Aimee is my Cyborg

Chapter 7. War drums.

Background: United States Battle Star Falin has just gone on war alert.

The senior staff is in the command conference room. We are just behind the Star’s cockpit. In a space ship movie you would have the Commander in a high seat with several officers in front of him. A gigantic view screen would let him see out into space and enemy space ships would “un-cloak” and shoot at him.

Reality sucks; even though the Falin’s exterior is loosely based on the Hollywood versions because the saucer architecture is streamlined. Plus it’s conducive to moving through the atmosphere and space; inside we are cramped more like an airplane. The cockpit looks like a mix of a large airliner cockpit and just a little Hollywood. First there are no windows to the outside because the cockpit is heavily armored.

There are several command stations for navigation, communication and operations. The General has his own workstation in the center. Two huge refrigerators sit behind a wall; you already know they are Cyborgs who help run the Star. Their “brains” are enhanced-DNA encoded Straight-String molecular based. Loosely translated; they are still seventy percent computer; but smarter than any supercomputer on earth. The 30 percent “brain” is the highest percentage allowed without being considered “experimental”. The wussies in Congress are afraid the “machines” will take over Earth. One reason no one outside the lab knows about our “humans”.

The General has just concluded his briefing and we are still in shock as the staff eats the food brought into the conference room. The conversations focus on the extreme difficulty of maintaining super secrecy for the next four days with a weekend approaching. A quick example is if one of your staff is on leave. In a real war situation all leaves would be cancelled and everyone would be recalled to duty. Today we have the challenge of going to war “as is.”

Since Aimee does not eat, plus she is the lowest ranking in the room, she has taken on the duty of serving coffee to the staff. It’s a smart move. It makes her look humble and un-assuming to the higher ranking officers. The General’s comments have already been repeated a few times: “Anyone wants to end their career quickly just tell her ‘No’ once.”

Some of the old guys even smile at her and I see a few of them checking her tits. One Colonel makes a joke and asks Aimee, “Am I allowed to say ‘No” to coffee without getting fired?” Aimee laughs dutifully and pats his arm with a smile, “Of course you can, Sir.” It lightens the mood in the place. That’s my Aimee; I give her a secret wink and smile when she is close to me with her coffee pot. A few minutes later all the ‘Seconds’ have arrived and everyone settles down for the briefing to continue.

The lights are dimmed and the CoS has one of the intelligence officers do the brief. He flashes a series of satellite vid-coms on the screen which show a bowl shaped area about five miles across. It’s a secret terrorist camp just recently discovered. “The Pentagon says they found it because some bad guy stayed on his com-unit fifteen seconds too long when the satellite got near”, he tells us.

I can see why it had not been seen before; all the buildings and a dirt airstrip are well camouflaged. The Intel guy tells us a high value target will be there in three days. It explains our hurry. The Pentagon does not have much other info because any low flying satellites are easily spotted by terrorists. The Intel guy along with the Ops Chief will shuttle down to the Bush and Reagan. The two Destructors will conduct high orbit recons of our target. Meanwhile the Battle Star has already started its own intelligence gathering.

The CoS tells us to go to work and he will have the first update meeting in twelve hours at 18:00 Star time, which is the same as Earth’s Greenwich Mean Time. Major Jim Jackson, my executive officer or “Number Two”, and I meet with our other officers and senior non-coms back in the conference room. Jim and a few NCO’s will shuttle down to the Bush and Reagan and conduct a full arms inventory. The war footing is the perfect excuse to for it and we’ll see if Aimee really discovered an “irregularity”.

Aimee sends a message to my com and says, “I recommend a shuttle go to the support facility and pick up these supplies. According to the Reagan and Bush they will need these items. You should also pick up all the new sniper rifles and deliver them to the Bush. I suggest a hand written note from the General to the team’s Captain.” When I look at Aimee it hits me that she has already analyzed the entire computer data on the three ships, decided what is needed and given me the list. Holy shit; even the Cyborgs we currently have would take about six hours after we told them a “mission plan”.

Dr. Julia has been quiet in the back of the room and Jim asks her if she would like to work with the Star’s medical team for the duration of our ‘war’. She agrees it would be good practice for her and she could see if there is anything useful being developed at the labs. Jim reminds the non-coms about the Generals message as he sends everyone back to work.

When Aimee, Julia and I are alone back in our quarters I say to her, “Aimee, we were really impressed by what the General said about you; and surprise too.” Aimee smiles and says, “You did not know I met him in secret the day before you came and picked me up. We spent a long time together and he understands my capabilities better than even Dr. Harmond.” A frown is on my face and I reply, “Are you keeping secrets from me?”

