Little girl sluts are being brought up completely wrong by their Mommies, as if they were going to live in Disney land all their lives. What this cutesie little princess needs is reality counselling as soon as she goes to junior high school, when the girl is 9 years old, and she is away from her Mommy’s bad influence.
{ASS} Little Girls School Counselling {Katies Kitty} (MFf spank exhib mast cruel nc inc)

Author: Katies Kitty
Title: Little Girls School Counselling
Summary: Little girl sluts are being brought up completely wrong by their Mommies, as if they were
going to live in Disney land all their lives. What this cutesie little princess needs is reality counselling
as soon as she goes to junior high school, when the girl is 9 years old, and she is away from her
Mommy’s bad influence.
Keywords: MFf, spank, exhib, mast, cruel, nc, inc
Wednesday 5 January 2011

Credits: This story was written by Katie, and based on ideas from her friend Sophie.

LGS1 Little Girls School Counselling

Due to subtle changes in recruiting policy, Townsville Education Committee is staffed by people
who are very interested in changing the school curriculum so that the girls in particular are brought
up to appreciate their proper place in society. For the men and women on the committee this means
the little girls will become dirty little sluts and learn that their tender, developing cunnies were only
put there for the pleasure of others.
Gradually the teaching staff in the junior high school was changed to employ those who supported
the committee’s views, and they would actually make it compulsory for every girl to take a turn as
school slut pet on a regular basis, not just the naughty ones. They would soon arrange for all those
nerdy, goody-goody girls who never said a bad word, to have their little adolescent winkies exposed
for all the boys to see, and to hurt badly. It added greatly to the teacher’s excitement to think of
their feeling of injustice at being tortured even when they had done nothing wrong! The tears
streaming down their little innocent faces as their poor little cunts and clits were brutally mangled.
Of course, the teachers would soon come over and whisper in their ear that the reason they were
being abused so badly was not because they had been bad, but because they were girls, and had
disgusting, moist, fishy genitals...

It’s so nice that the teachers fully support their students, and are always willing to set them straight
about how the world works, preparing them to cope with the trials of life they must all face, inside
the school, as well as in their everyday lives, especially when they have graduated. Many innocent
young girls think they are wonderful little creatures because their Moms tell them so all the time.
Considerate teachers, however, will let them know that all little girls have horrible, smelly winkies,
that constantly drip foul girl juice into their pretty panties, so they deserve to be seriously abused for
being so offensive.
These teachers have the measure of these dirty little girls. They prance around with their golden
locks and cutesie "mummy's little princess" t-shirts, but they need to be told that they are just dirty
little sluts and that their tender, developing cunnies were only put there for the pleasure of others.
They must be taught that they are objects, little more than farm animals with no rights over their
secret private winkies. They should have them thrashed regularly too, until their little, pink winkies
are slashed, bleeding and inflamed.

These little sluts are being brought up completely wrong by their Mommies, as if they were going to
live in Disney land all their lives, and get everything they want handed to them on a silver plate.
They are going to be so shocked, and disappointed, when they get a job, and have to live in the real
world. But of course, there’s no way you could convince their Mommy that cute little Barbie
deserves anything but sugar and spice.
What this cutesie little princess needs is reality counselling as soon as she goes to nursery school,
and she is away from her Mommy’s bad influence, but it was decided that it might be better when
the girls were 9 years old. At this age they are having a lot of changes in their life anyway, their
body is just starting to blossom, they start to become sexually aware, and they are moving up from
little kindergarten to junior high school. Here she is the youngest, with lots of other older children to
cope with, she'll be inexperienced, and desperate to fit in with everyone else.
The counsellor will take her into a private office for the first session, and question her to find out the
level of self esteem that Mommy has already instilled in her little darling. This interview is now
quickly turned round so she has to admit what her pet names are for her private parts, and how
often she touches them, other than washing, how often to she gets naked, on her own, and also in
front of other people. She will have to write a list of people that have touched her tittie bumps, her
winky, and her bottom, which will usually be no-one since they are so beautifully innocent. But of
course, the counsellor will have to correct it, reminding her about the doctor, nurses, her Mommy
and her Daddy when they changed her diaper, and probably her friends when they played together
inside the woodshed. Any denials will have her subjected to even more intensely detailed
questioning, and an explanation that she is severely lacking in her responsibilities. While in her new
school she will no longer be treated as a baby, but as the filthy little slut that she is, and she will
have to take down her panties so the counsellor can take the juice from her tight pussy with his
finger, and show her just how dirty and smelly she really is. To reinforce this, the little girl will have
to lick the finger clean.
The unfortunate slut princess is now stripped completely, and her dress sense ridiculed, even if she
is wearing the school uniform it will be too cheap and shabby, and without the proper adjustments,
such as the skirt shortened, and the upper blouse buttons removed. She is told this will be one of her
projects in the Craft and Design class, where she will remove all her normal, fashionable clothes to
remodel them into suitable slut outfits during each lesson.
The teacher will order her to stand naked, hands on her head, for the school inspection, while he
walks round her, insulting her immature figure, pinching her tiny breast buds, slapping her bottom,
and squeezing her prominent cunny mound hard, then lifting her till she stands on tiptoes.
