Mom and sons made to submit at gun point
This is a story of what started out as the worst night of my life.
My name is Melissa Turner. I’m a successful lawyer in a big firm in California. I’m forty- four, divorced and from what I understand, pretty good looking.
I worked my way through law school modeling. I’m still called from time to time for specific shoots; make-up and sleepwear adds mostly. I pick and choose the shoots I want to do. I do it for the fun now, I don’t need the money.
I’m 5’10” tall, 38-23-35. I have natural D-cups and long, straight, coal black hair and emerald green eyes. A classic beauty my agent would say.

This particular night I was wearing a long black gown with spaghetti straps. My breasts almost poured over the lacy material that trimmed my dress. I got a lot of attention at the restaurant. My hair was down. My make-up was light, fresh. My lips were a pale shade of strawberry-red. I always ask my boys how I look before we go out. As long as they say I look OK, that’s all that matters. I’m not out looking for another man.

My Ex. was also a lawyer. A lawyer who preferred his twenty-two-year-old
paralegal over his family. He had paid dearly for the preference.
The boys and I had moved into a luxurious three-story Brownstone six years ago…After the divorce.

Brian would be eighteen on his next birthday and is relatively short but very stocky; a running back on his high school football team. He’s funny, sweet and girls seem to fall all over themselves to spend time with him. A lot like his father before his father became an ass-hole.
Bobby, he’s fifteen and as tall as his older brother but is more gangly; more of a geek then an athlete. He’s sweet and extremely considerate. He’s shy, a “Momma’s boy” I think to some extent.

I had made Partner in my firm and had taken my boys out to a four-star restaurant for a late dinner to celebrate that night. It was almost 10:00 on a Friday night when I turned past the painters van and into my small two-car-garage.
“Someone’s working late.” Brian commented.
“I wouldn’t want to have to be a painter.” Bobby laughed.
“There’s nothing wrong with being a painter and there’s certainly nothing wrong with working hard.” I emphasized.

We had no sooner walked in the house, turned on the light and hung up our coats when a deep voice told us not to move. We all turned towards the living room at once to find two intruders; the larger of the two with a gun pointed at us. Both had clean white jumpsuits on, white sneakers and white masks that covered their entire heads and faces; the kind painters use.
I instinctively stepped in front of my boys.
“What do you want?” I demanded.
“Well, to begin with. . . . . .You have a lot of nice things here.”
“Just take what you want. Take what you want and leave.” I said nervously.
“Oh, don’t you worry that sweet little ass of yours about that honey. That’s just what we intend to do.” His eyes roamed over my body.
“Sit down.” The large man ordered.
The boys and I moved towards the cough.
“Not you.” He said singling me out. “You take Sam here and fill these up.”

He threw me two large empty pillowcases; the pillowcases off my own pillows as a mater-of-fact.
The smaller man, meagerly built and no taller than Brian {5’4”}, moved to my side. “Don’t do anything stupid.” The big man added as he pointed the gun towards my boys.

I nervously led Sam upstairs to the den to empty the safe then into the master bedroom for my jewelry collection.
“Please don’t hurt my boys.” I pleaded with the one he’d called Sam
Sam placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. The touch was gentle, feminine.
“Jack’s never had to shoot anyone yet, try not to worry too much.” he said just above a whisper.
Sam had a quiet voice and a light touch. I began to take note of the way he moved and his body language. I soon came to the conclusion that Sam was a woman.

As I emptied my jewelry boxes into the pillowcase, I asked Sam a simple question…
“Why are you doing this Sam?”
“Samantha…”The woman corrected.
I was shocked she had said anything. The woman handed me the pillowcase and then reached for her mask. I was scared. I didn’t want to see the woman’s face, I didn’t want to know their names, I didn’t want to hear their voices. I just wanted them to leave. I wanted to give them what they wanted and get them the hell out of my house.

Sam pulled her mask completely off, “These things are so hot.” she whispered as she ran her fingers through her short damp hair and then shook her head vigorously letting her hair lay where it may.
Standing at my side now was an extremely beautiful dark haired girl with big round dark eyes and brose skin. She had full lips and a small dainty nose that fit her face beautifully. She didn’t look over 16. I found it hard not to look at her, not to stare.
Thinking back on it; I think I was immediately attracted to her.

“You’re beautiful” I blurted out with a measure of surprise at my own boldness. “How old are you?” I asked before I could stop myself.
“I’ll be eighteen on Friday.” Sam whispered pleasantly as if we were sitting around the table drinking ice-tea and chatting.
As a model, I had been around countless attractive women but few were as breathtaking as I found Samantha to be. There was just something about her; an innocent, clean beauty. The irony wasn’t lost on me.

As we walked down the second story hall again, I could hear the man talking down stairs:
“You’re momma’s quite the looker huh boys. Maybe before the nights over, I’ll get her to show us those tits, what-da-ya think, would you guys like that?”

“How dare he talk to my boys like that!” I thought.
I guess Sam saw the fury in my eyes, she just put a hand on my shoulder and shook her head “No”, begging me to let it go with her eyes.
The thought of having to display myself in front of Bobby and Brian bothered me but not nearly as much as the thought of what else the big man would want to do once I was standing before him naked. I’d had to fend off plenty of guys in the modeling business and even a few at the law firm. Men could be such assholes and this one had a gun.

“You can just take what you want and go. I won’t even call the police.” I assured Sam.
“We will.” Sam said calmly. “If everything goes like usual” she added.
“What’s ‘Like usual’?” I asked with growing concern.
She leaned in real close to me. The gesture would have normally caused me to step back or put a hand up to protect my space, but not with her. Her face was a few inches from mine, “You’ll see.” She whispered. Her breath smelled like bubblegum.
“Why do you do this Sam?” I had to ask. “Why don’t you just get away from him. I can help you. I can talk to my agent. You can Model. The money’s good and. . .”
“I can’t.” Sam interrupted sadly.
“Why? Why not?”
“He’s. . . . . .He’s my father. . .” She told me. I could hear the shame in her voice.

I was floored. Sam looked down at her feet, “. . .and. . .” She broke off. She looked at me with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen.
“And what?”
“I just can’t.” She repeated.

I heard Sam’s father from the top of the steps, “Either one-a you guys have any naked pictures of your mom?”
They didn’t answer. “Want some?” He mocked and laughed wildly.
Evidently Brian stood up, “Leave our mother alone.” he barked at the big man.
“You need to just sit down and shut up, that’s what you need to do boy.” the man stated calm and mean.
We hurried down the steps.

“Got everything.” Sam informed her father.
“Good, now for my favorite part.” The big man announced. He made no reference to Sam taking her mask off. He chose to leave his on. I’ll admit, it made him look more intimidating.
Sam automatically went to the white canvas tool bag they’d brought with them. She stuffed my belongings inside the large bag and produced a roll of grey Duct-Tape.
“Everybody upstairs.” The large man ordered.
Sam led the way as, one by one, everyone followed. Sam’s father brought up the rear; gun in hand.

