Son catches Mom fulfilling a fantasy.

One early afternoon I was folding clothes in the laundry room and overheard my son and his friend Jerome talking. I know I shouldn’t have been listening but their topic of discussion intrigued me.
They had just gotten out of the pool and were sitting at the patio table drinking ice-tea when I heard Jerome tell my son, Brian, that his Dad {Brian’s Dad} was a lucky guy. I stopped folding and leaned closer to the window.
“Oh yeah, and why is that?”
“Your moms’ hot man.”
“Yeah, I guess he is pretty lucky. . .You know she was a model for a long time.”
“No shit. Still could be if ya ask me.”

I was a little surprised at what my son said next.
“I got a bunch of her pictures on my computer…Some pretty good ones too.”
“Ya do?”
“Cuz she’s hot. Some of them are underwear and bathing suit adds.” He told Jerome.
“Damn! Hook me up. How come I ain’t seen-em already boy?”
I heard them both laughing.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about my son showing his friends my pictures, I mean after all, they were taken a long time ago. I didn’t think I looked that good anymore. I still fit into the same clothes and all, and my husband…And his friends for that matter…still flirted with me and said I was still sexy. But at 43 and after two children…Well…I was feeling my age I guess.

I was also a little surprised that Brian had pictures of me on his computer. I expect him to have pictures of hot girls, even porn…He’s 17…but I just never thought he thought of me as “Hot”. I suppose it was somewhat flattering to know that Brian and Jerome thought so.

The boys came in the laundry room door smiling at me as they walked by. I noticed that Jerome’s gaze lingered a few long seconds as his eyes roamed over me.
“Jerome. . .” I greeted him.
“Miss Jennings. . .Mam.” He flashed his overly white teeth. I actually felt myself blush as I turned back to folding laundry.

He always called me “Miss” even though he knew I was married. I wasn’t sure if that was a ‘Southern’ thing or a ‘black’ thing. Maybe both.
Jerome was the same age as Brian. He’d moved up here with his Mom from Mississippi about three years ago. He still has that Mississippi drawl. He’s very tall, 6’1” maybe 6’2”; taller than me by more than a head. He’s thin, almost gangly but a handsome boy none-the-less.

Seeing Jerome always reminded me of my father. My father was a self-righteous Minister that served his own needs before anyone else’s. He would have never allowed a black boy in our home. He was a nasty bigot that thought all black boys wanted just one thing…To fuck a white girl. All though I never had the chance, my father’s intolerance and prejudice only fueled my desire to try it…Do something with a black boy I mean.

One of my fantasies as a young woman, a girl really, was blowing the black boy that worked at a nearby gas station and having my arrogant father walk in and catch me.
I’d pretend that we’d stopped for gas and while my Dad was filling the tank, I’d go into the back room with the colored boy. The fantasy varied some but mostly consisted of the black boy pulling his dick out and asking me if I wanted to give him a blow job.

I would always have to be talked into it and then I’d finally do it; telling him, “Just this once” and “We had to hurry before we get caught”. I fantasized about blowing him because I knew that that particular act would be the “Dirtiest” thing I could possibly do, according to my holier-than-thou father. Although the punishment would have been harsh and no doubt humiliating, it would have been worth it to see the look on his face if he’d caught me doing something like that.

When I went upstairs to put away the clean clothes, Brian had left his bedroom door cracked a little and I hear them giggling like a couple of little girls.
“Sh-shhh. Look at this one.” I heard Brian whisper.
“Holy shit!”
“I know.”
“She looks like this could-a- been taken yesterday.” Jerome told my son. “How old is she there.”

I was a little surprised to hear Brian tell him that the back of the picture had said it was taken in August of 99.
“She was 31 or 32 I guess.”
“Goddamn- If she was my Mom. . .” Jerome trailed off.
“Yeah, I know, right. . .”
“Look at that ass. . .”
“I do every day.” They laughed.
“And look at them tits. Those are some suckable nipples right there.”

I couldn’t recall having any shoots in 99 or any of my modeling pictures showing my nipples.

“Sometimes in the morning you can see them right through her T-Shirt.”
“Ya kidding?”
“Dude, I need to sleep over here tonight.”
“Yeah, right! That’s why I never ask anyone to sleep over. I’m sure it’d go over nice with my Dad to see my friends walking around in the morning with boners from looking at my Mom.”

They busted up laughing again.

