After I pass out and Wake up I get to say hey to my new roomies
Authors Note *Part 4 wasn’t long. Sorry I was stoned and it was really late I was tired. But I’ll try to make it a little longer



I don’t know how long I waited up for Jessica and Lilith to get here. I do know I passed out at around 1 o’clock in the morning. Despite the pain in my neck from Vampiras bite I slept. Im a light sleeper and As soon as I heard voices I awoke.

“…Is he dead?” I heard a light small voice ask. “No Idiot he’s asleep.” I heard another voice say bluntly. I woke up hot as hell. Sweet dripping off my forehead and dry blood off my neck. Plus my chest was a little sore from when Vampira kicked me in my chest. I woke and shrugged the sleep off my eyes to see a nice site to wake up to. Lilith standing there wearing a black and gray skull long sleeved t-shirt and Denim skirt with converses. She looked beautiful. Ice blue eyes and bleached white hair with streaks of blue in it. And to the right of her was Jessica. Black hair wearing a Yellow Blink 182 shirt with gray skinny jeans.. She looked good also. Black eye liner nose piercing. And I….looked disgusting. Red shirt with sweat on it. Dried and caked blood on my neck. “Hey.” I said to both of them giving a weak smile. “What are you doing here?” Jessica asked with confusion. I smiled a little bit seeing the happiness in Lilith’s eyes. “I got kicked out.” I said with a chuckle. Lilith seemed surprised and sad as she sat next to me on the couch and put her arm around me. “You’re kidding what happened?” Lilith asked. “Miss May found out I was having sex with Amy…She freaked and I got kicked out. I had 60 bucks. I spent 50 and after that I crashed at Green view cemetery. Vampira saw me, Kicked me…Made me bleed and then took me here to clean me up and offered me a place to crash.” I said. “That Sucks.” Jessica said. “Stay here as long as you need.” Lilith said giving me a hug that lasted just a little too long. “Uh John can I ask you a question?” Jessica said looking at me weird. “Shoot.” I said. “Why does your neck have blood on it?” Jessica asked pointing at my neck. After a long pause Jessica got a smile on her face trying not to laugh “Did you fuck Vampira???” She asked laughing. I put my head down and laughed a little. “Ya…Apparently Amy said it would be a way of relaxing me.” Jessica walked to a door and opened it. “Well here’s the bathroom clean yourself up get all the blood off your neck. Im going to bed, Lilith take care of John.” Jessica said pointing at us and walking away. Lilith put her hand on my arm. She was cold and it sent shivers up my spine. “Here let me help you with your neck.” She said standing up with a smile on her face. “What time is it?” I asked standing up. “Around 3:30.” She said. “I need to make a call real quick.” I said slowly walking into the kitchen.

I pulled out my phone and checked my Facebook. And sure enough I saw a message from Amy with her number. Saying it out loud and then dialing it on my phone. After a few rings I heard a familiar voice that made me smile. “H-Hello?” “Hey baby.” I said into the line with a smile. “OH MY GOD ARE YOU OK?” she yelled into the phone. “Ya Amy im fine. I just wanted to call and tell you im fine. And that I’ll see you at School on Monday.” “Ok babe.” Amy said. “Hey, does it bother you that Im in a house with 3 girls?” I asked into the phone. “No it doesn’t ya know why?” she asked. “Na I don’t tell me babe.” I said with a grin. “Because it doesn’t matter what girl you fuck I know and you know that you’ll always be with me.” She said with a sweet voice. “So you don’t care who I fuck?” I asked. “No I honestly don’t. But I know you would be pissed and if I fucked another guy.” She said. “Doesn’t that sound a little messed up on paper?” I asked. “I mean I have sex with different girls and you don’t care but if a guy ever tried to hit on you I’d try to rip his head off.” “People do crazy things for love…and I love you.” She said. “I swear Ima marry your ass sooner or later.” I said laughing. “Babe now that I know your safe…Im going to go to bed, night.” She said. “Night.” I hung up the phone and took of my shirt. I walked into the living room and looked at Lilith.