Sam walked into the first bedroom she came to. It was Brian’s.
“You. . .” The man singled Brian out. “You, sit down over there.” The man ordered as he waved the gun towards Brian’s desk in the far corner.
“Mom?” Brian sounded like he was asking my permission.

I know Brian too well. He’s a strong, muscular kid with an attitude when the time is right. He, no doubt would be the first to try and save the fair maiden, rescue the Princess or save the villagers from those pesky dragons. This was no time to be a knight in shining armor.
“It’s OK Brian. Please, just do whatever he says.”
He started at me for a long second then complied. I was relieved.

Sam put her hand on Bobby’s shoulder and guided him towards Brian’s bed a few feet away.
“Take your clothes off.” She told him stealing a quick look over at me.
Bobby looked over to me, not knowing what to do. I shot a look at Sam and then the man with the gun. I had no idea where this was going.
“Do what they tell you Honey. It’ll be OK.” I told him apprehensively. I tried to sound calm as I tried to figure out what was going to happen. Bobby was a shy kid. This was going to be tuff for him.

Bobby slowly began undressing; folding his clothes and putting them in a neat pile on his bed. {He’s a bit of a clean freak} In a few short minutes he was standing in front of the bed in just his boxers.
The man pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and flipped it open,
“Sam. . .” he called and nodded towards Bobby

I wondered who the hell he was going to call. I was really scared. I thought he might be calling some of his friends to come share the spoils; me being the spoils.
Sam threw the Duct-Tape on the bed and stepped up to Bobby. She knelt in front of him and slipped her fingers into the waistband of Bobby’s shorts. His head spun towards me as he tried to step back; away from Sam.

“Stay right there sonny.” The man told him.
“Mom?” Bobby’s voice was high and nervous as he grabbed at his underwear.
“Shut up.” The man demanded of Bobby but pointed the gun towards me.
I was shocked and confused, I felt so helpless.
“What’s she doing? Why is she doing that?” I shouted. Were they going to tie us all up naked I wondered. I hoped that would be all they did.
“Shut up!” The man yelled back.
Bobby looked at me with sad, pleading eyes as Sam pulled his boxers down. His face was apple red with embarrassment as Sam exposed him to all of us. He tried as best he could to cover himself with his hands. Sam grabbed his hands and pulled them to his sides. “Don’t.” She whispered. It was more of a plea than an order.

I was unable to say anything. I wasn’t prepared to see this beautiful girl fall to her knees in front of my naked son; my 15-year-old son. My eyes shifted from Samantha’s flawless face to my young son’s shriveled penis. I couldn’t help but wonder what in the world Sam was going to do and why in god’s name did her father have his phone out?
To Bobby’s and my surprise, Sam let go of one of his hands and then reached up and cupped Bobby’s balls in her palm, and then turned to her father.
Bobby sucked in a quick hard breath, Brian gasped from across the room, and I stood wide eyed as we all heard the “Click” of the camera phone.

I turned quickly towards the sound. I couldn’t imagine why Jack was taking pictures; pictures of his daughter kneeling in front of my naked son no less. I couldn’t imagine what this had to do with robbing us. My fear elevated. A hundred things went through my mind at once.
“Get over there.” The man insisted, waving the gun at me.
I was dumbfounded. Was he talking to me?
“Come on!” He was getting impatient.

Brian sat on the chair in the corner and watched me slowly walk towards his little brother and this girl.
I stood next to my naked son.
“Down on your knees.” The man instructed. “You heard me!” He said with more force when I didn’t respond.
“Oh my god!” I thought. I looked at Sam. Her eyes seemed calming. She nodded her head, encouraging me to comply. It was easy to tell that she just wanted this to go as smoothly as possible. Oddly enough, I somehow trusted her.
I mindlessly knelt on the floor.
“Closer.” The man barked, “Closer!” as he stepped back; assumingly to make sure everyone’s face was in the picture. I heard the click of the camera again.

“Jesus!” I thought as everything came into focus. The sick prick was taking pictures to add to some collection he probably had. Pictures he would no doubt enjoy later…Pictures of his own daughter…Pictures of a mother and her son… Sick mementos. I began to wonder how much of this was really Sam’s choice. I began to wonder what kinds of things she was forced to do at home.
Then it occurred to me with a great deal of anguish, maybe these were pictures he would blackmail me with. Pictures he would threaten to show my ex., my employer, anyone, everyone, at some later date.

“Sam. . .” He called.
Sam released Bobby’s ball sack, unzipped her over-alls, and pulled her arms out of the sleeves of her jumpsuit.
Everyone turned to Brian as he released a heavy sigh from his chair at his desk.
The big man turned to acknowledge Brian, “Nice, huh!”

Sam now knelt on the floor, sitting back on her feet with her over-alls pushed down to her waist exposing a pair of taut round tits with tiny, dark nipples. Tiny, Hard, dark nipples. It would seem that Samantha, on some level, was enjoying this.
Bobby held his breath as he looked down. I believe, for a brief second he was unaware of everything around him except Samantha’s lovely tits. After all, he was fifteen.
Even MY attention was drawn to Samantha’s perky breasts. The baggy overalls had hid them well. They were as round as half a honeydew melon, sitting up high on the small framed girl.
Sam looked at me, her hand went back to Bobby’s scrotum, and the camera clicked away.

Samantha began to softly fondle my son’s balls. We were all taken back; but no one more then Bobby.
“Mom?” He whispered, although he couldn’t take his eyes off Samantha’s tits.
“It’s OK.” I told him as I watched. “They’re not going to hurt us.” I told my youngest son not knowing if it was the truth or a lie.
Everyone watched as Sam skillfully massaged Bobby’s ball sack with one hand and made small circles on his tiny bare ass with the other.
“You’ll like this.” She whispered up to Bobby.

To Bobby’s horror, she was right; he began to react. Even though he was scared and embarrassed, he was a guy, and he reacted like any guy would when a beautiful girl showed him her tits and played with his balls. He started to get an erection.
“Mom?” He groaned…Almost apologetically…as the camera clicked.
I was too preoccupied to say anything.

“There ya go Kido. That isn’t so bad now is it?” The man snickered.
“Ga-head.” He said to his daughter as he took another picture.

Samantha glanced quickly at me then lifted higher up on her knees and took Bobby’s little boner in her mouth.
“Jesus!” Brian muttered from the corner. I didn’t even look in his direction.
“Mom!” Bobby called out anxiously.
“It’s. . .It’s alright Sweetie.” I tried hard to sound convincing but I was moved by the image right in front of me. This girl, this beautiful girl was actually blowing my son. My fifteen-year-old son…..Right in front of me. Never in my life had I thought I’d ever be watching something like that.