“Yeah, I think I’m getting’ one now.”
“Well how ya think I feel having to see her every morning…..And she’s my MOM dude.”

‘Wow’ I thought. I was giving my son and his friends “Boners”. I wasn’t exactly sure how to react to that. I mean I was more than a little shocked to hear my son and his friend talking about me this way. My first thought was to go in there and put a stop to all of it, delete the pictures, and tell Jerome to go home. Maybe even drag my son to get some counseling. But I didn’t. I didn’t do anything. I guess part of me was flattered. It made me feel…not so old.
I went on about my business, sure of only one thing…I was determined to take a look at my son’s picture collection first chance I got.

That opportunity came the next day. I sat at Brian’s computer opening files and documents until I found what I was looking for.
He did have porn saved; quite a lot really. I searched through his collection, some of which was extremely graphic and a bit taboo… Some bondage, anal and even a few pictures of a “Donkey Show”. I even came across some pictures of a few ‘Locals’.
{I’ll get into that more a little later in the story.}

I scrolled down until I found pictures of me. Most were from my portfolio. He had evidently helped himself to it, scanned, and saved the pictures. Some were rather provocative but all were in good taste and there was no nudity.
But as I went on, I found more photos of myself. These were pictures of me that my husband had taken in the privacy of our bedroom. At first there were just a few facial shots.

Then as I scrolled down, there were pictures of me in negligees, lace under garments and in some pictures, I was totally nude. In a few I even had my ass propped up for the camera. And there was one that showed me with my legs spread and my fingers dipped into my panties touching myself.

I sat there with my mouth wide open. Not only had my son seen these but he’d shown them to Jerome. I didn’t know how I’d be able to face the boy. I became furious with Brian. I deleted all the pictures and left his room.

I thought about it long and hard. After some time had passed I began to calm down. My anger turned into something a little less… …destructive. I had gone from anger to extremely annoyed. After all, they were boys. Bad boys but boys none-the-less. I was a model; I should be used to people…Men…looking at me. When I was younger I liked the thought of men lusting over me. I still like the idea of being desired. That’s part of why I became a model…That, and the fact that I knew it would piss my father off.

It was kinda nice to be desired, even if it was only by your son’s friends. I was still a little irritated that Brian had invaded my privacy and that he had shown Jerome of all people. I like Jerome, he’s a good kid, and now I was going to feel awkward in front of him.
I confronted Brian and told him that I’d erased my pictures and that this little incident would stay between him and I…And Jerome, I supposed. But if he were to touch my personal things again, it would be his father he would be dealing with and we both knew he wouldn’t want any part of that.

Brian’s father has been a truck driver for the past 22 years. He’s a big man, a stern man and a jealous man with a truck driver’s temper. And Brian KNEW what the man was capable of. The thought that his son was stealing naked pictures of his wife and showing them to his friends was not something that would set well with the man.
Fact is…I doubt I could ever really tell his father something like that. I’m afraid of what he might do.

I suppose that’s enough back ground. The story really begins a some time after all this.
One late Friday night…Brian’s father was making a three day run to Philly…Brian came home with Jerome in tow. He practically had to hold Jerome up. He was drunk. Actually, they were both drunk but Jerome seemed to be…REALLY DRUNK.

I helped Brian lead Jerome to the couch. He flopped down dragging Brian and I down with him; one of us on each side. I started bombarding Brian with questions. It seemed that they had gone to a party, a drinking party, and one thing led to another and now here we were.

“Why did you bring him HERE?”
“He can’t go home like ths.” Brian slurred his words. “Hiss mother wa kill him.” He says.
Jerome sat on the couch, his head moving back and forth as though he were watching a pink-pong game as Brian and I spoke.
“For Christ’s sake Brian.”
I thought about it for a few minutes, gathered my thoughts.

I shook my head. “OK.” I agreed. “I guess I can call his Mom and tell her that you guys fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. I’ll tell her he’s more than welcome to spend the night unless she wants me to wake him up and send him home. If she wants him home….Well…”
“Cool, cool…You’re the best Mom ever.” He told me. {And I guess I was…If you wanted a Mom that condoned under-age drinking and would lie to your friend’s parents to hide it.}
“Thanks!” he said then leaned over his drunk friend and kissed me on the cheek. When he kissed my cheek, I kinda felt a little funny; knowing that I was prone to giving him “Boners”.

