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Sequel to, Picture perfect, Judy's story
My name is Judy Asher. I’m sitting in a restaurant in L.A. waiting to see my ex husband for the first time in seven long years. I can’t remember ever being this nervous at any other time in my life. What I did to our lives back in Chicago was unforgivable. I’m surprised he even agreed to see me.
As I sit here waiting for his arrival, I can remember back to Chicago. I remember it like it happened yesterday. It started one morning when I was down town shopping. My husband was a professional photographer and owned a studio just a few blocks from the store so, after shopping I had intended to surprise him, maybe even have lunch together if he wasn’t too busy.
Instead I ran into Pete Jeffers, an old friend I hadn’t seen since high school. Pete was an unrequited love of my from those days. I was kind of gangly in high school and, to say I didn’t have a lot of boyfriends was putting it mildly, I didn‘t have any. Pete was always so nice to me though. I always had a crush on him even though I was too shy to ever act on it. Later, when I got into college, I filled out and did some modeling to help with the high cost of college. After the first year my modeling career took off and I dropped out of college and became a full time model who was very much in demand.
Pete and I had many years to catch up on. Since my husband wasn’t really expecting me anyway, I decided to accept Pete’s invitation to have lunch with him. Although we both touched on our spouses, the conversation was generally about our days in high school. I revealed having a crush on him and he asked me why I never told him.
Before each of us knew it three hours had passed. We both had to bring our reminiscing to an end, but we exchanged phone numbers and promised to call and get together again. I had absolutely no intension of cheating with him or anyone else. After ten years of marriage, I was still desperately in love with my husband.
When Gary, my husband, came home that night I was about to tell him about meeting an old friend when Gary asked me for some advice regarding a photo shoot he had to do the next day. Being an ex model, he often asked me for my opinions. We spent some time discussing different ways to shoot the assignment and, by the time we were finished, I had forgotten all about meeting Pete.
A few days after that I had lunch with another old friend. Amber was also an ex model. She never achieved the success I had, but we became good friends back then and had remained so ever since. Amber had one character flaw that I always had to overlook, she had, had several affairs outside of her marriage. She knew my feelings on the subject so we had an understanding, I didn’t ask her about them and she never spoke of them in my presents.
We talked for a while before I told her about meeting Pete. I told her how good it was to see him and confessed, even after all those years, I got a little tingle when we were together. I told her about the intense crush I had on him in high school.
“I know how you feel about affairs, but I have to say this, why not, just once, sleep with him,” Amber said.
I frowned. “That’s right,” I said, “you know how I feel about cheating. You’re just lucky you haven’t been caught. You’re risking your whole marriage. You think for one moment I would cheat on Gary, your nuts.”
“Okay, okay,” said Amber, “but just one time, just for old time sake. When you’re old and gray and wondering what it would have been like to sleep with him just once, you’re going to look back and wish you had done it when you had the chance.”
I was getting agitated with her suggestion and she could see that so she dropped the subject. We talked for a little longer then I excused myself so I could get home to be there when my daughter, Tammy came home from school. As I drove Amber’s statement about being old and gray and wondering what it would be like kept going over and over in my mind. When Gary got home that night I was surprised he didn’t pick up on the guilt feelings I was having for just thinking about it.
The following week I had, pretty much, stop feeling guilty and really hadn’t thought that much about Pete until my cell phone rang, it was him. We exchanged pleasantries and a little small talk before he got to the reason for the call.
“Judy,” he started, “since we had lunch together that day I just have not been able to get you out of my mind.”
I could feel the blood draining from my face. I knew I had some kind of feelings for him too, but it took two to tango and I didn’t think he had any such feelings. He had spoke of his wife and I knew he loved her just as I loved my husband. If he really wanted to go to bed with me I wasn’t sure I had the will power to refuse. Amber’s damn statement about becoming old and gray kept going through my head. We talked for several minutes before deciding this was not something that should be discussed over the phone so we agreed to meet for lunch the following day.