I mean, sure…I’d walked in on his brother and one of his girlfriends while he was sitting on his bed with his pants open and Jenny, I think her name was, was kneeling between his legs bobbing her head up and down. It ended abruptly a second after I walked in. But
Bobby. . . . . .He was my baby. Although he didn’t look like a baby right at that moment.

The camera clicked.

The room was silent as Sam slowly sucked on Bobby’s growing dick. The camera clicked away. I was dazed as I watched from just a few feet away as Sam’s cheeks sucked in and her full lips slide over my son’s little prick.
[His dick wasn’t very big, but it seemed a bit thicker, fatter than one might have thought it would be at his age. At least, that’s what I thought.]
Sam looked like she was enjoying the act. I glanced up at Bobby; his eyes were glued to Samantha’s pretty face.

“OK Sam. . .” Sam’s father directed.
I got the feeling they’d not only done this before, but had done it with some frequency.
Sam slipped Bobby’s dick out of her mouth and leaned towards me. “Kiss me.” She whispered. I jerked my head back on my shoulders. Her words took me by surprise.
Sam moved up closer, tilted her head to one side, and opened her mouth slightly. My stomach fluttered as she leaned into me. I jerked back so hard I fell back on my feet.
“What are you doing?” I asked Sam, shocked.
Had we been alone, my reaction may have been different.

I turned to the man with the gun, Jack…she’d called him, “ I. . . . .I can’t do this. What are you, some kind of. . .”
“Mom!” Brian stood up trying to intervene before I said something stupid.
“Shut up!” The man yelled. “Both of you!”
He gestured for Brian to sit down and sized me up as he slowly brought the camera phone down to his side.
“I - beg - your - pardon?” He asked agitated. “This says I can do whatever the fuck I want.” He waved the gun around.

I looked at Sam. Sam knelt there begging me with her eyes again. “Don’t!” they screamed. I turned to the man with the gun again, more reasonable this time, more civil.
“Please. . .” I started. “Not in front of. . .”
“Listen Honey. . .” Jack cut me off. “If you want everything to go nice and smooth. . .” He held the gun up as if to remind everyone who was in charge. “. . .If you want everyone to survive this night with no more than a few disturbing memories, you’ll shut the fuck up and play along.” He scolded me.

I stared at him, swallowed hard and shut-up. After all, he was right. As long as no one got hurt. . . . . .We could deal with the rest. I never felt so helpless. Judging from the look in Sam’s eyes, I had made the right decision. He seemed unpredictable, a loose cannon. I sighed my surrender.
“Now…Up on your knees.” He insisted.
I slowly got back up on me knees beside my son and looked submissively at Sam. Sam was looking up at her father for direction.
“Closer together.” He instructed as he brought the camera up. Sam and I scooted closer to Bobby’s feet. He nodded at Sam.

Sam moved her face close to Bobby’s privates. She softly fondled Bobby’s ball sack again and gently reached out cupping my chin in her hand. She tenderly pulled my face to hers, making sure both our faces and my son’s dick were all in frame.
Click. . . “That’s it.” Her father praised.
I closed my eyes as Sam’s lips parted and covered my own.
The camera clicked again and again.
I’m sure the boys watched as I tilted my head slightly to receive Samantha’s kiss.
The camera clicked away unnoticed by everyone but Jack, I’m sure.

At first I was rigid, self-conscious, very uncomfortable. The thought that these lips were just around my son’s dick swam around in my head.
Sam’s lips were warm, soft, inviting. Even under these conditions, they were alluring. The thought that my son’s cock had just been in her mouth seconds ago didn’t seem to matter. I felt Sam’s tongue trying to press past my lips. I opened my mouth willingly and let it slip in.

I was no prude. I had kissed a woman before; a few as a matter-of-fact. The first; was my best friend in high school, on a few separate sleepovers. There was also my roommate in collage. We had often enjoyed each other after a long night of studying and light drinking. Some nights we would both give her boyfriend a slow erotic blowjob together. When he left, we’d turn our attentions to each other. The last was a woman named Janelle; we worked together on a few shoots. So I’d been here before. Just not with two strangers, one with a gun, and certainly not with my family watching.

{At least not my own son, but that’s a different story entirely.}

I found this woman, this girl, to be far more erotic and a great deal more sensual then any others I’d kissed.
Unexpectedly, I found that her kissing me was somewhat calming. If not for the circumstances, I could well have found it much more than just pleasant. I’m ashamed to say that for those few seconds I had only two thoughts. Where Sam’s lips had been and where they were now.

“All right MOM. . .” Jack said mockingly, bringing me back to reality.
The kiss seemed to linger for a second longer. Sam gave me one quick peck on the lips as I pulled my head back.
I snuck a peek at Brian and then Bobby. They were staring at me.
“It’s your turn Mommy.” The man said. “I need a few more pictures.”
Brian, Bobby, and I stared at the man. It wasn’t clear what he meant.
“My turn for WHAT?” I squeaked, confused; careful not to sound too combative.
My eyes flickered back and forth between Sam and her father; up and over from Bobby to Brian. I imagine I looked like a scared bunny trapped by wolves.
Sam whispered, as if she was sorry to have to say it. “Please, just do it.” her eyes echoing her words, pleading.
I was puzzled.
“Help her Sam.”

Sam reaches behind me as I knelt there seemingly indifferent. It was shock. She eased the long zipper at the back of my dress down. She slipped her delicate fingers under one of my spaghetti straps and slipped it down over my shoulder. I scanned the faces in the room seemingly unaware of what was happening.
Brian watched intently from across the room. Bobby stared down like a kid waiting to see what kind of toy is in his Happy Meal; his hard little penis revealing his true mind-set.
Even Jack pulls the camera away from his line of site to get a good look at me. When Sam slips her fingers under the other strap, I automatically raise my hands to hold my dress in place.

“Don’t.” Is all Jack says but he says it with great conviction.
Sam and I share a sorrowful look as my hands slowly drop down and Sam slides the other strap off my shoulder. I glance apologetically at my boys then shut my eyes as my dress falls to my waist and my breasts are free.

I hear Brian sigh hard, “Umph. . .”
Bobby gasped quietly. “Wow!” he whispered. I don’t think he even realizing he’d said it.
I opened my eyes and turned to respond to Bobby but was sidetracked by the hard little dick just a foot and a half away from my face. His penis seemed a little bigger now.
“Seems like the boy knows a nice pair of tits when he sees ‘em, huh MOM?” Jack boasted.
I was bothered by the comment. This man was suggesting that my own son was enjoying what was happening. . . . . .But when I looked up and saw that Bobby was staring at my exposed tits, I turned to Brian. He looked equally interested. I felt myself blush.
“Nothin’ to be ashamed of MOM.” Jack told me with a crooked smile. “Is there Sam?” He winked at his seemingly flawless daughter.
I got the sense that Jack and Sam had more sensitive secrets then their occupation.
He brought the camera back up, “Ga head Sam.”