Aimee moves into my arms and puts her hand on my cheek, “No Thad, it’s not a secret per se, it just was not information you needed.” She puts a quick kiss on my cheek and smiles. Well, I may as well go for broke, “What else do I not need to know?” Aimee smiles and says, “I have a trillion data points you have no use for; but I do want you to give me the password to your computer system, Thad.”

“And why do you want to snoop in my system, Aimee?” I ask. Julia stands on the other side of the room and watches. Aimee snuggles up to me and whispers in my ear, “Because I want a copy of the vid-com of us together last night. A ‘first time’ memory.” Good grief, how does she know about my taping system? Since there is no use in lying to a superior intelligence, I just say, “ThadandAimee”. She looks at me and giggles, “Very cute but not very secure”. I just answer, “I can fix it”; but Aimee shakes her ponytail ‘No’.

Julia mouth drops open and she ask, “Thad, have you already banged Aimee?” Before I can answer, Aimee walks over to Julia and gives her a hug. “He was like a baby, show him some tits and he was hooked. Just like you taught me, Julia.” Julia grins and puts on a phony pout, “But Aimee, we were going to have him together.”

Aimee says, “What are we going to do for the next ten hours, Thad.” I run through the tons of work in my head and mention a few. Aimee says, “I’ll have most of that done in two hours. Besides, I already have the battle plan completed; I just need the Colonel in Ops to ‘think of it’. That may take some underhanded manipulation.” So I ask the stupid question, “What battle plan?”

Aimee giggles again and it makes me grin because I love to hear it. “Thad, the General wants to put on a ‘big deal’ for the Pentagon and demoralize the terrorists. The battle plan is two pictures. The ‘before’ picture shows the camp like we saw it earlier; buildings, runway and lots of other stuff. The ‘after’ picture is wall-to-wall desert; no buildings, no runway, no people, not even a goat. We are going to make everything disappear in one night.”

My mouth hangs open and I say, “We can’t do all that. The runway alone is a major problem.” Aimee shakes her head ‘No’; not a problem if you know where to go shopping. And tomorrow when the Ops presents my plan; we are going shopping. Meanwhile, I need help getting out of this combat gear.”

After I double lock all our doors the girls start unbuckling and unzipping combat gear. I help Julia as she struggles and find out she is naked under her jumpsuit. She grins and says, “You yelled to get a move on; so I skipped the undies.” As I tug on the jumpsuit my hands caress her breasts; quite accidently of course. Julia grins, “Not so fast flyboy.”

Aimee did not take the opportunity to play undressing games and she is on my bed naked with her arms outstretched. Well, being in bed with two naked hotties is not what I had planned as war preparation but it sure beats the alternative.

I pull Aimee and Julia to me and tell them, “Tell Thad what Aimee and Julia’s little heart’s desire.” Aimee pulls my head to her lips and quietly says, “After you eat my pussy you can fuck my ass.” When she turns me loose, she looks sheepish like even she can’t believe what she just said. I chuckle and say, “You’ve been hanging around with Julia way too much.” Aimee grins at Julia, “Your bitch programmed me.”

Oh shit, another secret is out. Julia grabs my cock and pulls hard, “Are you calling me a bitch?” she asks in a mock serious tone. Aimee giggles and shakes her head ‘Yes’, while mine goes ‘No’. Aimee tells Julia, “Don’t hurt his cock, we need it.”

Aimee moves to the edge of the bed, pulls a pillow under her ass and spreads her legs for me. Her 40DDs stand straight up and the pink areolas seem to pulsate. Julia leans over, her slender frame an interesting contrast against Aimee’s curves. She kisses Aimee and in a minute they are doing some serious tonguing. When they break apart, Julia moves down to Aimee boobs and she kisses, licks and suckles her hard nipples.

Kneeling between Aimee’s open legs I can see Julia sucking on Aimee’s nipples and they seem to grow in front of my eyes. Over half an inch long, they seem rock hard and Aimee inhales sharply when Julia gives them little bites. Julia’s naked ass and pussy is in front of my face, so I run my fingers over her split before I dive into Aimee.

Like this morning, when my lips move to Aimee’s pussy I detect her sweet odor of teenage pussy. Oh, she is ever so wonderful. Her pussy opens and it’s pink inside glistens with a light coating of pussy juice.

