Coming of age
Dale and I

This is a true story about friendship and coming of age. The names were changed.
These events took place in the early 1970's. A little background on what took place leading up to my friendship with Dale. In 1969 my parents separated due to the fact they no longer loved each other, or so they thought. For almost a year my mother, my other older siblings and myself lived in a apartment across town, while Mom and Dad sorted their lives together out. At the beginning of 1970 my parents reconciled and started living together again. During this transition period, my parents decided to sell our home and start over again somewhere where they were not so well notarized. So they bought a home in another city over from where we lived. This is where the story of how I met Dale and became friends begins. While we were moving into our “new” house, the family that lived behind us came over and introduced themselves, and also helped us move in. They invited us over to their home that evening for dinner, which my parents accepted the invitation. The mother's name was Annie Ozisky, the husbands name was Robert Dale Ozisky, The three boys were, Dale, Billy, Bobby and the daughter's name was Jilly Ann. As we walked in the door to the Ozisky home, Dale motioned for me to come over and sit next to him at the dinner table. Dale was a tall skinny, early to pre-adolescent boy and I just turned double digits myself. Dale definitely had the gift of gab, I could not get a word in edge wise as he talked about the school we would be attending, his hobby's, which girls he liked. Needless to say we became fast friends. As we were leaving their home Dale invited me to come over the next day and help him set up a train set. Annie reminded Dale that chores come first and play came later. The next morning I went over to Dale's house and helped him with his chores so we could start having fun sooner. About midday we finished the chores and went up to his room where this massive train layout encompassed his whole room. We both worked to finish setting it up and getting it running by the time his parents came home from work that evening. Dale's parents asked me to stay for dinner, with my parents blessing I accepted the invitation. Robert asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I told him I wanted to be an electrical engineer. As dinner concluded, Dale asked his parents if I could stay the night. They said it was ok if it was ok with my parents, I called my mom and she said it was alright. I went home to get my night clothes and returned. Dale's family was already in bed when I returned. As Dale and I got changed for bed, I glanced over as he was sliding on his pj's. To my surprise he had six inch long flaccid cock. My mouth just hung open. He said, “ Whats wrong Mike, haven't you ever seen a dick before?” I responded,”Not one that big on a boy who does not have any hair on his dick.” Dale fell over laughing and told me he had the biggest dick in the whole school. Shit I looked like a girl next to him. His next question stunned me. “Would you like to touch it or hold it?” he quizzically asked. I really thought about it and how close we had become in such a short time. I thought what would it hurt and I did not feel pressured or ashamed for feeling curious. I gently reached over and wrapped my hand around his flaccid member, all the while Dale was beaming from ear to ear. “So do you like holding it?” Dale asked. I said yes that I really was enjoying myself. He invited me to examine it closer and he turned himself so that I could look at it up close and really personal. I moved in closer so that I was looking at his dick straight on. The shaft was smooth, good whitish/pink tone and not veiny at all. The head was well defined, with a ridge, pinkish and somewhat redish in color. His pubis had no hair at all, it was as smooth as a babies butt. I gently spread the prepuce apart and looked down the urethra. I gently touched the opening and Dale let out a soft “ah, that feels good.” I played with the shaft to test its flexibility. I next moved onto his tight scrotum and balls and gave them a gentle examination. His scrotum was smooth and devoid of pubic hair, also the scrotum had no vein bulging issues. I loved running my hands over his smooth balls. I was surprised again as Dale's cock grew long and hard, I was witnessing my first ever erection. It looked to be almost a foot long. Dale said,” He needed to rub it to get it to go back to normal.” I asked if I could do that, as I was very curious as to what will happen. Dale said he was hoping I would ask. I gently again grasped the shaft and rn my hand up and down its full length. Dale suggested I spit on it so it would be more comfortable for him and not chafe the skin. I had a better idea, I licked the his cock like a lollipop, while rubbing it. Dales eye's rolled into the back of his head. He said,” Oh Shit, Mike, something is going to come out.” I had my mouth over the head at this point and he came in my mouth. I just swallowed it as it hit the back of my throat. His cum tasted really good, I do not know why. As his cock went limp in my hand, he smiled at me and asked if we were still friends. I told him we were still friends, but also more than friends. I told him I was looking forward to do this a lot more with him, if that is ok with him. He told me he would not have it any other way.


2012-10-15 21:53:08
look forward to reading the rest

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2011-10-27 17:24:27
Always a good job right here. Keep rlolnig on through.


2011-08-11 13:18:38
I really enjoyed this story! It gave me an erection as i could imagine examining another boys cock up close! When i was aboy myself i did the same thing to another boy my age!


2011-08-11 13:10:36
I really enjoyed this story! It gave me an erection as i could imagine examining another boys cock up close! When i was aboy myself i did the same thing to another boy my age!

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2011-08-10 23:29:13
good story. would like to see where this goes.

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