She will be told she's a useless, dirty little slut, no good to anyone, and the only thing she can do is
work hard to properly develop her cunny so that it can give some pleasure to her teachers, and her
school mates. From now on her private parts are completely public, freely available to anyone that
wants to see them, use them, or punish them, and that includes her tight winky, her little titties, and
her bottom. She will learn to become a school pet, owned by everyone here like the bitch that she is,
and treated like an animal, with no care for her feelings.
Taking a marker pen, the teacher kneels, and writes “Slut” on her fat mound, telling her it's a sign
that she's in training, then picks up a fibre glass switch, and puts three red stripes across the freshly
marked cunny flesh. She has to stand with her legs apart while he whips the thin rod upward, right
into her soft girlcleft, explaining that she will report every morning before lessons to be inspected,
suitably labelled, then whipped on her bottom, and her little winky, to warm her up for the day.
During the breaks between lessons she will ask her teacher to use a spreader that will open up her
winky so that it can be properly used as soon as possible, and she will have to keep the device up
inside her all through the next lesson.
She will be issued a locker to keep her books and personal belongings in, and the key will be carried
by attaching it to her nipple with a safety pin, but when she removes it to open her locker, she is not
allowed to fit it back in the same place. She must make a fresh hole in her titties every time, and if
both nipples become too damaged, she can ask the school receptionist for permission to fasten the
key pin to the lips of her winky, but she will also have to attach a 100 gram key tag to her key. There
will be sharp spikes sticking out of the tag, which scratch the delicate skin between her thighs as she
walks, and when she sits down the spikes will press into her poor little girl's cunny.
Katie found all of this a terrible shock to her belief system, something she’d never expected would
happen to such a sweet little girl like herself. Of course, the poor little slut can't tell her Mommy
about her special lessons, because Mommy would be very upset with her, in case she steals Daddy
away from her, that's what the teacher tells all the sluts, so she will keep it secret. Mommy will only
find out on Graduation Day, at a special presentation ceremony. Daddy, however, will be informed
about his little girl’s lessons, and asked to pay a visit to the school to see his little precious being
disciplined, though he won’t be given details at this point. More often than not, daddy's initial sense
of outrage at the abuse being visited on his daughter is swiftly overcome by lust and he soon asks
permission to masturbate as he watches her (and her little schoolfriends) have their delicate titty and
winky meat cruelly poked, clamped, cut, pierced, scratched, electrocuted and burned. It is a very
arousing sight for him indeed, and he will soon ejaculate in the privacy of the headteacher's office.
Mommy, on the other hand, shouldn’t find out how her darling cutie pie is treated at school, other
than a little friendly bullying, and being so accident prone that she often falls down and bruises her
soft delicate flesh. Daddy, however, would be responsible for reinforcing school policy in the home
environment, encouraging his sweet princess to listen to the teacher, and learn her lessons well. That
way she will get good grades, or he will have to spank her hard, like he did in Kindergarten, not that
Mommy agreed with him being so strict, but she doesn’t complain, or she would also be in trouble.
After the first week of school Daddy receives a phone call inviting him to a parent teacher meeting a
few days later, so they can discuss his daughter’s potential, and what the school’s plans are to help
her progress into a suitable career when she gets older. They inform him that he will be expected to
support the school staff in whatever they do with his little sweetie, and also help with her
homework assignments. He’s looking forward to the meeting, and would be happy to help his
princess become a doctor, or a lawyer, even though his most secret desire is to have the lovely little
child perched on the end of his erect cock, screaming for more.

The teaching staff are keen for this to be an excellent educational establishment, where every young
girl ought to be delighted they attend such a forward thinking, considerate institution, even though
some people at least, will be bigoted, and resist their proper position in life. If the circumstances are
favourable, the school, however, will continue to train even the most rebellious little sluts, either in
secret, or by subtle persuasion of their Daddy, or by outright blackmail if necessary.
After the first week, the new girls have been sorted into their nurture groups, which are based on
their individual needs, and what is the best way to manipulate their special education.
Katie has been put into the group with girls who have no sexual experience at all, mostly virgins,
having led a very sheltered, cosy life at home, mainly brought up by their Moms. There are twelve in
her group, and every day their homeroom teacher has them strip completely, then stand in line to be
called forward for their school inspection. The homeroom teacher alternates between a man and a
woman, but the girls are always thoroughly examined, Katie has her titties squeezed and twisted
very hard, her little bottom spread while a finger is inserted deep inside, then she has her hot winky
pulled open by the fleshy petals, stretching them out till she squeals. Having passed inspection, the
teacher writes “Slut” on her prominent pubic mound, so she knows exactly what she is. This is done
every day, but usually washes off when she bathes, leaving only a faint shadow, which her Mommy
would never notice, since she’d never dream of going near her munchkin’s naughty places now they
are growing bigger. What she may notice though, are the slight bruises left as Katie bends over with
both her feet wide apart, so her teacher can spank her naked bottom from both sides, and upwards,
right between her thighs, along the full length of her dirty little winky. It depends what instrument
the teacher chooses, but today Katie is going to be thrashed, that’s what Mrs Wickens called it, with
a riding crop, because she didn’t shave her winky properly, right where the smelly, wet slit starts.