Sam reached for Bobby’s hard little dick again. This time she closed two fingers around it and began to masturbate him. “He’s harder.” She whispers more to herself, I think, than anybody else then looks up at my son.
“Told you you’d like it.” She smiled at him. He was speechless, his eyes darting back and forth from what Sam was doing to him and my tits.
I watched with butterflies in my stomach. Then Sam took hold of my hand and brought it up towards my son’s dick.

“Please?” I whispered to Sam.
“You have to.” She assured me. “He has to take the picture.”
I looked over to her hooded father and decided not to fight her.
Bobby ’s eyes were hard to read.
“It’s OK.” I tried to comfort him but to be honest, to look at how stiff his little penis was, he gave me the impression he really didn’t need comforting.

Sam released his little hard-on to make room for my hand.
“Oh God…” I groaned softly and shook my head slowly, not believing what was happening.
My eyes shifted between Sam and my son’s chubby little boner. Sam nodded her head quickly and nibbled her bottom lip as she pushed my hand and made my fingers close around Bobby’s little dick. A shiver ran up my spine when I felt his dick twitch in my hand. Sam urged me on with another shake of her head and a tiny smile on the corner of her mouth. I slowly began to move my hand back and forth.
“Geezzz. . .” Bobby sighed.
The camera clicked away.

“That’s not too bad now is it?” The big man chuckled through his mask; his question aimed at Bobby.
I couldn’t bear to meet my son’s gaze as my hand moved over his little boner. I looked at the floor and then inadvertently glanced up at Sam’s father. There was an obvious bulge in his pants. I feared what might be next.

I unintentionally looked over at Brian. He looked engaged as he watched what I was doing to his little brother. To my complete and utter shock, it looked as though there was a bulge in Brian’s pants as well. Before I had the time to think about it, Jack spoke up again.
“Well, lookie here.” He roared. “Looks like Junior likes what he sees too.” He noted, referring to Brian, as he rubbed the barrel of his gun across the bulge in his own pants.

Brian became flustered as he dropped his hands in his lap in a belated attempt to hide his excitement.
I was surprised, though I guess I shouldn’t have been. I’ve seen Brian sneak glances at my breast before, around our pool and around the house, Bobby too for that matter.
I knew that Brian had a broad selection of my modeling photos saved on his computer {Mostly sleepwear and bra ads. I thought it was rather flattering} and I knew about his hidden stash of porn as well. A few of his magazines were a bit taboo. “I Did My Best Friend’s Mom” & “My Step Mom”, things of that nature. I figured he had a thing for older women. I hadn’t thought much of it. I just would have thought that being his mother and all, and certainly under these circumstances, that my sons getting sexually aroused wouldn’t be an issue. But apparently, from what I saw in Brian’s lap and what I felt in my hand. . . . . .I was mistaken.

{It just never occurred to me that I would excite them like that; in that way I mean. I suppose. . . . . .Guy’s are guys.}

“Whelp, let’s move this party along Sam before things get out of hand here.” Her father suggested. “Tape him up.” He told her.

Sam got up and fetched the tape off the bed. When I realized it was over and I was still kneeling there, my hand still slowly moving back & forth over Bobby’s hard-on, a really strange feeling overtook me. . . . . . Shock. As I became even more aware of his dick in my hand, I felt…Oddly enough…giddy.

A long time ago during a sleepover, I was maybe 14, one of my girlfriends had snuck one of her father’s porn videos into her room. When everyone had gone to sleep, we watched it. For the first ten or fifteen minutes we giggled and said things like “Oh my god!” and “Look at that!”
I felt kinda like that now, kneeling on the floor with my son’s dick in my hand. The comparison bothered me.
I let go of my son’s penis and stood up quickly, ashamed. I looked sheepishly at Bobby then cautiously at Jack as I covered my breast and pulled the straps back over my shoulders.
“Don’t bother.” The big man told me. He sounded pleased with my humiliation.

Sam gently spun Bobby around and pulled his hands behind his back. She bound them with a few strands of tape.
“You don’t have to do this.” I pleaded.
“I’m not hurting him.” Sam assured me.
She turned him around and carefully sat him on the bed and rolled a couple strands around his ankles and one over his mouth.
He looked helplessly at me and his brother. He looked terrified.
“Let’s go.” The large man said as he ushered everybody else out of the room.
“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay right there until your mommy comes and gets you.” He told Bobby as he steered us out and shut the door.
“Where’s your room Mommy?” The intruder asked as he punched some keys on his phone. “I think Junior here is really gunna like this next part.”

Jack led us down the hall at gun point. I wondered what he was going to make me do to Brian. I wondered what Brian was thinking too.

“OK. . .”The man started. “This is what’s gunna happen.”
He explained to me and Brian that he was going to take some more pictures. If we were to call the police after they had gone, “These pictures” he said, would be sent to his computer and from there. . . . . .to a certain Web Page on the Inter-Net that catered to
“. . .A particular group of people. . .” He’d said.

Brian and I looked at each other apprehensively. The man instructed us to take our clothes off. We were both stunned when we noticed that Samantha was taking her overalls the rest of the way off as well. Brian and I both watched her for a few seconds.
“Move it along.” Jack says.
Brian and I shot a quick glance at each other, and then started to remove our clothing.
“Not you Sonny.”
Brian froze with his shirt halfway unbuttoned.
“Just Mommy for now.” He clarified.

I stared at the floor as I dropped my dress to my feet. I lifted one foot to remove my heels but Jack stopped me.
“No-no-no Mommy. Leave’em on.” He says and smiled as he ran his eyes from my heels to my eyes.
“Turn around.” He directed.
I turned 180°, stopped for a second, and then turned to face him again. As I turned I saw Brian and Sam both, staring at me. Sam, with a certain measure of delight and Brian, eyes wide, scanning me head to toe as well.

“Jesus boy, you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch.” Jack said, shaking his head.
I had nothing but a tiny black thong on and a pair of black 4” heels. I could have been waiting to audition for a part in a Porn movie.
Brian almost stumbled as he took a step back to take in the whole view.
“Sorry Mom.” He whispered and adjusted the lump in his pants when he saw that I’d noticed.
“It’s OK.” I replied under my breath.
“Looks like Junior’s on board.” The Man laughed.

Sam had been wearing nothing under her over-alls. She stood in front of us, a vision of perfection. Her ass was round and tight, every curve of her body was flawless, her stomach flat and hard. Her breasts stood up firm and high; the benefits of youth.
I really found myself somewhat pre-occupied as I watched Sam move across the room. She was little more than a child but she was breathtaking. I remember thinking that in a different forum; I would love to be with this girl. I realized she was young enough to be my daughter but I simply didn’t care.

“Sit on the bed Honey.” He told his daughter.
“Go stand next to her.” He directed me.
“You stay over there, out of the way.” He said to Brian. “Don’t look so disappointed, you’ll get your chance.” He added.
Brian blushed and looked down at the carpet.
Jack took a few pictures of Sam and me.

