I didn't think I would have a chance with this girl but after almost running into her a couple times while bodysurfing, we starting talking and flirting. Her name was Shannon and she was at the beach with her Mom.
I spent a lot of time at the beach as a young 15 year old teen. During the summer I

would surf all day and try to meet girls. I was fairly successful with meeting girls, but had

only made out with a few at this point. I usually went down to the beach by myself except on

this day I had gone with my aunt to a different beach. While swimming and bodysurfing I saw

this beautiful blond girl with a tight body in a black bikini come down into the water.

I didn't think I would have a chance with this girl but after almost running into her a couple

times while bodysurfing, we starting talking and flirting. Her name was Shannon and she was

at the beach with her Mom. I was a polite teen and the Mom loved me from the start. We hung

out together for the rest of the day and I found out that she was only 13. I couldn't believe

it cause she looked at least my age or maybe 16. She told me she was a swimsuit model and

even though she was hot I thought she was bullshitting. At the end of a day of flirting she

gave me her phone number and her Mom was ok with me calling her.

We made plans on the phone to hang out a few days later and I went to her house to

hangout. While there her Mom let us hang out alone in her room with the door closed. I was

never allowed to be alone in a girls room before but I guess her Mom really liked me. While

in her room Shannon brought out a portfolio of modeling pics and I was happily proved wrong

and found she was a teen swimsuit model for bodyglove.

Now I was in awe that I might get a chance to make out with a model like the ones I

see in the surf mags. After listening to some music and flirting a bit with the door closed I

made my move to kiss her. Shannon didn't put up any resistance and let me kiss her. She was

a bit awkward but I had a bit of experience and she let me take the lead. She tasted

incredible as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She was dressed in jeans and a baggy shirt

and I couldn't help but try to get a feel of that hot body and nice firm tits I knew were

hiding underneath.

While we were kissing I slowly brushed my hand across her breast on the outside of her

shirt to see how she would react. She didn't move away or protest so I tried again except

this time I did it slow and firm so she knew my intention. She still did not protest and

actually started kissing me back harder as I started to press and squeeze her firm teen

breasts. I could feel her nipples even getting hard through her bra. Now feeling bolder I

slowly caressed down her toned stomach through her t-shirt. When I got down to her waist I

slipped my hand underneath and felt her tight bare stomach.

She still wasn't stopping me and I moved up her body and my fingers brushed the

bottom of her bra. It was a silky bra and I will always remember the feeling of her firm

breasts through that silk. I continued to grope her breast through her bra as I kissed her.

When I tried to pull the bra down to let her young breast out she finally stopped me and said

no. I was really worked up and hard now, but I was ok with it since I was in shock that I was

getting this girl. I waited for my hard on to go down a bit before I nervously went downstairs

to see her Mom.

I left after her Mom cooked us dinner and asked me if I wanted to go back to the

beach in a few days with her and her daughter. I of course said yes and we would meet up two

days later and her Mom would drive us to the beach. The two days in between we talked on the

phone a lot and she would go on about how good that felt and she talked about sex stuff. I

wasn't able to tell if she was just playing around on the phone or serious. Most teen girls

love to tease guys, but Shannon was very enthusiastic while talking about being together

again. She said she was a virgin and that our makeout session had just drove wild and got her

thinking about it.

I met up at her house for her Mom to drive us to the beach and we all piled in her

moms convertible. When we got there Shannon took off her shorts and shirt to reveal her

perfect body wearing a pink and green bikini that wasn't far off from a thong in back. When I

look back I can't believe her mother would let her young teen daughter out like that, but from

what I saw her mother encouraged it.

Her mother was bad herself being a blonde with long hair and a not so bad body. She

wasn't tight and firm like Shannon but still had a pretty face and her body wasn't bad. These

days I would take the Mom in a heartbeat but back then I couldn't get my mind of Shannon.

After playing in the surf for a bit Shannon and I told her Mom we were going up to

the concession stand to get some food. We were flirting on the walk up and decided to detour

to the dunes to kiss. We found a dip where you weren't supposed to go and no one could see

us. We sat down started kissing.