She’s not even going to use the normal riding crop, with the leather flap, but the shorter one that’s
just pointed on the end, and bites right into your winky meat. Katie’s friend Sophie got whipped on
her cunny with that crop three days ago, and you can still see the bruises down the sides of her poor
winky. Mr James did that to her, while he had her doing a handstand, with her legs wide apart, and
when he whipped right down the centre of her slit, the end of the crop bit hard into her erect button,
making her scream. She was really brave though, and stayed in position, just like the girls had been
told a good slut should do when she’s being punished. Mr James said he was going to give her one
of his special gold stars, and pin it through her clit hood, but then she lost control and peed herself,
spraying it straight up like a fountain, and everyone laughed at her. Mr James was very cross with
Sophie, and even though she’d had the usual five strokes, he kept whipping her winky with the crop
all the time she was peeing, and he criss crossed the cuts as well, which really stings. When she had
finished, Mr James made two of the other girls pull her pussy lips open, but they kept slipping out
because they were wet, so he gave the girls some pliers, and told them to squeeze them really tight,
or if they let her petals go, then they’d take her place. Sophie was crying when they crushed her fat
lips nearly flat, and pulled so hard you could see every little fold inside her winky. Mr James gave
another cut right down the centre of her slit, hitting her in exactly the same spot, on the end of her
swollen clitoris, making her scream again. He’s very good with the riding crop, and when he gave
Sophie the next cut, the pointed end of the crop hit her little pee hole, the next slashed into the tiny
love mouth, and the last one caught her little pink rosebud. Before he let her stand up, he told her
that because she was a dirty little slut for peeing herself, instead of a gold star, he’d decided to give
her a tinkerbell, which is five silver bells fastened together, and it’s very heavy. It makes a lot of
noise when you walk about, even with your clothes on, and everyone in school can hear you coming
down the corridor. He stretched her clit hood out, and pushed the sharp retaining pin right through
the flap of skin, but Sophie was very brave and never cried when she was pierced. To stop it falling
out, Mr James fastened a locking stud to the sharp end of the pin, where it was sticking out of her
hood, but instead of the jewelled one usually fitted, this was another bell, that had six sharp points
sticking out of the back of it. When Sophie stood up, the heavy tinkerbell dragged on her clit hood
till it was nearly an inch long, completely hiding her button, and pulling the pin through the skin so
the spikes on the top stud dug really deep into her stretched hood.
Katie was now going to be given a similar thrashing by Mrs Wickens, but she was ordered to take up
a ballet position, the arabesque, with one leg lifted right up into the air, spreading her legs open
vertically, as if she were doing the splits. Katie held her position till the third stroke, which was
along the middle of her fleshy petal, but when she flinched, she lost her balance. Mrs Wickens made
her get in position again, then gave her five additional cuts to the inside of her raised leg, each one
spaced exactly one inch apart. Katie took the stroke to her other petal ok, but the fifth one, along
the centre of her widely spread, smelly slit, made her drop to the floor, with her hands between her
legs, when the end of the crop smacked into the very tip of her delicate little clit bud. She was in
trouble now, and had to take up the arabesque again, for five more cuts to the tender part of her
thigh at the top of her supporting leg this time. At least she hadn’t peed like Sophie, but the teacher
announced that she would have to wear a cat’s tail for the rest of the day, since she couldn’t make
her pussy take a little thrashing like that. Katie had seen other girls wearing tails, and thought they
were cute, especially for a Katie Kitty Kat, but she’d no idea how they fitted, probably sewn onto
her panties, or maybe fastened to a belt. Mrs Wickens fetched a cat’s tail from the store cupboard,
and showed it to all the girls, since this was the first time one of their group had been made to wear
one. The tail was really soft black fur, about 2 feet long, with a bend at the top just like a real cat,
and all the girls stroked it, saying how lovely it was. The teacher then turned it round to show the
opposite end, and everyone gasped to see a pink rubber pear, about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide,
covered with lots of bumps, and a flared disc on the end that the tail itself was fastened onto. Katie
had to bend over, pulling her bottom apart, then Mrs Wickens greased the plug, and pressed it hard
into her little pink rosebud, forcing it deeper and deeper. Katie was wriggling about, and squealing,
as the cruel pear stretched her anal ring viciously wide, but the teacher held her firmly in place while
she screwed and twisted the tail anchor into position. Finally the widest part was forced through her
muscle ring, letting the taper pull it through the rest of the way so it was solidly wedged inside
Katie’s bottom. Mrs Wickens ordered her to walk round the classroom, and every step set her tail
swaying, which made the plug twist and bounce against her sensitive insides, and she also found
that the section of tail that was between her bottom cheeks wasn’t soft fur like the rest. The first
part of the tail was all bristly, like a stiff bottle brush, so it rubbed and scratched her soft skin, but
when she sat down on her chair the tail was pressed hard against her back, really painfully. Not only
that, but the plug was stuck out so far that her bottom didn’t actually touch the seat, leaving all of
her weight pressed onto her little rosebud. The final piece of her outfit was a hairband with cute
little ears on, so she looked just like a cat, then Mrs Wickens used the marker pen to write “Pussy”
on her hairless mons, so now it read “Pussy Slut”.
All the girls in Katie’s nurture group are told that they will have a special exam the next day, which
will test how well they have learned their lessons, and give them the opportunity to try something
new and painful with their winky. All their Daddy’s have been invited to the school to review their
daughter’s progress with the teachers, and they might also be allowed to watch the test. This will let
Daddy see for himself how his sweet little poppet is turning into a filthy, disgusting slut, which is
what all good Daddies want their lovely girls to become.