“Bend over― Feel her tits―Kiss―Look at me. . .” Click―Click―Click―Click. . .
And then he told me to kneel down on the floor between her legs.
I have to admit, at that point, had Sam and I been alone. . . .I would have already been there. But with my son standing a few feet away and her father taking pictures and wielding a gun; well, it was uncomfortable to say the least.
Sam spread her legs and I knelt on the carpet between them.
Her pussy was shaved smooth; the coco lips framing her coochie on either side like peddles of an exotic flower. They were dark and shimmered with arousal. Her scent was captivating. I breathed in deep. Not waiting for her father to give direction, I leaned in and kissed her pussy. I kissed it again. I reached up with my fingers and spread her labia exposing the pinkness of her wet pussy. I looked up at her briefly then thrust my tongue into her. I moved my face side to side stimulating her clit with the tip of my nose as I willingly ate Samantha’s coochie.

Sam pulled me into her with both hands; her fingers tangled in my long hair.
“Jesus Christ!” She groaned, obviously pleased with my efforts.
In a short time, she was pushing her pussy into my face and swaying her hips side to side.
“Ummmm…Umm, Oh God, that feels good.” She whimpered.
I assume her father took pictures. I was too busy eating Sam’s pussy to notice.

After only a few minutes, Sam came. I was surprised at the amount of watery sweetness that poured over my tongue and my lips. It was like thin honey. I licked and sucked up every drop, oblivious to anyone else in the room I’m ashamed to say. Sam slid her hands to either side of my face and lifted me as she leaned down and kissed me. I was lost in the moment.

It wasn’t until I heard Jack tell Brian to stand next to the bed, that I remembered where I was and what our circumstances were.
I broke the kiss, much to my dismay. I wiped my chin with the back of my hand rather embarrassed as Brian stepped up beside Sam’s thigh.
I looked up at him from my knees, my face wet with Sam’s juices, trying desperately to hide the desire that had seemingly taken me over; trying hard not to notice the huge lump in his pants and apologizing with my eyes as best I could, hoping desperately he couldn’t see that I wasn’t really as sorry as I wanted him to believe.

“Take it out.” Sam’s father says.
I whipped my head around, unsure of who he was talking to, and what he meant. I must have looked confused.
“His fly. . . . . .Undo his fly and take IT out.” He said.
“Yes, you.”
I don’t know how I could have been, after all that had happened so far, but I was surprised to find that he was indeed talking to me.

I turned back to the bulge in Brian’s slacks. I looked up at him like a child looking up at her stern father. I wanted to see Brian’s reaction to this stranger’s demands.
Although he didn’t need to, Brian stepped a tiny bit closer. His eyes told me that it was OK; the bulge in his pants confirmed it.

“Why don’t you go make sure the other one’s still where he’s supposed to be.” Jack tells Sam. She hurries out of the room naked.
“Ga-head.” He tells me.
Staring up at Brian with worried eyes, I slowly reach for the fly of his pants. I hesitate, unsure.
“It’s OK Mommy. I don’t think he’ll mind to much.” Jack laughs, phone in one hand, gun in the other.

I unzipped his fly. It seemed to take hours. I stared at the opening as I reached in and groped for the hole in his boxers. Waiting to see what I would be pulling through the open fly.
I felt and heard Brian suck a deep breath in when I touched it, my fingers dancing around between his pants and his boxers. I glanced up at him as I slipped my fingers into his boxers and wrapped my fingers around it. My stomach fluttered and I trembled.

“Oh my god, he’s so hard.” I thought and pulled Brian’s rigid cock through the open fly. I quickly dropped my hands to my knees and stared at Brian’s exposed erection.
“It’s OK. It’ll be alright.” I whispered up to Brian.

I could see it throb with each beat of his heart. It was really big and very thick. I felt a warmth flush over my entire body as Brian rested a hand on my shoulder to steady himself. His hand was trembling but he seemed…To me…more excited than scared. For all practical purposes, he seemed alright with this. From the look of his hard dick, I’d say more than alright as he stood there close to me with his big hard-on sticking out though his fly.

I can’t lie; I felt somewhat better knowing that Brian wasn’t freaking out about this and maybe even a bit thrilled that he was so. . . . . . receptive.
Sam returned. “Wow!” She declared when she came through the doorway.
The little one’s fine.” She tells her father.
“Ooooo! He’s got a nice one.” She whispered in my ear as she knelt down beside me.
“Look here.” Jack said. Click…………

She grasped Brian’s dick as she had Bobby’s. She gazed at me with a devilish sparkle in her eyes. She looked pleased. She looked beautiful.
She began to slowly stroke my son’s hard-on.
I watched in awe as her hand moved skillfully over Brian’s erection. This wasn’t a -boy dick- like Bobby’s. This was a cock. My stomach filled with butterflies again when I realized that it would no doubt be my turn soon.

“Feel his balls.” Sam’s father told her.
I watched as her other hand came up and began to fondle his balls.
“Not you.” Jack said.
Even though I knew it would eventually come to this, my stomach dropped. I shot a quick look up at Brian then filled my hand with his balls.
. . .Click. . .
I caressed them, amazed to some extent at their size and softness. I rolled them through my fingers and watched Sam’s hand twist and slide over his dick as she got into it more. I looked up at Brian again. His eyes were closed. He widened his stance a tiny bit to keep his balance. It was easy to see that he was getting great pleasure from this.

This fact wasn’t lost on Sam or her father.
Without direction from her father, Sam leaned forward and kissed the tip of Brian’s dick. I found the act very erotic.
. . .Click. . .Click. . .
She slid her hand down his hard shaft until I felt her touch my hand. She looked into my eyes, the feeling was hot, overwhelming. She slowly guided my hand up to my son’s hard dick. I closed my fingers around its base, unable to close the circle the way I had with Bobby’s. I started to slowly stroke him as Sam stared deeply into my eyes.
. . .Click. . .

I was becoming familiar with the routine. I rose up on my knees until my face was even with Brian’s crotch. I stroked my son’s stiff cock. I was on auto-pilot. Without being told to, I began moving my hand through the slimy discharge that oozed from my son’s hard dick. Acting as if he wasn’t my son, I willingly began to spread his pre-cum with my thumb, all over his swollen cockhead as I would any other cock enthralled with the whole act. My eyes bounced back and forth between his face and his cock as if to ask, “Is this alright?”

Samantha leaned in to kiss me. This time I met her half way. I opened my mouth eagerly as I turned my head. Our lips touched. Sam’s tongue slipped between my lips and I sucked it into my mouth; gently at first, then with a little more enthusiasm. I felt my grip tighten around my son’s cock. Conscious of this, I kissed Sam harder and stroked Brian’s dick with more commitment.

