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As the ranch grows, Ben and Amy discover who their friends are . . and their enemy
Ranchland - Chapter 4

Over the course of the last two days, Ben had made love to his niece, Amy, as many times as his thirty-year old body would allow. While they were both satiated and satisfied, the continual sex had taken its toll. Ben found himself sleeping more than his schedule would accommodate, and Amy seemed to spend a lot of time sleeping on her uncle’s chest when she wasn’t somehow attached to his body. She had challenged him to “fuck her until the cows came home”. Today was the day they came home.

That realization left her both happy and sad. Happy that some of her herd would become a part of Ranchland, but sad that their sexual activities would diminish in quantity. She had given herself to Ben in every way she could, and had taken him with all of her young body. And despite it all, she still couldn’t get enough of him.

Waking just as the sun began peeking in the window, she lifted her head slightly from Ben’s chest and stretched up to kiss him softly on his jawbone, lingering there as the rough texture of his skin and the stubble of his beard stirred memories of their lovemaking. The kiss sent her message to Ben, who pried open his eyes just enough to see his niece as she caressed his face.

“Mmm, good morning, Little One” Ben greeted her. “You sure do feel good on a guy, first thing in the morning.”

“Morning, Meat-Ball” Amy whispered in reply. “You feel pretty good yourself.” she slipped her hand down his belly and began to fondle his cock, revelling in the soft texture of it as Ben hardened at her touch. “Think I should make this beautiful cock of yours work for his breakfast?” she teased him.

“I’m not sure if I should answer that or not,” Ben moaned, “because I don’t think either he or I would have much say in the matter. Something tells me we’re both gonna get laid come hell or high water. Something else tells me that we’re both looking forward to it, too.”

“Oh. Well, if you’re gonna be like that about it . . . “ and Amy began to roll away from her uncle and towards the edge of the bed. Ben pulled her back to his lips and kissed her hard and lustfully. She put up absolutely no resistance, but instead sought his tongue with her own, intertwining hers with his, as ben’s hand gently but insistently squeezed her breast while twisting her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

As he broke their passionate kiss, he growled, “And just where the fuck do you think you’re going, Little One? You stroke me until I’m hard as a rock, then leave me here to suffer with blue balls? You’re not leaving this bed until I fill that delicious cunt of yours with cum, and feel you squirting all over me. You got that?” Ben teased her. Then he resumed their lip-lock, rolling over and pinning Amy to the bed. She responded by grabbing his hard cock and slowly stroking her smooth fingers up and down the length of his shaft, while wrapping her other arm around Ben’s neck and pulling him tightly to her.

Ben moved his lips from Amy’s, and began to kiss her neck, then shoulder, and finally took her erect nipple between his lips, holding her gently between his teeth. His hand slid softly down her belly and he ran his fingers through her soft pussy hair, then dipped his forefinger into her slit and over her clit. Easing her protective hood back, he began to gently run his finger over and around the edge of her growing nubbin. Amy moaned lustfully as she let him know that he’d found that part of her that demanded his attention.

Ben teased and tickled Amy’s clit until she was hard under his finger, then slipped down to feel the moisture of her juices as they oozed from her entrance. Running up and down the length of her labia, he felt her outer lips open to his touch, inviting him to delve deeper inside her. Lightly tickling her inner lips, he felt Amy push her pussy against his hand as she silently pleaded for him to finger her deeper. His finger easily slipped into her love canal, swaying back and forth over the ridges inside her cunt that marked her G-spot. Amy gasped sharply at his touch, and her hips pushed upwards even more.

“Oh God, Ben! You’re gonna make me cum all over you, aren’t you?” she gurgled. “Damn, but you have no idea how badly I want to cum right now!” Amy demanded. “Finger-fuck me! Make me squirt!” With each stroke of his finger inside her cunt, Amy responded by increasing the strength of her grip on Ben’s cock, sliding her hand along its length from tip to base, pulling on him as she tried to milk the hot semen out of his balls. Ben stroked Amy’s cunt stronger and harder, his thumb rotating on her clit, his concentration on her body, rather than his own. It was the only way he could resist the demands she exerted on his cock, trying desperately not to shoot his load. He wanted to be deep in her velvety wet and warm cunt when that happened. Moments later, he heard Amy’s breathing becoming more laboured, gasping raggedly even as her vaginal walls began to flutter and grasp his finger. That tell-tale tingling in her pussy began to spread through her body as her climax rose to possess her. She groaned louder and louder as her cum expanded to consume every part of her. Her juices squirted over Ben’s hand, and he revelled in the sensation of her warmth as it flooded from her cunt. The twitching and shuddering of her body felt so good to Ben, who wanted nothing more than to pleasure his niece.

Amy began to relax as the waves of joy washed over her. Her girl-cum that had sprayed her uncle began to dribble between the cheeks of her ass, and she could feel Ben’s finger sliding the length of her gash, gently prodding her rosebud and moistening her hole with the juices she had squirted. The thought of Ben’s hard cock in her asshole appealed to her, but she wanted him in her cunt, stretching and filling her to the maximum extent.