Jerome leaned over as best he could and kissed my other cheek.
“Yeah Mith Jemmins. . . . . .Mam” Jerome agreed. “You’re so prettyyyyy too.” He added as his head swayed from side to side. I couldn’t help but smile at the poor kid. He was going to be so sorry in the morning.
“Thank you Jerome.”

I looked at Brian. He was sitting back with his eyes closed.
I gently shook him, “You have to get up to bed…” I told him as I got to my feet. “…We’ll talk about this in the morning.”
“Don’t plan on going anywhere tomorrow.”
“You need help?”
“No, no. I’m good, I’m good… …I got it…I’m good.”

I watched Brian get up and stagger up the steps towards his room.
“Stay right there.” I told Jerome. “I’ll get a pillow and a blanket for you.”
I stood up and stared down at Jerome for a few long seconds.
“A drunk black boy in the house.” I thought with a smile. “My father would be turning over in his grave.” The thought pleased me. “And I’m pretty sure this one probably DOES want to ‘fuck a white girl’.” I giggled.

I checked in on Brian. He was laying on his bed fully clothed, asleep. I gathered the extra blanket and pillow and headed back down stairs. When I stepped into the living room…Jerome was gone. I threw the things on the couch and started looking for him. When I found him he was leaning against the wall in the bathroom fumbling with his pants. When he started to slide down the wall I stepped in and grabbed him.
“Easy Sweetie.”

He threw his arms around me. “Hey mish Jemmins. I have ta pee.” He says to me. I held him up and leaned him back against the wall.
“Really bad. . .” He added with a noticeable urgency.
I could see a little wet spot on the front of his jeans.
“Boy, you’re not kidding are you?”

There wasn’t a whole lot I could do. I could let him slide down to the floor and pee himself or…
“Jesus. . .” I muttered as I held Jerome up with one arm around his waist and began to unbutton his jeans. I faced him towards the toilet and pulled his zipper down. He fumbled with his boxers as I steadied him.

“I can’t believe this.” The bathroom door was wide open. I wished I’d shut it but wasn’t willing to let Jerome fall to do it now. I shot a quick nervous look into the kitchen before I reached into the fly of Jerome’s boxers.
My stomach flip/flopped when I actually touched his penis. I pulled it out through his fly and let go of it like a hot potato. I no sooner did; when Jerome started to pee all over the place. I had a split second to make a decision. I reached down with my thumb and forefinger, took hold of the boy’s penis just behind the head, and aimed it at the toilet. I grabbed it, like a little kid might grab something with cooties.

Oddly enough, I felt like giggling. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately notice its size. I snuck a quick look into the kitchen and then found myself leaning over to get a better look as I pointed his pee stream where it needed to go.
“Wow!” Jerome moaned. I looked up at him for a second. I was a bit embarrassed but found myself looking down at his penis again anyway. I was kinda stunned. Not just at the size but the fact that I was touching my son’s friend’s penis…My son’s black friend.

For just a moment my childhood fantasy came to mind. I had often heard reference made to the size of black men’s dicks but, but I didn’t have any experience in that area. I always…natively…assumed thatt was just a joke, a myth.
“You’re really hot.” Jerome moaned; one arm around my shoulders and the other hand against the wall.
I looked up again and thanked him as I aimed his dick towards the toilet. I shot another glance into the kitchen and shook my head not believing the predicament I had gotten myself into.

No one would believe it. And who would I tell? How could I work THAT into the conversation” The thought somewhat amused me. Not quite dinner conversation. I told myself as I held Jerome’s penis with two fingers.
“Hi honey, how was your run? Traffic good? Guess who I helped pee why you were gone….Nope……Nope…..Jerome. That’s right, Brian’s friend. And guess what…It’s not a myth…”
I’m sure that would go over real good. I shook my head with disbelief as I shot another look into the kitchen, pee splashing into the toilet the whole time.

And when I though I couldn’t feel any more uncomfortable, Jerome started to sway his hips a little; push into my hand with tiny thrusts of his hips. I just thought he was having trouble standing until he told me that it felt good.

“How much longer can this boy possibly pee?” I asked myself. The stream started to lessen and then finely stopped. I gave Jerome’s penis the traditional shake. I smiled remembering the phrase “Shake it more than two times and you’re playing with it”.

