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Two boys becoming men
Note: This story will be picked off right from the first one,
I take the note and put it in my pocket

"Umm okay thank you"

The girls leave and Cam gives me this weird look


"Dude we have that double date on Friday

"Oh shit man you're right. Wait I have an idea"


"We go on the date but after we sneak out and go to the party. I get A's and B's so my mom trusts me what grades do you get"


"Cool then we are fine. Also we need two cars one for you and ur date and one for mine."

"Okay what do you're parents drive"

"Well my dad has a Black Hemi with the misfits symbol on each door and my mom has a grey Mercedes Benz cause she is a real estate agent what do your parents drive"

"Well my dad is a studio guitar player for EMI Canada so he drives a white mustang, and my mom has a green Toyota Supra"

"What does she do"

"She owns a furniture store"

"Okay cool u got any sibs"

"Yeah and older sister"

"I got two"


"I know"

"Anyway do you live within walking distance cause we missed the bus"

"Yeah I do but I always take the bus on the first day to meet new people"

"Oh cool anyway let's go"

After what seemed like an hour of walking. We finally arrive at Cam's house. We get to the lounge and BOOM there on the couch is some girl pretty much groping a guy and he's doing the same to her. She stops and looks at us and says


Naturally I'm mad so I use my smart mouth

"The Faggots sitting right next you"
As soon as I say that we run to Cam's room. It's pretty much like mine. Except he has a bass and a mini fridge.
"How long you've been playing"

"Seven years"

"Cool I've been playing guitar for six"

We hang for a bit then I called my sister Sarah to pick me up. When I finally get home I practice my guitar for a bit. Add Cam on Facebook. The usual bullshit that Teenagers do. After a while when my dad get's home dinner's ready. I''m there in a second and it's my favorite. Sushi, me and dad start talking about our days I told him about the fight, my mom freaked, but my dad was happy that I put the bully in his place. He doesn't care if I fight as long as I don't start it. Let me tell you about my dad. He's 6 ft 7 and I pretty much look like him. Green eyes, black hair. Anyway he finally asks me

"So meet any pretty girls"

"Yep and me and my friend Cam have a double date on Friday

"Now that's my boy"

"Actually dad I was wondering if I could borrow the Hemi on Friday.

Now's Sarah's pretty mad and she storms out of the room. Dad is about to get up to talk to her but I stop him

"I'll do it"

I leave to go into her room and she's crying on her pillow

"Hey u okay sis" I rub the back of her shoulder slowly

She looks up

"Go away"

"Hey why are you so mad"

"I don't wanna talk about it"

"Come on Sis I won't get mad. I promise"


"Sis please tell me I don't like when you're upset"

She stops crying and looks at me then French kisses me right on the lips. I pull back

"Sis why did you do that"

"Because I love you"

Whoa Whoa Whoa time out here did my older sister just told me she loved me. I'm thinking what she said over and over again in my head

"Why do you love me"

"Look at you you're strong, kind, sweet, and always puts the needs of others before yourself." She kisses me again and I kiss her back with passion. I put my hands on her hips and keep kissing her. I fall onto the bed and she gets on top of me and takes off my shirt and I take off hers and she is wearing a baby blue bra. She says to me "I love to have my tits tweaked" as she unclips it and I see a very beautiful pair of breasts. My cock is rock hard and I'm sure she feels it poking her thigh. She than takes off my pants and her jeans and she is wearing a white thong. she then takes off my boxers and gasps at my cock.

"What's wrong sis you okay"

"It's so big I'm gonna have fun with this nut first u have to eat me out"

She sits on the bed and I think to my self "I'm gonna tease her so I get on my knees and starts sucking her thigh as I get closer she is moaning

"Shh do you want everyone else to walk in on us"

"My room is soundproof now lick my pussy"

I get very close to her pussy and then go to the other thigh

"OMG Alex please lick me"

I see her swollen clit then I immediately start to suck on it gently while licking it

"OMG Alex that feels so good I'm gonna cum"

I suck harder while with my left hand I start doing the "Come Here" motion pushing on her "G" spot and with my right hand and slowly stick my index finger in her ass


She didn't tell me she was a squirter and she tasted like strawberry's I suck on her clit a bit harder while I poke her cervix with my two fingers


She cums again then pulls me head up and kisses me

"I taste good now sit on the chair I wanna ride you like a dirty cowgirl"
I do what she says and she gets on top of me and rubs her pussy with my cock the drop herself on me and moans

"O yes Alex so big"

She starts to ride me and slowly suck on one of her tits

"Sis talk dirty I like it when girls do that"

"You like that little brother, you like it when you're big sister rides you"

"O yes sis, WHO"S PUSSY IS THIS"

"It's mine but you can have it when we are alone"

She starts bouncing up and down on my cock and I'm hitting her cervix each time


She feels wonderful on my cock

"I'm gonna cum sis"

"I'm on the pill cum in ur sister tight wet pussy"

That was all it took as I came and I kept cumming inside her and it feel so good. She kisses me

"If we were alone we could sleep together but unfortunately we can't o and by the way we can't tell anybody about this once you r old enough we are gonna run away together and change our names"

"If that is what you wish"

I get up and get dressed and get to bed.


I woke early and remember what happened and I remember Rachel, mom and Dad all had to work today so I snuck into the kitchen and started to cook breakfast for Sarah. About 10 minuets later She comes down in her red and blue bathrobe and is surprised that I'm up

"I made breakfast for my favorite sister" I walk up to her and kiss her forehead

"Aww thank my favorite brother" She hugs me from behind and kisses my cheek

"Come on let's eat then we can shower together then I'll drive u to school now hurry up and eat"

"Bossy much"

"I know"

Note: Next story is the date and party what will happen message me and we will see

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