Aimee pulls her knees up to her head and her pussy spreads wider. Instead of going slow, like this morning, I decide on a faster pace and sharing with Julia. I’m sure she can’t wait. My fingers slide her clit’s cover back and Aimee jumps when I do it. Between the anticipation and knowing how she will react Aimee is already twitching. My tongue runs over her clit and my fingers massage it to get it to stand up to its full length.

Suddenly my brain thinks, “I bet Julia designed every millimeter of Aimee’s clit.” I say, “Julia, help me here”, and watch Julia kneel next to me and put her face into Aimee’s pussy. Aimee moans when Julia tongues her and her ass starts rocking hard as the two girls go at each other. While Julia has her face buried in Aimee, I move behind Julia and attack the sweet spot on her lower back just above her ass. She has matching dimples there and I noticed before she was sensitive in one particular place.

When I run my fingers and tongue over her Julia groans hard. Oh yea, I don’t know why but she is sensitive there. I kiss and massage her spot and when her ass starts rocking one hand goes to her butthole. In synch with her movement, I massage her butt, rim her and then let a finger intrude. Her hot inside surrounds my finger and the anal ring grabs me hard. I think both girls are going to get ass fucked today; but then I reconsider. I have already fucked Dr. Julia’s ass, I need to fuck her pussy first.

Julia is munching on Aimee’s pussy and working her clit as only a woman knows how. Aimee’s whole body vibrates as I watch her rocking against Julia’s mouth. I’m surprised she has lasted the fifteen minutes of Julia’s efforts. Her climax is getting close and suddenly her hands grab Julia’s short hair as she convulses with a yelp. I can see Julia’s tongue moving as she laps up Aimee’s nectar. The last two minutes Aimee has been growling in her throat before the yelp escaped her.

Holy shit, this show was as good as Julia with my Amy. Aimee is like a teen virgin with each new experience. I’m already hard in anticipation of ass fucking both girls.

Aimee leans back and breathes hard then rolls over and gets on her knees and hands. Her ponytail has become undone and hangs down like a curtain covering her face. From behind, her ass is heart shaped and inviting. Her ass hole is a tiny puker and her pussy is wet from Julia’s tongue and her own juices. Her more shapely body looks sexier than Julia’s sleeker look; but both girls are very beautiful. Aimee’s 40DD’s hang down and touch the bed as she leans forward and puts her head down. “Come on Julia, get up here”, she tells the Doctor and pats the bed next to her. “You really made me cum and Thad is going to repay you.”

Julia climbs up next to Aimee and gets in the same position on her hands and knees. She puts her head down on the bed next to Aimee and they clutch each other’s hands. Aimee whispers to Julia, “You’re not a virgin are you?” Julia smiles and says, “Not in my ass, Thad already got it.” I can’t help but to chuckle as I pour some baby lotion on both their asses and massage it in. “Yea Julia, the bitch, is a virgin. Not in this century”, my brain says to me. This time my middle fingers go deep into their holes and it lubes them up.

Fucking Julia’s ass until I passed out was a lifetime experience; but fucking her pussy may be a little payback. So I line up behind her first and push my cockhead into her. Julia grabs the sheets and lets my cockhead penetrate her before she clamps down on me hard. Oh, the bitch not only has pussy muscles but ass muscles too. I grab her hips and pull back a fraction before slamming into her up to the root. “Oh shit”, Julia groans before she relaxes her muscles and takes me all the way in. Thought so, Julia does not fuck much because she is super tight. I keep my cock in her without moving.

Julia finally sighs and rocks her ass a little giving me a signal to fuck her. I do it very slowly because I feel a bit guilty about slamming her. By the fifth stroke she has relaxed even more and she is rocking a little faster as we pick up the pace. We fuck for about five more minute before I decide to switch.

Coming out of Julia I move over to Aimee and she turns her head and smiles. I try to be gentle as I push my cockhead into her small puckered opening; but Aimee reaches one hand back and pulls on my leg. As I push into her she pushes back twice as hard and I glide into her ass real easily. Holy shit, popped another virgin hole. Aimee sighs, “Oh Thad that’s nice. Don’t hold back; go hard.” I pick up the pace and get a new surprise. Aimee’s ass is like her pussy. It feels like she is massaging my whole cock, squeezing first my root and then the head. As we fuck faster, she massages harder. I can’t last.