I’m not sure what I was thinking. I guess I was more than a little surprised to find myself in such a situation and somewhat taken aback, but all and all…My husband was gone for three days…Brian was passed out upstairs…And Jerome was so drunk that I figured he wasn’t going to remember a thing about tonight. I guess I just found the whole predicament rather amusing and somewhat stimulating at the same time, so…Willing to take the chance he wouldn’t remember… I gave it an extra shake or two for my own amusement.

“Feels good Mish Jemmin. . .” Jerome moaned as he rested his head on my shoulder. I quickly looked towards the kitchen again extremely aware that my fingers were lingering on Jerome’s penis. I giggled and shook my head. “I can’t believe this!” I whispered. Then Jerome began to sway back and forth more as I held his dick between my fingers.

“Oh my god!” I thought. “If Daddy could see this. . .”
I wasn’t really sure if he was moving like that because he couldn’t stand up right or if it was simply for the pleasure of it. I decided…A little of both, and probably more of the latter.

Regardless, I did nothing to stop him. As a matter-of-fact, after a few seconds I noticed that his dick was actually getting bigger. A little shiver ran through me and I decided to close all my fingers around the middle of it and let him sway his hips. I could feel it was getting harder and I was just overwhelmed by the whole experience.

I would have thought that he was far too drunk to get an erection but that wasn’t the case at all. I could see an inch or so above my hand and a little more below my pinky. It was every bit of seven inches and growing. I glanced into the kitchen every few seconds as I held him in my hand and let him sway back and forth.

{I’ve done some crazy shit but I have never done anything even close to THIS crazy.}

I thought about trying to push the door closed with my foot but I had my hands full, as it were and didn’t want to risk Jerome falling over. He was unsteady to say the least but for all practical purposes, as I held him there, and he was now fucking my hand. I suppose I just wanted to see what was gunna happen and figured that Brian was passed-out…so what the hell.
“. . .If Daddy could see me now. . .” I thought with a smile.
“Mmmm Mish Jemming. . .” Jerome cooed as he looked down at what was happening to him.

His dick was all of 9” now and still swelling nicely. It was becoming quite plump in girth. It felt amazing in my hand. I closed my fingers around it a little tighter and started to move my hand a tiny bit. For all intents and purposes, I was giving him the hand-job he wanted. Then Jerome reached around me with an unsteady hand and felt my tit. I was so mesmerized by what I was doing to him that I never saw it coming. I gasped and pulled back a tiny bit but never stopped what I was doing to him. He reached again and managed to pinch one of my nipples between his fingers. Although it was kinda hard…The pinch…I found that I liked it quite a bit and didn’t try to pull away.

“I wanna suck ‘at.” He says to me with a huge smile. He was no longer swaying his hips. He didn’t have to. I was standing next to him holding him up and working my hand slowly back and forth.
“If you let me. . .” He whispers, like it’s a secret. He leans in close to my ear, close enough I can feel his breath, “. . .You can suck my dick if you wanna.” He tells me. “I mean…If ya really wanna.”

His offer shocked me. It sent a shiver rushing up my spine and a wave of heat that rolled over me and settled deep between my legs. This was going someplace I’d never thought I’d go.
I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God!’ as my old fantasy flashed before my eyes. For a fraction of a second, I pictured myself dropping to my knees in the bathroom and blowing the gas station attendant. The mere thought made me wobbly. “Jesus!”

In all my fantasies, I had to be talked into doing such a thing. That’s what made it so exciting for me I think; the seduction and the final surrender. I squeezed my fingers around his fat dick and stroked it slowly a few more times…Then forced myself to let it go.
I wasn’t sure what to do. I was that young girl again, lying in my bed, rubbing my pussy while I dreamed of the black boy that worked at the gas station. I was incredibly aroused but I was scared; scared to act on it. This was getting way out of hand…so-to-speak… and if I didn’t stop now…Well. . .There was no telling.

I reached down past Jerome for the lid to the toilet. As I did, I found I had an particularly good view of Jerome’s dick. It was pretty hard now, pointing down, very straight and fat. I remember thinking it must be too heavy to stick out straight. I didn’t have a tape measure but it looked every bit of 10 inches long and very plump. It bounced a little with each beat of his heart and swayed along with him as it hung there.

“Sit down Sweetie.” I told him as I tried to help him. He thumped down on top of the toilet seat and rested one arm up on the vanity.
“Are you gunna?” He asked eagerly.
“Gunna what, Jerome?”
“You know…blow me?”
I smiled. Boy was he drunk. “No Sweetie. I’m not going to blow you.” I whispered. The words made me quiver. He looked like I’d broken his heart.