“Mmm, that feels good on my asshole, lover, but I need that gorgeous cock in my cunt first. Come fuck me, hard and deep, and fill me with your hot spunk” Amy pleaded. She spread her soft and smooth thighs as far apart as she could in invitation. Ben repositioned himself between her legs, his cockhead poised just at her entrance, then he eased his cock into her waiting cunt, inserting himself slowly until he was completely taken into her slippery wet and heated love canal. He remained stationary inside her for a few moments, than withdrew his cock until only the head remained. Amy moaned at the emptiness he left behind, then purred as he slid his cock back in her to the full depth. With slow and deliberate strokes, Ben began to pump himself in and out of Amy’s velvety pussy, taking his time so that he might prolong the spectacular feeling of her sex on himself, and to stimulate her cunt to its maximum limits. It wasn’t long before Amy began to mewl louder and louder as Ben’s cock drove her nearer to the edge of her climax, and as she began to gasp for breath from its onslaught, Ben felt her vaginal walls flutter against his shaft as they tried to pull him deeper. The heat of Amy’s cunt and its fluttering all combined with the shaking and twitching of her climaxing body to send Ben to that point of no return. His balls lifted as his cock filled itself with is boiling seed, then blasted rope after rope into Amy’s waiting womb. Ben’s howls of ecstasy were drowned out by Amy’s screams of pleasure, but not by much. As the last spurt of cum pushed itself up his cock shaft, he rammed himself as deeply into his niece’s cunt as he could, and held himself there while both her orgasm and girl-cum, as well as his own climax, washed over him.

It was all Ben could do to support his weight so as not to crush Amy, although her tight grip around his neck didn’t make it easy. She had attempted to meld their bodies in more than one place, so strong was her climax. Ben’s cock was already hers; now she wanted the rest of his body, or so it seemed at the time. Rolling onto his side as he captured his niece’s warmth against him, Ben held her tightly, glowing with the feeling of his spent cock still inside her. When it softened and finally slipped out of her, he felt completely drained, even as she moaned her disappointment from its departure. Her arms still clutched Ben’s neck, giving Amy the leverage she needed to pull her uncle to her soft lips ash she kissed him deeply in an effort to show him just how much she loved him.

“God, Ben, that was spectacular!” Amy crooned in her uncle’s ear. “I can’t make up my mind which is better; to wake up with your lips on my pussy as they make me cum, or the feel of your hard cock filling me, making my pussy cum and squirt on you. I have a theory on the subject, but I think it needs more research. What’s your opinion?”

“Umm,” Ben moaned softly, “can I get back to you on that, Little One?” Amy slapped Ben’s ass lightly as she resumed her exploration of his lips and tongue.

Their reverie was interrupted by the screaming sounds of air horns, followed by the release of air from tractor-trailer spring brakes. Just behind that was the sound of another semi applying its brakes, and the roar of a couple of pickups as they swung into the front yard of the ranch house.

“What the fuck’s going on out there?” Amy screamed. She jumped out of the bed and began to hurry towards the livingroom window.

“Amy?” Ben halted her. “You might want to think about putting something on before you run out there. As much as those truckers would love to see a gorgeous body like yours, I think it might be more prudent to cover yourself up first.”

Amy stopped long enough to grab a robe and put it on, then continued to the livingroom.

“Holy shit! There’s a full fleet out there!” she exclaimed. “My cattle are here, and there’s another truck with what looks like a building on it! And who’s in the pickups?”

Ben crawled out of his bed, then joined his niece as she surveyed the scene. He had rented a portable bunkhouse, which explained the second semi. The pickups would be the four ranch hands he’d hired to help with the two herds. Amy felt overwhelmed when Ben explained it all to her.

“Do we really need all these people here?” she asked. Her dad had managed their herd with the help of his wife, and later, their daughter. But four hired hands for a small operation like Ranchland? She’d have to go through the math with Ben once they’d gotten everything, and everyone organized.

“Two of the hired hands are temporary. I talked to Gilbert Ens over at PaSu Farms, and he thinks he has a couple of border collies that might be able to herd cattle, once he gets them retrained” Ben told her. “But until they’re ready, it’s gonna take this many people to keep two herds under control and separated from each other. And in answer to that question on the tip of your sexy little tongue, yes, we can afford it. Hell, we can’t afford not to have four guys. I don’t know about you, but the thought of two people trying to range eight hundred head by themselves scares the shit outta me” Ben told Amy.

“Yeah, okay,” Amy conceded. “I need a shower before anything else happens this morning, though. Why don’t you get things organized and started, then come join me?” The idea had merit in Ben’s opinion, but “Murphy’s Law” was bound to sneak in there somewhere. He was all too aware that if something could go wrong, it usually would, and at the worst possible moment.

Grabbing a shirt and a pair of pants, Ben hastily dressed, pulled on his boots, and went out to meet the newcomers. The four ranch hands were introduced by the lead-hand. One was a native Indian that Ben knew well, Tim Wainwright, and another roper that he’d seen somewhere before, named Colin Taylor. The lead-hand introduced himself as Jim Allison, and a Mexican who, Ben was told, answered to the name of Pedro Gonzales.

“Yeah, right!” thought Ben, “like I’m supposed to believe a name like that? In your dreams!” There was something about the man that left Ben with an un-good feeling in his gut, but he needed the manpower. When it was time to let the temporary hands go, this Mexican would be the first to leave, Ben decided.

With introductions out of the way, Ben assigned one of the hands to help with unloading Amy’s Longhorns while the other three helped with the bunk house. Then he returned to the house and joined Amy for a quick shower. It took all his will-power to keep his hands off her inviting body, but there was work to be done. But after that, he had all kinds of ideas flittering through his mind as to how he’d make up for the morning’s interruption.

All that day, it was busy at Ranchland. Amy’s cattle were unloaded and moved to a suitable pasture area, and the bunkhouse was set up behind the main barn. In that location, Ben and Amy would still have a modicum of privacy, while the men would still be close enough to the house if an emergency came up.