When Pete walked up to the table I could tell he was as nervous as I was. He sat down and we ordered a couple of stiff drinks with our lunch. It was too early in the day for either of us to drink, but we both thought it might settle our nerves. Again we talked around and avoided the subject we both knew had drawn us there. All during the conversation Amber’s words kept going around in my head. I had eaten here before and had not even realized there was a motel across the street until it caught my eye as I drove into the parking lot that day.
Pete was the one who finally got up enough guts to say it first. “So, are really going to do this?”
I looked at him. “If we do this, Pete, we have to both agree it is a one time thing.”
“Absolutely,” he said, “I can not, nor will I, jeopardize my marriage for anyone, Judy, not even you.”
My answer brought tears to my eyes as I said the words. “Then my answer is yes.” We paid the bill and walked across the street to the motel. I stayed outside while he went in to get a room. While walking to room 106, I know neither of us could believe this was really going to happen. Once inside the room it was a complete and total disaster. We both fumbled with our clothes. We turned out the lights, not to make it more romantic, but so we would not have to face each other. We were both so nervous and felt so guilty neither of us could even perform. I tried to get him hard and finally succeeded to getting him hard enough that I thought he could get inside of me. There was no real foreplay, no romance, we just wanted to get it over with. When he got between my legs I was so dry I yelled in pain when he tried to enter me.
That was it. “I can’t do this,” he said. I was never so relieved. When we both knew we weren’t going to actually has sex we started to relax. When we had talked that first time down town we both mentioned we were happily married, but our conversation was of days gone by. Now we both sat on the side of the bed and started to talk a little about our spouses. He told me his wife was a homemaker, like me, and they had two wonderful kids. I told him my husband was a photographer. When I said that he looked surprised.
“Jeez,” he said, “Asher, damn, I should have put two and two together. You’re Gary Asher’s wife.”
My eyes must have been as big as saucers. “You know my husband?”
“Yeah, the ad agency I work for hires him from time to time.. I worked with him on a couple of projects.”
I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. We walked back to our cars saying very little to each other. We gave each other a peck on the lips and got into our cars. As I drove back home, again I had mixed emotions about what just happened. On the hand I was relieved that we did not have sex, but on the other hand, I felt cheated out of my one chance to have sex with my high school idol.
The one emotion that I could not shake was the guilt. I tried to busy myself that night with a project that my daughter was working on for school and I was actually relieved when Gary went into his office to do some work. Things started to fall apart when we went to bed that night. Gary was feeling amorous and started stroking my face. I was so full of guilt I didn’t think I could get wet, not even for Gary. For the first time in our ten years of marriage, I said I was too tired to make love to him. He tried not to show it, but I know it knocked him for a loop. Neither of us got any sleep that night. I stayed up all night trying to justify my actions and telling myself I didn’t really cheat because we didn’t screw, but I knew I was lying to myself. I knew Gary was aware that something was wrong, but I doubted he would guess infidelity. I finally told myself, it’s over, the past is past and there is nothing I can do about it now. I will make it up to my husband.
The next day I made fatal mistake. I went by Pete’s office to see him in the flesh just to make sure he didn’t want to pursue this any further. He closed his office door and ask me to sit down. He told me he couldn’t believe what happened the day before. Although he was, some what, relieved, he was also very embarrassed and felt very cheated. I told him I felt the same way, exactly. We sat and looked at each other. We both knew we couldn’t live with the memory of that motel room. Not unless we had one good time in bed together. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t. This, one time thing, was becoming an obsession, but how could I be sure, if we do make another attempt, that we will not have the same results, I wondered. One time, just once we need to be able to relax and enjoy ourselves. I wanted that memory that Amber talked about. He had the same concerns. As we talked more he said he was pretty sure the same thing wouldn’t happen again because, just from talking about it, he felt he was getting a erection . I jokingly said let’s see. To my surprise he stood up, pulled his zipper down, and pulled his cock out. He was right, he was almost hard. It was like a strange force was pulling me, I got down on my knees in front of him, and licked his cock from the base to the tip. It jerked and became instantly hard. I knew he would have no trouble performing next time, but what about me. Would I be able to get wet for him. Sucking Gary’s cock always made me unbelievably wet so, to see what would happen, I lowered my head and took his shaft into my mouth. I could hear his moans of ecstasy. I worked him up until I could tell he was about to cum then pulled his cock from my mouth and finished with my hand. Pete reached over and got a piece of paper from his desk and blew his load so it wouldn’t get on the carpet. I could feel I was moist between my legs and knew, if I agreed to have sex one more time, we would have a good time. We would then never again cheat on our spouses, neither of us, but we would have a secret memory that would last forever. This time I was actually looking forward to it. Then we ran into a snag, location. Pete did not want to go back to a motel. He thought it would remind him of the other day and he might not be able to perform again. His place was out of the question because his wife was always home. I remembered Gary was heading out of town at the end of the week. I didn’t want to do it in my own bed, but it seemed like the logical choice. We made our plans and I left.