“Sit here. I’m gunna get you some of my husband’s pajamas to wear to bed. You remember my husband don’t you Sweetie? The big truck driver?.”
“He’s really lucky.” Jerome informs me.
“So I’ve heard.” I replied lightheartedly as I tugged on his pants. “I need to put these in the washer…” I tugged a little more at his clothes. “…You’ve got pee all over them.”

“You’re sho hot. . .” Jerome slurred.
“Thank you Jerome.”
“I shaw ya tits ya know. . .” He tells me.
“I know Sweetie.”
“I wanted to SUCK ‘em.” He happily informed me. “I told Brian I did.”
“I know Sweetie.”
“Brian said I could. . .”
“Oh did he now?”
“Yep…” He leaned closer to me, “…Know what else?” He whispered.

I’d gone this far I figured, “What else?”
“I wanted you to blow me.” He told me shyly, forgetting he’d just mentioned it.
“I know, Sweetie.”
“…Know what else?”
“What Jerome?”
“They all want to fuck you…Cuz ya so hot.” He told me as he leaned back shaking his head up and down as if that was proof he was telling the truth.

Figuring that Jerome wouldn’t remember anything come morning, I decided to continue down this road a little further.
“They ALL ?”
“Oh man…Yeah, all of em.” He told me as he waved his arm around.
That certainly got my curiosity going.
“Who does?” I asked a bit stunned at his statement but certainly wanting to know more..
“Ar friends.” He said it like it was common knowledge and I was stupid for even asking.
“Like who Jerome?”
“Jeez, I don’t know. . .Timmy…Ronni…And Badger and that fat ass Mills…Everyone that’s seen you I bet. . .Yaw really beautiful. . .”
“Thank you Jerome. Who else?”
“You were telling me who wants to fuck me.” I blatantly urged him along.
“Oh yeah…yeah… Kevin…That fat ass Mills. Did I say him?” I shook my head yes. “Mills…Even Amanda said. . .”

As if I didn’t have enough to think about; I had to ask,
“Yep, see said so too.”
“What did Amanda say Sweetie?”

I knew Amanda. She was one of the ‘Locals’ I’d mentioned earlier. I’d found a few pictures of an obviously drunk but very pretty Amanda when I was going through Brian’s computer.
Above the pictures was the caption:

“Jimmy took these pictures”

It would seem that Amanda’s a bit of an exhibitionist. Below the caption was a picture of Amanda sitting on a bed…naked. And then another one that showed her fucking some guy…Her on top.

Below this picture read: After our last conversation, I thought you might especially appreciate this one. I set the camera up myself. I told Jimmy this one was just for me. He’d kill me if he knew I sent it to anyone. If our mother and father ever found out what me and my brother do, they’d freak.

It would seem that Amanda didn’t have too many restrictions on who she had sex with.

“She said she’d lick your pussy if she ever had the chance. She said that!. . . . .To me and Brian.She talkes to Brian about it all the time. He said he would too.”
“Who said he’d lick my pussy too?”
“Brian. . .”
“Brian? My son Brian?”
“Yeah, even Brian ses sho, he ses he wanted to fuck you.” Jerome divulged.
“What’d he say?”
“Oh yeah, he told me that you’re beautiful….You are too…”
“Thank you. What did Brian say Jerome?”
“He ses he dreams bout it all da time.”
“He did, did he?”
“And what about you Jerome?”

I smiled. “Do you want to fuck me too?” I whispered and when I heard myself ask something like that out loud. . . .My stomach rolled and fluttered and I felt a twinge between my legs. I couldn’t believe how……how…… arousing it was. I felt dirty and excited talking to this boy like this; this young black boy.

I wasn’t planning on letting the boy fuck me. I think I just said it to hear myself say it and to hear his response. I was a little surprised at how nasty I was being but these kinds of things never happen to me. I was pretty excited about it all. I guess I liked being the bad girl that couldn’t be trusted to go to the gas station.

“Oh. . .Hell yeah. . . . .Yaw so hot Mish Jemmings. . .” He told me again. “But I have to ga head and get Brian first if we do it.”
That statement surprised me. “Oh yeah? And why is that?” I wondered if they’d talked about double-teaming me or something to that nature.

