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A mans first time with a female dog
This is my first story, so please comment!

Todd was 20 years old when the subject of bestiality first entered his life. He was an average guy. 5’ 10” tall. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. He was athletically built by hereditary luck. Todd was already married and had a young child. His wife, Denise, was pretty average, too. She was 5’ 3” tall and was a brunette with green eyes. She was blessed with size D breast, thick thighs, and a nice ass. Todd and Denise had a good marriage and a more than kinky sex life. They had sex at least once a day and Denise got her pussy licked until she came 3 or 4 times a week. During these astronomically good lickings she would think all sorts of nasty things. By now she had learned that Todd would do whatever she told him to do. She was one lucky girl and she knew it.

One night she decided to finally divulge one of her secret naughty fantasies to her husband.

“Yes, babe,” Todd answered.
Denise hesitantly said, “I want to tell you what I think about when you get me off, but I’m scared you’ll think I’m weird.”
Todd’s interest was instantly peeked. He loved his wife’s body and her nasty ways. He loved doing whatever it took to please her and now was no exception. He answer was truthful and simple, “You know I’ll love whatever you’re thinking and you know I’ll do whatever you want. Tell me what you’re thinking and I promise I’ll make it come true.”
Upon hearing this, Denise knew she had to tell Todd. If there was any chance to make her fantasy come true, she had to try. She bluntly told him the truth, “I think about you fucking a female dog. I want to watch you fuck her and I want you to feel how tight and warm she is on your dick. Then I want you to cum in her and after that I want you to lick my pussy until I cum.”
Todd looked a little stunned. “Do you really mean that? Do you really want that to happen?”
Denise stated this with such a conviction that Todd knew it was true. Already he could feel his dick hardening from just the thought of fucking a female dog. He had never thought of bestiality before. It had never even crossed his mind, but now he knew he was going to go balls deep in a dog and cum in her like she was his own little bitch.

Todd and Denise talked about this fantasy for the next two weeks and had some of the most amazing sex in their whole relationship. They decided what they wanted to do and how to do it. Todd knew it would eventually happen, but he was unprepared when he walked into their apartment two weeks after Denise’s initial confession to find a fully grown black lab mix lying on the couch. He noticed a dog bowl, a sack of dog food, and a dog bed on the floor. Was this dog a new member of the family? He and Denise had talked jokingly about kidnapping a dog and returning it, not owning the dog indefinitely.

Denise walked into the room with a stealthy smile on her face. “I was thinking about our plans and I got tired of waiting.” She continued, “ So I went to the shelter to look for a solution to our problem. I was getting so horny just walking in the door to the dog rooms. I walked down the aisles, looking at each of the dogs. Some were too small, some not female, some just not sexy enough. Then I saw this dog. She looked at me and I knew she was the one. I’ve named her Roxy.”

Todd never argued with his wife. Like all smart men, he knew that a happy wife kept her man happy. He wondered when the fun would begin, but with a young child in the house, sex was never planned. Denise told him she had left their son at his grandmother’s house for the night.

Denise led Roxy into the bedroom with Todd right on their heels. Denise knelt by Roxy while holding her leash and she began to pet the dog. Todd knelt close by and watched his wife’s movements. Denise petted Roxy all down her body, rubbing her sides and flanks very slowly. The dog never moved and did seem to enjoy the attention. Denise grabbed some lube that was conveniently waiting on the night stand. She put a small amount on the fingers of her right hand and cautiously touched Roxy’s black pussy lips. Roxy made no motion that she even felt the touch. She calmly stood by the couple and Denise proceeded to rub Roxy’s pussy in small circles, pushing into Roxy’s pussy with one of her fingers. Roxy twitched, but stayed where she was. Denise stuck her finger half way into Roxy’s pussy and Roxy suddenly pushed back on Denise’s finger. Once. Twice. Three times the dog did this. Neither Denise nor Todd expected this. This dog was fucking Denise’s finger!

“Todd, its so warm and tight, you won’t believe! You are going to love this! Her pussy is squeezing my finger, Todd! It feels like she wants more!” Denise exclaimed.
Denise removed her finger from the dog’s pussy and turned to Todd. She began unbuttoning his pants. His cock was already at attention. It was rock hard and had pre-cum dripping from its tip.

Todd was a little hesitant, but his wife had never led him wrong. Also, he wanted to fuck this dog’s tight pussy worse than he had ever wanted in his life. He took of the rest of his clothes and knelt behind the dog. He pussy was right in line with his dick. This was meant to happen. He rubbed his dick on the dog’s pussy lips as his wife had with her fingers, but the dog was in no mood for this. It wanted a hard dick in it now! The dog was wet by its own accord now and pushed back on Todd’s dick all by itself. Once. Twice. Three times it jerked back. Each time it took more and more of Todd’s dick in it. Finally, the dog had all of Todd’s 7 inch dick in it. Todd hadn’t had time to access this occurrence. He had thought fucking a dog would be difficult, but this dog was practically fucking him! His dick felt squeezed harder than ever before. No woman had felt as tight as this juicy dog pussy and the heat radiating around his dick was almost more than he could bear. He took a deep breathe to steady himself. He couldn’t cum yet!
He grabbed the dog’s hips and started pumping his dick into her. Fuck, that felt good! Sensing that she wanted even more, he grabbed her hips more firmly and sped up his fucking. This dog liked it rough! The look in her eyes was one of bliss and she was doing her best to push herself back onto his waiting dick every time he pulled out.
Denise watched her husband with a thrill she had never experienced before. She had laid on the bed and started rubbing his clit in time with her husband’s thrusts. “Talk dirty to the dog, hunny,” she said.
“You like that, don’t you bitch? You like my dick in your tight little pussy. Come on, Roxy. Take some more. Take as much as you can, whore! Yeah, you’re my little whore, aren’t you?” Todd found himself close to shooting his load. This dog liked being talked dirty to! Her pussy clenched his dick harder with every word he spoke. Finally, Todd couldn’t hold it any longer.
“Cum in her, Todd. Fill that tight pussy with your sperm!” Denise urged him.
Todd did just as he was told. He squirted his hot jizz up into the dog’s lush pussy until he couldn’t give her any more. He slowly pulled his dick out and laid on the carpet to rest for a second. The dog turned around to lick her sex and then came over to Todd and licked his face. Todd and Denise petted the dog and thanked her for her willing contribution to their nasty adventures. Then Denise grabbed Todd’s shoulders and pulled him onto the bed.
It was time for Todd to finish her fantasy. He did. He gave Denise the best orgasm she had ever had. Roxy is now a beloved member of the family. She is spoiled at every opportunity. And so are Todd and Denise…

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I have fucked a pig and cow. No dog but I have tried to.

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I am 82 want to fuck a bitch dog all my life

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I did my Dalmation, often. It started casually. Separated and horney. I was watching a porn flic, then started to jerk. My dog heard me slapping my stomach. She sniffed my head, which had precum oozing. She licked, but backed off. I told her, good girl, daddy likes it. She cae back and licked and licked. Her tongue was rough , but felt so dam good. It only took a few minutes and I shot a huge load, firs a squirt , shooting over her head. Then the volcano erupted , i started cumming fast and plenty. She kepted licking until i was through. The next night i was ready for more. I got naked laid on my back, slapped mt tummy, in a few seconds she was along side me. I held my cock out and began to lick. I rolled onto my back and had her get between my legs. She seemed to like this position. I gradually used my toe to rub against her pussy area. She paused for a second. Gave a little moan. Then my toe entered her, she was wet and warm. I told her good girl. Daddy wants to fuck you.

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