For some reason I didn’t feel like I did before. I still felt guilty, but I knew this would be a one time thing and I was actually excited. I felt like Eve picking the forbidden fruit. I knew the chance I was taking, but there was no way Gary could ever find out. Pete was as much afraid of losing his family as I was so he would never talk to anyone. I was certainly not going to say a word to anybody, not even Amber. There would only be two people in the whole world that knew about it, Pete and myself. I think it was part of the allure. When Gary took me by the hand later that night, we made passionate love together. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I know now that Gary still felt I was being bothered by something. He knew something was up but didn’t let on.
The next day I was feeling guilty again so I called Pete at his office as I was driving to a girlfriends house. I was trying to relax so I teased him that I was going to tell my girlfriend and I could hear him almost jumping out of his shoes. I assured him I was just teasing him, I knew better than to say anything. I flitted with him. I said some silly things but he played along. I said I couldn’t resist him, that I was his love slave, silly things like that. He asked me if we were still on for Friday and I said as far as I knew but that Gary hadn’t mentioned the trip for awhile so I was wondering if it had been cancelled. He teased me back a little and said he wanted to come over now, but I teased right back and said he would have to wait.
That night I got the shock of my life. Gary called from the studio and said he was working late and decided to sleep at the studio. My heart dropped. My immediate thought was that he knew about Pete and me, but how. It was impossible. Gary made some excuse about the drive home, but at that hour it only takes fifteen minutes. Was this punishment for the other night when we didn’t have sex?
I didn’t sleep a wink that night and I called Pete’s office the minute he walked in the next morning.
“Pete,” I said in a panic, “I think Gary knows.”
“What!” I could hear the same panic in his voice. “How, how could he possibly know?”
“I don’t know but he spent the night at the studio. As long as he was in town we have never, ever spent a night apart. I’m worried.”
“Okay,” said Pete, “I really don’t think it’s possible Gary knows about us, it has to be something else.”
I said I didn’t think it was a good idea for him to come over Friday, but he said if we didn’t do it Friday, he was sure we never would. While talking to him it occurred to me, this wasn’t a, “one time” thing, we had been together twice already.
“This is absolutely the last time!” I told him.
Pete agreed. Whether it worked out or not, there would be no other, “just one more time.”
I had to get Tammy off to school so I hung up, but I was on pins and needles all day. I didn’t know what to expect when Gary came home, if Gary came home. I kept busy all day doing house word. Then it was time to pick Tammy up from school. I think even Tammy could tell something was bothering her mommy. I started fixing Gary’s favorite dinner, then went up stairs to fix myself up. When Gary walked through the door I met him with a passionate kiss. I did my best to question him about not coming home, but he insisted he was simply too tired to drive.