Then Jerome told me something that both enlightened me and concerned me at the same time. He told me, in so many words, that Brian told him he wanted to watch his friends fuck me. He thought it would be “Awesome” To hide in the closet and watch, maybe even take pictures.

That kind of took the wind out of my sails. With that on my mind, I told Jerome that I was going to get him some pajamas.
“But what about this?” Jerome held his erection in his hand.
“I’m sorry Sweetie.” I whispered. “…As nice as that is…” I reached down quickly and gave the tip a little squeeze. “… As much as I’d like too, you should probably take care of that yourself.”

“I’ll tell you what.” I told him. “Here’s a little something to think about while you take care of that.”
I did something I’d never done before; I grabbed the bottom of my shirt with both hands and pulled it up to show Jerome my tits.
“Holy shit!” The boy gasped and started to slowly pump his hand up and down on his hard dick. I found the entire thing pretty darn hot. I stood there for a few seconds watching Jerome masturbate as I flashed him my tits. There’s no way to describe what I was feeling. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

In no time, I was all kinds of hot and bothered. I was out of control but it felt so good to be that way for once. I hadn’t felt like this in. . . .FOREVER.
“Oh my God!” Jerome groaned. “Can I kiss them.” He almost begged.
“Just once.” I teased as I slid one hand under my tit, leaned down closer to his mouth, and held it for him to kiss.

When I felt Jerome’s lips touch my nipple, I thought I would burst into flames. I lingered over him much longer then I’d planned to. His kiss turned into a long hard suck. I didn’t move away when he kissed his way to the other one. He was attentive and gentle; unlike my husband Carl, I’m sorry to say.

It was easy to tell he’d had some practice doing this. I cut my eyes to the kitchen and then down to his hand. I watched his hand going up and down on his big dick while he wet my nipples with his spit.
I wanted to, at the very least, to push his hand away and give him a hand job but I was afraid it wouldn’t stop there. As a-matter-of-fact, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t. Just like in my fantasies, I would finally give in to the feelings.

His lips made a smacking sound around my nipple as I pulled away.
“I’m sorry Sweetie.” I reluctantly assured my son’s best friend that that was all we could do. I stood up, fixed my shirt, and walked to the door. He was just sitting there with his dick in his hand as I looked back over my shoulder.
“Sorry.” I said barely above a whisper and went upstairs to get the pajamas.

I was warm all over…Hot really. I could feel that I was wet between my legs as I walked up the steps. I couldn’t recall ever feeling quite like this before. It was exhilarating. My whole body felt like pins & needles and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I raised my hand to my tits. My nipples were like stones.

I shook my head not believing what I’d just done. But I wasn’t sorry. It was exciting. I found myself with only one regret. Morals and infidelities aside, I was sorry I’d stopped before making a fantasy I’d had so many times, actually come true. I knew I would be thinking of ‘Jerome’ in the gas station when I played with myself tonight in bed.

It was hard not to think about what Jerome had said about Brian. I would have to come to grips with the fact that my son wanted to have sex with me. That was something I’d have to get a handle on. But for right now, knowing that all his friends wanted to have sex with me as well, including Amanda, kind of made me feel pretty good about myself.
Huh, what-da-you-know, I’m a M.I.L.F.

I walked past Brian’s room; he hadn’t moved. I went down stairs and when I turned the corner into the kitchen I got an eye full. Jerome was still sitting on the toilet, his head back and his hand moving slowly up and down. I stood there by the table holding the pajamas I’d gotten and watched. My god, his dick was really big. He was oblivious to everything except his dick. I walked closer and stood at the doorway fascinated. When Jerome spotted me, he quickly stopped jerking off and tried to cover himself. It was as though he’d forgotten all about what we’d just done. I walked in and smiled at him.

“It’s OK Sweetie?”
“I….I was thinkin-bout you.” He tells me as if that would somehow make it alright. He looked so cute sitting there covering himself up the way he was.
“Yaw so hot. . .”
“I know, Sweetie, you told me.”
“So are ya gunna?”
“Gunna what?” “You knowwwwww. . .” And he moved his hands and pushed the flaps of his jeans out of the way for a better view. His dick was quite hard. It stuck straight up now. I snuck a peek over my shoulder into the kitchen.