“Aimee, you’re going to make me cum in a minute”, I tell her and she seems to double the effort. “Do you like it like this”, she asks and I can barely answer a “Yes, babe”. Aimee says, “Push in hard and stay there”. I hang on to her hips and hold my cock deep in her as Aimee gets me off. Spurts of Jizz shoot deep into her and she murmurs, “Oh my, that’s nice.”

Julia watches me cum into Aimee’s ass and she pulls me back. When my cock pops out she gobbles me down to the root and sucks hard. Since I’m trying to relax after just having shot my load it’s not totally pain free. Julia manages to get another squirt out of my balls and her eyes come up with a “told you so” look of satisfaction. The bitch did it again. When she finally turns me lose after a few more strokes and hard suck, she says, “Thanks Thad, that was nice.”

I drop between the two girls and whine, “You’re killing me. I’m exhausted and have tons of work to do.” Julia runs her hands up and down my heaving chest and says, “Doctor’s orders. Aimee, go get him an energy drink.” And again, about two minutes after I drink the small bottle I’m totally refreshed and ready to go.

“What’s in this stuff, Julia?” I ask. She answers, “You don’t want to know; but it’s made especially for men. There is a woman’s version also.” When I look at her with a question, she says, “In real simple terms it’s nearly pure enhanced male ventricular-testosterone mix. Right now you are ten times the male you were before you shot your load. It will keep you at max energy for at least six hours. Plus it adds a point to your IQ.” Holy shit, works for me.

Julia and Aimee head toward their rooms and as they waive, they say, “Shower time.” I follow them and kiss both girls and tell them, “OK, but we need to get serious and get to work. Don’t play to long. We need to clean up here and I want you back in our conference room in one hour in regulation uniforms.” Julia throws me a sloppy salute and says, “Yes Sir, boss.” I can’t get any respect.

One hour later I’m back in the conference room for an update before we have to meet the CoS. Aimee is with me and she shows me a one page draft of her battle plan which she has inserted into the Ops computers. The Ops Chief will see it the next time he opens his com and think it’s from his staff. It’s one of three alternatives for the CoS.

One hour before we are to meet with the CoS, the Ops team calls for Aimee to review their proposals. Of course the plan to make the entire place disappear wins her approval. An hour later the CoS is dancing a little dance saying, “Just brilliant people, just brilliant.” He calls the General into the room and we get a mission “Go”. The General says, “People take a break for a couple of hours; but I want most of the details nailed down by noon tomorrow. We will do a dry run on the moon about 24 hours later while Intel updates everything. Right now we are shooting for 03:00 the next night, Dismissed.” As he walks out he motions for me to follow.

In the Cockpit the General looks at Aimee and me and asks her, “Lt. Victory, what’s your analysis?” She answers precisely, “Sir, the plan has a 96 percent success probability with the current staff and equipment. There are a few things the Log will purchase tomorrow. The plan will not only be successful; but will fully demoralize the terrorists at least for one year. Best of all, the Pentagon will never believe you pulled it off.” The last sentence makes the General grin and say, “I sure hope so.”

Three days later the battle begins at midnight. Everyone is in battle gear and all internal lights are red only on all three space crafts. Aimee and I are on-board Destructor Bush with the front line command team. Dr. Julia is in the Bush’s med center with the Quick Response Medical Team. The Battle Star is in high orbit providing oversight.

The Reagan and Bush sweep down about 02:00 and lay down a thick cloud layer for about thirty miles around the target. The clouds interact with the normal humidity and cause a light rainfall; just enough to keep people from wandering around looking at the sky. Four combat shuttles leave the Reagan and Bush with the long range sniper teams and the ground attack teams. Combat shuttles are totally stealthy and can land almost anywhere without detection. Four sniper teams set up long range shop.

At 02:50 is a normal satellite pass and the terrorists shut down all their communications. It gives our teams a twenty minute window without anyone trying to reach the terrorists. The Battle Star’s Com Center is ready to jam any accidental signals.

At 02:55 the long range sniper teams kill all the sentries. One minute later the Combat teams land next to each building. They wear “shimmer suits” which deflect light and make them nearly invisible. Besides, the clouds and rain makes visibility nearly zero. Using heat seeking bullets they invade the barracks and other outlying buildings and kill the rest of the terrorists. Only their command building has not been invaded. The enemy never fired a shot.

Destructor Bush aims a neutralizer beam at the building and fires. All life forms are immediately paralyzed. Neutralizer beams are supposed to be a “humane” way to capture criminals since police no longer have guns. At 03:00 the Combat teams move into the building and identify the top three terrorists including the “target of interest”. All others are immediately killed. The top three are encased in “coffins”. About the size of a coffin, they hold a prisoner in a coma and are totally secure. A combat shuttle and a security team return the prisoners to the Destructor Bush.