We had dinner then Gary played with Tammy for a while. They loved to wrestle around on the floor. A little later Gary said he was going up to pack for his trip. Ever since meeting Pete my emotions had been in turmoil. Day after day it was like I was on a roller coaster. This was no exception. When he told me the trip was still on, I first felt relief, certainly if Gary was still going on his trip he didn’t expect that Pete and I were having an affair. I also felt regret, I was almost hoping the trip was cancelled, that would have called a halt to Pete and I getting together. Then there was the excitement I felt knowing Pete and I would get together. I couldn’t imagine how people had continual affairs. The constant threat of discovery and guilt would drive me crazy in no time. I was excited that it looked like Pete and I would really get our time together, but I was thankful that this would be the end of it. I wondered how long it would take me to lose my guilt and be able to live with myself again.
In bed Gary was magnificent. I couldn’t understand why I even wanted to have sex with Pete, I really didn’t think he could stack up to my husband. Gary gave me orgasm after orgasm. I had absolutely no doubt now, that Gary did not expect any infidelity. He would go on his trip, I would have one glorious session with my high school crush, Gary would be back on Sunday and he and I would go on with our lives.
Gary left early the next morning. I sat at the kitchen table sipping my morning coffee. As the time approached my mind became more and more in turmoil. I called Pete as soon as he walked into his office. I told him Gary left for his trip. He was anxious and wanted to come over right then. I told him no, I still had to get Tammy to school and I wanted to get fixed up before he came over. We had one more shot at this. I wanted to make sure things went well this time.
I was just finishing with my make up when I heard the door bell ring. He was early. I wanted to make sure I put him at ease so I opened the door, put my arms around his neck like I usually did with Gary and kissed him. I could tell he was getting nervous again so I suggested we sit and talk over a cup of coffee for a little while.
We both started to relax and I decided it was now or never. Pete followed me up to the bedroom. This time was better. We slowly undressed each other. When I pulled his jockey shorts down his manhood sprang free. I was still a little worried about myself. I didn’t think I was very wet yet. I laid down and Pete scooted down and nuzzled his face between my legs. He used his tongue only to get me wet. He wanted to stick in me. I knew he wanted to get this over with and I felt the same way. I took a hold of his stiff shaft and guided into my pussy. Pete immediately started to pump away. I was beginning to think he would shoot off and I would never climax. I closed my eyes and tried to work myself up. I cried out, YES, YES, FUCK ME trying to tell myself I was enjoying this more than I really was.
Just then my world came to an end. I thought I heard Gary’s voice. My eyes opened to see him calmly walking beside the bed. I let out an uncontrollable scream. Pete pulled out and actually fell off the bed hurting his head. I stared in disbelief as Gary unplugged a new alarm clock he bought, knocked a smoke detector down, and walked out the door and down the stairs.
I jumped down from the bed and ran down the stairs after him. I begged him not to leave. Some how I could explain this, Gary loved me and loved him, I knew I could make him understand if only he would stop walking. Please stop! I hung on him trying to keep him from leaving but he simply pushed me off of him and left the house. I didn’t even realize I was standing on our front porch, stark naked, pleading with him to come back. Pete, who was also still naked, came out and pulled me back inside. I simply collapsed on the floor and bawled my eyes out. Pete kept trying to console me, but he was worried as well. Our stupid obsession probably cost us both our families. I tried for a couple of hours to call him, but Gary wouldn’t answer. Pete was, of course, dressed by that time and was in a hurry to get home. He was going to tell his wife he was sick and stay home. He was hoping to fend off any calls to his wife from Gary.
I was just beside myself. I had tried to call and e-mail Gary thirty or forty times. I knew it was hopeless. I called a friend who had a daughter Tammy’s age and asked if she could pick Tammy up from school and keep her at their house for a while. She asked me if I was okay and accepted my explanation that Gary was on a trip and I was not feeling well. I thought of going down to the studio. I knew that was where Gary would be, but I figured he would just go out the back door when he saw me come in the front. I saw my world coming to an end. Thoughts of suicide were next. I couldn’t see how I was to live in a world with out Gary.
I spent the rest of the day and night in a trance like state. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t even exist. Then the phone rang. I almost killed myself getting to it, praying it was Gary. It wasn’t. It was Pete. So far Gary had not called his home, but Pete had an idea.