When Katie’s Daddy brought her to school, she gave him a kiss, and went to her home room, while
Daddy went to see her teacher, Mrs Wickens. She explained that most girls in the school were on a
special training program to turn them into useful little girls, and later on, into wonderful ladies, but
their Mommies didn’t always prepare them properly. She asked if he thought Katie’s Mommy had
perhaps brought her up to be too prim and cutesie, when that’s not what most sensible men require
girls to be like. Cautiously he agreed, saying that it does get a bit tiresome, and it would be nicer if
his daughter were a little more fun loving, though he didn’t elaborate on the picture in his mind that
had his little princess in a most outrageous situation. Mrs Wickens didn’t need to be told though, as
she could clearly see a lump growing in his trousers, so she asked for his comments on some of the
lessons Katie had undergone in her first week. She clicked a picture of Katie on her computer, one
of about a dozen cute looking schoolgirls, and a video displayed on the large monitor on her desk.
First a large caption displayed, saying “Correct names for the body”, and the narrator explained that
body parts need to be identified correctly for different situations, such as at work, while in church,
or talking with police officers. The scene faded in to Katie standing at the front of a classroom, with
all her school friends watching, and a male teacher off to one side, making notes. Katie was dressed
in a jacket and skirt, and she started by curtsying to the teacher, then explained about different body
names being appropriate to make a good impression. She then removed her jacket completely, stood
upright with her bare chest thrust forward, and said her breasts, bosom, or boobs, would be alright
in a formal setting, but for a dirty little slut, they were tits, or titties. She cupped them in her hands,
lifting and offering them to the camera, which zoomed in so every wrinkle on her nipples could be
clearly seen. When the camera zoomed back to a full shot, Katie unclipped her skirt and pulled it off
in one easy move, letting her Daddy see her completely naked, even turning round so everything at
the back was presented to his avid gaze. Katie continued to explain the names for her cunt and ass,
about fifteen of them altogether, then the camera zoomed in again as she parted her knees, the tight
slit down the middle closed up. Katie’s fingers came into view, gripping her sex lips very tightly as
she admitted that this was her dirty, wet, pink winky, at which point she pulled her hot groove wide
open so she was showing every inch of glistening pink flesh. Katie’s voice came on again, “My hot
dripping winky has been very naughty, and deserves to be so painfully stretched, because I’m just a
disgusting, filthy slut girl. Please Sir, will you punish my button as well?”
The shot faded out, then back to a caption, “Reward and Responsibility”, the narrator explained
that it was important for little girls to understand that good behaviour would bring rewards, whereas
bad performance placed on them the responsibility to accept severe punishment. The scene now
showed a smooth hairless pussy, obviously his daughter Katie’s, then a hand came in from the side,
and used a black marker to write “Slut” across her bare mound. While her slim hips turned from side
to side, giving a full view of how she’d been labelled, Katie said her nice teachers marked her up
every day so that she would always know what she was, a filthy little slut. Then she added that it
needed to be underlined, whereat a cane suddenly slashed across her cunny, leaving a red line under
the words, and as Katie could be heard moaning in the background, another cut of the cane struck
above the slut label, emphasising what she was.
Katie’s Daddy felt his prick jump as he watched his naked daughter get her cute little cunny beaten
by her teacher, then disappointment as the screen faded back to the original twelve lovely pictures,
marking the end of Katie’s video display. Mrs Wickens said she was sure he would agree that their
methods were effective, and very necessary, to turn his pathetic cutesie daughter, into the disgusting
little slut that she truly deserved to be. With lust racing through his body, he readily approved of any
method the school sees fit to employ in training Katie for her proper place in life, signing the papers
that were put in front of him. Another set of documents are signed, giving permission for recordings
of all her lessons to be made fully available to him, for performance review, through access via free
subscription to an internet website. This agreement also conferred on him, royalties of 1% of all the
fees collected from any paid subscriptions that the school governors may offer for general sale.
After putting the papers in the safe, Mrs Wickens said it was now time for him to watch Katie’s first
progress exam, and as her Daddy, he could choose one of the tests. It was explained that his lovely
daughter was in a group who were all virgins, and this first exam was intended to deflower them so
their training could proceed according to plan, which meant he got to select which tool was used to
destroy her hymen. The teacher did point out though, that Katie was a bit of a problem because she
had a very tough cherry. Lots of fathers liked to take their daughters personally, some preferred the
medical setting where a speculum is carefully inserted, then opened up to stretch the girl wider till
she rips apart. For those with no sense of theatrics, simply watching the youngster lower herself on
to a dildo, large or small, is sufficient to satisfy their needs. Katie might need some more extreme
measures though, and the teacher asked him to pick out one of their advanced dildoes to be used in
his daughter’s upcoming test. The computer now ran through a display of several, quite monstrous,
stainless steel shafts, and after running through a few times, Katie’s Daddy stopped on a ten inch by
two inch shiny steel prick, complete with glans, and veins. Mrs Wickens had kindly pointed out the
advantages and drawbacks of each instrument, but what Daddy liked about this one, were the sharp
blades running down the length. They were embedded in ridges so as not to cause damage on first
insertion, but if Katie could force the shaft right up to her cervix, it would depress the glans to allow
the razor sharp cutting edges to deploy sideways.
Mrs Wickens now turns on a large flat screen TV, and a picture of the school auditorium comes on as
all the children file in to take their seats, and Katie’s Daddy is sure that some of the seats looked
like they had rubber pricks fastened to them, and a couple of the girls seemed to wriggle as they sat.