I heard him moan and sway slightly. I switched hands and slid my free hand up the back of his leg and held onto his ass cheek to steady him as I knelt at his feet next to Samantha. I felt one of Sam’s soft hands glide over my cheek and come to rest below my ear. The other hand moved slowly over my right tit.
I was immediately aware of how hard my nipples were. I softly moaned into Sam’s mouth.

I vaguely heard Jack’s voice. It sounded far away, “Jesus, that’s hot.” He groaned.
Sam ended the kiss, to my dismay, with a few smaller kisses. When I opened my eyes, she was sliding her lips over the head of my son’s dick. It was red now and Sam’s pouty lips slid through the tiny droplets of cum that I’d milked from his hardness.
I had one hand still on my son’s ass and the other wrapped around his dick. I held it steady as Samantha slid her pretty lips past its swollen head.

{I’m embarrassed to say that Bobby wasn’t even a concern to me at that point. I knew he was safe so I found myself concentrating on other things.}

I glanced up at Brian. At first he was watching Sam’s beautiful lips around his cock. When he saw me look up, his eyes shifted to mine.
He looked. . .Pleased. . .He smiled nervously; unsure if that was a proper response. I smiled to reassure him that everything would be all right, that everything was OK, even though I was giving my son a handjob; everything was OK.

My eyes closed and my head fell back slightly, completely forgetting that I was his mother and was being ‘forced’ to do this, as the moment overtook me,
I felt Sam’s hand slither behind my head, pulling me towards her again. I wanted to feel her hot lips on mine again. I didn’t care that they had just been all over my son’s cock. I didn’t care in the least that she had smeared her full lips with the slimy pre-cum that leaked from the tip of Brian’s strained dick. My lips parted slightly in anticipation, welcoming her kiss.

Then I felt the tip of Brian’s wet cock head touch my lips. My eyes sprung open. My hand dropped from the base of his swollen cock.
“Umph!” I pulled my head back in protest but then froze. I looked up at my son as Samantha drew my mouth back to Brian’s dick. Brian looked down at me, his mother, and to my astonishment, I felt him push forward as Sam held me in place with a hand on the back of my head. The soft head of his dick slipped between my lips. I watched Brian watching me as more of his thick cock slid into my mouth and over my tongue.

The feeling was mind-blowing. {No pun intended} I had my son’s dick in my mouth and he seemed to really want this. He wanted me to blow him. I couldn’t think straight. I closed my fingers around the base of his cock again, closed my eyes and let Brian push a little more of his cock into my mouth. I felt Sam’s hand slide from the back of my head, down to my tits. I didn’t pull my head away this time. In fact, I closed my lips around it tightly and let him push it in further past my lips. I felt Sam’s hot breath on my ear. “Suck it.” She whispered. So I sucked softly as Brian moved his hips, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth.

“Oh God!” Brian moaned.
I held tight to my son’s ass as I started to give him a real blow-job. I sunk my mouth down on my son’s prick again and again. His cock felt so good in my mouth; so stiff and rigid. It wasn’t a little boy’s dick at all. It was a cock; a hard, fat cock. Something I hadn’t had in a long, long time.
“That’s it.” Sam whispered as she pusher her hand between my legs and lowered her lips to one of my hard nipples. I spread my legs as much as I could without falling over and welcomed her touch.

I had forgotten all about Jack and his camera until I heard the ‘Click―Click―Click right in my ear. He was right up close to us, getting close-ups of me blowing my son as his daughter sucked on my tit.
In a split second the sound of the camera brought reality crashing back.

“My God! What was I doing?” I let go of his dick and pulled my mouth off it.
“Oh my God!” I whimpered; my eyes bouncing from Sam’s sweet face against my tit to the hard dick in my hand. I knew I should stop but the feeling between my legs and my nipple in Sam’s mouth confused me.

Shamefully, I realized that I really wanted to do this. My hand made its way up his leg, back to his hard dick and I began to slowly pump it as I marveled at it right there inches from my face. I continued to jerk him off as the camera clicked away. There was no doubt he liked it. I could feel him throbbing in my hand. I could feel his hips pushing at me. I knew that if I continued this for too much longer, I was going to make him cum.

“Alright!” Jack barked. “I think I got enough pictures fer now.”
Sam stopped what she was doing. My hand slowly came to a stop on my son’s prick. I didn’t let go, I just knelt there holding it as Sam’s father stepped over to us.
I’m not really sure what I was feeling. I should have been glad that this was coming to an end but oddly enough, I found myself somewhat disappointed that Jack wasn’t going to make me finish what I’d started.

{Had you told me that morning I would be giving my son a hand job and sucking his dick by the end of the night…I would have thought you were crazy. If you’d have told me I was going to like it. . .
. . .Well. . . . . .I don’t know.”

Sam’s father stepped right up close to me. My hand slowly, reluctantly slipped off Brian’s twitching cock. I shot my son a sympathetic look.

{I remember actually thinking that, if Brian asked me too, I’d finish after they left.}

“I don’t normally do this. . .” Jack stated as he slipped the cell phone in one of the back pockets of his overalls “. . .I can usually wait until we get home. . .”
Sam smiled a shy guilty smile. She was even more beautiful when she smiled.
“. . .But you got me so hot-and-bothered…And that was quite obvious by the huge bulge in his overalls… that I don’t think I can wait. Scoot over here Honey.” Jack said to his daughter through his mask as he started to slide the long zipper of his overalls down.

Sam was happy to. She crawls over to her father on her knees and brushed his hand away from the zipper. She pulled the zipper down the rest of the way herself.
“Careful Baby.” Jack warned her.

Seemed he had nothing on under his jumpsuit either. Sam stuck her hand in, presumably putting her hand between her father’s dick and the front of the overalls so she wouldn’t snag him with the sipper. When the zipper was all the way down and Sam moved her hand this massive piece of meat fell out of the front of his overalls. It was huge. No less than 12” I’m sure and as big around as a coke bottle.

Sam began stroking it enthusiastically with both her small hands as Brian and I watched. His head fell back on his shoulders with a sigh… His arms hang at his sides, gun in hand… His big balls swung as she pumped his cock. I was mesmerized by the site.

Brian could have easily reached over and snatched the gun, but the thought had never entered his mind. For a number of reasons, I was glad he didn’t.
I watched as Samantha made her father’s cock even harder, even longer and then glanced over at me before she started to glide the tip of her pointy tongue up the belly, from his balls to the very tip of its fat head.

“Get over there.” Jack told Brian and pointed to the foot of the bed with his gun. Brian left me kneeling on the floor. I watched him move away, his hard, straight dick poking out of his open fly as he moved to the foot of my bed. He started to put his hard-on away but Jack stopped him. “Leave it out.” He barked. “You might need it.”
“Sit and enjoy the show.” He added.
“You. . .” He looked at me. “. . .There’s enough for both of you.” He told me.