“I can’t promise he would ever love you again,” Pete started, “but I think I have an idea to keep him from leaving you. The rest would be up to you. Maybe, in time, he would forgive you.”
I couldn’t see any possible way to keep Gary from leaving me, but if there was even a glimmer of hope I was willing to listen. “What?” I asked, “what could possibly keep Gary from leaving me?”
“Blackmail,” said Peter.
“Blackmail? You’re crazy, what could you possibly have on Gary that you could blackmail him with?”
“Listen, there is a group of guys that work out together at the gym. Everyone in the place knows these guys are gay. They don’t hide it, in fact, they’re proud of it. They belong to some gay men’s club.”
“I don’t get it,” I said, “Gary’s certainly is not gay. What do they have to do with him?”
“Okay, here’s my plan. I figure Gary is staying at the studio. I’m sure, if I pay four or five of guys a hundred bucks a piece, they’ll go with us and intimidate Gary into letting one of them put their cock in his mouth. You take some pictures. We tell Gary the pictures will never be seen by anyone if he goes back to you, but if he doesn’t, we’ll publish the pictures on the web and send them to all his business associates. Gary is a business man. He could never afford to take a chance like that. Embarrassing pictures like that could ruin his business and he know it. We use them to blackmail him into going back home to you and to make sure he never calls my wife to make trouble for me.”
“Pete, that’s ridiculous,” I said. “You really think you’re going to get Gary to suck some guy’s cock……no way.”
“He doesn’t actually have to suck it. Gary’s not stupid. These guys are big. If I can get several of these guys there’s no way Gary is going to put up a fight. He’ll have to get down on his knees and let one of them put their cock in his mouth. That’s all we need. In the pictures it’ll look like he’s sucking it. I know it sounds crazy, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”
As idiotic as Pete’s plan sounded, I had nothing better. I told him to go ahead and see if these guys would even do it. Then call me back a let me know what they say. He was pretty confident these guys would have no problem with it, especially when he told them he would pay them a hundred bucks a piece.
A few hours later Pete called back. “It’s all set,” he said, “they’ll meet us in front of Gary’s studio at three a.m.”
“Are you sure this will work?” I asked.
“Of course I’m not sure, but I do think we have a chance. At this point we have nothing to lose do we?”
A agreed to meet Pete and the guys he hired in front of the studio at three a.m.
When I got there I saw what Pete meant by big. They were also kind of mean looking. Pete assured me no one was out to hurt Gary so I reluctantly opened the front door with my key. I had my digital camera with me. I had put new batteries in it and made sure the flash was working.
Pete and the guys went inside first.. I hung back so he wouldn’t see me until the guys had him in position. Gary must have heard us come in and was already charging out from the back room. Instead of meekly allowing the guys to intimidate him though, Gary charged them and started kicking and punching. My God, this was not what I wanted. Two of the guys jumped on him and started hitting him. I ran up and started yelling at them, “Don’t hurt him, don’t hurt him.” They finally subdued him with out hurting him too much, but when they finally got him into position he threatened to bite off the guy’s cock if he stuck in Gary’s mouth. Much to my horror, they decided to fuck Gary’s ass. It was too late to stop them. Gary was, some what, beaten up and we didn’t have a single picture yet. I’ve never been so ashamed of myself as when I looked into Gary’s face as one of the guys stuck their cock into him.
Even with the pictures I didn’t see how Gary could live with me now. He would hate me for the rest of life. After it was over I gave the camera to Pete and he took off. I stayed behind. Before they left they cuffed Gary’s hands behind his back and gave me the key until he calmed down. I just sat there for a few minutes while Gary struggled with the cuffs. He finally asked me to take them off and I did.
That’s when Gary did something neither Pete or I had counted on, he called the police and reported the rape. Gary didn’t know it, but he saved my life that night. After what had just happened I knew there was no way Gary would ever forgive me and I had an ample supply of sleeping pills waiting for me on the night stand when I got home. The police, however, took me off to jail and I was charged with conspiracy to commit rape. I never got a chance to get to the pills.