The hustle and bustle continued until after supper. Ben hadn’t had to cook for that many people for a long time, which made preparation an interesting task for him. He swore that, if it weren’t for his niece, everyone would have gone hungry. Most of the conversation was light and jovial, but Ben became aware that Pedro was spending entirely too much time sizing up Amy, and it left him with a sense of foreboding. Between the Mexican’s attitude and his lustful stares towards Ben’s niece, getting him off the ranch wouldn’t come soon enough. The ogling was sufficiently blatant to get even Jim Allison’s attention. Jim made a mental note that he’d have to talk to Ben about the potential problem.

It had been a long and busy day. Both Ben and Amy felt like they’d run the Boston Marathon, twice, since sunrise. Even though it was still only nine o’clock, they were more than ready for bed, ostensibly to actually sleep. As they locked up the house, Ben had an overwhelming desire to hold his niece tight to him, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, he did so. His arms felt so good that Amy was in no hurry to leave them. Just the trip down the hall struck her as an unappreciated inconvenience.

“Mmm, can I fall asleep right here in your arms?” Amy moaned softly into Ben’s ear. “It’s so far down the hall, and I don’t think I have the strength to walk that far.”

“Think we should make the journey anyway, Little One. Sleeping on the floor might be alright for you ‘youngsters’, but us ‘Old Folks’ prefer something a little softer” Ben whispered in answer. “Want me to carry you, or can you make that last quarter mile on your own?” he teased. She slapped him lightly on the shoulder, but her heart wasn’t into causing him pain, and the result was a dull thump. Ben giggled softly at his niece’s attempt at humour.

“I swear this hall is getting longer by the minute” Amy declared as they turned the corner from the kitchen. “Maybe I should have taken you up on that offer of a free ride?” In reply, Ben scooped her up off her feet and carried her into the bedroom, then deposited her gently on the bed.

“Thanks, Ben,” she acknowledged, “but now I have to stand up to get undressed. You should have left me on my feet, I think.” Without a word spoken, Ben began to unsnap her shirt, then the button and zipper on her jeans. Helping her sit up, he removed the shirt, unclasped her bra and dropped it on the floor. Amy flopped back on the bed as Ben pulled off her jeans, then her panties. As she lay on the bed, naked, he gazed at his niece’s lovely young body, and felt his cock twitch in response. Despite her weary composure, Amy saw that twitch too. She sat up to unbutton her uncle’s pants for him as he unsnapped his shirt and pulled it off. While his concentration was still on removing the shirt, Amy hooked her fingers into Ben’s waistbands and hauled his pants and shorts down to his ankles, which caught him by surprise. His semi-erect cock sprang forth as it was released from its confines, and as he stepped out of the clothing around his ankles, Amy moaned in appreciation of his growing hardness.

“Ben, I’m fried, but I still want that cock of yours” Amy confessed. “I’ll let you chose where I take you, though.”

Ben flopped on the bed beside his niece and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. With her now effectively immobilized, he leaned over her and softly touched her lips with his, then repeated his kiss with more demand and insistence as his tongue sought her’s. She yielded to him, intertwining their tongues and swapping saliva as she wiggled enough to pull her pinned arms free, then grasped her uncle around the neck and pulled him tightly to her.

Without a word spoken, Ben reached for Amy’s breast, plying its soft yet firm skin as his fingers lightly pinched her nipple. With her now caught between his thumb and forefinger, he began to twist and tease her, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of her becoming hard in his grip. Amy moaned softly into his mouth as she felt that warm tingle spread all through her breast. She could feel Ben’s cock, now fully hardened, pressing on her thigh, but he had her pinned in such a way that she couldn’t move her arm enough to capture him in her hand.

“Ben, you’re cheating,” she complained, “because you know fucking-well I want to feel your cock, don’t you?” Ben was tempted to move enough to grant her access, then had another idea. He knew that if he kept himself just out of her reach, it would drive her crazy with lust. By the time he was ready to enter her, she’d be so horny that she’d fuck him silly. With that in mind, he slowly slid one hand over her belly to her mound, then eased his finger into her slit and over her clit. Tickling her nubbin lightly, he heard Amy’s moans become more pronounced and change to a sensuous mewl.

Amy was growing frustrated at not being able to grasp and stroke her uncle’s throbbing hard cock with her hand, but the touch of his finger on her clit still caused her to push up with her hips, in an effort to increase his pressure on her nubbin. Ben had hooked the tip of his index finger into her protective hood, and was teasing her clit as it became harder and more pronounced. The teasing he was giving her was enough to make her want to scream at him. She would have, too, but his touch felt so damned good that she couldn’t justify interrupting him.

Ben broke their kiss and moved his lips down to Amy’s diamond-hard nipple, clamping his lips on her and suckling her as his tongue slid around the edge of her nipple. In the process, he had moved his cock that much further from Amy’s reach, and she groaned at the delicious frustration he was welling up from inside her.

“Damn it, you cunt-teasing son-of-a-bitch!” Amy growled. “You’re driving me fucking insane! You know that, don’t you?” she cursed.

“Umm-hmm” was all Ben replied as he slipped his finger down from her clit to her cunt. God, she was wet! There was no resistance to his finger as he began to search for the ridges of her G-spot, his thumb replacing that forefinger on her clit. As he began to tickle and tease the depths of Amy’s love canal, she pushed her thighs as far apart as she could to encourage her uncle’s actions. Soon, he could feel her cunt walls begin to flutter as her vagina gripped and pulled lightly on his finger. Teasing her clit, Ben took her to the edge of her climax, then stopped completely.

