after another, until it seemed like just one continues orgasm. There was no brake. No time to rest. No way was Angel allowed to gather her thoughts. Her body was just one never-ending convulsion. This went on until Angel’s mind and body could take no more, and everything just shut down.

Master reached over and pulled the release line on Angel’s rope bra to allow her lung to get more oxygen. Angel continued to sleep all the way to her Master’s retreat.

Angel started to wake up as her Master was releasing her bindings. As she started to move her arms and legs she moaned from the soreness of being confined for so long. It was then that Angel noticed that the gag was gone as was the blindfold.

As she opened her eyes her first sight was of her Master leaning over her and brushing her hair off her forehead. Angel reached up to wrap her arms around Scott’s neck with the desire in her heart to kiss this man that she loves so dearly.

Scott had to pull back from his slave until he removed the cardboard that shielded the windows from any outside views. As Angel realized what it was that interfered with her kiss a huge smile wrapped itself around her face as she said, “Master, no one could ever see me. Could they?”

“No Angel. I told you to trust me. That is just what I meant.”

“Master, you lied to me.”

Lifting a finger to her lips Scott responded, “I set the stage for another one of your fantasies … and I kept you safe at the same time.” While kissing her lightly on the cheek he asked, “Did you enjoy it, my love?”

“It was wonderful, Master.”

Gently Scott lifted Angel from the vehicle and carried her into the lodge style cabin. Setting her down on a couch in the great room he continued to hold her as he moved in for a kiss. A soul searching kiss. One of those kisses that will suck the air right out of you as your partner breathes in.

As they both broke off the kiss in order to catch their breaths Angel held Scott close to her so she could whisper in his ear, “Master, I love you so much.”

Scott also whispered in Angel’s ear, “I love you too, Angel. I love it when you enjoy yourself.”

“There is one other thing that I wish for your permission to enjoy, Master.”

“What is that?”

“I wish for you to remove his chastity belt and for you to enjoy the openings that belong to you.”

Master removed her belt along with the vibrators that had been inserted that morning. As the last vibrator was removed Angel said, “It is your turn to enjoy, Master, or is it my turn to service you?” Angel moved Scott’s hand to her breast as she told him, “These are the breast that I give to you. The only purpose they serve is to make you happy. Should it ever be your desire Master to cause these pain, then I want to suffer that pain for you.” That said she moved in closer and placed a warm, inviting and passionate kiss on her Master.

Moving to a kneeling position in front of her Master and as she looked him in the eye she said, “This is the mouth that is here to serve you. To speak the words that is music to your ears. To bath you with it’s tongue. To receive you deep within its recesses, and to be used for your enjoyment as if it was another pussy.”

Angel opened Master’s pants and pulled his member into the open. It looked like it was on a spring as it popped out of his boxers and into Angel’s waiting hands. With no wasted movements She brought her head over his manhood and dove down on it until her lips were wrapped around its base. Master moaned his pleasure. Angel moved her mouth up and down his shaft while she sucked and licked the entire length. Angel continued to fuck her own mouth on Scott’s manhood until she felt him expand within her.

Scott moaned again his complaint when she withdrew her mouth and left him waving in the air. Standing in front of her Master Angel started to help him remove the rest of his clothing. She knew that Scott wanted her to resume with her mouth, but Angel had other plans. Angel enjoyed being Scott’s slave. She enjoyed the comfort of knowing that she was his property. She loved the fact that he had the right to use her anytime, anyplace, anyway that he may desire, and that it was her duty in life to please this man and that included his penis. Angel also knew that her Master’s penis was there for her pleasure as well, and today she was going to get herself some.

Just was she helped Master with the last of his clothing she turned, bent at the waist, placed her hands on her ass and said, “Master, this is your ass for you to enjoy. Beat it if you wish, or whip it with a single tail if that is your desire. What I like best is when you want to fuck your ass. Nothing gives a girl a feeling of being owned more than when her Master fucks her in the ass.”

Knowing just how hot Scott was Angel did not give him a chance to enter her rear door. Not this time, she other things on her mind.

She turned so she was facing him. Her pussy was just about even with his eyes. Spreading her legs Angel said, “This is your pussy. While it has desires of it’s own, this pussy’s main desire is your pleasure.” As Angel spoke these words she straddled her Master, took aim, and lowered herself down on his cock.

She just sat there on his member enjoying the fullness within her. She took his face into her hands and kissed him all over it. His ears, eyes, nose, forehead and mouth. She almost did not let Scott breath, as she kiss and spoke, “Now you are home Master. Your beautiful cock is right were it belongs. Inside me.”

While She was not bouncing up and down on her Master, Angel was working the muscles along the walls of her vagina. Milking him of all his energy. It did not take but just a few minutes for him to swell, and push with all his might driving the head of his penis even deeper into her pleasure canal. He only drove into her three times and he exploded. His seed splashed against her internal walls. Angel brought her mouth down on his and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth.

Breaking the kiss just long enough to say, “Oh, thank you, Master!”

When Scott could catch a breath again he said, “It is I that thanks you, Angel.”

As there bodies released their excitement, and their breathing returned to normal they continued to hold their position and each other. Angel’s head dropped to his shoulder, but she remained straddled across his lap and although, he had softened she was not letting him slip out of her.

Scott held Angel enjoying the aftermath of their love making. He could feel himself within her as their body fluids continued to mix. It was a very relaxed feeling indeed.

Still on the couch they both started to dozed.

The End.

Again, I encourage you to vote on each part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. Thank You, S.S.

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Very hot! Make another one soon, hopefully.


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This story is excellent. My partner and i have read all of the stories about Angel and has become more understanding of my needs to be willingly submissive within a loving relationship. It is very unfortunate that people misjudge d/s relationships. Please write more?


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It was a very good story, erotic, and romantic as well. Could use more human interaction between the master and slave. Rest of story pretty well thought out and detailed, seems like you kinda lost your umph at the end and just wanted to wrap it up quickly.

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