The teaching staff is already on the stage, and Katie’s class walk onto the stage next, heading for
tall seats, off to one side, and a picture in picture shows a close up of those seats covered in short
nails. The twelve girls lower their bottoms gently, but you can see from their faces that it’s very
painful to sit on, and they’re likely to be there for some time, which will make it even worse.
The first girl is called forward, introduced as Jenny, then asked why she is here today, to which she
answers that she is a dirty slut, and wants to show everyone that she knows her place. The teacher
slaps her face, asking her why she assumes a slut should be clothed, and Jenny says she’s sorry for
being a naughty slut who forgot to strip so that her disgusting body was available for the torture and
abuse she deserves. She removes her blouse and skirt, leaving her in a small cotton training bra with
tight matching panties, decorated with teddies, then she asks the teacher to expose her breast buds,
apologising for them being so ridiculously small. Taking a modelling knife, the teacher carefully runs
the sharp blade down the top of her right bra cup, from the lace edging to the end of her pointy
nipple, Jenny’s gasp, and a small red stain appearing through the material, indicating that he had
actually cut her teat. The knife was now run clockwise round the edge of her bra cup, against the
pretty lace, then anticlockwise, iliciting a few more gasps as he nicked her delicate skin in several
more places, before he was able to lower the cup and display her little pointy tittie. The whole event
was being recorded, as well as displayed on any TV throughout the school, and a big screen on the
side of the stage, so that none of the detail would be missed, including a smaller inset picture with a
superb close up of Jenny’s exposed right tit, complete with small drops of blood from her scratches.
The left bra cup was similarly destroyed, after which the teacher gripped between the cups, yanked
hard, and ripped the bra completely off her young body. Jenny said “Thank You”, then asked for her
cutey panties to be cut off as well, so that her smelly whore cunt could be seen properly by all these
nice people who had come to watch. She obligingly parted her legs, and the close up shot showed
how the material clung tightly to her small mound, and narrow lips, as they bulged out between her
firm thighs. The knife was placed at the bottom of her lips, slightly off centre, so that it would travel
along the length of her pussy lip, then it followed the line of her pubis where it widened out, right
up to the lacy waistband. The next cut was a mirror image of the first, which also left a trail of red
dots to mark the tears in her panties, and a third cut was made across the top of her mound as well.
The teacher turned to his audience, and said he needed another cut as well, in the centre, placing the
sharp blade in the indent at the bottom of her camel toe, easily slicing through the tight, thin cotton.
When the camera zoomed in, Katie’s Daddy clearly saw the modelling knife sink in, right up to the
handle, leaving about half an inch of thin steel blade embedded at the bottom of Jenny’s tiny slit.
Katie’s Daddy asked Mrs Wickens if this was really going to happen, and when she assured that it
most definitely would, he asked her for permission to masturbate, as he didn’t want to soil the front
of his suit trousers. When she granted his request, he unzipped, and pulled out his solid erection,
stroking it slowly, then Mrs Wickens placed a box of tissues on the table between them, and pulled
up her skirt, slipping a finger into the top of her slit. Katie’s Daddy was surprised to see her smooth
shaven mound, with the school name tattooed across it, and two large padlocks secured through her
fleshy pussy lips. Noticing his look, Mrs Wickens explained that she was also a slut, just like all the
other females in the school, and she’d once been a pupil here herself, when she was younger.
After waiting for a moment, Jenny was asked to explain what would happen next, and her voice
quavered slightly as she looked directly at the camera, and said “The knife will be pulled up the
middle of my winky, right up to my tummy.”
“But won’t that hurt you, Jenny.” asked the teacher.
“Yes Sir, but I’m a filthy little slut with a smelly winky,” she replied, “so it doesn’t matter.”
Jenny squealed as the sharp blade was pulled upwards through her groove, following a wavy line,
instead of straight, so that it sliced the edges of both lips where they closed her slit together, even
slicing Jenny’s inner lips a bit, where the knife went really deep. When he neared the top edge of her
groove, the teacher stopped pulling the knife, saying, “Oh dear, I seem to be stuck on something
Sniffing slightly, Jenny explained, “That’s my love button Sir, my clitoris, or my pleasure centre, but
I’ve learned that it’s a disgusting little object, and I rub it much too often, so it deserves to be
horribly abused. If it makes you happy to split it open with your knife, then please go ahead Sir.”
The teacher leaned forward, and kissed Jenny’s forehead, saying, “Well done! Now this will hurt
you terribly as it slices through your sensitive little button, and you must keep your hands out of the
way, or you’ll get your fingers cut. Take hold of your laughably small tits, and squeeze them really
hard as your clit gets destroyed, you can even twist them right off, because they’re no use to anyone
unless they get pumped up.” Slowly, the modelling knife was pulled through the little schoolgirl’s
erect clit, painfully slicing into just the hypersensitive end section, then splitting her clitoral hood,
finally cutting a shallow incision up her mound, from the top of her pussy slit. Jenny screamed and
pleaded for him to stop, as the teacher mutilated her immature sex spot, but she bravely kept hold of
her breast buds, digging her fingers deep into the hard flesh. Anything to take her mind off the cruel
agony as her hideous winky was destroyed, shifting the throbbing into her sweet little titties as she
almost screwed them off her childish chest.