“Damn you, Ben Calhoun!” Amy screamed. “How dare you tease me like that! God, I want you so bad!”

While his niece was still screaming at him, Ben moved himself between her silky thighs and rubbed his cockhead up and down her slit, eventually gaining access to her entrance, then slipped his cock’s full length slowly and deliciously to the depths of her pussy. Amy gasped deeply, holding her breath in as she became conscious that she had been filled completely with that cock she’d craved all this time. With the awareness came a deep groan of pleasure at her uncle’s penetration.

Ben continued to fuck his niece slowly, while pressing his pubic bone tightly to her clit. Once again her walls started to flutter on his cock, and within a few strokes, Amy screamed in ecstasy as that elusive tingling in her pussy spread throughout her entire body. As Ben pumped himself in and out of her cunt, she was wracked with spasmodic trembles and shakes as her orgasm swept through her.

Despite his weariness, Ben kept stroking inside his niece’s velvety cunt. It wasn’t long before he felt his balls lift and his cock fill with steaming seed. With each inward stroke, he exhaled deeply. Every receding stroke caused him to inhale, then grunt with the pressure of his impending cum. As the first shot of his cream blasted out of his cockhead and flooded his niece’s cunt, his grunts became louder and more insistent. The combination of his guttural moans and the heat of his semen started Amy’s cunt convulsing again.

“Oh God, Ben! I’m gonna cum again!” Amy hollered. “Fuck me deep! Do it hard!” and another orgasm chased through her, causing her body to twitch and shake. Ben kept pumping himself inside her as the last of his semen left his cockhead, stroking Amy’s cunt until she finally relaxed from her third orgasm.

Ben felt completely spent. As his muscles relaxed, he rolled over so that Amy was now on top of him, her lips beside his ear. He could feel the pounding of her heart against his chest, syncopating with his own.

“God, Ben, I think I just got fucked beautifully,” Amy whispered in his ear as her breathing returned to normal, “but I’m gonna get you for being such a cunt tease! Holy shit, but that was spectacular!” Then she squeezed him tightly in her arms while running her tongue around the inside edge of his ear before lightly licking the edge of his auditory canal. The touch of her tongue sent shivers through his ear, down his neck, and all through his chest.

“I love you, my Little One” Ben whispered. “I just wanted to give you something special, to help you get through the night.” He kissed her softly as he added, “See you in the morning?”

“Mmm” Amy responded as her breathing softened and she drifted off to sleep, still clutching her lover tightly. Ben closed his eyes slowly, and joined his niece in restful slumber.

Amy woke the next morning to the wicked sensation of her pussy tingling in response to a wet tongue sliding over her clit. As consciousness began to creep into her, that tingle exploded through her tummy and breasts, then into her brain. She gasped deeply as her body shook and convulsed.

Dammit, he’s done it again!” she thought as the manifestations of her cum slowly receded. “He’s eaten me until I wake up! I’ll fix that son-of-a-bitch! I’m gonna suck him off in the shower when he least expects it!

Peeking up from between her thighs, Ben smiled at his niece, his face smeared with her girl-cum.

“Morning, my Little One” he greeted her. “Slept well, I assume?”

“Ben Calhoun, you’re gonna be the death of me!” Amy growled. “But you know how much I love waking up like that, don’t you? And in answer to your question, I slept like a log. I mean, what did you expect, after having been made love to that intensely?” Amy stretched her stiff muscles before she added, “How about you? Did you get a good sleep too?”

“Oh yeah! I think you wore me out completely last night. I don’t remember a thing until about fifteen minutes ago. You were sleeping on my chest still, and I had a hell of a time getting you back on the bed and myself down to this delicious pussy without waking you. I wanted to start your day off with an exploding pussy. How’d I do?” Ben inquired.

“Mmm! I think you succeeded, because my whole pussy is still tingling! I wonder if I’ll ever get used to that?” Amy answered.

“Not if I have my way about it, you won’t” Ben chided. “But right about now, I need a shower. I think you oozed all our juices back out last night, and they’re drying on my balls. Gets damned itchy, too” he teased.

Amy was first into the shower stall after grabbing towels and robes for both of them. As Ben stepped into the stall and turned to close the door, Amy dropped to her knees and captured Ben’s unsuspecting cock between her lips. In her opinion, the look of surprise on his face was well-worth the manoeuver. As she took him deeply into her mouth, she felt him begin to stiffen, persuaded by the actions of her swirling tongue on his shaft.

“Aw, come on, Little One!” Ben groaned, “that’s cheating; sneaking up on a guy like that! But your lips on my cock feel so damned good!” Ben pushed his hips forward, his now-hard cock’s tip lightly tickling Amy’s tonsils. She grabbed his shaft with one hand, then as she slid her lips up to his cockhead, she released him from her lips long enough to answer him back.

“All’s fair in love and war, Ben, and you know it. I warned you before; if you’re gonna wake me up with an orgasm in the morning, your cock is fair game” and Ben felt her soft lips recapture his throbbing cock. Amy’s head began to bob up and down on him as she savoured the taste and texture of his manhood.

“Okay! Okay! You’re right, Little One, but which is this? Love, or war?” he teasingly questioned.

“Umm-hmm” was all Amy could reply. She had her uncle right where she wanted him, and nothing was going to change her mind now.