I knew, though unlikely, Brian could come down the steps at any minute…I was married to a very jealous man…It was morally and socially wrong…And the simple fact that I knew Jerome was a minor and it was against the law…but I still wanted to. I knew I couldn’t, shouldn’t, but I wanted to.
“I don’t think I should Sweetie.” I told him as I bit my lip and I tried not to stare at his lovely coco brown dick. “Chocolate.” I thought with a measure of glee, “Light chocolate.”.
“But Miss. Jemming. . .I won’t tell anyone.”

He looked up at me with such a hopeful look on his face. Hopeful and eager. He reminded me more and more of the poor gas station attendant that wanted a blow job so badly. I rubbed my fingers together and gnawed on my lips as I thought of Brian upstairs asleep and pictured my father out front pumping gas.
“Just for a second, OK?” He pleaded. He sounded just like my fantasy gas station attendant trying to talk me into it.

“I can’t…” I told him and quickly put the pajamas on the vanity before I had time to change my mind.
“Just put these on when you’re finished with that…” I nodded towards his dick and turned to leave before I did anything else stupid. When I looked over my shoulder, he was watching me leave. He looked like a little kid standing on the curb with a dollar in his hand as the ice-cream man drove away. I felt so bad for the kid. I had pumped him for information…Literally… and drunk or not, I had teased him badly.
“I’ll just shut this, OK Sweetie.” I pulled the door shut behind me and sat down at the kitchen table to wait for him to finish.

It was hard to sit at that table knowing that the young handsome black boy was just on the other side of the door jerking off. Especially knowing that he was thinking of me and the things I’d done while he did it. I couldn’t help but imagine what he was doing. I pictured it in my head and remembered what it felt like in my hand. Before long I was fantasizing that Jerome was that black boy in the gas station trying to talk me into blowing him.
“I won’t tell anyone…Just for a second, OK?...I promise, I won’t cum in your mouth Darlin’.”

I heard fumbling in the bathroom. A few thumps and thuds. When I heard what I thought might be my makeup case hit the floor I figured I’d better see what was going on in there. When I opened the door, Jerome was standing with one hand on the vanity and the other on the opposite wall. His pants and boxers were sprawled around one leg. His dick stuck straight out in front of him and my makeup was scattered all over the floor. He looked pretty muddled.

I stepped in the bathroom and closed the door. I knelt down on one knee and grabbed at his pants. I untangled them.
“Lift your foot Sweetie.” I told him. When I looked up, he was just staring down at me. He’d no doubt imagined me there before. It was actually kind of funny the way he stared at me with that, “Oh my god she’s gunna do it” look on his face. I tapped him on his calf and told him again to lift his foot. When he did, I slipped his damp pants and boxers off and pushed them aside.

I knelt there for a few long seconds, him looking down at me like that, and me looking up at him. I pictured him in some greasy Exxon overalls with the fly open and a baseball cap turned slightly to one side. My stomach was full of butterflies. I felt my heart beating like a hummingbird. I’d done so much already I told myself; the boy at the gas station vivid in my mind.

“Sit down Sweetie.” I whispered.
Jerome eased himself back down on the toilet seat as best he could.
“Are ya gunna?” He asked totally shocked.
I dropped my other knee onto the cold floor and scooted up a little closer to Jerome.

“Am I gunna what Sweetie?” I was flirting now, teasing, and I liked it.
I could barely hear him. “Blow me. . .” He whispered, excitement filling his glassy eyes.
“How ‘bout this...” I gazed at his hard dick. “I’ll give you a hand job. . .” I whispered. “. . .but we have to hurry so my Daddy doesn’t catch us.” I cooed. I slowly reached out, my hand trembling slightly, and closed my fist around his dick.
“Would that be OK?” I cooed as I started to pump my hand slowly up and down.

“Brian’s gunna flip out when I tell him.” Jerome moaned.
I would have sworn him to secrecy, maybe even told him that I’d be happy to do this again if he promised not to tell anyone, but I was relaying on the fact that he wasn’t going to remember any of this anyway.

I sat back on my legs enjoying the view; watching my hand move over his large brown cock. His dick was thick and the head was very plump; a little thicker then the shaft. He spread his legs wide and just watched me for quite some time as I stroked his dick; his eyes moving back and forth from my hand to my face.

“Yaw pretty. . .” He groaned.
My eyes never left his dick. “Thank you Jerome.”
After a while his hard dick began to dribble its slippery pre-cum.
“Are you gunna cum soon?” I asked, looking forward to watching. Jerome didn’t answer. I looked up and saw that his eyes were closed.
He didn’t respond.

