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Thanks for all the comments! I really appreciate the help.
As per the comments, I'll definitely add more dialogue and length, but I can't make any promises for making the girls younger.
If you didn't read the first installment to the series, I would highly suggest that you do so. This series is meant to be read in order.

As I stirred on the second morning of my week of freedom, the first thing that hit me was my head. To be exact, it hit me like a firetruck. I guess I had partied a little more than I could remember. I closed my eyes and tried to picture the events of the previous night. Then I remembered what the last thing I did before passing out had been. I sure hoped that part hadn't been a dream. I turned my head and found that I wasn't dreaming. Dana was still sleeping soundly with her back turned to me. Not wanting to wake her, I slipped out of bed and into some a pair of shorts.

I briefly checked my sister's room to be sure that no guys had decided to stay the night in my absence last evening. To my relief, the only other sleeper in the room was Julie's other best friend, Nicole. I was shocked to see that Nicole was on her side and wearing nothing but a black lace thong and a tank top. I guess she really wanted out of the skinny jeans from the night before, but was too drunk to pull on the pair of shorts that were in a ball beside the air mattress she was sprawled onto.

Nicole and Dana were polar opposites as far as looks go in every arena except for their near equal hotness. Where Dana was petite and had a pretty face, Nicole had a full body and always seemed to have a sexy look on her face. She was easily a C cup and had a fairly large ass. What she lacked in form she more than made up for in substance.

With this image burned in my mind, I decided to check the damage done to my basement. Suffice to say the mess was absolutely epic, not to mention the entire first floor reeked of weed and alcohol.

As I cleaned the basement, I could not get the thought of Nicole's hot body out of my mind. I started to fantasize. If I could get with Dana, I was sure I could have Nicole as well. Without even realizing, I had started to harden.

“You weren't satisfied with Dana last night, Jeff?” called a voice from above my head, followed by a giggle. I looked up to see Nicole standing at the top of the stairs. This time she had managed to pull on a pair of shorts. Unfortunately I was shirtless and had a fully visible erection, and she was staring right at me.

“What do you mean by that?” I had hoped that Dana and I's antics the previous night had gone unnoticed, but now I was starting to think that I might be able to use it to my advantage. After all, when it rains, it pours.

“Well Jeff, after you carried Dana upstairs neither of you came back for the rest of the night.” She said with a knowing smile stretched across her face.

“We were both pretty wasted, so we decided to call it a night,” I said tentatively.

“See, I might believe that, but I looked in your room before I came downstairs. I saw something interesting. Can you guess what it was that I saw?” Although I had a pretty good idea, I decided to play with her a bit more.

“Was it that new poster I put above my bed?” I said playfully.

“Don't fuck with me Jeff. Dana is butt naked and in your bed. And there are stains all over your sheets. I think you know what I'm talking about.” Well at this point it was obvious that I had been caught. Now all that was on my mind was salvaging the situation.

“Alright Nicole, you got me. Dana basically begged me to fuck her last night, so I did. What's the big deal?”

“The only big deal I see is that tent you have pitched in your pants.” She began to move down the stairs towards me and my face immediately went red. I had forgotten all about my boner for that whole exchange. “Did Dana know what she was doing last night?” Nicole said as she dropped to her knees in front of me. “If not, I think I can make up for her.” With that, this sexy 14 year old vixen yanked my shorts down and my dick popped right out. Unlike Dana the night before, Nicole didn't waste her time with any licking or kissing, she just went right at it.

She must have had some prior experience, because her first mouthful took almost 6 inches of me. She began sucking, taking me in and out of her mouth, each time getting a little more in. Before long, eight of my nine inches were in her mouth and I felt the tip reach the back of her throat. I was about ready to burst. Unlike Dana, Nicole could tell I was about to cum and immediately pulled out up to the tip. She started jacking my shaft while sucking furiously on the tip. She moved her other hand down to play with my balls.

I couldn't take it anymore. I screamed on the top of my lungs and let loose what felt like one long stream of cum into her mouth. I grabbed her hair to make sure I got it all in. I clenched my muscles to get every last drop of cum into her sweet little mouth.

I looked down at Nicole. Damn she was sexy! A little bit of cum had escaped her mouth and ended up under her nose. I scooped it up with my finger and she sucked it right off my hand.

“I hope you enjoyed that, but now I need you to do something for me.” She said with a naughty wink. Nicole then dropped her shorts and I saw that her thong had been completely soaked through. Her juices were running down her leg. I didn't need any more of an invitation. I grabbed her and my first order of business was to tear off the tank top she had on. Wow, this slut wasn't even wearing a bra and I hadn't noticed. I lifted her up and placed her on the couch. Much like I had with her friend the night before, I started massaging her pussy through her thong. I reached one hand up to play with her tits and used the other to remove her thong.

Her mound came into focus and it looked amazing. I immediately set about doing the things that I know make a girl go wild. Reaching my other hand back down, I pulled her lips apart and buried my face in her pussy. She tasted different from Dana, not worse or better, but different. Dana had been sweet and almost sugary, but Nicole had a heavy scent and even heavier taste that somehow turned me on just as much. When I was done testing the waters, I inserted my tongue and began to thrash around. Nicole went wild. All I could hear was a slue of incomprehensible groans and grunts. Then she grabbed the back of my head and forced me further into her pussy as she shook with a violent orgasm.


Her insides flooded, and for a moment I was concerned I was going to drown. I eagerly lapped up all her juices, enjoying every second of it. Without waiting for her to recover or for any kind of permission I moved up and jammed my dick into her still pulsating pussy. She screamed out in joy. Nicole was no virgin that I had to be gentle with. She soon adjusted to my size. I went slow at first, forcing my cock all the way into her hot tunnel. When I bottomed out at her cervix, I began to pull it out slowly out of her. Then she screams into my face; “I'm not some silly virgin like Dana! I want you r big cock to fuck the shit out of me! Harder!”

I could hardly believe what had just come out of her mouth, but I was hardly going to argue. I picked up the pace and began slamming into her, feeling my balls slap against her round ass. She stopped screaming and began to whimper. I picked her up and set her on her hands and knees so I could fuck her doggy style. I went at that pussy with a vengeance, putting my all into it. Now she was screaming again. I felt her pussy clench down on my dick and she came again. This was the most intense orgasm I've ever seen a woman experience. She let out a monstrous scream and shook violently. This is all it took to put me over. I thrust in one final time and shot my load deep into her pussy. Feeling this sensation, she screamed out again in pure ecstasy. I held my dick in as deep as I could for a moment before I began to pull out.

Nicole still had her face in a pillow and was amazingly still whimpering. A mixture of my cum and hers spilled out of her cunt onto the inside of her legs. Slowly, she stood up.

“Wow Jeff, I wasn't expecting you to fuck me, but I'm glad you did. Lets do this again sometime.” She leaned in and gave me a deep kiss before lowering herself to my dick to suck all her juices off. With that, she got dressed and headed upstairs.

I heard the shower come on as I sat there, still completely nude. I thought how lucky I had been to bag the two hottest bitches in my sister's grade within hours of each other. Then I remembered that it was only about ten in the morning of what was only the second day of my week off. I still had nearly a full week of freedom left! Shit, I needed to get cleaned up and get to work!


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I would be happy to write a new installment in the series. I would also be willing to start a new series if anybody requests one. If you want something specific, send me a message!

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I think you should make it a 7 part series, one for each day of the week. This is really hot btw, keep it up.

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Plz post a part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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