I immediately grabbed her hot ass and shoved my tongue down her throat. I went for

her breasts again and felt her hard tit through her cold wet suit. I couldn't feel through

the suit as good as the silky bra so I attempted again to pull it down from her breast. This

time she let me and I slowly pulled it down as her firm breast popped out. She had beautiful

little nipples that were rock hard from the cold water and kissing.

This was my first bare teen breast that I had felt and I slowly explored her breasts

and gently pinched and caressed her nipples. They felt so good that I had to taste them.

There is an instinct that I could not resist and I grabbed her whole breast, moved my head

down and wrapped my lips around one of her hard nipples. It taste so good as I licked and

sucked on her virgin nipples.

She did not expect this and gave out as gasp as I did this. I could tell she liked it

cause she wrapped her arms around me and started caressing my back and sides. As I went back

up to kiss her she began caressing my chest and when she moved down to my stomach her arm

grazed my hard cock straining up through my wet swim trunks. She realized what it was and as

I kissed her and fondled her breasts, Shannon grabbed my hard cock through my trunks.

This was the first time my cock had been touched except for me furiously beating it

at home. I let out a moan and told her how hot she was. She started rubbing it through my

shorts and asked it it felt good. After she had been rubbing for a min I told her it was

incredible but it was starting to get raw from the wet trunks.

With bubbly expression she said she would just have to fix that and before I could

answer she pulled my penis out of my shorts. I was in heaven as she continued on my bare cock

and could have died right then when she stopped and told me to sit back cause she wanted to

try something. As I lay back in the sand she grabbed my cock, moved down and put it in her

mouth. Now I was in ecstasy as she licked and sucked on the head of my penis. I could tell

she really didn't know what to do but it didn't matter. She was a beautiful girl with her

blond hair hanging down on me with her pretty face working on the tip of my cock. She was

still hesitant to put the whole thing in her mouth and when I was almost ready to cum I was

about to tell her go down more, she stopped and pulled my shorts over my cock again. She sat

up and giggled and said we had to get back to her Mom

Now I couldn't leave the dunes with my balls throbbing to cum and my cock harder than

it had ever been. I whined a bit about it Shannon said she would do more later. With carrot

of another blowjob hanging in front of me I waited til my cock was semi-hard before making a

b-line and running to the water. As soon as I jumped in the cold water shrank my cock and

balls further. For the rest of the day at the beach Shannon would grab me underwater trying

to get me hard thinking it was funny. A couple of times she would also jump on me in the

waves wrapping her arms and legs around me, grinding her crotch into my hip.

After we left the beach and returned to her house, I still had some time before my

parents came to pick me up. I was still insanely worked up and could not get my mind off of

the beach BJ. We couldn't get alone in the house cause her stepfather was now home and he

didn't like me alone in her bedroom. Shannon said we could take a walk and she took me to a

play ground by her house. We found a secluded corner of the park and I sat in the grass as she

pulled out my penis again and started kissing it.

While she was licking my shaft I was a little nervous that someone would find us and

of course here came some asshole walking through the park. He was a ways away and was about

to pass us when he turned and looked our way. I'm not sure if he saw what we were doing but

he looked a couple of times and moved on. I didn't tell her cause I could not let her stop

again. I needed to cum in her little mouth.

I guess she did not realize what cum was cause when I grabbed her shoulders and tensed

she did not get up from me. I bucked my hips and shot a huge teen load in her unsuspecting

mouth. As soon as it hit her tongue she spit it out around my cock and it went in her hair

and on my shorts. She was surprised and a bit mad at first. But when I told her how

incredible she was and held her as I recovered from the first orgasm from a girl, she melted

hugged me. She went to kiss me but I was grossed out by her having had my cum on her lips and

protested. We both laughed and ran back to her house cause my parents were probably almost


Over the next few weeks we continued the phone sex conversations and would just talk

for hours. We had a few more makeout sessions where I had gotten down her pants and felt her

silky smooth and wet pussy covered in sparse hair, but she hadn't given me another BJ yet.