Ben stood by the shower door, both watching his niece as she slid up and down his cock, and revelling in the feelings her moist lips and swirling tongue generated. As her rhythm increased, he could feel that familiar sensation that heralded an explosion of hot and gooey cream. Even as his balls tightened, Amy felt that warning twitching and pulsing at the base of her uncle’s manhood. She slid his cock out of her mouth until only his cockhead was still wrapped by her lips, inhaled deeply, then sucked his entire length back in, swallowing his cockhead until it was aimed directly down her throat and being massaged by the muscles of her esophagus. Ben knew that there was no hope of escaping her demanding draining of his balls into her hungry belly, and gave himself to her ministrations fully.

“Oh My God, Little One! What the fuck are you doing to me? I’m gonna cum, hard! Suck me deep! Make me fill your belly with my boiling cum!” Ben yelled, as the first shot of his goo escaped from his cockhead and gushed down Amy’s throat. The swallowing actions of her throat muscles induced him to cum harder and stronger, as rope after rope of his sizzling seed flowed into his niece’s waiting tummy. It was all he could do to remain standing as his concentration focussed on the pleasure his niece was drawing out of his bursting cock. Only when the last dribbles had been captured did Amy relent on her assault. She licked every square inch of Ben’s cock and balls before she released him. With the back of her hand, she wiped around her mouth, then licked her hand on the odd chance that any drops of Ben’s precious semen had escaped her lips.

“God, Amy, but you suck cock so damned good!” Ben purred. “I thought you were going to swallow my cock and balls too, for a moment there. You made me cum so fucking hard that I thought I was gonna black out.” He reached his hands down and forward to offer Amy an assist as she began to stand up before him. “Come here, Lover, and let me hold you tight” Ben pleaded. Amy accepted his offer, winding her arms around Ben’s neck as she stood eye-to-eye with him finally.

“So tell me, Lover,” she cooed, “how’d you like it if you had to wake up to that kind of a cum every morning? Maybe I should set my alarm clock and suck you awake, ya think? Maybe not every morning, but we could mix it up. You get the even days of the calendar, and I get the odd ones? Because I can sure enjoy sucking you off, and swallowing your cum every chance I get!”

“God, what a thought!” Ben revealed to his niece, “but I’m not sure I could take that kind of a shock every morning, or even every other morning. Just standing while you make me cum is hard enough. You really think I could function for the rest of the day after an orgasm like that?”

“Sure! After all,” she reminded him, “you put me through one almost every morning, and I manage to survive. As a matter of fact, when I was flowing, and you didn’t eat me first thing in the day? I missed it . . . a lot!” She felt Ben’s arms holding her just a little tighter, drawing her a little closer to his pounding heart. As she experienced the warmth and glow of their love, Ben kissed her deeply and passionately, and her heart melted instantly.

They finished their shower, taking time to make sure each one of them was thoroughly washed from head to toe, and everywhere in between. Stepping out of the stall, Amy passed a towel to her uncle, who immediately wrapped it around her lithe young body and began to softly rub and caress her until she was both dry and fully aware of how much she was loved. It was with a passionate glow that she returned the favour.

Leaving the bathroom, Amy went back into the bedroom and slipped on a fresh pair of panties and matching bra. Normally, she would wait until after breakfast before dressing, but for some reason that neither of them were consciously aware, the usual routine had changed today. Ben never gave it a thought as he moved to the kitchen to start the coffee perking. Amy was back a minute later, and started beating some eggs into an omelette for each of them, then popped slices of bread into the toaster. Having gotten the coffee going, Ben set the table for the two of them, and sat watching his niece’s gorgeous body as she weaved her way around the room. He lost track of time as he marvelled at the sight of his niece, until Amy placed a delicious-smelling plate of food in front of him. Ben was intrigued with the meal, but not as much as with Amy’s feminine form.

“Ben, are you gonna eat, or just stare at me all day?” Amy quizzed him. She’d felt his eyes on her, and was flattered that she could have that kind of effect on him.

“Well, if I had my choice . . . “ Ben quipped back.

“Seriously, Ben. Do you really find me that attractive?” It might have been possible for any other woman to be fishing for compliments. In Amy’s case, though, she found it almost intimidating to be loved as much as Ben seemed to. Ben gave his answer some thought for a minute or two before he replied.

“To be honest, Little One?” he started, “yeah, I really do. You’re young, you’re very pretty in my opinion, and you’re one hell of a great lover. But there’s more to it than just that.” Ben paused to regroup his thoughts before he went on. “A month ago, I wasn’t even aware that I had a niece. Now, here I am, sharing my life with her, and finding myself very much in love with her. A lot has changed for me, quite quickly and dramatically. But the best part? You love me as much as I love you. I can feel it in the way you act, the way you carry yourself, and definitely in the way you make love with me. There are times, and many of them, when I can’t seem to get enough of you to satisfy my amazement at how beautiful you are, and how beautiful you make my world seem.”

Amy inhaled slowly as she tried to understand exactly how her uncle felt, and the warmth of her face told her she was actually blushing.

“Oh Ben! You say the nicest things to me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” Amy got up and walked to Ben’s side of the table, encircled his shoulders with her arms, and kissed his cheek, holding her lips to his skin for the longest time. Ben reached up and clasped her head to him, then felt something warm and wet splash on his skin. Amy was crying tears of happiness and joy, and his own tears threatened to spring forth. “I love you, Uncle Ben. More than I thought I could ever love anyone” she whispered in his ear.