“Everything good?” She asked. I walked up and pulled her towards me. “Perfect.” I said with a smile. She looked at me and looked down. “Let me help clean ya neck.” She said pulling me into the bathroom and grabbing a hand towel and running it under some cold water. Lightly she pressed it to my neck and cleaned all the blood off. She made eye contact with me and smiled looking down again. I lightly grabbed her by the chin and pulled her head up to mine. “You shouldn’t bow your head as much.” I said. “people should always see the cute smile on your pretty eyes.” She blushed a little and smiled. After my neck was cleaned of the blood I walked back to the couch and lied down. “Ya know you can sleep in my room with me.” Lilith said with a hopeful shrug. “You wouldn’t mind?” I asked. “Not at all come on.” Lilith said taking my hand and leading me into the room on the right. This room wasn’t much. Black wallpaper. A Stereo System and although it was hot as hell in the living room it was cold as hell in her room. “Why do you need TWO AC’s?” I asked. Lilith walked over to her stereo and turned it on looking at me “I just like my room really cold. I have 6 blankets on the bed so im nice and warm when I sleep.” She said with a smile. “Hey…Something’s been bothering me. Vampira said this place was abandoned…But how do you guys have electricity and water?” I asked. “Thank God for family” Lilith said. “Jessica’s uncle does plumbing and he hooked us up to the city water supply so we get water. And my Dad is an mom is an electrician so she set us up with electricity. We steal Cable and Wi Fi from the neighbors across from us.” Lilith said with a smile. “Cool.” I said with a shrug.

Lilith turned around and took off her shirt. I don’t know if it was the situation at hand or because “I want to be there for you.” By Flyleaf was playing but just seeing Lilith like this made her more beautiful than ever. She still had her back towards me. Pale skin with white and blue hair down to her shoulders. She turned towards me shaking herself out of her denim skirt. And I saw her matching Gray panties. She turned around once more to kick the skirt into a dirty pile of clothing and I saw her nice ass again. Not a big ass but it was nice handfuls just like her tits.

She walked to her bed and got under the covers and giggled. “You gunna join me?” She asked. I suddenly remembered how freezing I was and I Quickly got out of my shorts and slid into her bed. I felt warm but I also felt Lilith’s cold skin on me. I turned around to see Lilith’s face close to mine. Ive had rough sex and hardcore nonstop fucking…But never made love…Lilith seemed like a sweet girl. I don’t care what Amy warned me about. I wanted Lilith. I wanted her bad. I pulled her into my embrace and gave her one final reassuring smile before I pushed her lips to mine. Her skin instantly felt warmer. We pecked a few times before I lightly swiped my tongue against her lips to give her a tiny signal. She parted her lips and I snaked my tongue in between them. I had one hand on her neck and on hand on the side of her face. We tongue wrestled for a little bit. She gave little soft moans and whimpers into my mouth. I slowly kissed my way down to her neck. She held onto my head and kept moaning and breathing deeply. All she is, is Blue and White. Blue eyes and Blue hair streaks. And pale skin and white hair. But I think the nice Purple hicky I gave her, gave her some color. I snaked down to her Bra covered chest. I grabbed her B cup boobs. Kissing the top of her chest and in between her cleavage. She arched her back for me letting me slip my hands behind her back to unhook her bra. I took the bra off her. I looked up at her as she looked down me. “Before we were rushed for time.” I said kissing her left nipple. “This time we have all the time we need. And Im gunna take my time showing your body the touch and care it deserves.” I said kissing her right nipple. I sort of pulled that out of my ass. I tried to be sweet and nice…Came out a little cheesy right? Right. Anyway.

I kissed her right nipple and swirled my tongue around it a couple of times until I knew it stood fully erect. I blew on it a few times and gave it one last lick before I latched myself onto it. She instantly started to move around in pleasure. I traced my tongue across her chest to her right nipple and started to suck on it as I groped the other one. I licked and sucked on her nipple until I started to grow weary of it. I kissed down her chest down to her stomach until my chin hit the top of her Gray satin panties. I kissed the top of her panties before I pulled them down and I felt the sheets move as she kicked them off of her. I kissed down to her pussy. I put her left and right leg on my shoulder. I smelled the scent coming off of her pussy. It smiled really nice…Fresh. I gave a tentative lick making her twitch and give a startled moan. Still tasted like Blue Berries. I licked lightly each pussy lip up to her clit giving it a small light kiss making her moan again. I looked up one more time at her smiling before closing my eyes and latching myself onto her clit. Instantly she started moaning and breathing heavy. But it was different from most of my experiences. Amy and Vampira were always screaming and gasping. Which don’t get me wrong I loved that. It was music to my ears….Screamo….Punk…Metal music to my ears. But this was nice. She was breathing lightly heavy and wasn’t screaming or moaning loud she was silently moaning my name. As I was lightly licking and sucking on her clit snaking one finger into her unbelievably tight pussy I felt a hand on my head slightly and slowly pushing me deeper into her pussy. I took a deep breath and dove into her pussy sucking licking lightly grazing my teeth on it and humming to the song sending vibrations to her clit which defiantly had an effect on her. Thank God the next song on the Flyleaf cd was Sorrow. I wanted to make her cum but she pulled my head up. I was confused but looked at her.