I scooted closer. If I looked past the big man’s hip, I could see Brian at the end of the bed. He had a good view.
“There’s nothing I can do about it.” I thought to myself. After all, a few seconds ago I’d had my son’s hard dick in my mouth while I gave him a hand job. I would have gladly let him cum in my mouth and swallowed it to boot, had Sam’s father told me to.
“Let him watch.” I thought. “I’ll deal with Brian after they’re gone.” I told myself shamelessly.

I moved up next to Sam and started to lick Jack’s huge cock. Sam slipped one arm around me. We both kissed it and ran our lips over the tip while Sam slid her tiny hand back and forth over it. Our tongues twirled around the head of his cock. We faced each other; our mouths on either side of this huge cock. Jack began to move his hips and slide his long poll back and forth between our lips. We looked into each other’s eyes as we sandwiched his dick with our mouths. Occasionally, our tongues would meet over or under Jake’s stiff piece of meat. We’d kiss when be pulled it back far enough to slip away from our mouths.

Sam, knowing what pleased her father, made her way down to Jack’s ball sack and began to suck them into her mouth one by one. I took the opportunity to peek over at Brian.

{There was no doubt in my mind that he’d be watching us; he’s a guy. I think I just wanted to see him watching. Before this night I would have never imagined that I would get such a rush from something like my own son watching me do these things. I can’t describe the feeling. And I can’t pin-point the actual moment I changed. }

With Brian watching me, I opened my mouth wide and closed my lips around Jack’s prick. I closed my fingers around his fat dick just above Sam’s hand and helped her pump her father’s cock. I sucked eagerly on the first few inches. I could hear Samantha sucking and lapping at his balls. Within a couple of minutes, Jack was fucking my mouth as Sam let go of her father’s cock and made room for my other hand. I put both hands, side by side around this cock a few inches behind his massive head as a sort of barrier so he wouldn’t push too much in my mouth and choke me. I had my hands full.

He seemed to push in just enough to fill my mouth without gagging me and I appreciated his gentleness. I opened my eyes and peeked over at Brian as Jack’s big dick slipped in and out between my lips. He was craning his neck for a better view of his mother sucking this masked man’s prick.

“Now Sam!” Jack groaned with some urgency.
Sam jumped up from between his legs and threw herself across my bed; legs wide open, hands reaching. Jack pulled his cock away from me and turned to Sam. He climbed between her open legs. She reached out, took him in her hands, and guided him straight to her little pussy. He was big but she was very wet. She pumped it slowly with her hands as she worked it into her tight little hole. They had done this before.

He laid the gun on the bed next to Sam’s head. Neither Brian or I even thought to make an attempt to grab it. Holding his weight up on his arms, he let his young daughter work the head of his cock in before he began to fuck her.

It was quite a sight kneeling there on the floor right next to the bed. This huge man with his face still masked, sliding his long fat cock into this delicate, beautiful, young girl. Her hands were locked behind his neck and her legs were wrapped around the big man’s waist as best she could, as she fucked him back.
It wasn’t long before Jack began to grunt and fuck his daughter with more enthusiasm. He didn’t push all the way into her. I could only assume he didn’t want to hurt her; she was so tiny. This was the second time he’d shown a certain measure of restraint. The act seemed to shed a more human light on the masked intruder.

“I’m―cumming!” He told her with quick hard breaths.
“Hummmmm Yeah, come on…Cum in me Daddy. . .” Samantha moaned.
Brian and I watched as she craned her head up to kiss her father right through the thin material of his white painters mask.
Her words, and the way she said them, with such passion and lust, it made me shiver and my coochie pulse.

It was hard to believe how turned on I was. It was quite obvious that Brian felt the same way. I stood up and when I did, I noticed Brian wasn’t watching Sam and her father. He was looking at me, his dick still ridged, sticking straight up from between his legs.

Oddly enough, my first thought was to go to him and finish the blowjob I’d started. He looked like he needed relief terribly. It probably would have taken five seconds. His dick was hard; wet and slimy with pre-cum. He made no attempt to hide it now.

I stole a quick glance at Sam and her father. I wondered for a brief second if he was going to ‘Force me’ to do anything else to Brian before they left. Before I could ponder that thought any further, Jack rolled off of Sam. He lay next to her on his back catching his breath. He grabbed his gun and rested it on his broad chest. His slimy, wet dick flopped over to one side. Even after he’d cum, it still looked huge.

Sam lay breathing hard, her legs spread wide with her father’s cum slowly pouring out of her stretched out pussy in a small stream down the crack of her ass and onto my bedcover. There was a lot of it.

Nobody said anything for what seemed like a long time.
Sam and her father were laying across the bed…Brian was sitting at the foot of the bed, closest to Sam, trying hard not to stare at me…I was standing now, closer to the head of the bed, biting my lip and trying just as hard not to look at my poor son’s strained cock .

Jack was the first to speak. He sat up,
“Jesus, that was a hell of a load.” He bragged as he got up, tucked himself in, and zipped up his jump-suit.
“Ya want Mommy here to clean that pussy up for you Honey?” He asked his daughter.
That beautiful smile lit up the room. She looked over at me and shook her head ‘Yes’ with tiny excited nods like a little kid who’s been asked if she wants some candy. Her huge brown eyes sparkled, her snow white teeth lighting up her beautiful face.

Sam slipped the two middle fingers of her hand into her dripping pussy then brought them up to her mouth. We all watched as she tasted them then sucked them into her mouth.
“U-m-m-m-m.” She cooed looking playfully at me.

{I found myself wanting this young girl terribly. I had even masturbated early the next morning as I thought about her, anticipating seeing her again.}

Jack looked at me and nodded in her direction as she scooted her pretty little ass to the edge of my bed.
There was no doubt what I was expected to do. I stepped up, placed my hands on Samantha’s dark thighs, glanced at Brian, {As much as to say, “Watch what I’m gunna do now.”} Then I dropped to my knees again, leaned closer, and began to lick Samantha’s sloppy pussy.

Jack was right…it WAS a hell of a load. It was thick and salty. It had been a long time since I’d tasted cum. I licked and sucked and swallowed, as I made small circles over her swollen clit with my thumb.
Sam sighed long and deep. She made a low humming sound deep in her throat. “Ummmmmhuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm.” She moaned as she reached down and gently swept the hair off of my check and slipped it behind my ear with a petite finger. She softly stroked my face then her hand came to gently rest on the back of my head.

She spread her legs wide, “Eat my Daddy’s cum and make me cum again. . .” She cooed as she held my head there and bucked up into my mouth. She squirmed and moved her ass around on the bed for a few seconds then threw her head back and arched her back. “Oh God!” She cried out as her orgasm rocked through her.
“Oh God yes! Do it! Make me cum!”

I licked and sucked at Samantha’s pussy as she heaved and gyrated her ass. Her juices mixed with her father’s cum flowed all over my lips and into my mouth as she climaxed.
“Looks like your Momma really likes eating pussy, don’t it?” Jack blurted out.
I glanced over at Brian to see his reaction to Jack’s commentary. I couldn’t seem to help myself. I could clearly see that Brian’s hand was in his lap and he was diddling his poor dick. I’m sure he was ready to explode.