“I love you too, my precious Little One” Ben whispered back to her as he continued to hold her head against his.

Amy kissed her uncle one more time, then returned to her breakfast, but the lump in her throat made eating difficult. She gazed across the table towards Ben, while the feelings of loving and being loved rose to the surface of her very soul.

They would have remained in that lost state if it hadn’t been for the alarmed whinnying of Amy’s horse from the barn. At first, the noise didn’t register with either one of them. As the horses cried more and more insistently though, their distress swept over Amy, and she became alarmed.

“What the hell is Sunshine so upset about?” she voiced. “Let me go check on her, because something’s wrong. She never gets that wild.” As she said that, she got up from the table and ran towards the kitchen door, stopping only long enough to slip her feet into a pair of her sandals, then dashed out into the yard and towards the barn. As she ran, she could hear not only her mare whinnying in fear, but also her foal, and Ben’s stallion, Dryden. Their cries of fear were accompanied by the stomping of hooves on the stall’s wooden floors. Whatever had spooked them must be a real threat.

Flinging open the man-door to the barn, Amy could only hear the panic of the horses in her mind. She headed for Sunshine’s stall, which was the closest. Expecting the worst, fire, she inhaled deeply, but there was no smell of smoke. In fact, there were no odours that indicated anything wrong with the building. In as soothing a voice as she could muster, she called to her mare, trying to reassure the animal that everything would be alright. As she opened the stall gate, a hand grabbed her by the hair, pushed her into the stall, and slammed her against the rear wall. The impact nearly knocked the wind right out of her lungs. Then another hand covered her mouth, pulling itself tightly to her face so that she couldn’t make a sound.

In self-defence, Amy bit one of the fingers of the hand that muffled her screams of horror, as hard as she could. For a second, she tasted blood, and the knowledge that she had inflicted damage on her assailant gave her hope. A second later, she felt the powerful slap of something hitting her head. The blow almost made her lose consciousness. The pain in the back of her skull was unbelievable as she reeled from the force. As if all that wasn’t enough, she felt hot breath on her neck, and a voice growling at her.

“You bite me, leetle beetch, I pull your hair out for souvenir! You wiggle dat white ass in my face all day! Now I gonna fuck you white ass til you beg for more!” With that, the hand that had been holding her hair, and that had struck her, moved down her back and under her robe. Amy was shaking in terror and fear. She felt someone grab the waistband of her panties, then rip them to shreds and pull them from her body in one swift movement. In desperation, Amy tried to bite the first finger she could get her teeth on. As soon as she had a momentary opportunity, she screamed at the top of her lungs.


Her head was immediately slammed against the barn wall again. Shooting pain ripped through her face as it made violent contact with the wooden sheathing of the barn wall, and blood trickled from her nostrils.
“Doan bite me again, leetle beetch!” the voice growled its demand. “Eef you does, I smack you again, hard!”

The terror in Amy’s mind was compounded by the realization that something was pushing itself between her ass cheek; something hard and warm, like a man’s . . . cock! Shit, whoever it was had all intentions of fucking her up the ass! Amy clenched her ass cheeks together as tightly as she could in an attempt to prevent the intrusion. Ben had taken her there, softly, slowly, gently, and with feelings of love. But this wasn’t Ben. There was no gentleness in the assault on her body. As the realization that she was about to be raped sunk into Amy’s brain, she became panicky, trying to twist and turn in order to free herself from her assailant’s grip, but with no success.

Oh God, where’s Ben? Where’s my uncle, the man I love, that I need, that’s supposed to rescue me from this torture?” Amy’s mind screamed.

As tightly as she squeezed her cheeks together, she couldn’t hold the overpowering advance of that invading cock for as long as it might take Ben to come to her rescue. The tears welled up in her eyes and poured down her cheeks. Amy felt helpless, and powerless to stop the threat to her young body. Slowly but surely, the pressing phallus forced its way past the barrier that her clenched cheeks tried to put up, until she felt a cockhead against her rosebud, and the continuing pressure as it demanded entrance to her ass. God, she would rather die than allow this . . . bastard . . . to take her this way!

Ben had heard Amy’s scream, and jumped up from the table, knocking the chair backwards onto the floor. Running to the door, he slipped his feet into his own sandals, then reached for the door handle. Something stopped him from turning the knob; something in the back of his mind that he couldn’t put into words. That same ‘something’ compelled him to grab his Browning from the wall rack before he flew out the door and over to the barn. As he ran through the man-door, the sounds of scuffling in one of the horse stalls made him slow down enough to assess the situation. Cautiously, he approached the open stall gate, sensing, more than seeing, his niece being pinned to the wall as a male figure tried to violate her.

Ben’s rage almost blinded him with fury. There was only one thing that prevented him from using the Browning to shorten his niece’s assailant’s lifespan, and that was the possibility of Amy being hit by a stray or ricocheting bullet. His aim would have to be dead-accurate, and with his current frame of mind, he wasn’t so sure of his marksmanship.

Walking as quietly as he could manage, Ben advanced towards the man that had captured his niece. At first, he couldn’t place the figure. As his rage subsided and he became a little more rational, it dawned on him that he was looking at Pedro, the Mexican that had left him with such an un-good feeling earlier. The son-of-a-bitch was standing with his pants down around his ankles, the evidence of his attempted violation on Amy manifested by the tenseness of his thrusting ass muscles. The temptation to give him a second asshole washed through Ben like a tidal wave, and it was all he could to to keep his anger in check.