I saw Pete one time after that, in court, at an arraignment. He was caught with the camera and the pictures in his car. I never saw him again after that. I don’t even know if he’s alive or dead.
I served a year in jail. Not even my folks came to visit me during that time. I knew Gary had divorced me and got full custody of Tammy, but it wasn’t until I got out that I learned they had moved out of state. I went to see my mom and dad who, reluctantly, took me in. They swore they had no idea where Gary and Tammy were.
My dad, who was recently retired, got me a job with his old firm. The catch was, the job was in their New Jersey branch office. They thought it would be good for everyone if I left Chicago.
I took the job and moved. Little did I know they moved me as far from Gary as they could. I worked hard and got along with my co-workers, but never even dated a man. Years went by and my heart still burned for Gary. I knew I would never get him back, but the thought of him hating me was unbearable. If I could find him and explain my side of it, maybe I could, at least, diminish some of that hatred.
I started searching Google for Gary Asher, but there were hundreds of them and none of them sounded like the right one. I also searched for Tammy Asher, but again, there were many and most were too old to be my daughter.
Then one day it happened. I typed out, Tammy Asher, and an article from a small L.A. newspaper popped up about Tammy Asher, age 12, who had scored three goals in one soccer game for her school team. At the end of the article it said her father, Gary Asher was a very proud daddy. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately went into my boss’ office and said I needed a leave of absence. He said he couldn’t do that so I quit on the spot. I rushed home and packed a suitcase. I drove all night until I reached Chicago. I had to see my parents. I needed some extra money. When I got there they weren’t home. I needed a cup of coffee or I was going to pass out from exhaustion. It was too late for restaurants, but I knew of a little bar around the corner that served coffee. In fact, it was the first place Gary took me. At that time I was one of the top, cover girl models. It was Gary’s first big job. When we saw each other it was love at first sight. After a day of shooting he asked me if I’d join him for a drink, this was the bar we went to. God! So many great memories.
When I got there I saw Sammy, he was a friend of Gary’s years ago. I was hoping he didn’t see me. I hadn’t eaten, or slept in the last twenty four hours. I must have looked like some thing the cat dragged in, but I didn’t care.
When my folks got home I pleaded with my dad to give me some money. He didn’t think it was a good idea for me to see them again, but he could see in my eyes, this was something I needed to do. If I didn’t, I would just die.
Once he knew there was no stopping me my dad gave me enough to live off of for a little while when I got to L.A. I had the name of Tammy’s school from the newspaper article and I went down there to see if I could spot her. I didn’t see her the first day, nor the second, nor the third. Then one day a car pulled up in front of the school. The man driving was Gary and the beautiful young lady he was dropping off was Tammy. Gary hadn’t changed a bit, but Tammy had grown into a beautiful young woman.
I didn’t try to make contact. I knew that would be hopeless anyway. I was content to just look at them. I needed to be around them even if they didn’t know I was there.
I found a job and an apartment and decided I would watch my little girl grow up from afar.
A year went by and my little girl was starting high school. I wished I could be there for her but knew it was impossible. I did see her on her first day though. I was across the street and saw her talking with some other girls. I continued to watch her from time to time from my favorite spot. Then, one day, when I was watching for her I heard a voice from behind me.
“Hello mom.”
My knees went weak. I turned around to see my lovely daughter standing in front of me. My mouth was so dry I couldn’t speak. I wondered how I would react if this moment ever came. I completely lost it. I grabbed her and squeezed so hard I thought she would break in half. I was crying and tears flowed down my cheeks. To my amazement, I felt her hugging me back. Now we were both crying.
She asked if I had time to sit and talk so we went to a little restaurant down the street. We were both very emotional . I couldn’t believe, after all these years, I had contact with my daughter again.
“How is you father?” I asked?
“Oh he’s great,” she said, “I can’t promise he’ll be as glad to see you as I am though.”
“Oh now, honey,” I didn’t want him getting a restraining order or something, “please, don’t even tell him you saw me. He’ll never let me see you again.”