When the knife was put aside, Jenny’s shredded panties were ripped off, and the teacher peeled her
winky wide open with his thumbs, clearly showing her mutilated flesh to the camera. Despite being
extensively damaged, there was hardly any blood, other than a few droplets that had stained her
panties, a testament to the marvels of modern medicine. Every girl in the school was administered
specially developed coagulant drugs, that minimised bleeding when they were abused in this way,
after all, there’s no point letting these lovely sluts die from blood loss, not when you want to torture
them for the rest of their school life. Although Jenny’s wounds would heal in a few days, and
maybe a week would be needed for her split clitoris, the next part of little Jenny’s test was to have
them all cauterised with a medical soldering iron. For this she was fastened into a Gyno chair, and a
female teacher carefully worked the hot metal tip over the poor girl’s tiny wounded sex petals,
agonisingly sealing the damaged flesh. The device was kept on a low setting, although it was
designed to work at a much higher temperature, and heal the skin very quickly, because they wanted
the youngster’s pain to last long enough to provide a good spectacle. At one point, when the teacher
was burning her inner lips, where they’d been cut through, Jenny lost control, and peed herself,
producing a puff of steam as the soldering iron got wet. The woman slapped her bare mound, telling
her she would now have to be sealed up till they’d finished treating her, and she inserted the cooling
instrument into her pee hole, while she retrieved a urethral plug from her work table. Now that the
young girl had stopped peeing, the soldering iron started to heat up again, burning the delicate tissue
lining her urethra. As Jenny wriggled about at the increasing pain, her movements caused the
soldering iron to slip deeper inside her, pressed by the weight of the handle, each insertion burning
another length of her tender tubes. Everyone watched as the cruel instrument forced it’s extensive
length inside the child’s struggling body, then the teacher withdrew it, and replaced it with a plastic
rod, about four inches long, and covered in wide bumps.
Jenny’s final test was to destroy her own virginity, so she was bound and slung from a hoist, with
ropes tied round her thighs, then round the base of her little breast buds with a slip knot, finally up
to the hook above her. This method of rigging meant that all her weight was actually taken entirely
on her childish titties, and with an additional strap round her back preventing the rope sliding off
her pointy tits, the slip knots gripped tighter and tighter. With only the slack taken out of her bonds,
Jenny’s breast buds were still viciously strangled at the base, but she hardly noticed the pain, as the
headmaster announced that Jenny’s Daddy had graciously elected to take her virginity himself.
Thrilled, and enormously shamed, that her abused body was now going to be seen by the man she
loved most in the whole world, the little girl cried at the realisation that the man who had always
cared for her, was now going to torture her winky with his own cock. There could be absolutely no
doubt now that she really was a dirty worthless slut, who deserved to be extensively abused by her
very own Daddy. Walking onto the stage, her Daddy unzipped his suit trousers, and turned to the
camera, then the audience, to show them what a massive erection his slut daughter had given him.
Coming over to her, his prick sticking out menacingly, her Daddy leaned over to give her a kiss, on
the lips this time, with his tongue slipping into her mouth as if she were the slut she had become,
and he began to lean on her shoulders, pulling down on her tied breast buds. Quickly, her Daddy
laid underneath her naked, bound figure, positioning his solid shaft directly beneath her sore cunny,
then she was lifted with the hoist, and handed a control switch. With her full weight on her bound
breast buds, the ropes had really tightened, and her little mounds were now swelling painfully, and
turning purple, the usually soft nipples being forced straight out by the pressure of her own body.
Slowly the hoist lowered her as she pressed the down button, till she felt Daddy’s cock pressing
against her sore winky, then it forced her pink flesh painfully further open as it entered her virgin
channel. Pressing against her hymen, the hard prick caused agonising flashes in her little pussy, but
when she pressed the up button to ease off for a moment, the hoist jerked her upward only a short
distance, dragging on her bound titties, then lowered her down again, even though she still had the
up button pressed. Too late Jenny realised that there was no backing out, so she just lowered herself
further and further, increasing the pressure on her hymen, and the pain in her tummy. Suddenly her
cherry ripped apart under the onslaught of her Daddy’s solid cock as it drove into her soft winky,
spreading the walls apart till Jenny thought she would split open. Slowly, she slid further down till
Daddy was pressed against her cervix, but he still wasn’t all the way inside her, so as she lowered
even more, her womb was painfully pressed up into her tummy, stretching her winky lengthways.
When at last she could feel Daddy’s pubic hair pressed against her soft skin, she tightened her inner
muscles, just as she’d been taught in class, squeezing down on him, again and again. Her Daddy
was also thrusting his hips upward, stabbing painfully into her cervix, taking the edge off the warm
pleasure she was beginning to feel between her thighs, but she knew it made him more excited.
After a few minutes, Jenny’s hoist began to work on automatic, jerking her upwards till Daddy’s
prick nearly came out of her, then dropping her back down to slam the shaft hard into her winky,
each rise and fall tugging on her tightly bound breast buds, which were now turning purple. Jenny
squealed every time her poor titties were yanked by the tight rope, and Daddy’s hard prick rammed
against the end of her suffering winky, but her cries only spurred her Daddy on, till he squirted his
thick spunk inside his lovely slut daughter. When Jenny was released from her cruel bondage, pain
racing through her purple breast buds, as the blood rushed back into her strangled flesh, Daddy
came and gave her a big hug, then kissed her as he kneaded her throbbing titties with his big hands.