Pedro’s concentration was focussed almost exclusively on the ass of his intended victim. If it hadn’t, he would have heard the click of the rifle’s safety catch being released. What did divert his attention was the feeling of cold steel harshly shoved against his asshole. His first instinct was to explore the nature of his invader. Ben’s quiet but insistent directives stopped him as he froze like a deer caught in a pair of headlights.

“Move one millimetre, Buddy, and you’ll have your very own cunt!” Ben growled. “Chances of having a cock to shove into it aren’t good though. I’m tyring to think of a good reason not to blow holes in your ass, or shoot your nuts off, and I’ll tell you right now, I’m not doing too well.”

The result was a bit of a stalemate, in Ben’s opinion. Pedro had ceased pushing himself between Amy’s butt cheeks, but the pressure of Ben’s rifle against his backside kept the Mexican fearful of pulling away from his current perch. Slowly, he eased his grasp over Amy’s mouth, then moved just enough that she could twist her body from his grip. As soon as Ben saw the caked blood on her face and the tell-tale bruises, his rage grew to a limit that was almost uncontrollable. With eyes as big as saucers, Amy looked at her uncle, the fear and terror in her broadcasting itself like a radio signal. Now that she was freed from her captor, the thought that Ben might actually shoot and kill the swarthy Mexican surfaced in her mind.

“Ben! For God’s sake, don’t kill him! He’s not worth it!” Amy screamed as she voiced her fear.

“No, I won’t Little One” Ben answered with that same soft and controlled tone he’d used earlier. “But I’m seriously considering maiming him in a way that the son-of-a-bitch will never forget. I’ll tell ya, if he so much as thinks about moving, I’ll shoot his cock off, though.” There was a deep breath from Ben that both Amy and Pedro could hear, indicating that Ben still had a decision to make as to what part of Pedro’s anatomy would be first to undergo a major alteration. That there would be one was no longer in question; it became a matter of where Ben might start first.

“Okay, you fucking shit-head,” Ben instructed the now-subdued rapist, “bend over and touch your toes. When you get there, grab your ankles, and don’t move! I’m still not successfully convincing myself that you deserve to be left in one piece.”

Amy still felt petrified that her uncle might yet do something rash. She didn’t care what happened to the Mexican now, but the legal ramifications that Ben could face scared the crap out of her. She was in a daze, as part of her wanted to run to her uncle’s arms, while the rest of her was still frozen because of the impact of the situation, both on her, and on her uncle.

”Amy, go find Jim or Colin, and have them get their asses in here. As soon as you do that, run into the house and give the RCMP in Sundre a call. Let them know that if they aren’t here in twenty minutes, they can bring the meat-wagon along. I might have a customer for them.” Amy hesitated, fighting to overcome the shock that immobilized her. “Go, Little One! This man’s life depends on it!” Ben almost yelled. The shrill voice was what Amy needed to overcome her stasis, and she ran towards the barn’s man-door, calling Jim and Colin’s names loudly as she exited.

With the girl no longer present, Pedro began to feel a little braver. If he kept his composure, it just might be possible to overpower his captor and escape. He tensed his muscles in preparation of a retaliatory attack on this man holding him prisoner. Ben sensed Pedro’s actions, and drew back the rifle’s hammer as the clicking sound acted as a warning to the Mexican. Pedro immediately abandoned any hope of escape.

Out in the yard, both Jim and Colin quickly responded to Amy’s screaming call. Running towards her, both found themselves unprepared for the sight of Amy’s blood-caked face, and her bruises. As an incentive to keep them moving, she directed them to the barn, explaining that Ben had a man inside, covered at the point of his rifle. They were about ten feet from the door, when the sound of a rifle report filled the air, reverberating as it was amplified by the doorway’s opening. Amy froze instantly, fearing the worst, that her uncle had actually shot her assailant. Jim and Colin burst through the door and into the barn.

“Damn!” Ben growled as the two rushed over to the Mexican’s inert body. “Missed!” was all he said.

Jim bent over the Mexican and checked for a pulse, then looked for a bullet’s point of entry. There wasn’t one, although the skin of the man’s scrotum was charred black from the flash of the bullet, and most of his crotch hair was singed to the point that it might as well not even exist. He had passed out from the shock of almost losing his sex organs, and both his bladder and bowels had involuntarily evacuated themselves. The stink was atrocious.

“No, I didn’t hit him,” Ben advised Jim, “but it was fucking tempting. As much as I’d love to put this bastard out of our misery, the last thing Amy needs is for one of us to be sent to jail. But that’s the only reason that fucking cocksucker’s still alive. Colin, grab a rope and tie his hands and ankles together, would you? I’m liable to make the next shot count.”

Colin pulled some rope off a nail on the wall, and had the Mexican roped and tied in a lot less than the eight seconds of a rodeo. The resulting mass of disgusting humanity struck Ben as akin to a calf that had been roped in preparation for branding. If there’s been a branding iron available and ready, he wan’t so sure he wouldn’t have used it.

Amy rushed into the barn, expecting the worst. It took her a minute or two to thoroughly assess the situation, and when she understood that Ben’s shot hadn’t actually hit the attempted rapist, she breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

“Shit, Ben! When I heard that shot, it scared the shit out of me! For chrissake, please don’t ever do that again!” she howled at her uncle. But the fact that he was willing to go to such lengths because of her registered in her mind, and the impact stuck in her brain. For a man to risk everything like that spoke volumes about how much he loved and cherished her. Running to her uncle, she wrapped her arms around his waist and held him as if he was her only hope of living.