“Why’d you make me stop?” I asked. “Because I want to cum from you inside me.” She said with a little smile. I smiled and kicked off my boxers and looked at her. I got up back face to face with her and kissed her deeply. She pulled back and giggled a little bit. “Mmhmm Blue Berries.” Lilith said. She kissed my neck and told me to get confortable. I laid down. Rested my head on two pillows and put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes. I felt her tongue trace its way from my chest to the top of my cock. She traced it up to the head and gave it a light kiss which made me smile. Even over the loud music singing “Im So Sick infected with…” I could still hear Lilith giggle. I felt the End of my dick on her nose and the head on my dick on her forehead. Probably getting pre cum in her hair. Her hot breath on my balls was sending sparks of pleasure up my spine. I felt one last gust of hot breath on my ball before I felt nothing at all. 1 second I felt nothing and then I felt the head of my cock go into her hot warm mouth and her tongue circle the head of my dick before she slowly advanced down to the base of my cock. It took a lot of strength not to face fuck her. Instead I just laid back and enjoyed it. Than it happened…I felt her nose on my trimmed pubic hair and my balls on her chin. More importantly I felt the head of my dick hit the back of her throat. I couldn’t help but laugh as the next Flyleaf song came on. It was kind of Ironic. Lilith was sucking my dick actually now deep throating it like a champion. As she was sucking my dick the chorus came on for the song “Here you are down on your knees again. Trying to find air to breathe again.” Ah fun. Lilith let my dick slide out of her mouth as she slide back up and poked her head out of the sheets. “You ready?” She asked biting her bottom lip. “Ya I am.” I said with a smile kissing her on the cheek.

Lilith positioned herself on the tip of my dick. “Wait.” I said with eyes open. “What? I everything ok? Did I do something wrong?” She asked quickly and nervously. “Ya…I…I just wanted to pull the covers off for a second because I wanted to see this.” I said sheepishly. Lilith smiled and pulled off the blankets for I could see her sweet tasting pussy at the tip of my cock. “Ready?” I asked. “Ready” she said with a smile. This site was priceless and it will play over and over in my head until the day I die. Lilith slowly sinking as the head of my cock popped into her head as she sank inch by inch on my dick until our pelvises met. “How do you feel?” She asked. “Amazing…” “I feel full.” She said with a chuckle. I grabbed her hips and slowly lifted her up and down until she got the rhythm. It was amazing. When your hardcore fucking you don’t take the time to feel every thrust and motion. Your just trying to cum hard. But with Lilith I felt every thrust. Every time her pussy clenched my dick I looked at her handful sized breast go up and down as she was breathing hard. And I saw her eyes close as she moaned my name. Her hands where on my chest one on my peck and the other dangerously close to my wound. But I wasn’t gunna complain. This was great but I wanted to try something else. “hey have you ever tried anal?” I asked. Lilith stopped and looked at me. “No….” “Do you want to try it?” I asked. “I dunno. I heard it hurts.” She said biting her lip. “Im not gunna lie it hurts at first from what Amy told me but after a few minutes the pain goes away and id go really slow.” I said trying to convince her. After a few minutes she looked at me and said “Find some lube or something to make it easier.” I smiled and kissed her.

I slipped out of bed and threw on some boxers. I walked out of the room and into the bathroom to see Jessica brushing her teeth wearing a white tank top that showed off her nice big tit’s must have been C cups and her nice thick hips and ass in her black short shorts….And I walked in with a hard on…Nice time to walk in right. “Hey can you guy’s keep it down I can hear Lilith in there over the music.” She said spitting out her tooth paste and rinsing her mouth out. “Sorry.” I said. “Do you guys have any lube?” I asked. “Why?” She asked turning around seeing my hard on in my boxers. She laughed and gave my cock a squeeze. She backed me into a corner of the bathroom shoving her tongue in my mouth and whispered in my ear “Once your done with Lilith….come see me…I’ll see what I got for lube cutie.” She said kissing my neck and making me grunt a little humping her hand back. She left the bathroom and went to her room. About 2 minutes later she came back with an almost empty bottle of KY His and hers lube. “Some one likes it up the ass.” I said showing off the almost empty bottle. “Maybe…Maybe not…you’ll find out later on.” She said giving my dick a final squeeze. She walked back into her room making it a point to make her ass jiggle. I was hard as a rock now.