Katie was the next girl to come forward, and she removed all her clothes before she moved to the
centre of the stage, standing with both her hands behind her back, legs apart, and her crotch thrust
forward, exposing her smooth pussy to the rest of the school. Mrs Wickens now excused herself to
Katie’s Daddy, telling him to enjoy the show, because his daughter was a real credit to him, perhaps
the most compliant student they’d had for quite a few years. A few moments later Mrs Wickens had
joined her colleagues on the stage, and was stood behind Katie, fondling her small tits, and twisting
her nipples. Taking some long needles from the work table, the teacher said that Katie’s first test
was for the firmness of her cute little budding breasts, so, placing one of the needles just behind her
nipple, she pushed slowly. The small pointy tit hardly moved at all, but the needle slipped through
her firm flesh, appearing at the other side as she was pierced horizontally. Another was then pushed
through her other teat, hardly causing that one to move either, then two more were pushed from the
top downwards. Katie was in agony as her sensitive little breast buds were pierced four times, with
Mrs Wickens taking as long as possible to push the needle through her delicate flesh, but what made
it worse was that Katie hated needles. Inside her mind it took hours for each steel needle to tear its
way through her inner flesh, ripping apart individual cells, the sharp tapered point severing separate
nerves in slow motion, sending a thousand waves of pain to her young, impressionable brain.
Amazingly, while time almost stood still for her to savor every detail of this abuse, another section
of her fertile mind ran ahead at breakneck speed, seeing twelve more needles pierce both nipples to
the very end of her teat. Special slut lessons that every girl attended had assignments where all their
innermost fears, and sexual fantasies, were revealed to the whole class, and the teaching staff would
incorporate these into each girl’s training plan, and punishment schedule. Mrs Wickens had chosen
this particular test for Katie because she knew exactly what impact it would have on her, she knew
that Katie would now have imagined her tiny childish titties to be filled with hundreds of long
sharp needles, and each agonising insertion would have been fully experienced. The audience could
sense the child’s rising passion, see her thighs tremble as she climaxed, then watch her girl juice drip
from her disgusting winky onto the school stage.
A wooden frame was placed behind Katie, and her thighs tied to the upper supports, ensuring that
she remained spread open, then Mrs Wickens stretched one of her sex lips to the side, and stapled it
to her leg with a large office staple gun. Three staples held it in position, then her other fleshy petal
was stretched and stapled as well, leaving her smelly winky opened up for everyone to see the thick
girl juice bubbling inside it. The teacher picked up a steel bladder plug from the instrument table,
showed it to her pupil, then explained to the audience that it was twice the size of anything Katie
had so far taken up her pee hole, but today she would have the whole 6 inch length, and all of these
wide, irregularly shaped projections forced deep inside her. The tapered end was fairly small, easily
going through the entrance when it was wiggled a bit, and beautifully displayed on the big screen in
the school hall, and the TV that Katie’s Daddy watched as he masturbated in the teacher’s office.
Each projection stretched her pee hole painfully wide as it was forced into her tummy, widening her
delicate tube as it passed deeper inside, and the various shapes scratched and tore her velvety lining.
Round shapes with nodules, a square one with sharp corners, a long oval lined with short spikes, all
designed to inflict the maximum pain to a little girl’s peepee, with only a limited amount of damage.
Not only did the cruel teacher push them inside Katie’s filthy winky, where her smelly wee leaked
out, but she twisted the shaft round, pulled it out, then forced it right back inside again, along with
another vicious protrusion. Soon there was blood showing each time the solid plug was withdrawn,
which demonstrated that her urethra was sufficiently damaged, rather than just sore. Mrs Wickens
now fastened a small suction tube to the end of Katie’s hard clit, pulling it out from where it nestled
under it’s protective hood, and along the top of the bladder plug. Taking a small split metal collar,
she fitted it over the stretched love button, about halfway down, clipped on the other half so that it
was wrapped around the plug, then anchored the clamp with a needle pushed right through her clit.
There was no way the plug could fall out, or be removed, without ripping Katie’s pleasure centre to
shreds, yet the shaft could still be pushed a little further in, crushing the love button against her hard
pubic bone, or pulled out till it stretched her poor little clit painfully as it dragged on her piercing.
Mrs Wickens demonstrated the extent of movement available, by fucking Katie’s pee hole with the
brutal shaft for several minutes, even twisting it to screw her clit from side to side. Wires were now
attached to the end of the shaft, the needle through Katie’s clit, and the four needles that pierced
her sweet little nipples. After securing them to a large transformer, the teacher asked the Prefects in
the audience if they would like to begin, and each of the senior girls, and boys, took a remote from
their jacket pocket, depressing one of the buttons. Katie arched her back as the Prefects electrocuted
her tits and cunny randomly, passing surges of electricity down the needles in her nipples, or the one
that went through her clit, or the cruel steel shaft rammed up her pee tube, which made the power
explode deep inside her bladder. Only one button on each remote worked, so the Prefects never
knew if they were actually abusing the little girl themselves, or if it was one of their neighbors who
made the young child writhe and jump, but they enthusiastically pressed all of them in turn. Finally
they managed to get synchronised, and all of the wires were powered up at the same time, making
Katie cry out as all of her slutty sex parts were electrocuted together. At this point, the transformer
locked, with the power on, and began to step up the intensity to maximum, holding it there for ten
seconds as the poor schoolgirl shuddered to another agonising climax.