“Did you call the police yet, Little One?” Ben quietly asked her.

“No, I didn’t get that far. Christ, I fully expected to come in here to the sight of a dead body! Calling the cops was the last thing on my mind! Let me get my shit together and remember where I put it first? Then I’ll go make that call” Amy softly answered.

“Either one of you got a cell phone?” Ben inquired of the two ranch hands. Colin reached into the top pocket of his shirt and produced a phone, holding it up so that Ben could see. “Give the RCMP a call for me, would ya, Colin? I want this piece of cow-shit off my ranch as soon as possible. That son-of-a-bitch is gonna prefer an all-day plane crash to what I have in my mind, if they aren’t here in twenty minutes” he added.

Jim offered to hold the rifle so that Ben could attend to his niece’s cuts and bruises, and he gratefully surrendered the weapon, then guided Amy towards the house. The adrenaline had burned itself out of her system, and now her legs were shaking as the shock of the events took hold of her. She accepted her uncle’s assistance mindlessly as they made their way back to the house, and into the bathroom. Ben wrapped some ice from the freezer in a dish-towel and applied the compress to Amy’s bruises, then carefully began to wash the caked-on blood from her nose. He determined that it wasn’t broken, but only because she’d been lucky.

It was almost twenty minutes later that the RCMP cruiser arrived. Both Colin and Jim escorted the officers into the barn where Pedro lay, still unconscious. When asked about the marks on Pedro’s body, both hands just looked blank and shrugged their shoulders as an unspoken answer of ignorance. Neither one was about to open another wound for their boss to deal with. Today had been exciting enough to last for the rest of the year, and it wasn’t even noon yet.

One of the officers asked where Ben and Amy were, although she didn’t refer to them by name. Jim went to the back door and called Ben, informing him that his presence was requested. Leaving Amy to rest from the ordeal, he went out and talked to the officer, suggesting a list of charges to be laid against the Mexican would-be rapist. Eventually, Pedro was loaded into the back seat of the cruiser and taken away.

“Thanks, guys,” Ben said as his attention turned to the two hands, “for everything you’ve done today. I’d love to give you both the rest of the day off, with pay of course, but there’s cattle to be moved, and I have a young lady to take care of.” Ben’s thoughts turned back to his niece’s welfare. “Speaking of cattle to move, where’s Tim?” he queried.

“He’s driving those Longhorns up to the south-west range.” Jim answered. “In a way, I’m kind of glad he’s not here right now. I can see him losing his cool, and pulling that asshole apart like an over-cooked frying chicken. Besides, he’s the best man to move that herd. Only Tim could drive a hundred head by himself, and never lose one” Jim praised the Indian. Even Colin, who had only worked with Tim once or twice before, was in full agreement.

“Hmm, I see” Ben started. “There’s another couple of trucks coming with the rest of Amy’s herd. I think they’re supposed to arrive either this afternoon, or first thing in the morning. When they do, could you guys run the new arrivals up with the rest of the Longhorns for me?”

“Sure thing, Mr. Calhoun” Jim acknowledged. “Consider them moved. Any plans to move those Herefords soon? If they’re coming back down from the north-west range, we could do both herds in one day. Your call, boss.”

“Maybe,” Ben answered, “but I’d like all three of you down here by suppertime tomorrow night. I’m doing supper, and you’re presence is required. Feeding you guys is the least I can do for all you’ve done this morning. And I have an idea that Amy has her own way of saying ‘Thank you’ that you’d better be at. If you aren’t, I’ll be the guy singing all the high notes, if ya know what I mean.” The three chuckled lightly before Jim and Colin got back to work.

Ben went back into the house to check on his niece. Amy was laying on the bed, resting as best she could, considering the pain in her head. The ice compresses were helping the bruising, but that blow to the back of her head still throbbed. She began to think that Excedrin might become part of her well-balanced diet for the next day or two.

Walking into the bedroom, Ben looked at his niece, the worried state of his mind as prominent as a roadside billboard on his face.

“Hey, Little One. How’s my favourite niece feeling now?” he questioned, the concern in his tone very genuine.

“I’ll be okay, Ben, but that son-of-a-bitch scared the crap out of me. If it hadn’t been for you, I don’t know if I would have lived or died. Jim and Colin’s help is really something else again, too. Remind me to thank them both?” Amy stated.

“Already did, Little One,” Ben started to reassure her, “and I’m going to have them all down for supper tomorrow night. I thought you’d like to say thanks, in your own way. That’ll give you some time to decide how you want to say it. But can I ask that you do it with your clothes on? As much as I hate to admit it, I’m beginning to hope you’re mine, all mine. I’m not good at sharing women” Ben teased.

“Oh shut up, Ben Calhoun!” Amy hollered. “I may be from Montana, but I'm not completely stupid!” The joviality broke some of the tension that the morning had built up. As she began to smile, Ben saw her wince, the sores around her mouth restricting her skin’s movements. “Oww! Remind me not to laugh like that” Amy suggested.

“Those lips are a little sore, are they?” Ben commented. “Maybe I’ll just have to spend the day in here and kiss them better.”

“Hmm, that’s the best idea you’ve had in the last ten minutes! Get your skinny little ass over here, and get to work!” Amy ordered. As Ben’s lips softly caressed hers, they both knew in their hearts that Ranchland would never be the same as it had been, one short month earlier.

Just how much different, they weren’t aware of. Not yet, anyway.


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