I dont know why, but these storys are fake. WHy I put them under True Story, is beyond me.
I had woken up on the floor in pain. I must have fallen on the floor after falling asleep. As I got up I had mixed emotions. Only hours before I had seen the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. She had perfectly tan skin, long flowing brown hair, and the body of an angel. I looked over and saw that it was 6. Jake was sitting on the bed next to mine. We had fucked this morning twice. I was in love with him until she I saw the girl. I still felt some kind emotion when I saw his face, but it wasn't like before. Before it was pure love and ecstacy. Now its like he was a long lost lover.
I walked out toward the beach, but checked the answering machine. There was a massage form my parents who told us that they wouldn't be back until 10 tonight and that they had the day off tomorrow. I shrugged and continued walking to the beach but I stopped right before I walked out. I was imagining the girl walking down the beach. Even though I had only imagined it, it was enough to make me stop and smile before I walked out. The tide was high as I walked down the shore to where the water to cool off. I plunged my face in to the cool water and that's when it hit me. I will probably never see her again. It could be her last day here in Hawaii, she might have a boyfriend, or shes lesbian. Thinking about this made me feel a lot better. Enough to make my love for Jake to be re-kindled. I started floating on my back with my arms wrapped behind my head and my eyes closed. I was lost in thought for what felt like a few seconds, but it must have been minutes because when I opened my eyes the shore was at least half a mile away. I knew right away that I was caught in a rip tide.
"Help!!!" I screamed "HELP!!! Someone, HELP!!!! HELPP-" I said before I went under. My life was flashing before my eyes. Form my first memory where my dad was kneeling down on his toes with the biggest smile on his face and his arms spread out while I was taking my first steps toward him to my first track race, winning the 100 meter dash, to the first time Jake and I made love during spring break, but then I felt a hand wrap around my wrist and I was on the surface. I thought an angel was pulling me up to heaven, but I had finally blacked out as soon as I surfaced.
Dead, dead, dead, dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I died was the only thing that was going through my head after I had blacked out. I must have been mear seconds, but I felt hours. Then all of a sudden I felt a hot rush going up my chest that woke my up in an instant. I was coughing up water and lots of it. I felt like throwing up from the salt water but, I stopped my self by taking a few deep breaths. Those few breaths tasted sweater than bread made by God himself. It tasted like sweet berries and after a few seconds, I realized it was sweet berries. Then I knew I was in heaven, but I realized that someone was giving me CPR. I coughed up the last of the water in my lungs, dropped my head on the sand, and opened my eyes to be greeted by an actual angel. I smiled as she started talking with a voice that could match the sound of a symphony.
"Hey Michel Phelps. Glad to see your your awake."
"Am I in heaven?"
"Haha no," the sweet face said, "Your in the second-best place, Hawaii"
I was confused for a few seconds until I opened my eyes all the way to be greeted by non other than her. All expression left from my face as I stared into a face of an angle. She was more beautiful than I had remembered. Her face was as soft as the sand, her eyes were bluer than the ocean, her teeth in perfect alignment. I almost fained from her limitless beauty.
"Umm, Ughhhh," was the only thing I could utter out. "Ummm, hi?"
"Hi I'm Summer. And you are?"
"Umm, Ughhhh,"
"Nice to meet you Umm, Ughhhh." she chuckled. "Are you Ok?"
"Ugh, yeah I'm-I'm-I'm fine. Thanks for saving me.
"No prob, and next time dont swim in high tide"
"Ok, I won't."
"Good. Look I have to go. Nice meeting you."
"Likewise." I said with my voice cracking. She chucked as she turned around and waved back at me.
I smiled to myself and walked back in.

I walked (or should I say wobbled) back in to the house, buried my face in the pillow and screamed with joy. I kept screaming until my voice gave out and I got up smiling. I heard clanking metal in a room down the hall from the stares. I walked in to a weight room that Jake discovered. He was bench pressing at least 200. He had his shirt off and only poly shorts on. His sweat glistening on his skin, the loud puffs of air, and the muscles rippling. The best part was his cock that was bulging out of his shorts. You could see that thing from the moon. After about 20 more benches, replaced the bar and got up. That's when he saw me.
"Hey man where were you?"
"At the beach, cooling off."
"MmmHmm, ok." he said sarcastically.
"What are you so mad about?"
"Nothin' just tired."
"Well I know something they'll wake you up." I said grabbing his semi-hard cock through his shorts.
"No man I'm really tired." Then I reached into his pants started rubbing
"How about this?" I asked plunging my mouth on his cock.
"No dude, I can- Ohhhhh shit that feels good. Go faster." He sighed. I then went faster. Pumping his dick all the way to the back of my mouth and that was only half of it. The other half I was rubbing with my other hand.
"Oh Ah!! FUCK! Oh that's so good"
"Well if you like that, then you'll love this." Then I took my middle and index finger and ran them up his hairy ass.

"Yes!! YESSS!!!" he sighed. "Oh Fuck Conner! Yes yes- wait wait wait!"

"What is it?" I asked.

"Dude what were you doing with that girl out there?"

"Nothin', we were just talking."

"Are you sure?" Jake just looked at me with his deep blue eyes, there was no way I could lie to him with those eyes staring back at me. I wanted to just scream the truth to him and fall into his arms, but I found the will power to say,

"Yeah man, that's it." He just chuckled.

"Man I know. I can always trust you." Then he bent down and kissed me. Then he brought his entire upper body down right on my dick. He brought my dick straight in his hole, without having to take the time to get used to it.

"Ahhhh! Fuck!!!" He moaned. It felt amazing, but I took him off of my dick and got up on my knees. Once we were in doggy position, I rammed my dick back in his ass, getting the amazing feeling of his tight hole around my dick. My ecstacy was quickly rising, making my blood boil. I quickly started moving in and out. Thrusting faster and faster each time.

"OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK!!!!" Jake screamed. "Shit! That's ugh, that's UGH, fuck! UGH UGH UGH!!!"

"Yes!" I moaned through me teeth. "FUCK! YOU FUCKIN" LOVE THAT DON'T YOU!!! Yes Jake YES!!!!!!!" I looked down and saw my dick going in and out of Jake. That made me feel different. The feeling was really similar to how I felt like him right after I saw Summer. My ecstacy dropped faster than the stock market and I started to lose my erection. I closed my eyes and imagined I was looking at us fucking from the side, to no avail. Then I got the image of me and Summer. That made all of the blood in my body drain straight to my dick Then I found myself whispering,

Yes Summer, Yes." Thank God Jake didn't hear me, but then my orgasm peaked and I started to realize what I did. I panicked and took my dick right out of Jake's ass.

"Dude why did you stop." Jake panted.

"Ummm..." I murmured. "Uh, I-I'm just tired." Then I took off toward my room. I ran in and plunged my face in my pillow. I was truly between a rock and hard place at that point. I really needed time to think about what I would do.
To be continued??????????????

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