I stripped off my boxers and squirted all the KY onto my dick and started to jerk it all onto my dick making it lubed up. I walked (Ran) back into Lilith’s room and smiled. “Get onto the edge of the bed.” She slowly did as said. I spread her ass cheeks apart and kissed her back. “Just relax. I’ll go slow.” I said. I pushed slowly letting the head of my cock slip into her asshole. Her head immediately went to the pillow and she bites I trying to muffle a scream. I bent forward and kissed Lilith’s neck whispering into her ear. “Relax sexy. The head is in the hard parts over. Once the pain goes away you’ll love it.” She nodded into the pillow. I decided to give her a little bit of pleasure while there was still pain. I started to suck and bit her neck making her moan a little in pleasure and shriek a little in pain. I started to sink my dick a little more in her ass I kept making shushing noises in her ear. After 3 minutes my dick was fully into her ass. “Im all the way in. Im proud of you. Now comes the fun part.” I started to slowly move in and out of her ass. Pretty soon the moans of pain stopped and for pleasure to begging. I started to go a little faster with each thrust. Lilith surprised me by moving back into my pelvis. I couldn’t help it anymore. I grabbed her hips and started to thrust faster and faster. At first I thought I was hurting her but then she started to moan and say my name beginning for more. I was always the type of guy who aimed to please. I started to jack hammer into her. Even though her ass was a bit small I still made it jiggle each time our pelvises met. Pretty soon I couldn’t take it anymore. I jack hammered sledge hammered any and every type of hammered into her and I couldn’t handle it I started to cum and cum hard. I just held her hips and sort of looked up at the ceiling as I came. When I was done I pulled out. Her asshole went back too normal size but my cum dripped out drop by drop. I notice Lilith didn’t say anything so I got concerned and felt bad for what I did. Maybe I went too far.

“Lilith…Are you ok?” she fell onto the bed with her head away from me. “Listen im so sorry if I went too far Maybe I shouldn’t have done anything.” After a few seconds of silence I heard a little snicker. “The hell?” I said as I turned her over to see Lilith with a smile on her face as she burst out laughing. “You bitch.” I said laughing. “I thought I hurt you.” I said. “No you didn’t, well at first I did but after a while I LOVED it. It was amazing God I feel so tired and out of energy but it was soooo worth it.” She said. I kissed her on the forehead and then nose and then her lips. “Im gunna go give Jessica back her KY.” I said leaving the room and walking down the hall still naked. Jessica’s door was open just a creek. I peeked inside to see Jessica on her bed naked. Her black hair was getting in her face and she had her eyes closed. Her nice big tits where heaving up and down. She had medium sized areolas and dime sized nipples. I saw her pumping a green small dildo into her. I could hear the vibrations over the music in her room. Nirvana…Nice girl nice taste in music and a nice black landing strip above her pussy. My cock was instantly hard again. I walked in and as soon as she saw me she jumped off of her bed and pushed me onto the floor. She shoved the dildo into her pussy on vibrate and positioned her ass onto poof my cock before sliding all the way down and moaned. “IM WET IM HORNY AND I WANT IT HARD IN MY ASS!!!” She hissed as she started to bounce up and down on my cock in the reverse cowgirl position. I noticed a tattoo above her ass of an Angel. This bitch was so fucking sexy. I got up and picked her up still dick in her ass. I put her up against the wall an started to shove my rod back into her ass as hard as I could. I put my hand on her throat making her choke. She loved it. After a few pumps of my dick in her ass, she shoved her tongue into my mouth and moaned as she came all over my chest. After she was done I dropped her on her bed and positioned my cock in her mouth. “No, John im tired.” She said turning over. “So I can’t get my nut in?” I asked. “I’ll make it up to you later. I promise.” She said her voice getting soft as she drifted off to sleep. I was still hard as hell so I looked around the room until I found a pair of panties that where near her gray short shorts. I wrapped them around my cock looking at her big meaty ass as I pumped her black thong panties until I reached breaking point. I came shooting rope after rope of cum onto her nice juicy thick ass. Her ass jiggled a little bit every time my cum hit her ass cheeks. After I was done her ass was painted white. My dick was deflated and I was tired. I walked out of her room saying out loud “I’ll hold your sweet ass to that promise. Next time I get my nut.” I closed her door and walked back to Lilith’s room. She was asleep so I got in bed looked at the clock on the nightstand 5:41 A.M. I put my arm around Lilith holding her as I drifted off to sleep.

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For whe. You make some new stories, I have an outcast friend who would be great for a part In a story: sammy, 5ft 4'', e-cup, short dark crimson hair, average build, brown eyes, stomach piercing, ear piercings, eyebrow piercing, wears black and blue, foot fetishist, witty, dark humour, pale, likes a variety of music.

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