The combat teams take no other prisoners because there is no place to hold them. We do not exist; therefore, how would we explain prisoners. The three special prisoners will be taken Earth side as cargo and shipped to an undisclosed location.

Now the fun part begins. Regular shuttles from the Bush and Reagan deploy to assist with the demolition of all buildings. Small charges destroy the buildings with nearly no sound. All the debris is loaded on the shuttles and dumped into the ocean. The regular civilian painted shuttles, with their brown paint, are nearly invisible and blend in with other air traffic. The clock is ticking and we have been on the ground nearly one hour.

The Reagan uses the runway for target practice. Laser-atom beams shatter the dirt runway and any leftover cement in the buildings. The last remnants of buildings, ranges and equipment are loaded and removed. Now to make it disappear.

The shuttles fly low over the entire five mile area and blow the dirt up into the air. When it settles back down there are no traces of any humans having walked on the ground. Fifteen minutes later all shuttles are back on-board the Reagan and Bush. Lastly comes Aimee’s special “demoralizer”.

The rain is already soaking the ground and giving it a thin layer of fertile dirt. Aimee and I are on the last two shuttles to leave the Bush. One shuttle has sensor specialists on it who look for anything “human”, even a lone button on the ground. They find nothing.

Our shuttle makes low sweeps and spreads high growth nitro-enhanced liquid grass seed, not only over the target, but ten miles in each direction. Aimee is intense as she monitored the entire battle; but also the spreading of the liquid grass seeds. We estimate it will be noon the next day before someone arrives at the camp to find out why there are no communications. Even if they arrive early; by 9:00 a.m. the grass will be one foot high.

There are no buildings here and the grass proves none where here lately.

The Battle Star is silent as everyone waits to see the outcome of our plan. We know we were successful in eliminating the camp but have not told the Pentagon what we did. The first encrypted messages hit the General’s com center by 9:00 a.m. The Pentagon says it has satellite failures because the camp does not appear on today’s images. From the height of local vegetation the satellite must be looking at the wrong coordinates.

Cheers ring throughout all three spacecrafts at mission accomplished. Then Intel officers spread the word they are monitoring lots of traffic on the terrorist nets. They cannot find their leaders or their camp. Cheers ring out again.

The General assembles the senior staff in the command conference room and establishes secure coms with his Pentagon bosses. He tells them with a smile there is nothing wrong with the satellite. The generals all look at each other until a sharp junior officers shouts, “Sir, you did it, correct?” Our General nods wisely and says, “Yes son, your dad did it.” The bosses finally get it and applaud. One of them holds up a two-star rank insignia and says, “Come on down for a few days off and pick up your new rank.”

Even our own officers have no clue they followed Aimee’s plan. Julia, Aimee and I tell the CoS we will be out of touch for twenty-four hours. He grins and shakes our hands, “You saw that second star for the General. I think more promotions will roll downhill. Thank you Lt. Victory, you take a well-deserved break.”

Aimee, Julia and I are back in our quarters. Dr. Julia is lining up several bottles of energy drinks, some blue and some pink. A small pill bottle sits beside them. “Thad, this new pill will keep you from sleeping no matter how much you cum.”

I look at her and say, “Not a 24 hours marathon?” The girls grin and shake their heads ‘Yes’. I whine and say, “Would you settle for twelve hours with me and twelve with Jim?” Aimee frowns but Julia immediately perks up and says, “You’re willing to share?”

“Julia you get Jim as long as he wants; but you have to explain it to him first. No surprises, Ok? Aimee stays with me only.” Julia nods her head and reaches for her com unit. As she talks she picks up the pill bottle and heads for her room.

I lock the door behind her and Aimee comes into my arms with a big smile.

Aimee is my Cyborg and only I get to fuck her.

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I love the SCY-FY and the President Falin name of the space ship. A little conservative humor. Cracks me up.

You are probably a conservative at heart doing a bit of midnight story telling. Keep it up!!!

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Ano4her great story
A Mix of sci-fi & pre-teen please!

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Hey FireEngine8

Great story man, I can't wait for more. I really like the Sci-Fi swing into your stories and make it more than just blind fucking around (also makes it more fun) I'm curious, what will happen if Amy and Aimee meet each other? How will Amy react? Probably a hot 3some, but still. That might be an interesting chapter to build to.

-A fan

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