“Better leave that thing alone Sonny-boy.” Sam’s father warned.
Brian quickly pulled his hand away from his dick, obviously embarrassed to be caught doing such a thing.
Sam’s body went limp. I continued to kiss and tease her clit with the tip of my tongue until Sam gently pulled my face away.
“That was incredible!” She purred as she stood up and helped me to my feet. She leaned up on her tip-toes and kissed me softly on my wet lips. I was a little disappointed when she pulled away and walked over to her jump suit.
“Get the tape.” Jack instructed his daughter.

They were going to tie us up like Bobby and leave. I had mixed feelings. I wouldn’t have minded if Sam ate me out or her father had fucked me with that bat between his legs. I wouldn’t even have minded if they “Made” Brian fuck me and took more pictures. From the looks of my son’s dick; he needed to cum badly. There was no doubt in my mind that Brian wouldn’t have objected had they told me to make him cum.

Sam and her father huddled together for a few seconds. I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Sam kept shaking her head ‘Yes’ and then walked over to Brian.
She stood Brian up and taped his hands behind his back, his hard dick still sticking straight out through his open fly, then she led him to the middle of the room.

“Sit down.” She tells him. “Put your legs straight out.”
Brian complied. He sat there on the carpet, hands taped behind his back, his legs straight out, hard dick pointing towards the ceiling. She taped his ankles then blatantly examined his swollen cock.

“Wow!” She whispered and smiled over at me. “I wish I could take care of that for you.” She says to Brian before smiling a devilish smile at me again. It was like she was reading my mind. She moved to me. I willingly put my hands behind my back for her.

“Alright. . .” Jack began. “Come over here and sit down.” He tells me. I stepped over to where Brian was and waited for Sam to help me sit down.
“No, not next to him Mommy…” Jack tells me and maneuvers me so that I’m standing over Brian, straddling him, one foot on either side of his upper thigh I’m staring down at Brian as he looks up at me and then focuses his attention on the tiny piece of wet lace that covered my pussy just a foot or so away from his face.

Looking down at him like that, I thought for sure they were going to tell my son to lick my coochie. I couldn’t help but imagine him leaning into my pussy and closing his lips over my clit and……

“Now, squat down.” Jack tells me.
I start to slowly bend my knees, Sam and her father help lower me down until I’m hovering over Brian’s legs; hovering over his stiff cock. Sam crouched down along side me while Jack holds me up off of Brian.
She reached over and took Brian’s stiff cock in her hand; pumping it two or three times. I hear him gasp for air. My mouth drops open as I realize what’s about to happen. Sam offers me that beautiful smile again. I seem to be mesmerized by this young girl.

{I have to say―at this point, my pussy was on fire and I was having more than a little trouble controlling my feelings.}

My eyes closed, “Jesus.” I shamefully whispered as she reaches down with her other hand and pulls the lace of my thong aside. Jack lowers me and Sam guides Brian’s cock to my burning pussy. She rubs the wet purple head back and forth over my wet pussy lips. My lips are so swollen and sensitive at this point, my legs are shaking.

I can hear Brian breathing heavy and irregular; I can feel it on my breasts. As the head of his dick slipped into my hot cunt, Samantha pressed her lips to my ear.
“Does that feel good?” She asks.
I don’t want to say ‘Yes’, not in front of Brian but I can’t seem to help myself.
“Yes.” I whispered to her weakly, shamefully.

Samantha gently pushes down on my shoulder as she holds my son’s cock in place. I slowly sink down on my Brian’s thick manhood.
“Jesusssss. . .” I groaned. The feeling is so overwhelming. It felt so good; better than good; wonderful.
I’d never imagined doing such a thing to one of my children and I certainly would have never imagined it feeling that incredible. Sam’s lips against my ear, Brian’s hot breath on my tits and the feeling of Brian’s fat cock sliding up into me took my breath away. It was all I could do to remind myself to breathe. It’s all I could think about.
Then Sam changed that, “I’ll be at the park Sunday afternoon…” She whispers in my ear.

I wasn’t sure what she meant. All I can be sure of is the way Brian’s dick feels inside me. I want to ask her why? What park? What time? But I can’t concentrate as jack pushed me down further onto Brian’s dick. I squat down as far as I can; until my ass cheeks touch Brian’s thighs and his cock is all the way in me.

My head fell back “Oh God!” I whispered to the room, knowing it’s my son’s cock making me feel this way; ashamed that it feels so good; trying to gain some kind of control but failing miserably.
I hear Brian moan and say something under his breath. I whisper apologies to him even as I try to get more of him inside me. I wanted to fuck now. That’s all that seemed to matter at that point.

“Don’t be sorry Mommy…You can’t help that you like it.” Jack blurts out as he pushes down firmly on my shoulders from behind to kept me in place. With no reservations, I automatically began to slowly move my pelvis. Sam’s father orders me to keep still.

I’m embarrassed by my unnatural desire, but the urge to get some kind of relief is so strong. I need this. And the way Brian’s dick was throbbing inside me…He needed it too.
I turned my head and looked up at Jack. I wanted to tell him, plead with him to just let me do it; let me fuck my son. But I couldn’t say such a thing out loud.

Sam walked behind my son, “Give me your foot.” She says to me. I was a bit confused. When I didn’t respond right away, Sam reached around Brian and gently lifted one foot off the floor and carefully pulled it around Brian’s back. All my weight came down on Brian’s muscular thighs. Sam did the same thing with my other leg. I could feel every inch of Brian’s cock inside me as she pulled my ankles together around him and taped them together. I could feel Brian’s poor cock moving; breathing inside me. He needed to cum badly.

James pushed me tight to Brian’s chest; my round breasts cradling his chin; his hot breath bathing my tits. Sam began to wrap our bodies in place with Duct-Tape. She went around our backs and under our arms five or six times, binding us tightly together. I could feel the buckle of his belt pushing against my pubic area; his cock twitching inside me.

Sam moved down, I felt the sticky tape on the small of my back as she bound us around the waists. Five or six strands there as well.
I could feel Brian squirming under me.
“Am I hurting you?” I asked Brian somberly, before they had the chance to tape our mouths too.

{As it turned out…For whatever reason…they didn’t cover our mouths. I guess they figured…And rightly so…that we wouldn’t want to be found in this position, so we wouldn’t be screaming for any help.}

Brian looked up at me from between my tits and shook his head ‘No’.

Sam bent down and gave me a warm kiss. Between the feel of her soft lips on mine and my son’s hard cock in me and his heavy breath between my tits, I thought I would pass out.
“We gotta go now.” Sam told us and gave me a few tiny kisses on my lips.
“Remember the pictures.” Jack says and then they both walked out of my bedroom. Sam waves with her fingers as she walks out leaving Brian and I to ourselves.

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