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This is my first story, any advoice is welcome. Hope you enjoy it.
Libby's great night time adventures
(1) - Libby and Tiffany

Libby was 12 years old when she had her first great night time adventure. Her friend Tiffany had told her how she and her older sister had their own adventures and all the neat things they learned on their excursions. The one adventure Libby was especially interested in was of Tiffany's mommy and daddy and the games they played at night. Tiffany didn't want to tell her everything so she decided to see if her daddy and his new wife also played games at night while she was sleeping. . .

Libby had stayed awake way past her normal bedtime, Carol had tucked her in and Daddy had said goodnight, but tonight she was too excited to go to sleep. Tonight she was also going on her own night time adventure.

I can't wait. I wonder if its late enough. I hope no one hears me, I can't wait. Ok, this is it, I'm going!

Libby slowly opened her door and looked down the hall, she could see her Princess night light, left on to guide her to the loo if she needed, but tonight it had another purpose, tonight it would help her go to her Daddy's room.

They never slept with the door closed and as Libby was making her way down the hall to her Daddy's room she could hear Carol's voice.

Oh John, that was amazing! Uhmmm. . .

Libby could hear her Daddy making a grunting sound but he didn't say anything.

Please can I clean it, John. You know how I like to clean that monster after you've cum.

Sure baby, anything for you.

Libby couldn't understand what they were doing. For one thing she knew her Daddy didn't have a monster and another thing was that Carol never wanted to clean anything. Libby wanted to get a closer look at what they were doing but was too afraid they would catch her. She stayed behind their door until it sounded as if they had gone to sleep. She crept back to her own bed exhausted, but curious to find out what her parents were doing.

The next day Libby told Tiffany about her adventure.

I don't understand Tiff what game could they be playing with a monster?

I don't know, but I do know what cum is.

Really what? Libby was very curious about all this, she also wanted to play.

Well . . . Sherry, Tiff's older sister, said that when a boy has a very happy feeling, then he cums. Its like a milkshake coming from inside his body through his peepee.


Libby still didn't quite understand what happened or how a monster could be involved, but she didn't say anything, in case she sounded stupid.

A girl can cum too. Tiffany said matter of factly.

What? How can a girl cum? We don't have milkshakes inside our peepees! Libby couldn't believe her friend.

A girl can too! I came. It was awesome, I thought I was going to pass out, it was so nice. . . Tiffany confessed.

How? How did you cum?

Well Sherry showed me how and then she did it for me, while we were on one of our adventures. I can show you too if you want?

Tiffany was also 12 years old like Libby, but where Libby had straight honey brown hair and a slim athletic body with budding breats, Tiffany had short red hair and she had a more mature body for her age with A-cup breasts and shapely hips.

Please Tiff! Would you really, that would be awesome. Libby was very excited to learn anything new that would help her understand the game her parents were playing.

Tiffany stood up and took off her T-shirt, shorts and panty. Tiffany has a nice scattering of pubic hair over her girl mound. She took her position on the bed lying against the headboard. Libby couldn't believe what her friend was doing. Tiffany was stroking her hands over her body, her legs opening and closing. Libby could see that her friend's privates were looking shiny and slippery. Tiffany's hand was moving lower and lower. Until it came to her kitty. Without knowing it, Libby had positioned herself infront of Tiffany giving herself a close up view of what was happening. Tiffany had parted her legs and Libby could see her feminine folds and how her friends fingers were moving between them, opening the folds as if they were a flower. At the top of the fold there was a small button, glowing red. Everytime Tiffany would move over the button her whole body would shake. Tiffany moved her other hand lower to the bottom of the folds and their was small hole. Tiffany slipped a finger inside the hole and she moaned. Libby kept looking at her friend and she had a strange warm feeling in her own kitty. Tiffany had now picked up speed and was almost slamming her whole hand into her hole and stroking her button furiously, while her body shuddered in pleasure. With one long final moan, Tiffany became still and looked at Libby with a smile.

Ok, Libby now its your turn.

Huh? Tiffany wanted me to do what?

Come one Libby I showed you, you'll love it, you'll see!

Okay. . .

Libby slowly took off their own summer dress and panties. She went and laid down next to Tiffany on the bed .

Okay, Libby now do as I did!

Libby was nervous but liked looking at Tiffany and she didn't want to be chicken! She started by touching her little nipple nubs, they became stiff and rigid, it felt nice touching her own breasts, the tingling feeling started again in her kitty. She moved her hands lower to her belly and moving lower until she came to her warm kitty. She was shy and didn't want to open her legs infront of Tiffany, but a deal was a deal. She slowly moved her fingers to her fold, searching for her own button.

Why am I wet? Libby was expecting warmth on wetness.

That just means your kitty is ready to be played with. Go on you'll like it!

Tiffany had only seen Sherry's and her own kitty before. Sherry's kitty was full of dark curly hair, Tiffany liked rubbing he face on her sisters patch. She couldn't do that with Libby, Libby almost had no hair on her kitty only a little tuft above her button. Tiffany couldn't wait for Libby to start, then she could do what Sherry did for her.

Libby stroked her fingers down softly touching her folds, slick from pussy juice. She parted her folds and moved up and down looking for her own button. She moved higher and then an electric current of heat speared through her body,

Mmmm, Wow! Liddy said, that was amazing, did I cum?

Tiffany smiled at Libby, no silly that was just you clit.

My clit?

Yes, that's what grown ups call that little button. Sherry told me.

Well I had a very nice feeling, so I came, right?

No, you still have to fill you pussy.

Where's my pussy?

I can show you? This is how Sherry taught me. Tiffany asked, feeling excited and shy.

Okay. Libby didn't know what to expect no one had touched her there, except when her mommy had washed her. She didn't think it could feel better that touching her 'clit'.

Okay, so first you touch you clit a few times. Tiffany had opened Libby's legs and was lying between them, with her face a few inches away from Libby's pussy. Her fingers were resting on Libby's mound and circling her clit.

Your clit is bigger that Sherry's, its nice to play with it! Libby's clit must have been half an inch, it stood up straight and was glowing red! Wow she must really like it, Tiffany thought.

Libby couldn't believe the feelings she was getting from Tiffany touching and stroking her clit, she could feel Tiffany's warm breath on her heated kitty, it was driving her crazy. Libby wanted more, her body wanted more, she just didn't know what the - more - was.

Tiffany could hear and feel from Libby's slickness that she was ready for her fingers, she slowly moved her hand lower, until she reached her pussy, there she slipped her small finger into Libby's hole. Tiffany moved up until she reached the barrier. Sherry had told her not to go past the barrier and so she moved her finger in and out slowly, still slowly circling libby's clit.

Libby didn't know what was happening to her body, it was like a volcano, her body was shaking, everything was on fire, she felt stiff and needing to explode.

Tiffany knew from some experience that Libby was about to cum but she had to suck on Libby huge clit before she came. Libby's clit was standing proud and glowing red and purple, she lowered her head, sticking out her tongue to flick the tip and take it into her mouth in a soft sucking motion.

That was all Libby needed, her body shook and exploded, it was a feeling Libby never had before but one she is going to repeat often!

Tiffany laid her tongue out as long as she could go, without removing her lips from Libby's clit, and licked upwards, licking all Libby's pussy juiced into her mouth. With a final gentle tug on Libby's clit, Tiffany moved on top of Libby and kissed her.
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