Katie was now set up with some more equipment, a motorised stand in between her legs, a floor
mounted switch in front of that, and a slender frame of chest height over the switch. Strings were
tied behind the needles piercing her nipples, run over the frame, and a one ounce weight fastened to
a hook on the end of the strings, pulling her breast buds out slightly. Mrs Wickens informed all the
gathered students, and staff, that Katie was now going lose her virginity, but because her hymen
was very tough, her Daddy had selected a very special dildo for his daughter to use when she
destroyed her own repulsive winky. Holding it up for everyone to see, she explained that Katie’s
Daddy had chosen a beautiful ten inch by two inch shiny steel prick, complete with a realistic glans,
and veins. It was equipped with sharp blades running down the length, that were embedded in
ridges so as not to cause damage on first insertion, but if Katie could force the shaft right up to her
cervix, it would depress the glans to allow the razor sharp cutting edges to deploy, ripping her
maidenhead to pieces. She mounted the dildo on the stand, lining it up with Katie’s spread winky,
switched on the power, and depressed the floor switch so the child could see the dildo advance
towards her helpless body. Replacing the small weight on her tittie strings with a one pound square
block of metal, the teacher instructed her student to lean back, and take the strain on her skewered
nipples, which were now excruciatingly stretched forward. As the pain from the needles pulling her
sore teats increased, she slowly leaned forward, lowering the heavy weight till it pressed the switch,
and the cruel dildo now began to push her winky open. Katie leaned back again, to stop the
advance, but after a few minutes the pressure in her mistreated breast buds was too intense, and
once more she lowered the weight, causing the cruel destroyer to force its tapered head through her
cherry. The tough membrane was unrelentingly stretched as the ridged steel dildo ploughed deeper
into her dreadfully abused winky, and when the pain became too great between her legs, she pulled
back on her tortured titty meat. Finally the metal cock reached the end of her wet and smelly winky,
pressing into her tight cervix, and the terrified schoolgirl pulled back with her excruciatingly painful
titties, taking the weight off the switch to stop the rape of her girlhood. “Please Miss,” she begged,
“let me go. Turn the machine off, please, it hurts so much. I know I’m a filthy, disgusting slut, I
admit it, and I deserve to be hurt and abused, but please Miss, I don’t want my winky cutting to
shreds, I beg you.” Just then Katie burst into tears, but her racking sobs made her lean over, though
she was so distressed, she hardly noticed the motor start up again. The increased pain deep in her
tummy began to gain her attention, and as she attempted to lift the heavy weight once more, Mrs
Wickens pressed a switch that turned on the electricity to her pierced tits, clit, and pee hole, forcing
her to sit bolt upright, driving her wet cunny hard onto the invading shaft. Katie screamed as she
heard the click of the metal glans being depressed by her own cervix, then burning agony as six
razor sharp blades pushed outwards.
Katie’s Daddy avidly watched every moment of his daughter’s torture and abuse, and this final cut
pushed him to a shattering climax, pumping gushes of hot sperm into the tissues that had been left
for him by Katie’s teacher.
The blades had sliced through the tight skin of her hymen, destroying it completely. The dildo was
so large that the cruel blades also cut into the lining of her winky, then she felt the steel glans move
deep inside, and her tummy exploded. When the device was triggered it deployed the cutting
blades, waited a few more seconds, then the glans split into several sections which turned over
lengthwise, and clamped onto Katie’s cervix, holding it like a vice. At least it retracted the blades as
well, so they no longer gouged her tender winky, but the pain from her crushed cervix was intense.
When Mrs Wickens had retracted the stand between her thighs, the spindle detached from the metal
dildo, leaving the heavy device secured to the neck of her womb, dragging her uterus down, and
putting severe strain on the supporting muscles inside her tummy. The teacher removed the needles
from her small breast buds, and her clit, then the long plug from her pee tube, and finally extracted
the staples that pinned both outer sex petals to her inner thighs. While Katie was relieved to have
these horrid devices removed, despite the agony involved, she was upset when Mrs Wickens
informed her that she would leave the dildo attached till the end of the day. The young child was
distraught at the prospect of this heavy weight pulling on her womb all day, stretching her cervix
painfully, but when she returned to her seat, she realised that sitting was even worse. The shaft
protruded several inches out from the open entrance to her winky, and when she was seated, this
extra length was forced inside her, pushing the cervix upward, just as painfully as it had previously
been dragged down. The poor girl would have to suffer like this for the rest of the day, every time
she sat down, or stood up.
Katie’s Daddy watched a few more of her school friends suffer similar abuse, all with interesting
variations, but each of them had their delicate titty and winky meat cruelly abused with needles,
knives, and hot irons, stretched, pulled about, and poked, then Mrs Wickens returned to her office.
He thanked her for the kind invitation to visit his daughter’s school, to see his sweet little darling
being well disciplined, and he promised to support everything the school wanted to do with Katie.
Mrs Wickens thanked him for being so cooperative, and assured him that Katie would be given
some homework projects that he could help her with out of hours, and the school also offered a
babysitting service, staffed by the Prefects and senior girls, if he wanted to take his wife out for the
evening, knowing his little girl would be suitably cared for while her parents were absent.

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last paragraph.

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