He’d passed out right there on the toilet seat with me giving him a hand job. It wasn’t very flattering but I guess it wasn’t his fault.
His dick stayed hard so I seized the opportunity. I continued to stroke it. I didn’t want to let the fantasy get away from me again.
I leaned over, “I shouldn’t be doing this.” I whispered. “My Daddy’s right outside.” I told the young gas station attendant and then I kissed the tip of his dick.

I felt the slippery pre-cum on my lips. That’s all it took. I licked my lips and then slipped them around the head of Jerome’s cock. I sucked slowly taking great pleasure in the way if felt in my mouth. I drew my head back and just looked at it for a little bit. I glanced up at Jerome to make sure he was still passed out.
“You shouldn’t make me do this.” I told ‘the gas station attendant’. “My father would kill us both.” I kissed it and wondered what my father would say. I lowered my mouth and took as much of him as I could. I was giving this young black boy a blowjob, fulfilling an age old dream and he didn’t even know it. It was wild…Exhilarating…Beyond exciting to finally live out the fantasy.

I wondered if he would cum. I was willing to take as much time as needed to find out. I slowly bobbed my head, kissed, sucked, and licked it. I ran my fingertips through his short kinky pubic hair and over his smooth thighs as I rubbed his dick against my cheeks and fondled his soft ball sack. I did everything I’d fantasized about when I was young.
He slept even as I traced over my lips with the wet tip of his dick; squeezing the slippery pre-cum out, smearing it on my lips like lipstick.

I was deep into my dark dream when I heard a noise at the bathroom door. I looked over at the door to see if I’d locked it. Jerome’s dick was still in my mouth when I noticed Brian standing at the open door staring at me as I sucked his best friend’s cock.

I can’t believe what I did next…
I guess I wasn’t willing to give up the moment just yet. The dream was not going to be taken away that easily. I figured, what’s done is done. He’s seen me and there’s nothing I could do about it now. But I had given in to the lust and I was on fire by this time.

I got up quickly and shut the bathroom door. I locked it and called out to Brian, “Go back to bed.”
If I was lucky, he wouldn’t remember this night either. I was light headed; trembling with excitement. If what Jerome had said was true, then the only problem Brian would have with all this was not getting to watch and take pictures.

I turned right around and got back on my knees in front of Jerome. I’d been caught, but it did nothing to control the fire burning inside me now. It didn’t seem to change the way I was feeling. If anything…it fueled the fantasy. I’d been caught. I was over the edge. I was just too excited to stop.
“Go to bed.” I told him firmly and went back to blowing the gas station attendant.

I sucked Jerome’s cock back into my mouth; lavished it with wet kisses and hungry sucks as Jerome lay silent, oblivious to my labors.
“Hurry up and cum, Daddy’s coming.” I told the gas station attendant with a certain degree of urgency before taking him in my mouth, sucking hard and bobbing my head feverishly in his lap.

He may have been passed out, he may have even been comatose for all I knew, but I was soon rewarded for my efforts none-the-less. I felt his cock swell even more and throb before it overflowed into my mouth. I tightened my grip and pumped out all he had to offer.

“Oh God!” I moaned as I lapped and sucked at the head of Jerome’s dick as his cum poured out, the smell of old oily rags and gasoline filled my nostrils as he filled my mouth. It was a mess and I loved it. It was everything I’d dreamt about. I swallowed and licked up all I could.

I wasted no time cleaning Jerome off as best I could, still licking the cum off my lips, before washing my own face and hands. I looked in the mirror; took a deep breath.
What in the world was I going to say to Brian? How was I gunna get Jerome dressed and on the couch? What I really wanted to do was to go up in my room and shove my fingers into my wet pussy but I guess that was going to have to wait a little while longer.

Had Brian not interrupted, I might very well have simply pulled my shorts off and sat down on Jerome’s big cock and fucked him until I was satisfied. God knows it wouldn’t have taken long.

I struggled with Jerome for a while before I finely got my husband’s pajama bottoms on him; Brian constantly interrupting me. I finally opened the bathroom door to face Brian.
Brian looked past me at his best friend sitting on the toilet with his father’s pajamas on. Then he looked at me and raised his brow with a sly smirk on the corner of his mouth.
It looked like Brian was going to have no problem remembering tonight after all.

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