“What ever happened between you and dad anyway. He never talks about it.”
“I did a stupid thing, honey, and ruined our lives. What I did was unforgivable and I know your father still hates me very much.”
“I think you’re wrong there mom,” said Tammy, “he still has pictures of you. Shots that he took when you were still modeling. I’ve seen him in his room with them spread over his desk. He usually has tears in his eye when he’s looking at them. I think he still loves you mom. I want to tell him I saw you and, maybe see if he’d talk to you. Would you talk him if it was okay?”
My heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t imagine Gary wanting to see me but I would give anything just hear his voice again. “Honey, do you really think he would talk to me?”
“Yeah mom, I do. I’d better go now or dad will start to worry. I’m going to talk to him tonight and see what he says.”
We kissed and hugged and then she took off for home. She talked to Gary as she promised and, much to my surprise, he agreed to see me. I’m sure it will be simply to tell me to take a hike, but I will chance that.
Now I’m sitting here, remembering everything that brought me to this moment. I look up and see him standing in front of me. It’s been seven years since that terrible night at the studio. I find it hard to breath as he sits down and ordered some coffee.

Tammy was right, in spite of everything, Gary never stop loving Judy. Gary sat at the table that night and calmly listened to Judy’s story. She broke down several times and Gary could see the love that brought them together the first time, was still there. Gary slowly allowed Judy to be a part of their lives again. Judy got her hopes up when Gary told her he’d like to get closer to her, but didn’t know how he could ever trust her again.
As her reply she asked him, if you put your hand in a meat grinder just to see how it feels, would you ever do it again?
The following month was Tammy’s birthday and Gary had a very special present for her. They collaborated together, and invited Judy to the party. She was a little confused when she found out it was just the three of them at the party. When it came time to open the presents Tammy opened a small box from her father. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring. She showed it her mom who looked at it with wonder.
“I don’t understand, she said, “it looks like an engagement ring.”
“That’s exactly what it is, mom,” Tammy said, “and dad wants me to give it to you.” Judy looked up and the tears started to flow.
“I,..I don’t deserve this, I don’t deserve your love.” she said.
Gary and Tammy both put their arms around her and hugged. “I have forgiving you,” said Gary, “now it’s time you forgive yourself.”
They invited Judy’s mom and dad to the wedding along with Gary’s old friend, Sammy. When Sammy got up to make a toast he said never has there been two people so much in love. Judy was the perfect wife once again. The love making took some time, but eventually even that became incredible once again and, never again did one ever refuse the other of their passion.

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2012-04-10 05:35:31
well I think this Gary is one hell of a man and most definately very compassionate to forgve his wife after she fucked him over the way she did........... she should be eternally grateful to him
and I hope she has enough sense to never cheat on him again
but being az women I doubt she wont cheat on him again
all women are nothing but pigs and will cheat whenever they can


2011-08-30 00:05:46
I didn't like the way the first half of this ended because it left you totally confused as to what Judy had actually done. This half was a real tug at your emotions and a great love story with a truly happy ending after the first half being such a downer. The only complaint I have is the glaring inconsistency between the first half where Gary catches them in the motel and Judy's side of the story where she and Pete are caught in her own bed at home. Other than that, I really loved it, especially the way it ended. Keep writing because you really have a natural talent for it.

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2011-08-29 23:29:52
I didn't like the way the first half of this ended because it left you totally confused as to what Judy had actually done. This half was a real tug at your emotions and a great love story with a truly happy ending after the first half being such a downer. The only complaint I have is the glaring inconsistency between the first half where Gary catches them in the motel and Judy's side of the story where she and Pete are caught in her own bed at home. Other than that, I really loved it, especially the way it ended. Keep writing because you really have a natural talent for it.

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2011-08-29 23:07:48
Should have quit with part one.

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2011-08-09 18:41:51
WOW! Thank you so much for the very, very kind words. I'm not used to getting that kind of accolades for my stories.
Thank you again.

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