One day she invited me over when her parents weren't home for the day. After we

listened to some music and did our usual joking around she asked me if I wanted to see a porn

tape that she found. Me being completely surprised that a girl would watch porn said of

course. I hadn't even seen much porn cause it was hard to come by being that the internet was

new and all you could do was really go on aol.

We went down to her living room and she pulled a tape from what must have been her

parents secret hiding spot. She put the tape in and we sat on the couch starting to play with

each other as the video started. It was fuzzy at first so I could tell it was homemade and

when it focused and cleared I could tell the room in the video was the room we were sitting

in. Then her Mom walks into the shot wearing some sexy lingerie and sits on the couch we were

sitting on. Next her step father walks out naked with a huge semi hard cock, stands in front

of her Mom and her Mom goes to town on his tool.

I was taken back and said wow that's your parents, thinking that Shannon didn't know

what she put on and she said yeah I know. I couldn't believe this girl wanted to watch her

parents fuck. Now I knew where this girl was getting her sex drive at this young age from.

And from the looks of how her parents sex tape was progressing I was starting to wonder what

went on in this house. The video was getting real hot as her Mom was bent over the side of

the couch and her step dad was impaling her from bind with his monster cock.

I wasn't about to protest and ask if she was ok with it, so I just acted like it was

normal to be ok watching that. I unbuttoned her pants and started to slide my hand over her

soft thin bush and found that she was already getting soaking wet. I didn't know how to play

with a clit yet so I just stuck my finger up inside her til it was too tight to go further.

I moved my fingers around like I thought she would like and it worked. She started making

little whimpering noises as we watched her parents now fucking missionary style.

I turned to her and kissed her as my fingertips were inside of her. I asked her if

she liked what her parents were doing and if she had ever done that. She said she hadn't and

that she was a virgin, but she thought what they were doing was hot. I swallowed nervously

asked if she wanted to try what they were doing. She quietly said yes as I was still playing

with her pussy.

She told me to wait went to her parents room and came out with a condom. I awkwardly

undressed her taking her body in and kissed it all over. She opened the condom and tried to

put it on me but was doing it wrong and couldn't figure it out. I turned it the right way and

took her hand to slide it up my cock. It felt so good as she rolled it to the base.

I could now see her beautiful little pussy as I spread her legs and positioned my

cock at her entrance. I tried to push in a couple times but could't get it in the right

whole. After almost putting it in her ass she pushed me back and grabbed my gloved penis

guiding me into her.

Her legs were straight, tense and she was not opening them wide so I could just get

my head in the entrance. I could feel something blocking me from going further and I wasn't

sure if it was her hymen or I was missing the hole again. I tried to push in but she tensed

up her legs more and was pushing me back every time I tried to push into her. I asked if I

was inside her and she just nodded with a slight look of pain to her face. I was so hot now

with this beauty in front of me and the sounds of her Mom screaming as she got hammered in the


I could not take this any more and I grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled her

legs up and spread them apart holding her open. Shannon said no and tried to stop me but I

couldn't wait anymore. With her trying to close her legs and push me back, I shoved my cock

through her hymen. She cried out as I slide deep into her. It felt like her pussy was

squeezing me where her hymen was and it was the most amazing feeling ever. Her pussy is still

the tightest thing I've ever felt in my life.

She had a few tears in her eyes as I stopped with my shaft fully buried inside her.

I looked down her and wiped the tears from her eyes and told her how much I wanted her. She

calmed with this and I started to pump her pussy and with each push I could see her wince a

bit. After a few minutes she was ok with me fucking her hard. As her mother was being fucked

in the ass and screaming on the TV I couldn't stop from cumming. I spread her wide drove deep

into her and came as I told her I loved her. I collapsed on top of her and we held each other

for what seemed like forever as we both recuperated from losing our virginity.

We got dressed and a 20 min. later her step dad came home early and I ran upstairs

and jumped out the back window, as I wasn't supposed to be in the house. He probably figured

out that I was there after I came back a few minutes later and I didn't even live in that

town. he must have known I fucked his little step daughter and after seeing his video I

wonder if he liked it.

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